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The Maze

by M88

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© Copyright 2015 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mmf; captives; latex; gimpsuits; bond; hoods; maze; torment; tease; bdsm; whips; toys; messy; urine; cum; challenge; chairtie; pigsuit; electro; torture; force; cons/nc; XXX

The Maze

Light slowly filled James's blurred and hazily eyes as feeling returned to his body. He was laying on a dirty and hard concrete floor with a banging headache and sore muscles. His skin was wet and itchy is if he was wearing something odd. What the hell had happened to him last night. He struggled to sit upright and waited to have a look around. The whole room was made from concrete and had water marks running down the walls. It looked like something out of a horror film as his heart started racing. His eyes whipped round the room and then he saw them. Two jet black figures laying on the ground. They looked alive as he saw their chests going up and down. They looked like a man and a women. Their skin was shinning and black, had they been painted.

On that thought was he painted and within a split second James looked down. His body was covered in oily black something. What the hell was he wearing as he sniffed his hands. God it stank like rubber gloves and condoms. It was not painted on as it wriggled and squeaked when he moved. He then saw his hands and feet had been cuffed in thick metal and long chains had been used to link them together. He still had a lot of movement. But the chains stopped him from lifting his hands to far and the same with his feet. James slowly got to his feet as his body was stiff and air was hard to inhaler. He walked over to the other people in the room with him. As he got to them, they started to woke up. Maybe they could feel someone looking over them as they opened their eyes.

Both had been put in the same rubber condom like suit in the oily jet black colour. The rubber suits had a horrible smell to them as the rubber mixed in with bodily fluids. The suit perfect match the curves and size of the man and women in front of him. They soon come back to the real world and started looking around with panic in their eyes. They saw the rubber suit they had been locked into and tried to rip them off. James had taken the discover very well considering the position he find himself in. After a couple of minutes or asking ever question under the sun, they calmed down. James soon find out some information about them.

The other guy was call Marcus and the girl was named Amy. He was a well build man with long legs and looked strong. His face had been covered in the same martial as the suit. The girl was thin with a hourglass figure and lovely curves. Her face was also covered by the black face mask. The mask had holes in it for their eyes, nose and mouth. He couldn't see his own face, but knew he had to be wearing the same thing. They had the same restrains as he did and he could see how they lined up. A chain linked the metal ankle cuffs to the metal wrist cuffs and then to the metal collar. He could see padlocks at each joining point and knew they would not come off without the keys.    

It was then a voice echoed around the concrete room and took them by surprise. Their eyes soon turned towards the location of the sound and saw the four speakers in the corners. "Welcome to my fun horror maze you worthless sissies and dirty slut. You look lovely in your tight rubber gimp suits and matching cuffs and chains. The suits are made from thick and reinforced rubber and the heavy stainless steel cuffs are to stop you from removing it. In order to get the cuffs and therefor the suit off. You need to go through the maze which is made from rubber and has a number of traps. We are in an old tower block in the north of the city of Liverpool. Most of the buildings and houses are close and empty. No one was around as I turned a 7 storey building into a fetish saw trap. I don't knew why I am telling you all this. Oh yeah, to show I am better then you lot. I have a master plan and you will only escape if you play the game. I have spend 6 months doing up the build and adding in kinky and painful traps for you to suffer through. You have six and a half hours to break free and remove your cuffs and suits. If you failure, you will be sold as a rubber bondage sex slave. I will have no say in where you go and who with. If I was you I would start searching for how you get out of this room as I talk to you"

The second those words blow from the speakers the three of them started moving around the room as they tried to find a way out. They had no idea the room had a exit as all the walls looked like concrete. The voice over the speaker was that of mistress Dark and she was a real hateful bitch. She was watching them through a full set up of cameras and was loving the show.

"I don't care if you break free or not. I am going to enjoy watching you sweat and panic in full rubber. I can almost smell you through the screens as you try to escape. Time is ticking away my helpless playthings" 

The gimps started hitting the walls as they looked for a weak point. Their rubber suits making loud squeaking sound as sweat poured from the hood. It was even running out the back of the rubber suit, through the zip. Her helpless play things had no idea how to get out the first room. They would be sold on the cheap and suffer a horrible fate. Suddenly Marcus had a brainwave and quickly got the others to listen to him. He remembered Mistress Dark saying about the maze bring in a old tower block. They most be on the top floor and they should be looking at the floor. "I see one of you have a brain cell and have listened to what I have said" Mistress Dark said with a touch of laughter in her voice. They hit the floor with their rubber covered feet as the cuffs and chains stretched. Then Amy hit her tight rubber feet against a soft part of concrete. It was a fake panel and they soon lifted it up and out the way. The very very strong smell of rubber poured out of the hole in front of them. One by one they jumped down the pitch black hole.

The rubber was just like a water slide as they zoomed down it's thick rubbery walls. The surface was very well lubed as they build up speed and shoot out the end of the tube and into a rubber pool which was filled with piss. They all hit the liquid at a high rate of speed and send piss flying out the rubber pool and onto the rubber walls. Mistress Dark was crying with laughter as they dropped behind the surface and she knew it would be hard for them to get out. She just wished she had some popcorn and a drink as she watched it. The slave struggled with the cuffs and chains as the warm piss tried to break through the rubber or their months. It was in their ears and they could feel it going up their nose. They pulled and pushed with their arms and legs and somehow got back to the surface. The pool was not very deep and they could easily stand up, with only up to their stomachs under the yellow liquid. They gagged as the piss dripped from their hoods and rubber gimpsuit.

"Lucky you are wearing skin tight waterproof rubber suits and hoods. Otherwise the piss pool would have been worst as it covered your skin and got into your hair. Good to see no one drowned in piss as well. Not that I care if you do. The time is still going down by the way"

The three of them struggled to get out the horrible smelling piss pit as the bondage made it hard work. The rubber gimp suits squeaked against the rubber walls of the pit. The three of them gagged on the smell as they lifted themselves out of the first trap. They finally made it out and could stand on dry rubber ground as piss dripped from their bodies. They looked at each other as if they where unwilling to continue moving forwards. 

“You can stand there all you like. I will sell you to a monster with a long list of fetishes and a anger management problem. Move your stupid rubber asses to the next horrible trap and suffer. I hope you getting moving as I want to watch you going through all the traps. I want them to hurt and break you first. So fucking move you little shits”

With that the three of them got moving down a narrow rubber hallway in the shape of a upside down ‘V’.They could see lube dripping down from the ceiling as they squeaked along corridor. what the hell was the next trap going to be. The hallway was being feed light, thanks to a continues LED light that was placed at the top of the ‘V’. It was bright enough for they to see just in first of them. The three of them walked very close together as the lights finished. They took one step into the darkness and found the floor was very very slippery. All three of them hit the soft rubber floor as the rubber suits become covered in a oil like liquid. The suits still had piss all over them and it mixed in with the oil as they tried to get up. It was like black ice as they kept dropping to the rubber floor. the chains and cuffs made getting up even harder and they changed plans. They would acted like worms and crawl through the hallway and their suits become covered in the slippery oil. They slowly made their way to the end of the hallway as they oil ran over their body and head. unlikely the piss, the oil had an alright smell to it. 

They spend the next 10 minutes crawling on their hands and knees as time tricked away. it was hard work as rubber hallway wrapped round it’s self. They had been going in a smaller circle on the sixth floor as the piss pool had been in the corner of the building. The next trap was in the centre of circle they had been going round in. It was making them sweat as walking on their hands and knees was heavy going. Mistress dark was watching and had designed this part of the maze to help them become submissive and add to the humiliation. they would need to spend a lot of time on their hands and knees and needed to get use to it.

They looked like rubber dogs as they reached the centre of the circle. The slippery oil was all over the rubber suits as the rubber hallway opened up. At the end of the hallway was a huge rubber room, which the gimps could stand up in. Hanging from the ceiling was a mass of leather bullwhips. The shiny black leather come in three sizes, long, middle, short. The long reached their feet, the middle reached their stomach and the long reached their shoulders and upper body. On the walls of the rubber room was a mix match of dildos and plastic pussies. Why someone would put sex toys on the walls of a rubber room filled with whips they had no idea. 

“I say you have made it to the next trap and within this rubber room is two keys. If you look at the floor in the centre of the rubber, you should see a couple of padlocks. One key is in the whips and the other is on one of the sex toys. Sounds easy right? well sadly not as the whips are linked to a motor, which will make them swing at speed. And the dildos and pussies will cover you in cum and piss. Bet you thought you had seen the last of that yellow liquid. But no. Right this should be painful and humiliating”

The second she finished her message the whips started running at full power. They made a loud cracking sound as they crashed through the air. Piss and cum started pouring from the walls as the three of them looked at each other. They needed two keys and had six sets of hands to get them. Maybe someone should stay out of this one or should they get one key and then the other. They would get the keys as quickly as possible and work as a team. Marcus took one small step forward and got smashed by three whips at the same time. they hit his feet, stomach and shoulder and forced him back. He looked in pain as he turned to the others and asked for help.

They all struggled into the storm of whips as the chains and cuffs kept them controlled. The pain from each hit was enough to make them cry out. They quickly had tears rolling down their rubber face as the hits continued. The rubber gimp suit offered little in the way of protection. The hits rained down on them as they screamed in pain and tried to find the keys. The bondage and flying whips made find it a nightmare. Suddenly Marcus saw a bright silver item in the mass of black rubber and leather. He bend down to pick it up and got hit in the ass and cock by the whips. Which almost sent him to the floor as his rubber hand closed around the key. He could feel the metal in his hand and shouted to the others he had one of the keys and they needed to get the other one. Marcus tried to get as low to the ground as he could. He then looked for the padlocks and soon found them in the centre of the room. Just where the voice had told him. 

James and Amy had only taken small steps into the field of whips and found it easy to got out again. Their bodies covered in whip marks as they freed themselves for the painful trap. They soon found themselves being covered in piss and cum. The rubber gimps still had a strong piss smell to them and was not a big problem. But being covered in cum was horrible and not something they want to have happen. 

“Oh just so you know the cum is bull seaman and costs a arm and a leg to buy. A little bit more degrading i think”

As she said this a shot of cum ran down the side of Amy’s rubber face. The piss and cum quickly covered them in the dirty liquid. They saw the key wrapped around a huge multi headed dildo. They pulled against their chains to get there and soon got hit by a wave of cum and piss. It was going in their mouths and both James and Amy started gagging. They reached out their cuffed hands and hoped to grab it. Amy squeezed her hands through the dildos and got the key. They both got covered in piss and cum as they headed for the whips. They looked horrified with what had just happened as they took a deep intake of air and walked into the whips.

They got through the whips to the centre and to Marcus. But inside the rubber suit their skin had turned red. The pain was unspeakable and they got down on the floor. Marcus could see they had been soaked in piss and cum. They got the keys into the padlocks with their hands being whipped. They removed the locks and opened the door. It was light and easy to move and acted like a shield against the whips. 

One by one they jumped through the hole and landed on a soft dry rubber floor. They had gone down two floors and still have 5 to go with 5 hours left. The liquid from the piss pole and sex toy water shoots was pouring on to the floor. They had red marks covering their body as sweat ran wide inside the rubber gimp suits. The cuffs had become painful as well and they wanted to get out of this maze fast. After a few minutes to get their minds right and the piss and cum off their rubber suits. They looked around the room. 

“I see you have fun with the last room and have only just recovered. This whole floor is empty apart from a small room in the far right corner of the building. Inside is the door to the next level. But only I have the power to open the door from my control room so you are fucked. But luckily for you I have come up with an idea. Inside the small room is a heavy bondage chair. I want one of you to sacrifice yourselves so the others can keep going. You don’t have to, but then all of you will suffer the same fate.  Well going on then fuck off to the bondage room". 

The three of saw LED lights showing them the way to the room and they slowly followed them. Which one of them would it be. No one made a sounds as they slowly walked into the darkness. Apart from the LED lights the room was pitch black. The squeaking of rubber and the clicking of steel was the only sound to echo through the emptiness of the room. The three gimps walked close together and had started breathing heavily. All of them had started planning who should be given up. They reached the small steel box room in the corner of the level. It was made from very thick steel and had the words ‘soundproof gimp prison’ by the side of the door. The door was equally thick and started to open as they got closer. 

“Welcome and come on in. I have total control over you stupid cunts. Now get the fuck in the room and pick one of you to be sold off”

The three gimps entered the room and saw the heavy bondage chair. Next to it was a large amount of fetish equipment which had been well laid out. The room was covered in stainless steel and for the first time they could see the cameras that had been watching them. The heavy bondage chair was on the right hand side of the room. With the door to the next level in front of them and three large stainless steel box to the left. The boxes had been placed on the floor and had the names of the gimps on them.

“You all need to point to the box of the person you want to sacrifice. I will then open the box from my control panel. Inside is the keys to the person bondage cuffs and collar. They will remove the cuffs and the rubber gimp suit and put them in the box a long with the keys. The keys only work with the cuffs and padlocks on the person you pick. They can not open your own restraints” As she said this the door the gimps had just come from shammed shut. 

“Right you need to pick someone NOW”

Amy and Marcus pointed to James’s box and James pointed to Marcus box. 

“Oh two against one. James you are the sacrifice and you should be filled with fear. Now I will open your box and you have 30 minutes to remove your cuffs and suit. Then you will be placed into the lovely fetish equipment next to you. You then will be bound to the chair and left”

The box opened and James reached in and got the key out. He placed the key in the lock for his wrist cuffs and turned it. The cuff opened and freed his hand. He quickly opened the other cuffs and was soon able to move freely. With the cuffs and chains off his body, the zip to the gimp suit was grabbed by Amy. She open his suit for him and helped him out of the sweaty rubber outfit. His rest bit was short lived as his naked body enjoyed the fresh air. The first thing waiting for him in the line of fetish equipment was a thick rubber body suit in a orange prison style colour. Next to it was a bottle of lube and Amy covered James’s skin in the liquid. She did the same to the suit.

James was then forced into the perfectly fitting suit, which was odd as they had different shape and sized bodies. With the three of them working on it, James was soon once again enclosed in rubber. Thanks to the lube he was able to be put into the tight rubber suit. The rubber was very high quality and had a strong smell to it. That was part one done and dusted. Next was a full body harness with added restraints for the arms and legs. The restraints would fold his limbs up into a dog like position. The heavy leather harness had thick straps at covered his rubber body as the two of them tied James up. The harness went over his shoulders and between his legs as it gripped him tightly. First they bend his legs and placed them in the waiting straps of the harness. First his left legs was pulled together, with his feet right next to his ass. The same thing happened to his right leg as the dog style bondage took shape. 

They did the same thing to his arms as he was made to stand on his knees and elbows. As they closed the last straps joining the arm restraints to the rest of the bondage harness. James lost it and tried to break free as the consequences of what he was allowing to have done to him, hit him. The feeling of having freedom taken away as they closed and locked the last strap was the moment it become now or never. He struggled against the bondage and the two gimps holding him down. They locked the strap to the harness as James freed himself from them. He was rounding around on the floor as cries for help echoed through the room. The fact his arms and legs had been folded together meant he was never going to escape.

He quickly got tried and stopped struggling. Laying on his side with sweat pouring down his face, they showed him the rubber bitchsuit he was going to wear. They had become pissed off with his inability to accepted his fate. They did not want to turn him into someones play thing, but they needed to get the hell out of this maze. The thick rubber suit was a skin pink colour and would trap his already bound limps in another layer of bondage. They forced his limbs and body into the very tight bitchsuit. The rubber squeaked loudly as it rubbed together. The second a limb was in position a loud popping sound was heard. The bitchsuit was filled with lube and that made the job of getting James into it easer. Finally his whole body was entombed inside the rubber walls of his new suit. They zipped the back of the suit up as the rubber got tighter still. The suit was closed and looked amazing as the light shinned off the smooth rubber surface. He would not be able to get out the suit on his own. 

“I see James is looking good. You still need to get him bound in the chair and you have 8 minutes to do it. Lucky for you is bitchsuit has magnets along the arms and legs. They should match up with the magnets on the chair”

The two gimps had not looked at the chair too much as they lifted James onto it. His legs would fit into two large grooves in the seat of the chair. They forced his bound legs into the gaps and saw the rubber pull away from his skin as the magnets acted together. Both legs had soon been linked to the chair and he could not move them. Two large armrests would keep his arms at shoulder high with his hands pointing toward each other. His arms would be straight and level. They quickly got his arms lined up with the magnets and his movement was stop all together.

A couple of thick leather straps needed to be used around his stomach and chest. They also strapped his arms and legs to make it 100% secure. He was going nowhere as they showed him the head gear. A horrible gag was the first thing he saw and then the sickening rubber pig mask. The gag was a full face muzzle gag with a huge rubber ball that would run down his throat and rip his mouth open. They pushed the gag as far as they could into his mouth. James was gagging as the rubber gag was pushed all the way in. He was almost choking on the gag as they wrapped the muzzle harness around his face. A large leather panel would stop him from spitting the gag out. The harness was quickly locked in place as James continued to gag. 

“He will get use to it” Mistress Dark was loving what she was seeing. The pig hood was next and the two gimps squeezed the thick rubber helmet over his face. James could feel the hood going over his muzzle gag as the final part of his bondage was almost complete. The rubber was very thick and tight as it pressed against his skin. They moved the hood into the perfect position and made sure anything lined up. The shiny rubber pig hood was then zipped shut and thanks to the fact it had a build it collar. The zip was padlocked and the collar pulled tightly over the top of it. The leather collar added uncomfortable pressure against his neck as they padlocked it shut as well.

With the zip and collar locked on, he was never getting the pig hood off. The detail in the hood was amazing as was the smooth shinning rubber. It had a humiliating pig snout build into the front of it. The snout had two holes in it so air could reach James’s nose as he could not breath through his mouth. The thick rubber mask was crashing down on his head as the smell of rubber filled his nose. Build into the ears of the pig hood was a metal ring(one in each ear) and they lined up with padlocks located on the chair. Where was also a strap which would run through rings build into the collar. 

They lock the pig hoods ears to the chair and then threaded the strap through the rings on the collar. The ears had been made from reenforced rubber and would be able to survive any force James could put against it. He could move his head a few inches before the restraints stopped him. He was now enclosed in rubber bondage and the gimps had completed the sacrifice. 

“Well done my rubber pets, you have completed the bondage of your fellow slave. You can bypass one level. But if you make him suffer by adding a couple of things to his bondage. I will let you skip two levels think of the time you will save. You are on level 5 at the moment and would miss level 4 and 3 if you torture him. Level two is almost at the end of the maze. Just think about it. The wall on the right, behind the bondage chair turns round. You just need to push the sides to make in turn”

The gimps looked at one another and walked over to the wall and rotated it. 

A cattle prod was the first thing they saw and had a arm which would lock it to the chair. They got it out of the secret locker and soon saw were to join it to the chair. Right at the end of the seat and pointing at James’s cock. They hooked the cattle prod to the chair and pushed the two shock points deep into the rubber over his cock. A cable was hanging under the chair and that filled into the safe end of the cattle prod. The cattle prod now had power. A weight for his balls was next. Finding them through the miles of rubber was not easy. But soon Amy was holding them in her hands and fitted the heavy weight around the top of his rubber balls. She then spotted a hole in the chair and squeezed his balls and the weight through the hole.

Next in the locker was two dog shock collars and a short chain. A picture showed them were to put the items. One dog collar around his neck and the other was around his balls. Amy had to go under the chair to join the chain to a d-ring in the floor and up to a d-ring on the weight around his balls. The chains only just reached the ball weight and pulled his balls towards the floor. The electrical shocks for make the chair very painful as his rubber balls had already started to hurt. The last item was a clear plastic face mask which would go over his pig snout. It had two plastic straps to go around his head. From the face face was a clear rubber tube and at the end was a rubber rebreather bag and a bubble bottle.

Amy placed the face mask over the rubber snout of the pig hood. She then closed the straps tightly around his head. They put the bubble bottle and rubber rebreather on the floor next to the chair. They had no idea what the liquid in the bubble bottle was. But judging from James’s reaction it was not the nicest thing in the world. It was time to leave him and just as the power was turned on the second door opened. Marcus and Amy walked out the room. The restraints and rubber suits had made it very hard work and they had become tried. The door closed behind them as cries started to call out.

In front of them was a staircase and oddly it looked like it covered two floors. They had been tricked into torturing James and could have gone down the two levels anyway. Plus what made them pick him.

“I hope you have spotted the fact, you could have gone down two floors anyway. I have to have some fun with you. Plus you don’t even need to sacrifice one of your party. If you have looked around the five floor, you would have spotted another staircase. You could have missed two floors and have three people still. Oh you maybe thinking why you picked James. I have been playing subliminal message since you woke up. Saying to pick James and written within the darkness are the words pick James. It has been drilled into your minds. Right on you go. Just a couple of floors left. As you are now on the second floor, thanks to slipping the fourth and third” 

By the time she had finished the two of them had got to the second floor. They have no idea she was so smart or evil. She had played with them and made them not only leave one of their own behind, but make him suffer as well. What the hell would happen to them next and had she been using other subliminal message. The door to level two was a prison cell door with thick bars. It opened the second they reached the door. They entered a bright room with a TV screen right in front of them. The TV was playing a live videos of James. It was psychological torturing them. Showing them what was happening to the first victim of Mistress Dark. They knew how well gagged he was and even when he was calling out loudly. He was completely humiliated as he struggled in his pig hood and bitchsuit. They just couldn’t watch any more as they walked passed the TV. They could see the bubble bottle going mad as they left the TV behind. The whole room was white from ceiling to floor. It had lights everywhere and in the centre of a large white plastic table and two plastic seats also in white.

The lack of colour was odd and the lights made the whole room different to look at. Everything was plastic and white. As they moved towards the table they saw 10 boxes. Once again in white plastic, what the hell was this room. 

“Welcome guys. I hope you are not still pissed off about James. Forget about him as you still need to break free. This is the next test and if you pass I will open the door to the next level. This room is empty apart from whats around this table. But feel free to have a look. I bet you wish you have done that before. In the boxes is 5 meals each and in order for me to open the door, you need to eat everything” 

The two rubber gimps looked in all the corners and searched the room up and down. They found nothing and knew they would have to eat whatever was in the boxes. 

“See I told you. Now the table has two seats pick one and then pick the box closest to you. You will take the box to the table and eat whatever is inside. If you do not eat it or drop the box and the food inside is not eaten. You will face a 20 minute fine and that may not sound like a lot. But you are already on a time limit and I can not remember how long you have left. I had a top chef make the food for your dinner tonight. You have to be starving and tried. So try and enjoy the meals and eat them as quickly as you can. So you know, you can just throw all the food on the floor and wait for the time penalty to run out. but 20 minutes a box is 3 hours and 20 minutes. Do you have that time. Right eat up”

Marcus and Amy looked at one another and then walked over to a the boxes and picked up the first one. They then placed their asses on the chairs and opened the first boxes. The box folded open the second they lifted the lid. In a white bowl was what looked like dog food. Dog foods not that bad they both thought and they started to eat it. It was degrading and cold as they tried to eat as fast as they could. They soon finished the dog food off and it was not as bad as they thought it would be. It was not nice, but they moved on to the next box.

This box once again opened with a pop and a very strong fish smell poured from the box. God this one stinks the gimps thought and saw the fish was in a bowl. It looked more like a soap. They lifted up the bowl and drink the liquid as quickly as they could. The taste and smell was horrible as they tried to empty the bowl. Amy was gagging as she finally finished the bowl and hoped the hope had a better taste and smell to them. They had to keep going as they picked up the third bowl. Inside the third box was a condom filled with cum. They put the open end of condom in their mouths and lifted the end with the cum up. The salty cum was inside the slaves mouth in a heart beat as they kept it down. Three down and two to go. They got the fourth box and opened it up to find just a pill. Easy. They did the pill in one go and opened the last box. A bottle of piss was what was waiting for them. It was degrading, but easy and the two of them drunk the whole thing. 

“Well you made that look very easy. Maybe you need a good feed after all the running around and struggling you have done. Well it’s time for the last level. The ground floor has the keys for your cuffs and bins for your suits. You have one more trap to go through and I have no more tricks. Oh talking of tricks, you should of left the pill. You could have spit it in the piss bottle. The pill was a laxative and should kick in soon. That should make the last test more fun for you guys. And the secret staircase is under the TV. So you can see your friend one more time. It was nice of me to lower the sound when you where eating. But I will put it back up again. Right get your rubber asses moving” 

They both moved over to the TV to see the live video of James fighting against his bitchsuit and bondage straps. The rebreather bag was inflating and deflating at lighting speed. The bubble bottle was a blur of bubbles as he took a sharp intake of air. The sound of squeaking rubber, bubble, breathing, shocks and cries could be heard. After a minute of watching the hateful video, the TV was sent flying. The floor behind the TV opened up and reveal the staircase. The staircase went straight down and into the darkness. Marcus went first as a cold wind hit them. Amy was next as they headed into the black. It was very cold as they reached the bottom of the ladder. Their rubber suits had been making them sweat from the minute they woke up. But now the rubber offered nothing against the ice cold room. 

“A bit cold in here right? Rubber maybe waterproof and good at making you sweat buckets, but it’s no good against the cold. The thing is this room will not stay cold. I can move the temperature up and down. It can be hot as hell one minute and ice cold the next. The idea is to make the room as horrible to be in as I can. The laxatives should kick in soon as well. Which should be lovely for you. You will stay in the room for one hour and you can not talk to the other person. I will keep you in the darkness” and as she said this the ladder was lifted up and out the room and the way they had come in was slummed shut. 

“Alone in the dark with the cold enclosing you and you filling your rubber suit with your own waste. The hour should go by very fast. Oh and if you give up, just shout out your name and I will deal with you later. The time starts now”

The two gimps stood there as the cold bit into their skin. They wrapped their arms around each other as the room got even colder. The laxatives then started kicking in as temperature started to get very hot. It only took about 15 seconds for the change to happen. Amy could hold on no longer and the laxatives showed no mercy. Marcus followed soon after as the rubber suit keep it in-house. The room was now very hot and sweat was dripping from their hoods. The darkness and lack of sound and the room going from hot to cold in the blink of an eye. Plus the rubber suits now become a torture device against it’s wearer. The time slowly ticked away. 

Suddenly a part of the floor started moving. It quickly become a ramp and the two broken gimps crawled over to it. The light was blinding them as they got closer. Their rubber suits made a happy squeaking sound and a horrible squelching sound. The two did not have it in them to stand up and just slide down the ramp. Two sets of keys waited for them and the front door looked amazing after what they had gone through. The last room was a lot like the first concrete instead of rubber and almost nothing in it. They crawled over to the keys and removed the hateful chains and cuffs. Their limbs finally free and got to work removing the rubber gimpsuit. The thick rubber was sticking to their skin as they ripped it from their bodies. They dropped the gimpsuits and left the dirty sweat suits on the floor. They struggled to walk to the door and as they pushed it open. 

‘Sadly you have ran out of time” 

The door opened fully and for a second they saw the outside world again. Only to have a black latex sheet fly up for the floor on both sides of the door. They become the meat in a sandwich as the two latex sheet joined together. It only took half a second for this to happen. The air then started being vacuumed out of the joined sheets. They needed to find an air hole or something.  Luckily they saw a tube poking through the rubber. They found it just in time was the air was emptied and left them trapped in latex.



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