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Several years ago, I was asked by a major latex designers to model for her latex wear catalog. I had done it before with my then girlfriend, Karen,  This time, I also agreed to do it as it was so much fun wearing all those hot outfits, especially under the blazing studio lights. Teamed with me this time was Samantha, a very attractive girl of mixed parentage. Her Father is American, her Mother is Japanese. Samantha is a head computer programmer for a major NYC bank, and travels all over the world to attend to the software issues of the banking chain. She lives in Manhattan, and at the time was about 29 years old.

We spent most of a Saturday posing, changing outfits, and getting very sweaty in the process. After the shoot, Nancy, the photographer, sort of threw us together, as she told me that I should take “ this poor girl out to eat after all this work”. Certainly, I didn’t mind as she was very attractive and fun to be with. She agreed at once, and we set off to a nice bistro on the upper East Side. Samantha, being a devotee of latex wear asked Nancy  if she could borrow the catsuit, opera cape, gloves and boots she was then wearing,” Absolutely,” she said, and off we went to eat.

I had already changed into the black leather cod piece jeans, shirt, and leather motorcycle jacket and knee high boots that I had come in.

The taxi ride was very interesting as the East Indian driving the cab couldn’t take his eyes off Samantha in the rear view mirror. More than once, I thought he was going to kill us all...At the restaurant, we got a great table as the maitre’ D’ was struck by Samantha’s exotic looks and clothes. We talked, joked, and generally had a wonderful time exchanging stories and our history. She was totally comfortable wearing nearly full latex in public, the only part not covered was her head. The warmth of being inside the restaurant, was obvious in her face, with little rivulets of sweat trickling down her face regularly as we ate. I asked her if she was hot, and she only smiled and said that she was “wonderful”.

She told me that she had been a devotee of latex wear for several years, and wore it whenever the opportunity arose, especially in public places. She said that she met the designer of the clothes two years ago and became great friends, Her photo shoot was the third she had done for her, and loved every second of it.  She said she was a true fetishist, and even wore latex panties under her work clothes . She mused that the only thing that would be better was that I would be wearing latex too. I told her “ next time”. She said that she would hold me to the promise!

Her life was exciting, having visited many foreign countries, and far away places, and having grown up mostly in Japan. She moved to the USA with her parents when she was 16 years old, and settled in San Francisco, where her father was an executive of a major bank in  Japan. She told me that after graduating with her Master’s degree at the age of 23, she moved here to NYC to take her current job .  After dinner, we walked for quite some time and finally wound up at her town house on East 63rd street. We exchanged soulful good night kisses, and agreed to go out on a real date the next Saturday night.  During the coming week, we talked on the phone one night for nearly 2 hours, small talking, exchanging ideas about new outfits to try and so forth. The chemistry was bubbling over between us.

Saturday night came ever so slowly it seemed. I spent most of the afternoon deciding what to wear for her enjoyment, settling on black latex jeans style pants, with a boot leg, a blue latex poet’s style top with full, loose sleeves, tight cuffs and a large open necked collar. I made sure that I had black latex gloves on under the cuffs of my shirt, and a pair of latex butt plug shorts on under my jeans, with the requisite amount of lube for a nice squishy feeling. For shoes, I chose black cowboy boots with sliver trim to finish the outfit off.

Arriving at her home, I was all tingly and excited about my date.

As I walked up the stairs of the town house, she appeared at the door, apparently having been looking out the window for my arrival. As she opened the door, I saw a sight to behold. She was wearing a crimson red latex bell sleeve cropped top that covered her hands completely, showing only a bit of the black gloves she had on underneath. Her flared black mini skirt was so short that if she didn’t have black latex tights on underneath it, she would never be able to sit down. Her shoes were platform ankle strap pumps with at least a 6" inch heel and 2" platform. Around her neck she wore a laced up neck corset of white and red latex that covered her entire neck, making turning her head a bit difficult at the very least.

” WOW” she said, you look hot, boyfriend!.  I smiled and thanked her as we walked down the street to our dinner. She had picked a local Japanese restaurant, only four blocks away, so walking was not only easy, but fun as we got inquiring  looks from everyone that saw us. At the restaurant, she spoke only in Japanese to the staff, getting us a secluded booth far in the rear of the dining room. Once settled in, she refused the menu, opting to order in her native language from memory.

Being impressed, I congratulated her, hoping that we wouldn’t get some crazy concoction of food. As the waiter left she snuggled up next to me and began running her hands all over my outfit, admiring and caressing it with her gentle touch. As her hands reached my waist, she smiled and said that it seemed that I was enjoying myself, as my crotch was bulging from my engorged cock. Feeling the softness and squishyness of my crotch, she said, panties and lots of lube?.. Yes, I shook my head. “Good” she replied, “hope you got lots of stamina and are ready for a fun night, boyfriend. “

With that she grabbed my cock through the latex pants and began to slowly and deliberately massage it as she masturbated me to the point of no return, over and over, stopping just short of climax. The sexual tension was making me crazy, and she loved every second of it, laughing quietly as I went through my agonies.

Bending forward to my face she kissed me passionately, and said, “This is it, lover” as he gave me a throbbing climax that almost made me faint. I could feel the cum shooting into my shorts, as it seemed to never stop flowing. She didn’t stop kissing me until I was fully spent, and then sat back smiling, as we awaited dinner.

“Don’t even think about going to the men’s room to clean up”, she said. “I want you as sticky as I am right now”.

The rest of dinner went just fine, the food she had selected was great, and after dinner she suggested that we go to her favorite club. We hailed a cab in front of the restaurant, and went to the East Village where we stopped at a club called “The Cat Club”. The doorman knew Samantha, and we walked right in, avoiding the velvet rope lines. Inside the packed club was filled with some very exotic looking people, crazy, outlandish outfits, and lots of over the top dancing and carrying on. We found two of her friends, and sat down to try and talk over the din of the music. Her two friends were mixed origin, part oriental and Caucasian as she is. Soon we were joined by a third girl, blonde and tall with the highest heels I had ever seen. She was literally standing on her toes in the boots.

After talking for a while, the subject changed around to sex and dating, The first oriental girl, Mai Lin, was strikingly exotic, with long black hair, severe bangs, and a tiny leather dress that barely covered anything. The second, Nikki, wore tiny jeans hot pants covered in rhinestones, a titty top that was once a white tee shirt, before the razor blade cut it to ribbons, and hot pink ankle boots. She and her friend Nikki congratulated Samantha on finding me, and went off to dance together.

“What do you think about her?“ Samantha asked me.

“She’s really hot looking” I answered.

“I’m glad you like her“, she said, “she and Nikki are my closest friends“.

We danced for some time, I also got to dance with Nikki and Mai Lin, both very hot dancers, and very much exhibitionists. About midnight, Samantha and I were worn out and started back to her home. Arriving there, she ushered me into the living room and told me to wait as she went to the bath room. A few minutes later she appeared, wearing only her red latex panties and a pair of red platform boots.

“Time to get naked, lover” she said as she peeled the sweaty latex outfit off of me.

The latex panties I had on under my pants were soaked with not only sweat, but the cum from my explosion in the restaurant. Looking approvingly, she took me by the hand and we walked into her bedroom, where, the bed was covered with black satin sheets, and pillow cases. Laying on the bed was a set of leather ankle and wrist cuffs, several pieces of rope, and a latex hood with just a mouth hole and a ball gag. Saying nothing, she took my panties off and with her open hand, scooped as much of the goo that was in them and on my waist up and wiped it on my face until it was covered and wet. She then took the hood and pulled it over my head, and quickly put the ball gag into my mouth.

“Comfy?” She asked.

“ Umph” was about all I could say.

Next, the cuffs were pulled tight and I was instructed to lay face down on the bed, which I did, and at once! The ropes were tied tightly to the four corners of the bed, and I lay there helpless and very horny! Next, she straddled my back with her knees and wiped oil all over my exposed back, legs, arms and crotch. She bent forward after finishing, and began to run her nails up and down my back, with increasing intensity. The pain was at times excruciating, but very sensual as well. After some time, she stopped and bent forward to my head, speaking softly into my ear, “Are you ready, baby? “ she said. 

With that, I felt the unmistakable feeling of a rubber dildo being placed against my backside. With a quick push, the rubber cock was jammed deep into me, with only a tiny laugh from her as it ran home to fill me. Reaching under me with her other hand, she grabbed my rock hard cock, and began to masturbate me. “Nice and hard, aren’t we” she said. “Umph” I replied.  At the same time, she began to fuck my ass with the dildo, a feeling that was totally new to me, but enjoyable to say the least. As I approached orgasm, she stopped abruptly and said “ OK, Baby, now it’s my turn”.

With that, the dildo was pulled out, causing me to shudder with ecstasy.  I felt her slide further up on my legs and with her hands on my shoulders, I felt her bend forward again, this time, my backside felt another invasion, but it was not the dildo I expected, it was a real cock! Trying to speak was futile, I didn’t know what was going on, and I was quite upset to say the least. She continued to thrust in and out of me, and rapidly the fear subsided as I got very aroused and hot. After several minutes of bliss, she moaned and screamed out as she orgasmed.  Quickly, so did I, shooting my load all over the sheets and my stomach.

Fully spent and exhausted, she fell forward onto my back, still inside of me. She began to speak softly to me as she lay on me. She slowly took the ball gag out of my mouth allowing me to speak for the first time. “What did you do?” I asked., along with many other rapidly fired questions.

“Didn’t Nancy tell you about me?” she said.

“NO” I replied.

She then apologized, and began to tell me about her self. She was born a boy, but by the age of 11 her parents knew something was wrong.  By 13 she was growing breasts, and had a very soft, hairless skin. Doctors examined her and determined that she was intersexed. At the age of 16, she was taken to Thailand where her testicles were taken off, and hormone therapy was started. When she and her parents moved to America, she began to live full time as a girl, and not as she was born, a boy. Samantha was “born”. 

“ I’m a chick with a dick” she said.... With that, she apologized again, and untied me, taking the hood off of me and gently wiping my face with a wet cloth. Looking very embarrassed, she hardly looked into my eyes, and appeared to be crying. I put my hand under her chin and told her to stop crying. “Now you know why I said I have so much trouble dating” she said.

Again, she said she was sorry, I stopped her in mid sentence and put my arms around her and hugged her tightly, kissing her neck in the process. “Do you like me?” she asked.

“Sure I do, you are one foxy lady” I told her.

We hugged and kissed for some time, and after enjoying a shower together, fell back into her bed for a good nights sleep. We talked for what seemed like hours, and finally fell asleep in each other’s arms.

A wonderful first time, but certainly not the last time we met...



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