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The Plant

by Chevron

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© Copyright 2007 - Chevron - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; bond; kidnap; plant/ff; latex; enclosed; nc/cons; X

Chapter One: Botanical Mischief

I couldn't see a damn thing…

The black cloth bag they pulled over my head was easy enough to breathe through, but there was no way I could tell where I was. The ground was soft… the air was heavy and warm. A foul smell assaulted my nostrils, but I couldn't quite put my finger on its source. I tested my bonds again. The metal handcuffs were unyielding and secure. My ankles and knees weren't going anywhere either… the sloppy turns of duct tape were crude but effective.

I heard someone coming…

"Help me put her down over here by Terra", sounded the unmistakable voice of Ashley, my next door neighbor. A second, higher-pitched voice responded, "Maybe she'll lose some weight after this. My fucking back is killing me!" That must have been Rita, one of Ashley's "lackeys".

There was a soft thud as another person dropped to the ground next to me. Muffled cries of protest hinted at the fact that she was in a similar situation. Her shoulder brushed against mine several times as she writhed in her bonds. A slight kick from one of the two standing girls elicited a squeak from my bound partner. It put a stop to her struggling… for the moment.

"Terra if I take your hood off… are you going to throw a hissy fit?” said Ashley as if it had happened several times before. I grunted and shook my head no. I was pissed off, but this thing had been covering my head for over two hours… the heat was really getting to me. When the bag came off, I tried to shake the short brown hair from my face, but several strands remained stuck with sweat. I looked around for the first time, and it became obvious where we had been taken… it was a greenhouse.

The space we were in now was easily twice as large as my living room… if my living room had vaulted ceilings. The pale green glass that formed the walls blurred the outside world. I shifted my wrists in the cuffs as I craned my head around. The source of the smell was coming from a pile of fertilizer several feet behind me. All around were plants of different shapes and sizes. Overall it was an exceptionally well kept greenhouse.

"So… are you going to tell me why you thought it would be fun to kidnap me and-… " I looked to the girl next to me but didn't recognize her. "Alisa", chirped Rita. Alisa tugged at her bonds and made a few pathetic sounds.

"Yes… kidnap Alisa and myself?"

Ashley crossed her arms and smirked, "We need your help with something… and I had a feeling you wouldn't have agreed if I just asked for it."

Despite my position I was still keen to use sarcasm, "Well if you're looking for help potting your plants… I have to tell you I don't have much of a green thumb." Ashley motioned for Rita to move in, and the two of them hefted me up again. I guess they didn't find my comment amusing…

"No. Don't worry. This won't require much effort on your part", said a slightly strained Rita. "Normally we would do this ourselves… but Brenda and Alex are off on vacation in Europe."

They carried me to the back of the building. There was a second section that was sealed off from the rest of the greenhouse. The glass surrounding it was tinted black, preventing me from seeing anything inside. A small viewing window was off to the right of the door with a computer desk set up under it.

"Don't tell me… you have an illegal drug operation and you need test subjects? I wouldn't mind getting a little high." I couldn't help but continue to jab at them verbally. It made the worry building up in inside less prominent.

"Very funny”, grunted Ashley as she dropped me. Rita followed up in her most ominous voice, "We'll be right baaack!"

For the moment, I was left to examine the area. The viewing window was flooded with artificial light coming from inside. The tinting was obviously to keep nosey people from seeing whatever they had in there. The computer on the table appeared to be fairly new. I assumed it was for monitoring the conditions inside. A few moments later the two girls returned carrying a writhing Alisa. Her hood was off, but there were a few pieces of duct tape plastered over her mouth. She was a cute girl… long black hair, slightly "fluffy" build (she wasn't fat but she could have stood to lose a few pounds), soft brown eyes, and a pair of C cup tits. Usually I'm not good at guessing other girl's sizes… but it looked like they had grabbed her right out of the pool. Her damp swim suit didn't do much to hide her figure.

They dropped her on the ground harshly. "Honestly Alisa! Quit making such a fuss! It's not like we're going to kill you!" spat Ashley as she went over to the computer. Rita walked over to her, "How's Karin?" Ashley brought up what looked like a video feed. "She's still inside. When did she go in?… 9a.m.? Probably another hour or so until she's done."

Alisa and I shot each other furtive glances.

Rita walked over and started pulling us up by our elbows. "I'm going to go ahead and take them inside." She turned her head to look at me, "The sooner we go in the sooner you can go home!" Ashley typed something into the computer and a large mechanical lock slid open. Rita grabbed the handle and pulled the thick door back… dragging us in after her.

The sight that awaited us on the inside was so bizarre that Alisa and I were dumbstruck. The large room was completely empty save for one plant in the center, rooted directly in the earth. This thing was simply enormous… possibly the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. There were many shocking aspects, but the most unusual had to be its shiny black exterior. The outside of the plant appeared to be coated in some kind of black rubber. The body of the plant itself was composed of a giant central bulb and four slightly smaller spheres separated around the base. Three of the spheres were crystal clear, resembling balloons. The last sphere was as black as the rest of the plant. There were no stalks or leaves to speak of… but the bulb in the center definitely resembled the closed petals of a flower.

I heard the lock slide into place behind me. Rita had taken our temporary stupor as a chance to get the door closed. I hopped around to face her and yelled, "What the hell is that thing?! Open the damn door!" I no longer found this amusing. Rita just smiled and started taking her top off. Ashley's voice crackled through a speaker positioned over the door (a small camera next to it focused in on us), "I'll try to explain what I can… but there isn't a lot of time. Rita can you get its attention?" Rita had shed her bra already… her pert breasts bouncing slightly as she tossed it to the ground. She was a petite girl, short dirty blond hair, and an athletic build.

Before pulling her shorts off, she fished out a key and placed it in my hands. "If you don't want your clothes ruined, you might want to take them off." With that Rita wriggled out of her panties and skipped over to the monstrous plant. I fumbled with the handcuffs as Alisa screamed for me to hurry behind the tape. Ashley's voice started again, "You both know my mom is a botanist. This is one of several greenhouses she runs on the outskirts of town. That plant in front of you… is an incredibly rare species from a rather tiny section of the Amazon rainforest." I was only half paying attention as I finally pulled my wrists free of the cuffs. I shot a glance over to Rita and the plant. The "petals" that made up the bulb seemed to be pulling apart.

"As you have certainly noticed… the thing looks quite alien. The plant is relative of the family Euphorbiaceae. The same one that you can find the "rubber tree" in. By using sulfur and other natural elements, this species can induce a chemical reaction that forms a special latex substance. This form of "latex" is quite resistant to both puncture and tearing when dry…among other things."

I had almost gotten Alisa's cuffs open when a noise came from the plant. It sounded a lot like a moan. I turned to look and was shocked to see a two foot-wide opening had formed between the petals. Another grunt echoed from inside the plant… I doubled my efforts.

"This species is truly a marvel of evolution. It requires minimal amounts of sunlight… only opening its protective covering for one hour each day. Its main source of energy comes from mammals! Humans mostly… from the native jungle tribes."

I left Alisa to undo the tape around her legs and turned back to the plant. Several inch-thick, green vines (I saw them more as "tendrils") had snaked out of the opening. Almost instantly they shot through the air and wrapped around Rita… one around each wrist and a third around her waist. She didn't seem the least alarmed though. I could have sworn she was giggling…

"I would go into how… but I'd hate to ruin the surprise. One last interesting note to make though is on its reproduction. Since this plant is so low to the ground and shielded for most of the day… it uses the people it captures for spreading its seeds as well!"

The vines held Rita firmly in place (though it wasn't necessary) while the petals peeled back even further. A new tendril appeared… this time it was several inches thick, and its end sported what looked like a limp black bag.

"My mother lets us use the plant as long as we deliver the seeds to her. That way she can keep the government happy and our operation stays under the radar." I couldn't take it anymore. I stopped watching the black rubber sack moving toward Rita and ran over to the viewing window. "Why would have something like this?!… and why the hell do you need us?! Just let us go and you can play with your freaky plant all you want!"

Ashley laughed for a few seconds over the mic before replying, "Very true. We didn't want to involve any outsiders. However… Rita did mention that Brenda and Alex were off in Europe. The plant only self-polinates once every three months, and it's too profitable to let these things go to waste. I knew that you and Alisa here weren't doing anything over the break."

Rita chimed in as the fourth tendril drew close, "Besides! Jason told us what a freak you were at that Phi Alpha Gamma party last spring. We all know what Alisa does in the girl’s bathroom twice a day too… " Alisa took a break from pounding on the door, suddenly looking flushed. "You two are perfect for this!" With that she tilted her head up and opened her mouth, as if expecting to catch a rain drop.

Something wiggled underneath the rubbery sack, and a slimy pink tube slid out from within the folds. The sizable vine hovered over Rita's open mouth for a moment before pushing quickly past her tongue… and down her throat. Alisa and I watched with slack jaws as more and more of it was fed into the girl. She twitched slightly and made a few gagging sounds… but was otherwise completely calm.

Ashley's voice broke the silence, "I always like watching this part… " The thick green tendril moved the bag closer to Rita's head. Slowly but surely the bag pulled itself over her face. Once it had reached her neck, the opening sealed itself with a slurp. Within a few seconds, all of the air was drawn out. Most of her features could be made out through the thin rubber covering… except for her mouth… which was where the tendril connected to the sack.

"Oh my God!", Alisa fell to her knees shaking. I turned back to the window, "You have to help her Ashley!" There was another laugh over the speaker, and it became apparent why when I turned back to the plant. Rita was giving a “thumbs up” with both hands to indicate she was okay.

"Calm yourself Terra. I said that the plant uses people to feed… I never said it ATE them." Regardless of her reassurance, the sight of the plant pulling Rita into the opening between the petals was very disturbing (the interior shared the same pink color as the tube that went down her throat).

I edged back towards the wall and dropped to the ground. Rita's feet slipped out of view before Ashley broke the silence again, "You might as well give in. The only way out is through this door and I assure you… I'm not going to open it. The more you struggle the more traumatic the process will be. Just sit back and try to enjoy it."

Chapter Two: Into the Maw of Madness

Alisa decided at that moment to snap…

She jumped up and started thrashing at the door with all her might. The plant couldn't help but be attracted to all the movement. The three tendrils reappeared at the opening and shot towards the girl. I called out to her… but it was too late. Two had caught her by the ankles and began to pull her back towards the plant.

"Ashley stop this! Look at her!… she's going to have a heart attack!", I screamed as I desperately tried to pull the vines off her legs. The voice came back, "I told her to calm down! There's nothing I can do now. The plant has a "mind of its own" after all." Indeed it did… and it knew exactly what it wanted. The third tendril snaked around her bikini top and bottom and ripped the fabric off of her. Tears filled her eyes as her breasts swung freely through the air.

I didn't know what to do. I grabbed hold of one of the hands desperately clawing at the soft earth. The terror in her eyes was unmistakable. I tried to tell her everything would be ok, but she was hysterical. For a moment I had some hope. Our combined weight seemed too much for the plant to "reel back in". Using dirty tactics, the third tendril appeared next to me and dove deftly into my pants. My natural reaction, of course, was to let go of Alisa and try to pull it out. She immediately went sliding off towards the plant again… a new vine sporting a black bag was hanging in the air above her ominously.

The tendril in my pants didn’t seem to have purpose. The soft member felt around my ass until it eventually brushed against my sex. Almost immediately it withdrew and retracted back towards the main body. Evidently, it was needed to finish prepping Alisa. The tendril wound itself through her long hair and pulled her head back sharply. The squeal that resulted was all the plant needed. The hovering black sack moved quickly in front of her face and drove the pink tube into her open mouth. I could hear her choking on it slightly as the rubbery material engulfed her head. Shortly afterward the remaining vines bound her limbs together and pulled her twisting form inside.

I got up and pressed myself flat against the wall… trying to keep as still as possible. I couldn't bear to take my eyes off the plant. For a second I thought I was seeing things, as there were now two black balloons instead of just one. Ashley's voice again broke the silence, "It really isn't that bad Terra. I promise. I've done it seven times now. Rita is in double digits!" I couldn't come up with any plan. I was positive she was right… there was no way out of this. "You won't be hurt. You might even end up enjoying it." The three familiar tendrils came out of the opening again. "I'll explain everything else when you're done. Stay calm…you’ll be FINE." The mic clicked off.

A good ten minutes past, and the plant had been unable to locate me. I let out a deep sigh… and began to undo my jeans. The tendrils caught the movement and moved in on me. I had barely stepped out of my panties when one caught me around the leg. I began walking towards the plant, and the other two seemed to sense my willingness… wrapping lightly around my shirt, lifting it over my head. After my bra dropped to the ground, the three vines assumed the same position they had on Rita. Out of the corner of my eye I saw activity in one of the remaining clear spheres… though I didn’t have time to see what was happening.

As another thick tendril sporting a black sack rose out of the opening, I took a deep breath. The shiny mass of black rubber moved closer and closer to my face. A hollow pink tube slithered out of it, dripping with a clear slime. I couldn’t help but shiver slightly at the sight of it. Tentatively, I opened my mouth… allowing it to slip inside. The clear film coating the outside of the tendril tasted sweet and allowed the fleshy tube to easily worm its way down the back of my throat. This was way more intense than any blow job I had ever done… but… I swallowed as hard as I could to ease its passage and suppress my gag reflex.

My eyes were wide open as the black bag began to stretch over my head. The inside was covered with the same slime, making it easy to slip over. The scent of latex was almost overpowering, and I was running short of breath. The tendril must have hit my stomach, because there was a queasy feeling in my gut. Moments later I felt a tightness in my stomach like I had just eaten a large meal. The bottom of the sack closed firmly around my neck with the same audible slurp. I fought against my bonds for the first time as the oxygen in my lungs began to run out. Just as the air was being drawn out of the sack, I felt what seemed like two little worms slither into my nostrils. A few seconds later, my lungs expanded.

I sagged in my bonds slightly… adjusting myself to the plant’s breathing pattern. The rubber sack had compressed around my entire head. I couldn't hear much but my heartbeat pounding inside my ears. I used my tongue's limited movement to explore around the tendril… I couldn’t help but think it felt way too much like a cock. The slime that covered the inside of my mouth and the outside of my head caused my skin to become warm and tingly. A similar warmth was also spreading rapidly from my stomach out into the rest of my body. I didn't have much time to consider the situation though, as the four tendrils began to pull me into the opening head first…

Let me tell you… it's a weird sensation being swallowed.

The soft walls felt warm and slick, and they pulled me in with smooth, undulating motions. Even through the "hood" I could again make out the sound of female moans. They were emanating from deeper inside the plant. I assumed I would be maneuvered into the last of the "balloons" that surrounded the base. It was obvious now that they were some kind of holding cells.

My arms were pinned uselessly to my sides… the walls were too tight to move them much at all. My throat contracted around the tube a few times as I tried to calm myself down and focus my thoughts. The plant surely had no concern for my mental stability, as two new sets of vines appeared. The first few had similar rubber sacks attached to them… I could feel them slide along my slime-covered chest. The other two were fitted with what felt like large suction cups as they snaked past me and stuck themselves impatiently to my ass cheeks.

After having a probe inserted down my throat, I was fairly positive that my other orifices would suffer a similar fate. That didn't mean I was prepared for what happened next…

One of the large "suction cups" used the slime to slide across my ass without breaking the seal. I felt it settle between my cheeks and let loose a scream around the tendril in my mouth…something had tickled my asshole. I struggled as best I could, but it was hopeless. The invader rubbed itself gently against my anus. I ceased my wiggling and took a few forced breaths. Rather than cause myself unneeded pain, I stopped clenching my asshole closed… allowing the soft massaging of the tendril to relax the muscles.

Whatever it was thankfully had a small tip. The first inch or so passed through without a hint of resistance. It paused briefly, and I felt several ounces of a warm fluid squirt into me. Now incredibly lubed, the tendril began to slowly push in and out. Every inch or so it became wider… rounding out around two and a half inches. The gentle ass fucking continued for a few minutes. The warm, tingling sensation had spread all the way to my toes now. The plant even began to increase the oxygen supply to accommodate my heightened state of arousal.

I was so focused on my ass that I almost didn't notice the first of the two rubber sacs slip over one of my exposed breasts. Much like my head, it sealed itself over the base and removed all the air inside. A small moan came out around the tube in my mouth as my other breast was similarly enveloped. The pace of the thrusting in my ass increased… a full eight inches of the tendril was relentlessly pumping in and out. I had done anal with a few of my boyfriends and it was nice… but nothing had ever felt this good before. In fact, my whole body seemed electrified. Despite the slimy interior of the plant, I could tell my pussy was dripping wet. "What the hell is wrong with me?" was all I could think.

Just when I was getting into a rhythm… moving as much as I could back against the tendril with each thrust… something sharp bit into my breasts. I screamed silently when what felt like a hundred tiny needles pierced my sensitive flesh. Truth be told, I'm somewhat of a masochist. I don't enjoy pain in and of itself, but I find it exciting to combine it with pleasure and find where the line blurs. That being said, this jolt was all I needed to send me over the edge. I began to buck wildly in my tight confines, my ass contracting rapidly around the tendril. The plant continued to regulate my breathing, and I was allowed to come down from my orgasm slowly (the vine in my ass now pumping at a casual pace). The pain seemed to gradually leave my breasts as the warmth returned tenfold… eventually enveloping both of them.

Just to add to the situation, the sacks around my tits began a "sucking" action. It felt like two large mouths were gently pulling at my breasts. Combined with the soft walls of the plant, the pleasant throbbing from my ass, and the unnatural warmth permeating my body… I was quickly becoming aroused again. The presence of the second suction cup had completely slipped my mind… until I felt it slip into place over my mound. To say I was horny as hell at this point would be an extreme understatement. I didn't care if I was trapped inside some kind of monster plant… I wanted something inside me NOW.

The plant seemed to have a reason behind its rather sensual assault. The tendril that butted up against my sex was easily the largest phallus I had ever come into contact with. Three and a half inches wide at the tip gradually increasing to over four… and no telling how long it could get. There was the familiar squirt of lubrication before it began to push. The plant evidently wasn't going to leave me here for this lengthy process. The walls began to undulate once more…I was on the move again.

I felt the thick tendril attached to the sack on my head pull me through an opening that acted like a valve… sealing itself closed around the five vines after I squeezed through. The one feeding the phallus into my pussy had succeeded in advancing maybe two inches. I felt stretched to the absolute limit, and there were no signs it was stopping. The plant didn't seem to care what position I was in anymore, so I crawled onto my knees in an attempt to get more comfortable. I was surprised I had so much space. The sack over my head continued to rob me of my sight, but I felt out with my hands.

I pressed up against a firm, yet flexible, rubber barrier. I had to be in the balloon now. I reached down to the suction cup and tried to yank it off. It might as well have been glued down (and could have been for all I knew). Tugs at the sacks sucking softly on my breasts resulted similarly. My breasts!… they had gone up at least a full size. I was a solid B when I woke up this morning, but they had to be well over a C cup now. A quick wiggle of my body resulted in the two orbs swinging heavily back and forth. They were full of something I could only assume was milk. The only thing I could think, “Oh my God… what am I… a damn cow?!” As if that wasn't bad enough it was still fucking my ass and forcing a fist-sized shaft into my pussy.

I figured this explained how the thing fed off of people… but why did it need to sexually assault me to do that? I gagged a little on the phallus in my throat when I remembered Ashley's words "… it uses the people it captures for spreading its seeds as well!" I knew then it must be planning to use me and my womb to transport its seeds to a new location.

Chapter 3: Bitter Punishments, Sweet Rewards

My thoughts were disrupted by a glob of thick fluid hitting my foot…

Although I couldn't see it, it had to be what had filled the three other spheres at the base of the plant. Within a few seconds, the entire bubble was full of the warm latex substance. It seemed much denser than water… so I could somewhat float around inside. My ass had become accustomed to the light piston action of the tendril, but it became much more noticeable when the pace increased once again. I shifted so I was floating on my back… my hand idly rubbing over the top of my abdomen. I could feel the impression of the massive shaft inching its way to my womb. My eyes closed behind the hood and I let the multitude of stimuli wash over my body.

I might have been stuck in this state of endless torment, if it hadn't been for one last surprise. Once the shaft in my pussy had reached about the half way point, the entire length shook with a brief, yet violent, vibration. This "thrumming" continued every few seconds. I moaned deeply around the tube in my mouth. These vibrations were much stronger than anything caused by my toys at home. My hands pushed and pulled on the large cup shielding my sex… I desperately wanted access to my engorged clit. As if reading my mind, a thousand tiny "feelers" inside the cup began to caress and tease. After several minutes, I could barely stand the combined attentions of all the plant's appendages. I was so close to climax it was painful. Without warning a similar vibration was sent down the tendril in my ass.

My body contorted almost unnaturally as waves and waves of pleasure washed over me.

I don't think I stopped writhing for a full minute. Every vibration kept pushing me back over the edge. My hands clawed uselessly at the rubber walls, and my teeth bit sharply into the pink tube. By the time I got a hold of myself, the shaft in my pussy had pushed forward another 2 inches. “How long did she say this took?” was one of the last lucid thoughts I had for some time.

I figure it was around my tenth orgasm I had passed out. I was awoken suddenly as my whole body bent forward with a jolt of pain. The stabbing sensation had emanated from my tummy and I could only assume it had forced open my womb. The thrumming had ceased… the tendril in my ass was still. I took a moment to examine my condition.

I moved a hand to my breasts with some difficulty. It wasn't that I had been restrained, my whole body just felt completely exhausted. Again I almost choked as I felt around what now had to be DD sized tits. My fingers moved over the pulsing vines attached to the sacs… the sucking motion had been drawing milk steadily out for some time now. I tried to heave a sigh… but the plant was still controlling my breathing. My pussy contracted around the massive shaft several times. There wasn't any pain…surprisingly. Although, the vine had to resemble a tube of tennis balls, and without the stimuli, was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I briefly wondered if it was finished with me, "Maybe the seeds had already been deposited?" Like I was that lucky…

The plant was indeed done with something, pleasuring me. It had kept me in a state of heightened arousal to ease the passage of the depositor. Now that it had penetrated my womb… it was down to business. The tube began to undulate slightly as the seeds were drawn along its length. I felt the first one bump against the entrance to my pussy and bit down on the tendril in my mouth. Each one pushed my stretched passage open even further. It had to be one of the strangest sensations of the entire experience (especially when they "plopped" into my womb).

About halfway into the process I felt a thick substance being pumped into my colon. I had only received an enema once in my life, but this was a step beyond that. Something was being slowly packed into my intestines… I rubbed my stomach as the pressure in my gut and womb combined to leave me feeling unbelievably full. The urge to release all of it was overwhelming, but the massive vines kept me securely plugged. I had been holding my bladder in for some time, but I couldn't take it anymore. Blushing beneath the hood, I released a steady stream into the large suction cup over my mound… but it disappeared somewhere into the plant. I felt silly afterward for thinking anything else would have happened.

When all was said and done, I counted twelve seeds that past into my womb. I rubbed my distended tummy… it was bulging out quite a bit. In a half-daze, I felt the rubber sacs around my breasts release and slither back into the plant. I assumed I would soon be freed from my prison. After several minutes of floating around in the fetal position, I started to sink to the floor… the fluid was being drained! I felt the mask around my head pull forward and jump off my face with a pop. The pink tube slid free moments later ushering forth a fit of slime-filled coughs from my chest. My eyes were unaccustomed to the light… my jaw ached. I pushed the slick hair from my eyes and blinked… a blurry form ran up to the deflating balloon sac. There was ripping sound, and fresh air poured across my face. It was Rita brandishing a knife and a smile. “How do you feel girl? Here..” she said offering a hand.

I was reluctant to take it, but I didn’t think I could have stood up under my own power. As I rose to my feet, my body jerked to a halt. I let out a pitiful moan as everything trapped inside me shifted, and my openings contracted around the shafts. The massive tendrils connected to the suction cups were still firmly attached.

Rita stopped trying to pull me up and said, "Oh! Sorry… I almost forgot about that! Just give it another second… "

Instead of sliding back out… the vines each gave a violent twist and broke off inside me. The suction cups released themselves before retracting back inside the valve opening. Immediately after, the urge to expel the seeds and the strange substance hit me. Regardless how much I pushed though, the vines plugging me wouldn't budge. I reached down to touch my pussy. I could feel my lips stretched around the shaft… but there was no separation between them. There was simply a smooth overlap that prevented me from expelling the invader. A quick check confirmed the same for my ass. It was like a barrier had formed over my openings to seal the intruders inside me.

Figuring I would worry about that in a minute, I let the small girl pull me to my feet. My entire body (despite my head) felt very strange… as if the constant pressure from the fluid in the balloon was still there. My skin felt very tight. I looked down at my massive tits and uttered an unintelligible sound. From the neck down my entire body was covered in a smooth, shiny coat of black latex. My voice was slightly hoarse as I said, “What?… What is this?”

“I can answer that!” boomed the overly-cheerful voice of Ashley. She came walking through the open door with a smirk on her face. “When the fluid was drained from the seeding sac… some of it remained on your skin. The substance dries into a rubbery film when exposed to the open air. The Amazon is a dangerous place for people. That coating will keep you… and therefore the seeds… safe while you transport them elsewhere.” As if to illustrate the point, Rita jabbed at my distended stomach with the blade…I simply felt a pressure as it slid harmlessly off. “It REALLY does wonders for your figure Terra… and adds so much support!” Ashley hefted my sensitive breasts up, and I batted her away weakly. “Very funny” I said. “I feel like a bloated toad. How do I get it off?”

“Well you’re no fun”, Ashley frowned and put her hands on her hips. “Much like regular latex it will degrade with extended exposure to light. The plant remains under a dense canopy and only has to grow a new “skin” every month or so. If you stay out in the sun for a few days it should start to peel off. You feeling up to some “nude” sunbathing?” She started to laugh as the two of them helped me out of the room. The pace was slow as I found it hard to walk bowlegged.

I crawled into Ashley’s SUV to find a passed out Alisa and a tall girl with shoulder length red hair… I could only assume it was Karin.  She looked just as tired as I felt and sported a similar black covering. Alisa was asleep on her back behind us. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the basketball-sized orbs bobbing around on her chest. As I settled back into my seat, a grimace spread across my face. Putting pressure on the plugs made my stomach feel like it was going to burst. I slid forward on the seat so that I was almost falling off. My position must have looked funny because Ashley and Rita started laughing when they climbed into the front seats.

“Before you say anything else Terra… I want to apologize. I’m really sorry we kidnapped you and locked you in there… ” I knew she wasn’t truly sorry. I really wanted to jump up there and choke her, but I figured that would be a bad idea while she was driving. “I know you’re probably wondering about a lot of stuff. Let me try and cover the more urgent things first. Yes… the vines are stuck. The plant breaks them off on purpose to keep you from expelling the seeds right away. When they break open… a similar form of that latex substance leaks out. It’s a little different though! The seals on those should disintegrate before tomorrow morning.” That was a spot of good news.

I tried to concentrate on Ashley’s explanation, but I found myself becoming rather warm again. The latex covering me made everything the touched me feel more sensual. Each time there was a bump in the road, flashbacks of the “thrumming” assaulted my mind. My openings were sore but very sensitive… the shaking car added unnecessary stimulation. I wasn’t the only one being affected. Rita was leaning back in the passenger seat, massaging her left breast with her eyes closed (I couldn’t see where her other hand was). Karin was breathing heavy as her hands ran idly along the impression in her abdomen made by the massive vine. Personally, I was fighting desperately not to mash my palm into the latex barrier over my clit and attempt to reach a much needed orgasm.

Ashley must have picked up on my crimson hue when she glanced in the rear view. “Don’t be embarrassed Terra. You have a ridiculously powerful sexual stimulant coursing through your veins. The “nectar” that the plant fed into your stomach and injected into your breasts… is heavily laced with it. In fact your breasts weren’t lactating milk, but rather large amounts of that same nectar. Sure it has traces of breast milk in it… but the chemicals actually modify what your glands produce. As well as uh… dramatically increasing the rate of production.” I jiggled one of my massive mammary glands around and sighed.

Tina came out of her lust-filled haze to comment, “Don’t worry… you should have already stopped making it. When we get to Ashley’s house we’ll pump what’s left out and you’ll go back to normal. There was no way I’d do this if I had to keep these things.” She motioned to her breasts that had easily gone from an A to a C.

“The nectar is half the reason this is so profitable. We bottle it up and sell it to… certain individuals… located at colleges around the country. You wouldn’t believe what people will pay for something that basically puts a girl in heat. I hear it works pretty well on guys too. Not that they need any help getting horny.” The four of them had to laugh at that. Though afterward, everyone but Ashley groaned. “Yea… I know you feel like you’re going to pop. That stuff in your ass is actually a nutrient paste pumped up from the roots of the plant. Even after you expel it… you probably won’t need to eat for about a week. Once again… a protective measure.”

She paused in her explanation as she turned the car into her driveway. “Once the vines come out…” Karin interrupted, speaking for the first time, “Which is about as fun as you think it will be.” Rita added, “I suggest masturbating… it’ll ease the discomfort.” Ashley cleared her throat. “Once the vines come out… get to the bathroom because the paste will be the first to go. The seeds will pass periodically over the course of 3-4 days. All you have to do is collect them. Don’t worry about any taking root… they can’t live in this climate.”

That was actually the least of my worries, but I nodded to them. Ashley suggested I wake Alisa up before we went inside to be “milked”. Getting the syrup pumped out of my tortured tits sounded heavenly right now. I couldn’t help but crack a few “volleyball” jokes as I helped her into the house though…



I put my arms up on the side of the pool… kicking my feet lazily in the warm water. It had been three days since our run-in with the Amazonian plant. Alisa had been letting me crash at her place. Her parents were out of town, and her back yard had a high fence. We didn’t have to worry about anyone catching us walking around in our “suits”. They didn’t leave much to the imagination after all.

I glanced over to a nearby table. The fat envelopes resting on it held $5000 in cash each, our cut from the nectar profits. I felt kind of weird knowing people would be ingesting something that came from my breasts, but I couldn’t argue with the money. No more lousy summer job for me.

At the moment, Alisa was having fun on her lawn chair… pulling up a section of the rubber on her skin. The action was soon followed by a satisfying tearing sound. I had grown rather attached to mine. Although it created a barrier around my body, it seemed to amplify my sense of touch. I can’t really explain it… but simply having it on me was a sexual experience. Still, a few days in the sun had created large spots of discoloration. The suit wouldn’t last much longer anyway.

Just then my stomach tensed up. I closed my eyes and “pushed”. A few moments later, the last of my twelve seeds shot out into the water… slowly sinking to the bottom. I took a second to recover before retrieving it. Alisa was waiting for me with the container when I resurfaced.

“Last one right?” she said with a smile. I nodded and dropped the slippery black pod into the plastic jar. It turns out these plants are so rare because the jungle tribes try to keep them hidden. The seeds (when mashed into a paste) have incredible healing properties. In fact being covered in that black liquid had left my entire body feeling wonderful. My skin was healthy, I didn’t have any stretch marks on my tits, and you would have never known massive vines had stretched me to the limit. It was no wonder the government was running so many tests on the stuff.

I was about to kick off the wall when my cell phone started vibrating. It was Ashley on the other end (I put it on speaker), “You two HAVE to come to come over to see what my mom just dropped off!” The connection was cut before we could respond. Alisa and I looked at each other for a moment before we shrugged and started laughing.


To be continued?…



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