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by Wriggler

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© Copyright 2008 - Wriggler - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/m; rubber; encased; cell; mast; toys; cons; X

(Author's note: Long time reader, first time writer. This story is complete and utter fantasy, so there's no chance of anyone copying it in real life, ok? Enjoy! )

Chapter One: In which a Rubberman is born

A door slid loudly shut and the butt plug snuggled into his ass, awakening him to a groggy consciousness. His first thought would have been about the anal intruder were it not for the fact that he was completely encased in some kind of tight body suit. Getting his bearings, he saw that not only was he lying on the floor of some kind of prison cell, but also from the dim overhead light it looked like his whole body was covered in black shiny rubber.

He rubbed his fingers, feeling the slick rubber slide over his digits. As he did this he breathed in deeply, trying to grasp his situation. It was then that he fully comprehended that his head was also covered in rubber. A face mask extended out from his face, from just below his eyes down to his chin, ending in a round snout. It seemed attached to a rubber hood that covered his head. Frantically he reached back with his black rubber-covered hands to check for some kind of release mechanism. His glossy fingers slid over his bare black skull. There was nothing. Just a slick seamless skin all over. He felt two small holes where ears ought to have been. Just those, nothing else. Despite his angst, he could not ignore that every touch excited him. Made his fingers tingle. The pressure on his rubber skull was heavenly.

Looking more at himself, he saw that the material was seamless all over his body. The rubber tingled wherever he touched himself. It was an oddly pleasing sensation that briefly calmed him. He let his vision relax. His vision. His eyes. What were his eyes like? He reached again to his face and touched his eyes. Smooth slick orbs set into his face. He tensed, trying to assimilate what was happening to him. He couldn't blink. He had no eyelids. Just concave black orbs. How he could have such eyes was beyond his imagination.

Some sense of self jolted him back to the present. OK, he thought, let's get a grip here. Where am I? He looked unblinkingly around the room. The room had dull grey metal floors and walls. A grey metal door with no features was set in one wall. A bench with thin rubber-covered padding lined the opposite wall. The ceiling was panelled. His gaze rested on his hands. He was perplexed by what he saw. What have I become? What happened to me? No answer came to him. Just a ocean of blackness in his mind's eye. He gazed down his body, frightened and strangely intrigued by his bizarre appearance.

He wiggled his toes, sensing that each one was separately covered in rubber. This caused a pleasing sensation, and he rubbed the sole of his right foot against his left leg. It felt good and lessened his concerns about where he was and what he was doing there. His hands idly rubbed his chest. This too was pleasing; a small wave of pleasure flowed through his body, emanating from his groin... his cock. Rubber hands quickly slid down his chest, across his belly to his cock. By now he guessed that this was also covered in the black oily substance. His fingers felt its base and the cock began to stand to attention, its shaft extending. He reached further and touched a large rubber sac hanging beneath his rapidly enlarging cock. He squeezed his balls with one hand and ran his other hand up the lengthening black obsidian shaft. The sensation was overwhelming. Waves of pleasure ricocheted from his cock and balls to his anal shaft and back again. It echoed up his body to his head which became wonderfully foggy from the sensation. His vision intensified and he looked into the light reflected off his rubber chest and legs. The shine appeared to be so beautiful, like he could fall into the shiny blackness. His breathing slowed and a light buzzing sound resounded in his head, almost making him pass out.

His breath rasped through the mask apparatus and brought his attention back to his situation. He found both his hands had wrapped themselves individually around his cock and, looking down, he saw that the tip of the cock extended well past his two hands. He felt a slight vibration in the mask as he breathed out - something to do with the breathing mechanism. A valve? He ran his hands over the mask, feeling its contours and parts. A tingling shivered through his face. The mask extended like a snout below his eyes. He felt a solid ring in the front of the mask. What was that for? His finger felt inside the ring and he touched a soft, spongy material. With mounting confusion he felt his own finger touching his... lips. A round rubbery muscle set inside the ring. Like a valve. Pressing his finger against the lips, the muscle relaxed slightly, allowing the finger to slip through. A kind of mucus lubricated the finger's passage.  The mask felt like it was an extension of his face. With a shock he realised that it was his face... He pulled his hand away from his face. His face? His face with a snout and a ring that was lined with thick rubber lips? Nausea suddenly washed over him. His face. What did his face really look like?

In his groggy mind's eye he could only conjure a featureless black rubber face, an anonymous impression barely registering the presence of eyes, a nose and chin. No identity. Before he could ponder this further, another wave of nausea hit him, causing him to bend forward and rest his rubber head on the cold metal floor. The intruder in his ass moved slightly as he took this new position. This distracted him from the nausea. It shifted and he felt his ass muscle involuntarily clench around the shaft. His hands found his cock again and began rubbing it. The nausea diminished, gradually replaced by the pleasure from fondling his member. Some instinct took over as he caressed his rubber cock.

The anal shaft echoed the throbbing in his cock. It seemed to be reacting to his hand movements. With every stroke on his cock, the anal shaft throbbed and seemed to move in and out of his ass. He quickly became entirely focused on this sensation and, lyingon his side with both hands wrapped around his cock, the black rubberman entered into a repetitive movement. His hips slid back and forth across the cold steel floor. His snout lips opened and closed like a throbbing black rubber vacuum eager for something to suck on. His ass gyrated around, as if looking for something more to fill it. His breathing became slow, deep and regular. Thoughts about snouts, masks and faces melted away, replaced by a trance-like state where only his cock, his ass and his increasingly sensitive rubber skin mattered.

He did not notice one of his hands leave his cock and slide up to his snout. He didn't care that his fingers were gently rubbing his lips. His lips ached to suck on something. As his fingers began to enter his mouth, a new feeling was created as a wet tongue-like appendage escaped his lips and slithered around his finger, drawing it into the black rubbery mass encircled by the hard ring at the end of his snout. Like his ass, the tongue seemed to have a purpose of its own. He felt it play with his finger, feeling it through the mucus which facilitated easy sensual movement.

The rubberman's lips hungrily sucked and caressed his fingers as he jerked off his black rubber cock which throbbed in tandem with his ass.

Above the writhing shiny body, a small panel opened in the ceiling. A black segmented hose appeared and snaked its way downwards to the creature below. The end of the hose ended in a similar ring like the one in the rubberman's snout. Mucus dripped from inside it. The hose reached down and nuzzled against the rubberman's ass. He paused his movements for a second, distracted by this foreign touch. Before he could react further, words appeared in his head.

Let it do what it must do.

Without thinking, his ass moved in the direction of the black hose and with a wet squelchy sound and a click of attaching rings it connected to his ass. Air suction sounded as it fastened itself to its new home. The hose began to vibrate and the shaft in the rubberman's ass began to hum with a new purpose. Liquid began to fill his ass and a warm squishy feeling radiated from his belly.

Then, words formed in his head.

Nutrients. For your future growth.

The words were comforting and as warm as the sensation coming in waves from his ass.

He removed his fingers from his rubber mouth and reached around to feel the hose connected to his ass. It went right between his ass cheeks. Tugging on it he felt the shaft move around his ass sphincter, but he sensed that the rings were very strong and could probably hold his weight. An image came to him. His ass ring and sphincter were probably like his snout ring and mouth. He licked his lips with his rubber tongue, the lubricating mucus dripping from its tip. Another image appeared in his vision; a rubber creature like himself connected up to maybe a dozen hoses, all hanging from the ceiling, keeping the figure floating in a rubber embrace. There seemed to be several hoses attached to the creature's head, but he couldn't be sure.

From the ceiling panel another ring-ended hose emerged. It moved similarly to the first hose, but had long embossed lines along its sides. It snaked down to the shiny, writhing rubberman and hovered in front of his snout. The rubberman smelled the hose before he even saw it. He thought of nothing. Only an all-encompassing desire for rubber. His whole being buzzed as the rubber devotion rippled through him. His black rubber tongue slipped through the round rubber lips and gingerly licked the end of the hose. A wet black tongue just like his own came out of the hose and rubbed his tongue. Slowly they ran along each other's length. Delicious rubbery textures entwined, danced and played, each becoming totally enamoured with the other.

Suddenly, the rubberman's tongue pulled on the hose tongue and with a sucking sound it pulled first the tongue, then the hose, towards the snout. Splashes of mucus flew about. The hose ring followed the tongue and with a twist and a definite click sound, it firmly connected with the rubberman's snout. The rubberman moaned. His whole snout pulsated with rubber tongue action, the black rubber becoming less firm and more sponge-like.

Then his snout began to extend itself, growing longer slightly, giving an even more dog-like appearance. The rubberman hardly noticed. He was meant to grow further, after all. A low moan emanated from within the rubber creature and his frantic cock pulling speeded up. So fast was his arm moving that the shiny black rubber seemed to congeal into a mass of shimmering oil. The hoses pulsated and his ass flexed as he felt his anal intruder move up into his belly. He felt the hose tongue in his mouth push past his mouth and go down his throat. Electrified by the sensation, the rubberman writhed and jerked his cock faster and faster. The constant trails of mucus from mouths and hoses left a spray of black rubbery lube on the floor, allowing the rubberman to slide around freely. He jerked harder and harder. His cock seemed even longer and thicker than before. A snorting growl sounded from his throat.

When tongue and intruder touched each other deep inside inside his rubber body, the rubberman was blasted by an electrifying wave of ecstasy. He sensed a new awareness, a feeling that he was now connected to something more than just himself. As the tongue and intruder intertwined, he felt that he was part of a larger continuum, as if the hoses extended long beyond the ceiling panel and connected with... what? He couldn't envisage more than that. His mind was overcome by a wave of rubber-sourced pleasure that surged through his cock and a thick spurt of jet black gelatinous substance exploded from its tip. The rubberman groaned long and low. The scent of rubbery cum filled the room, setting off chemical reactions in the rubberman's brain that had would not be forgotten.

The oily mass around his arm and cock disappeared and he slowed his arm and he released his vice grip on his cock, completely blissed out by this new experience. All he could think of was to continue sucking on the hose attached to his snout and enjoy the hose feeding his ass. His cock floated in the air, apparently happy to be have been used and was now resting. Soon he was curled up on his side in a pool of mucus and ejaculaion. A hose was connected to his snout and to his ass, each gently pumping his orifices. His rubber body gently heaved in time with the pulsating hoses, the dim light relecting off its glossy, unblemished surface.

For a moment he tensed, as a thought of a wisp of a memory struck a chord deep within him. Something about being changed into the rubber creature. But changed from what before? No answer would come to him. Not yet.

Words appeared again in his mind, instantly wiping away such thoughts. All thought.

Sleep now. Let The Gummi take care of you. You'll be with us soon.



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