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The Salon

by LeahBMe

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© Copyright 2002 - LeahBMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; catsuit; bond; sauna; tease; mast; climax; cons; X

Susan stared at the gift certificate that her husband, Arnold, had given her for their anniversary. "Good for one deluxe treatment at the Everlasting Youth Salon" was all that was written on the simple green business card along with the address at the bottom. Susan had never heard of this salon before. 

'What a cheap bastard!' She thought to herself. 'Probably some shithole with a cheap sauna and some ugly masseuse. Why couldn't he have spent the money and got me something nice?'

For the past few months their relationship had been going downhill. They no longer slept together and their small dungeon in the basement was collecting dust. Oh how she loved their little play sessions in that little room. They didn't have much equipment, but, oh, did they ever make good use of what they had. Susan missed those little escapades where she would be the slave and he the master. She loved the feel of the ropes holding her in place while he punished her for her infractions during the past few days. She loved it as he paddled her ass, using small increments of pressure to slowly build the pain until the pain faded and the warm sensations started to flush over her. 

She remembered that after her punishment she would beg to please him, and please him she would. She would slowly kiss every part of his body he presented to her. Sometimes he made her kiss every inch of skin on his body and other times it would only be his cock. Oh, how she loved that cock, it wasn't extremely long but boy was it thick. She remembered the saying 'It's not the size that matters but how you use it.'. Well, Arnold had the size and he knew how to use it. She remembered how that cock would drive her crazy. Sometimes she would suck it till he came and others he would relentlessly pound her pussy while she was still bound. Arnold would always make sure that she orgasmed at least three times before he would release her. 

But those days had slowly disappeared from their lives. Obligations to work had slowly beat each of them down until they were so stressed out that the slightest disagreement would start a yelling match. Vacations had to be cancelled due to cutbacks and increased workloads in their jobs, time spent together was diminishing, and stress all contributed to their current demise. Although she wasn't about to deny her husband's gift, Susan certainly wasn't looking forward to it. "I hope you enjoy it honey, you have to be there for noon tomorrow." Was all Arnold said as he presented the small card to her. 

With that they went to bed and had quiet but restless night. 

At 11:30 Susan jumped into her car and drove to the salon. She found that the salon was in an old worn down office building. A small sign over the door stated - The Everlasting Youth Beauty Salon. Parking her car in the small lot at the side of the building she sized up the situation. 'Maybe I should just leave. Arnold will never know if I went or not.' She thought to herself. But she decided that since she was here she might as well see what it was like. "I can always leave if I don't like it" was her last thought as she walked to the door. 

Opening the door she entered a small but clean room. A good looking woman sitting at her desk looked up as Susan entered. 

"Welcome to the Everlasting Youth Salon! You must be Susan! Your husband said that you would be arriving at noon." The lady said to her.

Susan nodded to the woman. 'She is beautiful,' Susan thought to herself. 'I hope it's a result of this salon'. 

"Please, I can take your coat and get you started." And with that the lady stood and walked over to Susan and took her coat. "Please follow me" was all she said as she turned and walked through the door behind her desk. 

Entering the next room, the lady led Susan through a series of small corridors. Each of the corridors was painted a different color and all were illuminated with softly burning candles mounted on the walls. 'Well this is interesting', Susan thought to herself as she passed through each softly coloured room. Susan was beginning to feel relaxed as the colours soothed her. She couldn't help but think the colours were designed for therapeutic reasons. 

"Here we are" said the lady as Susan looked at the door in front of her. "This room will be yours. You can leave your clothes here safely. Please step inside and Miss Nicole will be with you shortly. You can get undressed and put on the robe provided." 

Susan entered the small room and looked around. Ten candles mounted on the wall illuminated the peach coloured room. A small brown leather covered couch sat on one side of the room and a small dresser on the other. The only other furnishings in the room were a standing mirror in the corner and a large painting of a lake scene hung on the wall above the couch. On the dresser was a white silk robe. Remembering the directions she was given Susan got undressed and donned the soft robe. Assuming the couch was meant for her, she sat and began to relax. After about ten minutes Susan heard a gentle knock at the door and watched as the most beautiful woman she had ever seen enter the room. 

Susan gazed in awe at the woman. She was medium height with large breasts, a small waist, and the smoothest legs Susan had ever seen. But her perfect body wasn't what captured Susan's interest, it was her flawless face. It was framed by long softly curled red hair pulled slightly behind her ears. Her lips were highlighted by red lipstick, her nose gently sloped at the end, but the most attractive feature thought Susan were the woman's eyes. Eyes that when looked at you seemed to see beyond the surface, you felt able to see into her soul. Eyes that when looked at captured your attention and held you in their soft embrace. 

"Welcome Susan, I see you are ready for the best experience in your life." The woman said, "My name is Nicole and I will be your personal therapist for today. I don't know if you have attended other salons before but believe me when I say today you will have the best experience ever. We do things a little different here but rather than tell you I will show you." 

Susan was curiosity was definitely peaked now. 'What does she mean different than other salon's?' She thought to herself. 

Miss Nicole told Susan to follow her as she left the room and entered the main room of the salon. The room was large and spacious. It contained the usual salon stations: a nail booth, a make up booth, and a hair booth were readily apparent. 

"These stations are for later, after the body treatment." Stated Nicole as she noticed Susan looking at the booths.

"The room we will use first is over here." As Nicole led Susan to the door on the other side of the room. 

Entering the room Susan saw a large closet on the far wall and a cedar door next to it. This must be a sauna she thought. Maybe Arnold didn't give me such a bad gift after all. 

"Please take your robe off so I can gauge your size." Nicole said to Susan. 

'My size, what does she mean my size?' Susan thought. 'Probably for a swimsuit or something', she thought as she removed her robe. 

Miss Nicole stared at Susan's body. Nice perky breasts tapered into the classic hourglass shape. She could tell that Susan worked on her body. There was no noticeable fat on her body and it contained a tight but not muscular tone. 'Very nice' Nicole thought to herself. 

"You're about a medium I think." Said Nicole as she opened the closet and pulled out a garment bag. "You'll have to sprinkle this powder all over your body first before you get dressed." 

Intrigued Susan took the bottle from Nicole and started to cover her skin in the white powder contained within the bottle. Starting with her legs she sprinkled the powder working slowly up covering her trimmed pussy, her soft belly, and her perky breasts. Susan was startled to find that her nipples were erect when she ran the powder across them. 'How strange, this room must be cool' she thought to herself as she finished by sprinkling the powder on her arms. 

Finishing, Susan noticed that Nicole was watching her cover herself with a small but noticeable grin upon her face. Blushing, Susan asked what should she do next. 

"Put this on." Was all that Nicole said as she pulled a long piece of clothing from the bag. The garment was pitch black and had a strange shine to it. Intrigued Susan took the piece of clothing and examined it. She held it up to the light and saw that it was a catsuit, but this one was different it had boots and gloves attached to it and what looked like a hood was attached to the top. But what intrigued Susan the most was that it was made of rubber, extremely soft and light to the touch. 

"I'll help you put it on. We use the rubber to build the heat in the body and open the pores in the skin." Said Nicole as she stepped over to Susan. "There is a zipper in the back to aid you to put it on." 

Susan turned the catsuit around and opened the zipper. With Nicole's guidance she stepped into the suit and began to pull it around her legs. Susan couldn't help but notice the warm, tight feeling she experienced as it slowly began to embrace her body. The rubber catsuit seemed to hug every inch of her legs, encapsulating her thighs, hugging her damp pussy as she noticed when she tugged on the rubber. Soon the catsuit was up to her breasts and the beautiful Nicole was guiding her arms into the sleeves. Her fingers found the end of the gloves finding that they were a perfect fit. 'Why oh why does this feel so good?' Susan thought to herself. Nicole gently pulled the rubber over her shoulders and finished by doing up the zipper. 

"I told you we do things a little differently here. Now lets finish by putting the hood on and getting you into the sauna." Nicole whispered into Susan's ear.

Susan couldn't help but feel jittery with Nicole so close to her. She wasn't nervous by any means, just a heightened awareness being around this beautiful woman with the eyes that you felt you could swim inside. Slowly the light disappeared as Nicole pulled the hood over Susan's face. All the contact with the outside world now was through the nose holes, which enabled Susan to breathe. 

"We use a full hood so that we can block the outside world. We believe this allows our customers a feeling of contentment without everyday bothers. Now take my hand and follow me." Nicole said as she reached and grasped Susan's rubber hand. Opening the door Nicole guided the now completely rubber encapsulated Susan to the bench in the middle. "You can lay down here. I will leave you for one hour. During this time just lay back and relax." And with that Susan felt her rubber-covered body being guided to a soft bench. 

Laying down Susan felt Nicole's hands softly brush over her body. It seemed as though Nicole was smoothing any wrinkles on the suit that occurred from moving about. Drifting into a relaxed state as Nicole brushed her rubber covered body she failed to notice the leather straps being run across her body and arms. "Your husband said that you may enjoy these." Nicole said startling Susan as she soon realised that she could not move. More and more straps seemed to interlock, as Susan was strapped down tight to the table. "There, all finished, now you just lay back and relax. After all, you're not going anywhere." Were the last words that Susan heard as Nicole closed the door. 

Testing the straps Susan soon learned that she was securely bound and that indeed she would not be going anywhere without Nicole's help. She noticed that she was starting to perspire. 'Was it getting hotter in here?' she thought, 'wow, it really is getting warm. I need to get out of here.' Susan startled to struggle as she started to sweat. Pulling on the straps, she found that she could only move an inch or so in any direction, soon she found that she seemed to be swimming inside the suit. Still struggling Susan noticed that she was beginning to get turned on by her predicament. Oh if she could only touch her pussy then maybe she could pass the time and satisfy this burning lust rising from deep inside her. 

"Maybe this can help pass the time." Susan was startled as she heard Nicole's voice.

"I didn't hear you come in" replied Susan.

"I never left." Said Nicole. 

Susan felt Nicole's hands grab each of her breasts and slowly massage them. Susan felt as though her nipples would burst through the rubber. Slowly, as Nicole massaged each breast she worked in circles gradually getting closer and closer to the ever-hardening nipples. Susan, unable to do anything, was beginning to breathe faster and faster. It seemed as though the nose holes were getting smaller and smaller. Suddenly pain and pleasure washed over her body as Nicole firmly gripped each nipple. Susan gasped, "Please I'm not gay. I don't know if we should do this." 

"I told you before, sit back and relax. You're husband specifically asked and paid for the deluxe treatment and that is what you're getting, nothing less." Replied Nicole to Susan's desperate plea. 

'Why that sneaky devil,' she thought. 'How could he have known about this place? Maybe he really did give me the best anniversary present. Maybe he's trying to reach out to me and allow me the pleasures that I so dearly missed.'

No longer thinking Susan laid back and began to enjoy the sensations of Nicole's fingers over her rubber-covered body. They seemed to know the exact places to touch. First her neck, then the back of her arms. The rubber seemed to enhance the sensations on her body. Nicole gently rubbed the bottom of Susan's rubber covered feet, gently tickling then rubbing and back to tickling. The sensations drove Susan mad, the burning desire inside of her continuing to rise. Slowly Nicole worked her way up the rubber-covered legs of Susan. Gently rubbing and sometimes slapping, it seemed as though Nicole knew exactly how to get Susan going. Working her way up the inside of the thigh Nicole slowed and gently pinched the skin. Susan could barely stand the sensations anymore, she began to struggle strongly in her bonds trying to display the message that she wanted Nicole to finish her off. Nicole seeing this, gently placed a finger on the top of her rubber covered pussy and slowly pulled down. 

Susan nearly screamed as the vibrations produced rocketed through her blazing pussy. Nicole continued to replace and slowly pull down her finger each time recreating the vibrations anew. Susan nearly bucked and strained for all she was worth as that finger continued it's slow trek across her pussy. 

"Faster, please go faster." Pleaded Susan.

Nicole needing no further encouragement began to draw both hands, one after another, faster across the rubber. Soon Susan felt the heat rising inside of her and the rushing noise in her ears was growing. The sensations provided by Nicole grew faster and soon the waves of pleasure crashed down upon Susan. She bucked and wheeled inside her rubber-covered body. Each wave crashing down on her and driving her absolutely wild. Each wave became more intense, stronger, filling Susan with a feeling of absolute pleasure, absolute contentment. 

After what seemed like an eternity the waves began to subside and Susan felt like she was gently floating back to earth. Sensing that Nicole was close she felt a kiss upon her covered face and heard the words "Relax, my dear, another five minutes and I'll let you out."

Susan needing no further encouragement began to feel the sensation returning to her body, her mind started to clear. Laying still she noticed the feeling of peace and relaxation over her entire body. 'This is absolute bliss!' she thought to herself as she felt the straps being loosened across her body. 'Arnold will certainly be receiving a big thank you for this.'

Soon Susan felt the hands of Nicole guiding her to stand and follow. Slowly getting to her feet, Susan noticed that she was still shaking but able to walk. Following Nicole's guiding hand, she was still blind with the hood over her face, they walked into a small shower room. "Here I will help you with the suit." Nicole said as Susan felt the hood beginning to rise off of her head. Light slowly began to creep into her eyes as she looked around. The shower room was indeed small, but the layout was well designed. It seemed as though the whole room was part of the shower with no stalls or defined areas. A small clothes tree stood in one corner and on it contained two robes. Susan wondered why there were two robes but her confusion was soon answered when she looked at Nicole. 

Turning around Susan faced Nicole and stood in awe. The beautiful woman stood before her, she was wearing a long blue dress made of rubber. It barely covered her large tits and had a slit up the front stopping just short of her pussy. She wore black stockings upon her legs and shoulder length gloves upon her arms. But perhaps the most interesting part was that she wore an open-faced hood on her head. Only her forehead to her chin was exposed and the small beads of sweat were readily apparent upon her face. 

"I often use the sauna myself, but only the customers for the deluxe treatment are allowed to have me with them. I'm sorry about not telling you what was in store for you earlier, but your husband was very direct in telling us this was to be a surprise. Please forgive me." Nicole softly spoke while holding Susan's gaze with her eyes. 

"I hold no ill feeling towards you." Susan assured Nicole. "In fact that was one of the best experiences of my life. You were correct when you mentioned this fact earlier to me, and I wish to thank you for taking such wonderful care of me." With that said Susan stepped across the floor and kissed Nicole on the cheek. 

Smiling Nicole turned Susan around and gently pulled the zipper on the back of the catsuit and they both began to undress. They placed their clothes on the tree in the corner and turned on the water. They spent the better part of the next 30 minutes washing each other's bodies removing the sweat generated by the sauna. Finishing they dried each other and put the robes on. Exiting the shower they returned to the original room that contained the original workstations. There were two younger women in the room. 

"Please meet Shawna and Tina. They will help us finish the remainder of your stay." Nicole stated as she pointed out the women. 

Both Susan and Nicole enjoyed the skills of the two women having their nails, makeup, and hair done. During the procedures Susan and Nicole talked about the benefits of rubber and the therapeutic and sexual effects that it has upon the body. After finishing Susan was led back to her room where she dressed and left. All the while thinking to herself that somebody was going to receive the night of his life when she got home. 

The End. 


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