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Rubber Wrapped Orgasm

by Gnjal

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© Copyright 1998/2019 - Gnjal

Storycodes: M/f; latex; mummysack; spandex; hood; tease; torment; arousal; breast; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

"Baby, are you comfortable?" Jeff whispered into her ear, his moist lips less than an inch away, his eyes intent on Kim's lips framed by the opening in the spandex hood covering her face.

He watched as she licked her lips, and turned her face to him.

"Yes..." She answered, her voice low, subdued but charged with emotion. She knew that he loved her above all else, and that with just one word she could be free. But she didn't want freedom, she wanted to be owned, to be used and possessed by this man, the man she loved so deeply, so completely.

She wriggled against the rubber mummy sack he had wrapped her in, her naked breasts pale and full in contrast to the slick black rubber surrounding them. He had pulled the zipper down just far enough to expose them, her nipples hard and erect in anticipation.

Her curves pushed out the slippery black latex wrapping her naked body, only her breasts and her pale lovely neck were visible from under the rubber and spandex.

He bent down and brushed his lips against her throat, holding her spandex covered head in his large hands, while he gently kissed her, feeling the pulse of her under his mouth.

"I love you, honey." He whispered as his hands slid down to find and lift her breasts. Naked, he straddled her, cock pressing against the tantalizing closed zipper over her pussy, leaning down until her nipples touched the warm skin of his chest. "And I am going to use you, honey." Holding her hooded face in his hands, his legs slid down on either side her latex wrapped ones, and he kissed her, tongue pressing in to taste the mouth he loved so much, wet, passionate, breath-taking.

He broke the kiss and sat up, looking down at her heaving breasts, the nipples so suckable, so tempting, singing to him to come to them, her cheeks flushed and her lips wet and swollen with desire.

"Are you ready to be my sex toy, Kim?" He asked her softly, "Are you ready to be my latex slave?" He put his arms on either side of her head, leaning close, holding her under him with his strong legs, while his cock throbbed out the message of his arousal against her latex covered belly.

"Are you ready to cum?" He whispered, mouth hovering over hers, listening intently.

Kim moaned, arching her breasts up against his naked chest, her rubber wrapped hips pressing against his cock, and hissed an answer, "Yesssssss. Oh god YES!"

Jeff smiled and reached above her head, drawing down a long scarf of stretchy black spandex, and began wrapping it around her mouth, gently tying it behind her head, silencing her. He kissed her gagged mouth, smiling as she murmured to him and wriggled inside the loose but clinging rubber.

Sitting up again, his cock hard, rigid against her, he grabbed a bottle of lube, and squirted a generous amount of the slippery clear liquid into his palms. Jeff rubbed his hands together until his strong fingers were slick and glistening. He reached down and began rubbing her bare breasts, lifting them up, circling the sensitive aureoles, smiling as they wrinkled under his touch.

"I'm going to suck on your lovely nipples, slave. And you can't do anything to stop me." He began gently squeezing her nipples between his thumb and forefingers, loving the way she whimpered with pleasure and moved under him, his stiff cock sliding across her latex wrapped belly, ready, searching for her pussy.

Her tits were shining in the light, wet with the slippery lube, nipples hard and jutting up, betraying Kim's intense state of arousal. Jeff wrapped his large hands around one of her beautiful breasts and lifted it up, squeezing gently until the nipple pointed right at his open mouth. He blew on it, and grinned as she moaned and rolled under him.

Bending over slowly, his thick dick lifting up with his hips to aim directly at Kim's engorged and latex wrapped cunt, he lowered his mouth onto that lovely nipple, sucking it in, the hairs of his moustache tickling the wrinkled skin of a aureole. Jeff began sucking and kneading her breast, as he gently pushed forward with his hard cock, pressing the rubber over Kim's clit down, pressing until she writhed under him.

She moaned, and turned her hooded head to the side, her chest heaving as she panted out her need to fuck, bound, wrapped in rubber, his sex toy. He continued to suck on her nipple, knowing that he could make her cum from just this. His tongue twirled around and around the extremely sensitive nub of her nipple, as he slid one hand across her slippery lubed tits to find and capture her other nipple between his fingers.

She pushed up against him, the shining black rubber outlining her firm ass and curvaceous legs, grinding her clit against the hardness of his cock through the latex.

"Is my nasty girl horny?" Jeff whispered into Kim's hooded ears. "Does she want to have her clit sucked too?"

Kim moaned loudly through her gag, and twisted under Jeff, jamming her hips up, desperate already for her orgasm.

Reaching down past his cock, he searched for and found the lower zipper of the mummy bag. Gripping it tightly in his slippery fingers, he pulled it up, baring her naked and shaved pussy. He reached his slimy fingers into the bag and found the hot mound of her sex, quickly cupping it in his hand, holding it, gently squeezing it.

"This is mine, slave. Are you ready for me to play with it?" He asked Kim. She panted underneath him, her nipples engorged with her lust, slimed, slippery, glistening in the light. Jeff slowly pushed two of his long lubed fingers into her pussy, closing his eyes, feeling the wonderful hot tight walls of Kim's cunt clench over them. His cock twitched and jerked, purple head straining even bigger, the need to fuck his sex toy almost overwhelming him.

Leaning his head down next to her hooded face, one big hand holding on to her rubber wrapped shoulder, he began stroking his fingers in and out of her cunt. The wet sucking and slapping sounds of his finger fucking of her pussy filled the quiet room, and he pressed his chest against her slick nipples, sliding his nipples against hers and groaning faintly. She was so hot!

Kim writhed under him, a black rubber wrapped cocoon of orgasmic pleasure, as her first climax overcame to her. She yelled into the gag, pressing her hooded head back into the soft feather pillow behind her, and bucked her hips against his stroking hand, her clit a hard button against his slippery palm.

"That's it, cum my pretty fuck toy, cum for me!" Jeff demanded, never stopping his erotic assault on her sopping wet pussy, his fingers pumping in and out from between her engorged slimy cunt lips. He loved the way she came so easily, it made him hard thinking of how quickly he could bring her to quivering orgasm with just a touch, anywhere, anytime.

Kim moaned and shuddered against his hand several more times, before slumping back into the bed, the white linen sheets in sharp contrast to the dark black latex wrapped around her naked and sweat sheened body.

Jeff pulled his fingers from her pussy, and licked them off with his mouth. She had the most incredibly sweet tasting pussy juices, it never failed amazed him. Grabbing his hard cock in one hand, he spread the lips of her pussy with his other, and slowly pressed the straining head of his cock down into the mummy sack, towards her throbbing wet sex.

"Are you ready to be fucked now, sex toy? Do you mind if I slide my hard thick cock into that tender wet pussy of yours?" Jeff asked her softly, as he bumped the hard button of her swollen clit with the head of his cock.

Kim groaned, and arched her back, wanting his cock, wanting to be this man's sex slave, his toy, his possession. Her cunt spasmed in anticipation, or with an after tremor of the intense orgasm she had just had and she gasped, turning her hooded head back and forth, shaking her head NO even while pushing her dripping sex up towards his hard cock.

"No? Well, I'm going to fuck your dear sweet pussy anyway, baby. It's mine, and I'm going to use it," Jeff pushed downward, spreading her pussy wide with his fingers as his cock slid in between her engorged lips, sucking in his breath at the incredible feeling of pleasure he got from the sliding, slick, tight walls of Kim's cunt. "Baby, you are soooo wet..." He moaned and ground his cock deep inside of her, as she whimpered and writhed against the warm silken rubber wrapping her naked skin.

He began fucking her with his pulsating cock, the fingers of his one hand running gentle but insistent circles around her clit, while he pumped her wet cunt with his dick.

"God, my nasty girl, do you know that your pussy is sooo sweet, oh my god..." Jeff felt his cock twitch and opened his eyes, taking a couple of deep breaths, not wanting to cum yet. Her pussy was so delicious, it felt so good fucking her, that he almost came right then. But, he stopped himself, panting, and slowed his fucking of her sopping wet sex, stopping his cock, holding still with it buried deep inside her, the lips of her sex wrapped and spread around it's dripping shaft.

Reaching up, he untied the gag and slid it out from under her head. Her pink tongue came out, licking her full lovely lips. Jeff leaned over and kissed her, holding her hooded head between his big hands and fucking her mouth with his tongue, loving the way she kissed him back just as passionately, as he pressed his chest against her tits, her nipples hard against him.

"Can you guess what I want you to do next, nasty girl?" He whispered, pulling his cock abruptly from her pussy with a sucking sound. Kim gasped and waited as Jeff turned around, until he was straddling her hooded face, his cock pointed at her mouth, his lips hovering above her swollen and sensitive sex.

Kim opened her mouth to answer and was instantly silenced as Jeff slowly pressed his cock between her lips. She began sucking on him, her mouth moving up and down his shaft, her black spandex covered head bouncing against the feather pillow, making him moan and collapse against her, his soft lips smearing against the slippery shaven lips of pussy.

Their relationship was so equal, and Kim never let him forget for long, that even when she was submissive to him, bound in rubber, pussy fucked, tits sucked, clit throbbing, that she could still bring him to his knees, yanking him short by the cock, her body, her imagination giving him pleasure so intense, that he could barely see.

Struggling to remember who he was, as Kim pumped his cock, swirling the tip of her tongue so expertly around his shaft and glans that he shuddered, he nuzzled his face against the warm sweet smelling mound of her sex, lips searching, then finding her hard clit. He sucked it into his mouth, trying to be gentle, knowing that she was so sensitive after cumming. Kim moaned around his cock.

The vibration made him groan, and he began to suck on her clit harder, and sliding his tongue around it, exploring the inner skin of the protective hood over it, while his wet soft lips slid across her sex.

She spasmed underneath him, her pussy shaking, clenching as she came again, his lovely woman, his nasty girl, his sex toy. He sucked on her clit in a gently rhythm as she pushed up against him, her arms straining out against the silken stretch of the rubber covering them, her legs shaking with the intense waves of pleasure. His cock plopped out of her mouth leaving a trail of saliva and pre-cum across her hooded cheek.

Whimpering, she surrendered to the orgasm, as he continued to lick her cunt, lapping up the wonderful white juices of her climax as they dripped down between her pussy lips. His hard cock flopped by her hooded head as she turned moaning.

"Baby, fuck me, please FUCK ME!" She cried.

Jeff quickly turned around so that his cock was once more poised in front of her hot throbbing pussy and grabbed the bottom of the hood, pulling it off of her, revealing her startled blue eyes and lovely halo of soft blonde hair.

He held her face in his hands, eyes gazing into hers as he pressed his thick cock into her throbbing pussy, both of them moaning as its head moved past her lips with a sucking pop, sliding in up to the hilt.

"I love you, Kim." He said softly to her, loving the way her blue eyes half closed as he began moving his cock slowly in and out of her slimy sex.

He wove his fingers into her hair, pulling her face up to him to kiss, and began fucking her pussy. Pumping in and out with long strong strokes of his hard cock. With her breasts smashed against his chest, and her legs and arms straining against the stretchy grasp of the warm rubber, she whimpered and came again, her pussy spasming around his shaft, her cunt muscles gripping his cock like a velvet fist.

Jeff gasped and came, shooting his hot cum into her clenching pussy, his cock jerking and shuddering inside of her, as he panted next to her lovely face, watching the beautiful look of lust and love on it, her blonde sweet smelling hair soft against his cheek.

She moaned and sighed underneath him, as his cock spilled the last of its hot sticky cum into her pussy and smiled.

"And I love you too, my man." Kim whispered, voice full of tenderness and loving.

Rolling off of her, he quickly unzipped her from the now hot and slippery rubber sack, and they both fell into each other's arms, grinning like fools, bodies sated, relaxed. At least for the moment;-)



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