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Rubber Pony Prison

by Kent Hellershanks

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© Copyright 2009 - Kent Hellershanks - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; latex; bond; collar; pony; slave; prison; reluct; X

Chapter One

At first it was with some relief that Pamela had heard that she would serve her sentence as a rubber pony. The sentence was slavery, of course, but at least the friends she once had, and her family would not actually be able to recognize her amidst the herd of rubber ponies serving out their time on the streets of the city.

The changes that had swept the world since her birth had brought about a world that would have once been called "Medieval", technologically. The laboratory engineered organism which had been created to absorb oil spills at sea succeeded beyond anyone's wildest imaginings or fears. Within a few months the organism had spread far beyond the test sites and began to consume all the petroleum on Earth--either in the tank or in the ground. Within a year, the entire world economy was in such a state of collapse that slavery again appeared worldwide in response to the world wide evaporation of assets. Millions, even billions of people on the planet now found themselves forced to sell themselves or families into slavery to keep alive. Millions more found themselves ordered into slavery in response to crimes that once would have required mere fines or community service.

Pamela found herself convicted of tax evasion. Actually she had been late filing her quarterly tax statement--by a mere 5 days. There was a time when the whole thing would have not been handled in a court room, but would have been dispatched by a letter in the mail demanding the money. Those times were long gone. How well she now knew that. From the moment the arresting officer had come to her shop informing her of the charge, 10 days ago, she had been under steady lockup and restraint, with cuffs on her ankles and wrists.

Then came the moment of her conviction--a simple matter--and her sentencing. The minute the judge began a long speech about the costs of prisons and the overcrowding of jails, Pamela knew that she was in for enslavement and not a cell. The pit of her stomach emptied out when she realized that, for she knew she could not bear the public humiliation, and the collar, and the brand. She also knew that it would be impossible to really continue in her business after even a short period of slavery. The public humiliation of having to pull garbage wagons and food delivery carts through the street of the city of one's birth cannot be washed away. Slaves released from bondage inevitably had to move to other towns or even other states. She was willing to submit to this pain, but if she could just be spared the daily public humiliation of being worked as an identified animal and slave in public then she would be so very happy. If only she could be placed in the garb of a rubber pony, she had prayed, literally, and her prayers were answered.

"It is the decision of this court that you now be taken to the enslavement chambers where you will be placed in latex and made to serve out your ten to fifteen year sentence of slavery as a rubber pony."

The judge banged his gavel to indicate the disposition of yet another trivial case of judicial enslavement. New slave pamela felt the two female guards on either side of her grip arms and pull on the waist chain she had worn since being brought to the Jail, so long ago now. she stumbled numbly between them, her ankles hobbled by the 21 links of chain between her ankles. Her head was bowed, she stared down at the cuffs that linked her wrists. she did not look back at the court room as she was led away from her friends and family for the last time.

She was led down a long hallway lined with doors on either side. she saw other convicted slaves, male and female being led like her to one room or another. The two guards stopped suddenly in front of a particular door, and with out a word opened the door and led her into a small room occupied only with a long table at one end. On the table lay a shiny, black suit of some kind. The guards used a pair of electric power shears to cut the clothing off her body, leaving it a pile of shredded cloth on the floor. The guards next unhitched the chains, shackles, and cuffs from her body and lay them all in a pile on the table. New slave pamela stood naked before the prison guards, her slightly tanned, well rounded body shivering.

"ok girl, put on the suit. It has been premeasured just for you."

And pamela, her hands now clasped around her breasts, as she shivered in the new felt cold of the bare room walked over to the table in short, faltering steps.

"Move it along girl." And one of the guard administered two sharp blows with a riding crop across her butt cheeks. And pamela lurched forward, her head bowed.

She reached down to pick up the light, rubber smelling suit. She carefully slipped her legs into long, close fitting rubber legs of the garment. The arms and head piece almost slipped themselves upon her, and in another moment she felt her body totally covered by the warm, smooth, soft latex. There were holes for her eyes, her nostrils, her nose, her cunt and her ass.

They next cuffed her hands behind her back and gave the order:

"Spread your legs girl"

And she immediately obeyed. She felt shaving cream being applied to her muff. Next she felt her sex being deftly shaved by skilled prison guard hands.

Next she felt a metal collar being fastened around her neck, outside of the latex and she heard a chain being attached to this:

"Come girl, come." said one of the guards, giving her a sharp crack on the ass with a riding crop. She was led back out into the hallway and out a side door. She was led out into the lawn of the courthouse to a line of other rubber ponies tethered in a coffle line:

"One more for you!" shouted one of the women guards shouted at another female guard, a tall brunette in a wide brim cop's hat with a badge at the top, mounted on a black horse, a pair of mirrored sunglasses on her face, and a rifle propped on her leg.

"put her at the end of the coffle" replied the Horsewoman, calmly, almost with disdain and pamela's collar was chained to the collar of the next rubber pony ahead of her.

"Giddap!" shouted the Horsewoman, as She touched her horse's side with her spurs and as her gelding horse moved forward he pulled on a chain attached to the saddle which was attached to a d ring on the collar of the first slave in the coffle, and fifteen newly sentenced rubber ponies, male and female, were led down the streets to in the direction of the slave prison.


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