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3D Vacuum Bed

by Colnorth

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© Copyright 2009 - Colnorth - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; wrap; tape; cocoon; vacbed; latex; hood; toys; insert; oral; anal; sex; climax; denial; cons; X

I love to surf the web, just type in a random subject and search. Sometimes after I find what I am looking for I continue to just scroll through the results, you never know what you will find, or what you will learn, I like to think of it as Net-u-cation. However, no matter what you type in the search box, you will eventually find porn as the result, and the further you go down the list of results the kinkier the results tend to be, so my tastes in the bedroom has slowly but surely moved away from the vanilla side of life. Thankfully I have a very willing wife, who is always up for something new and adventurous; I wouldn’t have married her otherwise.

I happened one day to come across a website called Kink Engineering, they specialize in Vacuum Beds. The wife and I were no strangers to bondage. She loved being tied up as I teased her, and toyed with her until she had earthshaking orgasms. She had told me several times afterwards, the more immobile she was, the more intense the orgasm. So after a while our bondage gear became more extensive, and diverse, then we began to dabble into the mummification aspect of bondage. Saran wrap, and pallet wrap were great at immobilization, and the wife absolutely loved her orgasms, she said they were the most intense yet.

However, as anybody knows there are a lot of logistical problems to overcome. The look of the cashier when you buy 10 boxes of saran wrap every week. Trying to wrap limbs individually so to eliminate all movement, making sure joints don’t bruise each other when wrapped together, making sure not to obstruct airways, then having to do the entire body as a whole. Making sure that the wife stays balanced so she doesn’t fall over and hurt herself, not to mention the stain of bending, stooping, and winding sometimes for an hour straight. By the time you’re done the romance and passion is gone. It is almost a chore, not to even get started on the fact then after the actual sex is done, the release procedure can take forever also, depending on whether tape is used, or did you heat shrink the wrap? Needless to say, I love doing it as long as the wife is happy, but the saying is very true, “the devil is in the details.”

So when I came upon the idea of a vacuum bed I was immediately very intrigued. The immobilization and the security were very similar to wrapping mummification but there were a couple of major differences, the speed, and the ease of use. However, when I looked though the web sites pictures I noticed something, all the people in the beds where on a single plain, they were in 2D. They could either be standing up, or lying down, but nothing in all three dimensions. I realized that was the limitation, regular bondage and wrapping could take place in just about any position the body could twist into, and even a few they were not design to twist into.

I began to read the online instruction of how the beds were shipped and care for them, etc. I then as I began to read about to put the beds together in your home, something occurred to me, you had to build your own frame. Who said the frame had to be flat? I realize that might be the easiest way to do it, but it did not have to be the only way. The latex sheets would squeeze down onto, and immobilize whatever was in between the sheets; the trick was framing the sheets to accommodate a 3D object. I ordered a bed with a solid black top and bottom. I decided to get one with a head and a crotch opening, since the idea was for me to have access to my wife’s body, I also ordered the sheets to be as big as possible, simply so that I could be sure that I had enough latex to cover the frame, and the 3D object inside it.

I decided that since one of my favorite positions was doggy style, that should be the first test for a 3D frame. I got some basic straight lengths of PVC pipe with seven elbows and one T shaped piece. I began to assemble my new frame for the bed; instead of a flat bed frame I created a stair shaped frame by creating a vertical section in the middle. This created three distinct areas in the bed, a horizontal area that went from the knees down to the feet, a vertical area for her thighs and hips, and a horizontal area for her upper body. So now I had my 3D frame, now I needed a 3D subject.

The latex went around the frame just fine, and once I explained to the wife what the plan was she was more than happy to be the test victim. The trick I soon discovered is not the exterior frame, once she was inside and the air was sucked out, she was immobile alright, but with her arms trapped helplessly by her side she was soon laying on her face with her feet in the air. The weight of her upper body was too much and the entire system had tipped forward. The squeal from behind the discipline hood I had laced and locked over her head told me she didn’t expect to be tipped over. Now if I had wanted her head on the floor, and her ass up in the air, then she was definitely in the right fucking position. Not to be one to waste a woman in helpless bondage, I decided to test out the crotch opening first, that way I could still salvage some data from this little test.

The crotch opening reached under and allowed me to enter her from behind. I loved how her arms were out, but I must remember to have her grab her elbows behind her back next time. I am not sure how much she enjoyed it, but I know I came in almost no time. Seeing her so restricted was a huge turn on for me, especially since she was still so sexually available. Her legs were held wide by the latex, and her arms were useless inside of the bed. Her head was by the floor but not on it and supporting her weight, since the frame was now touching the floor, leaving her head dangling. The only thing I might change is the angle of the elbow going from the vertical support to the foot area supports so that her feet were not in the air, but flat on the floor.

That is when I realized the problem, the elbows were in very strict positions the pipe only came in a few different shapes, 90 degrees and sometimes 45, or 135 were available. However, if I wanted more than one position, either I had to build several frames or I was going to have to build a bed that adjusted, and I was going to build it right. I needed a flexible elbow, so that I could have a flat bed one day and a 3D one the next. First I tried some flexible tubing that is intended to be used on gutters, it was flexible, plastic, and hollow, and it was perfect. Until I discovered how flexible it was, once the wife was inside, she again tipped forward on to her head.

Once again I heard her squeal, but it was more pronounced this time; she was only in a ring gag. This time she flattened out, the bends on the elbows straightened out, and the 3D bed was now a flat 2D bed. She was laying flat on her stomach, since it was a Kink engineering bed; once it was sealed I turned off the vacuum, and just flipped the bed over. Since she was just I in a ring gag, I figured I needed some help to think, so I put her mouth to work on my cock. So I had figured out one part of my puzzle, now I needed some rigidity. The answer came to me at almost the same time I came down the back of the wife’s throat.

The trick was figuring out a way to have a flexible but still rigid elbow, I tried several different elbows, but not a single one met the three criteria I had in mind. I wanted plastic obviously, and flexibility was obvious, and several were hollow, but I couldn’t find one I wanted. Then one day it hit me, why not use the original flexible elbow, but add rigidity to it? I tried foam, but it filled the elbow up, and there went the hollow aspect so the bed couldn’t vacuum properly. I tried several different ideas but most were too expensive, too big, or too weak, several held for a few seconds or while the bed was on the floor, but were not designed to hold a human body’s torso, along with the framing PVC pipe, and latex. Until I came across the brackets that work on a fold up beach chair, the old click clack ones. They were designed to hold up a human body, and they held in place until clicked forward, then they would click back.

The genius in the design was putting them inside the tubes so they didn’t pinch the latex; I ran tubes from both ends of the bracket and glued them into the PVC pipes. I used 8 metal pipes that extended from the 4 brackets, and placed them inside the flexible joints. Now the bed could lock into position in a Z shape and would not flatten out, unless it was bent without any weight on the system. If you have ever sat in the beach chairs in question then you know how hard it is to adjust them while there is any weight on them. They are designed to lock in place whenever weight is placed on the frame. And since the brackets had 4 different positions two neutral and two locking, it allowed for 16 different positions for the frame. I finally had the frame I had been searching for.

My willing assistant was eager to try the bed out once again, I had place her into the discipline hood once again, she had not done anything wrong, I just loved how it sealed her entire head, with only one small opening, it laced up the back and locked on with 3 different straps. She got into the bed, and I had her grab the opposite elbows behind her back. I had already locked the frame into a Z position, so that her hips would be behind her knees. I sucked the air out of the bed, and she stayed exactly where I had put her. She was in a doggy style position with her hips up, and ass out and cheeks spread, legs spread and arms immobilized, yet couldn’t move a single muscle in any direction, all while being completely exposed.

I slowly thrust my cock into her already wet pussy. She was so excited from her helpless position, that I could see her juices begin to dribble down her latex covered leg. Once I had my fun pounding her pussy, I decided to introduce her to the full extent of what the bed had to offer. I pulled my cock out of the pleasure filled wriggling mass that was my wife and began to adjust her position. I said the hinges were difficult to move not impossible, especially when someone else is there to counter your weight. I pressed her waist down towards the ground, until her knees where just below her chest, when the brackets clicked, I could extend her hip brackets until they locked into position 2. I pulled her feet up towards her butt until I heard the click then I released them down. Now she had changed positions and I never had to add, remove or modify anything that was restricting her movement.

Her head was down on the ground along with her knees and feet, she was very exposed I had taken the time to expand the crotch opening since the last time, so to increase the amount of availability to her from behind. She learned of this modification as I slowly shoved my lubed cock up her tight ass, when I heard the moans, and groans from under the hood, I knew she approved of my most recent modifications.

Once she lost the tightness in her asshole, I decided to try the third locking position. I pulled my throbbing cock out of her gaping hole, and began to adjust her position again. I pulled her feet up two clicks until the hinges locked with her feet up against her butt. I then lifted the entire frame up, and rested it just past vertical against the wall. The bottom of the frame was about two feet from the wall, since she was now in a slight lean, her knees where off the ground and her head almost touched the wall, but the top of the frame leaned against it instead.

I unlaced and unlocked the hood; I really unleashed a beast because as soon as I did, she attacked my cock with her mouth. She must have approved of the modifications I had made. I liked her enthusiasm so I reached down and placed a butterfly vibrator, on her pussy, and let her work on my cock some more. I could tell every time she orgasmed, because she temporarily stopped sucking on my cock. I guess she was distracted, but I made a plan to solve that issue for the next time around.

I relished in the fact that I had only tested three positions so far, and we still had 13 more to go, I didn’t know how much longer I would be able to hold out. Apparently my wife was very pleased with this version of the bed, and she was doing her best to prove it to me right now. I wanted to make sure I came in her ass this time, so I needed to change her position. I grabbed the hood and laced it back onto her head, and then locked it on tight. I took off the butterfly vibe, so she wouldn’t have anything to obstruct her bending. I lowered the entire frame off the wall and laid the top part on the floor, now her head, and knees where on the ground; I would have to remember this position for future sessions. I pushed her heels into her butt until the brackets clicked and I could lower her feet to the ground. I raised her hips and her feet continued down until the bracket clicked when her feet were in line with her knees.

She was now in a unique position only available in the bed. She was bent 90 degrees at the waist, with her hands grabbing the opposite elbows behind her back, with nothing touching the floor, only the frame of the bed. This left her suspended but not by any single body part, it was a universal suspension she would feel almost weightless. Her legs were spread, and she was unable to move an inch in any direction. She had almost no senses; her touch was gone due to the latex bed. Sight, sound, speech were taken away by the hood locked onto her head, I would take away smell but still wanted her to able to breathe don’t I?

Since I had deprived her of all her senses I decided to let her have some relief, I lubed up one of our larger vibrating dildos and filled her pussy once again. The groan the emanated from under the hood, told me she had not quite expected the monster. I grabbed some tape and sealed her pussy shut with the vibrating monster inside of her. I set the vibrator on low; I really am kind to have left her with something to amuse herself with. I treated her exposed asshole to the inflatable butt plug she disdains so much. After a few squeezes the pressure had to be immense as the plug forced itself against the monster already trapped inside her pussy. The grunts from the hood told me she was feeling the pressure also, the way I figured she was actually getting vibed twice, the vibrator was likely pressing against the butt plug and causing her to feel it in both holes. The next squeeze of the inflator bulb got more than a groan, more of a yelp of surprise; I think she had thought I was done.

She had no idea; I decided to give her a session she would never forget. I grabbed the bulb and two more squeezes were followed by mewls. Finally I was getting the noise I had been searching for, she was beginning to plead, it was difficult for me to make out, and so I leaned down near her entrapped head and asked what she wanted. The,”o ore” told me that she must be begging for one more. So like I said before, I am not the kind of man that doesn’t give a woman what she wants. So when the next squeeze elicited a very pronounced mewl from the hood I was surprised. I figured if the girl wants one more, then she will love two or three. The next pump of the bulb got a howl from her, she was very animate this time, I didn’t have to lean down to hear her, she was saying,” o ore” over and over again.

I decided that she might need some more stimulation before I continued, I removed the tape and turned the vibrator up to medium, and I knew this would drive her wild. Medium would get her very excited but not enough to go over the top; she needed high to achieve that. Before I thrust the vibrator deep into her again, and resealed her pussy I grabbed the bulb once again. I did not want her to lose her favorite toy due to her muscle contractions. I shoved the vibrator on medium deep into her pussy while at the same time squeezing the bulb once more. The bulb squeezed easily, however the vibrator was harder to push in this time. Once the vibe was in I resealed her pussy with some more tape.

I didn’t expect the bucking and squirming that ensued, it was almost as if she wasn’t enjoying the new increased vibrations, the words she mumbled were not decipherable so I figure she must have been enjoying herself. I decided to let her simmer for a while, we didn’t have any plans tonight, and she was not going anywhere obviously, so I could wait for a while until I released her, even if she couldn’t. I laid back and enjoyed watching the wife enjoy the new 3D Vacuum bed.


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