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Rubber Train Ride

by BishopFan

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© Copyright 2010 - BishopFan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; bond; bagged; inflatable; breathplay; encased; public; toys; climax; cons; X

After lunching at Ivar's on Seattle's Pier 53, Ron and Nancy took a leisurely stroll down the waterfront and inland past Pioneer Square to the King St. railroad station. The walk was leisurely partly because Amtrak's eastbound Empire Builder train did not leave until 4:45 P.M., and partly because Nancy could not move any faster the way she was dressed.

Under the long black rubber mackintosh she wore to fend off the light rain which constituted a pleasant day in Seattle, Nancy wore a 3/4-length, long-sleeved and high-necked blue rubber dress with a pearl choker. Inside the four-inch heels with ankle straps snugly fastened with the tiniest of padlocks, she wore black latex stockings that were joined to each other at their tops by two pencil-thick rubber cords, each cord being glued at either end about six inches down the insides of each stocking.

Over these Nancy wore a heavy gauge rubber body briefer, rather like a one-piece bathing suit with molded breast cups and wide shoulder straps to support the weight of her breasts. The other way in which it differed from a swim suit was in the eight-inch rubber dildo molded into the inside of the gusset, which was positioned between the two rubber straps and deep within her.

As Nancy walked, the forward swing of her right leg pulled the two straps forward and to the right, and with them the dildo nestled between the straps, the friction of the straps giving the dildo just a bit of an anti-clockwise spin. As her leg swung back, the forward motion of her left leg repeated the actions in mirror image.

Finally, to her relief, they reached the station and boarded the train, their luggage already having been put aboard in the two rearmost Deluxe compartments, which were joined together to form a suite. Doffing their raincoats and unlocking the collar disguised as an antique choker, Ron unzipped the back of Nancy's dress and helped her pull the dress down to the point that she could roll her arms out of the tight latex sleeves. Removing her shoulder length gloves so she could dine more conventionaly later, he then proceeded to towel off her shoulders and arms, repowder them with fresh talcum and help her slide her arms back into the sleeves. 

After closing the zipper and relocking the collar, he then unlocked her high heels and replaced them with two-inch pumps more compatible with the violent side-to-side swaying sometimes encountered on a train ride, especially on the curves in the mountains. After all, he did not want her to break an ankle and spoil their little trip. Once they were ready, and she had redone her makeup (as though anybody on the train were going to look higher than her dress, though he knew that this behavior was the one thing he could not control), they proceeded to the observation car to watch the train pull out of the station for the scenic passage up Puget Sound to Everett.

The tide was out and the seabirds were plentiful, herons and egrets and even an eagle or two. Once they saw an aquatic mammal poke its head out of the water, its sleek black skin instantly reminding them both of the rubber gear awaiting them back in the suite. Reading the thoughts in her eyes, he gently said "Later, my dear, we must have dinner first."

After turning inland at Everett they watched the scenery along the Snohomish and Skykomish Rivers as well for a while, before heading for the dining car for the second dinner seating. Having tipped the Trainmaster well to find them some interesting dinner companions, Ron and Nancy found themselves seated across from a honeymoon couple on their way to Chicago. Ron insisted on buying champagne for the table, and by the second bottle was explaining to the new Mrs. Greene the advantages of a rubber wardrobe similar to that which Nancy was wearing. 

Though Mr. Greene seemed a bit uncomfortable with the idea, Mrs. Greene eagerly wrote down the names of some stores in Chicago and Seattle they could visit later. As the dining car was plunged into near darkness by the transit of the Stevens Pass Tunnel, Ron felt Mrs. Greene's nylon-clad foot slide up his pant leg, and then start just a little bit when it encountered the smooth latex leggings above his cotton sock. He smiled at her in the dark and said "Perhaps we will just leave the rest of the bottle for you two, and best wishes on your honeymoon!"

Returning to their suite as the train emerged from the tunnel, Ron removed all of Nancy's latex wear and had her take a shower in the tiny showerstall/toilet that passed for a bathroom in a Deluxe compartment on Amtrak, while he showered in the other compartment. Later, as they sat in terrycloth robes getting thoroughly dry for their nighttime encasements, they watched in the twilight as the tiny mountain stream alongside the tracks become the rushing Wenatchee River. 

Nancy was then dressed in a full black latex catsuit, with hands and feet and a hood, with small but functional eye, nose and mouth holes. A corset was laced about her already tiny waist, and a matching posture collar was laced around her neck. Once she was completely encased, Ron rang for the steward to turn the sofa in one of the compartments down into a bed. Before the steward could get there, he placed Nancy in the showerstall for that room and closed the door, with instructions not to make a sound.

After the steward was finished, Nancy was then ordered to sleep for the relatively smooth ride across the high plains from Wenatchee to Spokane. Ron wanted her awake for the mountainous transit beyond that point, and after donning his own suit and setting the alarm clock for 1 A.M., joined her for a cuddle and a nap.

When they awoke, the train was stopped in the Spokane train yard, while additional cars from Portland were joined to the consist. Ron made Nancy stand in the window of the compartment, and at least one train man did a triple take at what he thought he saw in the darkened window.

Once the train departed Spokane for Idaho and Montana, Ron unzipped the crotch of Nancy's suit and instructed her to use the facilities now while she could. He proceeded to the other compartment to do the same, and to retrieve some more gear from the suitcases in that room.

Returning to the bedroom, he instructed Nancy to bend forward as far as she could in the corset, and when she was ready inserted a well-lubricated, eight-inch, stainless steel butt plug half filled with mercury completely inside her. Standing her up, he placed a matching dildo in her pussy, and slowly but carefully closed the zipper over them.

Sitting her down on the bed, he then placed a latex body bag at her feet, and began working it up over her now-conjoined legs. When it was tight up to her thighs, he stood her up and pulled the bag up over her hips. Holding the top of the bag up in front of her, he guided her arms into the built-in pouches on either side of the bag. Once the top of the sack was draped over her shoulders, he pulled her rubber-covered hands out through the small but reinforced holes at the ends of the pouches on either side of the body bag, and then zipped the bag up her back to the top of her neck.

Before placing an inflatable hood over her head, he explained to her that the mercury inside the probes would slosh back and forth as the train veered first right and then left going through the mountains, the heavy weight of the mercury causing the probes to bob up and down within her. 

He then showed her that the hood had an internal rubber mouthpiece that would sit behind her teeth, and two threaded valve stems like those on automobile tyres on the outside of the hood. The one on her left side was fitted with a check valve that would only allow air into her mouth, the one on her right side conversely valved to only allow air out of her mouth.

"The hood and the body bag are each also doubled valved, though the exit valves have set screws that can be closed as needed. My hood is identical to yours, and my next suit is valved the same as your mummy bag. We'll take our time inflating them," he added cryptically.

After a sip of water and a lingering kiss he slipped the mouthpiece behind her teeth, and pulled the hood back over her head. After zipping it down over her neck, he wrapped a narrow collar over the zipper and locked it at the back. He knew he did not need the lock, as Nancy's hands barely protruded from the sides of the mummy sack like the flippers on a seal, unable to reach anything not deliberately placed directly in them, but he liked the sound the padlock made.

Laying her on her back on the bed crosswise to the train, he then attached a short rubber hose to the outlet valve of her hood, and connected the other end of the hose to her body bag. Ever so slowly, the bag began to inflate with the once-breathed air.

Moving quickly before her bag could became so full that she might find it impossible to exhale, Ron unzipped the crotch of his own basic rubber suit (with hands, feet and a hood, of course) and slid his feet into his inflatable one. As he pulled it up over his hips, he slid his now-exposed member into the molded cock-and-balls sheath of the inflatable suit. Slipping his hands into the gloves of the suit, he hitched it up over his shoulders and used a wetsuit lanyard to close the back zipper on the suit. A few quick pumps on the bulb for the inflatable ring around the base of the cock-and-ball sheath, and he was almost ready for his own hood.

But first, a few last-minute preparations. The fronts of his suit and Nancy's body bag were liberally dusted with talcum. A handful of rubber hoses of varying lengths was laid on the pillow next to where he would lay. A figure-8 waist belt built for two was loosely buckled about his waist, and then turned 180 degrees so that the buckle was behind him and the other waist belt was now in front of him. 

On either side of the other waist belt were two unbroken leather loops somewhat larger than the average wrist, whose purposes would have been lost on a casual observer, if any observer in the room could have remained casual at the sight of the two rubber-clad figures.

After a last check on her breathing, which was normal, and a sip of water, Ron turned out the lights in the compartment. Feeling his way back to the bed, he sat down beside Nancy's half-inflated form and picked up his own hood. Slipping the mouthpiece between his teeth, he tested the in and out breathing valves and, satisfied, zipped the hood closed behind his head and locked a collar about his neck.

Laying down beside her, he reached over and unplugged Nancy's exhalation tube from her own body bag and attached it to his own suit. Feeling about for another long hose, he connected it first to his own exhalation valve and then at the other end to the intake valve of her mummy sack. For many minutes they lay there quietly, each inflating the other's bondage gear with warm, personal air.

When Nancy's body bag was as hard as a rock, and Ron was nearly exhausted from blowing into it, he detached the far end on his exhalation tube from the body bag and connected it to her hood. This took but a few minutes to fill completely, after which he again detached his exhalation tube and now connected it to his own hood. All the while his own body suit had grown substantially, but not to such a level of air pressure that Nancy could not blow against safely.

His own hood filled, Ron then detached Nancy's exhalation tube from anything and let her breathe easy for a while. Connecting his own tube to his suit, he finished the inflation of it, but not so hard that he could not move.

After taking a bit of rest, he rolled towards Nancy and, grasping her by her highly inflated waist, suddenly rolled back to where he was on his back and she was on his stomach, her bound legs resting between his outstretched ones. Reaching around her, he buckled the second half of the dual waist belt around her sausage-like form. The two side loops remained unused for the moment.

Now that they were face to face, though neither could see nor speak, Ron began playing with the smaller rubber tubes on his pillow. First he connected his outlet valve with her intake valve, so that her only oxygen source was his lungs. After about 15 minutes of this, though it was impossible to tell time in the sweaty dark, he reversed the breathing arrangement so that he was breathing her exhaled air. 

Before he disconnected the original tube, however, he waited for about thirty seconds while they each breathed the other's exhaust air, in a closed system that he estimated would be safe for at least twice that time. Later, he once again arranged the tube so that she was breathing his exhaust air, and could only inhale when he exhaled.

Up until this time Nancy had felt the dildos inside her sliding back and forth as the train curved through the foothills of the Rockies, first to the right and then to the left. Though the motion was enough to give her a pleasant buzz, she began to doubt if it was enough to give her an orgasm. "It's not like that time he dropped me on a Bungee cord head down in a mummy bag," she thought. "That time the weight of the dildo almost split me in half!!!" she recalled with an unseen smile. "This is...OK."

Now that Nancy was on top of him and breathing safely, Ron slipped his feet into the heavy rubber strap running under the soles of her feet and reached down to grasp her exposed hands. Pulling her up towards his head, he suddenly flicked her down using the foot strap and just as quickly pulled her back up.

Caught by surprise, Nancy gasped within the gag. "This could get interesting," she thought, as she rapidly oscillated towards an orgasm. "This is greaaaaaaaat!!!!!" she silently screamed.

Throughout the night Ron played the curves in the track like a concert violinist, sometimes allowing the motion of the train to entertain Nancy, sometimes adding his own crescendos to the centrifugal forces of the curves. Of course, her up and down motion over his own body had a salutary effect upon his sheathed but exposed member, though after his third orgasm he could only endure the exquisite agony that lingered.

When he felt the train pause at Sandpoint, Idaho, the next stop after Spokane, he released Nancy's clenched fists after first giving her their personal hand code that meant "Just a moment, Dear." Just barely able to bend his elbows against the fearsome pressure of his inflated suit with Nancy's weight on top of it, he forced his hands and inflated wrists through the small loops attached to the sides of Nancy's waist belt, and gently wrapped his double-clad hands back around hers.

Now, as the train climbed towards the Continental Divide, the slow but steady decrease in outside air pressure at the higher altitudes caused both of their inflatables to expand just a little bit more than before. Soon his wrists were tightly caught in the unbroken leather hoops, as his sleeves puffed out on either side of the hoops. Once he was sure he could not escape himself, he resumed Nancy's ride up and down his body.

For four more hours they remained trapped together by the lack of atmospheric pressure, until their gradual descent into Montana eventually freed Ron's hands. By then Ron had managed an incredible fourth and fifth orgasm, while Nancy had lost count of her own long before. Gingerly freeing his wrists from the leather straps, he unbuckled her waist belt and, after disconnecting the breathing tube from his mouth to hers, slowly rolled her onto her back beside him.

After a brief respite to allow them both to catch their breaths, he took one of the long hoses from the pillow and, still navigating solely by touch, attached one end to the outflow valve of his suit. Reaching up to her hood, he attached the other end to her intake valve and opened the set screw that held their commingled breaths inside his suit.

Nancy, groggily aware that her orientation had changed, was even more aware that for a few minutes she was breathing fresh air, and did not have to time her breaths to Ron's exhales. This did not last for long, of course, and when the hot, moist, rubber-charged air from Ron's suit flooded her lungs she did not care other than to revel in the glorious scent of it. At least she could have all she wanted of it.

As his suit was drained, Ron transferred the near end of the hose from his suit to his hood, and when that was empty to the outflow valve of Nancy's body bag. While that deflated, he unzipped his hood and peeled it off his head, and lay gasping for air for a good five minutes or so. When ready, he deflated the ring around the base of his balls and unzipped his inflatable suit, peeling it off and dropping it onto the floor.

After checking on Nancy's air supply, he went into the bathroom to gulp water and pee, not necessarily in that order. Returning to the bed, he decided that her air supply was running low, so he disconnected the breathing tube and let the body bag finish deflating itself. Her hood he left inflated.

When the body bag was once again tight around her form, he unlocked her outer collar and unzipped the bag, carefully peeling it off of her. Naturally it was soaked inside, her sweat having escaped her inner suit via the zipper in it. Unzipping said zipper, he removed her two dildos and led her to the bathroom, still hooded. After she had completed her necessities entirely by sense of touch, at which she had considerable practice, he led her back to the bed, and took advantage of the fact that both their zippers were unzipped.

By 10 AM they were out of their overnight suits, and dressed and ready to go as the train pulled into the beautifully rustic station at East Glacier Park, Montana. Both were discretely attired, she in blue latex jeans and a matching jacket with appropriate underpinnings, he in a sleeveless black bodysuit under more conventional denims. Her cowboy boots were fashionably high heeled, as were his.

The bellhop from the four-star hotel built entirely from logs across and above the beautifully landscaped yard next to the railway station was surprised at the number of bags they had brought, and the deceptive weight of three of them. "We'll be staying here a week," he said, "and we brought along a few changes of clothing. We understand it gets cold here at night, so we brought a few warm things."

With that he handed the bellhop a $50, and instructed him to place the bags directly in their suite, unopened. "We'll walk up," Ron said, and he and Nancy began their leisurely stroll. For some reason, Nancy could not walk fast.



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