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The Mold

by Darqside

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© Copyright 2007 - Darqside - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f; latex; bond; mc; bodymod; toys; reluct; X

Sara awoke out of her stupor with a jolt.  A strange sensation of pressure on her body, it was the first time she’d realized something had happened to her.

The first thing she noticed was that the room she was in was pitch black all around save for a series of strange sets of rib-like bars that circled around her at varying levels above and below her line of sight.  She wasn’t quite sure what these were for, but the design was all-encasing.  Any source of light that could be seen could only be reflected on the silvery metal of the bars, making everything obscure to her sense of sight.

The bars themselves circled around her and domed above her head like some kind of strange metallic body shaped igloo or non-piercing iron-maiden.  The mesh of metal surrounded her and seemed to be attached somehow to whatever the apparatus was that she was wearing.

It was then she noticed her body was encased in what appeared to be thick black rubber, and not just any rubber, particularly this stuff prevented movement of any kind, keeping all joints stiff and outward.

She tried to relax her body against the restraining material, simply by relaxing her legs, she felt like leaning up against a wall.  The joints in the suit she was wearing were so solid she might as well be sleeping while standing up, as no amount of tottering would cause her to lose her balance.

Additionally she seemed to be balanced neatly on her toes in encased pirouette.  Her feet were pointed, yet the very bottoms (which of course she could only just barely see with her unmoving neck) were apparently fused to the floor.  Meaning she couldn’t so much as pick up her feet or adjust their position even if she wanted to.  Her arms were fixed outward like branches of a tree, strange couplings appeared to be fused to her wrists as part of the suit which in turn were fused with the strange hive-shaped rib cage that surrounded her.  The rubber in her fingers was thick enough to prevent even her idle hands from doing much except pointing outwards.  The only aspect of her that could move apparently was her mouth and eyes, the rest felt like molded cement or bronze, but with rubber as the material.

She looked at the suit as much as she could manage from her limited unmoving perspective, lots of tubes, clamps, seemingly metallic devices that behaved like a skeletal structure around the rubber that encased her.  There was no sign of entry for the suit, or exit for that matter.

Her mind started to panic and she began to pant heavily inside the claustrophobia-inducing material.  The sound of her breath pumping itself through a strange rubber tube affixed to her face.  As she continued to take in gasps of panicked air, she began to smell a faint odor in the controlled environment she was in.

It smelled pungent and almost sweet, like a piece of fruit but mixed with rubber, but something in her gut instinct told her that she shouldn’t let her body inhale it to take it in.  It was strange, but the very idea of breathing this stuff felt like it was breaking down her defenses, leaving her weak.

But seeing as there was no means of breathing otherwise, and her panic caused her to breathe it in anyway, there was no means of doing otherwise, short of trying to asphyxiate herself.

The best means of describing the situation was that she was trapped in a prison within a prison.  With consideration to how she got into that predicament, well, she couldn’t even remember.

In fact, there was very little she could do in that blank place, even her under-stimulated mind felt restricted somehow.  It felt exhausting for her brain to process anything in the state she was in.  Every time she tried to recall back to a time when she wasn’t in this situation, her mind would get bombarded with random flashes of strange images.  She was beginning to wonder why it was she thought her name was Sara in the first place.  Every time she closed her eyes she was bombarded with images, these images did not make sense to her in the slightest, nor did they hint at the reason behind her predicament.

Seeing as she was so idle in mind and body, taking her focus off these things was difficult.  Her mind couldn’t seem to focus even on a daydream or her own personal thoughts.  Observation and viewing of her current self within the suit, along with determining any sort of physical sensations, seemed to be the only things she was cognitive and capable of doing without much mental strain.

Her suit had several tubes on it, some of which delved deep into the recesses of the suit itself, others appeared to merely circulate around it like black snakes.

Her eyes drifted downward almost reflexively towards her breasts for some undetermined amount of time, her mind seemed compelled to do this.  A pair of long black tubes that snaked out of the metal mesh appeared to be attached to each breast.  Ever so slightly she tried to shift her chest weight within the tight confines of the bizarre suit she was in.

Just as she had thought’the tubes were attached directly to her nipples and areolas.  The sensation felt somewhat penetrative, as though the tubes themselves were driven deep inside her chest.  There was no pain’simply the sensation of being ‘attached’ to something else.  Seeing as she wasn’t able to move in the first place, all she could manage to do was acknowledge the strange tubes’ presence inside of her.

After a time she felt compelled to look further down past her breasts towards the rest of her body, this being a hard feat, she closed her eyes and began to sense things about her body via her sense of touch.  It was strange, but due to the sensory deprivation she now appeared to be able to acknowledge her sense of touch in more detail, somewhat like how blind people are able to get their bearings through sound and touch.

She could sense that a strange long set of tubes were apparently plunging deep into the recesses of her uterus and anus.  This generated no pain or pleasure on her part, almost like a catheter or some kind of surgical device. The tubes felt warm yet rigid like the rubber the rest of her body was encased in.  On instinct she made her vagina and anus clinch around the two intruding tubes, in an attempt to expel them or at least jar them.  The clamping reflex of her muscles made a slight tug on the tubes, which she discovered to be attached even further in her body than she was capable of sensing, as she felt slight tugging in her solar plexus from doing so.  The tubes were so far inside of her they might as well have ruptured her insides, yet she felt no pain.  The idea boggled her already limited mind.  Still trying to resist she tried jerking her buttocks backwards only to ultimately hit the wall that was the suit that kept her stiff and erect.

Sara (was that really her name?) was starting to have thoughts that this suit might be designed to simply keep her in stasis than for other purposes.  She noted the total lack of stimulation on her body, just the feeling of being ‘stuck’ to things or ‘hooked up’.  The smell of the strange gas came to her nostrils again, but the smell itself was unrelenting.  It was then she discovered the reason for this was because a pair of tubes were invading the recesses of her nostrils up through her nasal cavity, she had no idea how far they went.

A pair of tubes also appeared to have invaded her ears, yet there was no sensation of them piercing her ear drum.

Considering the only orifice left to her was her mouth, she tried to open it.

No sound?  Of course she was aware of the fact her ears were blocked by the tubes, but she couldn’t even feel the usual tremor of her voice, nothing but silence.

That’s when she discovered a strange cylindrical device appeared to be lodged in the back of her throat, a long tab of it extending upwards over the top and around her tongue.  It felt as though a single tiny hand had a tight grip on her tongue and the inside of her throat.  She could move her tongue without effort, and the very tip of her tongue was most definitely free, but her throat seemed to be under an immense amount of pressure.  Why she hadn’t noticed before, she was unable to tell but, the feeling was as though the cylinder was gradually stretching the width of her throat.  It didn’t feel painful per se, but the sensation of her throat widening, not to mention a total lack of gag reflex, was there.  She tried swallowing, only to find small strange metal prongs attached to the cylinder in her throat responded to the reflex and were forcing the muscles to be misdirected from the downward motion.

She swallowed again, testing the device, again her throat muscles were being forced to close around cylinder and not in a downward motion to expel it.  Furthermore, as she opened her mouth, she found her tongue to forcibly be ejected from her mouth by the strange hand attached to it.  Every time she opened up her mouth, her tongue was sticking outwards, being stretched.  Testing her limits, she opened her mouth as wide as she could, after a space of about an inch, her jaw line touched the rubber encasement molded to her jaw.  Her tongue was stretched to an almost painful limit, yet there seemed to be no pain in doing this.  She discovered something while stretching her tongue out.

In the very front of the mask she felt a strange structure.  It was rubbery in texture, yet very conical in shape.  Just touching it with her tongue felt strange and familiar for some reason, almost inviting.  It was then she discovered her head could lean forward ever so slightly to accommodate the reach made towards this strange object.

Her tongue was able to not only touch this thing, but she could seize it in her teeth, wrap her tongue around it, or pull her lips onto it tightly.  It felt like she was eating a large cucumber or pickle, but the sensation was that of the rubber, and the more she tasted of it, the more engaged she became.

It wasn’t so much that it stimulated her, but that it gave her something to do, it felt like a large pacifier, only more cylindrical in shape.  She discovered that she could draw this strange object into her mouth for long periods of time, deep in the recesses of her throat.  The object appeared to be not only attached to the front of the mask, but also had some kind of clicking mechanism behind it. 

The mechanism worked like this, she could bend her head forward, clamp down on the object and draw it towards her face, and the object would stay deep inside her mouth for long periods of time, only after a time-release click would it retreat back to the front of the mask.  It wasn’t so much that she could forcibly expel it with her mouth once it was lodged there, as all she could do was wait with it in her mouth until the release broke away, but the simple act of drawing it towards her engaged her faculties.

Each time she drew the object into her mouth, the strange object would remain there for longer and longer periods of time, continuing to make her senses curious about its nature.  The release time was nearly impossible to predict, but she always felt eager to draw the object in again.  At least it was something to do in this black hell.

Time passed, although by how much she was uncertain.  The images that flashed whenever she closed her eyes were more random and intense than ever.  It didn’t even feel like watching TV.  Nothing in the images that randomly appeared for lightning quick intervals in her mind seemed to grab her attention, let alone her memory, they simply felt like an annoying distraction, that is, until she realized the images were associated with the suit.

The images began to make sense to her, if only in snatches:  large crowds of people holding cocktail glasses, women in bunny suits, young men half-naked kneeling facing her line of vision, a whip, rope, a naked man on top of her, a large penis penetrating her mouth.  All of these images appeared to show up in patterns among other images, simply things she recognized, or acknowledged to be there.

In an act of defiance she tried to keep her eyes open for long intervals, to keep the images away, but the more she did this the more tired her eyes became.  At once point she felt so exhausted by her ordeal she fell asleep, only to wake up with memories of a dream-like sexual fetish experience.

Fear crept once again in her mind, things inside her head were telling her ‘this is right’ or ‘this is good for you’ and ‘you’re better off this way’.  Trying to convince her that they were an extension of her psyche.  By resisting she began to expend her energy which in turn caused her eyes to close in rest, only to wake up with more unwanted dreams.

Her arms and legs unmoving during this ordeal, felt the strain and stress she wanted to exhibit, but they could not move in the slightest, forced in a strange fetish crucifix, sans nails and cross.

The images, the tubes, the encased rubber, the cage around her, the fact she was standing up on tip-toe, the rubbery fruit gas, all these things culminated and began to wear down her mind.  She couldn’t think, she couldn’t process anything in any organized fashion, all she could do was react to any and all stimulus imposed upon her.

More time passed, and during this time she discovered the strange phallic object was indeed a penis, or rather a simulated one and she was learning the physical motions of taking it into herself.  Even if her mind resisted, it was too exhausted to control anything and so she gave into the physical reflex of taking it into her mouth for longer and longer intervals, until in one final moment a loud click sounded.

It took a few seconds for her to realize what had happened.  The front of the mask overall appeared to be tighter, and the strange phallic rubber object had driven itself even deeper than usual into the recesses of her throat.  She waited, the time seemed to drag on forever but she’d learned to predict when the object would retreat but, this time, the object didn’t return to its original state.  It was now locked to the hilt of her face.  Additionally, it appeared to be much wider in volume than before, causing her to press her tongue upon the bottom of her mouth, and her lips appeared to be on the verge of closing around the object to the point of swallowing it entirely, the cylinder in the back of her throat locking onto it.  Yet it remained, not only as a gag in her mouth, but also she noted the tightness around her chin that had been created, forcing her mouth to be permanently shut and locked in place.

If her mind was stable, it would’ve laughed at her foolishness, teased her for doing such a stupid thing, now restricted in the only freedom she had originally been given, she was now more a statue than ever.  Her jaw, tongue, even throat, could not move at all.  Her neck, which had been accommodated for drawing the object into her mouth, now drew back and locked into stiff position for the last time.  Her last remaining freedom being her own panicked eyes that observed the motionless black spectacle before her.

Because of her motionless state, it felt as though time stood still, no change could be registered, and certainly no sense of time could be made.  Closing her eyes and waiting seemed like the only thing left to her, but she knew what would happen should she close them.

She was beginning to lose her sanity, or perhaps it was merely her sense of self, no longer did she feel like a person, but merely a set of eyes attached to a motionless statue.  She could smell things, but her body did not react to them, and things continued to be this way for an eternity.

Motionless, still, and ever-quiet, her body continued to remain.  Her mind taxing itself heavily to renounce the images bearing down on the inside of her closed eyes every time she would blink.  It would’ve felt like pain in her joints for being stiff for so long, but instead she felt nothing.  Everything felt dull and numb.

After a time, the silence was broken by a loud swishing noise that frightened and shocked her senses.  The swishing was coming from the tubes, not just one or two, but all of them.   The tubes trembled and shook like an earthquake as liquid material rushed into them.

It came as a jolt to her senses when she realized the first tubes to experience the fluid were her in her nose.  Considering that she had been breathing in the gas-like material from this tube, it was mortifying to think of the possibility of drowning in the fluid that rushed up her nose and back through her nasal cavity, yet that didn’t seem to be the case.

The fluid seemed to take in oxygen along with it, making the material breathable, yet very sticky in essence.  It began to coat its way down the length of her throat and for a time, flooded her mouth completely.

It had no taste to speak of, but the sensation was that of liquid rubber.  This material coated her teeth, every aspect of her gums, and even her pressured tongue.  Much to her surprise however, the fluid didn’t spill out of her mouth as the strange gag held the fluid in place.

She was then forced to swallow what felt like gallons of the stuff, taking it down her throat as fast as the cylinder would let it.  It seemed to double as a filter, bisecting her esophagus and lungs, keeping the fluid out of vital areas.

As the fluid tortured her mouth and nasal passage, it began to invade other areas as well, the tubes began to flood, or rather, inflate her breasts’she could feel the weight as the material injected itself deep into them.

There was no pain to speak of, but the fluid was definitely going directly into her.  She could feel her breasts stretch to accommodate the volume of the fluid.  It was amazing but, her breasts appeared to be more supple than she’d last thought, more flexible than she imagined.  It was then she realized the rubber fluid smelled the same as the gas she’d originally inhaled, which would explain her sudden internal flexibility.

Her breasts went from, according to her knowledge, a size C cup, to on the verge of becoming E Cup.

The fluid continued to flood her body, even up through her anus and vagina, which felt in essence like becoming pregnant, she could feel the pressure on her abdomen, but this soon subsided as the sensation left from that point and began filling into the sides of her hips and butt for some reason.

She began to feel tighter in the suit than ever before, as the material was now more restrictive on her body due to the changes in size, yet somehow the suit managed to keep the tightness from being unbearable, despite the fact she was unmovable.

After a time the fluid rushed to the top of her head, and she felt slightly dizzy from the ordeal.  Pressure began to build in her eyes to the point of migraine, until the sensation that tears were flowing out her eyes relieved that pressure.  But she could tell immediately that these were no normal tears, the tears came in large waves, sticking to the sides of her face and flooding the mask.  Eventually, through slow process, the mask had been filled with the fluid via her eyes, not to mention that the rest of the suit had been flooded as far down as her feet or more with the stuff.

It was a strange sensation, breathing in fluids and feeling the sloshing taking place inside and outside her body.  The fluid had stopped flowing from the tubes for a good while by then, basically forcing her to baste in the liquid.

After a time something clicked at the bottom of her heels and the remaining fluid began to drain away, leaving a strange dark coating on every surface of her body, both inside and out.  One by one, the tubes began to detach themselves from the epidermis of the solid suit, the holes remaining closing automatically, this including the tubes that had plunged deep inside her nostrils and vagina, not to mention every other orifice.

Once everything fell away, she realized she was now breathing normally again, yet the suit continued to be statuesque.  The tubes that had run into her nostrils had all but left, yet somehow she was able to breathe in the encased rubber with little difficulty.

The only thing that hadn’t left her was the strange dildo that had locked itself onto her face and apparently, due to the coating of the fluid, was now more a part of her face than ever, both inside and out.

The sensation of being ’coated’ with rubbery material was strange enough, but when she realized she’d been flooded with the stuff, her breasts and ass full and sloshing, she began to realize the nature of her predicament, that of becoming a fetish doll of some sort.

Things continued to be motionless, save for the gentle swaying of the now fallen away tubes, which at least gave her something to look at.  But she was still inside the suit, which in turn was inside the conical bars, which in turn was solid black everywhere she looked.  The coating began to harden itself on her skin, not so much a painful process, but a rather stiffening one.  Parts of her face and body began to stretch and tighten as the material dried, even wrinkles on her fingers felt like they were disappearing.  Her eyes now had a strange black gloss to them that she’d never noticed up until now.  It felt as though she were wearing tinted contact lenses, but the sensation was all the way around her eyes.

She wasn’t sure how, but the rubber was allowing oxygen to enter in her lungs, despite her closed mouth and encased face.  As the rubber continued to harden, she noted that her breasts and hips no longer had a fluid sensation in them, but that some kind of mold had been placed in them, forcing them into a peculiar shape.

That’s when she realized that the suit wasn’t simply there for keeping her imprisoned, but also served as a mold for the fluid itself, keeping her arms and legs stretched out was used as a means of coating every inch of her body easily, but that was only the beginning of the process.

The rubber coating and the hard encasing rubber that she’d been locked in seemed to be made of the same if not similar material, making it reasonable to assume she could still breathe even though the outfit had no openings to speak of.

She began to hear a faint hissing noise in her ears now, the sound of pressure escaping.  In a single instant, the gas mask with lenses that had been her only window into this dark place popped off her face, exposing her eyes and rubber-enclosed lips to the sterile prison.  She was uncertain the reason behind this, but the mask fell to the floor with a rubbery clatter.

Despite the fact that her eyes now felt more free than before, she was still unable to move, and the hissing in her ears told her there was a change in pressure inside and outside the suit.

It then dawned on her what was happening, the suit was tightening around her.  First the gloves began to pinch and grasp around her fingers, forcing joints in each finger to pop into their respective, albeit stiffened places.  Because of the tightening, she found her fingers now able to move again, yet she still appeared to be shackled at the wrists.

Air continued to be pressed out of the suit like a flattening balloon, and soon her elbows could move, albeit slightly.  Just this simple process of feeling tight freedom virtually overwhelmed her senses.

Soon her shoulders were bound in the thick, yet now flexible, rubber, which worked its way up around her neck in a tight ring.

She discovered that not all joints in the suit would gain motion once the suit tightened around her body, as her neck still appeared to be restricted for the purpose of posture.  The suit began to tighten down her spine and waist into what felt like a semi-curved shape, forcing her chest outwards slightly and her back to be somewhat, albeit naturally, curved.

The latex molding tightened around her ass, making it round and protruding, but that wasn’t the only discovery she found.  Strange large protruding objects that she hadn’t noticed before were now being felt on the inside of her anal cavity and vagina.  Like a pair of dildos, they engaged her openings as soon as the suit clamped tight around the base of her hips.  She could feel the objects plunging deep into her cervix and anus, just as the large dildo in her mouth now felt.  She now felt the pressure that had been in the suit was now all virtually gone.

What remained was that she was now completely filled with dildo like objects, from her nose, mouth, anus, and vaginal area, yet still able to breathe, all areas closed, yet open to her.  The level of penetration she felt was tremendous, and for some reason the situation excited her.

She was now able to move her arms and legs, if only somewhat, encased in the shiny rubber.  Her heels, pinpoint and precariously balanced, were still fused to the floor.  Her wrists were still chained to the metal bars surrounding her.

Due to the afforded movement, she was now able to view her bearings somewhat, albeit in limited glances.  She found that in order to view things around her, she was forced to turn and bend at the hips with her legs, as everything upwards of her legs was stiff and rock solid, neck included.  She could bend her knees somewhat, but because her ballet heels were fused to the floor, and her arms chained to the bars, she could only bend down so far without simply hanging in semi-crouched suspended animation.

Breathing through the rubber was a new sensation for her, and she realized that it was now a part of who she was now.  She could literally take in oxygen from the rubber dildo that had invaded her mouth and became a part of it.  Her tongue couldn’t move of course, and there was little she could do with facial expressions hidden behind a rubber molded face with a mouth fused shut with pretty rubber lips.

Much to her surprise, the rubber skin she now wore appeared to be much more sensitive to her intruders than previously discovered.  The inside of her mouth felt particularly sensitive, yet at the same time, it felt very electric to touch the rubber cylinder that fused with her mouth.  As for her vagina, every few seconds now felt like an eternity of orgasm to her.  The sensation traveled its way through her uterus and back out her anus which was also plugged with sensitive rubber material.

This, she found, combined with the tightness of the suit around her hips, caused her to virtually double over in exquisite pleasure, she began to moan in silent sobs as the suit seemed too much for her to bear.  She felt her knees buckle underneath the wave and her arms held her up dangling aloft.

Closing her eyes she was once again bombarded with the images, this time the sensations combined with the orgasm appeared to feel like a massive rush of pleasure to the very core of her brain.  It felt like an orgasm just to close her eyes now.  And something inside of her, a voice, called to her inner self.

She was going to be a slut, and she was going to enjoy every second of it.

The more the voice called to her, the more she relented, it began to sound like she herself wanted this more than the images or the voice had told her.  They were all an extension of herself now.

Time passed, and despite the constant sensations of orgasm flooding her system, she felt her wetness to be a minor detail, the encasement prevented any sort of leakage to begin with, and the very thought of being inside this suit of pleasure was enough to stimulate her all over again.

No longer was she able to think for herself, she could only adjust to the throes of sensations her brain afforded her in that dark merciless prison within a prison.  The rubber began to become an extension of her own phallus, everything she touched was an orgasm, and everything that was her, was who she was, was an orgasm.  Her heels felt like massive penises fused to the floor, her fingers the very essence of penetration.  Her eyes an orgasm in sight.  And her mind’s only use was to process and savor each and every sensation she received through this strange vibrant black rubber.

She began to deliberately close her eyes to see the random images again, she longed for them, she wanted them to become a part of who she was desperately.  She would close her eyes forever if her body afforded it.

The images taught her how to become the ultimate slut.  They taught her bondage, the myriad techniques of sex, of domination, of submission, and of how to be the sexiest she could possibly be.  Somehow her mind absorbed the information like a sponge, every detail was now memorized, she even knew how to use a whip like an expert and run circles in those extreme high heels of hers, despite having no prior training in them.

She realized that she was now ready to take on the world, whether it free her from this prison or not, she could care less either way.  The world was her orgasm, and she wanted to share it, or simply remain in this cage and enjoy it, whatever the outcome, it would be pleasurable to her and she would do whatever requirements were asked of her, because doing so meant she could orgasm in her permanent rubber suit.

Graciously, she (Sara was no longer her name, she answered only to Rubber Slut), stood on the tips of her ballet heels, accepting the resulting orgasm, and, quietly waited for the world’s response.

She was ready.

As if to answer, a set of metal locking bolts thumped through the floor, this appeared to have been the mechanism that had locked her heels in place.  She no longer cared of course, but now she could pick up her heels and walk about the room.

Next came the metal chains which were cuffed/fused to her wrists, the chains fell away, but the cuffs remained, a silent reminder that she was a lover of bondage.

Turning her hips and glancing around her prison with rubbery eyes, she realized she was free.  The images that bombarded her eyes still remained, but they were now images of herself in orgasm, so she didn’t mind so much.

A loud clank sounded and the cocoon that had been her prison now opened, the bars separating themselves from the chamber, flooding light into the darkness.  She was not afraid, but she was ready for anything, everything.

In tight hobble strides she exited her cocoon to become a bondage butterfly slut.  Her black rubber skin glistened in the light, her wetness of anticipation being an afterthought.

The world’s orgasms would be hers for the taking.

The End?



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