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The Retirement

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; bond; bagged; catsuit; mc; hypno; bdsm; oral; toys; cons/nc; XX

Katharine Van de Vere woke with a stinker of a headache, it was the morning after the night before. At forty seven Kat was still a size ten, but at the moment she was more interested in where the floor was! Her short neat dark hair was bedraggled, looking like it had been through a fence backwards. In fact she was certain she had been through a fence backwards!

As Kat tried to get herself upright she opened her eyes to survey where she was. She recognized a few things and realized she was in her flat in town. She had barely made it to her sofa and collapsed, her cheek resting on the arm, her bottom never made it. As she sat properly on the sofa the memories of the night before filled her head. Kat tried to stand but balance is something that is taught to us at an early age, and very often forgotten after overdoing it with alcohol. Or to be exact Vodka!

Kat crawled to her bathroom discarding the shreds of the party frock she had on, she only had one hold up on and stopped to turn around a pull it off. She had no bra or knickers, they must have come off at one of the pubs and clubs they visited last night. Last night Kat and her legal team went out for a celebration, Katharine was retiring from the legal profession, as she climbed into the tray of her shower and turned it on the freezing water shocked her, then woke her. The alcohol fueled stupor was lifting, her hands wiping her hair off of her face. As she got up slowly her fragility showed and she vowed Never again!

As she looked in the bathroom mirror, she wiped the excesses of last night off her face, her makeup smudged over her face probably due to her unusual bed. Several Advil later, and she was starting to feel human again. Face clean and brain in first gear she slowly and carefully walked into the hall, a simply equation Wake up + coffee + Kitchen! Kat’s walking abilities were growing in confidence as she made her way towards the kitchen. And after brewing a filter coffee she at last felt complete. Only now she thought of clothes and putting the cup in the sink. She made for her bedroom, only to find a Latex all over sleep sack on her bed with someone inside.

As Katharine climbed on her bed a muffled moan from the sack.

"What do we have here?"

The breather pipe told her which was the head end and she started unzipping it. As she unzipped the sack she revealed the face of a small boy, squinting as the daylight was allowed into the sack. As Katharine looked it wasn’t a small boy but a young girl. The girl had a gag in her mouth, her eyes looked at Kat, probably in relief more than anything else! As Kat removed the gag, the girl swallowed and smiled weakly.

"Hello!" Said Kat.

"I’m your retirement surprise, Mistress."

Kat remembered Julia saying something about a surprise, but after the amount of Vodka drunk last night, Kat felt lucky to remember that. Kat had been talking about finding someone to suck her pussy whilst in retirement, and it looked like that someone had already made a decision about that. The gag went back in her mouth and the sleep sack was done up again!

First things first she walked into her walk in wardrobe and picked a black Leather skirt, some boots, a crisp white blouse, bra, knickers, and a black Leather tie Kat took the small pile with her to her dressing table and started brushing her hair back into life. Kat used very little makeup, after last night, she just couldn’t face it, so she kept it simple. After dressing she went looking for her cell phone which she found on the floor by the sofa. As she sat down she opened it and rang Julia .

"Hi Jules, your up then?"

"Ho! You can talk !"

"Well what’s the story about my surprise on my bed then?"

"Well when you made it quite clear you weren’t moving from your sofa we didn’t know where to put her, and the next best place was on your bed! Her names Bridget and I’ve been saving her for you, have you unwrapped her yet?"

"No not yet!"

"Well she’s nineteen, and really small. The perfect slave a shade under five foot, with a perfectly body. I thought she would suit your taste. I’ve left a bag beside your bed with some useful things inside!"

"What sort of things, Jules?"

"Well I had to make it up but I got her a uniform from the grange, it took a bit of work but your worth it Kat. She’s got some Latex and a few ordinary clothes! Have a happy retirement! Laters Kat!"

"Laters Jules!"

The Grange was their exclusive girls boarding school which was where most of Kat’s team schooled and, where they’ll got most of their sexual preferences. She smiled to herself, perhaps it would save her trolling around looking for some fucktoy to present herself, still she did enjoy the chase…

Kat walked back into the bedroom and unzipped the sleep sack, and removed the gag from Bridget’s Mouth.

"Well it seems your mine to do with as I see fit, and as I haven’t eaten you can cook me the first breakfast of my retirement."

As Bridget sat up she had a waif like body, much smaller than Kat’s, even with heels she didn’t get much taller than five foot four, five foot five. She had the cutest Latex cat suit on with a posture collar, gloves and a chastity belt. As Bridget smoothed her cat suit and pulled the sleep sack off the bed she smiled the cutest smile.

"What would you like for Breakfast Mistress?"

"Oh Just pour me a bowl of Musili , I have made some coffee, better help yourself as well! How long were you in the sleep sack then?"

"I‘m not privy to things like time of day, or for that matter what day, I am your slave, and I shall remain your slave until the day you say otherwise, Mistress."

"Very commendable slave, I prefer to be called Miss, or Miss Van de Vere, or if my mood changes Mistress Kat, You’ll pick up my moods. Mistress Juliana said you had a uniform I would like to see it!"

"Yes Miss Van de Vere, of course, have you the key?"

"Key! What key?"

"The key to my chastity belt Miss Van de Vere."

"No I don’t think so"

Kat looked at Bridget and indicated she could see something, Bridget looked down and she had the key around her neck, Bridget took the key and handed it to Kat getting on one knee at the same time.

"Please take the key to my life and please use it as you see fit, Miss Van de Vere."

"Thank you Bridget, I suppose Mistress Juliana has a sense of humour and anyway I don’t think for one moment you could have done anything in that sleep sack!"

"No Miss!"

Kat put the key in the padlock that held the chastity in place, unlocking it, grasping the chastity belt and removing it.

"When was the last time you came girl?"

"Nearly a month ago Miss."

"Ok, go and get changed, and if I so much as see your hand near your crutch, It’ll be the last time for a long time I can assure you!"

"Yes Miss!"

Bridget bounded off towards the bedroom trying to get her posture collar off. Jules had been spot on! She was perfect even her pixie hair cut suited her down to a tee, Kat helped herself to another coffee and waited…

As Bridget walked round into the kitchen Kat couldn’t believe her good fortune Bridget had transformed herself into a little schoolgirl not only by her dress but her persona had changed, to a young impressionable naïve young woman, just as Kat had been all those years ago.

"Here girl,!" Pointing at the floor in front of her. "Drop your bag, I want you here girl, now!"

Jules had even given Bridget a school bag, just like the one’s they used to have.

Bridget walked in front of Kat, almost touching, looking up from in front of her breasts.

"How is it you’ve disobeyed me again girl?"

"I, I, don’t know Miss! I’m very sorry it won’t happen again Miss!"

"I know it won’t Bridget, I intend to make very clear to you the error of your ways!"

Grabbing Bridget’s school tie, Kat made for the bedroom.

"Please Miss I’ll be good from now on, honest!"

"Too late for that my girl you have to take your punishment!"

"Please Miss I’ll be good, Please Miss I’ll do anything, Anything at all! Please Miss give me another chance I’ll make it up to you!"

Kat made Bridget kneel in front of the bed, her torso laid across the bed her knees at the foot of the bed. Kat got a belt from her wardrobe and sat next to Bridget. Pulling her up and across her knees, Bottom in the air. Bridget still pleading for release.

"Please Miss I’ll do Anything!"

"Will you girl? So what would you be willing to do for me then?"

"Well, Miss there’s rumors around the school that..."

"That what girl?"

"That you’re a Lesbian Miss."

"Is it! And how does that affect you then?"

"Well, I thought that I might be able to…"

"To what girl spit it out!"

"I thought I might be able to kiss you Miss!"

"And then what?"

"You want more Miss!"

"I would want much more than that my girl!"

"What do you want me to do Miss?"

"Well for the moment, nothing! I’ve got you where I want you!"

With that Kat slapped Bridget across her bottom.

"Ow! Please Miss, I’ll do anything!"

"Oh I know you’ll do anything, you’ve already said that! But you forget I can make you do anything I want! Is that not true girl?"

"Yes Miss!"


"Ow! Oh please Miss.."

"I know you’ll do anything!"

As Kat pushed Bridget off of her knees and stood up.

"Let me lose the skirt girl, don’t run away now!"

"No Miss , of course not Miss!"

Kat undid her Leather skirt and let it fall, stepping out of it

"Now Girl Do you think I’m a lesbian because I wear Leather?"

"I don’t know Miss!"

"Oh I think you do girl!"

"Yes Miss But it looks so good on you!"

Kat sat on the bed in front of Bridget legs apart.

"What do you call this?" Pointing towards her clit.

"A pussy Miss!"

"Very good Bridget!"

"And do you know what Lesbians do to each other with their pussies Bridget?"

"No Miss!"

"They lick each other until they come!"

"Come Miss?"

"Climax Bridget!"

"Climax Miss!"

Kat climbed off the bed and took her knickers off leaving her hairless pussy in front of Bridget who was studying it.

"Get closer girl! Use your tongue!"

"Mmmmmmm You taste sweet Miss!"

"Thank you, you’ve obviously done this before!"

"Oh no Miss! I’m a good girl!"

As Kat lay back enjoying the tongue lashing her pussy was getting from Bridget, she could feel herself building into a massive orgasm… Slowly, surely building until BAM! Kat thrashed about, Bridget still tonguing her across her clit.

After a moment or two Kat managed to gather herself recovering after a monumental climax!

"Fuck that was good!"

"Oh Miss don’t swear I thought you were a good teacher!"

"Why don’t you get your school skirt off and I’ll see if I can teach you some pointers Bridget!"

"But Miss I’m not a Lesbian!"

"OH OK well I have some things I was wanting to do anyway!"

"Oh but It doesn’t mean I don’t want to become a Lesbian Miss!"

"Well get your skirt off girl, and be quick about it!"

Bridget must have realized that she was talking herself out of an orgasm, she took off her school skirt and waited for instructions.

"Come here girl, take off your blouse and tie!"

They lay side by side on Kat’s bed, Kat touched Bridget with her nose kissing her neck, running her fingers over the straps of Bridget’s Bra.

"I’m afraid I’m not big in that department Miss!"

"And I’m eternally grateful that your not Bridget."

Kat pulled the bra off of Bridget’s shoulders and licked one of her nipples. Kat looked for a reaction, she got one as Bridget was getting aroused.

Kat pulled her close Bridget kissed Kat on the neck working her way up to her ear lobe. Bridget played with Kat’s ear lobe, It drove Kat crazy! Kat, using the flat of her hand started working over Bridget’s mound, she teased her stroking her clit with her fingers. Bridget’s breathing was getting heavier Kat slid down the bed and took Bridget’s slit in her mouth tonguing it methodically turning up the heat until Bridget slowly but surely twisted her body round until she exploded! Bridget squirted Into Kats mouth, it was the sweetest taste ever!

"Thank you Miss!" Bridget who had not recovered from her trip to the stratosphere!

"I think you must have seen stars then?"

Bridget strained to clear her head. "I think you have a wonderful tongue Miss!"

"So tell me a bit about yourself Bridget, who are you? Where do you come from? How did you get here? And how come your so good with your tongue?!"

As Bridget recovered she lay on the bed and got her clothes and dropped them on the bag by the side of the bed.

"Well Miss, My name’s Bridget French I grew up in Ashford in Kent. I went to St Faiths boarding school near Norwich in Norfolk because my parents were never at home, my father worked for a oil company, his work took him around the world for months at a time, my mother worked as a graphic designer based in New York. She would come over every once in a while to see me, so she said but she would always be doing something work related in the background. Ever since I can remember I have felt the need to submit and be enslaved. When I first came to town I was surprised how many clubs there were, and how many people had a Kink like mine. I met Mistress Rose after a few weeks and she took me in, she was hard, she whipped me, pegged me, cut me and pierced me. I’m pierced all over. I got out of there because my life wasn’t my own, she had taken over the running of my life and I thought that if I was to spend my life doing this I might as well spend it with someone I looked up to rather than someone that said they're better. Mistress Juliana took me in and I recovered I took them out last night because Mistress Juliana said you would like someone to be fresh faced and innocent. She said you were a wonderful mistress and that you were retiring from your job, and I have instructions to look after you and keep you happy from now on!"

"This Mistress Rose, is she the one that’s into hypnosis?"

"Yeah she scared me, she told me she would turn me into a street walker by hypnosis and get me to make her a few Quid! I really don’t want to see her again, ever!"

"No we might run into her at a club but that’s something we can endure easily, she dare not cross me, so your safe from her clutches I can assure you! Have you any more clothes?"

"No Miss my Latex and my uniform, that it!"

"Well how about we go and do some shopping tomorrow?"

"Yes Miss I would love that, thank you!"

"How about you Miss what’s your story?"

"Well was born in Nice in France, my Parents were French, but we came over to England when I was a few months old I went to an all girl boarding school when I was eleven and at first I hated it, I could not believe my parents would send me to such a place. As I bloomed as a young girl I found love at first among my friends, then some of my teachers, we were taught the ways of Lesbianism and we were expecting the whole world to be the same. It was a bit of a shock when we finally got out of boarding school into the real world,. I went to university to study Law, I met Melissa on my first day as she was studying Law as well, three days later we kissed and we were together from that day until she died of cancer four years ago. She was really small about five one but she had really long hair until she started kemo when it all fell out! So I’ve been a solicitor all my life, but today I have retired and I think it’s time to start anew!"

Bridget sat for a moment taking in what Kat had said. "So you Loved Melissa?"

"Very much so! It didn’t however stop me strapping her under the bed and making her beg to be allowed back under the covers with me!"

"Wow, sounds intense!"

"We always were! She loved Latex, bondage and the restrictive thing. She would always come home with this helmet which pumps up and does this that or the other! I still have all her gear, I’ll have to show you it some time."

"I would like that, It might give me an insight into your games!"

"Can of worms more like! So I’ll give you a choice, we could go get something to eat but all you have is your uniform to wear and to be honest I would rather save it for tomorrow when we go shopping, saying that I don’t have very much of Mel’s clothes here now anyway. Her Sister took most of them, She didn’t like me and I didn’t like her! To nilla for my taste! She was just about to get married and she didn’t need the hastle of picking up Little sisters belongings."

"To Nilla for bridezilla then!"

"Yes I think she thought that she would come and tell me what a pervert she thought I was, spewing god this and god that until I pointed out if god made us all he also made gays and lesbians and her sister, if she didn’t like some of what god had made to take it up with the Vatican!"

"Didn’t appreciate a good argument, then?"

"No, some people are only limited by how closed their brains are! Anyway I’m not interested in Mel’s sister, I’m interested in you! Don’t you have any questions for me?"

"Well yes! How about this? What are you looking for in your slave?"

"Mmmmm tricky one that! Well devotion first and foremost, it’s trust mostly. I suppose that’s what everything is based upon in one way of another! How about you! What are you looking for in a Mistress then?"

"Well, as you say someone I can trust totally, someone that can explain themselves clearly, and someone that knew my limits and would only go past that point if they thought I could. and Lastly someone that I could look in the eye and call friend! How’s that! Does that sound considered."

"Very much so you know I’ll do things that you might not like?"

"Yes, that’s what Mistresses do!"

"I might cause you pain, but from what you’ve told me I don’t walk that line, I’m not a sadist, unlike Mistress Rose! It’ll be to keep you in line more than to inflict pain for the sake of it!"

"Sounds better and better!"

"Does your need to be enslaved include tight rigorous bondage?"

"Of course!"

"And your chastity belt, you would need that on all the time the prevent fiddling wouldn’t you?"

"I suppose."

"That isn’t a clear and concise answer is it?"

"No Mistress, it isn’t!"

"Let me explain what I’m after, I want to know from you whether you want to wear the belt twenty four seven, or if you would like me to use the belt as a weapon against your bad behaviour or whether you would like me to introduce it in our games as a prop. My asking is only to gauge how you would like me to use it, nothing else!"

"I see Mistress, perhaps I shouldn’t prejudge or be guarded about my answers!"

"That would please me more than you could know! I am not in the habit of using someone’s words against them unless you in a court of Law!"

"Have you any helmets?"

"No not any more, I had a few but in my hurry to leave Mistress Rose I forgot them. Sorry!"

"No, no problem! We can buy you all you need tomorrow!"

"What with me in a school girl uniform!"


"Should be fun!"

"Where I go to do the shopping I have to let them know I’m coming and they walk round with me and I order the things I want and it’s delivered here by courier, and once your in the place you could run around in the nude as far as their concerned!"

"Wow! Now that’s how to shop!"

"Now heads we try to cook what I have in the freezer, and tails we find you something to wear and go out! OK!"

"Thank you Miss."

"What’s that for?"

"For trusting me Miss!"

"I don’t understand!"

"Well Miss, you must trust my cooking, not to poison you, and you would find me something to wear outside!"

"Oh well, It’s a new start for both of us!"

"Yes Miss!"

In the end they raided the freezer, they couldn’t find any clothes small enough for Bridget and Kat wasn’t having someone as beautiful as Bridget looking like a sack of potatoes! They amused themselves for the rest of the day, Kat showed Bridget Mel’s Leather and Latex collection which she kept from her sister, it was bad enough being Lesbian, having a kink would have started world war three! The following Morning Kat and Bridget left the flat, Kat In a Black Leather suit, Bridget in her school uniform. They grabbed a taxi to the shop and rang the buzzer of the intercom.


"Katharine Van de Vere and Bridget, my niece!"

"OK come up!"

The buzzer sounded and the main door was pushed open. They were met by a large woman at the top of the stairs.

"Hello Kat!"

"Hello Sandra, How are you!"

"And who’s this you’ve brought?"

"This is Bridget my er niece!"

"Hello Bridget, nice to meet you."

Looking back to Kat "Do you think it was wise to being someone so young into my shop Kat?"

"Well Normally I would absolutely agree but Bridget is really good at sucking my clit I couldn’t just leave her now could I!"

"But, But!"

"I’m sorry Sandra, my little ruse Bridget and I are not related, we just thought that it would be fun to pretend for a while, She is my little stunner, isn’t she?"

Sandra looked down at Bridget, "How old are you then, if you don’t mind me asking?"

"I’m nineteen Miss!"

"I’ve retired Sandra, from the legal profession, and I have enough fingers in enough pies to keep me going, What I wanted was some things for Bridget."

"Well, we’ll see if Bridget fits in the things off the Peg, If not we’ll see Karen and get them made up for you!"

"Great, lead the way!"

Kat, and Bridget walked around the shop picking out things, Sandra took notes, most of what was ordered needed to be made, simple things like leather cuffs looked hopelessly huge on Bridget, but some things never change, Bridget pouted as Kat offered up a pair of Clover clamps to Bridget’s nipples. Tweaking them through the material of her blouse.

"Ooooh Miss, please I’ll be a good girl, honest!"

Kat looked up at Sandra, "Tell me, how could anyone say no to her?"

Sandra smiled shaking her head. "Sounds like she has you just where she wants you Kat!"

"No, no It’s not like that, this was my idea!"

"Yes, that’s just what I mean! Oh Ok, Anyway, let’s go to my office and I’ll organize some coffee!"

"Lead the way Sandra!"

After coffee Kat and Bridget left the shop by taxi and went into the west end on a impromptu shopping spree. First Kat took Bridget to her favorite restaurant in town, a little Greek Place called Blackie’s. It wasn’t actually called Blackies but the owner of the place had been called Blackie for as long as he could remember, the food ( of course) was fantastic but Bridget wasn’t allowed to have any wine, Kat smirked when they were told Bridget was too young to drink!

After their shopping marathon they came home with bags of goodies Kat fell on the sofa with Bridget jumping on her lap! The bags were all over the floor, Bridget cupped Kat’s face!

"Thank you so very much!" She touched Kats nose with her own and kissed Kat. Treating her with great reverence.

"Mmmm, you’re a great kisser short stuff!" Bridget looked at her.

"How do you know?"

"Know what Babe?"

"I was called Short stuff, it was my nick name, how could you know!"

"Oh, it was a coincidence, it could have been worse, I could have called you Bridget the midget!"

"Oh, Mistress, Oh cruel and heartless Mistress, how could you?"

"Easily, Slave, as easily as tickling you under the arms!" Kat tickled Bridget in the ribs the moment she realized she was under attack she screamed and tried to roll off of Kat’s lap!

Kat grabbed Bridget and kissed her around her neck working her way up until she was sucking and nibbling her earlobe.

"Mistress, I can’t put into words what today has meant to me, a few days ago I was just one of many, now… I feel my life is important again. I haven’t felt like that since I was a little girl."

"I’m pleased, very pleased, I think, I sensed that you needed something like this, what we’ve done today, apart from needing some clothes, we got out into the real world for a while! Let’s see what you’ve got then?"

Bridget climbed off of Kat’s lap and tidied herself up, Tucking her blouse into her bottle green skirt.

She picked up all the bags under one arm and motioned with her other hand that Kat should grab her hand and join her. Kat got off the sofa and followed, grabbing her hand they ended up in Kat’s bedroom, where the bag containing Bridget’s Latex stuff was. Of the seven bags Bridget had a matching set of replacement Platinum rings for her piercings, four new white fitted blouses, a leather pleated mini skirt, two pairs of leather thigh length boots, four thin Leather ties, five pairs of fifties shear stockings with four satin suspender belts, various pairs of satin knickers, and some things that had been bought in a flea market off Carnaby Street. The Latex would arrive in a couple of days, depending on how quickly the things ordered could be put together.

As Bridget laid out these things on the bed, Kat sat on the edge, not wanting to disrupt Bridget’s order. Bridget looked at Kat, tears welling in her eyes, and walked round the bed bursting into tears as she reached Kat. Kat knew what was going through Bridget’s head, in a word relief! If Kat had asked Bridget why the tears she doubted there would have been a reasoned answer, the simplest one word answer was relief. Kat sat on her bed with Bridget crying her eyes out, she knew it was an outpouring of the emotions she had to endure whilst in service as a slave, Kat had seen it before, an out pouring of emotions when the simplest thing meant so much to those that had to endure it. Any idea of attempting to regulate Bridget with rules was thrown out the window at that moment, or to put it another way, Kat would never try to lock Bridget into a regime like a slave.

When Bridget calmed down she was gently crying on Kat’s shoulder. Kat was trying to find the words to heal the wounds that had opened up.

"You can cry on my shoulders, when ever you like because I’ll always be here for you, I will protect you, and I’ll look after you, for how ever long you want to be here."

Bridget still crying quietly pulled herself away from Kat’s shoulder. "I think that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever told me Miss."

"Kat, just call me Kat!"

The release of tension was good for both of them, Bridget was able to put to one side her previous existence. As she blossomed and her personality started to come through the layers she had protected herself with as a Slave, Kat realized That Bridget must have had something, or someone that caused her real pain and suffering.

A few days later, all that they had ordered form Sandra arrived, an entire wardrobe of quality Latex, although she was there when the Latex was ordered she could not believe that it was all for her, the thing was that it obviously was because everything was in plastic bags and paper seals with "for Bridget" written on them. Bridget looked at Kat who sat on the bed, "This can’t all be for me, can it?"

"Bridget, not only is it all for you, but if you see something you like, I’ll do everything in my power to get it for you. You mean that much to me!"

Bridget came over to Kat and held her round her midriff as she was prone to do.

"I can never repay your kindness, I can only hope I can please you in the only way I know Kat!"

Kat smiled at Bridget, "You please me just by smiling at me, short stuff!"

In the days and weeks after, they met, they grew closer and closer. Bridget would talk of going out and getting a job to contribute to the running of the flat. Kat wouldn’t hear of it merely pointing out that after spending the last four years looking for someone to spend the rest of her life with, now she had found someone, Bridget wanted to go out for most of the day and work with people she didn’t know and didn’t care about!

Jules had invited them to a BDSM club for it’s grand opening, The Club Scarlet Fever was hidden away down a side street in south London, they weren’t used to this part of London, luckily the taxi driver knew where he was going!

Some friends of Jules had opened the club and by the way was packed out, it was going to do well!

They sat at a table to watch the proceedings unfold, Kat was dressed in her "uniform" of leather, holding a leash which was attached to the collar of Bridget who was dressed as a school girl, but with her thigh length boots and her Leather pleated mini skirt, she was going for the kill! The stage had it’s third set of dancers when Mistress Rose walked up to the table.

"Oh! There you are! I’ve been looking for you everywhere! Come along now, you’ve got a punishment and a half coming to you Slut!"

"And just who do you think your talking to, mmmmm." Kat said, distracting her from her flow.

"This Bitch here!" Pointing at Bridget

"For what purpose?"

"The bitch ran away from me a few months ago, I want her back!"

"Well, let me tell you your options, if you lay a hand on her I’ll see to it your thrown out of this club and that you’ll never get back in! If you take her by force that’s kidnapping, that’s fifteen years! Show your face here again and I’ll throw you out the club myself!"

"Bitch!" Kat got up out of her seat.

"You want to leave now do you!"

Mistress Rose turned and disappeared into the crowds.

Bridget was shaking visibly.

Kat picked her hand and held it.

"In Life unfortunately there are still school bullies, and she is a prime example, she knows what an effect she has on you that’s why she wants you, out of all the people here, she wants you. Not me, not Jules, not anyone else just you, and the only person that can change that is you! If you can show her your not effected by her posturing she’ll go and find someone else to bother."

Bridget gave a nod, "I think I just need time to adjust, the moment I saw her face it all came flooding back, but as I get stronger she’ll get weaker, won’t she!"

"I don’t know what’s better, the thought of you getting stronger or the thought of her getting weaker, either way I’ll support you to the hilt!"

The group were left in peace, Bridget went to the loo, Jules followed, just to keep an eye on her, as Bridget came out of the loo a hand grabbed her hair from behind. Not expecting someone behind her, Jules heard two words

"Attila! Attitude!"

Without thinking Jules grabbed the hair of the attacker, It was Mistress Rose, she smacked her head against the wall. Angered by what she heard!

"If that proves to be hypnotic suggestion you’ll find it quite difficult to walk, do I make myself crystal?"


With a large clump of hair in her fist Jules walked Mistress Rose to the main door, she told the bouncers to keep her out! Giving them the job of ejecting her from the club. When Jules got back to the table both Kat and Bridget were crying uncontrollably a lot of people were concerned for Bridget and as Kat spotted Jules she pointed with her thumb and waved it at the main door, mouthing, "She’s gone?"

Jules nodded, and mouthed back, "She OK."

Kat nodded, her hands caressing Bridget’s back and holding her so tight to keep her safe! They waited about an hour and left the club, both had "Panda eyes" through the tears that they had cried. Jules waved an outstretched thumb and little finger mouthing, "I’ll ring you later."

In the taxi they huddled together in silence, just happy to be together, and safe. When they got to the flat, they hadn’t got through the door when the phone rang, It was Jules, "Hi Kat can Bridget hear me?"

"Hi, no she’s in the loo!"

"Good Ok, I was behind Rose and she said two words Attila, Attitude, now doesn’t that sound like hypnotic suggestion to you?"

"Mmmm, Yeah I see, Bridget heard it you think?"

"Yeah I think, yeah for sure!"

"Right tomorrow morning I’ll take her to Renate’s, if anyone can help she can."

"Yeah good idea, but you realize you might have a ticking bomb in your bed?"

"Yeah I know! I’m afraid it’s gone beyond caring for her Jules, I think I’m head over heels with her!"

"I don’t know what to say!"

"I know, it’s difficult at the moment, I just hope I can look her in the eyes and tell her I love her from the bottom of my heart and that My home is her home!"

At that moment Kat heard the Loo flush, "Look she’s coming I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Laters Jules!"

"Laters Kat!"

Bridget walked through, Kat held out her hand for her and she took it the pair stood for a second or two in the middle of the living room and kissed, not a peck, this kiss meant something to both of them. When they broke Bridget spoke first.

"I have a confession to make, Kat."

"Ok what’s that ?" As Kat Played a finger over Bridget’s nose.

"I think I’m in love!"

"Oh who’s the lucky person then?"

"You are!" Missing the intended joke.

"That Makes my life complete my love, I’ve been agonizing about how to tell you for a few days, and you beat me to the punch line! Your stronger than you think short stuff!"

Both of them just cuddled each other neither could quite believe how lucky they were!

The following morning they went to a small clinic in the outskirts of never, never land, Well beyond the M25, as they waited, the receptionist ushered them in.

"Renate, good to see you,"

"Hello Kat"

"This is Bridget."

"Hello Bridget."


"We need your help! I'm of the opinion that she has at some time been hypnotized. We would like you to find out the extent and undo whatever has been done to her if that’s possible."

"Sure thing, but what make you think Bridget’s been hypnotized?"

Kat pulled a piece of paper from her jacket pocket and handed it to Renate.

"A third party overheard someone saying, telling that to Bridget."

"I see."

"It is quite possible she didn’t hear the person in question but I don’t want to take a chance and repeat it knowing what it may be able to do."

"No I take your point, It looks like it could be pulled out of a Dictionary right if I could take Bridget through to my ready room and prep her I might find out what’s been done, OK!"

Bridget looked at Kat, "Go with Renate, she’ll find what she’s done to you, and put it right. I’ll be waiting here for you, I’ll not go anywhere. Ok."

Reluctantly Bridget followed Renate into the prep room, Renate explained that Kat could not come in with them because she would most likely go under as well!

After a couple of hours and three expressos later Renate and Bridget came back into the office.

"Well, there’s one thing before I tell you what I found, who do you think did this to her?"

"Mistress Rose."

"Oh yes, it all fits now! I understand!"

"What can you tell me, then?

"Ok, What has been done would have taken say a month to do, that is each day putting the subject under and giving instructions, then reinforcing those instructions to the point where it becomes part of the subjects make up. If this is fragmented by say others commenting or lapses in concentration, say referring to notes. This causes distortions in the subject and the objective can be, unfocused. This is what I believe has happened to Bridget in some respects this can lead to schizoid behaviour and the instructions may have been started and may take days, weeks or even months to manifest itself. I’m sure that what was done was a strengthening of powers over the subject, reinforcing personal statements and belittling the subjects own worth, I find this type of gutter Hypnotist repellant."

"You’ve cleared Her of the instructions?"

"As far as I’m able in two hours, May I suggest you return for more sessions, the sooner the better! The more we have the more certain I will be that Bridget here is clear."

"Thank you so much Renate!"

"Yes thank you Renate, I feel a lot better now!"

"That’s good, that’s really good, Kat you have my cell number, anytime day or night!"

"Laters Ren!"

"Laters Kat!"

Bridget just waved a little wave as they walked out the door, they ate out at another of Kat’s favourite restaurant’s, as they were on their way home, they couldn’t talk openly, It looked like Bridget was going to burst! Eventually they reached the flat and once the door closed Bridget grabbed Kat by the collar and stood on tiptoes and kissed her!

"Thank you for believing in me, Thank you for being there for me, And thank you for being you!"

Kat smiled, and got a good hug on! "My absolute pleasure Babe."

"How about we get ready and we play The Mistress and her slave!"

"Great! I can use that pump up helmet you got me!"

"I’ll use more than just that slave!"

In about twenty minutes Kat had Slave strapped to a fuck bench by her wrists and ankles and playfully pumped up the helmet which got Slave going! Kat pumped up her gag and started lubing a blow up dildo.

"Oh dear there’s two holes! Which hole deserves to be fucked to a inch of your life!"

"Both of them!"

Kat slapped Slave round the bum and stuck the dildo in her well wet pussy, keeping it moving round inside her. Slave rattled her cuffed wrists faining her attempts to escape. Kat pulled the dildo out of her pussy and pressed it into her sphincter, as it went in she kept it moving round, that drove Slave crazy!

Mistress picked up another blow up dildo and waved it in front of Bridget’s nose, lubing the second dildo slid it into her pussy and pumped both up ! Bridget squealed like crazy, Mistress tried pumping and letting a bit of air out, then pumping again as quickly as she could! With Bridget breathing really heavily, the signs were she was going to come very soon

After an hour or so of bondage and being fucked Kat released Slave, they looked good together Kat in her leather, Bridget in her Latex. As Kat took of the helmet from her, she pushed Kat onto the bed and pounced jumping onto her chest then onto her face, Kat thought it was a game until Bridget screamed. "Suck me bitch, suck me or suffocate bitch!"

Suddenly it was no joke, although Bridget was small she was built like an athlete, and she had the advantage of being on top and quite effectively blocking Kats breathing. Kats nose was covered by the puffy skin of the inner lips whilst her mouth seemed to be covered by Bridget’s whole body she got her off for a few seconds Kat managed a breath and screamed, "I’m not the enemy!"

Before Bridget jumped back on ! "Suck me Cunt!"

Kat was licking and sucking in an attempt to appease her, she tried to go the other way and as Bridget lifted to put her weight back on Kat’s face, "I love you!"

Kat could not snatch a breath and she drifted into unconsciousness.

Much later Kat started coming around, She could hear Bridget crying but couldn’t speak, Kat tried again.


"Bridget where are you Babe?"

Bridget rushed over still crying, "I thought I‘d killed you Kat!" and covered her face with her hands, sobbing uncontrollably.

Kat's jaw ached and she had a sore throat but she seemed OK.

"Help me up Babe."

Bridget put her arm behind Kat’s shoulder blades and lifted her up.

"I thought I’d killed you!" Bridget repeated.

"I thought you had as well, to be honest! Why?"

"I don’t know what came over me, I vaguely remember you releasing me, and the next thing I remember is looking down and seeing you under me, I thought you were dead!"

"Yes I think that’s fairly clear!"

"You can put out your sleep sack, I think that it’s safer if you sleep there until we can get you sorted out!"

Bridget looked at Kat with real tears in her eyes, she didn’t argue with Kat she pulled the sleep sack out from it’s hiding place under the bed and got in putting her hands in the sleeves, rendering them useless, Kat zipped up the sack, still on the floor and collapsed into bed.

In the morning as Kat got out of bed, she stepped over the sleep sack and rang Renate. She felt she was far enough away from the bedroom so as not to be heard.

Renate seemed concerned, but not surprised, "If you could get her here around ten I’ll give her a going over and hopefully you won’t get any more surprises like that!"

"Ok We’ll be there at ten, also I want to talk to you about the person that’s done this to her."

"Are we talking revenge?"

"I think that’s quite high on my personal agenda!

"Good I have some ideas you might be interested in!"

"Till ten, Laters, Ren!"

"Laters, Kat!"

Kat walked back to the bedroom and released Bridget, not a word was spoken!

After a couple of minutes Bridget appeared!

"I’ve really screwed things up haven’t I?"

"No, not really, I rang Renate, she said I probably triggered something in your head that sent you off into La,La land. I’ve set up a meet with Renate, so we’ll have to get a move on, I said we’ll be there by ten, If after lunch she’s happy I thought we might do some more shopping and get you something more normal for women of standing!"

Bridget, still teary eyed reached round Kat’s midriff and held her. "Thank you for believing me and thank you for believing in me." Bridget spoke in a near whisper.

They reached the clinic with a few minutes to spare, Renate took Bridget and the pair were not seen for a couple of hours. Kat was starting to get concerned when Renate stepped through the door.

She sat next to Kat, "She’s OK! I have taken her back and started from scratch, you say Mistress Rose is responsible for her conditioning?"

"It looks that way!"

"Well she has done a job on her! As far as I can make out she has been conditioned to be totally subservient to Mistress Rose, I didn’t spot the way it was done last time but I think I got it now. The reason for Bridget to suddenly attack you was in part my fault, I removed the trigger words the last time which was like removing the button on a bomb I took the button from the bomb but I didn’t realize the size of the bomb! I must admit I want to meet this Mistress Rose I want to see what sort of person does this to another person, especially someone as harmless as Bridget. In fact I would love to do a bit of work on her!"

"Well I’m angry enough to give you your wish!"

"How so?"

"Could you condition her in an unconscious state?"

"Of course, in some ways it’s an advantage, as the subject can’t keep me out. A conscious person can keep me at arms length for quite some time, by thinking of something unrelated, it’s difficult but not impossible. Unconscious this just doesn’t happen. And given a few hours I could have them literally eating out of my hand with just a word!"

"Could you supply me with a little something to keep her in a state where you could do this?"

"No problem! But depending on how you want to administer it, will probably determine what it is."

"I’ll leave that thought with you to work on, Ren. I take it you want in then?"

"Well I’ve seen some jobs done on people in the past but the depths of Bridget’s hypnosis really beggars belief! And I’d gladly love to spend some time messing her head up!"

"Sound good to me, We’ll have to see what I can dream up! I’ll let you know, but when we have her you can spend as much time as you want with her!" Kat and Bridget got to the flat in the early evening. Kat as per normal checked her post and found a hand written envelope that had been dropped into her mailbox.

As they got through the front door Kat opened the envelope and read the letter, at first her face darkened but as she finished the letter a determined look really said it all..

Bridget had dropped the bags in the bedroom and returned.

"Thank you so much, I…what’s wrong?

"Mistress Rose is coming over tonight to "claim you" as hers, She doesn’t realize that we have found and removed her mess in your head, I must ring Ren And Jules, and get them over here for when she comes!"

Everything was in place when the buzzer from the street went.

"Hello?" Said Kat trying to keep a straight face.

"Mistress Rose here!"

"Hi, come on up!"

The buzzer sounded on the outer door, and Mistress Rose walked in, all four of them held their breath as she made her way to the door. Probably the most nervous was Bridget, her being the centre of attraction she didn’t realize how she might react if still under hypnosis, every one else knew their place, let the battle commence!

Mistress Rose knocked at the door and Bridget opened the door, Mistress Rose smiled at Bridget, as she walked in, the friends sounded like friends, playing some game but there was no game, No obvious agenda, no pretence, Mistress Rose sat in the only seat left, the others occupied by the friends, Kat said. "What’ll you have?"

"Oh, a G&T Please!"

"Bridget! A G&T for YOUR Mistress!"

As Bridget prepared the drink she broke the tip of a phial and poured it in to the drink, just as Renate told her to, she stirred the drink, putting a slice of lemon in to finish the drink with some ice. As she offered the drink to Mistress Rose she took it and drank the drink, the others were playing their parts very well, but all too soon Kat turned to face Rose.

"So you want Bridget do you?"

"Yes I’ve invested a lot of time and money in her, I bet she didn’t tell you that!"

"No she didn’t, Bridget you bitch! Why didn’t you tell us that Mistress Rose had Invested so much in you?"

Bridget just stood there head lowered. "Remember Kat it was you that gave me my first watch, so I could know the time!"

"Tell me why this is important to you?"

"Because Mistress, You were the first person to take an interest in me!"

Bridget cast an eye at Mistress Jules, who had rescued her, Mistress Jules was playing the game as well, so stayed silent!

"I’ve invested loads in her" Retorted Mistress Rose!

"What do you think Renate?"

"Thirty Seconds,"Said Renate

Mistress Rose looked puzzled, and sleepy in seconds she was asleep, slumped in her chair.

They helped Mistress Rose into the spare room, taken by a date rape drug, easy to spot, and highly unlikely to be administered by the women in the flat. Tied to a St Andrews cross Renate was left to start the process, after just over an hour she came out with a smile on her face.

"I have finished the first part, that’s the hardest bit out the way, and I’ve an idea which should balance you two nicely, looking at Kat and Bridget."

They wound the clocks back an hour and sat Mistress Rose back in the chair, refreshing her drink to remove the drug from the glass.

As Mistress Rose came round, the ladies were chatting as they were before, Mistress Rose came round, half way through the conversation.

"The bunny walks into the hardware shop, and says have you any carrots? And the store owner says you’ve asked us that for the past week and we still don’t have any bloody carrots, if you ask us again I’ll nail your ears to the post, so the next day the rabbit walks in and asks do you have any nails to which the owner says No! So the rabbit says have you any carrots?"

"Ha, Ha, Ha, Ho, ,Ha, Ha, Ho, Ha, Ho, Ha, Ha, Ha, ,Ho, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ho, hee, Hee, har, Ho Ho Ho!"

The ladies seemed obvious of the fact that Mistress Rose had apparently just dropped off!

She rejoined the conversion thinking she had only shut her eyes for a moment, until Bridget walked into the room. Every time Bridget showed her face Mistress Rose cowered, hiding her face from Bridget.

Renate touched Bridget on the hand, "Do you remember what I taught you about life Bridget?"

Bridget slowly turned to Mistress Rose, who was cowering behind her hand, Bridget took Mistress Rose and walked her into the hall, after a few seconds Kat mouthed to Renate.

"WHATS HAPPENING?" To which Renate lent over the coffee table and took Kats head in her hands, and mouthed, "WAIT AND SEE!"

They didn’t have long to wait, from the bedroom came the unmistakable sound of someone using a crop, the rhythm started to increase, and the ladies could hear someone starting to yelp with each blow. They sat transfixed wondering what was happening. All they could hear was the constant blows, suddenly their was an almighty scream as someone came from flagellation! Bridget with a raised voice, "You were warned! If you dare move a muscle I’ll start again!"

Bridget walked in the room in her Latex and with a very second hand riding crop in her hand.

"Renate, you taught me well about life, and the actions of those who had lived beyond their means I’ve just whipped her butt and she loved it! In fact I think it’s the only way she’ll come from now on , if I have whipped her senseless! I made her kneel on the floor whilst I got ready and she just bent over ready for me! Me! Little old me! I let her have it, It must have hurt, I kept smacking her with the crop and all of a sudden she came!"

She looked at Kat lovingly, "I’ve got to get you another whip though, I think this one is worn out! My arm aches!" The three ladies clapped as Bridget overcame her fixation with Mistress Rose, having found that Mistress Rose could not and would not ever come unless Bridget was whipping her! No one else would do, the only person able to bring Rose to climax was Bridget!

Renate and Jules got together, Kat and Bridget stayed together and "Mistress Rose" had to come and be whipped by Bridget because it was the only time she ever came! So once every week, she would beg to be whipped by Bridget, if only to cum! Eventually Bridget had to take Slave Rose, now under Renate’s direction who had realized her submissive side. Leaving what she had known and becoming a lifetime slave to Mistress Bridget, or as she became known, MISTRESS BELLONA.

So Kat and Bridget lived their days in Kats retirement, happy in the knowledge That they would stay together for good!


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