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Rubber Madame 2: Rubber Tempest

by Jane D'oh

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© Copyright 2012 - Jane D'oh - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; outfits; rainwear; bond; gag; collar; bdsm; crop; paddle; suit; inflate; encase; cons; XX

continued from part one

Chapter 2: Rubber Tempest

When the bubbling rolls of thunder began to penetrate my isolation i was not surprised. It had become increasingly dark over the past half-hour and as i made my way back into the woods which surround most of Mistress' property i was cheered by the hope of rain. The day was unusually warm for mid-autumn and my exertions had begun to wear on me. Sweat was pooling up around my feet, still encased in the overnight all-in-one suit i was wearing but now doubly covered by the black Century chest waders Madame had outfitted me with that morning. Over this was a very heavy unlined and hooded Rubber mac that hung almost to the ground. A two-inch steel collar secured my neck while similar one-inch manacles hugged my ankles and my wrists, which were again adorned in the 17000 volt lineman gloves of yesterday.

Earlier as She attached the chrome link chains which now connected my extremities (one allowed me a stride of about a foot, the other was longer but threaded through the buckles on the belt of the mac), it was explained to me what my tasks were to be for the day, "I want the leaves in the yard transferred to the woods: I don't want them in one big pile and I don't want them just a few feet into the forest. Take them in quite deep, at least fifty yards, and scatter them thinly over a wide area. Don't concern yourself with picking up every single leaf as more will fall and more will blow in on the wind, just get about ninety-five percent today and we'll see about the future."

With that She had produced a black Rubber 'egg' which was very heavy, filled with something the consistency of mercury and plopping it into my mouth had secured a chin harness around my head to keep it in place. Since then i had filled and conveyed the four garbage bags i was using about seven or eight times deep into different parts of the woods. There were rough paths in two directions and another well-kept path that went off in a third. This trail eventually forked and travelled much of the property in a circuit before returning to itself, parts of it afforded views down the moraine towards the city and lake, others came near neighbouring pastures and cornfields. It was near the fork where i was scattering what i thought to be the second to last batch of leaves when the rumbling of the storm first reach me.

My spirits buoyed somewhat by the thought of a cooling rain, i emptied my bags and headed back. My pace was of course slow: the slack between my ankles allowing only short steps combined with my growing exhaustion to keep me in check. Dressed as i was it had been quite difficult to rake and bag a large yard of fallen leaves, the chain attaching my wrists permitted one arm or the other a fair bit of movement but not both at the same time because it threaded through two heavy Rubber loops of the mac's belt. As i neared the area where the remaining leaves were piled my Mistress strode out of the house to meet me. She looked much like me, long black Rubber coat over heavy waders; without looking directly at her i could tell that her beautiful face was exposed and framed by her hood, unlike mine which was under the attached hood of the suit i'd been wearing for the last eighteen hours.

"Not finished yet I see, well it's been too long since you've enjoyed some good corporal punishment anyway; you've probably been working slowly intentionally in the hope that I might wield my instruments on your sorry butt." Her tone was quite jovial but, alas, not a joke. "I've brought you some water which you obviously don't deserve but perhaps it will hasten your efforts."

Of course even something as simple as a drink of water must be turned into a humiliating sexual event in the strange world in which i'd been living these many months. Madame unfastened the belt of her mac and revealed herself. Her waders were only thigh-high and above these the top of a vivid red catsuit held her tight. Hanging around her neck like a beloved family jewel was a swollen black Rubber enema bag and its tubing which ended in a giant teat like on a baby's bottle. "Kneel, bitch," she said with some ice. Pulling back the hood of my mac She undid the chin harness and let it dangle. "Remove the gag," She ordered and i laid a Rubber egg into my hand. Mistress then uncoiled the hose and stuffed the giant black Rubber nipple into my mouth, releasing the clamp which held back the flow. "You may drink," She intoned and i sucked for all i was worth not wishing to upset her further. It was very refreshing and stimulating and before too long the bag gurgled as it was emptied. The teat was replaced with the egg and harness, my hood raised again and Madame instructed me to finish my job quickly then ring the bell at the back door. With that she turned and left me alone again, a renewed longing swelling my breast.

Resuming the task with renewed vigour i soon had the remaining leaves bagged and began the trek to the woods to release them. The thunder had become more frequent and the first flash of lightning scalded the treetops as i re-entered their sheltering cover. Scattering the leaves in a new location off the main path i was thrice shocked by fresh bursts of illumination into the gloom of the wood, everything within my limited field of vision briefly becoming white. The pressure in my bladder was mounting quickly and the suspense of the coming storm somehow made it worse. By the time i had retrieved the rake and was moving towards the wooden shed in the back of the house it was becoming an all-consuming effort to control myself, not having been given permission to do otherwise. I replaced the rake on its hook and stowed the bags on a shelf and 'ran' with one-foot strides to the back door.

As i raised a hand to press the doorbell the first drop of rain struck it, bouncing off the smooth surface leaving only a few tiny specks of moisture in a ring. A faint ding-dong was heard just before a blinding flash of light followed almost immediately by a ripping crack of sound as the atmosphere was cleaved by a bolt that seemed to come from behind me, perhaps within a half-mile. The rain began and my desire to relieve myself, forgotten for a few seconds in the excitement, redoubled as the sights and sounds of water worsened an already desperate situation. Surprisingly Madame opened the door almost immediately and went to the hose coiled up a few feet from the door. She sprayed the high-powered stream over me, concentrating on bottoms of my wader boots and i soon was all but immaculate. A final blast to my groin almost ended my suffering but the thought of worse pain allowed me to hold back a little longer. We entered the 'muck room' as yet another nearby lightning strike occurred. Madame allowed me to help her off with her long Rubber coat and waders and i hung them to dry, then, handing me her key She told me to divest myself of everything but my suit and to go downstairs to relieve myself and shower. Again i was left alone.

Helping my Mistress undress had elevated me beyond the realm of bodily functions but as i set to unlocking my manacles and collar my bladder began again to become the focus of my attention. Trying to hurry, i couldn't help but think that there was really no reason why i couldn't just let go right there: my Rubber suit would contain everything and i was about to clean it in the shower anyway...but my loyalty and subservience to Rubber Madame far outweighed any such ideas and i would be quick to confess any such infraction regardless. I hung up the mac and chest waders and gathering my chains and cuffs rushed towards the stairs.

"Could you fetch me a water before you go downstairs, honey?" her voice struck me one second before the nearly simultaneous light and explosion of the storm's greatest attack so far and i involuntarily began emptying my bladder into my suit as i detoured towards the kitchen. Trembling i took a bottle of water from the refrigerator and with it in one hand and my bondage paraphernalia in the other proceeded to the media room from which her voice had beckoned, my urine mixing with the perspiration already filling the feet of my suit. I think i could actually hear it sloshing about as i crossed the room and presented her with her drink. "Thank you slave, quite a nice storm we're having, no?"

One 'mmph' means yes and i replied but i also meekly raised my hand like a shy school-girl who needs to use the washroom but is afraid to ask her domineering teacher. Asking permission to speak is very rare for me and if it isn't for a very good reason there will definitely be trouble. Mistress noticed out of the corner of her eye as She sat in front of her computer and feigned surprise, "What is this! My Rubber slave must have very good news indeed in order for her to interrupt me when I'm busy. Remove your harness and gag and speak my dear."

Fumbling not a little with the harness i managed to remove it and the egg and implored her quietly, "Oh, Madame, i'm so sorry, i've relieved myself without your consent."

She ignored me for an agonizing few minutes as She went about her business before finally speaking, "When did this happen?"

"Just this moment, as i was about to go downstairs, Madame," i intoned.

Again a long pause until finally, "Enough of this chatter, go and shower and then have a rest on your Rubber bed."

Off i went with my chains and fetters and egg in hand, trying not to think of the future. When i reached the cellar my shower was very sensual and relaxing and after i had cleaned and hung or stored everything where it belonged including the bum plug i went to the bed and was happily surprised to see that a Rubber sheet and pillow had been added to its thin Rubber covered mattress. Climbing aboard my naked body shook in the cold cellar against the cold Rubber but once under the heavy sheet i began to feel better immediately and despite my trepidation concerning my upcoming punishment i dozed off within a few minutes, my earlier exertions having taken a toll. What happened then completely confused me.

The next thing i knew i was surrounded by four or five Rubbermen. There faces were concealed by British S-10 masks with darkened eye ports. They lifted my Rubber sheet around me and i was bagged in my own bedding and i felt them hauling me off my bed and up the stairs. In my mind i wondered what Mistress had done and i thought back to my recent indoctrination. What had She in mind? Futile indeed was resistance as i bounced in my confines out of the house and into what seemed to be a vehicle in which my bag-prison was hung from above. I heard the engine start and felt myself swing as we lurched into motion. Somehow i could see my captors, all in full heavy black Rubber, surrounding me in the back of a van or small truck. My life had been so isolated these past months, just my beloved Rubber Mistress and very rarely Miss Collins had completely filled my social circle. Suddenly i was in a new world and i felt pained that Madame could have caused this to occur. Instantly i was freed from the bag and i could see flashes of the Rubbermen as they bound my naked body to a pommel horse and a huge black Rubber cock appeared right in front of my face and an identical one brushed my inner thigh from behind...the heavy steel door slammed shut as Mistress entered her cellar, ending the dream at once and leaving no time to mull it over.

The quick and still half-asleep glance i had of her as i scrambled to my feet was extraordinary: a goddess turned dominatrix strode powerfully towards me steel-tipped heels crashing off the marble floor. She was all in black Rubber with lots of deep red highlights which accented both sides of the lacing of her thigh-high boots, twirled around the straps and buckles of her corset, outlined the eyes and mouth of her full hood and circled her exquisite neck. She strutted right past me and pulled the wheeled whipping bench from the far wall. Locking the wheels She bade me to climb aboard. I was shivering violently from the cold after being under the Rubber sheet as i put my left shin on the padded arm and swung myself aboard. It was a fairly simple if diabolical device, basically just an A-frame with accessories. Four arms were positioned for the limbs to rest comfortably and be strapped down; there was a padded oval section, like on a masseuse’s table for the head. Everything was chrome and Rubber with straps everywhere to secure all parts of the victim with the posterior being at the highest point.

As She set about securing me onto the whipping bench Mistress reminded me of some of my recent shortcomings which had led me to this position: my failure to clear the yard of leaves in an appropriate amount of time and my inability to control my bladder being the two main offences. “Now I will enjoy myself and you will benefit from another lesson in your ongoing training,” She said as the last of the straps was pulled taut, rendering me completely immobile.

It began with a cat of many tails: my thighs, calves, upper back and of course buttocks were slowly introduced to the reality of the forthcoming pain, for it really wasn’t pain yet, just an awakening of sensation. When She was done with her first instrument She pushed its handle, a large black Rubber dildo into my mouth. Next came the crop and real suffering began, but even now i found the pleasure of her attentions out-weighed the physical anguish She induced. In fact i felt myself slowly rising to a higher level where the proverbial line between pain and pleasure becomes blurred, even as She snapped the little flap of Rubber at the end of her crop repeatedly over my already tender body. When finished with that stage i felt her insert the crop’s thin Rubber handle up my backside, “Hold this for me would you, my dear?” Her voice was a little throaty and She seemed to be enjoying herself which always raised a wave pleasant emotion to my heart. A typical plug tapers and stays in on its own but i had to make a constant effort to keep this intruder inside me.

The next and final assault came in the form of a Rubber-covered paddle; i recognized it at the first stroke: about one foot long and four inches wide it has an internal spring of sorts between the handle and the business end. This adds to the effect produced from a well-coordinated swing and i was to feel many of these as Madame brought to a climax my punishment. It was real pain now but joy too, i was lost in another world as She wailed away on me. I could hear her exertions but they sounded more like a woman making love than one beating a bound prisoner. Mmphing around the big black phallus in my mouth and struggling to hold my new tail in place i followed my Mistress in a crescendo of lust as the blows of the Rubber paddle assailed my body. She seemed to be nearing climax as i lost all contact with the everyday world and buzzed into a white light.

Sometime later as i began to come back to Earth a voice penetrated my delirium, “Right, then, I needed a good work-out and took some pleasure from it as well.” As my high receded the pain began to grow and spread across much of my body. The straps were one by one being loosed but i felt unable to move. “I’ll leave you now slave and you can relax for a bit,” Madame continued. “Then you can come up and prepare dinner, I shall dine at seven. Be sure to wear something pretty and restrictive: you know how I like my serving-maid to look.” Off She strode, and again the sound of her stilettos seem to pierce my heart, and again the heavy steel door slammed shut.

Dinner went quite well: i managed to arrange a repast equal to the high standards that are expected of me, despite the difficulties imposed by my ensemble for the evening. It is rare for me to be allowed to choose for myself what to wear so i always try to make the most of it with something that will please Madame. After my punishment a rest would have been most welcome but i really didn’t have the time. After removing the two intruders i dragged my sorry body from the whipping bench, cleaned and sterilized them, and began to select my vestments for the evening (once i had wheeled the devilish bench back to its place and wiped down its Rubber covered padding.)

Almost everything in the wardrobe is black but i found some white stockings and a black and white corset, both of course in heavy Rubber. To this i added shoulder length gloves and panties also both in white, the collection of clothing being so extensive that even if eighty per cent of it is black, that still leaves a lot to choose from the remaining twenty per cent. I then opted for a medium weight female mask, white except for the sluttish makeup painted on it, and a cute little two inch collar that would cover the bottom of the mask when i locked this steel and black Rubber addition around my neck. All this as well as my Rubber breast enhancers i laid on the bed before scurrying to the bathroom for a quick freshening up. After re-inserting the number two plug (a mandatory accessory unless otherwise stated) i talced and squirmed my hairless body into the beautiful clothes, tightening the laces of the corset and mask as best i could. Finally, i located a pair of classic black leather pumps with a thin ankle strap, tiny padlocks and three and half inch spike heels and chose short pinkish-red wig, straight-cut at shoulder length.

After polishing everything in front of the mirrored doors of one of the wardrobes all that remained for me to do was to pick out some appropriate restraints to complete my outfit. I opted for a one foot steel spreader bar to hobble my ankles while still allowing me to get up the stairs one at a time. Strapping some pretty little half-inch Rubber cuffs around my wrists i then threaded a two foot chain through two D-rings on either side of my corset and connected the ends of it to my wrists using two more of the small but strong padlocks which Mistress employs when the restraints themselves are not intended to be the centre of focus. This arrangement allowed me enough slack to reach with one hand or the other a short distance or to bring my hands together in front. I considered myself ready to leave the cellar at that point excepting my ungagged mouth. Not wanting to mar the perfection of the mask i chose a new addition to Madame’s collection: an anatomically correct full-mouth Rubber insert in a natural tan colour. It moulds around the upper and lower teeth, bending at the back and has a hollow tongue which envelops my own. As long as i kept my mouth shut (a good plan) it would remain invisible. Just before heading upstairs i re-inserted the Rubber egg into my Rubber mouth and a shiver of joy passed up my spine.

After dinner Mistress lingered at the table and appeared to be reading two books at once, going back and forth between them while i stood silently with my back to a wall awaiting further instructions. Later i realized that one of the books was a German/English dictionary and i was surprised that Madame understood enough German to undertake reading something, though i haven’t yet learned what it was. Eventually She rose from her seat, taking her books in hand and said, “You may eat and drink now slave but control yourself, not too much food and no more than one full glass of wine, then bring me cup of tea in the computer room.” She exited, still wearing the black and red Dominatrix uniform minus the hood; my curtsy went unnoticed but my happiness was extreme: not only had dinner gone off without a hitch but now i could dine as well and i was truly famished.

After eating, when the warm glow of the wine was affecting me pleasantly, i prepared a cup of tea and presented it to Madame as She sat once again in front of her computer monitor. Waving her hand to dismiss me i was told to clean up the dinner things and then relax in the living room while watching the DVD She said was already awaiting me in the player. As i began to take the dishes from the table i realized that i’d forgotten to reinsert my gags before serving the tea; appearing ungagged without permission is a rather serious offence but of course Madame had no way of knowing that it had happened. Quickly pushing the Rubber ‘mouth’ and egg back into place while glancing towards the hallway leading to my accuser, i suddenly felt my good mood fading. As i busied myself with the dishes i felt a growing frustration rising within me: why can’t i just forget about this meaningless little infraction and move on? Why was it becoming more and more clear that at the next opportunity to confess i would do just that? The punishments Mistress subjects me to are usually just that, punishments; i rarely get very much pleasure from them. Finally when i’d finished cleaning up and was mincing towards the living room a sort of insight came to me as i saw myself for a brief moment from afar. It’s hard to put into words but looking from above and seeing more objectively who i was and what my life had become over these past months made me feel much better. I understood perfectly that i must own up to my error and, that i was happier now than at any other time in my life.

As i sat down on the same spot where i had ravished Rubber Madame twenty-four hours earlier i tried to get comfortable. Unable to cross my legs due to the thin steel bar and not thinking it proper to recline on the firm leather as would have loved to do, i simply sat with my knees together and pressed ‘>’ on the remote. The whole system came on at once and i was suddenly engulfed in the drama. Mistress, of course, had a good quality home theatre and a large high-definition TV. Looking back later that night i thought it very strange that i could have become so absorbed so quickly into the movie and a strange feeling of love for my Brainwasher flowed through me: yes, i was her slave, in body and mind, and loving it.

The credits had already rolled and a villain was introduced: too much power and money, no conscience, walking over the people around him, thinking he was on top of the world. A strange society of Rubbermen existed: not just hedonists but people actively seeking to change the world for the better, sometimes taking orders from mysterious sources above. They were watching the villain and learning his routines. Although rich and powerful he was usually alone and did not seem overly concerned with his personal security: a kidnapping was afoot.

The Rubbermen were awesome: perfect heavy layers of the highest quality gear, captured wonderfully with production standards well above the norm; but i wasn’t thinking about standards as i watched the scenes unfold: i was totally lost within them. Soon the drugged victim was brought to his new home, an elaborate room of medical and dungeon equipment, and was injected with another drug although he couldn’t even stand without the help of his captors. He was then stripped of his clothes and every single hair on his body was cut short and shaved. The Rubbermen covered him with what must have been a foul smelling lotion because they all put on gasmasks first, British S10’s with black filters. They lifted his inert body to the floor of a large shower and removed the disposable Rubber gloves they had worn over their first layer while preparing him. The multiple jets of water looked very powerful as they finished the task of depilating the man, he was awakened a little by the onslaught but his feeble attempts to escape the stinging sprays only helped ensure full coverage and the job was quickly finished.

I remember having to control my urge to touch myself during the next scene where the now hairless captive was transformed into one of his captors, at least in appearance. Two layers of the finest heavy Rubber efficiently encapsulated the formerly powerful villain. Once that was completed he was secured to what appeared to be a modified operating table and a tiny tablet was placed in his mouth, followed by an inflatable gag. The tablet must have been an antidote for the drugs for his eyes soon came back to life. There were several large mirrors in the room including an overhead one and the look in the captive’s eyes as he took in his surroundings was amazing; i remember being frightened at this point because it didn’t look like he was acting, it seemed too real.

“Enjoying the movie, little one?” came a voice right beside me on the chesterfield. I leapt to my feet in horror, sitting next to me was Madame, apparently for some time now, and i hadn’t noticed her presence. She stopped the movie, seemingly amused at my fright, now wearing a black robe over red stockings, panties and bra. My heart thumped in my chest. “Calm down slave, I didn’t mean to frighten you. I’m glad you were so engrossed in the film that you didn’t bother to acknowledge my presence: that just gives my yet another reason to punish you,”

She laughed and i was reminded of my confession: painfully my hand seemed to rise on its own to ask permission to speak. When She nodded affirmatively i again removed the gags and explained my mistake. “Are you sure that’s all, my dear, aren’t you overlooking another even more deadly sin?”

Racking my brains, nothing came to mind, “I’m so sorry Mistress, i can think of nothing, unless you mean just now when i inadvertently ignored you, which is terrible and deserving of punishment.”

“No,” She said, “what I’m referring to is the time you spent considering whether or not you need even bother telling your Rubber Madame how you served her tea in violation of her rules.” The tone of her voice cut through me and tears burst from my eyes as i fell to my knees before her thoroughly defeated, at the time not even questioning how She had read my thoughts. Sobbing i began to try to justify myself and explain the insight i had had later about my position and happiness but i don’t think i expressed myself very well verbally; i only hoped my voice expressed my extreme love and desire to please my Mistress. “Enough,” her voice was calm but a little cold perhaps. “Go back to the cellar. Shower, brush your teeth and dress yourself in what I’ve left on the bed: then await my wrath.”

I fled the scene of my crimes with a quick curtsy, my teardrops still splashing off my Rubber breasts as i my short but very rapid steps bore me to the stairwell and then more cautiously down to my fate.

Usually i enjoy showering, slowly removing my Rubber uniform under the warm streams of water, cleaning and hanging it and the other accessories to dry, but my mind wouldn’t settle down. I felt guilty about my position and resolved yet again to never let my guard down for a moment in my ongoing quest to satisfy the Rubber Angel who had brought me to this paradise. As i shaved away the negligible amount of remaining body hair that had withstood the multiple treatments i’d received (laser, electrolysis, and depilatories) and turned off the showers many faucets, i prayed that Mistress’ punishment for me would be extreme enough to wash away my doubts and regrets.

Finishing my tasks i went to dress myself in whatever Madame had chosen for me. There on the white Rubber-covered mattress of the elaborate bed lay a suit i hadn’t seen for some weeks: full coverage of course but of two layers because it was inflatable. Once i was trapped and pumped up inside it the ‘Michelin Man’ would look svelte in comparison. Quickly i started pushing a leg in for i was shivering from the cold and wondering what punishment would befall me. Certainly a whipping or beating didn’t seem to on the menu if i was to be wearing this double weight balloon. When i’d managed to get my head into the attached hood and the limp butterfly gag settled into my mouth i zipped myself up and was once again covered from head to toe in two layers of heavy Rubber. My air source was a thin tube through the gag, perhaps a quarter of an inch in diameter. The hoods had small round portholes of Perspex which allowed me some vision. Standing still by the bed i awaited my fate.

Two seconds later She descended the stairs. Ignoring me, Mistress strode through the room and into another which i’ve never entered, its door was almost invisible and seemed to open with some sort of hidden mechanism as no doorknob or similar device could be seen. Re-emerging with a huge tank, maybe five feet tall and a foot in diameter, Madame guided it on its attached dolly towards the Wheel which stood near a wall. This was a seven foot disk covered in black Rubber and a multitude of heavy Rubber straps of varying thicknesses. Mounted on a very heavy base the Wheel was capable not only of rotating but could also be adjusted from its current vertical position to a horizontal one, and anywhere in between.

“Come,” She ordered and i hustled to her side. “Up,” her tone of voice was starting to scare me as She pushed me roughly back against the disk: it had two small attached brackets upon which one could stand and balance with the legs spread ninety degrees apart. Then began the long though efficiently executed effort of securing me to the device.

Once completed Mistress removed the brackets under my feet and i hung in a perfect ‘x’, suspended by the multitude of straps. Mistress grabbed the bulb dangling on a short hose from my mouth and squeezed it repeatedly in her exquisitely manicured hand, filling my mouth with bulbous inflated Rubber. I couldn’t quite see what was happening next but She must have attached a hose from the giant tank to the valve on the top of my hood. There was a whirring sound, perhaps a pump and i started to feel something invading the space between the two layers of my suit. I had been expecting a severe punishment but so far nothing had come of it: i was extremely comfortable in my current position. No catheters or plugs imposed themselves on me; i could breathe quite well through the small tube in the gag and Madame hadn’t tightened the many straps securing me particularly snugly. It was an odd sensation however, as whatever it was began to flow from the crown of my head slowly down to my feet and then began to rise again as the space was filled.

At this point the Wheel was tilted to about forty-five degrees and i began to realize that the tank contained something very different from air or water. It was heavy and slow but not like syrup more like gelatine perhaps, i still don’t know what it was. Mistress lowered the Wheel further as the procedure continued until my head wasn’t much higher than my feet. When i was full up past the neck the Wheel was locked in the horizontal position and i felt Madame disconnect the valve joining me to the tank. That seemed odd since my head was left incomplete but She quickly attached something again and i caught a glimpse of her behind me holding a container up so gravity would transfer its contents to the suit. That was soon over and She reattached the hose from the tank to me and switched on the pump again. Once my head felt as pleasantly buoyant as the rest of my body the hose was released and i was detached from the world.

My eyesight consisted of two small and separate portholes aimed at different spots on the ceiling. I began to spin as my Mistress set the Wheel in motion. When the rotation reached about once every three seconds the disc was again raised slowly up to a vertical stand and immediately re-lowered to rest parallel to the floor, then the faint sound of its motor ceased and i glided gently to a complete stop. “There we are slave, well mixed,” i could barely hear the words and i wondered what the ingredients in this concoction were. Suddenly Madame’s beautiful face appeared in front of my left eye, “You will have an opportunity now to contemplate your mistakes and your lack of gratitude, slave, and to prepare for the future which will harbour less of the former and none of the latter.” She gave the bulb attached to my gag a couple more squeezes and disappeared. A moment later the lights went out and as the heavy steel door shut i could feel a slight reverberation pass through the unknown viscous entity that entombed me.

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