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The Rubber Lab

by Fetlocker

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© Copyright 2017 - Fetlocker - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F+/m; clinic; volunteer; naked; latex; nurses; depilatory; shower; bfold; gag; cuffs; bond; gurney; straps; gynochair; plug; insert; enema; dehumanize; tease; denial; cons; X

This is the journal of a young man named Micah who volunteered for a clinical study that changed his life for good. He never expected to be subjected to such depraved, twisted, and bizarre practices when he went to The Rubber Lab.

Day 1 - The Ad

The ad read:

“Healthy male volunteers needed for 28-day inpatient study. Qualified participants will be compensated up to $20,000, and is free of all federal and state taxes. Participants can't have a latex allergy. Must inquire within. Mention study 1028”

“Hmm, that’s a little vague,” I thought to myself, “but $20,000 for a month is hard to pass up. I barely make that in a year.” I reasoned. And why in the world would a latex allergy keep someone from participating?

For the rest of the day, that study was all I could think about. I don’t have a job, so staying there a month isn’t a big deal. $20,000 Is hard to pass up, and I’m not allergic to latex. In fact, it really turns me on! So what’s stopping me? If I wait too long, it could fill up and I’m SOL.

I have to at least see what it’s about...

Day 2 - Intake

===== Arrival =====

I barely got any sleep the night before because I couldn’t stop thinking about the study. I was unemployed, so I slept in and around 1:00 in the afternoon, I got in my car and headed that way. The building was only a few miles away from me, and I’ve passed it on my way to work numerous times before.

About 1:15 I arrive in the parking lot and see a sign that reads, “Study participants: Please use rear entrance.” I happily obliged and found a spot close to the entrance.

There I stood outside of this brown brick, nondescript, four-story medical building that simply read “MTF Labs” above the door. I hesitated for a few minutes about whether to go in, took a few more deep breaths, and I walked toward the door. My stomach tightened a bit as I approached, “Why am I so nervous?” was the only thought in my head.

The interior was different than the typical medical offices I’ve been in. The hallway was lit very well with bright lights that didn’t hurt my eyes, high-quality white tiles lined the floor, and it didn’t smell like a medical building. “Fresh” was the word that kept coming to mind.

I saw the information desk shortly after I walked in and approached the attendant there. She couldn’t have been any older than thirty, had shoulder-length brown hair with thin-rimmed glasses (the kind that make naughty librarians so hot!) and form-fitting white scrubs on. Man, was she in shape... “Julie” her name tag read.

“Hi Julie. I’m Micah, and I saw an ad yesterday regarding study 1028. Can you please give me a bit more information about it? I qualify and am interested.”

“Of course, Micah! Dr. Anna Sindal, the lead physician, is testing some radical new experimental diets, medications, treatments, and procedures that should improve all aspects of the participant’s health. Study participants will also undergo a series of rather in-depth physical & mental exams so she can the effectiveness of her various treatments. All variables must be strictly controlled, hence the need for this to be an inpatient study.”

“Um, ok. But $20,000 for a month seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?”

Julie smiled and laughed, “There is no catch. She and her team were able to secure some sizeable grants for her research, and she wants to encourage the most highly-qualified candidates for the study. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a healthy 28-year old guy to stay locked up in a hospital for a month? Most guys are too horny to go three days without chasing after a girl or doing something stupid.”

Her calm demeanor helped me relax. “Fair enough. How do I start?”

“Follow me down to Intake Room 1, and I’ll give you more instructions from there.”

==== Intake Room 1 ====

Intake Room 1 turned out to be just a short walk down the hall. It was an empty square room maybe eight feet by eight feet, with bare white walls, a black padded rubber floor, another door on the opposite side with several large locks, and a camera in the upper corner pointed straight at me. Once we were inside, the door shut and make a sturdy “thunk!” sound.

What the fuck did I just get myself into?

“Julie, why is there a camera pointed at us?” I muttered, trying not to let my building nervousness show too much.

“Oh, that’s nothing to worry about. Just standard procedure. Cameras are everywhere in this building for the security & safety of participants and staff. Not to mention for liability purposes. They’re not actively monitored and they only get reviewed if there’s an incident.”

“An incident...?” I wondered silently.

“Please remove your clothes and wait for the nurse to get you. When she arrives, she’ll explain more about the study and lead you to your intake exam.” Julie instructed me.

“It just makes me nervous standing naked in front of stranger. Is it really necessary to just stand here naked and wait?”

“Yes!” she remarked quickly, her tone of voice clearly indicating she was getting annoyed by my hesitation. “Remember, all variables must be strictly controlled for the study’s legitimacy and everyone’s safety. You’ll be provided appropriate attire to wear for the rest of your stay, at least when we allow you to wear clothing.“

“And one more thing...” Nurse Julie remarked sternly, “You are to stand with your hands at your sides and not touch yourself, no matter what. We don’t know where those hands have been, and I’m sure you don’t want to be ejected from the study before you even get started, do you?”

I shook my head silently, fear evident in my eyes.

Off she went with my clothes and belongings. I stood there naked, exposed, and more nervous every second. Oddly, after about ten minutes of waiting naked, I noticed my body temperature rise slightly and my cock starting to throb. The throbbing sensation kept building in intensity gradually over the next few minutes. UGH, I so desperately wanted release.

After what seemed to be an hour of waiting, I heard the three locks on the far door start unlocking. My attention quickly shifted from my throbbing cock to the woman entering the door...

===== Initial Inspection =====

WOW, was she gorgeous! Tall & slender, slightly pale skin with blonde hair parted slightly on one side, and bright red lipstick. Her skin was flawless, and her deep green eyes pierced right through me. What caught my attention the most was her outfit. It was a bright white short-sleeved latex nurse’s dress that ended above her knees. The red-trimmed neck plunged down her chest to reveal a healthy amount of cleavage, and she wore white high-heels to match.

My only thought was, “She owns me now.”

She made eye-contact, and quietly spoke, “You must be Micah. I see you’re eager to get started. Your cock is already half-erect,” then let out a quiet, devious giggle. She began to carefully inspect my body from head to toe, slowly walking around me. When she was behind me, I heard the unmistakable sound of latex gloves snap onto her hands. One, and shortly after, the other. She had definitely done this before.

I swallowed hard.

“Hands on your head.” I complied quickly.

“For the remainder of your time here, you’re not Micha. You’re Subject 1028. Got that?”

“Yes ma’am.” My voice trembled as the words came out.

Her hands started at my shoulders and she gently grazed my triceps, underneath my armpits, and then down my back. When she got to my ass, she grabbed each cheek and spread them apart.

“Ahh, a virgin ass I see... It’ll take more work to prepare it for the real procedures, but that’s no problem. We have our ways of...”opening up”... tight virgin assholes like yours.”

Continuing downward, rubbing my thighs and calves, then forcefully spinning me around to face her so my cock & balls were near her face. She grabbed my semi-erect cock with one of her gloved hands and my scrotum with the other, she smiled devilishly and said, “THIS is going to be fun. I can see you’re enjoying the treatment so far, and we haven’t even begun yet...”

The nurse let go of me and pulled off her latex gloves about as fast as she put them on, making sure to savor the snapping sound as they flew off her beautiful hands.

“Open up.” She ordered, and then shoved each of her sweaty gloves into my mouth, gagging me. They must have been the extended-cuff variety, because a couple inches of the cuffs dangled out of my mouth. She definitely made sure the the sweatiest parts, the fingers and palms, were firmly against my tongue so I tasted that sweat mixed with the powder from the gloves. I winced slightly at first, but I got used to the taste fairly quickly.

“I don’t want you letting those out of your mouth until we take them out. Understood?”

A muffled, “Mhmmph,” and a nod was all I could muster.

Once she was satisfied, she opened the door that she arrived from, and handed me a hospital gown from a hook on the wall outside the door. It was similar to your standard short-sleeved hospital gown that tied in the back, but this one was made of thin semi-transparent latex and snapped together in a few places in the back. The snaps (I’m sure) purposely were positioned to leave my ass exposed, and it didn’t come anywhere close to my knees.

I suppose it was better than walking naked, but I feel like it was designed to make the wearer humiliated... It worked.

After I put my gown on, she lead me down another white-tiled, brightly-lit hallway to a door on the left side. A sign on the door read, “HAIR REMOVAL LAB”.

What was I in for now?

===== Hair Removal =====

“Step inside, please,” the nurse instructed firmly.

The inside reminded me of a typical high-school gym shower room. Small & rectangular, textured gray floor with light gray walls, a few hooks near the doors to hang clothing, and several standard fluorescent lights in the ceiling. But instead of being a wide open room lined with shower heads, this one had two large stalls that spanned its width and were sealed with clear glass doors.

Without saying a word, the nurse left the room and the door closed quietly.

Two women were there waiting for me. One stood silently in front of the left stall, gazing at me, while the other was off in the corner fiddling with some container & other supplies in a cabinet.

They both wore identical outfits: completely seamless smoky gray-colored latex catsuits with no zips at all, with a connected hood that fit their heads perfectly and left only their eyes exposed. I’m not sure how they could breathe, but it didn’t seem to affect them at all. Shiny black latex gloves stretched up past their elbows, and thicker black latex stockings came up to the middle of their thighs that appeared to have some sort of grip-enhancing material on the soles. The stockings almost looked like the chemical-resistant equipment a hazmat specialist would wear. In fact, their whole attire reminded me of the sexiest hazmat team on the planet.

I wonder why they needed that protection...

“By now, I imagine you understand why this is necessary, don’t you?” asked the woman standing by the shower stall. Her voice was much less demanding and more reassuring than the previous nurse’s.

I shook my head. I had no idea what was going on. This isn’t what I signed up for.

“It serves two purposes. For one, full-body hair removal treatment is step two of the dehumanization process. It helps strip part of your identity away so Dr. Sindal can transform you into the kind of subject she wants.”

My thoughts raced even faster, “Dehumanization? Transform me into something else? What does that mean?”

“And two, Dr. Sindal can’t have her facilities contaminated by subject’s body hair. It taints her samples, makes examinations more difficult, but most of all, she finds the bare human form a major turn-on. And since you’re here to participate in her study, you must obey her rules. We must also.”

I gulped. Guess there’s nothing I can do now.

“You won’t need this for a while.” She softly unsnapped my gown and effortlessly tossed it on a hook behind me.

“Step inside, 1028.”

I felt her latex-covered hand on the small of my back gently push me towards the stall on the left. I walked into the center, just over the chrome-plated drain in the floor, and faced her. Her eyes penetrated right through me. Somehow, I knew this wouldn’t be too bad.

As I stood there entranced by her eyes and unbelievably erotic attire, the other woman in the room approached me with something in her hands.

“Just close your eyes and relax for me. These are for your protection.”

I complied without hesitation.

Her hands began pressing a smooth latex blindfold around my eyes. Slowly outlining my left eye socket, between my eyes, around my right eye, over bridge of my nose, and finally what was left under my left eye. It seemed to be tailor-made for my face and blocked every trace of light.

“Take a deep breath and hold it until I say.”

She stepped behind me and I felt her silky-smooth grip over my mouth, but leaving my nose free. After a few seconds, she took her hand away, but a patch of latex covering my mouth remained. The latex gag and blindfold stuck there as if by magic. Only my nostrils were free.


By then, my lungs were quite ready for release.

I stood silent for a few moments, trying to breathe through my nose as best as I could. The air in the room seemed, different, almost as if there was more oxygen being pumped in. I quickly acclimated to my breathing restriction, so much so that I almost forgot I was gagged. Everything felt oddly comfortable.

Once they saw I was breathing comfortably, they continued preparing me for what was to come. One of them pulled my right arm straight to my side, parallel to the floor, and I felt a rubber wrist cuff lock onto it. Then the same with my left arm. I couldn’t move my arms.

Their four hands snaked down my torso, headed ever-so-closely to my cock, and continued down to my ankles. They slowly pulled my legs apart, not uncomfortably so, into a wide shoulder-width pose. Simultaneously, rubber ankle cuffs locked my legs where they stood. There I was, blindfolded, gagged, and bound spread-eagle before these two women with no idea what was to come.

My exposed cock began to swell.

They left me there and closed the stall door behind them. A minute later, I heard a few faint beeps from the control panel in the room, and a “pfft!” sound (like when you open a can of pop) above me.

The temperature in the stall increased slightly. It began to get very humid & started misting, like I was a flower getting watered. It wasn’t uncomfortable. It was rather relaxing in fact. My muscles started to loosen, despite how tightly bound I was, and small beads of liquid formed all over my body.

“This is incredible!” I thought. “Can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this!”

It kept getting hotter. The liquid on my skin, a mixture of sweat & humidity in the air, gradually coated my body until the beads started getting so large that they rolled off. This went on for I don’t know how many minutes: five, ten, twenty, I have no idea. I started to feel light-headed and was breathing heavy, but before I could take no more, everything stopped.

A few more beeps, louder than the last ones, came from the corner of the room. I heard the sound of water running through pipes, and a few seconds later, it hit me.

Two jets of water, one on my mid-chest and the other on my back, hit me unexpectedly. No less than a minute after I caught my breath, it was taken away again by these cool, high-pressure streams of water. Up and down, side to side, over every inch of my body they passed. Every muscle tensed painfully as I fought against my bonds.

I moaned loudly as they hit my genitals and the crack of my ass, but it was no use. The patch of rubber over my mouth muffled the sounds quite well, and I had to make a very concerted effort not to pass out since I could only take small breaths through my nose. And that was only when water wasn’t hitting my face.

It went from amazing to pure terror at the flip of a switch. At times, I felt like I was being waterboarded.

As quickly as they started, the jets stopped. The whizzing of a fan above my head snapped me back to reality. After a minute or two, the temperature cooled back down to a reasonable level, and it seemed as if the air dried out. Then I heard the fan stop.

They let me stand there, adjusting to the two-pass treatment I received. My skin dripping with water, my muscles aching and extremely fatigued, and my lungs about to give out. I could feel them gazing at me from the other side of the door, admiring their work. I knew they enjoyed this.

The stall door opened. One of the women stood behind me, gently wrapped her arms around my torso, stabilizing my body as the other unlocked the cuffs. My arms flopped to my side as each cuff unlocked, and narrowed my stance when the ankle cuffs came off. With one woman still supporting me, the other began to dry me with the softest towel that had ever touched my skin. She rubbed the towel firmly over every area she touched.

“I wish it felt like this after every shower,” I thought. My head was too fried to actually let the words come out.

After several passes with the towel, my body was completely dry. One of the latex-covered hands rubbed over an edge of the piece of latex that sealed my mouth, and it fell right off.

I took a huge breath. Then another. Then another. I immediately felt better.

Then the same hand peeled the latex blindfold off of my face as the other left the stall. The light hurt my eyes at first. Everything was blurry. I could see my naked figure in a mirror on the wall in front of me, but I couldn’t make out any details. It didn’t matter. I was just happy to be able to breathe again.

As she guided me out of the stall, I got a better view of myself in the mirror. Every hair on my body was gone.

Every, single, one.

No eyebrows, no hair on my head, no hair around my cock or between my cheeks. COMPLETELY bare. No wonder the towel felt so soft. I was so out of it after the shower that I didn’t realize I was hairless. What an odd, yet bizarrely wonderful feeling...

By this time, I was still exhausted, and I didn’t have enough energy to walk anywhere. The women knew this. One of them rolled a gurney to me. It had a very thick, black latex-covered pad that covered it with a latex pillow for my head. A finger pointed down to it, and I gladly laid down. The feeling of my bare, hairless body sinking into the latex was indescribable. I immediately let go.

Before they raised it and wheeled me off to my next treatment, they had another surprise. Each of them grabbed thick rubber straps and began binding me to the gurney. One started just below my shoulders and worked down while the other worked the other way from my ankles. Seven straps in all got the job done.

With the push of a switch by my feet, the gurney raised to their waist-level, and four wheels hit the floor. Before leaving, they covered me up to my neck with a thick, clear latex sheet that hung over the edges of the bed.

“Fuck, I love latex.”

Without saying a word, they opened the door and wheeled me into the hallway. Quite a ways down, they stopped next to a door with a sign that read, “INTERNAL CLEANSING.”

======= Internal Cleansing =======

They rolled me head first into the cleansing room and left me with my feet & head facing a corner, so I couldn’t see anything in the room (well, besides the camera in the upper corner pointed down at me). This room was far more cozy than the last. Tan walls, regular incandescent lights in decorative silver light fixtures in the ceiling, with a few stained wooden cabinets & shelves on the wall.

The women in the gray catsuits left, but I could hear someone else behind me. Not long after arriving, she came to my side and removed the rubber sheet covering me.

“You must be subject 1028,” she asked inquisitively, already knowing the answer.

“Yes, I am.” I spoke softly and nodded politely.

“Alright,” as she began unfastening the belts that bound me. “This shouldn’t be too bad, as long as you cooperate. Many subjects even find this treatment rather pleasant.” And a few swift moves later, all the belts dangled off one side of the gurney.

Her hand extended to mine as she gently helped me off of the bed. I sure wasn’t prepared at all for what I saw.

She was wearing a loose-fitting set of latex scrubs. Shiny, baby pink in color with fingernails to match. Not sure what it was about the outfit, but I instantly relaxed. A standard patient examination table sat in the middle of the room, and a sheet of white latex draped over it. She had various instruments I couldn’t quite make out lying in sealed packages on a shelf at the base of the table. A clear tube, about as wide as two of my thumbs, extended out from the bottom of the wall towards the table.

“Please lay on the table, and make yourself comfortable.”

Seemed simple enough. The headrest supported my neck perfectly, and the latex-covered padding was quite conducive to relaxing. I wish all medical offices designed their equipment like this.

She pulled two stirrups with footrests from the end of the table and rested my feet comfortably in them. I couldn’t see, but I felt her strap my ankles and feet into the stirrups. I panicked slightly and thrashed my legs to test the bonds.

Her hand rested on my left knee. “Just relax. You’re doing fine.” Her voice & touch instantly calmed me.

“We’ve found that immobilizing patients makes the cleansing procedure more effective. They end up falling into a deeper relaxed state, and there’s less chance of injury.”

I had no choice now but to just go with it. I closed my eyes and felt her on my left side, cuffing my left wrist into a soft latex cuff that attached to the table. Then the same with my right wrist. I wasn’t going anywhere. She knelt down into a drawer inside the exam table and came out with a very wide rubber strap. Starting on my right side about the middle of my biceps, she strapped my torso to the table and locked me down with one quick tug on the strap.

Immobilized. My bare ass completely exposed.

Once clearly satisfied with my bondage, she donned a pair of shiny white latex gloves that reached up to her elbows and set some supplies on a tray between my legs.

“Have you ever been cleaned out like this before?”

I shook my head. “I’ve given myself a few small enemas before, but no ma’am, nothing like this. This seems much more involved.”

She moved to a stool between my legs, smiling, and dimmed the ceiling lights on her way, “Alright. Just relax for me and we’ll get started soon. I’ll explain how it works in a moment.”

A twinge of nervousness shot through my body when I heard a package rip open. She reached down and grabbed the tube with her left hand and attached it to the device she held in her left. Once fastened, she showed me a large stainless steel anal device that was bigger than any anal plug I’ve ever taken. It had a small stem at the base that connected to another tube high on the wall.

“OK. In a moment, I’m going to stick this in your anus and you have to hold it there for me. I’ll turn the water on, and it’ll flow from the tube above. When you feel full of water, say ‘full’, and I will drain it through this large tube. Once it’s drained, we’ll fill again and just repeat the process until you’re sufficiently empty. Questions?”

What could I say at that point? I shook my head, closed my eyes, and took a couple deep breaths.

I watched as she guided the plug, now dripping with lubricant, right to the opening of my anus. With her left hand and on my lower stomach, just above my cock, she plunged the plug into my hole with ease.

A gutteral, “UUUUGHhhh!” sound came from deep within me as I tried to adjust to the object that just invaded my anal cavity. I uncontrollably fought against my bonds, but it was no use. She had me where she wanted me.

She smiled. “Goood boy...” And rewarded me with a few full strokes of her lube-covered latex gloved hand on my cock.

A few deep breaths later, my body adjusted to the probe. So much so, it almost felt comfortable. Like it was made for me. Like something should always be there, filling me.

“Starting a fill.”

The quiet buzzing of a motor started, and a few seconds later, a stream of warm water was filling my insides. I felt it creep up my lower left side, then across my stomach by my belly button, and finally back down my right side & snaked towards my groin.

“Full.” I spoke softly as a weak cramp built in stomach. The water stopped flowing in, and the cramping almost immediately. My insides felt “lighter” already. “This isn’t so bad.”

“Starting a fill...”

The process continued for quite some time. Each round, I seemed to be able to take more water. Each time, she’d make me hold more even after I proclaimed I was full. She forced me to take some severe cramping, sometimes making me hold it for up to a minute. My stomach distend so much that it looked like I was pregnant. Tears would well up in my eyes.

If she was feeling nice, or if I took an exceptionally large fill for her, she’d masterfully massage my stomach. It would work the junk loose, the water would penetrate deeper inside me, and the cramping would be less severe or non-existent. She gave one fill towards the end of the session, and the water felt like it hit my stomach. Definitely a unique sensation indeed.

She was masterful and merciless.

I’d guess about an hour after the first fill, she concluded I was sufficiently emptied. I laid there, eyes closed, strapped tightly to the table, my insides more empty than ever, and relished the relaxed sensations in my stomach. I’m sure this cleansing would not have been as effective had I not come in so exhausted & relaxed.

Unexpectedly, her left fingers pressed against my scrotum and moved forward slowly until her palm dug the head of my cock into my stomach. In the middle of that motion, she pulled the large anal plug from my now worked-over ass. The same animalistic, guttural moaning, groaning sound came from the deepest part of me. My eyes rolled back, and time stopped for a moment.

She spread my ass cheeks apart and wiped the area clean with some sanitary cloths. They were cold, but I felt better without all the lube and dirty water on my skin. After wiping me down, she tossed her gloves in the trash. Slowly, she walked around the exam table and unfastened the bondage that held me to the table.

“We’re finished here, 1028.” As she helped me up from the table and back to the gurney I rode in on. Same procedure as before: I was strapped to it and covered with the transparent latex sheet.

At this point, I was exhausted, so I laid there with my eyes closed. The door opened, and I felt the gurney being rolled into the hallway. I was off to another bizarre procedure, but I was too fatigued to care or even open my eyes for that matter.

======= Recovery Room =======

I fell asleep on my way down the hallway and woke up in some sort of recovery room. A white latex curtain draped from the ceiling created a small privacy wall around me.

Still strapped to the gurney, still exhausted. While I was asleep, someone attached electrodes to my chest to monitor my vitals. I wore an oxygen mask connected to a small breathing machine via a small plastic tube. My cock had also been fitted with a condom-like catheter. A small collection bag attached to it & hung on the side rail of the gurney. It was nearly full. There must have been a tube inside my urethra, but I couldn’t feel it.

I had been through several surgeries before, so waking up in this type of situation wasn’t shocking. I laid there a few minutes getting my bearings, breathing the slightly sweet-scented gas that flowed from the mask. It just smelled, feminine. I liked it.

Either by coincidence, or that someone was monitoring my vitals, a lady pulled the curtain back and entered. She wore tightly-fit baby blue latex scrubs & matching surgical bonnet, with a latex face mask, as if she was prepped for surgery. Not saying anything, her eyes glanced at the patient chart at the foot of the gurney. Once up to speed with my case, she walked behind me, turned the breathing machine off, and removed my mask.

“You’ve been through a lot today already, I see.” Her mask mask changed shapes as her lips moved and the air exited her mouth.

“Yes, nurse, I have. What’s next for me?” Was what came out. That was the most I’d said in one breath since I got here. I was starving and my mouth was dry.

“I’m here to help you recover from your previous treatments, as well as prepare you for your intake exam with Doctor Sindal.”

“More prep work?” I thought. “I’ve been cleaned, drained, flushed, plugged, and starved today. What more could there be to prepare?”

“The doctor has exceptionally high standards and will accept nothing less from her staff or her subjects.”

I exhaled and nodded, knowing nothing would change my fate.

Her hands came from above, “Open up.” She placed a rubber strap around my mouth & snapped it behind my head. A small knob, shaped like the head of a cock, slid easily into my mouth. I rolled my head to the side to see a bag of clear liquid hanging from an IV stand. Once the gag was securely around my face, she connected it to the bag on the stand.

“I’ll be back to check on you after a while. You’re not going anywhere until that whole bag is empty.” And she left.

A few seconds later, I felt the first drops on my tongue. I wouldn’t call it pleasant, but it wasn’t bad either. It pretty much was the most neutral tasting substance I’ve ever had.

Some time later, I’m guessing a bit more than half an hour, the bag of fluid was empty, and the urine collection bag was at capacity.

I’m sure the camera in the room signalled to the nurse I had finished consuming the fluids. She arrived shortly after. After swapping my urine collection bag for a fresh one, and she removed the cock-head gag from my head. As quickly as she came, she left. Before she completely disappeared behind the curtain, she uttered the words,

“I have no doubt the doctor will have a lot of fun with you.”

I heard some muffled talking behind the curtains about 1028. Shortly after that, a woman dressed in a completely white latex catsuit that covered everything but her eyes, arrived at my bed and started rolling me to what I’m sure was going to be Dr. Sindal’s examination room.

I was terrified.

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