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Rubber Madame 5: Twin Maids

by Jane D'oh

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© Copyright 2012 - Jane D'oh - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/ff; D/s; latex; outfits; bond; gag; collar; maids; bagged; encase; bdsm; crop; toys; oral; cons; X

continued from part four

Chapter 5: Twin Maids

As a rule i much prefer to be told what to do or at least have a plan of action to follow but on that day i rather enjoyed the thought of several hours of freedom. After washing myself, the horse and the tack i redressed in my travelling clothes: black half millimetre stockings, panties and bra, the severe corset and short long sleeved heavy dress. To finish i laced up the spiky knee length stiletto boots and headed back to the main house. I felt very comfortable and at home as i prepared a light meal. Afterwards as i sipped a cup of tea at the kitchen table and watched the snow melting in the yard through the sunny window i realized how desperately i wanted to be with Rubber Madame again. Not since i had moved into her home almost a year ago, altering my life forever, had i been away from her astonishing and regal presence for more than a day. Now feeling happy and content in John’s kitchen, the weight of my love for Madame and our life overtook me like rising floodwater. I felt that somehow i’d almost been taking my new life for granted; plucked from boredom and loneliness and transported into Mistress’ world almost overnight i had adapted quickly to my newfound joy and very quickly forgot where i had come from and the strange series of events that had brought me the unimagined bliss of reuniting with my missing half. Brushing away a tear i gave my silent thanks and resolved to do my best to appreciate my new life and live up to Madame’s high standards.

Although John had told me to do whatever i wanted the place was quite a mess and needed some work. To make it more interesting however, i decided to dress up a bit for the occasion. I found all the Rubbermen’s gear scattered about the main floor washroom in heaps. It would all need cleaning and sorting but before that happened i took one of the two Avon drysuits and carried it back to the barn’s secret rooms. Once there i removed my boots and jumped into the suit; i fancied i could smell a hint of John mixed with the heavy Rubber as i zipped myself in. Next i chose a Russian G-5 mask whose hood would fit nicely over the latex hood of the suit, then i hunted about and found some red Rubber tubing about ten inches in length and quite thin. Putting these aside for the moment i was very happy to discover in one of the closets a pristine pair of Century chest waders, black with red trim and made of the highest quality very heavy Rubber.

After i’d gotten myself into those and tightened the straps over my shoulders (Rubber straps, John must have added these himself), i put on a pair of twelve inch medium weight black latex gloves and covered them with a beautiful pair of Marigold twenty-four inch heavy Rubber gauntlets. Searching the room again i soon came upon a rebreather bag with an adjustable valve on one end and a forty-four millimetre female thread that would attach to the G-5. Hopping up on the gyn/ob table i set about the final steps: i threaded the red tubing underneath the hood of the drysuit pushing it down towards my chest but leaving a couple inches poking out at my left cheek; then i carefully pulled the gasmask on overtop. When i had screwed the bag onto the intake valve of the mask i laid back and tried to relax, breathing slowly. Once i’d calmed down enough i pushed the valve on the bag closed and slowly began the process of my self-deflation: the only source of air coming through the red tube, from the inside of the airtight drysuit. The pungent Rubber-enriched oxygen was adequate at first but as i slowly sucked myself into a vacuum seal it became more and more difficult to draw a breath. Finally i took one last mighty inhalation and then swiftly removed the gasmask and yanked out the Rubber tube. As i floated above the table i enjoyed a few lungfuls of pure air before re-donning the mask and adjusting the valve to allow a moderate flow into the rebreather bag. The heavy Rubber of the Avon squeezed tightly into every nook and cranny of my body, pressing against my first layer and taking me again to the very brink of pleasure.

Once my equilibrium had returned to some extent i made my way back to the house and set about reordering the chaos created by the dinner party and the ensuing sleepover by Karl. Although there was much to do i enjoyed the process completely; feeling no compulsion to hurry or fret i put my taut body in motion and almost without thoughts completed most of the chores in a couple hours. I then gathered up all the Rubber gear from the bathroom and in two trips transported it to the barn where i dutifully cleaned and hung it all to dry. Realizing that the pressure on my body had slowly lessened over time i repeated the deflation ritual and again found myself in state of high… resonance? i hesitate to use the word, although it seems more appropriate to inflation than deflation its essence seems to apply to both. Laying on the specialized table/chair, endeavouring to postpone my pleasure which again seemed imminent, i was slightly taken aback when the door opened and John reappeared. “Hi, thanks for cleaning up, hey why is your suit so tight?” He walked over and examined me interestedly; alas i couldn’t respond to his question as i’d strapped a big black Rubber penis gag in my mouth before my second deflation. I grunted politely to explain the problem and John laughed, “Ok, you can explain yourself later, I’m going to make dinner: you come and join me in the house in half an hour.”

Once i was alone again i reluctantly undressed and showered, quickly rinsing and hanging my clothes. Having almost none of my thirty minutes remaining i simply put my panties and bra back on still wet and covered myself with a very large, long and heavy black mac. Rushing back to the house barefoot, i hopped, skipped and jumped from dry spot to dry spot on the stone pathway: the slowly melting snow having dampened it in places. I thought i could hear a voice coming from inside and hesitated for a moment before opening the door. “No, not at all, your wish is my command,” John’s voice reached me as i entered and i realized he was on the telephone. “We’ll leave first thing in the morning and I’ll contact Miss Collins the second we hang up.” My heart leapt: was he speaking to Madame? “Of course, yes, not a problem…I will…You enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe flight home…ok…bye!” I walked towards the kitchen where John had hung up the phone; seeing me he said, “Ah, your visit has been cut short I’m afraid, I was just speaking with your Mistress and it seems that Miss Collins has expressed a desire to look after you at her home for the duration of Madame’s absence. I’ll drive you there tomorrow. Oh, and your Mistress sends her love.” My heart was racing madly by the time John had finished speaking but i believe i managed to convey to him how much i appreciated his hospitality and company over the previous days. “I’ve enjoyed the time myself,” he said, “but I know you’re looking forward to being with the Ladies again.”

John and i shared a pleasant meal and spent the evening more as friends than as Master and slave, chatting over a few beers and watching an old movie. We were to rise early however so around eleven John told me to go back to the barn and get ready for bed. “Two layers of your choice will suffice and I’ll be over to ‘tuck you in’ before long. I was still wearing only bra, panties and the ‘big mac’ as i scooted along the darkened path between buildings. A chill had come on and the areas that had been wet with snowmelt were now frozen. Once upstairs i set about choosing my wardrobe for the last night i’d be spending here with John. I found a nice heavy catsuit with integral feet and decided to wet lube it with a water based gel rather than the dry talc i normally use. As i slipped it on i asked myself why i didn’t opt for this more often: the sensations were quite enthralling. Next i took an Aquala drysuit that didn’t look quite large enough and after adding some gloves and an open face hood to my first layer began to push my way inside it. The going was difficult however so i stopped and spread the oily lubricant all over the outside of my first layer as well. This worked superbly and i was soon ensconced in two wonderful layers (the drysuit having built in booties, gloves and hood) and squirming delightedly. Again i was approaching the brink of joy but fortunately i heard the door downstairs shut and John’s approach was enough to calm my overextended sensibilities.

“I guess we’d better make your last night a memorable one… I was rather enjoying having you around, though I’m generally a private person: perhaps you’ll be back some day,” John spoke as he gathered up the inevitable gear. I stood near the bed/table trying to resist the desire to grind my crotch into something to feel the Rubber layers glide and ooze. I could hear a lot of rattling as of chains behind me and that of course only increased my stimulation. “Okay, I’ve made your bed, now you must sleep in it,” John chuckled.

When i turned to approach him i saw that he’d rigged up an elaborate sling which swung gently from the ceiling on four heavy well-polished steel chains. From these extended a complex network of further chains which fed through grommets along the edges of the heavy black Rubber that would actually support me. When i was finally airborne and John was making some adjustments to the apparatus my weight was well distributed: the Rubber hugging and lifting me along my calves, thighs, lower back and around each shoulder. It felt truly wonderful except that my neck hung backwards unpleasantly. This was quickly remedied of course, as John produced a frighteningly large and heavy discipline helmet. As i looked more closely i could see that it possessed no openings other than two nostril tubes and of course the neck which incorporated an extreme looking neck corset with lacing from the base up almost to the crown of the head. After again pushing the wedge gag into my mouth John tugged the heavy headpiece into place and assured that the nose tubes were properly fitted. I had also noticed a d-ring atop the helmet where the lacing ended and i could feel something being attached to it and tied off somewhere above me holding my head up in a more comfortable position. John then proceeded to lace up the neck corset which felt very comforting and then continued on up the back of my head to the crown, pulling the whole apparatus wonderfully snug. I heard a distant “Goodnight” and felt a push against my right shoulder that set me swaying slightly in my unearthly hammock, a motion whose end never quite materialized in my night of suspended animation.

When i began to come out of my trance i slowly returned to the normal world. John was speaking as he methodically removed the multiple devices responsible for my voyages: the night had been one of the strangest and most enjoyable of my life. At first his words made no sense at all, sounding like something between a language i didn’t understand and just plain weird noises. Time and distance, reality and dream, possible and impossible had all left me behind long ago. I could never, even to myself, explain all that had happened as i hung and swung through so many worlds of enchantment that night. I didn’t want it to end in fact, and tried to convey to John my desire for him to leave me be so i could continue with my voyages but he ignored my strange grunting and soon his words started to make sense again and the light hammered my virgin eyes as the helmet was removed.

“Ground Control to Major Tom: HELLO?” he almost yelled with a hint of irritation, staring closely at me.

After some aborted efforts i was finally able to articulate a few words to indicate that i was all right, but had been very far away and was not really overjoyed to be coming back to Earth. He smiled as he continued to release me, “I’m glad you were enjoying yourself but your Mistresses call the shots here and we’ve got a long drive ahead of us.”

By the time John had finished and was helping me to my feet i was feeling almost normal and quite well-rested. Soon i was able to stand up on my own and John left me in charge of my preparations for our departure. After showering and undressing, washing the clothes and tidying up, i put on the same outfit that i had worn for the trip here. It seemed like weeks ago: i had had so many wonderful experiences it pained me to leave but of course the thought of Miss Collins’ bidding and then in two or three days Rubber Madame’s return left me giddy with anticipation. Once i was again in the embrace of the tight black half millimetre Latex: stockings, panties and bra with my Rubber breast enhancements followed by the severe corset, spiky six inch knee boots and a heavy long sleeved dress whose hem rode high up on my thighs, i put on the long platinum blonde wig and applied some rather heavy makeup from the small carry-on that Madame had packed for me. “You’re a shameless hussy,” She had said to me all those days ago. I buttoned myself into her long black PVC mac which held me very snugly i was walking on air again. I went down the stairs, helped John load a few things into his van and before i knew it we were rolling down the long drive as i bade silent farewell to my temporary home.

As we approached the main highway John proffered a small plastic bottle of orange juice and presented it to me. Thanking him kindly i removed the cap, noticing that the seal seemed to have been already broken, and drained it at once, being very parched. Whatever drug had been introduced into my drink was precisely perfect for an extended car trip: instead of the normal boredom interspersed with moments of stress i would normally have felt under highway conditions i found myself in a happily dreamlike world where the patterns and sights and sounds merged into a comfortable oneness. Sometimes meaning would emerge from the combinations, always an overriding sense of rightness and acceptance prevailed; what was to be a gruelling six hour ordeal was transformed into a pleasant little outing, a silly grin perpetually adorning my doll-like face.

When i saw the familiar skyline of the city appear ahead of us my mind began to return to the present. Puffy white clouds interspersed the unusually blue firmament, occasionally tossing their shadows over us. The sun was still fairly high up and the thought of Miss Collins made my heart skip a beat. Soon the centrifugal force of the exit ramp had me leaning way over towards John and on an impulse i pressed my hand to his shoulder in an affectionate gesture for all he had done for me. A slight smile played on his lips and though his hands never left the steering wheel i felt the bond between us deepen and mature. Ten minutes later my heels were again echoing through the underground of Miss Collin’s condominium, me with my little overnight bag and John hoisting a garment bag containing the frightening full body corset.

The following two plus days were truly extraordinary. From the moment John and i were ushered in by my nemesis, the beautiful Rubbermaid whose presence evoked such jealous envy within me, to the trip to the airport to pick up Madame my psyche was in a continuous state of heightened stimulation. Immediately we were inside, Miss Collins bade me follow the maid and i was led away with a surprisingly firm grasp on my left wrist. She pulled through a door and into a wing of the apartment that i hadn’t even realized existed. As our heels echoed off the hardwood flooring of the corridor i examined the maid’s appearance more closely.

She was all in white and black, pure bright clean white, not faded or discoloured at all and shiny deep, deep black. The Rubber mini-dress was black with white trim at the collar, sleeves and hem with a white Rubber frilly apron tied about her tiny waist. Her stockings and gloves were glimmering white and her black patent shoes sported a one inch platform and a stiletto of skyscraper proportion (They were locked in place by a sturdy two inch strap above her dainty ankles). Above the high collar of the dress her makeup was relatively understated but still highly provocative and her hair or perhaps wig was very straight: below shoulder length and almost as white as her Rubber. Her grip on my wrist didn’t yield as i was guided through an ornate and heavy door to our right. The room glistened with ceramics and steel, a cross between an overdone bath and an operating chamber. The maid pressed my wrist to indicate that i should remain standing where i was and i watched as she turned on the jets of a roomy bath/shower in the corner. Returning she knelt down and removed my boots then went back and finished adjusting the bath. Motioning me towards her she pointed at the bubbling waters which emitted a faint but pleasant odour.

After a glorious ten minute whirlpool she returned, released the plug and changed the flow from the jets to the oversized shower overhead indicating with signs that i was to remove, wash and hang my clothing on the incongruous rods near the ceiling. Once i’d finished she handed me a smallish towel and next thing i knew i was shivering and naked awaiting the maid’s next move, she having left me alone. I looked about Miss Collins’ bath/whoknowswhat. Everything was glimmering and spotless, constructed of the highest quality and awaiting its chance to participate in her cruel but irresistible designs. Unusual tables, chairs, cabinets and shelves, hooks and pulleys with chains, devices and paraphernalia: it was too overwhelming to grasp all at once and the maid was again approaching me, a pile of Rubber cradled in her arms.

As she helped me to dress i soon realized that we were to be twin maids, except where she was white i would be black, her blacks my whites. The stockings, gloves, mini-dress and apron, everything was the same but opposite. She corseted me in black firstly however, so i assumed her hidden corset was of white. As i was pulled in tighter and tighter i found myself wishing i could reverse our roles and be in a position to help this beautiful creature with her own dressage. My animosity towards her had obviously begun to wane, despite the fact that she laced me so strictly that my breathing slowed to a shallow whisper. I felt almost as though i was levitating and the sensation only increased once i was fully dressed and the maid had strapped me into the pure white patent platforms with their ridiculous stilettos. After attaching two small padlocks to assure they would stay in place she led me across the hall and through another heavy door into what turned out to be the maids’ suite.

I glanced around her small quarters as she did my makeup and hair. Everything seemed so nice; it was so simple and tasteful. Other than the dressing table where we sat there was a single wrought-iron bed and a little work station with a monitor and keyboard. Two other doors i later discovered led to a closet and the bath. There were a few other personal items here and there and quite a number of books on narrow shelves. Nothing in the room really spoke of the bizarre lifestyle i knew she led, save perhaps the fact that twin Rubbermaids were silently sitting together whilst one adjusted a wig of long straight black hair on the other. Any unpleasant feelings i had associated with this creature in the past were completely destroyed in those minutes. By the time she was finished with me i felt like crying for joy at finding a long-lost sister. Her demeanour and skill, her grace and beauty, something of herself as it was projected in the room…i was head over very high heels in love with this vision.

Before i knew it we were clicking down the hall to Miss Collins’ large kitchen where i was allowed to assist to some extent while the beautiful maid efficiently prepared a small meal and tea. She indicated (i had never once heard her speak) that i could carry the silver tray with the tea items as she removed herself with the tray holding the food. She led me to the dining area where Miss Collins and John were already seated and chatting, beyond them lay a spectacular view towards the downtown skyline with the Lake glimmering in behind: the windows being floor to ceiling throughout the living and dining areas. Once the Rubbermaid had emptied our trays Miss Collins spoke to us, “Thank you, now you may say your goodbyes; unfortunately John must eat and run and you won’t be seeing him again.” On such occasions slaves are allowed to raise their eyes; i saw my twin curtsy and smile slightly to John so i did the same and he gave me a big warm smile, “Until next time, my friend,” he said with true feeling that had me blushing slightly. Miss Collins addressed Rubbermaid again and said, “Off you go then and prepare things in the way I explained to you earlier.”

We curtsied once more and i followed my new love back to the bizarre bath/dungeon. She seemed to be slightly irritated as she opened a cabinet along one wall and removed several items. The clinking of steel on steel was intriguing as she re-approached me, her arms barely able to contain the many Rubber-lined steel cuffs and their accompanying little padlocks. Kneeling before me she let the lot crash to the marble tiles of the floor, then dextrously attached two one-inch wide bands above my ankles, just below the existing locking belt of my shoes. Quickly my wrists and neck were similarly adorned. I wasn’t sure how these manacles operated: the Rubbermaid just clicked them closed but there was no obvious keyhole or other device for re-opening them. They were so beautiful and well-made however that i wasn’t concerned at all: the steel glinted brightly from the overhead lighting and the Rubber snuggled comfortably around my imprisoned extremities.

I was so busy admiring them that my counterpart had donned the remaining five bands herself without my even noticing. Her next step was towards me and with a handful of small padlocks she placed her left foot parallel to my right one. Each of our ten bands had four d-rings at the compass points around it and with the insteps of our stilettos aligned she pushed a lock through two of these, binding our ankles as one. Methodically, but still with a hint of annoyance she proceeded with our other ankles, two of our four wrists and our collars, which left us absurdly close: our heads tilted in opposite directions. Finally, with what must have been extreme skill (i couldn’t see in that direction, of course), Rubbermaid managed to one-handedly lock our remaining wrists together at which point she emitted a tiny sigh and let her arm and mine drop to our sides.

I almost climaxed: the desire to grind myself into my attached Doppelganger was nearly irresistible. My breathing intensified and we were forced to rearrange our footing as the tenuous balance we held swayed. Our bodies touched in various places as we adapted to our strange new state. Soon Miss Collins could be heard approaching and She laughed softly as entered the room, “Okay ladies, I’ve got to go out for an hour or two and when I return I expect to find the dining room and kitchen properly tidied.” Turning on her heels with a friendly chuckle She added, “I suggest you learn to work together,” and left us.

Sensing the near impossibility of our task we immediately began to move together inching our way towards the door. Before long we had established a tentative rhythm and were actually progressing quite well. I was surprised that our balance never seemed to be a serious issue: although it constantly wavered we were able to adjust ourselves accordingly and never came near an actual fall. Alas the dining room seemed miles away and when we finally arrived it became obvious how difficult our task was. Between our four hands we were able to carry only a fraction of the dishes and leftovers back to the kitchen and it took us three round trips. Of course, the whole time i was being highly distracted by the excitement and longing i was experiencing as our Rubber bodies squeaked and slid together, the steel of our cuffs and locks clinking with every movement.

Just as we had managed to open the door of the dishwasher and were preparing to load it the sound of our Mistress’ return reached us. I must admit, a part of me was actually happy that we had failed, for the thought of being punished by Miss Collins, especially if my new partner were to be part of it, was very exciting. We continued our work but with less enthusiasm and were soon hearing about it, “Well, the table hasn’t been wiped and clearly you’re not finished in here either. Why didn’t you load the dishwasher as you went rather than piling the things on the counter? Why didn’t you take a washcloth on you last trip to the dining room? You don’t seem to be trying very hard now as I speak: do you purposefully seek to offend me?” Her tone wasn’t angry but definitely serious: i could sense Rubbermaid shaking slightly. With a theatrical sigh She finished, “All right, complete your tasks then wait for me in the living room, I’ve better things to do than scold you, as it‘s said: actions speak louder than words.” Miss Collins brusquely left and with renewed vigour we eventually completed our chores and proceeded to the centre of the large living area where we stood, i for one feeling exposed to the whole world. The sun had long since set and all of the blinds on the huge windows were wide open: the entire city lay before us and anyone attracted to our strange silhouette could train their binoculars or telescope on Rubbermaid and i, and behold our inevitable punishment.

A few minutes passed quietly as a gazed pass my double’s hair out into the seemingly free and endless world beyond the glass. Yet again i decided that freedom was relative and that there was no other place in the world where i would feel so perfect as i did right here and now, bound in Rubber to my new Rubberfriend and awaiting our punishment. Rubbermaid must have felt something too for She nuzzled her lips to the back of my neck for a very brief embrace and my heart leapt, and then leapt again as the staccato explosions of Miss Collins’ heels rapidly approached. A shiver seemed to pass through us as though we were one being.

Our Mistress had previously been dressed in an immaculate dress suit of the darkest burgundy, accented by a white silk blouse and her always perfect accessories but now as i timidly glanced towards her i could see that She had taken the intervening time to alter her façade quite drastically. A Dominatrix in Rubber appeared, all in black with red trim, her boots high and laced tight, corset long and laced tight, gloves to the shoulder tightly laced, and a very nice neck corset/helmet combination which left the beautiful oval of her face exposed was tightly laced from her upper back to the crown of her head. Overtop of all this was a heavy Rubber cape which flapped and swished with every step; from her right hand extended a four-foot riding crop.

At once She was upon us and had opened the padlock that joined our necks. From the folds of her cape She produced a large double-headed black Rubber dildo which quickly found its way deep into my mouth, the other end penetrating likewise into Rubbermaid’s. Miss Collins reattached our collars with a short length of chain which held us captive to our intruder with perhaps two inches between us, while the phallus invaded almost to the point of blocking our airflow. Before we could even adapt to this new subjugation She set about us with an unexpected fury, the crop landing perfect blows to our bums and thighs as She circled us with renewed energy, our Rubber uniforms offering little defence, “Little slaves, both thinking you’re the lowest of the low,” swish, whack, “Afraid to look into the eyes of a superior,” swack, “Let it be known: you’ve found your equal.” Rustle, swish, thwack! “Look at each other now,”(whack). Rubbermaid and i had never made eye contact before; both trained to respect our superiors and assuming just that of each other. Miss Collins laid another furious beating on our posteriors and repeated, “Look at yourselves!”

All at once i was transported into the watery depths of the universe that Rubbermaid and i shared, we stared over the Rubber phallus that held us together and in the ocean of her soul i saw myself and i knew that she saw me: equals in heavenly subservience. I believe the assault of Miss Collins’ riding crop continued unabated for a time but i was lost in a new world, the world of my sister, my love, my equal. We exchanged more love and soul in those moments than some unfortunates share in a lifetime. As the tears streamed down i thanked God and our Mistresses for the momentous undertaking: another stage of our strange evolution had begun for all of us. I longed to have Rubber Madame there with us but knew somehow that She had indeed been there all along. Rubbermaid and i both eschewed oxygen for a time as our lips devoured the remaining two inches of black Rubber penis separating us, meeting in a most bizarre and glorious kiss that i will forever remember. If Miss Collins hadn’t finally intervened we may have passed out from lack of air, the wonder of the moment overriding the common sense necessary to withdraw the shared shaft from our throats...

As we stood gasping for breath the bonds joining us were removed one by one and we were told to relax in the kitchen and have some food and drink. “Then come to me and I’ll put to bed for the night,” She said and left us alone. My legs were a little wobbly so i reached for Rubbermaid’s hand as we moved down the hall. A tingle went through me as she returned my grip. After a glass of wine and a small snack in silence, we had both calmed down and were ready for sleep: i for one had had one of the longest days of my life. Miss Collins bade us to brush our teeth, saying She’d be along to “tuck us in” shortly. Passing Rubbermaid’s bed we noticed its former innocence had been supplanted by masses of black and red Rubber sheeting as well as two severe looking discipline helmets and the tangle of corrugated tubing that framed them on the pillow.

Miss Collins stood next to the small bed when we returned, promptly ushering my double into the black Rubber sleepsack closest to the wall and zipping her up once her arms were trapped in the internal sleeves and her pretty neck ringed by the collar at the top. Her Mistress pushed her closer to the wall to make room for me and quickly i was next to her, equally helpless and happy in my own sack. The heavy Rubber helmets were next. They appeared to be about 5 millimetres thick with corset lacing at the back and integrated inflatable butterfly gags. As Miss Collins secured them i realized that our intake hoses were joined about two feet distant to another hose than ran up to a Rubber bag that She attached to a hook in the wall. The outtakes joined similarly and She attached its tube to the same hook. Next i watched through small lenses of my mask as She hoisted the chrome bars of the side rail, clicking it into position about a foot above the Rubber covered mattress, securing us further. Finally the ridiculously heavy red Rubber sheet was dragged up and over us from the foot of the bed stopping temporarily at our breasts whilst Miss Collins squeezed the dangling bulbs of our gags in unison, “Well it’s been quite a day, I hope you girls have a good night’s rest.” With that She dropped the inflator bulbs and pulled the heavy red sheet up under the chins of our helmets. Then stretching up She twisted the valve at the end of the Rubber bag connected to our intake tubes: further reducing and Rubberizing our already limited air supply. My last vision was that of the bag slowly deflating and inflating as my new sister and i breathed softly in unison: then Miss Collins switched off the light on her way out.

“Rise and shine my little ones,” the words wouldn’t have penetrated my deep sleep had not the door opened and the light come on seconds earlier. I felt Rubbermaid stir slightly at my side but kept my eyes closed. “How did we sleep?”, “Ready for a new day?” Miss Collins pattered in sing-song tones. I for one was not at all ready for a new day. It had taken some time before i had been able to fall asleep the night before and that sleep was light and intermittent for several hours until i eventually drifted into the black and exceedingly comfortable hole in which i now lay. I yearned for another hour or two of rest and my wish was miraculously granted by the ever-perfect Mistress of the house, “Well, perhaps I can brew my own coffee this morning and let my lazy maids stay in bed for now…of course I can always punish you for it later,” She chirped and behind my eyelids blackness returned and the door clicked shut. As i sank back into near-perfect peace i realized that my partner and i were again (still?) breathing in tandem, the Rubbery air whistling softly in and out of the apparatus that joined us.

Miss Collins’ next appearance was markedly different. As soon as i realized She had returned, the blows from her riding crop began to rain down upon us. “Your reprieve is over sluts, wake up!” the sound of her repeated and rapid attack on our thighs was startling. Happily, i was now very much ready to face another day and a strange surge of joy rose up within me as our Mistress pronounced its beginning, “This is our last full day together before Rubber Madame returns and I plan on making the most of it.” As our Mistress relinquished her attack and began to remove us from our blissful bondage She continued, “Two hours already wasted while I was forced to serve myself like a commoner and now I must unbind you as well.”

After getting us out of our helmets and partially unzipping our bags She instructed us to shower and wash up all the paraphernalia then report back to the bedroom for further instructions. Rubbermaid and i thoroughly enjoyed our cleanup and snuck a few unauthorized and passionate embraces into the regime of chores. When, scurrying naked back to the bedroom we found Miss Collins laying out two sets of ‘normal’ street clothes we were both caught by surprise. “Yes, we’re going shopping today girls; I need at least one new pair of boots for the winter and want to look at some skirt suits as well; you two will assist me and try not to embarrass yourselves; now hurry along and try to make yourselves look presentable.”

Twenty minutes later my new love looked perfect, absolutely perfect, while i was still trying to fake the proportions of my scrawny butt, corseted waist and enhanced bosom. With her expert help however we were able to get my bum in shape and my makeup nicer than i’d ever seen it. Rubbermaid chose one of her wigs for me, a simple, shoulder length brunette which worked well and before too much time had passed i thought that even i looked okay. I’d never really been comfortable in public before but as i surveyed our reflection in the full mirror of the closet door i felt a surge of confidence and hugged Rubbermaid closely. She wore a simple yet elegant pant suit of dark grey with high and pointy stiletto calf boots hiding underneath. As for myself, i was in heaven. I looked the perfect businesswoman, my powersuit fitting my false curves ideally. Almost black, the medium length skirt and longish jacket held accent to the shimmering white satin blouse contained within. The lighter black shaded tights held my somewhat shapely calves snugly above the simple yet stylish black patent pumps. I hugged her again and would have kissed her lovely lips had i not feared disturbing our makeup. Miss Collins’ staccato steps could be heard rapidly approaching and we stood at attention, awaiting her scrutiny.

“Ooh, I’m impressed,” She cooed, walking around us in admiration. She led us to her own bedroom where She accessorized us in her simple and elegant style. A tiny necklace, a bracelet, a ring or two, beautiful handbags and we were done except for our outerwear. The day was above average in temperature for autumn but threatened rain so our Mistress clad us in matching black PVC trenches and gave us compact umbrellas to store in our bags. The coats would draw some attention to us but i was feeling so confident that the thought only excited me further. She herself chose a more conservative matte Mac and we were on our way.

My life had seen so many wonderful highs over the preceding days and weeks that it seemed impossible that it would continue. But the four hour shopping trip with my two angels that day had me on the verge of crying for joy. Actually, i could have easily let go several times and let my happiness bubble over but i feared causing a scene. I felt so at peace, so at one with myself and my surroundings. My two beautiful and loving companions, myself looking and feeling better than ever before, it was as though i’d been striving my whole life to reach this point. When i thought of Rubber Madame her voice filled my soul with encouragement, “Enjoy the moment my dear, I’m here with you, I’m happy for you.”


Well, those events occurred quite a few years ago. I stopped writing at the time because I felt that for me, the climax of the story had happened, and serious writer's block set in. I apologize to anyone who may have read the dreadfully long tale and was expecting a proper ending: I'm afraid that that isn't going to happen. Just to let you know though, the fantasy/reality that I was living through continued unabated. Insofar as the 'birthday surprise' is concerned, it turned out to be a gorgeous head-to-toe burqa in a lovely shade of blue with an intricate finely cut-out facial area which allowed for somewhat adquate vision but hid the wearer's face. The exterior of the garment was a conservative but slightly luxurious linen and the interior was, as you may have guessed, lined with heavy Rubber. On my special day, Madame subdued me in extreme undergarments of Rubber and heavy bondage before She and Miss Collins covered my entirity with my new birthday-burqa-suit. My ultra high stilettos joined by chain, inflated Rubber mittens, likewise entwined, severe corset, etc, made thoughts of a public excursion all but unthinkable. And yet that is exactly what happened. It was Christmas season and the Nutcracker was being performed downtown by the National Ballet...the three of us attended 'with bells on' and in excellant seats enjoyed ourselves tremendously. I'm fairly certain that none of our fellow patrons even noticed the muted clanking of heavy steel beneath my ultra-orthodox exterior...


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