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Sealed for Good

by Michael Valentine

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© Copyright 2009 - Michael Valentine - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; latex; vacbed; stuck; caught; cons; X

Tony was a good looking guy he thought, getting on at 40years old but happy with life so far. he had been married twice, had a couple if kids, did the whole package both times. Weddings, house, mortgage, divorce. Now single and carefree he realised that happiness had been missing. Sure family life had been great and all his friends thought he was a good normal bloke, but no-one knew the full story. His wives had loved him but never understood him. So now with his kids grown up and rarely visiting he had more than enough time to try everything he had dreamt of.

For both marriages had expired when the sex became boring, horrible to admit but he needed more just to keep it fun. He had tried to change the routine and spice it up but it was a struggle with no help from his wives. He needed latex, he craved to share it with his wives but both of them were too conservative to try it. His obssession had been his downfall.

His mission now was to buy and try everything he could, that was made of latex. He had hoods, catsuits and gloves and boots and corsets, life was great. He could experiment every day after work and relax at home. The tighter the better the shinyer the better it was all good, he loved the smell, the coolness when putting on clothing the height if the boots that made him walk straight and tall. Wow,what a shame this wasn't mainstream clothing,haha.

So friday started like any other day, Tony woke early and had a coffee, while he checked his emails, when he had finished he could peel off his boots and catsuit. Feel the cool air touch his skin, this felt so strange to be so well encased, soft and warm, then cool and fresh. Time for a shower and shave. Work clothes feel so loose after latex, no sensations just cool and airy, no emotion. At the end of the day he looked forward to coming home and changing into his costumes, always changing the mix. Sometimes the full enclosure, sometimes just the catsuit and boots. Always fun and always making him feel better.

He enjoyed seeing himself in the mirror, if his wives had tried latex he would have been happy just to watch them, but common to a lot of fetish lovers, you wear what you would love to see the most of.

Tony went to great lengths to keep his secret, most of his friends wouldn't understand. So a ritual of putting the car in the garage and closing the curtains was the norm, turn the phone to silent incase anyone knocked at the door, all the easy things you do. He had a few friends rock up and then ring in case he was sleeping. Only his ex wives had any idea of his fantasies, and at least he thought he could trust them. Sometimes he heard a car and hid in the shadows or be very quiet. The fetish mindset is used to covert entertainment. He felt like he was the only one but his intelligence told him he wasn't.

When Tony finished work early he couldn't wait to drive home, maybe his latest toy was there? He drove straight home, when he pulled in the drive he saw the front door was bare so he knew he was out of luck. So he parked the car and went to the mail box, wow there was a card from the courier company, it must be for my package. He rushed back to the car and headed straight to the Post Office, he had to hurry or they would be closed till Monday. He got there in time and the reluctant girl at the counter was in no hurry. So after what felt like a lifetime she found the package and brought it out. Tony showed his ID and left.

He drove staright home and was looking at it to see the quickest way to open it, finally he got home. Tony bounced out of the car, lept up the steps to the front door, opened it and sailed through kicking bit closed as he went. Wow. Eagerly he unwrapped the package. It was so well taped and folded it took a while, finally he was for the first time his very own vacuum latex bed, black of course. He had only seen then on the web, but this looked awesome in the flesh, he just had to polish it immediately and assmble it so he could admire its form. He was getting turned on by the polishing so he stole himself away and put his favourite catsuit on, hood and thight boots. He was ready. He knew he couldnt turn the power on and off so he went and plugged in a timer he had bought earlier that week, this should do the trick.

Tony had experimented with tubing in the catsuit and was used to breathing through one so the vac beds hose wasn't intimidating at all. The thought of being sealed and confined in this sea of black was getting the better of him so he quickly got down and started easing inside the bed. New latex is so nice and smells so good, he savoured every inch as he got further and further in, finally he was all the way inside, he put his mouth over the breathe tube. Tony was sure he had it all covered, but in his haste he hadn't thought of everything....

BZZZZZZZZZZ, so the motor started and the world started to change it was tight and dark and smelt wonderful inside.

Tony couldn't believe he had lived without this wonderful device. He started to feel waves of sensations washing all over his body, his orgasms came quickly and more frequently than ever.. He was alone in his own universe, waves of erotic images flashed through his mind. He had no outside stimuli at all, no sight no smell and no feeling of time, which, alot of had passed and the motor was still running, mmmmmmmm, suddenly he realised that he had not done everything he should have. Lots of things. That wasn't really what he was thinking, he kept thinking of his exes "if they could see me now". Oh well odds are no-one will bother him tonite.

More time passed and he was enjoying the vac bed then he heard a sound, a door closing, his door. WHAT. Oh no what was happening who had entered his house?. He hadn't heard a car. He was feeling panic stricken but yet more excited, how could this be, the next 60 seconds could be his last chance at annonymity.

He heard the motor winding down but nothing else. He jumped what felt like a metre, some one touched him on the chest, OMG. He knew what he had to do. Get out of his wonderful solo space and see what fate had brought upon him. He slowly pulled the latex away from his face and saw for the first time who had come to visit. Sarah OMG He had sent her a txt just 3 weeks before he thought he should offer his help because she had just got a divorce. They had always been close and the kids had always been a bond between us. What was she doing here, and how couldhe explain this, he removed his hood knowing there was no reason to hide now.

The only word he could muster was" HI".

It seemed like a lifetime till Sarah said something as she tilted her head and smiled gently then said can i try that please. Tony climbed out of the bed and Sarah took a step back seeing the full attire, smiled and nodded her head and said something that blew me away.

"Wow you look good".

He just walked to her and put his arms around her she hugged him tightly, then he whispered to her "Thank you ".

They held each other and he felt whole.This had been an amazing day and his one true love had saved him unknowingly.


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