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Selfbondage Latex

by Surfinbirds

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© Copyright 2001 - Surfinbirds - Used by permission

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Many of you may have heard of the big snowstorm we had in early March. The airports were all shut down, and the snow fell a lot out where I live. Must of Washington got snow, then a lot of rain, and then snow again. But out here, we got snow, ice pellets, more snow, and MORE snow. I was marooned in my own home for most of the weekend. I did some shovelling, and Lord knows I blew a fortune on my computer chat net. But as the snow fell, I got lonely and horny.

After my first bout with shovelling early that Saturday morning, I decided to dress in my latex.  It usually warms me up, and this time I needed some cheap heat! I also could enjoy the clingy sensations it gives my body, so I felt I could get some chores done while wearing the stuff. I have come to enjoy the sexiness of this fetish! I took a bath to clean up and warm those aching muscles that no exercise program can develop, but snow-shovelling can hurt. I dried off and then spread baby powder all over my body. I was in a playful mood, so the touch of the powder as my hands spread it around me was really quite exciting.

My first piece of clothing was a pair of latex Bermuda shorts. It's a good undergarment that I sometimes secretly wear under jeans just to enjoy an otherwise boring trip to the mall. Next I slipped on some heavy-gauged latex leggings. They grab very tightly from the ankles to the tops of the thighs. The tension they put on my legs was extra special since my thighs were so sore from the shovelling. Over all of that, I slipped into a clingy pair of latex pantyhose/tights which went 
from the toes to the waist.

I have a pair of black rubber gloves which at first look like long opera gloves except that they are tight latex. I powdered the fingers so they would slip completely on and allow me to have some dexterity. To close in my torso, I stepped into a leotard of latex which has very long sleeves. The sleeves clung to my wrists, and after a little struggling, I had the back zipped up to the neck very snugly. 

To complete my dressing, I slipped my face cowling on. It is a rubber hood which is open to that my mouth, eyes, and nose are exposed. So now, every other part of my body was encased in tight, lovely latex. So that I could protect the feet of the tights, I put on some calf-high leather boots which have 3 inch heels. I strutted a while in front of the mirror and admired my black, shiny latex clothing hugging in on my figure.

I tidied up the house and got to work on the computer. I did a mess of taxes, paid some bills, and spent a lot of time on line. Some of the chat sessions I had--both in open rooms and in private--got me really hot; it was all I needed to get more horny that I already was! I realized that I had blown a mess of bucks on one long session, so I signed off and wondered what I would do. There was always "Sparky", my favorite massager, which has warmed me up on many a night. I did get some toys and played for a while as I wrote one of the stories that many of you have seen already. That little bit of extra inspiration resulted in a story that provoked a lot of positive fan mail, I must say!

It was getting on past noon, and I wondered what to do. I had such an urge to be bound, but I couldn't just ask a neighbor to do it! Then I got an idea! I have a full body cocoon made of heavy latex which Mistress zips me into all the time. I am usually bound up pretty good before I get into it, but this time, it would be able to suffice. How, you might ask, would I get myself bound in this device?

The cocoon is custom fitted to my body; it was measured as if it pinned my arms to my side. I remembered when I could get into it when I first got it: I was nude and had more mobility with my fingers. If I played it right, I could get into this the same way even with my other garments on. And the feeling of many! 
That would be great! I was obsessed with this idea.

I rushed downstairs to get some clothes line rope and a smaller nylon cord which had great tensile strength in itself. I square-knotted the thinner rope to the clothes line and was sure this would work. I dashed back upstairs. I tied the nylon cord to the zipper on the back of the cocoon. I measured out how far from my bed the clothes line would have to stretch so that I could make the tension on the rope pull the zipper shut, and then I tied off the clothes line to the door knob of my bedroom.

Before I got ready to be self-bound, I closed the drapes--who knows how long I would be in this?--and I put some pillows all over my kingsize bed. These I would use to keep me on the bed and act as other obstacles to overcome while bound. I didn't want to be disturbed, so I set the phone answering machine to answer after the second ring. I then slipped on my second cowling right over the first. This one blocks the eyes, so I was effectively blindfolded. 
I fumbled around of the radio and turned on some soft sexy music from an easy-listening station. I then decided to be extra bold! I would install the third cowling which closed off my whole face except for two nostril holes. I knew that if I got too rambunctious, I could inhibit my breathing--not a good idea! So I had to be careful!

I had laid out the cocoon on the bed. I felt around for it and slipped my legs into the bottom. I stood up right next to the bed--the bed steadied me--and wrestled the rest of the garment up and over my shoulders. This was not an easy feat to begin with! And the gloved hands made it a little more difficult! I slowly dropped down to my knees and bend forward; I could feel the rope right next to my head, so I was oriented properly. I first put my hands on opposite shoulders and held the top of the collar together; this should have facilitated the zipper's travel up the back. I started to creep backwards, and I could sense that the rope was getting tighter. It got really tight, then finally, I could hear and feel the zipper give--the process would work! I got the zipper easily to the midpoint of my back; but now I had to get my hands back down next to my body so there would be no excess tension on the second half of the zipper. I wriggled, noting that the cocoon seemed a little tighter than usual!

After a lot of hard work--and breathing only though the nose holes in the mask--I finally could hear the zipper pop into place right behind my neck. The familiar feeling of the cocoon hugging my body was its own reward! I slithered like a huge worm up onto the bed and rolled over in the center. I lay back with my head on a large pillow; I knew my body was centered in the bed. I relaxed for a while. I knew that if any of the ropes became undone, I was sunk! With the gloves on my hands, I would be hard pressed to even gouge my way out of the cocoon, and I loved this thing so much, I would hate to wreck it!

As I lay motionless for a while, I could hear the music muffled a little by the three masks. I relaxed and enjoyed my bondage. I could then roll around and wriggle like I do for Mistress, and I would feel the warmth of the latex grabbing me. Since I had no other restraints, I could occasionally slip a hand down towards my crotch and play a little. Now that I was unfettered by any more details, my horniness was coming back, and I wanted a cum so badly!

I started to grope and grab myself just like I do in the bathtub. But this time, the cocoon made my motions difficult, but the efforts were worth it. I squeezed my tits and played for a while--it must have been hours! I rolled and wriggled some more. It was lovely! I managed to roll on top of one pillow which had enough resilience that I could try to hump it. As I started, I realized that I had to be careful with my face buried on the bed; that last mask could be trouble. But I did manage to get into a good position, and with my hands slipped into positions tightly pinned to my sides, I started to hump that pillow as if I were making love to my sexy friend Sophia. My mind was completely occupied by the lusty thoughts I had; the pressure of my bouncing put extra tension my erect nipples and made me even hotter! The force of the pillow onto my clit just worked out great! I humped and humped, and finally I cut loose with a juicy wet orgasm.

I rolled onto my sides and pulled my bound legs up so that my knees were up to my chest. I could feel the sweat and pussy juice intermingle as I lay there in wondrous Shangri La. The huffing and puffing through the mask must have knocked me out, because I recall awakening at a news broadcast interruption about the blizzard. It was almost 5:30. I had been self-enslaved for I guess about 4 or 5 hours. The sweat was collecting in the suit which just caused me to slither around in it in a very sexy manner. I felt the urge that I needed to pee, so I thought I had better free myself. 

I gathered myself together and slipped once again off the bed. I found the rope dangling on my back this time, and so I knew I had to lean over more deeply to get the zipper unzipped. I started to creep forward and I could feel the tension build again on the rope. Suddenly, I heard a pop! The rope went slack a little. 
I instantly feared the worst: the rope must have come loose! I was seized with apprehension! I crept forward a little more, and then I recognized that the pop was just the zipper coming out of the latex sheath on the "down" side of the track opposite to what I had to do when I first put it on. I was momentarily relieved. I crept forward some more and the zipper did start down track.

Then it got hung up midway! Oh great! The perils of Paulene! I wrestled and wrestled! I managed to get a hand out of the top and reached around. It took only a little coaxing, and I got the zipper down! Finally! I removed two of the masks in order to get my bearings. The bed was a mess! Looked like someone had done some serious humping! I smiled and applauded my sexy behavior. I kicked off the cocoon and stretched my legs. The moisture within my suit now flowed to where gravity would let it. I did some deep knee bends and damn near rubbed my clit to another orgasm!

I started the shower and stepped in, still fully clothed in the latex. It is such a sexy, warm feeling to sense the shower impinging on latexed skin; that is very special. Finally, piece by piece, I stripped and washed the sweat and gooey powder off my body. It occurred to me that I had about an hour of cleanup ahead of me, but the snow would keep me bound for a while anyway. It was now about 7 o'clock when I got out of the shower, and there was still an aroma of the latex, the powder, and my body lingering in the bedroom. Self bondage satisfied my intense carnal desires this day. I wish Mistress could have seen this. Could I share this scene with you sometime?

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