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The Secret

by RbrBill

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© Copyright 2002 - RbrBill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; catsuits; sheath; bodybag; enclosed; sex; cons; X

Looking at what happened yesterday, I realized that my life would never be the same. Curt had phoned me at the office and wanted to see me at lunch. He asked me to meet him at the Wilshire Room, a pretty exclusive spot about ten minutes walk from the office. I wasn't really sure what was up as I picked up my bag and headed for the door. Walking out into the bright sunlight, I headed for the restaurant. Each step produced a swishing sound as the latex legs of the bike shorts I was wearing under my dress brushed against one another. I looked furtively about wondering if passer-by's heard the sound and guessed my secret. I shouldn't have been concerned. I did begin to worry a little that sweat may find its way out from the bottom of the shorts and spot my dress. I remember the giggles from kids one day when I had made the mistake of jogging with just the shorts under my fleece suit and the sweat spread about my legs. I never made that mistake again; I wear full latex coverage when I jog now. 

I was at the restaurant now. I went through the door and was plunged into semi-darkness. The maitre'de blocked further entrance into the room. "May I help you, madame?" he inquired in a nasal voice. 

"Yes, I'm here to see Curt Winslow," I replied. 

"Oh, he told me he was expecting a guest. I didn't realize his guest would be one so attractive today." 

"Thank you. Could you take me to his table? This is my lunch hour and I am in a bit of a hurry." 

"Please follow me." The fellow escorted me through a sea of tables to a private room in the back. Opening the door he let me into the chamber. 

"Your guest has arrived, Mister Winslow. Shall I send a waiter?" 

"Please do and send in the wine steward, too." 

"Yes, sir." Lunch was a blur, Curt ordered everything and the meal was perfect. After we finished the last remnants of a divine mousse dessert Curt looked me in the eye and with one group of words took my breath away, "Susan, we have been seeing each other for three months. This relationship must end in its current state..." Dread filled my heart. Curt was going to dump me! I thought Curt would make me Mrs. Winslow. I had been trying to find a way to tell him about my latex thing even as I had walked over to the restaurant. 

Curt was still talking... 

"Susan, you mean more to me than just a casual acquaintance. Will you consider marrying me?" 

My mind was a blur. Now what do you do Suzzy? This fellow just asked you to marry him. You still haven't told him your secret. How can you say yes unless he knows everything. He is waiting for your response. 

"Curt, I have a secret to tell you before we can continue." This time I saw hurt in his eye. "I have this little quirk about sex which I've kept secret from you." 

"You've another boy friend?" 

"No, no, not that." 

"You're gay?" 

"Good heavens no!", I almost laughed. "I like latex." 

There it was out. I had not planned the revelation quite so bluntly but I had said it. A questioning look came over Curt's eyes. 

He asked, "What do you mean?" 

"I enjoy dressing myself into latex clothing... briefs, gloves, stockings, full suits, hoods... you name it, I like it if it is made from rubber. I feel very sexy when I'm in rubber. It really turns me on".

"But you've never told me this. I thought I was completely satisfying you." 

"You do Curt. In fact I want very much to say yes. It's just to be fair to both of us I feel you need to know the whole truth." 

"Well what can we do?" 

"Do you still want me to marry you, Curt?" 

"I'm not sure now. Maybe you had better show me what this rubber thing is about." 

"Can you come over tonight?", I asked. 

"Let's go now! Take the rest of the day off. If you are for me, and I mean all of you, I need to know right now." 

We left the restaurant in a hurry. I checked in at work just long enough with the boss to let him know that my boy friend had just popped the question and that I was in a whirl. He told me to get lost since I would be useless to him for the rest of the day anyway. 

Curt drove me to us to my place. I let ourselves into the flat and led the way to my play room. Curt had never been here before. We had always gone to his place, on my insistence. Curt was surveying the decorations in the hall. My taste in pictures revealed a domination streak which I never showed except when transformed into rubber woman. 

"Is there anything I should worry about?", he asked. "Could anything we do hurt me?" 

"Don't be silly! I wouldn't let anything harm you, my Love," I replied. 

Entering the room, I turned up the lights. The dim lighting revealed a room of ebony. The black panelling emphasized the black of the carpet. The bed was covered with a black latex sheet. I opened a closet door revealing a world of black latex. Gloves, briefs, hoods, and suits hung from the hangars or were neatly folded on shelves. I selected a full suit with attached gloves, feet, and hood and passed it to Curt. Next I handed him a brief with sheath. 

"If you're going to wear protection, everything must be protected," I said giggling. "Anyway, the sight of a huge cock sheathed in black rubber turns me on more than anything! I'll get my things out and we'll get started." 

I took out my favorite catsuit and began to disrobe myself. 

When Curt saw the black rubber shorts I was wearing under the dress, he queried, "You actually were wearing that today at the restaurant?" 

"Now that's a silly question. Of course I had it on. I like the way the latex clings to me and massages me as I move." 

I removed the shorts and applied powder to my firm body. Curt came toward me. 

"Don't come any closer! You have to wait until I'm ready." 

I applied myself to the task of pulling on the suit. It felt chill as I pulled it up my legs, but experience told me this would quickly pass and the warm cocooning latex would envelop me in cozy rubber warmth. I pulled the sleeves up my arms and adjusted the shoulders. Two subtle nudges of my breasts set them firmly into the cups of the suit. I turned my back to Curt, "You may now close the zipper, if you please." 

Curt stepped forward. He tentatively grasped the latex skin and pulled up the zipper. I was immediately rewarded with the enclosing touch of the latex. Every cell on my skin was working on overtime as the rubber skin caressed and massaged every spot. I knew my nipples were growing hard and pressing provocatively against the rubber skin. I turned and faced Curt. 

"Incredible! I knew you were beautiful but I didn't know you could look so ravishing. The suit is amazing! Will I look as powerful and sensuous in mine?" 

Curt was full of questions. 

"Silence!" I said. "Now it is your turn to discover the feel of latex and to discover a new world." 

He touched my rubber skin but was quiet. I stepped up to him, unbuttoned his shirt and with a gloved hand played with his chest hair. His nipples grew hard. I then undid his belt and trousers. They fell about his feet as I reached into his brief and stroked an already stiffening member. The strokes brought an immediate response. His cock grew in my hands and he gasped at the touch. I kissed him tenderly and let my rubber covered skin brush him. On impulse he reached to fully embrace me. 

"Not so fast! You aren't ready yet," I said stepping back. "Now take off your brief and let's get started." 

He removed the brief and took the latex one with sheath and pulled it up. I applied some gel to the sheath before he popped the engorged head of his tool into the confining rubber prison. The black rubber rod stood invitingly. I controlled myself knowing that it was better to wait as I began to apply powder to his body and the inside of the suit. I helped pull the suit into place. Soon Curt's entire body was encased in the black rubber suit. I led him to the mirror to give him a chance to admire the transformation. For myself I was aching with anticipation. Seeing this man covered in black rubber was the ultimate fantasy come to life. His hairy body was replaced with a smooth silky black skin. The imperfections found in any man's form were erased before my very eyes by the taught latex skin. I touched him lightly and was rewarded with a shiver which went through both of our body's as one. I felt goose pimples under the rubber protection. 

"Incredible! I didn't know I could look so sexy. I mean I know I've got a good body but this, this is amazing!" 

"Let's put the hood on, Curt," I said. 

I moved behind him and gently pulled his hood into place. The eye openings were masked and I knew he would be blinded. 

"Hey, what happened?," he exclaimed. I locked the zipper at his head. 

"You're mine now slave. Be silent and obey! You don't need to see. You only need to feel, touch and respond to my every command! Now stand here for a moment." 

I left him while I placed my hood. I decided to give him the full treatment this first time. If he measured up, I knew that our life together would be a constant adventure in latex. Returning to Curt I led him to the bed and pushed him onto it. He seemed to be playing along by not resisting. In about thirty seconds resistance would be impossible anyway. I took a full enclosing body bag with a zipper along the entire back and spread it beside him. 

"Now roll over on your stomach. I want to ride you a while." Curt complied landing exactly in the middle of the bag . I sat on his buns and began to rock myself back and forth. He began to groan and my own juices flowed freely as my spot was excited even further. While still rocking, I placed his feet squarely into the foot enclosures of the bag. With one quick motion the zipper was closed to his ass. 

"Hey what did you do to my legs?" came a muffled cry. 

Curt began to resist but in a flash I was sitting on his shoulders with my legs clamping his upper arms to his side. Before he could break the hold I got the zipper closed as far as his elbows. His struggles were in earnest now but it would take about five seconds for him to pull his arms free from the current restrictions. I would have the bag closed to his neck in three seconds and then it would be too late. I finished the zipping. 

He quickly realized that the bag totally bound him in rubber. The struggles ceased. 

"What are you doing to me?" a plea from the hood. Without answering, I rolled him over onto his back. I then finished putting him in the bag by placing the hood with breathing tube to his mouth. "Don't let that breathing tube out of your mouth. In a moment it will be the only way for you to get enough fresh air to live." I raised his shoulders and finished closing the zipper to the bag. Curt was now fully enclosed in binding latex. I began to watch him. His breathing was bursting rapidly in and out through the tube. At each exhale the hood of the bag ballooned slightly, a sign that he was still using his nose too. I knew that was okay and that he was in no danger of suffocating. I began to rub myself as I imagined the range of emotions now assailing Curt's mind. First he would wonder if I were mad, some sort of sadistic freak with a new means of torture. Soon he would begin to wonder if I were even still in the room. Next the enveloping womb of rubber would bring on a new sensuality and urgency which he could not resist. That would be my moment to strike. I waited. His breathing began to subside, the struggles less violent. Struggling in a bag, I knew was futile. From experience I knew you couldn't even roll over much less escape. 

I crept to the bed and watched him intensely. The breathing began to increase again but this time it was from building erotic ecstasy. He began to move his hips to pressing his manhood against the restricting bag. 

I unzipped a convenience zip on the bag. Curt responded. I unzipped the front zip of his suit and his sheathed manhood sprung forth from the two rubber layers. Undoing my own zipper, I lowered myself onto the throbbing tool. I took the entire pulsing rod of love into my nest and fucked myself to "cloud nine". I slowly rode him and pressed myself to the rubber cocoon I knew held Curt. I felt his spurts as they released into the sheathed protection and I came in my own violent release, squeezing his still hard tool and drawing it as far into me as possible. 

I rolled off him and closed my zipper, sealing in my love juices. Gently I lifted the now limp form in the bag and unzipped the hood but leaving the bag closed to the neck. I pulled the hood from his face and removed the blindfold from the suit hood. I put my hooded face to his and kissed him tentatively. He responded and put his tongue to my lips. 

After the kiss, I said, "Well, what do you think? Do you think you can handle sessions like this one for the rest of our lives?" 

"Would they always be this way?", he asked. 

"Well, no. Sometimes you can be in charge and put me in the bag. Other times I use my special "room-for-two" bag and we can both be in it. Of course there will be times I just want to fuck you with only the suits or just gloves or... well anyway variety is the spice of life and with rubber the possibilities are as endless as the imagination." 

Curt became thoughtful. "Hmm... Susan, Will you marry me?" 



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