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Rubber Revenge

by M88

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© Copyright 2015 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; trip; hotel; gift; drug; F/m; latex; catsuit; strip; tattoo; gimpsuit; enslave; gag; collar; electro; torment; cbt; urine; bdsm; mast; climax; cons/nc; XX

Having just found his seat on the Ryanair flight from Dublin, Ireland to London Luton airport. Brian was a tall guy at “6.6” and found it hard work to get into the small seat. Lucky he was thin and not fat, or it would have been very uncomfortable. He was clean shaven with short black hair and green eyes. An overall good looking guy with a razor sharp mind. He laid back in his seat and turned his music on. A quick trip with some great tunes. It was then he saw a girl in front of the plane. Oh my god, it was his ex-girlfriend. She was a fetish loving bitch and she hated him for leaving her. Maybe she wouldn't see him or with any luck, remember him. He tried to drop down and make himself invisible.

Brian had a stealthy look over the chair and saw she had taken a seat. After a short wait, the plane took off and soon was in Luton London airport. The flight was fine and he soon found himself in Luton town centre. Luton was a large Bedfordshire town about 40 minutes away from the centre of London. He would need to get a train to London and then a quick walk. He had no problem getting the right train and was happy with the journey so far. He had completely forgotten about seeing his ex on the plane and was using his laptop. He was travelling light, with a laptop bag and small suitcase for his clothes. He was only in London for 3 nights and it was going to be sunny and warm. Unlike the weather in the UK most of the time. The trip continued to be painless as the train moved into St Pancras station. He was enjoying the trip as he walked around London to his hotel.

He was staying in a Premier Inn hotel in Kings Cross. It was short a walk and he found it easy to check in. Just 6 hours after leaving his home, he was in his hotel room. He was very happy with how things were going so far. When he heard a knock at the door, he opened it to find a staff member holding a bottle of champagne. She said it was from another guest staying at the hotel. He was taken back by the offer and found it very odd. She continued by saying he was not the only person to get one. It was from someone who worked in the world of champagne and wine.

Brain asked who else got a bottle. She told him everyone on his floor, which was another 10 people. He accepted the bottle. Well odd things happen in big cities. Oh well if someone is going to give out free stuff, why not. He had a free bottle of champagne for no reason. Just got a bit lucky with the floor he was staying on. He would drink it when he got back to his hotel room. He was going out for a meal tonight. He had a shower and got ready. He then went to a upmarket restaurant, which he had booked a table for 7pm. He had a fantastic curry and a couple of drinks. He was full and very happy. He then back to the room with a smile on his face and full of energy. He was looking forward to the champagne as he walked back to the room.

As he got into the lift, he thought he saw is ex-girlfriend. But the doors closed before he could get a good look at her. He started remembering bits and pieces about her. Her name was Sandra Louise Brown. She had long blonde hair with soft blue eyes. She was a beautiful girl with nice curves and a perfect ass. God how he hated the fact she was a weird fetish loving nutjob. He was very surprised he had seen her on the plane. Was he imagining seeing her everywhere now. He was still thinking about her as he unlocked the door to his room. He had placed the champagne in the small hotel fridge. It was nice and cold as he grabbed it and a glass. He turned on the TV and sat down on the end of his bed. He poured himself a full glass and was soon on his third. He then heard a knocking sound on his hotel room door. He was hoping for another bottle of this lovely champagne.

He was feeling a bit sleepy as he walked to the door. The alcohol was getting to him as he opened the door. His jaw dropped to the floor as the image of his ex-girlfriend in a skin tight pink catsuit met him. The strong smell of rubber hit him the second he looked at her. The rubber suit covered her whole body as well as her hands and feet. She was wearing black high heels and he could see the pink rubber through the straps. It was a horrible and odd sight as he took it all in. He then spotted a huge suitcase behind her as she smiled at him.

He was going to tell her to fuck off and shut the door in her face. But he was finding standing up was almost impossible and speaking was out the question. She continued to look at him as he struggled to the bed. She helped herself into his room and put the 'do not disturb' sign on the door. She then closed and locked it behind her. She placed her suitcase down next to the bed. And turned the volume up on the TV. He was sweating on his bed and was finding breathing hard. His eyes could not stay open for much longer. She was smiling away to herself as his heart was racing. She then bent over him and whispered in his ear.

"Hope you liked the free champagne? I mixed a powerful drug in the one I give you. See you when you come back round. Sweet dreams."

And with that Brian's eyes give way and he fell into a world of darkness. She rolled her hands over his face and body. He was completely out of it and she could do anything to him. She had an evil idea of what to do with her victim. She had drugged his bottle of champagne by injecting a chloroform like liquid through the cork. He had never seen a very small hole on the centre of the cork. She walked around his room in her pink rubber suit. She placed all his stuff, including the clothes he was wearing. And put them in his suitcase. She would get rid of it later. She placed her own suitcase next to the bed and the now naked man. She started unloading what looked like a fetish shop in a suitcase. The rubber and bondage items kept coming out. The floor was covered in the equipment she would use against the helpless vanilla sub.

The first thing she did was start building the bondage frame. It was made from carbon fibre which would be unbreakable and light. It was easy to build the device and what a horrible apparatus it was. It would keep him very well restrained and unable to do anything. She had a huge list of humiliating ideas for her new slave. The first one was a degrading tattoo above his cock. She quickly inked his passed out body with the word 'Bitch' she worked the needle with skill and accuracy. She continued adding tattoos to his open canvas of a body. She had planned them all out beforehand. She continued by drawing a gimp mask on his right lower arm. On his left arm she inked a red ball gag. Across his chest she wrote 'I am a toilet slave' and on his back 'Torture me'. She then put the word 'small' on his cock. She loved the tattoos and knew he would grow to love them as well. She had picked a very kinky looking rubber gimp suit for him to wear.

It was a shiny transparent brown with build in hands and feet as well as other options. She found it very challenging to get him inside the rubber. The suit squeaked loudly as she forced him deep inside its walls. She finally got him enclosed within his new rubber prison. She could see his new tattoos clearly through the shiny tight rubber suit. It was just perfect. She lifted him off the bed and moved him over to the bondage device. She was starting to sweat inside her own pink rubber suit. As the two suits rubbed together, they made a beautiful sound.

She moved him onto the machine and started positioning her gimp. She folded his legs over in a frog tie. She tied them together by using two thick leather straps. One by his knees and the other by his groin. She linked the knees to a D-rings build into the base of the device. She used short chains to tie them down. The base was made from a carbon fibre 'V' covered in soft rubber. The 'V' was at a 10 degree angle, with his knees pointing towards the ground. She worked another two leather straps under each leg. She then handcuffs his feet together around a centre pole.

The centre pole was joined to two horizontal metal supporting poles on the ground. The two poles kept the device level. The ends of the 'V' arms also touching the ground and helped it stay still. The centre pole add other toys, which would be used later. She quickly strapped his body with four thick leather straps. She then added straps across his chest in the shape of an 'X' and more strap under his armpits. His body was now covered in strong leather straps. She left him with almost no moment and his chest was tightly compressed. She was smiling away to herself as she played with her toy. Running her hands around his rubber body, it was a real turn on for her. But she still had work to do.

The first of her creative toys was a short metal pole, which poked out the back of the device. It was screwed and padlocked against the main pole. It had a cross bar right at the end of it. She grabbed his arms and forced the elbows together and over the cross bar. The pole was placed high up on his back and would be a painful position. She duck taped his arms together as they balanced on the cross bar. Working from his fingers and continuing all the way to his shoulders. She wrapped his arms in the strong tape as tight as she could. She then got one of her toys, a black latex armbinder. She placed it over his already taped arms and moved it up and around his shoulders. It was an added layer of inescapable bondage. She locked the armbinder over his shoulders and zipped it shut. The shiny black latex was so tight, you could see the outlines of the lines of tape.

She then cuffed the wrists and elbows to the metal pole. She used heavy duty metal cuffs to do so. He would be unable to move is arms. She had completed the body and would now move on to his head. His body was strapped against the pole. His legs had been folded and tied down to the 'V' shaped base. His arms had been wrapped together and enclosed in latex. His head was the last part of him untouched by her fetish war against him.

She pushed ear plugs into his head. She wanted him to be unable to hear. Following the ear plugs was a transparent brown latex hood. The hood had holes for his mouth and nose. The hood was crushing against his face as she zipped in shut. The latex hood also stopped the ear plugs from coming free. She picked up another latex hood. This time it was jet black and had a built- in funnel. The funnel had a special gag to kept it inside his mouth. She squeezed the gag inside him and pushed the latex hood over his head. He could breathe through the funnel. But the hood also had a hole for his nose. Because the funnel may be filled with whatever she wanted.

The hood was a perfect fit as Brain had his eye sight taken from him. She was a fast worker and soon had his head covered by rubber. The zip was trying to undo itself, it was so tight. The gag was pushing his lips out as it gripped against his teeth. The heavy rubber funnel was hanging down the side of his face. The funnel had a couple of straps to glue it to the wears face. She tied one around his forehead and the other under his chin and right round the top of his head. The funnel was now set in stone as she collared her new toy. She used a heavy duty leather posture collar to immobilized his neck. She then used three leather straps to control his head. One around his neck, over the collar. She wrapped another one over his eyes. She put the last strap under his chin and joined it to the top of the main pole. His head was now covered in latex and straps. She would now show off some of the toys she had for him. They would humiliate him.

She unzipped his rubber gimp suit and pulled a large brown rubber bag out of the suit. It was a bag which lined up with his ass. He would be shitting in the rubber bag. Next she picked up his cock toy. She placed his cock in a stainless steel chastity tube with a catheter tube pushed up his dick hole. The cage and the catheter were locked around his penis. The catheter tube was all the way in his body and went to plastic medical bag. The plastic bag would collected his piss. The shinning stainless steel around his cock looked like it would never come off. She stood back and starting taking photos of her work. He looked amazing in her eyes. From the shit bag hanging under the device, to the funnel waiting to be used, he was a great sight for her. She knew he would not escape and went to bed for the night.

Brian was slowly becoming alive again as the time hit 7am. The drugs had been pissed out his system and into the plastic bag waiting for it. He slowly started moaning as he become conscious. His cries were soft and hard to hear at first. But as time passed and his brain woke up. He was soon moaning loudly. He was acting as an alarm clock for Sandra. She was still wearing her pink rubber suit as she got out of bed. She could see him struggling with the straps. She could see the sweat building up inside his transparent brown gimp suit. She could see piss in the plastic bag and heard moans from the funnel.

She had two options with what to do next. One was let him be found like this. Or he could spend his whole Holiday like this and be found on the last day. The latter option was the best for her. She could torture him for 4 days and he could do nothing about it. He was isolated from the rest of the world and could do nothing for himself.

She started the torture by rubbing his balls. He could feel something was holding his dick and he was unable to get hard. Her rubber hands played with him as he struggled to show how stimulating it was. His cock was pressing against the metal cage as she started sucking his balls. She was trying to get him to cum and with each suck, it was getting closer. He was shutting through the funnel as his balls popped out her mouth. God the feeling was amazing as he blow his load. His cum dripped out from his cock and into his chastity device. Some of it worked its way onto the floor. Sandra was laughing hard at her poor slave. She then started slapping his hanging balls with her hand. It was a soft trap to begin with, but quickly got more extreme. Soon she was punching his balls as hard as she could. He was crying out for help as his balls turned to fire.

She stopped and watched him struggle with the horrible pain. His balls had become red from the huge hits they had taken. He was folded up in his bondage system as he tried to bend over. He was immobilized and unable to shield his balls from another attack. Tears rolled down the inside of his black rubber hood. She was too busy taking pictures to care about him. The image in front of her was a fetish dream. But she soon got bored and moved on to the next toy. It was a cattle prod and she wasted no time in using it, sending a huge shock into the heel of Brian's left foot. He jumped into his bondage equipment as the pain hit him. His right heel was next as she enjoyed the power she had over him. She had placed the cattle prod against his ass and made him dance. She shocked him again and again as his screams filled the room. She ended the torture with a shock to the balls. He started shaking and crying softy into the funnel gag.

She could not believe how well the session was going. She wanted to pop out and get some more stuff. She don't want him to be bored so she tied his balls with cable. The bondage frame had a D-ring in the base, through which she fed the cable. She ran the cable up to his armbinder and to the D-ring at the end of it. She pulled the cable as tight as she could. His balls got stretched towards the ground as she tied off the cable. It was degrading and humiliating as she put on a coat and latex leggings. She was covering up her pink rubber catsuit. She walked out the door and left him helpless. She came back an hour later with bags in hand. He was a beautiful sight as she walked through the hotel room. She saw he had added to his dehumanized by filling his piss bag. His shit bag was no longer empty as she put the shopping down.

She unpacked the shopping and took her street clothes off. Her sweaty rubber catsuit was still skin tight and shiny. She unzipped her suit and grabbed a plastic bottle. She pissed into it as her sweat dropped from the lovely rubber. She pulled a can of dog food out of the large bag of shopping. She walked over to him and stood on the bondage perform. She rubbed his cock and balls with her heel as she poured the piss down the funnel. He had to drink the piss or he would drown. She stopped with the bottle half full. And started feeding him the dog food. He had to eat all of it as she forced it down his neck. She could hear him gagging and choking on it as he finished the can off. She then poured the rest of the piss down the funnel. She could smell it as he finished the bottle off. She then unconnected his piss bag and poured that down the funnel as well. He drank it as quickly as he could as the taste filled his mouth. The bag soon emptied and she relinked it.

She spent the night playing with herself right in front of him. She would feed him dog food and piss for the next three days. She used the cattle prod daily as well as slapping his tied balls. Which she kept stretched throughout his stay. The smell coming from his funnel was horrible by day four. And he had filled his shit bag. He was dehumanized as she got ready to leave. She needed to get her fight home. She removed anything she owned and left him restrained in his rubber gimp suit. Unable to do anything and in a humiliating position. She removed the 'do not disturb' sign from the door and headed into the night. The next morning two female cleaners opened the door to Brian's room and found him.

The smell of piss and dog food hit them first. Followed by the smell of rubber as they got closer. They could see his body struggling and fighting against the device he was bound to. They had never seen so many straps and cuffs. They both had a close look at his tortured ball and metal chastity cage. They also looked at his bag of shit and the funnel. He knew someone was in the room and started crying out for help. They ran their hands over the rubber and along the straps. One of the cleaners had always wanted a rubber pet.


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