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Rubber Pervert

by M88

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© Copyright 2016 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; tease; fondle; kiss; F/m; latex; catsuits; gimp; bond; hood; gasmask; restraints; drug; captive; encase; denial; cons/nc; X

James was walking back from the pub with a stunning girl on his arm. They had got talking after a couple of heavy rock songs had played over the sound system. They happened to like the same music and talked about gigs and festivals they had both been to. They had a good laugh as they talked for hours. She then asked James if he would come back to her’s. Her high heels clicked on the footpath as they made the short walk to her home. They soon got to her Oxford flat in a quite part of town and they went inside. She offer him a cup of tea and asked him to put on some music. He went into her living room and turned on her sound system. Linking his phone to the device with bluetooth, he found some music. She entered the living room with a large cup of tea in each hand. She had undressed in the time it had taken the kettle to boil and was now only wearing red bra and panties with her high heels still on. Oh my god was the only thing James could think of as she put the tea down on a table and placed herself close to him. They enjoyed a nice warm drink as she rested her head against him and wrapped her arm around his body. 

They soon finished their drinks and she started rubbing his cock. She was moving her hand slowly over his manhood as she tried to feeling more through his clothes. He started getting undressed himself. Taking off his jacket, shirt, jeans and socks. The two kissed as he touched her boobs and she worked his dick with both hands. She then removed his boxers as she started kissing down his body. The boxers reached his feet as her mouth reached his cock. She gave the tip a sexy, but quick lick and dropped his underwear on the floor. A now naked James removed what remained of her clothes and put them next to his boxers. She had a thin and well looked after body with curves in all the right places. Her boobs had a lovely shape to them and her pussy was well shaved. 

They kissed again for a couple of minutes, James’s heart was racing and his cock was solid as they walked to her bedroom. He had a great view of her ass and enjoyed how round and sexy it looked. They reached the top of the stairs and she headed for the first door on their right. The upstairs only had three rooms with one to the left, which looked like the bathroom. And one to the right and next to the stairs and the other at the end of the landing. Not that James cared or spotted how many rooms the flat had. He was still eating her with his eyes as she turned to him. “After you horse” and opened the door with the hand behind her back. The other hand ran over her body and then called him forward. She just needed to move her index finger forwards and backwards a couple of times for him to jump at the offer. 

He entered through the half open door in to the darkness and knew she followed him inside. She wrapped her hands around his body and kissed his neck from behind. Her hands moved to his cock as he heard the door shut. She was slowly playing with his cock and balls as her boobs pressed into his back. He was having fun in the darkness as her hands moved along his body. He closed his eyes and took a deep intake of air and found the air inside the room to smell odd. When he heard a very low level moaning or grating sound. It was coming from in front of him as confusion filled his mind. What was in this room. He also found the room to be hot and sweat was dripping down his back as her hands squeezed his balls and stroked the tip of his dick. Something did not feel right as she licked his neck and ear. He was still rock hard and horny.

He then heard a different set of sounds echo softly though the room. It sounded like a latex condom being played with and the hiss of air. Maybe the girl he was with was about to put a rubber over his cock. That had to be it. That would also explain the smell, it was rubber and it was from the condom. James stopped being on edge as she continued playing with him. Not that he could feel a lot. His cock had almost no feeling what so ever. Maybe it was one of the extra safe condoms and she had just rolled it down his manhood as he thought about the weird stuff he was going through. She was good with her hands and would have been able to pull a rubber on him with easy.

It was then with his mind at rest and after he had reassured himself it was all o.k. She turned the lights on inside the room and revealed what was inside. The blinding light took James a couple of seconds to adjust to. Oddly his body and legs had started to feel numb as he turned towards the door to look his girl in the eye. She was smiling at him with her body looking sweaty and sexy. He saw his dick was not enclosed in rubber as he expected. His mind started racing again, why had she turned the lights on? and what linked all the weird stuff together? 

He then turned to have a look around the room. The answer was standing right in front of him. Against the back wall of the room and with the lights pointing towards it was a rubber covered man with cuffs and straps keeping prisoner. James looked the man up and down with his eyes almost unable to take in what he was seeing. Every part of him was wrapped in some type of fetish item. The rubber suit was as black as night and covered his whole body. It was skin tight and looked very thick. The gimp suit was shiny and clean looking without any wriggles or air pockets. 

The bondage used to keep him immobilised was mind blowing. His feet had been locked into see-through plastic shoes which had been built into the floor. His legs had been spread eagled and his feet kept at a 30 degree angle. Cuffs had been built into the wall behind him and restrained his body in metal. The restraints covered his whole body. There was only a small gap between each of the solid metal cuffs which had closed tightly around him. He had been put in a very tight corset, which compressed his stomach and chest. The leather corset was shockingly tight and forced the rubber to fold inwards.

His head and neck had been locked into a medical support brace. The brace kept his head and neck completely still as the plastic crashed his skull. He could not move his neck or head in anyway and the medical bondage system had been cuffed to the back wall. Under the white medical support brace was a black gas mask. The eye holes had been blacked out and a couple of hoses entered the gas mask. The hoses went to a large tank with a number of tubes, rubber bags, bottles and pumps. James had no idea what was under the gas mask. 

His hands had been trapped inside rubber mittens which made his fingers unless. The end of the mittens had a d-ring which was locked to the wall. Running the length of his arms and legs were the heavy metal cuffs which stopped them from moving. The cuffs wrapped around his body and looked a bit like a harness. He could just about breathe in the bondage as the rubber suit moved up and down only a small amount with each intake of air. But it was his cock and ass area which left James speechless. 

His cock was covered in rubber and over the top of it was a see-though plastic device. The long housing was just wider than his dick and had a number of wires and small tubes coming from it. His ass had a couple of tubes going into it and the rubber around it looked to be pushing away from his body. James was clueless about what was happening to this mans cock and ass. Then his date for the night broke the silence which had fill the room from the moment the lights come on. 

“His is wearing a vacuum suction cup with electrics built in over his manhood. His balls have been stretched at the base of the device and are locked in place. His ass his filled with a massive rubber butt plug and the tubes make removing waste easy. I can bring him to orgasm or torture his cock horribly.”

James was in a world of confusion and panic. What the hell was going on and who was this rubber slave she had? Maybe he should just head home and not have sex tonight. The smell of the rubber was overwhelming as the room got hotter and hotter. Under the gas mask the guy was moaning in pain and discomfort as the equipment along the walls moved, hissed, bubbled and beeped. His muscles twitched under the rubber suit as the restraints remained unbreakable. Once again the naked girl next to him cut the silence. 

“He has been rubberized and bound in this room for 10 days. I put out a advert on a fetish website and he replied to it. After talking it through with him and getting him to sign contracts. He was tied up and became my play thing. He knew what he was getting into and what I would do to him. But something just does not feel right about this session. I think it’s because he wants to be my rubber gimp as nothing I have been doing to him is turning me on. I outlined all the pains and pleasures on my advert so nothing comes as a shock to him. Plus he has been into the fetish scene for 5 years and has seen or done all this before. Which is why he is being freed in the morning. The fact he wants to be my prisoner makes it boring and not as kinky as it could be. If for say the person had no idea what was going to happen to them.”

James could not believe someone would want to be restrained like this for 10 days. God knows what the inside of the suit and gas mask was like now. The machine and equipment continued to make background sounds as the sessions ran towards it’s end. Sweat was running down James’s back as something she had said hit him. Was the last thing she said about him and what they would be doing tonight. He was vanilla and did not want to be turned into a weird rubber slave. She smiled and whispered in his ear.

“By the way you are sweating, you have worked out my plans. I am getting rid of this boring piece of shit and leaving his worthless rubber covered body in the city centre. The drugs should put him to sleep in a couple of minutes. I have a nice hogtie bondage set with his name on it. He can keep the dirty rubber suit and rubber gas mask on. After all he has been in it for 10 long days and I don’t want to clean it. And with the bondage he will be in when i drop him off. It should be very humiliating for him. In a very public place in a full rubber gimp suit and bound into a tight hogtie. Plus he thinks i am taking him home after the session ends and it should give him a heart attack when he wakes up’’ 

James looked at the rubber gimp as he stopped moaning and his restraints took his weight. He was breathing slowly through the gas mask as the machine turned off. He was completely out of it. How horrible to woke up in the centre of a busy city wearing only fetish clothes and being tied up. God what would other people think and would he be picked up by the police.

“You don’t need to worry about him. You should be more worried about yourself as someone needs to take his place. The penny should have dropped a lot sooner that you are going to replace him. I am not going to restraint you to the wall right away. As  I want to do some sexual stimulation with you first. I want to creative a link between the rubber bondage you will be in and sex. It should only take a few days from when you wake up. As the drugs I put in your tea should be about to hit you”

Almost the second after she said that, James started to feel hot and dizzy. His eyes become blurry and dark as he could no longer stand up. Falling into the corner of the room as his legs went. His breathing slowed and his body become numb. He was gone.

5 hours later.

The old rubber gimp had just woken up in the centre of Oxford with his body twisted into a tight hogtie. His eyes could see people walking past through his gas mask as panic took over. As the clock hit 8am he had a crowd of people around him as the police arrived.

James on the other hand was waking up on a nice soft bed. He was wearing a deep blue rubber suit which covered his whole body and had a back zip. The suit was very tight and shiny as it flowed over James’s skin. His cock was in a rubber shaft built into the suit. Black leather cuffs had been placed on his ankles, wrists and groin. Padlocks locked his ankles together and his wrists had been locked to his groin. He was wearing a deep blue rubber hood with holes for his nose only. Under the hood his mouth and eyes had been wrapped in duct tape. His hands had been placed in rubber mittens as he rolled around on the bed. 

He heard the door open and close as he stayed still. His girl had just walked into the room and if he could see her, he would have cum right away. She was wearing a see through rubber catsuit. The catsuit covered her whole body from her toes to her fingers. The rubber was free of air pockets and the suit was smooth and clean. The catsuit was like a second skin over her perfect body as the smell of rubber completely filled the room. She was rubbing her hands over her suit as the sounds of rubber on rubber echoed into James’s ears. 

He was breathing hard through the air holes as she climbed onto the bed. He was easy to move onto his back and into the centre of the bed. He was making a soft moaning sound as she looked him up and down. She was taking in what her new gimp looked like. Her mind had a quick daydream of her last rubber prisoner and how it was going for him. As it happens he was laying on his stomach in the back of a police car on this way to the station. He was sweating and scared as he struggled in his rubber hogtie. Not that she cared about her old slave. She smiled and looked down at her new pet.

“Well hello gimp. You look great in all that rubber bondage and your cock gives away the fact you are enjoying yourself. I want you to love being in fetish outfits and restrained in any way probable. As much as i love doing it to you and having control over you. I am going to dominate you and turn you into a perfect slave. I am going to start with sexual association. E.G. you are going to link the things i do to you with sex and orgasms. It’s the only time you will get to cum as my slave. And soon you will get hard from just smelling my pussy or ass. Lets get started...”


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