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The Pill

by Latexx

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© Copyright 2007 - Latexx - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+; MF; latex; bagged; experiment; pills; cons; X

Rubber Fantasies 8: The Pill

The woman at the door wore horn-rimmed glasses and carried a note-pad in one hand.  "We would like to conduct a study with your organization," she said. 

"What organization?" I asked.

"Why, your rubber club of course," she replied.

I asked her in and closed the door behind her.  "What is this all about," I asked

"Can we sit down somewhere, I have quite a bit to tell you."  I led her into the reception room and pointed out a chair.  "I am a researcher in pharmacology and I developed a new pill which increases the desire and frequency of orgasm in men.  We are in the clinical trial stage and need test subjects.  So far it looks like the pill will allow orgasms to occur every 15 minutes, rather than once an hour or so.  And you are ready to proceed to the next orgasm immediately after the last one.  The penis stays erect from orgasm and the subject has an irresistible need for an orgasm"

"Why come to us?" I asked.

"Rubber men masturbate a lot.  An ideal testing ground for us."

"How long does the pill last?"

"Two hours, four hours, eight hours and longer, depending on the pill."

"How many men would you need?"

"At least 20.  30 would be better."

"Are there any side effects?"

"Well, that's what a clinical trial will tell.  But so far we have not seen any."

I told her I would sound out the members.  She gave me her card and I promised to get back to her within a few days.

The members were enthusiastic.  In the first two days 27 signed up.  So I called the doctor back and we set the start of the trial for the following week.  The first group would consist of three men; in the second group there would be more.

The doctor showed up with two female assistants in white lab-coats, carrying clip-boards.  I introduced them to the first three volunteers.  We have a large, well-equipped dungeon in the basement and we gave them a tour.

"OK," the doctor said after the tour, "here is what I would like to do.  One is locked up in the cage wearing a rubber suit, the second is tied up in a rubber bag and the third wears a rubber masturbation suit. All three of you are blindfolded."

The masturbation suit is made from heavy rubber with attached rubber boots.  It has no sleeves, the arms are held inside the suit and all the victim can do is walk around and masturbate.

"Today we are going to take base readings without the pill," the doctor continued, turning to the volunteers.  "You are going to be locked in rubber until you have had three orgasms.  We will measure the time it takes from the first to the second orgasm, and then from the second to the third.  Tomorrow we will repeat the test with the pill."

The three volunteers nodded and got dressed.  The one destined for the cage put on a tight red rubber suit with his penis and balls exposed but sheathed in rubber.  He stepped into a pair of red rubber boots, pulled on long red latex gloves and covered his head with a tight-fitting latex mask which had only nose openings.  After his hands were cuffed in front he was led to the cage and locked in.

The other two were helped into latex suits which tightly covered their bodies, including feet, hands and head; their only access to the outside world were the nose openings.  Like the first one, their private parts were exposed but covered in latex and their wrists were cuffed in front. Then one was strapped into a heavy rubber bag and placed on an air-mattress, while the third one was helped into a masturbation suit.

"OK," the doctor announced, "the trial starts now."

The three of them started to masturbate and had an orgasm a few minutes later.  The assistants noted the time.  The they relaxed and began again about half an hour later.  Their second orgasm came between 54 and 68 minutes after the first one.  The third orgasm took longer: 61 to 81 minutes.

Then the three white-coated women departed and the three volunteers were released and took a shower.

The following day the three subjects were already dressed in their rubber suits when the medical team arrived.  They got their pills, the latex blindfold hood were pulled over their heads and then they were put into position identical to the day before.  On the doctor's signal they started to masturbate and again had an orgasm a few minutes later.  But all three of them continued to masturbate without a break and had an another orgasm between 12 and 16 minutes later.  The assistants furiously took notes and looked at their stop-watches.  A wave of third orgasms followed and then the three writhing rubber-clad bodies became de-synchronized.  There was now an orgasm every 4 to 6 minutes.

"How long are you going to keep them in there?" I asked the doctor.

"Until the pills wear out."

After 7 hours and 30 minutes and 30 orgasms the first one stopped and we let him out.  He could hardly walk and we had to help him to the showers.  The second one gave up after 8 hours and 12 minutes and the last one, the one in the rubber bag, after almost 9 hours.  We removed his hood and he said he just wanted to sleep right there in the rubber bag.

Two days later the second trial started.  Word had gotten around and there were now 36 volunteers, and six women out of curiosity.  The medical team huddled and decided that they could handle 24 of them if the rest would agree to act as time keepers.  So 24 got into their rubber suits and the women and the remaining men, including myself, got clip-boards and stop watches.

Also, the doctor gave the 24 chosen different pills, six which lasted 2 hours, six for 4 hours, six for 8 hours and six which lasted and incredible 20 hours.

It was a sight to behold.  Within minutes the entire dungeon was filled with writhing, moaning rubber-clad bodies.  I had a hard time keeping score.  After two hours my victim and five others mercifully stopped and we removed them.  After four hours the scene quieted down considerably when only twelve victims remained.  After eight hours we all watched the remaining six, but they didn't last the full 20 hours; they all passed out after about 10 hours.

As the medical team was packing up I approached the doctor and asked her, "Did you get all the data you needed?" 

She nodded and said, "Yes, it was a perfect trial, thanks for your help."

I replied, "I think the pleasure was all ours.  When will the pills be on the market?"

"It will take several years."

"Could we buy a few bottles from you?"

"You can't buy them yet.  But since you were so cooperative, I will send you some in the morning."

The next day a package arrived with three large bottles of pills.  We decided to expand the clinical trials on our own. Several women wanted to experience a man who had taken the pill.  So we selected three couples and put them each in a rubber bag.  Inside they were wearing rubber suits with hoods which had only nose openings and built-in inflatable gags.  The bags were made of heavy material and locked from the outside.  Each of the men had swallowed a 4-hour pill.

At first it was the women who dominated inside the rubber bags, moving on top and pumping the rubbered penises hard.  They had an orgasm every few minutes, while the men came like clockwork every 15 minutes.  After an hour or so the men moved on top and both had orgasms together.  After three hours the women were exhausted but the men kept on pumping.  When the pills stopped working we left them on their rubber beds, covered them with heavy rubber comforters and let them sleep.

The next three experiment were to be blind ones, the subject wouldn't be told they had swallowed a pill.  We started with a novice, a young man who had joined us just two weeks ago.  Every Thursday evening we went for a walk, fully dressed in rubber.  Every participant wore two tight-fitting rubber suits, rubber boots, two pairs of rubber gloves, a latex hood with an inflatable gag, a motorcycle helmet with an inflatable lining and a heavy rubber trench coat with the rough side out so that it looked more like leather.  We stuck our hands through the pocket slits and cuffed them underneath the coat.  Just before putting on the gags and inflating them everybody had a drink; our novice swallowed a drink with a 4-hour pill dissolved in it.

His reaction started as soon as we left the club.  He began to bend over and masturbate furiously.  By the time we got to the forest he had a massive orgasm and sat down.  The other nine of us stood around him and watched him masturbate.  Then we left him there and continued our walk.  When we returned two hours later he was still sitting in the same spot, still masturbating hard.  We left a man and a woman with him, walked back to the club, stripped and took showers.

They brought him back around midnight, totally exhausted.  After his gag was removed he stuttered, "My apologies.  I don't know what happened; I just couldn't stop."

For the second experiment in this series we selected a man who came in every morning and masturbated for 1½ hours in one of the small bedrooms.  He always wore thin rubber garments, lots of them, such as briefs, skirts, dresses, negligees, aprons, coats and capes.  It didn't matter to him whether the garments was male or female, he just wanted to feel encased in fine rubber.  He was married and his wife was fully aware of what he was doing; she had been at the club many times, often dressed in rubber.

I called up his wife and told her what we had in mind: give him an 8-hour pill so that he would have to stay all day and miss work.  She thought that was a great idea and said she would call his firm and tell them he had the flu.

The next morning the maid who usually helped him dress put a gag in his mouth which had the pill glued to it; it would slowly dissolve in his mouth.  When she put him onto the bed he was wearing 42 garments inside a heavy rubber bag, totally blindfolded.

At first there was nothing unusual.  He masturbated slowly, as he always did.  But, after about 45 minutes the pace accelerated and soon it became frantic.  He had his first orgasm and kept right on going.  At noon his wife came to visit wearing a rubber suit, rubber boots and gloves, a rubber dress and a rubber coat.  She lay down next to him on the large bed, put on a latex hood and began to masturbate herself.

At 4:30 pm the pill stopped working.  The wife put and arm and a leg around the rubber bag and both of them fell asleep.  They stayed in the bedroom until morning.

The third unsuspecting victim was me.  Three of my friends decided that I should have some fun for a change.  They ground up a pill and put it in my drink as we were standing around one Friday evening.  I knew almost immediately what they had done and tried to leave as soon as the urge to masturbate came on.  The grabbed me, stripped me and put me in two rubber suits, with my penis and balls rubbered and exposed.  My arms were clad in latex gloves, my head covered with a latex hood with a soft gag and nose openings only and long rubber boots were put on my feet.  Next came two rubber trench coats; my arms were put through the pocket slits and handcuffed underneath.  Then I was put onto a bed and into a heavy rubber bag.

I was totally blind and couldn't talk.  I masturbated, had an intense orgasm and continued masturbating.  Briefly I wondered if they had given me a 2, 4 or 8-hour pill, but after about the third orgasm I no longer cared.  I continued masturbating and, if anything, my orgasms were getting stronger.  I was getting hotter and hotter and soon I was swimming in sweat.  I pictured them watching me and then I wondered if my wife had been in on this.  The image of my wife standing next to the bed, wearing a rubber suit and coat spurned me on even more.  I counted the orgasms and after 20 I knew it was an 8-hour pill.  After 43 orgasms the pill suddenly gave up.  Hot as I was, they covered me with a heavy rubber comforter and I fell asleep.



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