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Rubber Skin Glue

by Sabrina Raven

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© Copyright 2014 - Sabrina Raven - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; glue; rubberdoll; hood; bond; cuffs; spreader; vacbed; gag; bfold; tease; sex; climax; cons; X

Sabrina was taking a shower and looking forward to the weekend with Robert. This time he would be the one in command, because she had been in charge during the previous two. Robert hinted this morning on the telephone that she could expect a particularly hot weekend.

Shortly after 5 p.m. there was a ring at the door. Sabrina went and opened the door for her lover in her birthday suit. Robert looked at his great love in awe. Satisfied he noticed that she had freshly shaved her pubis and her legs. They were smooth as silk and soft as those of a baby. His gaze wandered from her shapely hips upwards. Her full and voluptuous breasts excited him impossibly.

Sabrina looked at him questioningly "Well, will you be a real man and spear me with you prick today?" Robert smiled and Sabrina pulled him inside.

Robert carried a large travelling bag that always held a lot of latex clothes and toys. Wordlessly both entered the bedroom, when he saw the latex covered bed. Sabrina lay down seductively on the sheets, which squeaked typically. "This body is all yours until Monday morning, Master!" she whispered.

Robert put down the bag and ordered Sabrina to follow him into the bathroom. At first he administered an enema, this meant she would stay totally enclosed for the whole weekend. She entered the bathtub and Robert screwed a dildo shaped extension on the hose. Sabrina spread her legs and let the dildo be inserted into her anus. Slowly Robert turned on the water and she felt comfortable warmth spread within her. An incredible feeling of pressure came over her. Robert stopped the water supply and pulled the dildo out of her. After the enema Sabrina took a shower again while Robert spread out the clothes for her in the bedroom.

A few minutes later she entered the bedroom and saw a catsuit with gloves, feet and hood, made from the best quality and shiniest black latex lying on the bed. She noticed the wide hips and the breast cups and knew this beauty was meant for her. She could make out two indentations at the crotch that led inside of the suit. Eye and mouth openings could be closed with zippers. Sabrina was curious and looked more closely at the indentations as Robert was in the kitchen. She opened the zipper in the back of the suit and examined the thing in the suit. It was an anatomically correct rubber vagina, which was hollow from the inside. From behind she could see a massive rubber dildo with a hole in the middle. Sabrina touched the rubber vagina and found it to be soft and yielding, when somebody clearing his throat disturbed her observations. Robert was at the door and watched her as she examined the suit.

"Well, do you like it?" he asked her. Sabrina was embarrassed and she let go of the suit.

"Stand in front of the bed." He ordered her and started to rub a clear liquid on her body.

Painstakingly he made sure that he had covered every inch of her body. Even her face and crotch were not spared. The liquid smelled like perfume and Sabrina demanded to know what it was, so Robert handed her the pot. Scared Sabrina realized that her lover had coated her in 'Skin-Latex-Glue'. The label noted a durability of 8-10 weeks. She started to protest loudly but Robert calmed her and showed her another pot with the solvent. "With this I can free you from the suit within minutes, don't be afraid my dear," he said and stroked her long blonde hair that he held off from her back so it wouldn't stick to it. Sabrina was calm and let him continue.

Robert took the suit from the bed and helped her to get into it. As an additional feature the glue made getting into the suit much easier. Easily she slipped into it. Robert put a dildo into the rubber vagina so Sabrina didn't have any trouble pushing it into her own slit. He pulled the dildo out of her and pulled her ponytail through the small hole in the back of the hood, meanwhile Sabrina tried to seat her breasts comfortably in the cups. Immediately Robert started to press the latex against Sabrina's body while smoothing all wrinkles out. She found this very stimulating and let him work on the most intimate spots without a word. This took a while; finally he closed the zip in the back. Robert looked at her and was overwhelmed with the view.

Sabrina was surprised there were no more wrinkles on her whole body. She looked as if she had been dipped in liquid latex. Even her elbows and knees didn't show any wrinkles. Her breasts almost felt trapped in the molded cups of the suit. Her vagina was completely sealed in rubber and within her anus slumbered an intruder of considerable size. The fact that she had been glued into the rubber suit increased the stimulation even further.

Suddenly Robert picked her up and dropped her on the bed; he secured her hands and feet with cuffs to the bedposts. Immediately he filled her mouth with a gag and inflated it. He closed the zippers over her eyes. Then it was silence in the bedroom. Sabrina lay completely helpless, unable to speak, see or move.

A thousand things ran through her head, when, after about 20 minutes, she felt hands touch her and light came to her eyes. She saw Robert who sat smiling next to her on the bed: "The glue is dry by now, this means you are captured in this suit. You are a horny rubber doll." With these words he removed the cuffs. Robert smiled: "Let me try that rubber cunt of yours, darling!"

Sabrina spread her legs and Robert lay between them. She closed her legs and clung to him and asked him to enter her with his large love tool. But this was much easier said than done, her rubber vagina was totally dry, despite Sabrina oozing juice just millimeters below the rubber. There was no other way for Robert but to fill her up with a lot of KY jelly. Then he entered her and his motions created a vacuum which both enjoyed tremendously, moaning loudly. Sabrina's breath came raggedly through the small nostril holes of the mask that stuck fast to her delicate face without a wrinkle.

They made hot and sweaty love for about an hour having a lot of fun. Until Robert declared with a sober voice: "Ok darling, as it is still my wish-day on this weekend I'd like to seize the opportunity and play a game with you!"

Robert grabbed Sabrina and pressed her hands against the headrest of the bed. Again he used the cuffs that he had bought a few days before to secure her to the bedposts. Up to now Sabrina didn't resist and was eager to find out what Robert had in store for her. After both hands were 'cleared' Robert took two massive foot irons out of his bag. Carefully he placed them around Sabrina's feet and joined both irons with a large spreader bar. To make sure she didn't get away he secured the foot irons with special locks; the spreader bar was locked against the footrest with a third lock.

Now Sabrina lay totally helpless chained to the bed with two cuffs on her wrists as well as two heavy foot irons on her feet. Due to the large spreader bar her legs were spread very wide. Robert examined his work carefully, he was very intend on an aesthetic optical impression. Sabrina was a knockout. Her small heart beat excitedly in her latex prison and still Robert could hear her ragged breathing flowing through the small nose openings of her latex hood.

"Now we will go to phase two, my darling." Robert whispered into her ear.

Sabrina was very horny and wriggled in her bonds. But she saw clearly that escape was impossible. Exhausted she gave in and waited for what was to come. Robert took a latex mask out of his bag. It covered nose and mouth only and a long rubber hose in the nose area enabled the wearer to breathe. The mask was laced up in the back. Robert pulled it over Sabrina's head and made sure it didn't grasp on her other mask.

Sabrina tried to shake it off, as her breathing became very inhibited. But it was no use, this time she was totally at Robert's mercy.

To complete his work Robert covered the whole bed in a thin, transparent plastic foil. Carefully he fastened all four sides with wide tape to the bed, as to seal Sabrina airtight below the foil. Only the small hose was pulled outside to provide enough oxygen for her. When he was done with this he left the apartment. Sabrina noticed this and tried with all her might to get free. Gasping for air and sweating all over she had to give up. The sweat that had developed under her glued on rubber skin ran everywhere in her rubber suit and created a cozy warmth.

Suddenly Sabrina heard the door slam. "Finally!" she thought to herself. "My darling is back. Will he free me now?"

Robert bent down to Sabrina's ear and whispered: "Sorry my darling, but I had to obtain a few things and got delayed. I have brought something that I am going to try on you right now."

He opened a small package and took out something that looked like a compressor for pumping up tires. Sticking out of the apparatus was a strong hose. Robert cut a small hole into the transparent foil and connected the hose to the hole, quickly sealing it with tape. Finally it became clear what he intended. It was a vacuum pump. With its help Robert wanted to 'weld' his Sabrina to the bed.

After he checked everything again he switched the pump on. "Prrrrr" the pump went. Slowly you could see how the air was drained and the plastic foil conformed to Sabrina's body.

Slowly the foil encased Sabrina's body completely. The foil became ever tighter and at some point Sabrina was unable to move anymore. The pressure on her body didn't allow any movement. Her rubberized breasts were pressed tightly against her body and the thin hose exited the foil in height of her head. Robert heard her ragged breathing through the tube. Gently he caressed her doubly rubberized body, which was imprisoned motionlessly. Sabrina felt everything through the foil and wanted Robert to bring her to a climax, as she could not prevent herself from enjoying her helplessness. Everything Robert had done excited her very much.

Robert vanished in the bathroom for a moment. When he returned he, too, wore a black latex catsuit. His muscular chest clearly outlined in rubber and his long, at the view of Sabrina, engorged penis stood at attention. He straddled his wrapped up Sabrina and showed her his tool of love. She wanted to feel him but Robert didn't want her to climax, yet.

For quite some time he sat over her and caressed her softly. The tender touches invoked a never before experienced excitement. Every touch was doubly intense in her latex skin. Suddenly he penetrated her. Sabrina was surprised because she was still subjected to the pressure of the foil as she felt his dick inside her. He had simply punctured the foil with his manhood and made incredible love to her. She came several times and was very content with Robert who lay spent at her side. Slowly the foil released Sabrina's body as air entered through the hole in her crotch. A few moments later Robert freed his lover. Still Sabrina had the spreader bar between her legs.

Both took a moment to calm down. The game had been very exciting and taxing at the same time. Robert freed Sabrina from her bonds and took her into the bathroom. Both enjoyed a nice hot shower - in their latex skins of course. Robert was turned on by Sabrina's looks again; she now looked like a wet rubber doll. Watching her glistening wet and wrinkle-free rubber body his manhood swelled again. They embraced and rubbed their wet rubber bodies in the tight shower cabin, so much that loud squeaking could be heard. Before they left the shower both had some more fun.

Robert, still in charge, asked Sabrina to kneel on the latex covered bed. He kneeled behind her and grabbed her with both hands. She noticed how Robert put a velvet blindfold on her. She felt the velvet with her latex skin first, then his strong but gentle hands. Robert's hands softly roamed her shoulders, upper arms, waist and finally her bosom. Sabrina felt utterly comfortable.

Now Robert placed the usual leather cuffs on her wrists. It was obvious what she felt. She was aching for lust. He took her hands above her head and secured them to a chain that hung from the ceiling. She was down on her knees, unable to see and would have screamed for release. Gently Robert parted her lips and popped a small ball into her mouth, which was secured behind her head. "No, a gag!" the realization hit her too late.

Immediately she noticed how the ball inflated. Robert tried to inflate the gag as far as possible and stopped only when Sabrina started to move violently. His hands descended again on her breasts to soothe her shaking body. His hot tongue touched her rubberneck. She felt the touch intimately and wanted more. Robert pushed his strong legs between Sabrina's thighs. You could hear the exciting squeaks of wet rubber again as she kneeled over her Latex Robert. Both touched softly and enjoyed the incredible closeness.

Robert tried to aim his tool of love at Sabrina's tunnel of love. His circular motions almost drove her crazy from desire. "If only my hands weren't tied up!" Sabrina thought as Robert's dick entered her like a lightning bolt.

Very slowly Sabrina moved up and down on his shaft. The friction gave both very intense feelings. Her rhythm increased and their tension ever increased as much. She bit into her gag and pulled on her restraints. Overtime he pushed in her Robert increased the pressure by pulling her with his hands against his pelvis. Again Sabrina increased the speed.

Both were unable of coherent thought, only word fragments, moaning, screaming, colored lights, hot waves. Then Robert found Sabrina's clit. Faster and hotter it got. Robert's dick twitched in Sabrina. He clutched Sabrina another twitch and he spasmed into her hot love tunnel. Robert moaned deeply. He reaches up and releases her cuffs from the chain. Both lovers sink down into an embrace, lying rubber skin to rubber skin.



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