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The Librarian

by Rubberking

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© Copyright 2005 - Rubberking - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; voy; lingerie; latex; catsuits; corset; hood; tease; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons; X


I started writing this story in y2k and thru a computer glitch, HD-failures, several viruses and nine different WP’s, which at one point wiped it all out back to code and in order to save it, I’ve had to rebuild it piece by piece, then finish it. The changes in type-face towards the end is an indication of this. I tried to make it interesting, since it is long. I thought it was worth it, and hope you do too. It is extreme (see codes) and unless you have a stomach for it, it may make you green, both with envy and unsettledness. Someone in the beginning once told me to take it to the limit and leave it there, this time… I’m going all the way baby.

Codes: Rom, XXX, B&D, S&M, Latex, Rubber, Wet and Messy<U, Scat, Vom> Med, TE, Robots, Apparatus, V-R, Mask, High-heels, boots, Gloves, Rainwear, clubbing, End of the World, ISO or Lilly-tank, DFP, Married or Wedding, Hair or Hairdressers, BE>Big, anal, vag, oral, Vag-anal-oral or combo, Multi-orgasmic, polyamory, machine-sex, Mummy, Con, non-Con, MC, Extreme, gasmask or mask, phone, second-chance, novel length.

* * * * *

Marcie Waters was sitting in bed reading Chaucer when the phone rang. The forty-something-year-old head librarian took off the reading glasses she had perched on her thin nose and wondered who could be calling at such a late hour? She put the book and glasses on the nightstand and reached over and plucked it from it's cradle and brought it up to her ear.

"Hello?" she asked into the mouthpiece.

"You're very hot looking, do you know that? I watch you all the time at your work. Why do you hide such a luscious figure under such dower, old fashioned clothes?"

Oh my god! She thought, it's an obscene caller!

She got them from time to time… But, this one sounded older, sincere, not like the filthy babbling or inept breathing of some teenager with an overabundance of sperm clouding his mind. She checked the caller ID, it said the call was untraceable, great, she thought.

"Young man, I'm an old woman. Old enough to be your grandmother. Why would you want to call me and tell me these sick, perverted things? Can't you find a nice girl your own age to harass like this? And really, do you have to call at such a late hour?"

She figured that would put him off. Young men seemed unable to believe that women older than thirty still had sex. Maybe he would hang up now and she could have some peace and quiet again? Instead, this revelation seemed to peak his interest more than discourage it.

"I still say you're incredibly sexy looking. Why don't you go out more? Don't you like men?" he asked unabashedly into her ear.

The cheek! "Look young man, I don't think that's any of your business! But if you must know, I haven't felt like dating a man in a long time because of all the childish things they seem to love to do. Things like this, for example. Now why don't you just run along and find something more productive to do with your free time. May I suggest a good book or two?" She was getting worried, what if he tried to break in and tried to rape her! Oh, god, she thought. What if he's outside my house right now! What should she do?

Instead of hanging up, her phantom caller hung in there. She was getting scared. But, her heart for some reason started to flutter at the ludicrous thought that someone actually thought she was pretty, and desirable. It had been a long time since she had felt some of the things that were starting to work through her body. Her breath rate increased, her blood pressure rose and she felt a warm flush cover her face and bosom and a low heat starting to form in her lap as she lay in bed. She felt hot and flustered. Was she actually getting excited by her phantom caller?

"Actually, why don't I suggest one for you? Go and find the libraries copy of "Fetishes: the key to sexual freedom, By Anton Crane. I left you a little something in there from me. Nothing too risqué‚ just a picture. I hope you don't think this too forward of me. But, I like your looks and I think you have a wonderful mind. I’d hoped you might decide to go out with me sometime. No, not now, I know my call has probably upset you. And I don't blame you. But I'll keep in touch and maybe we'll speak of this again. Sorry I called you so late. Hope you enjoy the book. Goodnight." And then the line went dead.

She put the phone back, her mind a whorl of questions, thoughts and emotions. Why had he apologized for making an obscene phone call? And for her to go out with someone who would place such calls, the very idea! And he had told her she was sexy looking. No man had said that to her in fifteen years! And the idea of a man watching her, stalking her, frightened her immensely. Still, she found herself more than idly scratching at the crotch of her nightdress, so the idea obviously had aroused her too. Although she was older, she still had never lost the desire for sex, or for romance. And damn it! This was weirdly romantic! She had an admirer. How odd that someone had decided she was still worth the trouble?

She got out of bed for a moment and walked over to her dressing mirror. There she saw a woman, simply that. Her face was a little lined and she noticed that her face was slowly taking on a pinched look that she didn't like. Her black hair was well over shoulder, braided so that she could sleep better, it hung down to her feet if it was totally unbound. Long, thick, beautiful. Only a few single strands of gray added little highlights to it’s thick bounty of tresses. She hadn't cut it since her husband Andrew died, almost ten years ago. Vainly, she held her arms up, making the translucent nylon nightdress tighten around her voluptuous figure.

Her boobs still only sagged a little bit… Grinning at herself, she hefted the fleshy thirty-six DD globes in her hands and gave them a little playful shake. "There you go you pervert! How do ya like that?" She chuckled to herself in the mirror, turning to look at her soft but still firm asscheeks in the mirrored surface. She grinned at her reflection. Then gave a shrug and bent over, grabbing the bottom of the long negligee, she pulled it off over her head and pulled her braid free before discarding it on the bed.

She struck a playful pose, her arms out at an angle above her head and started flexing her pectoral's and her boobs did a little dance, her half-dollar sized brownish nipples hardening in the cool air of the house as she swiveled her hips. They stood up proud, rubbery and with little tiny fingers of flesh surrounding the main nipple which itself poked out a good quarter or half an inch from the wrinkled erect tissue. They looked like they had little crinkly crowns, the outer points just as hard and sensitive as the central teat itself. Her husband used to be able to make her cum just from playing with them, she fondly remembered while chewing her lower lip and tried to loosen her tension by gyrating her pelvis a few more times. Her pubic hair was still quite thin, she had shaved it for so many years that when she finally quit, very little had grown back. Right now she could be done with it and be as smooth as a baby's butt once more. Why not? She had an admirer after all.

God, what the hell was she thinking! This guy was a creep, that much was obvious. Why was she even entertaining ideas of having sex with such a man? Still, it had been a long time… ahhhh. She turned and looked at her other butt-cheek, the thin little layer of flab actually added an extra enticing jiggle as she turned her legs. And they looked ok, long and smooth and her weekly belly-dancing and aerobics exercises showing, they looked great in fact! Damn, she was turning herself on just thinking about this infuriating pervert! She ran a hand down her still flat stomach and through her sparse pubic hair, enjoying the little thrills it gave her as her fingers parted and spread her labia and excited her swelling, sensitive clitoris.

Stop this! She thought as her other hand sensuously joined the first and she parted the lips back gently and looked inside the moistening pinkish-red core of her being. Once she had enjoyed fingering herself off several times a day… Now, she couldn't remember the last time she had masturbated. The little shocks of electric pleasure returning like old remembered friends that hadn't come to visit in a long, long time as she slid a finger inside and a low groan erupted from her lips.

She stood looking at the woman in the mirror as she moaned and rolled her head around, her gasps and sighs fell softly from her mouth to echo around her Spartan bedroom as she inched her hips lower and added several fingers to her honeypot, coating them now in her secretions. She was panting now and her hips caught a rhythm and she swayed, her hands making soft sucking sounds as she ground her hands around in her wet pussy.

Her orgasm caught her unprepared, she shrieked as her cunt suddenly contracted around her thrusting digits and she felt a flood of her own juices soak her palm as she rode it out and started working herself up for the next one automatically. Her face and breasts were growing even more flushed and her eyelids got heavy looking as she pinched a flopping teat in her fingers and growled as she felt the rush of sensations shoot all over her body as she came again and then again.

She rode it down slowly, panting and feeling ridiculous. Here she was an old woman and still carrying on so! However she’d lost her senses though, it had felt really good and she saw in the looking-glass that she had brought a glow to her normally sharp features. She felt relaxed and happy for the first time in a long time. That had felt really, really good!

Smirking at her own foolishness, she pulled her nightdress back on, quickly re-braided her hair again and smiled at her silhouetted shape one last time before getting back between the covers and cutting off the light on the nightstand. She quickly drifted into a peaceful, dreamy sleep. One where a man with no face took her out to a nice dinner and then fucked her half to death afterwards. It was a good dream, chaotic, strange and erotic, but, good. She smiled and twisted the sheets in her dainty hands as she dreamt.

The next day she stood before her closet looking at her wardrobe. What should she wear? She had slowly, over time, taken to wearing rather severe looking dark blue dress-suits with long flat skirts and short heeled pumps or flats, often with a frilly blouse with a lacy scarf for a tie. Her admirer had asked her to wear something a bit more stimulating. All right, let's try this then…

She pulled out a gray above-the-knee skirt she hadn't worn in ages and a simple white sheer blouse with gathered sleeves and no collar to speak of, it had little pearl buttons and looked very feminine. She took them and laid them out and went back for some spike heeled black leather pumps that Andy had so loved for her to wear when he was still alive. The thought sent a pang through her heart. He had been dead a long time now and she knew he would want her to find some happiness now that he was gone. She smiled at his memory as she searched her lingerie drawer for hose.

She found to her dismay that all her pantyhose had runs in them so she fumbled around in the drawer until she found her old suspender-set and a lone old unopened pair of back-seamed Cuban-heel garter-stockings that still looked like they would work. They didn't have any runs in them at least. She pulled her slip up and hooked the garter belt around her waist and pulled her white cotton hip huggers up over the garter straps and pulled the old-fashioned stockings onto her legs one at a time and stood up again. She snapped the garters closed and dressed in the blouse and skirt over her silk mini-slip and see-thru lycra bra. She didn't know who her admirer was. But, he was going to get an eye-full.

Her co-workers all made happy noises about her wearing something other than "widows weeds" for a change and she got lots of speculative looks from the men all day long. She had nearly forgotten that she always had liked that kind of attention from the opposite sex. Oddly though, a few of her women co-workers and several of the female patrons gave her the eye as well. She didn't know how she felt about that, she hadn't ever been to bed with another woman before. But found the idea vaguely exciting now that she thought about it. Heck, She was open to just about anything at this point. She thought laughingly to herself.

About four o'clock she found herself stocking books back into their places in the sectioned area her caller had mentioned and after she was done with the cart, she stood looking at all the books on human sexuality on the shelves. There was more than she had ever dreamed! Books on positions and something called tantra and so many self-help books for couples that her eyes crossed as she scanned the shelves and shelves before her astonished gaze. She pulled one or two that caught her eye from their places and had placed them on her cart to take home with her that night to peruse, one of the few privileges of being the Librarian. When she spied the title he had told her about. It almost jumped out at her. It was bound in a black, shiny covering that once she pulled the tomb free, she found to be latex rubber. It felt cool and smooth under her fingertips as she ran a hand over it's face. The title was highlighted in a red as dark and slick as blood.

Suppressing a shudder, she put in the cart and went to the front to lock up and leave for home. She felt an odd thrill run thru her as she placed the books in her satchel and closed up, looking around to see if any strange men were watching her. She jumped when she received a wolf whistle just as she got to her car. She hopped in as fast as she could and shot away from the curb and the leering city street-worker that yelled after her. "Hey, Nice tits! As she rocketed off down the street.

She sat eating her small dinner of a salad and a pair of pork-chops and reading the two books on erotic sexual positions and how to achieve multiple orgasms, both written by women and both seemed very, very pornographic. She looked at all the things people were doing with their bodies and she laughed out loud frequently when she spied something that looked especially impossible or improbable in the least. She closed the cover on the last of those two just before she placed her dishes in the wash and she grabbed up the black latex-bound book as she went out to the living room with a glass of wine in hand and putting some soft music on, settled into her easy chair and really looked at the book for the first time. The oily looking skin gave it a strangely living quality; it had a vaguely menacing air to it. It was somehow both alluring and repulsive; she stroked it and shuddered slightly. Brrrr, creepy.

The book felt so weird under her fingers. Like it was a skin in reality, one that would mold itself to the wearers body as if they had been born into it. She shook her head to clear it. These thoughts were absurd! It was just a book. Wasn't it?

She ran her fingers under the edge and tugged, it didn't open. She turned it up on edge and found it had a clasp, she flipped the filigreed lock open and turned the cover up. The inside lining was in red rubber like the title lettering, it looked wet and about to drip crimson on her lap. She blinked to clear her thoughts away, opened the first page and read.


The key to sexual freedom.

A pictorial guide to

sexual eroticism.

In words and


By Anton Crane

Privet Edition.     Ok, so people like dressing up funny, so what?

She turned the next page and saw a series of pictures of men and women in very odd and bizarre looking clothes. Some wore leather, others plastics or PVC or shiny patent, some a glossy looking second skin. Latex, she guessed…

Some were dressed as nurses, others as other kinds of authority figures, many looked like they were from other planets with extensive rubber costumes making them look like animals or aliens with tubes shooting from their faces and other parts of their bodies. There was even a woman dressed in a rubber version of a suit that she herself would have worn if it had been made of some other kind of dark material. She had a suit just like it and instantly recognized that the woman was dressed as a Librarian. What a world.

The text running over the pictures was explaining that fetishism had been with man since the dawn of creation and that more people would feel better about themselves if they would just own up to their desires and had more sexual relations and tried fetishes like a kind of a smorgasbord that everyone could try out from.

That there were no such things as bad ways to feel about wanting to try new and different kinds of sexual foreplay and after and during, play. And that the reader should enjoy the book and try a few things out for themselves before condemning those that did. That the book she held was an introductory manual only and that they (the reader) should get out and go out to see the people in clubs and meetings that people had if they had questions that the book couldn't seem to answer.

Then the first chapter started. The picture was that of a woman dressed in a rubber nuns outfit, hands folded and eyes uplifted in prayer, the text read. Chapter <<O>>

Finding your way through fantasyland.

How to know if and what fetishes you/and/or your partners possess.

Hello seeker!

You have just begun a great and perilous journey! The mind and the body are powerful vehicles for discovery and great engines for both pleasure and pain.

To begin with, in short, a sexual fetish is anything that stimulates the libido of the one attracted to it, wither the attraction is directly sexual or not. Some people cannot achieve sexual release without them being worn, used or nearby during colitis. In the past, this was seen and treated as a mental aberration and treated with scorn and derision, but no longer. Today, people with fetishes are seen, and to be treated, just as you or I. fetishism is Not a sickness, it’s an added bonus to building a persons basic sexual makeup and persona.

Most people have one or more fetishes but never realize this simple fact. Perhaps due to the connotations fetishes carry with them from the past, of perverted people in raincoats or swiping underwear from clotheslines. But beyond that dated and discredited image, the listings of fetishes are endless. Think about it:

The teenage boy or man that loves fast cars, the woman that can never get enough shoes or the one that loves to dress sexily wherever she goes. The old man that sweats when little girls walk past, and the little girls themselves, enjoying the budding power of their own sexuality over men, are all engaging in fetishistic behavior.

Even the frumpy old teacher that likes smacking naughty young boys on the butt, All these people have fetishes. Even you, reading this book, have fetishes you probably don’t even realize you have.

Think about it! Do you have a favorite pen or a device at work that you prefer above all the others there?

Do you have a favorite outfit you like to wear? Do you get off with a beloved sexual device?

If you do, you have a fetish.

That's where we come in. we're here to help you identify what things you have that have some kind of sensual and/or sexual meaning to you and to teach you how to use them and their compulsions to bring pleasure, fulfillment and bliss into your life.

And most of us could stand a little excitement in our lives, don't you agree?

Now first, you need to take a mental inventory of all the things you like and why you like them. Go on, don’t be shy, no ones judging anyone here. But be direct about why you feel this way about the item in question, honesty is very important here. Then identify which of any of them that you find stimulating sexually. Think about this as well and again, be honest with yourself. After all, we’re here to help you learn to deal with these issues in your makeup and to better incorporate them into your everyday existence. These items and desires are what we’re concerned with here today. The things that give you an extra little oomph or shiver when you feel them, smell them, use them or wear them. Or whatever! Something compelling, that draws you to it and gives you goosebumps.     Marcie sat for a moment. Thinking about that last statement.

What did she have that she liked sexually? The only thing she could think of right off the bat was that she loved wearing the suspenders and stockings and shoes that she was wearing right now! She had had a dildo many years ago. But, she had gotten rid of it when Andy had been buried and had never gotten up enough courage to go someplace and buy another one. What would have been the point? The pictures themselves were awe-inspiring! She hadn't seen anything like this before. Much less read anything that seemed to strike her like the words and photos in this wild book she had weighing heavily in her lap.

She continued reading, engrossed nearly against her will… Have you remembered anything like this? You probably have. So, why don't you put the book down for now and show it off? Bring it out and examine it. Put it on, enjoy it… Get to know it better. It won't bite, I promise. Again, feeling utterly ridiculous. She put the book down as it asked and stood up and took off her skirt and blouse and discarded her slip. Now, she stood in only her panties, bra, garter-belt, heels and hose. She shuddered at the cool air in the room and felt wanton for doing this. She watched her nipples growing hard inside the bra’s cups and felt an illicit chill running through her body as she sat back down, the rubber of the book cool and sensual on her stockinged thighs. Back again? Ok! Well, by now you're feeling silly, right?

Don't. This is just your mental conditioning trying to get you to act "normal" again. Don't feel like you need to feel guilty for what you're doing in the least. Your body is designed for pleasure, let it do it's own thing and go with any good feelings you're experiencing at the moment. That's what we're here to teach you to do for yourself and for any others in your life that might benefit from you achieving better confidence with your sexuality. The effects will surprise you.

Feel the object of your desire. Is it smooth or hard? Rough or soft or knobby? How does it make you feel? Know that these feelings are imprinted on us often when we're young and that, as is frequently the case, we don't find out what we like even sometimes until when we're full-fledged, even mature adults. You have to claim your desires, embrace them and own up to them in order to make your life complete. Failure to do so leaves a gaping hole in ones internal sexual life.

How long has it been since you're last orgasm? Was it a good one? Have you ever experienced one at all, or had a multiple one? Take some time to explore your body and remember what it was like when you were young and trying out your equipment for the first time. Do this now and get back to this book tomorrow night after you have had some fun with your body and feel more comfortable with it and its quirks. Feel free to incorporate your favorite toy or object into your play. Look through the pictures in this book to help stimulate your senses.

See you in chapter 1, and have fun!

Marcie bit her lower lip. She did feel the first stages of arousal floating like a fog over her skin again. Her breathing had increased and deepened again and she felt a heat and a slight dampness in her tight cotton panties. She took the book into the bedroom and hopped onto the bed, her hand idly scratching at her cloth covered crotch as she leafed through the pages. Towards the back of the book, marking a page it seemed. She found a picture. In the picture was a man. But not like any man she had seen outside of this book before. He was covered completely in glistening black latex rubber, seemingly dipped in it. It was like a taut second skin covering his body, but, accentuating it too. He had nice firm muscles that made manly mounds under the glossy covering, not too overly muscular, just pleasantly so. And his penis was standing stiffly erect and proudly out from his crotch, it and his testes covered in taunt black rubber like the rest of him.

His face was masked and smooth, hiding his features but giving him a surreal, masterful look. He wore tall boots on his feet and a wide belt around his waist held pouches and other less identifiable things that hung from it. So, This was her admirer. He looked strong and sexually dominating like this. The picture thrilled her. She thought that she should be bowing at his feet, a slave to her new master’s desires. Whoa! Where had that idea come from? She had never bowed to any man in her life, not even her Andy! Why did she feel like she should do that for this man dressed so ridiculously in black rubber with his impressive dick hanging out for all to see?

His beautifully big, manly, shiny erect cock… How she would love to feel it deep inside her, driving her wild with wonton pleasure and making her scream…

She shook her head to clear it. She was getting carried away, already she had a finger rubbing her elongated and engorged clitoris through her panties. She was getting soaked! She looked at the picture in her hand and wondered who he was? He had to be stalking her, watching her. She should be calling the police, not playing with herself in her slutty looking stockings and bra and panties. But the itch had hold of her now, and wasn’t to be denied. She groaned as she pulled the panties leg-hole to the side and slipped a finger into her hot, wet slit. She WAS horny. She needed relief… and now! She let the book slide to the bed and lay fully back on the pillows. Gasping as she fingered her hot running hole. The phone rang. Once, twice, three times before she reached over to pick it up, no hurry, she knew who it would be.

"Alright you bastard, do you like what you see?" she said breathily into the phone, her back arching as she pulled the panties further to the side and stuck two more fingers into herself, feverishly rubbing her clit as well with her thumb.

"Oh yes. You look very, very hot, and quite excited. Are you wishing you had a hard dick to play with right about now Mrs. Waters? I've got a hard one right over here. You’ve made it that way. You and your beautiful voluptuous big titted mature body, and your ass Mrs. Waters, you have the most delectable little ass in town, do you know that?" He breathed in her ear as she whorishly slapped at her clit and cried out as an orgasm felt like it ripped all the hair from her skin and shuddering with estrus, she rolled and flopped back on the comforter and pulled the panties completely off and out of the way for better access and so that her peeping tom could see her gushing pussy as she moaned aloud into the phone, trying to control herself.

"Thank you, you're very kind to an old woman. Call me Marcie, since we know each other so well already. Let's see, you like rubber and you look yummy. What should I call you? My admirer? Or do you have a name?" she asked.

He coughed and she thrashed around, holding his picture between her teeth as she twisted around and used her other hand to pull the cheeks of her ass apart and slowly began sliding a finger into her puckered anal sphincter, crying out throatily into the receiver as she came again.

"You may call me Master, for now Marcie. I know, it's not my real name. But, until I know that you're not going to turn me in the second you find me out, I can't take the chance. Sorry, you understand, don't you? God, you're so fucking hot! I wish I could take you right now. But, that's for another time and place. Right now, I'm here with you as we jerk off together and get to know one another a little better. Oh, yeah, fuck your tiny little rosette with your finger Marcie. I love seeing you get your rocks off, you should do it more often, don't you agree?" he whispered huskily in her ear. God, he had a wonderful voice, not English exactly. But, with just enough crispness to make goosepimples break out on her exposed skin as she panted through another cum.

"You're so right, young man! I had forgotten how good this feeelllsss! Oh god, I'm going to cum again! You randy rubberman you, I'm going to soak my bed in my hot pusssssyyy juices and cum like a mad woman from your kind, erotic, stimulating discourse. I'm going to cum and then I'm going to do it again and again all fucking night long until you come over here and fill me full of you hot, rigid cock! Come over here, come to Marcie, I won't BITE! Well, not too hard, I want that hard prick of yours too badly to waste it so. Come on over here and fuck my hot, steaming cunt "Master" and I'll make it so very good for you. But just fuck me please, I need it so badly! Aaaarrrggghhh! Oh lord, oh Master, oh god, Cuuummmiiinnggggg! Ggaaaa! Oh, oh, oh, oh my god! I'm cumming so hard! My pussy's so wet, oh just come and fuck me please! PLEASE!!!"

She thrashed around like a puppet, her hands flying as she plunged her fingers up her ass and her sopping vagina, and shrieked and came and came again.

"Oh god, you hot bitch! You're making me spurt! My hot jism is shooting out of my cock and my balls are pulling up as I watch you fuck yourself, you're so fucking delicious. I'd love nothing more than to ram my cock in your hot box! But, not tonight. You've got a ways to go before you get to spend time with your master. I wish it were otherwise. But, I've got to hang up now. Before I blow everything I've worked for. Goodnight Marcie, pleasant dreams."

"Wait! Don't go!" she screamed into the phone as she tweaked a nipple viscously and rammed all of her fingers into her now sloppy cunt. "Don't leave me now! I need you! I need your hot voice in my ear, I want your cock in my pussy! Don't go NOW!!!"

The line was dead in her ear, he had hung up.

"You Bastard!" she sobbed, trying to cum again and failing. A dam broke and she was reduced to tears as she pulled one of her tits up to her mouth and started sucking hungrily on a turgid nipple, grunting and grinding her hand furiously into her pussy.

The next day, Friday. Was torture. She dressed more provocatively than the day before. Stockings and garter belt again, this time with an even shorter beige skirt and a white blouse that showed some cleavage and some tan square-heeled pumps. She was frustrated beyond belief. She had come a few times after he had hung up on her last night. But, nothing like she had as she was taking to him. She had tried all night and she had the bags under her eyes to prove it. She shuttled tiredly through work that day and tried to decide what to do next. Unable to keep her body from erotically simmering most of the morning, she exasperatedly went into the women's room and sat masturbating on the toilet set for almost an hour, she had only quit when Janice poked her head in to ask if she was all right. She wasn't, she was so horny she could barely stand herself. She left early, the first time in many years she had done so.

And went shopping.

She bought some more stockings and a new garter belt, some new pairs of spike heels in both shiny red and black patent. Even shopping was turning her on, she found. She smiled pleasantly as she feverishly imagined the young shoe saleslady lapping at her freshly shaven cunt as she knelt before her, placing shoes on her tingling feet. She shook her head to clear away the erotic visions, what was she thinking? Still, the young saleswoman slipped a piece of paper into one of her shoe boxes so that she could see it as they were placed in the large shopping bag and the woman grinned a knowing grin at Marcie. She was hot and flushed as she exited the store and went on down the road, suppressing the urge to finger-fuck herself as she drove away.

At the next store, she sorted through more garter belts, choosing one in black patent and a matching bra and thong panties as well as two full boxes of various styles of black and smoky or white stockings, both nylon and silk were back in style these days and available again, she was pleased to find. She turned down several attempts to sell her pantyhose. But, she got a pair of high-denier black crotchless ones on impulse as well. She bought several miniskirts too, one in black leather that seemed very extravagant and several others in various fabrics and two in patent as well. And a stunning little cut-away silk blouse in black silk that she just had to have. She then went to a place she hadn't been to in many years.

The little store sat well away from the beaten path. But, she found it easily enough. The "Snatch Patch" was an adult bookstore Andy had taken her to several times when she’d said that she wanted a little something to comfort her when he went away on one of his numerous trips away for business. He had laughed and said only if she went in with him to buy it, and so she had. She had been trembling just as she was now when she had purchased her first and only vibe of so long ago. Now she sat in the parking lot, trying to screw up enough courage to go inside. She had to have another toy, she just had to! She needed something to help her get off and they only sold those in there. With a frown and a slam of her car door, she strutted up and opened the door and went in.

She was thunderstruck at how unbelievably huge this place had become! She never knew so many kinds of sex toys existed! They lined every available inch of wall space, Vibrator's, dildo's, plugs for the rear end and ball gags for your mouth. There were bondage toys, whips, paddles and canes for naughty English schoolboys. There were all kinds of perverse looking outfits as well. Everything the kinky heart could desire was displayed on the walls and hanging from racks at every turn.

Even Clothes in PVC and leather and rubber and latex.

The salesperson was a young woman with lot's of rings in her ears, lips and eyebrows that seemed nice and was very friendly toward her as she stammered out questions and blushed when the woman showed her a device that had twin shafts and a little representation of a bear with a long tongue atop it, she turned on and it started vibrating furiously and twisting around in her hand. She dropped it and shrieked and they both laughed as she picked it back up and handed it back. But, she bought one nonetheless. As well as several sizes of dildos, some vibes of differing size's and a thin, fluted plug for her anal play. They both chuckled knowingly about it as it was added to the growing pile.

Next, she asked about the clothes and the young lady smirked and scribbled an address on a slip of paper and told her to go there instead of getting the inferior quality merchandise that her own store carried, she suggested that she might want to get some more toys from the other place as well, although they carried a smaller selection then where she was currently. Still, she bought a pretty, little short black rubber dress anyway, she had just loved the way it felt. The young woman helped her carry the bags of sex toys out to her car and she handed the woman a twenty as a tip. But instead, the saleslady smiled and grabbed her and kissed her deeply on the lips, sticking her pierced tongue with it's knobs into her mouth and then just turned and walked away. Wow! Knowing she had plenty to keep herself busy for awhile now, she stopped at a little bistro and ate and then drove home to get her jollies out.

Sometime later, she sat surrounded by sextoys. She was fitting batteries in all of them and it took some doing. She had some fifteen altogether, and they were hungry little monsters, all of them. She had put on the black patent underwear and some sexy black nylons as well as the French-heeled shoes that matched and she had a rumbling eight inch vibe stuffed into her hungry pussy and held in by the thong she wore as she panted through another cum and stuffed batteries into a big, black butt plug. Her cums had been more powerful with the new toys. But, still not as good as when she had been having sex talk with ‘Master.’

She thumped one of her rigid nipples through the cut-out holes in the shiny bra and jerked her hips as it sent a shock wave racing through her body. She came again and grunted as her cunt muscles hunched her pelvis forward as they contracted and she came again. It was soooo damn good! Why had she denied herself such pleasure for so long? She didn't know. She pulled her thong to the side and pulled out the thrumming vibrator with a sucking, wet sound. She shuddered and came again as it came out of her body. God, could it get any better than this?

She got up and walked over to the other mound of discarded bags and plastic wrapping and got out the little latex dress. It felt smooth and cool in her hands. She wanted to try it on. She pulled it on over her head as it had no zippers that she could find. It fought her and caught in her hair as she tried to get it over her head and she wound up with it twisted and almost strangling her. She had almost gotten it back off again when the telephone rang. She leapt half a foot off the ground. It had to be him, who else would be watching her? She got the dress free of her hair and let him stew a bit before she went over and picked the receiver up this time.

"You hung up on me!" she yelled at him.

"You're supposed to tie your hair up, cover it and be clean and use some talcum powder if you want to wear that latex dress. I’m sorry, but I had to hang up Marcie, I almost ruined everything. You were just way too hot for me to watch, I had to go, I just had to. I see you've been shopping, nice outfit you have on tonight, by the way." He said smugly in her ear, his voice breaking slightly with desire for her.

"Thanks, I bought it just for you, you sick bastard. I must say, I like it too. I think it suits me rather well, don't you agree? And you say that I have to use talc for the dress, thank you for the advice. Now, are you sure I can't entice you to come over her and give an old woman a good hard fucking? If you want me so badly, why don't you just seize the bull by the horns and come on over and let me suck and fuck that big, hard cock of yours? Why waste time, when you can have what you want so much? Don't tease me, young man. Come over and I'll make your dreams come true." she whispered sexily into the phone that separated them from one and other, coiling the cord around one idle finger.

She walked over to the window and pulling back the lace curtains, looked out, trying to find out where his vantage point was. After a moment, she gave up as he continued spilling his inflaming words into her ear.

"Yes, Marcie. I think it does suit you, very much so. In fact, if you get the right outfit, I'll be willing to extend an invitation to you to meet with me. On my home ground as it were. That is, if you can find out where it is to go. You're on the right track. Just keep up the search and I'll let you know more when the time comes. And I think you're teasing me these days, Marcie. Don't you think so? You're so unbelievably sexy looking in your slutty little outfit. Love the stockings, by the way. And you're looking so much sexier these days as you go to work. Enjoying being whistled at, I suppose too? Keep it up and you'll be back to being a vivacious, life loving woman again in no time. God, I would love to come and fuck you hard right now. But, I digress, I'm sure. Still reading your book too? Yeah, I found that little gem a while ago and I though I would donate it so that others could enjoy it as much as I had. Hope you’re enjoying it. And don't refer to yourself as an old woman, you're hardly forty years old! Enjoy life to it's fullest and life rewards you, wouldn't you say so? You're dripping down your leg, Marcie."

It was true! His smutty little entendre's were turning her on something fierce! And he thought she was looking sexier! Good, all the easier to draw him out so that she could finally see her secret admirer. And a party! She hadn't been out to a party or a club for that matter, in so long that she had forgotten what it was like! But, what did he mean about finding the right things to wear? Oh yeah, she had forgotten, he liked rubber and latex…

"Thank you again. Yes, I do feel much more confident these days, thanks in no small part to you. "Master." And yes, I did get a thrill out of being looked at for a change. Were you watching me too? I hope you were. I'd hate to think I'm going through all this for nothing. Now, what did you mean by saying that I needed to find the right place to get clothes that you would find, Stimulating?" she asked tartily, her hands busy in her sopping quim again as she stood looking out the window. Wanting him so badly…

She scooped up the line of secretions on her inside thigh and brought them up and sucked them from her finger moaning "Mmmmm," into the phone to drive him wild with desire for her. It worked like a charm.

"Ohhhh, you're licking your cunt juice from your finger. Does it taste good Marcie? Maybe sometime soon I'll be the one who has that singular honor. Uhhhh! God you make me so damn hard Marcie. In your little patent slutware, in your heels and your stockings. You look like a diva. You're so, so hot Marcie, you're going to make me cum if you keep doing what you're doing to yourself! Why don't you wear your slutwear under you regular clothes to work from now on, so that you can feel hot and sexy all the time?" he whispered.

"Oh my secret darling. " she said, her words oozing into the phone. "It's all I can stand now just going to work so damn turned on every day. I don't know how I'll ever possibly get any work done around there. Why don't you come help me tame some of these energies and let me get back to my life? Why do you torment me every night, making me so wet and hot and horny for you? Why can't I just take you in my arms and fuck the daylights out of you? Why? Master, why?" she picked up a particularly long, thick, fake penis replica and sucked on it for a moment before lowering it to her steamy box and easing the head inside her dripping clam, shuddering as a heavy orgasm rocked her on her high, high heels as she drove it inside herself. "But… if you want me too, I will. For you, only for you." she breathed into the receiver and twisted the dildo around, sending erotic electricity shooting throughout her body as she gasped and groaned, getting hotter and wetter by the second.

"Thank you Marcie, I would enjoy knowing what you had on under your staid outerwear and knowing that under that reserved exterior, lies the gorgeous, desirable, accessible body of a bawdy slut in abject heat. I believe that Tanya gave you an address yesterday? Go there after work tomorrow and get whatever you want, it's on me. Enjoy. I must go for now, just watching you is about to give me a coronary. I want you so bad… But we must all wait for the things we want. Waiting makes the meeting all the more sweet, don't you think my dear heart?"

"OH god! Don't leave like this again! I'm so, so horny right now. Please just come over here and stuff my cunt full of your sweet, gorgeous cockmeat and fuck me master. Please! Don't go. I'm so hot right now. Just stay with me as I ride out another cum or two! Please? Or just keep talking to me so I know you're there, Please!" she pleaded abjectly, her hand flying as she rammed the latex dick into herself as fast and as deep as it would go, slamming painfully against her cervix as she wailed through another massive climax and started rising towards another.

"All right, my dear one. Just until you cum one last time. Think of me as the cock that's you're fucking yourself with. That it's my cock that's filling you up. Think of all the wild things I'm going to introduce you to in the weeks to come. I saw you look at the salesgirl at the store that you bought your stiletto's in, you were dreaming of her eating your snatch, weren't you? Did it make you hot? I watched you biting your lips as you fought to suppress your desires for her. And didn't she slip you her number? Maybe you should call her and ask her to eat you? She probably would, you know, she seemed quite taken with you. Would you like that?" his words shot tongues of flame into her mind, she had been thinking just these same things earlier. She thought about the soft pointed tongue the woman had, about how good it would feel on her overheated clit right now…

She threw her head back as her mind went into overdrive and visions of twisted, perverted sexual acts danced through her mind and she was sent squealing over the edge into a mind warping cum! Her pelvis contracted and the fake penis shot out across the room to land in a corner with a wet smack as she slapped a hand to her thrumming clit and fanned at it as she collapsed in a heap on the rug. His voice still cooing, masculine and oh so welcome in her ear. "Thank you Marcie. I needed that. You look so lovely after a good fuck. I hope to see that look again and again. Go to the shop tomorrow and enjoy your senses. And if you feel you have a need to, call that young saleswoman and have her over for the night. You won't regret it, if you seize the opportunity. Good night my sweet, and pleasant dreams."

"Pleasant dreams yourself lover." She sensuously whispered into the dead line. Her skin tingled all over from her afterglow and she hugged her titties together and shuddered with the sheer wanting of him. He was hot too. Hot for her, she knew. She picked up the latex bound book to the open page of a nude woman dressed in an all-over thin see-thru amber rubber suit, black hoses running from out of her heavily masked face controlling her air, her eyes hidden behind mirrored lenses and read the overlaying text. Chapter 1.

Are you who you want to be?

A study in costumes and becoming.

Not feeling yourself? Good! By dressing as something other than what we normally are, we free our minds of the left over affairs of our everyday lives. And allow ourselves time to play and act out those feelings that we hide behind our everyday facades and let the child in us, the one that we never acknowledge, out to romp and play a little bit, to vent some of our daily frustrations and to act out some of the things that we would otherwise keep deep within ourselves. We humans need this. It allows us to experience the joys of childhood mixed along with the pleasures of adulthood as they are brought together through such experiences as costumes, settings rich in atmosphere and props that allow our minds to wonder what will happen next and other theatrical embellishments such as music and refreshments, to let our minds wonder what our experiences will led us to afterwards as well.

Do you like to wear something that makes you feel sexy? Do you like the feel of certain fabrics over others and like the way that they change our reactions to ourselves and others?

If you do, than costuming may play a much needed role in your sexual play as well as in your fantasy life. Reward yourself by buying and wearing such garments and enjoy the way the "new" you asserts itself as you open yourself up to new experiences. Go on, get that rubber catsuit or the little PVC Maids outfit or the schoolteachers outfit that made little zings shoot all over your body when you first laid eyes on it.

Buy something for yourself and your lover as well and let your inner child out to play awhile.

You'll be quite glad you did.

Marcie looked at the picture for awhile before sighing and cutting off the light and snuggling underneath the covers to try to get some sleep, feeling more alive than she could ever remember feeling.

The next day was a Saturday. She only had to work a half day and she stood in front of her wardrobe in a tight lacy g-string and a bikini bra with cut-outs over her erect nipples, a white satin garter belt with a multitude of straps running down to the white silk back-lined stockings she wore with them and wondering what she should wear over such a naughty ensemble?

She settled on a beige over-the-knee skirt, slit up the back so that you could see her stocking tops if she bent over far enough and a white, old fashioned blouse with a high collar, bloused sleeves and a sheer insert across the chest that gave a tantalizing display of her cleavage while at the same time seeming demure and stately. She slipped on some matching white spike heels and tottered out the door to work, already steaming under her clothes and hoping she wouldn't leak her juices out past her white satin g-string panties and spot her skirt before she arrived at least.

George Carlson was working in her wing today and she smiled as he watched her with a renewed interest and several complements as she strutted by on her rounds. He was a nice, handsome man. George was. A widower like herself, he was the main buyer for the library and she only infrequently saw him around as he came and went. She graced him with a winning smile each time and made sure to bend over the cart several times in both directions so that he had an ample look at her charms. Sweating, he wandered off mumbling about having to find an order or something. She grinned after him as he tried to escape down the hall, fighting to hide his erection from her. At least she made a few men happy, she thought as she turned and went about her work. And she felt herself simmering sexily all the while.

Done with stacking and cataloging for the day, she went into the restroom and looked over her light make-up, touched it up a bit and closed her compact with a snap while pursing her lips, kissing at her reflection. Did it seem like she was using too red a shade of lipstick now? And she had begun plucking her eyebrows into a set of graceful upturned arches the same night she’d started shaving again. Thinking about her now baby-smooth pubes and body sent a delicious little shiver thru her for about the tenth time that day. She looked at the siren in the mirror, was this really her? With her nipples fully visible and poking thru her sheer silk blouse and her hair piled high and coiled into almost a beatnik-bouffant style?

And looking hotter than a two dollar pistol? Was this really her, the staid dower old widowed librarian she’d been just four days before?

She jumped as Liz, the young intern came through the door and Marcie quickly went and sat in a stall, hiking her split skirt up and shuddering as she pulled her G-string down to her ankles. They were beyond soaked with her juices and a stray droplet fell from the elastic between her spiked heels onto the blue tile as she urinated and tried to wipe away any excess secretions as well as the last drops of her urine. All the while, a daydream of herself pissing hotly down Liz's throat as she drove a massive dildo into her young, hot cunt played in her mind, her hand strayed and she bit her lips as she ran a fingertip over her sensitive, smoothly shaven cunt-flesh. Another stall door shut loudly, yanking Marcie out of her fantasy and making her jump again. She quickly stood and struggled to pull the strands of her underwear up as she noticed the thick, pungent smell of her arousal hanging thick in the air. She frowned, knowing that the other woman smelled it too. What would she think about Marcie?

Then, she heard a sound she was getting very familiar with, a slapping, sucking sound and a smothered groan, that caused Marcie's heart to leap up into her throat. Liz was diddling herself in the stall! In her minds eye, she saw the young redheads hands flying over her reddish-thatched pussy, her fingers driving deep inside her hot, wet tunnel… Marcie heard her moan lowly in pleasure again, trying to stifle the noise, but failing. It was too much, Marcie yanked her skirt down and went out, pausing only a moment in front of the stall Liz was pleasuring herself in before fairly running out the door and down the hall, her heels clicking loudly and her mind swirling with wanton images and her loins afire and sticky-slick as her legs rubbed together as she ran and clocked out. Then running for her car as if it were her last hope on earth.

She sat shaking in her car for several moments until she got herself under control, fighting to keep her hands away from her burning crotch as she started the car and looked at the slip of paper that the adult-stores young saleslady had given her. Did she really want to go through with this? Did she really want to go and enter the twilight world her admirer inhabited and get such erotic clothing, as horny as she was? It was all she could do to keep from finger-banging herself to death right here in her car on a public street, could she stand to go any further on this benighted path? Losing her battle, she inched her skirt higher and ran a finger over one of her stocking tops and shuddered again as she turned the car around and headed off to meet her destiny, her pleasure and desires winning out in the end. Damn her, sensual beat ordinary every time.

The shop seemed quite ordinary from the outside. But, it would have to seem that way wouldn't it? It was set in an old brownstone building and a little bell tinkled as she entered. Past the doorway, there was only a little anteroom visible from where she stood. A few seconds later, a young dark-haired woman came out from behind a curtain and introduced herself as Tryern, the owners daughter, in a thin accent. Her father's name was Dutch and the store had stood here for some twelve years, the young woman said smilingly in answer to her questions. The young lady was dressed in a glossy, shiny, long-skirted peasant dress made of a translucent amber translucent latex rubber and some little matching-colored rubber ankle-boots. It exposed her smallish erect brown nipples and ass-checks to Marcie's awestruck eyes as the young woman turned and led Marcie through the curtain and into the shop itself.

The shop's interior was festooned and encircled with racks of rubber and latex clothing as well as leather and plastics. The sheer amount of clothing was astounding to Marcie as she was led towards the back of the store and asked to sit and wait for her father by Tryern.

"I saw you looking at my dress, do you like it? I made it myself. My father says that I can include it if I want to, in the fall line. What do you think?" the girl unabashedly asked, twirling for her and showing Marcie again that she was naked as a jay bird underneath. "Very nice, does it come in other colors? Or do you work in clear colors only?" Marcie asked, lightly panting at the images forming in her overheated mind of what else she'd like to get this tender young woman to do for her.

"Oh no ma'am. All the clothes we make are one of a kind! Didn't you know that? We do have some patterns we use if we're asked. But, we prefer to make extensive measurements and keep them on file of all our customers sizes. That way, if you gain or lose a few pounds between fittings there are measurements that we can compare them to so that every item is always a custom fit. Rubber or latex notwithstanding. If the customer so desires, we make a mannequin molded in your exact shape that we can fit anything we make to. Our company is founded on taking the absolute best care possible of our clients if at all possible. Now, how may we help you, Madam? Would you like a fitting? Or would you care to just try something on? Or would you prefer something custom made? We can do it all in less than two weeks time. Just try us, we love a challenge!" Tryern said very exuberantly and confidently, her words spilling over each other as she twisted her hands together in glee and fidgeted like the young girl she was, eager to please.

Then it was Marcie's turn to fidget. She mimicked Tryern unconsciously as she said. "I believe you were told to expect me, my name is Marcie Waters. My ...master sent me here. He said whatever I wanted was on him. I believe his exact words were."

The young woman bit her lower lip between her teeth as she mumbled, thinking and recalling. "Waters, Waters. Oh yes, I remember. You have an order already waiting for you. Would you like to look at it before it's all packaged up? I have a card right here with your measurements, I could re-confirm them if you’d like? No? Then let me go get the order and you please feel free to look around if you like, it's a pretty large order as it is. Please excuse me." and she stalked purposefully off up a drapery-hidden hallway and disappeared as Marcie stood and looked all around at all the wild clothing and strange equipment that surrounded her.

She went over to a rack and pulled out a well made fancy dancing dress. It was floor length with twin slits up the leg and a heart shaped cut out bust to expose lots of cleavage. It was in a pretty, translucent pink color and she held it up to her body and found a mirror. This place was wonderful! She laid the dress over the chair she had sat her purse in on the seat and went over to another rack. From here, she pulled out a strange suit. It was black rubber, thick and heavy and had gloves and socks attached as well as the oddest looking mask she had ever seen. It looked like a gasmask had been molded into the rubber of the suit and was a part of the suit itself. She looked at it, wondering if it would fit her? It looked somewhat like the one the woman in the book had worn, and that her admirer wore. She added it to the chair and turned around just in time to see the young Tryern and an older, distinguished-looking man in regular clothing both struggling to carry a large box out from the back. He greeted her as he manhandled the large container onto the counter in the center of the large shop.

"I see you're finding everything all right? Good, we like to keep our customers happy. I'll send Tryern to find those two items in your sizes and we'll add them to the order. Your patron was more than happy to pick up the tab and I see can why, you're quite lovely. Will there be anything else?" he said, breathing heavily and wiping sweat from his bushy eyebrows.

"How does one go about putting on such garments sir? I'm terribly new to all this and I must plead my ignorance in all this as well. And do you know my... Patron, you called him? Could you tell me more about him? I know nothing about him at all. And I thank you for your kind praise sir, I’ve only recently started dressing up again." she asked shyly, feeling scared and wondering now what she was doing in this place.

"Madam. I regret that your master has sworn me and Tryern to secrecy. However, inside the box are a photo album and some correspondence for you from him as well as a booklet explaining all you will require in the way of knowledge about our products. I'm truly sorry Dame Waters, that I and my daughter can't be of more help in this matter. Perhaps at a later date, I can be more informative. Now, if you would be so kind as to sign here... and here. And once more here, if you please. Ah, here comes Tryern with the rest. If you'll allow me to assist with getting this carton in your vehicle, you can be on your way. Here's some business cards and some literature for you to browse through and we thank you, Madam, for shopping with "Inner Limits" fashions." he said sprightly as the young woman came back and placed two opaque plastic bags in the large box before taping it shut again. Then, he fitted word to deed and picked up and wrestled the huge box outside and stuffed it into her trunk and he had to use some twine to tie the lid shut over it. As briskly, she was let into her car and she started off, watching the grinning father and daughter, arms around each other in her rear view as she sped away home.

How utterly odd? She felt like she had just been shuffled off by the two. She puzzled over her experience as she drove home and into her driveway. Then, she found that she had a task ahead of her. The box had to weigh quite a few pounds and she would have to use her handcart to take in inside. Undaunted and curious, she went in and quickly changed out of her working clothes and into a set of sweats pulled on over her rather unusual undergarments, pulled on some flats on over her stockings and went out to wrestle her new clothes inside. What could they be? She wondered as she grunted and heaved the box out of the trunk and eased it down to the ground, getting the cart and using it to haul the box in. This thing weighs a ton! She thought as she worked it over the hump of her entranceway and finally, into her living room. The sun was just setting behind her as she locked up and got it inside.

She stood panting from her exertions and as cooled down as she went to make sure the doors were all shut up as well and the car locked up before coming back in and pushing the heavy thing over to the side of the couch. She used a penknife to slit open the tape and goggled at what she saw. Under the dress and suit she’d included at the last minute there were many, many more plastic bags stacked neatly inside. She wondered what they all were? On top was a large clear zip-lock bag that contained an old style photo album and a stack of letters tied together with a piece of red ribbon. She pulled this out and found a large, thin booklet underneath that had the stores logo of a bald-headed woman’s silhouette in black posing and winking sultrily at the observer. She picked it up and leafed through it. It contained instructions on how the latex clothes should be put on, washed, dried and cared for so that they would last a long time to come. She nibbled at the end of a fingernail as she read what she needed to know and then laid the booklet aside and searched around in the box for the complementary bottles of lubricant and the polish that went along with it. Finding them, she sat them on the carpet next to the box and picked up the first plastic wrapped item.

The label said: item: 1 pair ladies latex panties, crotchless. Blk. Customer No. 9,485. M, Waters.

She put it down next to the bottles and looked at the next one. it read. item: two(2) pair woman's long latex stockings. one(1) Red. one(1) Blk and repeated her customer number and name.

She started pulling them all out one at a time and reading them. He had gotten her: 2 black rubber catsuits. (one with "attachments" whatever they were.) One red rubber catsuit. One total coverage body suit, also black like the other one she had added at the last minute but with a different type gasmask molded into the face like the one the woman wore in the picture in her book from the library. Four rubber corsets, one in black and white, one in black and red, one solid black and one in solid red. More rubber stockings and two garter belts and a merry widow as well as a rubber body-shaper that left her breasts exposed. Six pairs of various types of panties. Two pairs of tights with zippers running along the crotch, also in black. Three pairs of long opera length rubber gloves. Two pair of gloves in elbow length and two in wrist length. Three bras, all black and one with holes over the nipples. A bathing suit of all things and a pair of the tallest, high-heeled boots in black rubber she had ever seen before. And a box full of rubber masks in every color and style and type one could imagine and one or two that she couldn't. And all in her sizes. They were listed on a separate sheet and she wondered momentarily how he had gotten them all without her knowing about it?

She came to a sheet on the bottom of the box and found it was a sales slip. She couldn't believe it. Just the items in this box alone cost Six Thousand Dollars! Without the two items she had added at the last minute. She sat stunned for a few minutes as it sunk in. Her admirer must be rich, otherwise how could her afford to just give her such expensive clothes? She wrestled for a minute with wither or not she should just take it all back. Then she looked at the bottom of the receipt and saw that the clothes were non-returnable. Unless they tore or there was some kind other kind of defect. Otherwise, she was stuck with them. Wow! So much for all this, why? And why did he want her to have it all? And what was his game anyway?

Her mind clouded with guilt, chasing away any feelings of pleasure she had for the moment. Was she really worth all this? She certainly didn't think so. He must really want to go to bed with her if he bought her all of this stuff just so that he could go out to a club with her. And she wondered why anyone would want a frumpy old spinster like herself in the first place? Was she really worth it? Apparently he thought so. She hugged herself, suddenly cold in her running outfit with her sexy underwear on underneath it. He really, really must think that she WAS really hot and sexy and desirable! She didn't think so. But, she secretly relished the thought that someone out there did anyway. Determined to make sure he got his money's worth, she pulled a few of the bags over and, cradling them in her arms, picked up the bottle of lube and went into the bathroom to get washed up and changed.

It seemed to take forever. But, she was out again in an hour’s time. Dressed in one of the black latex catsuits over the rubber bra and the high cut panties with the strange sheath that she had figured out went up inside her vagina and surrounded by the odd little fingers and bumps molded over the clitoral region as well as lining the cups and areola areas of her bra. They made her boobies and her crotch tingle, dragging and sliding over her sensitive skin as she moved as she had finished dressing in the catsuit. She was rapidly growing to like the little shocks they gave her as she drew on the tall six-inched stiletto-heeled rubber boots that went on like a pair of her stockings and looked at herself in the dressing mirror in her room.

The latex molded to her skin like a glove, even with the odd, but thrilling underwear on. And it molded her as well, pushing things up into places and shapes she’d only ever dreamed of before. She could make out the erect points of her nipples through the second skin of the catsuit as she turned and watched her muscles ripple under it's shiny, stretchy covering. The spike-heeled stiletto thigh-boots were higher than she was used to. But, she quickly remembered the pelvis-forward walk from her younger days and soon was striding effortlessly across the floor as she imagined herself on a catwalk, modeling the wild outfit for a cheering bunch of women in some place like Paris.

She felt herself starting to sweat inside the suit. But, she decided that she liked that too as the sticky-slick traction added further fuel to her body's erotic flames. She was getting incredibly turned just from strutting around in her new kinky rubber outfit. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter between her legs and wondered what else this stuff could do? Or what she could do in it? No doubt about it. In the tight form hugging rubber she was truly beautiful! She had piled her hair up in a big coil on top of her head to keep it out of the way as she’d fumbled her way into the rubber suit and it added to her look and made her quite ...dominant looking!

She walked back into the living room and hunted around in the accessories looking for a belt. Not finding one, she instead picked up one of the corsets and held it up to her waist. Could she get into it by herself? It had a zipper in the back and quite a few buckles holding it together in the front and on the sides. Ok, she would give it a go.

She loosened the buckles all around and undid the zipper and wrapped it around her waist and her breasts before zipping it back up and turning it around squeakingly and snappingly to the front and fitting her breasts in the little up-turned half demi-cups. She began cinching up on the straps and buckles one hole at a time until she felt her chest would burst from the pressure and then quit. She was wheezing shortly and gasping for breath by the time she returned to her bedroom and beheld herself in the mirror. She had to have the narrowest waist she had ever seen before with the tight corset pulling her in, in ways she had never been compressed before! Now, the woman in the glass WAS a Dominatrix! She looked like she could spit nails! Wow! She felt all funny inside as she looked at the wild, kinky woman she had become. Was that really her?


She felt an internal erotic storm rise out of nowhere and had to grab onto the mirror frame as she felt her hips rock themselves forwards and shirked as the most massive orgasm she had ever felt, ripped through her totally clothed and untouched body until she had to sit quickly down before she fell down. She hadn't done a thing! Not a thing, and she had come so hard that she sat watching her own pussy lips opening and closing through the layers of thin rubber as more and more mini-orgasms danced their way through her overcome body. She was panting and gasping and mauling her breasts and her pussy through the suit and still she hadn't been penetrated, not once! What the hell, She thought as she rode out another ripple of abject pleasure! What is this shit doing to me?

She got to her hands and knees and tried to crawl into the other room. But, found herself pulling herself up onto the bed instead and getting one of her dildo vibes out and turning it on and sucking on it in a erotic fog before pulling up on the crotch zipper of her suit and forcing it inside her fluttering, lined cunt and zipping it back closed, thrashing around as she came harder now, again and again and again as she howled and worked at her own tits, mashing them together and howling like a wounded banshee. I don't know! but I sure as hell like the fuck out of it! she thought abandonedly to herself as she moaned and was lost in her pleasures and rolled around and finally off the bed altogether, laying on the floor and thrashing about as she came and came uncontrollably.

The world stopped and she came, it started up again and she came.

Time lost all meaning as she rolled around on the floor, gasping and sighing and crying out loudly as she felt her mind slipping away and her body taking over further and further, seeking more and more pleasure for itself after being so long denied. She had a line of drool hanging from her parched lips and was getting off on spreading it all around on her rubbered tits as she pinched at them and shoved her other hand deeper into her crotch, driving the dildo deeper inside herself over and over and faster and faster and howling mindlessly as her orgasms reached yet a new and higher pitch. She was soon a twitching puddle of weakened flesh, barely moving except for hunching her hips about as another cum would slam into her or shakily reaching up to tweak on one or both of her sore nipples. She was tired and wanted to quit. But, her greedy body still wanted more and more and she sobbed that she wanted to stop. But, there was no one to hear her but herself.

She heard the phone ring as if in a dream. With the last of her strength, she inched over to the bedside table and achingly, reached up for the phone. She finally had to pull it down by the cord and she felt the impact on her pelvis and it triggered another massive cum from her knowing that it had to be him. She couldn't even pick it up to place it to her ear. Instead, she squirmed over and laid her head over the earpiece and cried out piteously as she continuity ground her hands into her crotch. "Please, Please make it stop! Aaarrggghhhh! I can't stop! I can't stop cummmminnggg!!! Oooohhhh, Aaaahhh! gggooodddd! sssoooo ggoooddddd! Please, please make it STOP! Please, please, please, please. Oh please! Ooooooo, Aaaahhh, Aarrrrgghhhh! cumming, cumming, cumming, I'm fucking cumming again! Oh, Oh, Oh, Aaaaahhhh! Aaaarrrgggghhhh! Uh, Uh, Uh!" and the battery's quit at just that exact moment. She lay, Oooooing and Aaaahhhing for several protracted moments before remembering the phone and who lay on the other end. she picked it up as more thrills ran up and down her spine and body as she rode out the ongoing aftershocks and asked smokily. "Is it you?"

The voice on the other end came back. It was strong and masculine. It was him! "Hello my dear one. I see that you found the right place and have been trying out some of my beloved rubber. What do you think?"

All she had the strength to say was to coo. "Heavenly. It's like nothing else in the whole world. Come and fuck me now master. Please? I think I'll go mad if I have to stay in this suit much longer without having you near me. Please, please let me come and see you. You've brought me such wonderful new clothes, I just want to pay you back in some small way, Please?"

There was silence on the other end and she sat fidgeting with the phone cord wondering if she had done something wrong when he said, rather coldly. "Not tonight. Read the letters I have written you and look at the album for the rest of tonight and follow the instructions inside and I will see you soon my dear. But, not tonight. No."

"Oh why? Why won't you come and take me now?!!! Why won't you love me? Don't you want me master? Why do I have to stay home and be tormented by the lusts you've unleashed in my poor old body, mind and soul? When will you claim me master? When can I lie at your feet and pleasure you as you have pleasured me from so far away? You've brought me all these lovely, sexy clothes and helped me re-awaken my poor, old, used up body and showed me that I can love again. So why won't you make me yours now? Have I done something wrong, or said something that made you not want me anymore? If so please, please tell me what it was and let me find some way to make it up to you so I can bask in your love again. Please, please let me into your heart. Please." She sobbed, begging and pleading with him through the phone. Her body was still on fire with waves of lustful uncontrollable bliss racing through her tired body and mind as she animalisticly hunched and ground her ass across the floor and as her tears dripped onto her catsuit and were repelled to strike on the hard, unyielding floor underneath her.

"Listen closely Marcie. I want you to unzip and take off your catsuit. You're not used to such direct stimulation and it's clouding your mind and making you go into a state of hyper-stimulation. I want you to take it off now, and the underwear as well. Then your body will gradually relax and you can get some much needed rest for the rest of the night. Then read my letters and I will call you as they indicate. I want you to know that I find you not only extremely attractive. I care about your well being. So do this for me now and get some sleep. I'll call you tomorrow. All right?" he said very low into her ear.

"Nnnnoooo! I want to fuck you! I want you here, with me, in me! Please!" she sobbed. She had already started undoing the buckles of the corset and unzipping the rubber suit and was trying to get one of her arms free as another wave hit her and she dropped the phone as she lost control again, humped uncaringly across the floor and squealed out her unwanted orgasm. She started struggling out of the corset and the suit and the maddening bra and soon sat panting and pulling the legs of the suit free after viciously yanking her boots off one at a time. This rubber was driving her mad! She thought. she also thought that she had gotten away from it's influence as she pulled down her rubber panties and another wave came crashing into her body as the sleeve came free of her totally soaked pussy, making her howl again. Finally, away from all the overstimulation, she slowly cooled off and retrieved the phone. "Are you still there?" she asked abashedly into it.

"You know that I am. I just couldn't leave you like that, now could I?" He answered back kindly, she could feel his warmth, and bathed in it as she said softly. "I did as you asked. All of the rubber is off now and I do feel better. What should I do now?"

He seemed happy for her as he said jokingly. "Intense. Isn't it?"

She chuckled. "Yes, it is. But you knew that, you beautiful bastard."

He laughed back. "Always these references to my parentage. I think you might just have a complex, my dear."

"Well, you are a beautiful bastard. What of it? Are you going to come over here and ravish me or something? I think I could fit you into my busy schedule. Oh, say Tuesday?" she laughed

"How about we shoot for sometime sooner than that. Read my letters. They'll explain a lot. I have to go now. Sleep tight, and dream of me Marcie."

She pouted. But, accepted that she wasn't going to get her way right now. "Goodnight. Master." She said sadly.

"Goodnight my love." He said and hung up, leaving her elated. He said he loved her!!!

She picked up the infernal rubber suit and the other things and went in and washed them out as the booklet had instructed. And then hung them up to dry and after bathing herself off she tried to put on her nightdress but yelped as the rough cloth made contact with her now sensitive skin. Instead, she slipped between the rough sheets naked as a jay bird and soon was snoring in a peaceful slumber and as he had asked. She dreamed of him.

The next morning came and she awoke in the warm sunlight and stretched, smiling and happy and went and got the plastic bag and pulled out the little stack of letters. She opened the first one and was instantly struck by how beautifully they were written. They read like poetry. But with an edge she couldn't quite grasp. They read somewhat like an old style Homeric epic. And just as heroic and as tragic as it told her tales of his childhood spent alone and cared for by nannies that seemed to have a thing for kinky evenings alone with him dressed in his rubber rain gear, making him feel strangely loved and lonely at the same time.

His parents were the grandchildren of the last of the Oneada colony and they were hedonistic sensualists that lived a polyamorous lifestyle with a commune on their large estate. He grew up loved and cared for by all of them. But, felt hardly any attachment for his biological parents. He had, as an infant, been passed from teat to teat by all the women of the commune, never hardly knowing or bonding with his own mother. His father sold war supplies making millions and traveling, he hardly saw him either.

He grew to manhood like that. He learned all the arts to making love from all the woman of the commune. But, felt that he had always been missing out on the things that other young men had, when it came to meeting and wooing young ladies. And so he had retreated back into the world of his rubber and came to get used to meeting people like himself through the gatherings and meeting places that people into kinky sex wondered around in. It was a strange life to say the least. He could do the wildest, nastiest things with a person. But, he couldn't express his feelings with anyone he met that way. He met a woman that he thought he loved and married her and she died of cancer not long afterwards. He moved on, his loneliness intensified and he buried it by working way too hard.

He was lonely and confused for many years and took to filling his mind with books. That's where he first saw her. From the instant he saw her, he wrote, he knew she was the one that he had to have. She was everything he wanted or desired in a woman. She had sangfroid, a keen mind, a gorgeous figure and a ready wit and savoir-faire that seemed to be the very equal of his own. There was just one thing wrong. She hated herself. She had closed herself off from the world long ago because her husband had died and left her all alone and he could see that she hated the idea of dating in any form. So how to get her alone to himself?

He had reasoned that if she could bring herself to re-awaken her own sexual yearnings. She would regain the confidence and poise that she had, had all along and they could meet as equals. Wow! He had known that! She couldn't bring herself to realize that in the past ten years and he had seen it right away. She had been closed off. For just the reason he stated and now that she saw herself through different eyes. She saw the way she had dressed and acted all these long years and knew that she had hated herself. But, now she didn't any longer, she had someone that cared for her and loved her. Someone that knew more about her then she herself did. Her master.

She read the next one and soaked it up like a sponge, and the next and the next.

By the time she finished, her lap was soaked with her tears and she sobbed and read about how he wanted her to see him for the first time unmasked when they finally were married and only then she would see his face and she would recognize him instantly. Not just as her new husband. But, as his equal and her mate.

At the bottom of the last letter were instructions and a number to call when she was dressed and ready for his chauffeur to pick her up and whisk her away to his club where they would have a "quiet" evening getting to know each other better before he would finally take her in his arms and consummate the days of long distance eroticism that she had already been through. She picked up the album and opened it to find pictures of him as a baby and as he had grown into manhood, always masked and in rubber. Pictures of him at the private school he had been allowed to attend, again always dressed in rubber and latex clothing. He was handsome in it and she felt her heart beating in her chest as she leafed through the rest before finally putting it down after hugging it to her like an old friend.

She felt warm and alive and loved. She was grinning from ear to ear as she went into the kitchen and made herself some coffee and a light breakfast.

Sitting down, she heard the buzz of the phone and went and picked it up. It was him again. "Good morning." She said happily as she sat back down and resumed eating. "I read your letters, they were wonderful. I feel like I know all about you now. I'm sorry I said all those things to you last night, it was because I was so horny and lonely for you. I was frustrated. Forgive me?"

"Always, my love. And do you like my ideas? Are you ready to take the plunge and put the rubber back on to come and meet me for some dinner? This time I suggest that you not wear the bra and panties with the clitoral stimulators in them. But, what do you think?" he said, a playful tone in his deep voice.

"That was silly of me, wasn't it. But, it did get your attention, didn't it? And I'd love to meet you for dinner, or anything else you desire. I think I love you too, what do you say about that, master? I'm glad that you shook me out of my lethargy and brought me back out into the light and made me a whole person again. Thank you." She said, huskily. Nibbling on some toast as she cradled the phone on her shoulder.

"It certainly did my dear. I haven't seen anyone squirming around in rut like that since nanny Peters found my "Mr. Monster" vibrator and got it stuck in her pussy and we had to call in a doctor to help get it out of her, the poor thing. Served her right though. She shouldn't have been playing with other peoples things. You don't know how happy you've made me just by saying you love me too. And it's I who should be thanking you my love. It was cruel of me to put you through what I have to get you to reclaim your body and your heart. I just want to say I'm sorry about that. Forgive me? So, when can you fit me into your busy schedule now?" He asked her. Her heart leapt. When indeed?

Marcie paused a minute before answering. "How about four o'clock? And Darling…"

"Yes, My dear?" came back.

"Could you send me a belt to go with my black suit? I need something to carry my ID and other ladies things around in and I don't think a purse would seem appropriate. Could you send something?" she wheedled, smiling all the while.

"Of course. How utterly stupid of me! I'll send one along with Hanz when he comes along to get you. Is black all right? I have a rather thick one with several pouches clipped to it if you would like that? I'll have Dutch and Tryran make you some up special right away also, how about that? Oh, and one other thing my lovely Marcie."

"That would be splendid. And what else lover?" she said.

"Hanz will be suited and masked, my dear. So don't bother trying to talk with him as he has been rendered deaf and mute for the month for failing in his duties. I just thought you should know that before he got there. He has some earpieces so that he can plug into the early warning systems so that he can drive the car. But, other than that, he'll be rather boring company I suppose. See you soon, my love." he said, whispering lightly for such a deep, sure voice.

"I can't wait. I miss you already and I'll wear my black suit. Without the little infernal knobs on the damn underthings! Four o'clock then?" she said, trying to keep him on the line just a few moments longer with her.

"Now I'm the one that can't wait. Goodbye my love, until later this afternoon."

"Goodbye, I think I'll get ready after lunch if you want to torment me again. You horny man you." she finished, giggling like a schoolgirl as she made sure to be the one hanging up on him for a change.

On an impulse and still naked. She grabbed a towel from the bathroom and went out into her backyard to do something she hadn't done in years. She spread the towel out and lay down on it to get some sun on her pale skin. Her neighbor, Mrs. Migintty was pruning and looked over and saw her as she lay soaking up the warmth and Harrumphed and mumbled "Well I never!" under her breath as she rapidly retreated indoors. Away from her sunbathing neighbor Mrs. Waters.

And you most assuredly never will, Mabel. Not with that attitude. She thought amusedly to herself as she basked in the warm morning sunlight and smiled and smiled.

She gave herself just enough sun to even out her white skin and went back in and started by giving herself a long luxurious bath with lots of bubbles and finishing with a hot shower to rinse the last of the soap from her body, before drying completely off and looking through the collection of rubber her lover had sent her.

I'm going to need a new bureau to keep all of this stuff in. she thought to herself as she hunted around and discovered that she had a dilemma. She had wanted to wear a mask so that he couldn't see her face. But, found that they all seemed too small for her to wear over her piled up hair. She thought about it hard for awhile before going back over to the little booklet that had given instructions on how to put these clothes on and how to take care of them and looked through it more completely.

She found a mention of a solution towards the back of the book and shrugged before going out to her garage and looking through her old sporting goods and finding her little blue latex swimming cap and piling her hair up underneath it as she pulled it on over her head. It was tight. But still fit, just barely and made her hair flatter and more likely to fit under the mask, even though it gave her head a somewhat conical appearance. She had decided to wear her new black rubber catsuit to see what it was like with nothing else on underneath and only the belt and boots on over it. She held up a black latex mask with thin red swatches of color cutting at an angle across the temples and decided on that as well. It seemed Ok, it had eye, nose and mouth holes that seemed to be in the right positions and it zipped down the back of the head with a wide bib at the neck so that it would meld seamlessly into the neck of her suit.

Marcie put it on first; the mask fit very tightly on her face and head as she struggled to get the zipper down in the back. Once on, it warmed up and molded to her features like a glove leaving not one wrinkle behind at all. She looked at the masked harlot in the mirror and felt herself getting damp already. She would have to hurry or she would find herself swept away on the rising tide of her forbidden lusts again and then where would she be? Chuckling at the mental image, she smeared herself in lube and oozed into the tight, figure hugging latex catsuit and boots and stood in front of the mirror in her room, polishing her now shiny body to a brilliant sheen.

She was looking good! She thought wryly to herself as she turned this way and that, examining her tight uplifted asscheeks and protruding tits with her erect nipples fitting nicely into the molded cups with their own representations of the same protuberances sticking stiffly out from her overabundant bosom. She added some short black gloves to complete her ensemble as she waited for the hours to pass. She felt quite odd in the slick rubber skin she wore. Not like she was clothed at all but seemed to be both naked and covered up, all at the same time. The rubber warmed up and seemed much more comfortable than anything she could ever remember wearing. She stalked back and forth, pacing across and around the house as she waited for the right time to place her call, frustrated and so, so horny.

At least this was to be the day! She would finally meet and talk to her prince in black, shiny rubber for the first time that miles and miles of phonelines didn't separate them. She sat on the couch for a time, looking through the album of his pictures, working her foot up and down impatiently across her knee and wondered again just who he was in reality? He had said that she would recognize him instantly. Whoever could her loverman be? After a time, she gave up trying out the possibilities and fetched the rubber bound book and opened it up to the next chapter and began to read to pass the remaining time.

Chapter 2

Romance and Kink.

Or How much is that slaveboy in the window?

Much has been written in recent years about how romance has undergone great changes in the age of AIDS and about how hard it is to find the perfect mate. I leave others to tell you how these things have affected their lives and how they feel it has endangered the ideals of romance in this modern age. But, for us in the kink community. We have been practicing safe sex almost as long as those in the gay and lesbian communities, perhaps longer. So long in fact, that we feel that we have an edge, and that edge is called rubber and latex. By the judicious use of condoms and other means of preventing the exchange of bodily fluids. One can significantly reduce the transmission of any unwanted or dangerous diseases if not eliminate them altogether. The wearing of a rubber full body suit can reduce the risk of infection to such a degree that it could be eliminated almost to a point of being a non-issue.

So I put it to you that incorporating rubber and latex clothes can lend a feeling of safety and security to your sexual play that nothing else can compare with. And as for romance. Isn't a partner kneeling at your feet because he/she loves and trusts you just as romantic as getting a bunch of dying flowers and a night of sweaty sex in the back of a Studebaker?

It may not be the same type of romance that your grandmother would have approved of. (or maybe she would?) but, in this day and time. It sure beats having no sex at all or laying in your bed with a vibrator every night because you fear intimacy with someone you like.

And think about it. Wouldn't those roses and they're thorns find a better use on the backside of a loving partner that wants and desires the stimulation than being thrown out in the trash?

So, grab that whip ladies or gentlemen. And don't be afraid to lay it on hard, (consensually, of course.) Romance is where you find it and love knows no bounds except those you place on your partner.

And please, practice safe sex in all your sexual play. Whatever it may be.

Marcie found herself laughing so hard at the image of her standing over him thrashing him with a dozen red roses, she found it so hilarious that the book slid off her thighs and landed on the floor with a thump. Holding her own sides as she howled with laugher. And oddly, she could see the romantic angle to the writer's point. That love was wherever you found it these days. And she should know. Her prince wore rubber and now, so did she. She laughed so hard that tears poured from her eyes out of her mask and down her cheeks as she slid to the floor, braying with laughter at the idea of a man on his knees (!) offering her his hand in marriage and the old joke about the wife being a ball and chain. It was sure to have a different twist to it these days, she was quite sure. By the time she quit chuckling, she looked up at the clock and saw it was almost time to call for her ride. The time had come for her to meet her own prince charming.

She called the number on the bottom of the last page of his last letter and found herself speaking with a young sounding girl of possibly German origins. She introduced herself as Inge, one of the masters housekeepers. She crispy said that Hanz would be summoned immediately and would come to pick her up straight away. Marcie liked the way the woman spoke and tried asking the girl several questions about her master. The girl got flustered and begged off of saying anything about her master and pleaded with Marcie not to have her punished for speaking out of turn. Marcie assured the girl that she was as stout as a brick and wouldn't tell a soul. Then Inge cheered up a bit and said she had to get back or she'd get licks for taking too long. She said goodbye with an oddly happy lilt in her voice, as if she rather liked the idea of being spanked.

Marcie paced the room for the next twenty minutes before she heard the expected knock on her door. Hanz, the driver, was indeed sealed in rubber. He wore a very suggestive black rubber suit as tight fitting as her own but had a strange pair of side belted leather shorts on covering his genitalia and rear end. Still, it molded quite nicely to his asscheeks and she was tempted to give one a squeeze. But wanted to wait and see what was to come. She felt an odd spiritual release as she walked outside in full view and in broad daylight ahead of a man identifiable only as male and by the chauffeurs cap he sported and the jack-boots he wore. Head held high and her heels clicking on the concrete. An epiphany of sorts rang in her head as she waited for the opened door and she got into the flat black limousine as if she were a queen in her black shiny rubber outfit. And they were off in moments, leaving poor Mrs. Migintty lying passed out on her dying lawn from the shock, water hose still in hand, spraying up into the air.

It was a good thing the Limo was soundproofed, she laughed so hard she thought she would die as they raced down the sunlit streets amid all the regularly dressed people. Hanz opened the partitioning window and handed her a gorgeous chrome studded four inch thick black rubber belt with two small handbags attached to it by chrome snap-hooks and she opened her hand and placed her drivers license and a credit card in the front one and belted it tightly around her waist, it cinched her in like a narrow girdle and looked marvelous on her trimmed body.

Marcie watched the people pass by as if she were seeing them from a train and as though they were going by and she would never come this way again. She crossed her shiny arms over her breasts and held herself as they rounded several corners, went up a street and pulled into a garage and a door came down behind them as they pulled up to a series of pillars and a double smokey glass door and stopped. There was a red carpet running from the doors to the car and Hanz came around and opened the car door, helped her out and led her up the steps as they opened. The place had the air of a carnival about it. A hoodmasked waitress in a pink latex body suit with a pink rubber micro-mini greeted her cordially and led her to a table along a side wall.

It was rather quiet here, she noticed as the woman took her order for a maitai and strutted off on her six-inch heels. Hanz had also quietly disappeared, she noticed. The atmosphere was dark and she noted that there was a stage in the center of the room. The people were dressed primarily in various types of latex and rubber with some leathers and plastics thrown in, she guessed for variety and she sat and watched as people danced or talked in low voices amongst themselves. Everyone seemed to know each other and seemed quite friendly. It seemed to be a nice place. Though not one she would normally have frequented if she hadn't met her prince and he had led her into this strange little world of his. A man and woman sat both dressed head to toe in black rubber suits at the table next to her and she leaned over and asked quietly. "Do they have stage shows here?"

The woman laughed and said back softly chuckling. "Do they ever Hon. You must be new here, My name is Cassandra Tate and this poor mortal sitting across from me, is Alexander Croquet. We've been coming here for several years now. Haven't we Dear?" The man just smiled and shrugged and said. "Welcome to the den of inequity. Hope this kind of place doesn't put you off Ms. But, I see you already have met the dress code. The show'll start when Victor decides to get off his rubber-clad ass and comes out. He's supposed to be meeting his new amour here for the first time tonight. Poor lad, he's nervous as a cat! I saw him earlier and he was almost beside himself that the lucky lady will decide that he's ruined goods and run screaming for the hills! Poor poor laddy."

Marcie smiled back, placed her face in her hands and her elbows on the table and asked. "Oh. And how is he ruined?”

Cassandra leaned over and placed her gloved hand on Marcie's rubbered thigh and said seriously. "But he's not, my dear. That's the horrible thing about it, he just thinks that he is! He's fit as a fiddle and the only thing bothering him is that he's had such a hard life trying to fit into both normal society and our own. He feels like he's unmarryable. And that's such a shame too, because he's such a wonderful man! If asshole here wasn't so damn good with his tongue and cock. I'd be on Victor in a minute if he expressed so much as an interest in me. Aaahh, he's really quite dreamy, you know."

Smiling, Marcie leaned over conspiratorially and said. "Yes, I know."

Cassandra drew back confused. "And how do you know Victor. Oh! Wait, -I…"

"Yes." Marcie said, flushing under her mask. "I'm the one he's meeting tonight."

The look on both of their shiny faces came right through the rubber masks they wore. They were dumbfounded. Then Cassandra threw her head back and brayed with high, clear laugher as she licked her sharp tongue over her masked lips and said musically. "Wonderful! I think you'll do just fine. I'm sorry. I didn't catch your name."

She cocked her head to the side and said. "Hello. My name is Marcie Waters. I'm the one that should apologize. I kind of led you on there. I'm just so curious about him. Until you just told me, I didn't even know his name. Victor. I like it. Can I buy you each a drink for your help?" Alexander looked stricken and sat sullenly. But, Cassandra looked elated. She reached over and hung her rubber clad arm around Marcie's shoulders and hugged her like a long lost friend. "Lovely Marcie, if you are indeed the apple of his eye. You can buy me all the drinks you like. So tell me, how did you two meet? Tell Cassie absolutely, everything." She inquired conspiratorially.

So Marcie spent the next twenty minutes telling Cassandra and Alexander and a gathering growing circle of rubber clad people about his first call and all that came after. By the time she had finished, Cassie and several of the others that had gathered around their table were convulsing with snorting and good natured laughter and she felt really good about the people in this place. They seemed so kind and she had seemed to have passed some kind of test. But, they were all so nice to her and they seemed so happy that Victor had found someone that he trusted enough to want to meet, that she felt warmed by their jovial jibes at both themselves and Victor and she felt very at home with all of these strangely dressed and blatantly sexual people.

A man named Ratherford spoke up at the end of her narrative and said. "I wondered what happened to that book. Well. I'm glad it's in a place that people can find it. And hopefully read it and learn what you have. That we're not really just a bunch of kooks. I hope you read the rest and return it to your shelves for others, my dear Mrs. Waters."

"Oh, I will Benjamin. But, why are you so interested in it getting out where the general public can see it?" she asked the tall man in a rubber body suit and jack boots and wearing the most stunning latex rubber bowler hat Marcie had ever seen.

"Because, my dear. I wrote it! Under an assumed name of course. About six years ago. After my dear wife left me for a truck driver named Albert. It helped me to come to grips with my own fetishism, writing gave me a way to let others know about us and that we exist and that we are people too. So please, when you're done, give it a good home. There's only eleven copies of it in existence. It does me a world of good just knowing that it's still around. Enjoy."

Now Marcie was dumbstruck. So, this tall man from some good college, she bet, wrote the book she was slowly using as a primmer. Intriguing. She had about a million questions for this man. But right as she was going to ask him if she could talk to him about it later, a well built man all in black rubber came over and standing slightly apart from the small circle, asked in a voice she would have recognized anywhere. "Marcie? Is that you my love? You look absolutely stunning!"

She gave him her best smile and she vaguely wondered if it showed through her mask as she said brightly. "Hello Victor. Thank you for your fine complement. Can we have dinner now? I'm absolutely ravenous."

Her black clad man and the whole of the room around her broke out in laughs.

After the din had died down. She took his extended hand, rose and walked beside him, watching him as hard as he watched her back likewise, to a long, out of the way table sitting in an alcove with a direct line of sight to the stage and sat back down as he held her chair before sitting himself. The pictures didn't do him justice. He was unremarkable in size and height. But was well defined and the latex showed much of his rippling stomach muscles and his well muscled arms and shoulders. Here in public, he wore the same belted shorts that Hanz wore to hide, or at least better define his loins. Her prince wore flat heeled high-thigh boots and a belt matching her own. They made a cute couple, Marcie decided as she took a menu from the pink rubber-clad waitress.

Victor did indeed look quite nervous as he asked speculatively.

"So, what would you like to eat Lovely Marcie. I can recommend the tube-st. eer, sorry. I mean the house steak. I'm so sorry, I must sound like a real putz. Please forgive me. I sooo want this to go right, I really do. I've wanted for this for so long. Please don't mind me, I'm blathering."

Marcie laid a reassuring hand on his rubberized arm and leaned in closer to his rather overheated frame and said softly. "Victor. Relax. I'm here aren't I? Now, I'll have the veal with peppercorns, some escalloped potatoes and the house salad and how about we share a bottle of Liebfraumilch Ostilling while we talk. All right?"

He looked so grateful, she thought he was going to fall over in a faint. He quickly recovered though and said to the pink-clad woman. "Right. And I'll have the beef pompinon, Becka. And make sure the wine is properly chilled please, and a Grolsh, thank you Becka."

The woman's lips curled up under her mask in a broad smile as she took the menus and said. "It'll be just a few minutes, sir and madam… Vic. you're on." And then scuttled away as quickly as her high heels would carry her.

True enough. Right then a spotlight came on blinding both of them and he looked at her sheepishly and quickly rose to his feet and said loudly, but good-naturedly to the crowd. "Hello friends and special guests. Tonight is a big night for all of us, and especially for me. I'd like you all to welcome a special friend of mine, this is Ms M. ladies and gentlemen. Please make her feel at home and let's get on with tonight's entertainment. Enjoy the show everybody!" a great round of applause arose and Marcie nodded her head in acknowledgment before the music came up and the lights darkened. Leaving them to each other again.

The show started with a pair of rubber-clad women dancing provocatively out onto the stage and running their rubbered hands over themselves and then each other as they intertwined twisting to the music's driving beat. She felt some little flutters of arousal coming on as she watched the two women rubbing themselves against each other and placed a slim hand on the leg of Victors shorts as the two writhed onstage. The waitress, Becka, came back bearing a bottle stand and two glasses and poured them each a glass and retreated. Marcie took the opportunity and scooted her chair closer and switched hands as he slid an arm around her and laid her head on his strong shoulder and sipped her wine as the action onstage intensified. One of the women had strapped a large black dildo onto her waist and held the others leg up even with her body and made her stand that way as she unzipped the woman's crotch and started fucking the tottering rubber woman as hard and as fast as she could, the latter’s body quaking as she came from the sudden rapid, forceful thrusts.

Every persons breathing in the room could be heard as it got deeper and they all got more and more aroused as a group as the two women ground themselves hard against one another, the contortionist gasping now as her pussy was plundered. Marcie felt him stiffen as they watched and both started breathing deeper and she squirmed in her chair as her own arousal deepened. The swaying rubber-girl was crying out now as she slammed her own hips back at the tit tweaking Dominatrix's dildo with a slapping, wet sound coming from between them, unable to be covered up by the swelling musical strains.

Even without the stimulator bra and panties, she was feeling randy inside her rubber suit and growled softly as she eased her gloved hand down inside Victor's molded shorts, grasping his swelling, encased member and encircling it in her small digits and giving it a few squeezes as she smiled up at him. He could be seen doing likewise down at her and sat with his arm around her as they watched the two women onstage scream out in orgasm and both promptly came apart panting and their pelvis's glistening with love juice as they bowed to the applause and withdrew stage left. The music ended and soft lighting came back up and people went back to talking amongst themselves until the next act.

Victor was quite hard in her hand as she asked. "So. Now that I have you in hand, so to speak. Talk to me. I now know your name is Victor, which is more than you were willing to tell me. I understand why you're cautious. But, now… I wouldn't want to do anything to upset what we have. So why don't you come clean and tell me more about yourself. You don't have to tell me your full name for now, as you asked in your wonderfully touching letters. But, I want to know why you picked me. And where we go from here, for starters."

She felt him deflate a little from being put on the spot. But, she jacked his still hard cock back to rigidity and sat looking at him until he shook his head slightly and said. "All right Marcie. I won't tell you my full name. But, Victor is my middle name. I own this and about twenty other such clubs all over the world. I inherited most of them from my father who saw the future of our modern sexual underground and started these clubs so that fetishists and other hedonists would have a safe and nurturing place to meet and fulfill their fantasies. We were driven out at first, from some communities. But soon found areas where we were actually welcomed for our diversity and charitable contributions. Later, we would become valued members of most of the downtown organizations, in our normal attire of course and finally, we just blended into the hearts of many of the largest cities around the globe. We have clubs in such far flung places as Fiji and Moscow and such international cities as Berlin and London. It gives us places to go to see what other's in our society are like and that we all come from every type of job or way of life. We have a home here as you see it and we like it that way. We're happy and productive members of society.

I've told you most of my story already. You know about my family, my past history, my love of rubber. From them, you know the real me. My outside life has been a stone around my neck, necessary. But, unhappy for me most of the time. I'll tell you I'm employed in publishing and procurement. That should give you enough to play with for the time being. You still haven't told me what you thought about the last part of my last letter.

As for why I like you. Better to ask me why I love rubber. The answer is the same. You're both lovely, bright, flexible and durable. How do you like that for tap dancing? Oh, I guess I really looked at you for the first time, that day last fall when you came into the library after being soaked in that wild, sudden rainstorm and I saw how good you really looked under that soaked-thru ugly blue dress you were wearing. I got to really see your taunt, firm haunches and how you were a naturally big-breasted woman, no silicon for you, you really got my blood pumping as you took Liz's old overcoat and went off to dry out. Wet as hell, your face was lovely looking since you were amused by the soaking and your musical laughter rang all through the halls of the library as you went with Liz into the storage room where the furnace is.

I stood there for what seemed like hours, waiting for my hard-on to go down or for you to come back out. A little while later, I wandered off. But your image was stuck in my head. You were so gorgeous! I think I wanted you from then on. I watched you as often as I was able after that, thinking about how to introduce myself to you. I knew about your husbands death. And I figured out that that was why you didn't go out at all. At least with no one that I could find out about. But I was petrified. How could I meet you and then not have you walk away in disgust once I told you about my fetish lifestyle? It was a stumper, that's for sure. Finally, I just decided to call you. And I did. And now here you are. Thank you for coming, by the way." He said as she continued jerking him off.

Marcie took her left hand and ran it over Victor's smooth, masked face. Leaned and planted a short but lingering kiss on his rubber outlined lips and drew back.

"No, thank you for telling me that. I wasn't willing to tell myself the truth about why I made myself so withdrawn for all these years after my Andy died. But, you saw through my facade and wooed me back in to look at myself in a new light. And I have you to thank for that as well. Never be ashamed to talk to me Victor. I want to know all your troubles and pain and hopes and dreams. I want to get to finally see the real you sometime. But, for now. We'll continue to hide our outer selves so that our inner selves can get to know one another.

I must say that I was pleased that you thought I was still pretty and that you thought that I was sexy looking. I had forgotten what it was like to even pleasure myself and you brought me that joy again. I want us to bring as much joy as that into your life. I was shocked that you got me to feel again. First by talking to me and getting me horny, then later, when you got me to wear such hot, sexy things as I read pages from Benjamin's book. I started realizing that you need me as much as I needed you and I think that tipped the scales in your direction more than anything. I used to love to feel wanted. And you made that possible again. I don't care about clothes. Oh, don't get me wrong, I never felt more desirable or sexy or horny than in these rubber outfits that you were kind enough to buy for me. But, I've grown to love the you I talked to on those nights that we didn't fuck ourselves as just as much as when we did. Although I've never cum so much or so hard in my entire life as when I was getting off on the phone with you. I'll never forget them." she sat smiling coyly down at her lap as the waitress came with the food and his beer and placed it down in front of them before leaving again.

They exchanged looks, she gave him a final squeeze and withdrew her hand and they sat and ate in a pleased companionable silence for awhile. The food was excellent and she ate hardy and soon was feeling full as she pushed the last of her salad around with a fork. Becka brought them some toddies, after the wine was gone, from Casse and Alexander and some after dinner mints, placing them on the table as the music came back up, announcing the next act. She smiled and snuggled up against him as the lights went down again.

It looked like a fashion show at first. People in rubber body suits danced out and up the catwalk. Then a pair of rubber clad men with very hard erect cocks came out and a woman, all in white rubber, came out also and stood between the two men as the others danced around them. the woman in white started rubbing her backside over the cock of the man on her right and turned the other man around facing her and reached down underneath herself to unzip her crotch and give access to the two stout fellows as they picked her up by her spread legs and she was soon impaled, front and back, by the two stiff rubber covered dicks.

She howled as the man behind her started driving in and out of her anal cavity with hard, brutal thrusts and the man in front stood almost still as she ground her pussy up and down on his stiff shaft as she was lifted by the power of the dual intruders slamming, slapping pistoning… The music changed to a dull techno beat as the others onstage started fucking each other as well, their hips moving to the bouncing music.

Her and Victor sat back, full and satiated and Marcie soon had slipped her hand back down his shorts, working his cock back to attention as she simmered hotly from the sight of the lascivious action up on the stage before them. He grinned at her as she pumped on his thick rubber covered prick and said. "Here." And unbelted several buckles and pulled his leather-like covering free and let his latex-sheathed cock spring forth in all it's glory for her to play with as they listened to the people onstage and off starting to moan and sigh in pure pleasure as they got into the action. She fisted him for quite a long time, skillfully stopping just short of his squirting his seed into the sleeve and making him squirm about as she jerked him almost to the point of orgasm and then let off and just held him firm and throbbing in her gloved hand as he subsided, then began again.

This show went on much longer that the first, with all of the people onstage taking a turn at the woman in white, the women as well as the men, with both fingers and tongues and then dildo's as she was being steadily brought to screaming cum after cum by her various partners. The music wrapping back to the beginning several times before they all became a writhing mass of rubberized bodies on the floor of the stage as they fucked and sucked themselves to oblivion.

The crescendo built up as ten people, mostly men, stood around the woman in white as she kneeled in the middle of them and they all jerked off on her rubber clad tits and face, some without the all-covering rubber sleeves spraying her with lots of whitish jism. Her lips trying to catch it all and her tongue licking it up, until she stood up covered and running in it and the music ended and they all took a bow and left the stage, some staggering from their exertions as they went.

The entire room was breathing a sigh of release as the lights came up again and her and Victor sat grinning and randy as she continued to yank on his prick and let off when he almost was there. Victor was groaning and sweat was dripping from out of the eyes and mouth of his mask as he gasped, trying to maintain his equilibrium. "Ohhh Marcie. Now you're the one teasing me, aren't you? Aaaahhhh. I guess I had better take you in the back and let you have your way with me, otherwise you're going to drive me mad all night, aren't you?"

She let him build up to that point just before orgasm once more and then leaned in and said sultrily. "Right again. So I guess you had better show me the way. Or else I'll stop right here and now."

"Aaaaarrrgghhh! All right woman! All right. Just let me put my shorts back on." He cried. His hips jerking in frustration as he was short changed again.

"Oh, no. Victor. I want everyone here to see that I have you by the short and scruffies. You just get up and we'll go on into the back. But, I'm going to have you now, back there or right here, it doesn't matter. So shoo!"

She stood and pulled him erect by his cock, his body almost collapsing again as his legs protested her abusive treatment and she led him like a prize poodle through the murmuring crowd and they walked through a set of doors and down a long hallway.

"You don't have to be so rough, my dear Marcie. I would have brought you back here sooner or later. I want you as much as you want me, I assure you." He demurred as she pulled him along the corridor by his still rigid and throbbing dick.

"I don't think you realize what you've unleashed on yourself, my dearest. I've got almost twelve years of sexual frustration built up in my boiling pussy and you're going to get the blessing of getting all that lust burying you and fucking you until you can't stand it, all the rest of the long night ahead of you. Don't you want to find out what you're getting before you marry me, you lovely, lucky, randy man you?" She said back, grinning an evil grin and gripping him harder still as she led him along and through a door he pointed to, almost falling over in pain and pleasure from her throttling of him.

"Oh my god!" he gasped as she pulled him through the door and almost flung his heavier body onto a rubber sheeted canopy bed inside. "I've created a monster. Help!" he chuckled, bouncing as she hopped on top of him and guided his bulbous head up to her pussy and pulled up on the crotch zipper, exposing her dripping quim. Her juices soaking and shining both of them as she worked his knob back and forth over her pulsing slit and making her shudder with maddening desire for him.

"You've got that right, lover. Now show me how the rest of our life is going to be like and let me fuck the hell out of you. My darling rubbery man. I love you Victor! I will, I'll marry you if you really want me!" she cried as she finally sank down on his erect cock and stars shot across her vision as he filled her up as no sextoy ever could. "I love you too, my Rubberwife, My darling Marcie!" he shouted as she slammed her cunt all the way down, their wet bodies slapping together as their rhythm was quickly established.

It was short, but sweet. The first one anyway, the rest were long and satisfying. They were screaming each others names and crying out their love for one another over and over as her first massive, soul rending cum took her away on angels wings, his cock swelled larger than she thought it could as he jerked and came pulsatingly inside his sleeve inside her and after that, they didn't stop except for water and hugging and kissing all night, before falling asleep in each others arms. Marcie's smiling rubber masked head on his rubber-suited chest. Blissful and happy that they had found each other finally.


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