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The Machine

by Jodi

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© Copyright 2008 - Jodi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/mf; machine/mf; latex; transform; mc; slaves; anal; oral; cons/nc; X

Mike sat back as he pushed the financial report to the middle of the desk. He smiled as the profits were on a record pace and he looked at the screen. His club was almost full and he recognized his usual patrons as he moved from screen to screen. The warm mouths on his cock made him look down and his smile widened. The identical waitresses looked up at him as their pierced tongues rolled across the head of his lipstick covered cock as their lips brushed together enclosing the hard shaft. He wondered which one was which as their silicone breasts spilled from their corsets and he relaxed not really caring to know. His thoughts went back to what brought him to this point.

Mike had been an inventor and, although his inventions had made him rich, he was relatively unknown to the outside world being that his inventions were usually part of something bigger. Sarah had been perfect when he met her at a convention and they had married after a brief courtship. After a year had passed he began to notice his funds disappearing and hired an investigator to check them out as he was busy in his basement working on something that he thought would change the world. The idea for the machine had come to him after browsing the net and finding a huge fascination with transformation amongst the millions of internet users.

The investigator had shown up and given him pictures of his perfect wife handing an envelope full of his cash to another man before they made love in a seedy hotel. The man, it turned out, was her husband, Brett, and Mike was stunned to discover his marriage was a fake. At that moment he decided it was time to give his machine a test run. He spent the next few days shopping and sat down to send the e-mail that would set things in motion.

As the sun set, he smiled as the door opened and a male voice called out for Sarah. Mike held his breath as he got nearer and the light from the house shown down the stairs.

"Sarah? Are you down here? What's this?" Brett said as he turned on the lights and saw the machine in the room. He walked up to it and never saw who it was that pushed him as he fell forward and the machine whirred to life. Clamps closed over his wrists and ankles as well as a collar snapping around his neck as he was made to stay in place. As he started to cry out, his face was pulled into a soft cushion and a rubber cock was pushed between his lips causing him to be silenced as the machine's door closed behind him.

Mike sat at his keyboard and began giving the machine instructions at it hummed away, his "wife's" husband securely inside. He found it quite exciting how the sound of the machine covered any sounds coming from inside, but his computer monitor showed quite clearly what was going on. He smiled at the elevated heartbeat of his captive as a monitor was slipped over his finger.

In the dark chamber, Brett "mmmphed" around the cock that stretched his lips as his clothes were grabbed by unseen mechanical hands and ripped from his body. The collar pulled him forward causing the rubber cock to go deeper as his face was enveloped in a breathing mask. He heard a "hiss" and felt something cool sprayed over his body and would have jumped as his legs were pulled apart and the spray applied to his dangling cock and balls and exposed ass. His skin tingled and stung a bit until warm water was sprayed to wash it off. Under the mask his eyes widened as he felt the water on his tender skin and especially on his exposed scalp.

Outside, Mike smiled at the nude, smooth, shiny form that hung helplessly and continued inputting commands. The mask was removed and drool dripped from the rubber as his lips slid back so that just the head was in his mouth. Another mask was lowered and covered his face once again and another hiss sounded as it formed to outline of his face. Mike smiled as it was removed and Brett was no more, in his place was an expressionless rubber doll with a cock in her mouth as the built in "O" shaped lips surrounded it.

Brett could smell the rubber as it formed to his face and he felt it bond to him like a second skin. He let out a breath as something wrapped around his waist and tightened and his body jerked slightly as the mechanical hands pulled and tied a cincher to his waist.  To his surprise, Mike felt his cock harden as what was once a macho guy was now sporting a very girlish figure. He continued tapping the keys and shook slightly as he anticipated the fun he would have later with his new creation, combined with the satisfaction of the machine working flawlessly.

He watched Brett as he jumped slightly in his bonds as an adhesive was put on his chest and two E cup forms pressed on. Another mechanical arm, one created for this purpose when Mike had made his plans, reached between Brett's legs and pulled his cock back and held it as Brett's legs were pulled back together, trapping it there. Mike was impressed with Brett's equipment and it added to his delight to think this hung man was his. A pair of rubber panties appeared as a circle opened in the floor and were pulled up his legs. Seconds later, Brett's manhood disappeared behind the tight rubber.

A small needle appeared and Brett felt it stick him in the arm before his world went black. He was released, held up gently by the arms in the machine as a catsuit was pulled over his body and no one would ever guess it was a man underneath. An open faced hood was added sporting a long blonde ponytail as his feet were set into a pair of ballet boots and laced to his ankles.

Mike sat back and made one last addition as Brett began to waken. A pair of goggles was lowered and Brett was caught in a world of swirling lights as he was lost in the lights, all will disappearing. His jaw relaxed around the cock in his mouth and soon images played in front of his now opened mind and his new life was downloaded into him. Mike sat back and waited.

A few hours later, Mike was sweating slightly as he ran his hands over the rubber underneath him. He reached around and felt the swinging rubber tits as he enjoyed the tight ass of his doll. He heard the front door open and  knew Sarah was finally home.

He slid his cock out and whispered, "Show your Master what a good slut does when she is giving pleasure to him."

He stood back and watched as a stream of cum shot into the air as the sluts cockhead peeked from the opening in the suit, just above the panties around her thighs. It pulsed as it continued, splattering against the shiny black rubber of her suit erotically. Mike pulled up the rubber panties, trapping the dripping head between her smooth asscheeks. "Stay nice and lubed, I will be back later with another addition to our fun."

Mike was nice to Sarah and she excitedly followed him to the basement ready for another influx of cash with the completion of another invention. Mike smiled as he pushed her inside.

A year has passed and Mike found a demand for his machine and most of his club goers had paid him to make them a slave, usually a husband or wife, but always someone jilted somehow. Mike finally came as he remembered that day and Brittany and Sarah licked it off each other's rubber faces and tits. They in turn were allowed to cum and he watched their eyes glaze over as they shuddered in orgasm. The combination of the machine and some very skilled doctors made these two identical rubbersluts his favorites.

After they returned to work, serving drinks and servicing the patrons for extra tips, he was paged on his phone letting him know the latest victim was arriving with his wife. Mike smiled as he looked in the envelope the woman had dropped off earlier and looked forward to seeing how it turned out.



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