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Rubbery Sunny Friday

by Mauroud

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© Copyright 2017 - Mauroud - Used by permission

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This is the true account of what happened last Friday

Friday, August  the 4th, was one of the hottest day of the year. In an already warm summer, temperatures rised to a sky-high, for the Region, 38 °C. Have no idea how much is in Fahrenheit for the US around… do the math by yourself…

But there was this urge in him. The need of rubber and selfbondage.

So, he loaded his car with a big bag full of his rubber gear and implements of pain. And he drove some 50 km on the highway, until he reached a rest and tank station where some restrooms would offer some space to change into his latex.

And so, he walked from the parking spaces to the restrooms with his heavy bag in his hand, while thinking how odd it was his present style of clothes, shorts and t-shirt, compared with what will cover his body in some minutes.

Inside the cubicle, it was quick to be naked, and then started the slow and cumbersome dressing in rubber: first of all his catsuit. Over that a criss-cross of rubber straps of a chest harness, a ring of metal encircling the base of his member, kept in place from a rubber strap going down under his crotch.

The harness provided also a fixing place for the straps that kept the waders up straight the legs. Some short latex gloves completed the first layer.

Now it was time for some pain, and so the base of his cock was encircled with some leather straps, and along his member he placed an iron Kali’s ring, with 6 screws. The member was not fully erect, so he turned the 6 screws approximately for half of their length, and the sensitive skin was quickly well aware of the screws.

The nipples now: 2 short zips were opened, allowing for a cruel positioning of 3 set of clamps, deviously intended to be surmounted one to the other to transform pleasure in pure pain.

Another layer of rubber followed: a heavy poncho of black shiny rubber made by GummiWerkStatt and weighting around 4 kg followed.  The hood of the poncho was raised, and over that a latex cape was donned, and positioned over the shoulder. At the moment he was unable to complete his ensemble: masks were not allowed in public, but they will follow in a short time. But his look was nevertheless absolutely bizarre and walking back from the restrooms to his car raised several glances from the people around the place. Who would cover himself in heavy rubber in a hot and sunny day like today?

But this was only the beginning. Another 20 km of driving and he arrived at his destination. It was an abandoned stone quarry, in a rural zone. Quite solitary but nevertheless several footpaths crossed in the surroundings of the quarry and people may be around, maybe looking for some tree shadow to avoid the severe heat. The risk to be seen was high.

He parked the car and completed his plan: first of all, one rubber hood covered his head. With eye, nose and mouth holes it has some contraption for securing both a blindfold, but that was not needed, as well as an inflatable mouth gag. This was inserted, and pumped up to the maximum, un-screwing the bulb. But for being sure that the gag was not coming out, as well as for adding another rubber layer he positioned on top of the first hood a second shiny latex hood, with again eyes and mouth holes.

It was now time for some bondage gear: a heavy leather posture collar encircled his throat, severely restricting his movements as well as making his breathing laboured. Then a pair of industrial gloves, long up to the shoulders followed, and two heavy leather wrist cuffs.

Before going to the next step he went under the poncho: his cock was already semi erect, but in a masochistic frenzy he turned the 6 kali’s ring screws further more. A complete erection will mean torture to his member.

A chain was positioned from the ring on the collar to the wrist cuffs, allowing for limited movements but also making impossible to hide the gloves and cuffs under the poncho. He was not only a bizarre heavy rubber creature, but also a chained one making clear to anyone he was a rubber pervert.

He opened the door of the car and went out. The sun was bright and the assault of his shiny black rubber began immediately. It was pure hell. Car closed he begin to walk to the quarry. The stone was hot, and the entire place was like a furnace.

He positioned in the middle of the quarry, white stone encircling him on 3 sides. He slowly raised his hands and with limited movements positioned the last item of rubber: a black rubber bag, quite loose but covering his entire head like an executioner bag.

He then connected the wrist cuffs on the back and began a slow walk, directing his steps to the white stone of the quarry that he was sure was in front of him, although with the rubber bag he was unable to see it.

How long did it take to reach the stone wall? He has no idea, but he was in hell, he was sweating profusely, his implements of pain were exacting their toll of torture, the rubber bag was severely cutting his air. But he went on, until in front of him the stone wall was felt. In the worst possible way: impacting to the nipple clamps. From that point on it was a crescendo of the pain: he pushed with all his strengths to the stone wall, while the layers of rubber did basically nothing to lessen the torture to the nipples.

But at the same time his cock was fully erect, and the base ring, the leather straps and most of all the kali’s ring were cruelly torturing his member, but the need to go on was so high that he went on, pushing his tortured cock to the stone wall. And the result at the end was an orgasm mediated by pure hell.

He felt to his knees, and after loosing his wrists was able to take out the rubber bag on his head, gulping some fresh air… or not so fresh considering the temperature inside the quarry.

Slowly he raised and began to walk to the car. He was wearing two latex hoods, with the hood of the poncho over his head as well, but he think he heard some noises in the surroundings. Maybe someone was there? Did someone assisted to his self massacre?


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