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Rubber Isolation Prisoner IP-352

by RbrBill

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© Copyright 2018 - RbrBill - Used by permission

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Chapter 1 – The Trial

In the not too distant future the overcrowded prison system reached a tipping point. Many states released those incarcerated that were deemed as non-violent. The problem occurred when many of these criminals offended again. The violence that returned to the streets caused a demand for action. The criminals were running the cities! Honest citizens took to the streets and quietly called for action.

Something had to give. The growing crime problem with the revolving-door prison system that seemed to not rehabilitate the criminal element failed to keep the streets safe for law-abiding people. The cost to keep someone jailed was also causing major stress on the jurisdictions. It was Texas that came up with a solution.

Legislative Bill 2192 created the alternative sentencing criteria that revolutionized the Texas penal system. Sentencing guidelines were lowered dramatically by instituting a short, but intense, sentence in isolation. Early results showed promise. Repeat offenses dropped. Incarceration costs were cut by more than half per convict. Many states sent officials to Texas to see what was going on.

Laurie Swan was caught stealing over $1,000 from a store. It was not her first brush with the law but it was the most serious. Laurie stood before the judge and waited her fate. The public defender had entered a guilty plea and Laurie was pretty much at the mercy of the court.

“This your first felony offense. Normally theft is seen as a crime where possible leniency may be best. However, you have committed similar misdemeanor crimes which have become progressively more serious.

“Therefore I have no alternative to sentence you to three years in the state penitentiary.”

Laurie was stunned. The lawyer had said her plea would result in a suspended sentence or just a few months at worse.

After the long pause for emphasis, the judge spoke again.

“However, I offer you an alternative sentence of three months isolation in lieu of three years confinement.”

Laurie looked to her lawyer. He just looked at the floor. No help here.

Laurie said, “Isolation? I once spent a summer alone in Alaska working as a ranger at a remote state park. I think I will take the isolation.”

Her lawyer coughed slightly and mumbled, “You don’t know what you’re doing.”

Laurie looked sharply at him, “You didn’t give me much advice before I said, ‘I’ll take it’.”

“Don’t you know what the isolation is?” he asked.

“Being alone all the time is all, isn’t it?”

“Oh, god.”

“The prisoner is remanded to the Maximum Security State Correction Facility in Huntsville, where she will be placed in isolation for a period of three months. Take her away.”

A bailiff took each arm and led her way. As she passed through the double oak doors of the courtroom, one of the bailiffs pulled something from a pouch he was carrying. He held the object to the light appreciatively. He carefully turned it in his hand, revealing raised white lettering on the shiny black object. Laurie saw the lettering “Isolation Prisoner 352” centered on what looked like the forehead of a rubberized head cover – a bondage hood – she realized.

Chapter 2 – Journey into Incarceration

One of the bailiffs pulled the hood to her face. A thick rubber mouthpiece slid into her mouth, silencing her protest. As the officer pulled the zipper down the back of her head, the rubber tightened to her entire head.

Laurie felt a panic as the rubber pressed against her head. She heard the whistling air as her rapid breathing filled her world. And this was just a hood. What else did the isolation involve? Was this hood temporary? What was her next three months going to be? So many questions unable to ask, no answers but her inner fears.

The drive to Huntsville took nine hours. Laurie remained hooded for the entire trip. These was one stop where a female escort took her to restroom, at least she thought it was one, and had her sit and relieve herself.

Other than the short blind walk to and from a rest stop, Laurie remained cuffed to her seat. The van driver made frequent violent driving moves – sharp fast turns or sudden braking – that unnerved Laurie as she was tossed about her seat. More than once the cuffs bit into her wrist as she slid hard along the seat. Being blind didn’t help. She had no visual reference to prepare for the sudden moves. She could only grunt her dismay during the ride and vowed to report the rough handling to higher authorities.

The van left the Interstate just outside of Huntsville. The truck made a left turn followed by a quick right. It went maybe thirty seconds or so before a left and slowing.

Muffled voices as the driver showed credentials, documents and waited for directions to proceed. Laurie heard the gate guard say that the way to the “RTA” was to turn left at the second street and go to the end parking lot.

Laurie wondered what was the “RTA”? So far she had absolutely no idea what was going on. The van moved on.

The truck stopped. The doors slid open with a rumble and Laurie was uncuffed from the bench and hustled out. The hood remained in place as someone led her while firmly holding her arm.

“Step up,” said the person holding her arm.

“Wait.” She heard a door opening.


“Left.” And quickly the order, “Halt.”
Now maybe the hood comes off, she thought. Her head was hot under the clinging thing and sweat ran down her face.

No such luck.

“This is the Rehabilitation Transition Area. We call it the RTA. This building will be your life for the next three months. You will accept the condition of your incarceration. You will have no contact with another human for the next three months. All of your time is monitored and controlled by the RTA remote system. Once you are sealed into your isolation module. You will be alone with only your thoughts and any such additional sensation the programming deems required. You have no rights here. You have privileges. You earn nothing but isolation and release at the end of the sentence.”

Laurie grunted into the gag. She was making arm gestures to bring attention to the hood.

“I don’t think you understand Isolation Prisoner 352. You have no rights to speak and your sentence can be extended should you be uncooperative.”

Laurie (IP-352) waited.

“I will remove the hood for your processing. You will say nothing. Consequences of trying to talk will result.”

The hot hood was roughly pulled from IP-352’s head. Her hair was wet and matted. Her face wet with sweat.

“What the…”

“SILENCE! Gag it.”

A trustee stepped in front of IP-352 and wrapped a thick rubberized collar/gag combination around her head. The thick gag filled her mouth and the device fit snuggly over the lower half of her face. Straps were tugged tightly and the gag dug deeper into her mouth.

The shock of the harsh treatment since leaving the courtroom numbed Laurie but she began to notice the room in which she was standing. The room was all white tile. There was a shower space to one side. There was a deep basin stainless steel slop sink. A medical examination chair and table were in the center. These furniture items were chrome. The thin padding on the chair and table did not look very comfortable. The pads were covered in black rubber sheeting. Everything in the room was clean. The bright lights allowed no shadows and directional focused lighting shined directly on her. She squinted in the glare.

Three people were in the room with her. Two of them were wearing rubberized smocks. The third wore medical clothing – scrubs of a dull blue material.

One of the helpers pulled IP-352 toward the chair, pushed her into the seat and strapped her arms and legs to the frame. The trustee hooked the gag/collar to the headrest of the chair. She could not move much and her grunts were noticeable as she pulled at the restraints.

Chapter 3 - Preparations

The trustee cut her clothing off, revealing her nakedness. Laurie thought of herself as being a fairly athletic person. She had a gym membership. She was proud of her looks. She stood 5’ 9”. She had dark brown hair and surprisingly green eyes. Her waist was a trim 23 inches and she was proud of her 38-D breasts and 24 inch hips were plenty sexy when she wore her body hugging clothing. Men would look hard when she walked by and she knew it. She embraced her sexuality and had used it to great advantage over the years. But now she was fearful. She was exposed as she sat in the chair.

The doctor, at least she thought she was a doctor, began to examine every inch of Laurie’s body. She checked eyes, ears and nose. She listened to heart and breathing.

“Breathe deep in and out.”

Laurie complied as best she could in the gag.

“I have to check your mouth and throat. No talking.”

The doctor removed the attached gag from the collar.

“Open wide. Tongue out.”

The gag went back in.

Meantime, a trustee was busily taking measurements of Laurie. The measures were extensive. Each arm and leg, length from ankle to knee, knee to thigh, circumferences of calves, thighs above knee, at middle and at crotch. Then they took multiple measures of her, waist, waist to center of breast, bust, below bust, above bust, distance between nipples, size and depth of each nipple and waist front to back through crotch, waist to collarbone and back shoulder to shoulder. Then the arms were measured out, again wrist to elbow, elbow to shoulder, circumferences of forearms and biceps. Her head was measured from chin to crown, distance from pupil to pupil, length of nose, forehead circumference, and neck at shoulder, neck at middle and neck at base of skull.

They took measures of her hands and fingers that she didn’t even know existed. Finally the lengths of each toe, length of foot from toe base to heal and circumferences of feet at toes, arch and heel to front finished the measures.

The trustee rolled a dental x-ray machine over her head. The operating part of the unit dropped over Laurie’s head. The trustee pressed it to her forehead and tucked her chin into the curved rest. A panoramic shot of her teeth was taken. Then shots from above her nose and each side were taken. These shot would show her exact jaw and tooth positioning related to the gag tube in her mouth.

During all of these measurements and pictures, no one said a word, leaving Laurie to wonder at the need for such extensive and precise measurements.

Serious as these preparations were, the real fun now began. A trustee took shears to IC-352’s head. All of her long locks of dark hair fell to the floor. Her eyebrows were shaved off. Then a thick gelatin lotion was spread over her bare head and the area where eyebrows had once been and her entire body. The stuff burned her skin and she wanted to cry out! Only her struggles and grunts revealed the painful burning she felt.
Next her body was rinsed with warm water. What body hair she once had washed away with the rinse.

Hair growth retarding lotion was then applied. Her entire body would remain completely bare of any hair for the next six months.

She was then put under anesthesia. Some unknown period later she woke from the drugs. Latex gloves were on her hands and her feet! There was a slight discomfort ache at her fingertips and toes.

“Your finger and toenails have been removed. These gloves are lined with antibiotic and skin restoration chemicals to promote healing. A local topical anesthetic will control the pain until the sites heal. They will not grow back.”

Good grief! What next? She thought.

She sat in the chair for two hours waiting. She waited and wondered. She looked at the black rubber covering her hands and arms. She was able to see the feet and saw these stockings had individual rubber toes like little fingers. They were long thigh-high stockings. This seemed to be a very detailed process which she still had not figured out the end result.

Chapter 4 - Transformation

A door opened. A trustee came forward with a heavy black shiny bundle. She looked at the bundle and realized it was a rubber suit. She knew people were attracted to rubber suits as a sexual stimulus. She had even wondered what the attraction was to tight rubber. She never really had any desire to try it. She thought that was too kinky. Yet now she knew this suit was for her. Whether she liked it or not, the state was going to put her into a kinky fetish suit.

The trustee held the suit up for Laurie to see. “You’re going to look so hot when I’m done with you, bitch.”

Laurie looked hard at the suit. It was a full enclosing suit with attached feet, glove mitts and a hood. It had some sort of built-in corset.

The trustee stepped to her and pulled the gag out of her mouth.

“What the hell is this?” Laurie shouted.

“Yeah, make all the noise you want. Just turns me on to have a fighter, IP-352.”

“Who is IP-352?

“You are. Nothing more than a prison slut.”

The trustee released her legs and began to pull the rubbery folds on her. The raw rubber odor filled the room. The suit was new. In reality it had been put together literally while she was waiting. The inside was fully lined with a lubricating gel. The legs slid easily on. First her left leg and then the right leg were fed into the living black rubber. The fit was perfection. Her feet slipped through the narrow ankle opening with a kind of sucking sound. Her feet were firmly secured under the thickened rubber sleeve above the ankles. Large chrome “D” rings were attached to the ankle sleeves. The cool latex warmed to her skin and formed a flawless covering. Two more “D” rings were attached to the suit at her knees.
“You son-of-a-bitch. How the hell do you expect me to spend even an hour in this thing?”

“Ha, ha, ha…that’s choice. You’ll be in this suit way longer than an hour.”

Laurie let those words sink in.

After the trustee got the suit up to mid-thigh, he relocked the legs to the chair. He released her arms.

“Stand up.”

She sort of stood, though it was bit hard with her legs bound to the chair legs. The good news was the chair had a slight tilt that allowed her maintain some level of balance as she waited for the suit dressing to continue. By now she figured this was an initiation that she had to endure. Maybe the rubber suits helped with hygiene for new prisoners, like the old days of de-lousing.

The trustee/dresser came to IP-352 and slipped a thick blindfold over her head. In reality a blindfold was a bit melodramatic and certainly unnecessary but he always used one with the pretty ones. He loved the reaction when he whipped the thing off after the suit was closed to the neck.

“Both arms out straight at a 45 degree angle.”

He took a gloved left arm and glided it into the waiting sleeve. Then he pushed the right arm in and went about pulling and tugging both arms completely into the sleeves. Like the ankles, there was a thickened wrist band that had no real flexibility. With no small effort, the trustee got her left wrist past the thickened band. The hand and fingers slid into the glove/mitt. Her fingers were slightly spread and the mitt formed a rigid thickly padded and useless extension to her arm. He repeated the process with her right arm.

Laurie was concentrating on feel and smell as the trustee pulled on the suit. The tight rubber encased her arms, just as her legs were encased and the cool material was quickly warming to her heat while it shifted and slid into a perfect form fitting massage only heavy latex can provide. Now the suit hung loosely against her chest. She felt cold air reaching her moist lower parts.

“I feel cold between my legs,”

“The latex is thickened around the crotch and inner thighs. There is a slit that passes through the underside from anus to just above your sex. The slit opening is lined with a narrow steel ring that has ten steel stud points to attach the cover shield.”

“What the hell is that all about?”

“Your vocabulary is quite limited IP-352.” I believe your imagination is limited too. It becomes clearer as we go.”

She realized the suit had a rigidity about the torso area that could only be a built-in corset with stiffeners. She wasn’t aware that the corset front was shaped into a heavy curved busk that looked like any corset designed to support and separate a woman’s breast. The latex above the curved busk was much thinner, though still quite heavy, with cups to receive the supported breasts and a neck ending in an attached hood.

The trustee pulled the top of the suit to her neck. After adjusting the busk below her breasts she felt the thinner rubber press against her aroused nipples. Yes, she found the experience a bit arousing and she was appalled. But then she felt her nipples slide into little rings at the tip of the breast cups. The rings were lined with little prickly needles – lots of them. The needles raked her sensitive skin and bit into the delicate nipples just so.

“Those hurt,” she screamed and tried to paw at the cups with her useless hands. “Do something!”

“Can’t do anything about them, slut. The needles point outward like a barb. They slide on oh so easily but are almost impossible to remove without the special tool.”

She was thinking so hard about the attack on her nipples, she failed to notice thick rings at the base of the breast cups slowly closing around the base of her breasts. She didn’t see the evil steel studs ringing the cups.

The trustee strapped her arms firmly in the chair. He then went to her back. He pulled at the zipper that ran from her waist to her neck where it continued up to the crown of the hood hanging below her neck. He would close it up after all of the hood and face bondage devices were in place.

She grunted and screamed obscenities as the nipple rings worked deeper into her flesh.

“You GD ass! These things hurt. Geeze get me out of here. I want out!”

“You ain’t felt nothing yet, bitch.” He cooed tenderly in her ear mockingly.

Now he began threading steel wire through the corset eyelets. This was one of his favorite parts of suiting up an isolation prisoner. As he slowly worked the wire through the eyes, he had to tug and pull each time. Slowly, the thick rubber corset closed over her back. The thing was built to squeeze her torso inside a vice grip of rubber. Each inch of closure drew new grunts, groans and protests. The suit was designed to pull her waist down to 20 inches inside diameter. It was a crushing adjustment and her breaths came in short, shallow bursts.

“Panting like a bitch in heat,” said the trustee. “You’ll be so done when we are finished with you.”

“The corset is crushing me! I can’t breathe! Gawd, those needle things hurt.”

“Keep talking. You’ll get tired from talking while breathing soon.”

He tied off the laces and nipped the excess wire with wire cutters. Now I’ll lace the front busk piece to the top of the corset. He wove additional wire laces between the curved shoulder piece and the slightly spread shoulder blade part of the corset back. The tightening busk piece pulled her back into a straight and erect position. Her rubberized tits jutted even further out. The nipples were attacked yet again by the digging needles.

“You GD, SOB. Holy S**t. Gawd those things hurt. I can’t move my upper body either.”

Yet she felt a new stirring inside. Some deeply seated masochistic streak welled up as she felt a surrender to this punishment. Her exposed pussy became slippery with her juices. The dew from her inner sanctum glistened on her exposed slit.

“Oh, oh. The slut is starting to get it. There is so much more to come too.”

The trustee took up a thick rubber thigh boot. The boot had evil ballet heels. The trustee unstrapped her leg and began to draw the boot on. He pulled and tugged the boot up her left leg. The thick rubber wire stiffening rods in it. The side had little reinforced slits for the “D” rings attached to the suit. The boot reached right to her open crotch and as he laced it closed, the boot sleeve encased her leg in thick rubber that squeezed and bit so deliciously into her soft flesh. Once it was completely laced, the boot held her leg rigidly from the hip down. The trustee propped the leg on a stool and released her right leg. She waited for him to pull on the second boot then let out a soft sigh in her new found lust. The surrender was so easy.

The trustee chuckled and again said, “The rubber bitch is definitely getting it now, eh?”

Now it was time to clean out IP-352 for the final encasement.

“What was your last meal and when?” He asked.

“Um, well, um maybe yesterday evening, they gave me a cheese sandwich and milk.”

“No breakfast?”

“No. I thought I’d be out on probation before noon.”

“OK. So you’ve eaten nothing for sixteen hours. You poop any?”

“The rest area.”

“I hoped this would be more difficult but you’re already pretty empty so my loss.”

IP-362 was pretty damn close to having to go now. The crushing suit had her entire body in a vice grip from neck to hips.

“I feel a need to go even now,” she said.

Her normal humiliation associated with such frank discussion of her bodily function was surprisingly absent. Her mind was too distracted by the incredibly sensual overload from the exquisite feeling of the suit against her skin.

The trustee put a bucket to her opening. “Let it go.”

She grunted and with little difficulty, she shit into the bucket. He wiped her clean then proceeded to slather lubricating ointment around and inside her rectum. When he pushed his slippery fingers inside, she shivered with a thrill.

Good gosh, what have I become in just a few short hours. She thought this as she let out a shaky sigh.

“Nice and tight. You virgin in your ass?”


“Well the enema/relief plug won’t be that gentle but what follows will be quite exquisite,” he grinned openly at her back.

The enema/relief wand was a six-inch long phallus. It had a narrow, hollow tip with a one-half inch aperture. It widened to about a two-inch diameter width just before a narrowing neck that would seal it inside the rectum once IP-352 clamped her muscles around the device. Tubes hung from its base that was also ringed with a rubber flap.

He slathered a large amount of lubrication gel on the instrument and firmly guided it into her rear.

She grunted and cursed as the thing stretched her sphincter stretched to receive the device. She imagined she was being impaled with a baseball bat! She never before felt such pain from any sort of object being shoved up her ass.

“What the fuck are you putting in me?”

“It’s your enema and waste device,” the trustee made a simple statement of fact.

“I’ve had enemas before and they were nothing like this.”

“Well’, there are enemas then there are erotic enemas. Consider this one as the latter.”

He probed in her hole with his slippery fingers.

“Relax. Just let it slide in.”

Of course his request/order immediately caused involuntary clinching of her sphincter muscles.

“Oh, shit,” she moaned. “Good god that thing is huge.”

“Almost in.”

The wide part slipped past the opening and her clinching muscles pulled it the rest of the way in. She felt the thing moving inside.

The trustee tucked the rubber flap under her suit and made sure it was smoothly spread under the suit. A little adhesive between the layers of suit and flap easily sealed the wand to suit.

IP-352 wiggled her butt a little to get a feel of the thing inside. It actually didn’t feel too bad. In fact she kind of liked the pressure of the inserted phallus. She thought of a butt fucking and it made her feel even more aroused. She squirmed even more in her seat.
“Be still, slut. I have more work to do before I’m finished with your crotch.”
He knew the toy inside was getting her pretty hot and he was feeling his own desire building inside his own rubberized clothes. He loved prepping the new IP’s.

The trustee started humming to himself as he prepared the crotch plates for placement. The most obvious part of the device was a large and thick dildo. The phallus was almost eight inches long. It had a diameter in excess of two inches. Heavy ribbing and studs gave the device a rough surface that would be thoroughly felt ramming or vibrating inside IP-352’s tender pussy. At the base of the phallus a hooked piece of soft rubber, looking quite like a crooked finger floated above the thick rod. Properly placed and locked, the finger would float against the clitoris. The soft rubber would vibrate and massage the sensitive bud and force an increase of erotic desire of even the most reluctant victim.

He shoved the device roughly inside IP-352.

She grunted and cursed at the forced intrusion into her damp, slippery, but somewhat tight vulva and vaginal cavity.

“That thing is huge!” She croaked as it slid home.

The finger pressed to her clit.

“Ooooooo, that feels nice,” she now said as she thrust slightly toward the toy.

The next step was sealing the crotch opening. The bottom plate was a piece of stainless steel. Its inner layer was thin latex sheeting that would seal to the matching plate on the suit when the stud rings were snapped in place. The seal would form an airtight closure of the crotch.

The trustee fed the tubing and control wires for the dildo and the rear wand through a small opening in a rubber disk. He then pushed the bundle through the common access tube in the plate. He pressed the plate to the suit and made sure the wires and tubes were straight with no creases. He squirted a thick glob of rubber cement between the plate and suit. He spread the glue under the disk and over the area to assure an airtight and watertight bond. He then stretched a rubber disk up the dangling wires and tubes on the outside of the plate. He glued the disk with another glob of cement providing a redundant seal that totally assured the air and water tight integrity of the main weak spot in the suit. Finally, he pushed the plate tightly against the suit and lined the steel studs to the holes in the plate. He pressed ten small stud rings over the protruding points. The rings snapped in place locking the rubber-lined plate to the suit.

Sweat quickly made everything slippery and the suit slid slightly over IP-352’s skin with every movement.

“It’s getting hot and wet down there,” IP-352 said.

“Hope you like it that way, Slut,” the trustee replied.

The trustee now indulged in something he reserved for only very rare isolation prisoners. The prisoner had to be a beautiful and sexy woman to get this special treatment. He poured Vivishine into his palms and began to cover her rubberized body with the shining oil. He started at her feet and legs and slowly worked his way up her rubberized body. Even through the thick rubber, IP-352 felt the hands rubbing and massaging.

“Mmmmmmmm…that is so wonderful.”

“You are truly a rubber slut now, aren’t you, Bitch.” The trustee continued covering the rubber and polishing with a cloth. The deep, rich shine of the ebony rubber reflected his face as he leaned close to make certain the shiny glow was perfect.

He stepped back to admire his work. He rubbed his crotch and shivered as his hard cock slipped around under the wet latex of his underclothes. Now he moaned audibly, rolled his eyes to the ceiling and panted hard with lust.

“You say something?” asked IP-352.

“Uh, no I’m just putting out the tools for the next step.”

He laid out the hoods, mouthpiece, feeding system tubes, breathing system tubes and connectors, masks and helmets. Before he would proceed with the head, a step that would leave IP-352 with extremely limited and distorted vision he stepped to her and pulled the blindfold from her head. IP-352 was bathed in a bright spot lit circle. He had dimmed all other lights in the room so the focus was completely on the flawless female form encased in black rubber so smooth and shiny it was as if the skin were a mirror. A tall mirror reflected the rubbery image so IP-352 saw the results thus far.

IP-352 gasped at the sight.

“I am inside that?”

“Yes, your transformation into a rubber isolation prisoner is nearly complete.”

“Oh, my gawd. I had no idea rubber could be sooooo sexy.” Her visible shiver of desire did not go unnoticed by the trustee.

“And there is more,” he promised.

Her shallow pants quickened with involuntary anticipation at his promise.

Chapter 5 – Hoods, Masks and Helmets

Trustee picked up the mouthpiece appliance that was built from her earlier dental X-rays. It was black rubber horseshoe shaped block. An oval hole passed from the front to the back of the block. The hole was framed with a flap of red rubber with a consistency and flexibility of a snorkel mouthpiece. A nickel metal ring held the red rubber piece in place. The metal ring had a rim that allowed about a millimeter space between the rubber piece and the metal ring. The device was basically a large version of a mouthpiece used in endoscopic procedures but filled the entire mouth and was precision built for this specific mouth. Under the oval opening was a hollow space in which IP-352’s tongue would be securely held to the floor of her mouth. A small pass-through pitot tube from the lower section would allow a suction tube to be attached to draw saliva out. A slit in the red rubber flap aligned with the tiny opening for suction access.

“Open wide.” The trustee began to push the mouth appliance between her lips.

Laurie grunted and struggled as he held the back of her head steady and pushed the device further inside. Her jaws ached as they stretched open. Her lower jaw seemed to dislocate then suddenly the grooves on top and bottom of the device lined up with her teeth and she automatically bit down into the grooves. The trustee pushed up on her chin to seat the teeth fully inside the grooves. The suction formed by the fit would be strong enough to keep her from opening her mouth even a small amount, but goopy adhesive that was spread at the bottom of the grooves spread up the sides of her teeth to form an even tighter bond. No amount of struggle would dislodge the device. Its removal required a special solvent and a dental instrument to break the seal formed between teeth and device.

He pushed the red flap that was outside her lips inside her mouth and smoothed it out behind her lips. Now her face had a permanent expression of surprise with silver metal and red rubber accenting the shocking expression created by the mouthpiece sealed in her mouth. Her lips provided a final framing of the mouth. The trustee took up bright a red lipstick tube and made some special touches to the lips. This was actually an unneeded step as it served only as a cosmetic touch, but it made the surprising mouth look especially sensual and inviting. IP-352 (Laurie) could do nothing but endure and watch the changes to her face.

Sealing her mouth brought on new fear. Her erotic feelings that stirred as the suit sealed her body changed to a fearful overtone as her mind grappled with the permanence of the situation signaled with the complexity of everything completed to up to now but especially the mouthpiece fitting process. However, the fear had erotic consequences too. Her mind raced with thoughts of what her future time in this elaborately devised sex machine could entail. The unknown combined fear with extreme arousal! Her building arousal mirrored and surpassed any sexual game she had ever encountered. Face it she was getting hornier and hotter as each microsecond passed!

The trustee pulled her head back into a headrest and strapped her head securely in the rest.

A second technician stepped into view. This one wore the same dull blue scrubs the earlier doctor wore. IP-352 realized these scrubs were made of matt latex sheeting. This new understanding just added to her arousal as she realized everyone who had been working on her were either rubber lovers or rubber slaves, albeit slaves with many privileges, but beholden to wearing rubber while they worked; maybe even when they were off duty as well.

In his gloved hands he cradled a slimy snake. At least IP-3542 thought it was a snake. In reality the thing was an esophageal liner that would direct nourishment directly into the stomach.

“This is going to be a little uncomfortable. I am going to push this through the opening in your mouth. When it reaches the back of your throat, you must suppress the gag response and swallow. As you swallow, I am going to push the tube slowly past the closed airway. Then continue to swallow and take the tube until this top end is mated to the steel ring of the mouthpiece. Your breathing may be a little difficult after the tube is completely in, but you are not going to suffocate.” The technician’s voice was smooth and calm; Laurie was not relieved.

IP-352 tried to pull away from the thing he held in front of her face. It was inevitable. The snake slid into the ovoid opening. It reached to the back of her throat. She reacted with gagging coughs that quickly subsided as the thing turned down her esophagus. She swallowed hard and swallowed and swallowed some more. She felt the thing filling her insides. Then she heard a sharp “snap”.

The technician now came forward with two six inch long and very flexible latex tubes. They looked much like the tubes used for IV drips. He pushed one tube up her left nostril and the second up the right. Again she struggled as best she could under the restraints. But this unknown person just kept easing the things deeper into her head. As the tubes reached the esophageal lining, they were directed by a concave funnel built into the liner to grooves that allowed the tubes to pass along either side of the liner and ending at the upper airway entry. Her body heat activated thin sidewalls on the tubes that swelled to make a tight seal within the nasal cavity and sinuses the tube passed through in its short journey to the breathe way.

IP-352 felt the pressing rubber inside her head and tried to shake her head. Tears welled up in her eyes. She again had that strong surge of fear as another part of her humanity was stripped away and she fell deeper into the rubber abyss that was converting her into a rubber thing.

Next the med tech made some squeezes to a small bulb attached to the esophageal liner and little circular bladders popped open along the length of the thing to seal it securely inside her. She jumped with the new pressure inside her. Rubber was surrounding her inside and out! She wanted to scream, “ENOUGH!” The gag silenced her protests to grunts and groans.

The medical tech stepped back and the first trustee came forward. He pushed rubber earpieces into IP-352 ears. These earplugs had embedded electronic hearing pieces. As the ear plugs seated inside, surrounding sounds became a memory.

The trustee then tested the circuit, “This is fun. Blink once if you’re having fun, blink more if not.”

IP-532 blinked many times.

“It’ll be fun for you soon enough,” the trustee said.

He then pushed a stainless steel piecing from the lower lobe to the tragus of the left ear. The steel piercing pushed the earpiece deeper into the canal. He repeated the piercing on the other side. Next he attached a silver chain from loops in the back of each piercing passing it along the base of her skull. A small tag was centered in the back of her neck. It was engraved with her designation, IP-352.

He then pierced each nipple at the base. The nipples were already tightly held in the grip of the rings of needles. These piercings were strictly for effect.

Each penetration brought a jump and grunt from the victim.

He pressed hard rubber cups over the exposed breasts. He lined holes in the bases up with the studs in the rings at the base of the breasts. He then pushed the securing stud rings over the studs and effectively locked each breast inside a rigid cone of airtight rubber. Each cup tip had a nipple connector that might have been only for cosmetic effect. The metal nipples had a function. Vacuum lines could be attached to suck the air out of the cup which would force the flashy organ beneath to swell into the cup. The interior of each of the cups was lined with rows and rows of tiny pricking needles. When her breasts pushed against the inside of the cups the torture would be exquisite.

Now he concentrated on the final sealing of IP-352’s head.

He pulled on a heavy rubber bondage hood with restricted eye openings, nose holes and mouth opening that matched the feeding tube protruding from her mouthpiece. The eye restriction was affected by attaching two rigid rubber eye cups to the hood. These pieces effectively formed a tunnel through which the wearer had to look. He pulled the zipper of the hood closed, sealing her head in its first full layer of tight latex. Now she could see she was completely covered in shiny rubber.

He next pulled on a modified M-40 gas mask. The mask had a rubber hood attached rather than the conventional harness. The inside of the mask was designed to mate the drinking access point to her feeding tube. The nose cup formed a good seal against the nose. The eye tunnels on the inner hood pressed against the lenses of the mask. The original lenses had been replaced with kaleidoscope effect etched lenses. IP-352 could only see halo rings of light and multiple distorted images. Her vision was effectively gone. The trustee pulled the zipper closed and she shivered with the added squeeze of a second layer of tight rubber on her head.

He now pulled the suit hood up over all the hoods. This extremely heavy rubber hood was modeled after an M-40 gas mask outer protective layer skin. The trustee fit the hood openings to the mask. The suit hood mated like a glove to seal the mask within the suit hood. The trustee pulled the zipper at the neck up to the crown of the hood, engulfing IP-352’s head in a third rubber layer. He locked the zipper.

Finally, he wrapped a thick rubber-lined steel bondage collar around her neck. The collar held her head slightly up while cradling it in the rubberized chin rest. He snapped the locking devices closed with a loud click of finality.

By now IP-352 could not move her head, her legs or torso. She was completely sealed in multiple layers of tight rubber. She was hot, getting hotter and completely lost in a whirling pool of arousing lust. The suit massaged her every time she twisted and moved. The suit tortured her with each move of her breasts sealed in those horrid needles. Her insides were filled with rubber, both from top and bottom. At some point in the process she ceased to be a being and was on the verge of surrender to her rubber imprisonment and the accompanying lust.

The trustee screwed a long corrugated breathing tube into the gas mask inlet valve. He had the flow restricted to a trickle. Immediately IP-352 began to struggle with her breathing. What had been just extremely difficult was suddenly impossible and she was not sure why. Each effort to suck air in was met with the gas mask face pressing to her hooded face. She panicked in her bonds while Trustee grinned as he stroked at his crotch. Her struggle for air was as hot a scene he ever witnessed. He watched closely and saw her body shudder from some primal fear.

He twisted the valve on the end of the tube and pressurized air flowed into the mask. IP-352 sucked greedily at the air but the lesson in her vulnerability in her present bondage was implicit.

What else could they do to her? How low could she be driven into the dark abyss of lust? How long was this torture going to continue? So many questions and no answers, only the building surge of sexual desire within the rubber encasement she now endured.

Chapter 6 - Suspension Treatment

The trustee released all of the straps that held IP-352 to the chair. He held her arm and forced her to stand. Then he walked her several steps until she was standing in the center of a circle that was painted on the floor.

He hit an electrical switch and a chain with wrist cuffs dropped from the ceiling. He pulled each arm to the chain and locked the cuffed on her wrists. Slots in the wide cuffs mated to the “D” rings at the wrists of her suit. He pushed a lock through each “D” Ring in the suit which doubly secured the wrists to the chain. He listened to her whimpering beneath the rubber layers. She was certainly fearful and very unhappy at the increasing bondage. She was wobbly on her ballet booted feet and tried to maintain some balance while the trustee retracted the ceiling chain until she found herself dangling above the floor.

She swung and spun slowly while Trustee watched appreciatively. He took a spreader bar and attached it to each ankle. Again, slots in the cuffs fit the ankle “D” rings. He snapped locks to the rings then started ratcheting the bar wider. With each click the bar spread her rubberized legs another four inches. Click, click, click. Her whimpers grew as her legs spread wide. The steel plate covering her was totally exposed highlighting her love flower to any observers. The suit stretched tighter with each click. The light shone in long reflections on the rubbery legs. The shimmering reflections revealed the trembling of taught and distressed muscles. Her grunts and groans turned to ravaged pants as her breathing grew even more difficult from the exertions of her large thigh muscles.

Tight rubber massaged as it stretched and moved over her slippery skin. She moaned from the dull ache of her stretched and tortured body while between her legs, she knew blood filled her mons with hot desire. The rubber finger against her clit pushed and moved slightly over the hooded bud. She knew it was swelling from the rush of blood and would soon peek out of the hood to allow the rubber finger direct contact with her glorious bud of desire. Only the thing embedded inside her was still. She had new anticipation as the reality that the phallus most surely was a vibrator of some sort. The building lust drew her arousal to a higher plateau of desire. She waited in a frustrating pause for something more to attack her body and bring her the release she had needed for the past hour.

Before the final treatment could begin, Trustee had to attach the enema/relief plug to tubing. He attached the suction lines to the steel nipples on the breast cups. He attached the feeding/fluid line to the feeding the med tech had placed hours before. He attached electrical wires to the vibrator and two of the studs protruding from the crotch plate.

The trustee went to the control panel and hit the “Enter” key of the computer that would now take over IP-352’s life.

Warm water began to flow into IP-352’s corset constricted body. She felt building pressure as the fluid pushed inside her. Her sweating body struggled with the surge of warm, then hotter fluid. It flowed inside and there was nothing she could do as her distended belly pressed forward against her vagina and uterus. The thing inside her was suddenly very prominent as her organs were pushed by the enema fluid.

The phallus suddenly erupted with violent pulses. It not only vibrated but its wall undulated and pulsed as fluid was pumped into tubes lining its structure. It grew in size. It seemed to push up further inside. This was what she wanted! She felt her building ecstasy as her breasts began to swell under the cups. She realized there was some sort of suction drawing them out to the inside walls of those hard shells.

Almost as suddenly as her arousal was reaching a peak, her tender skin touched the inner walls and thousands of little pricks attacked the flesh. She wanted to shriek as the stinging pricking hit her. Then loops at the base of the cups filled with air and squeezed her breasts which pushed the fleshy boobs even deeper against the cups. Her grunts and silent screams shifted another octave in her mind as the swollen belly flushed and then filled rapidly again with cold water.

Electrical shocks hit her entire labium and mons. The shocks pulsed and jolted at her tender and aroused pussy. The effect of cold water and electric shock threw her in a turmoil of sudden frustration, then almost as soon as her frustrated orgasm left her panting on the edge of failed ecstatic realization, the cycle of the vibrator started again and the shocks became more gentle, almost soothing and erotic. She thrust at her suspension. Her internal groans and moans reached out into the still room.

She gritted the gag hard. She shook in her restraints. Her panting breath filled the room. Sweat poured out of her body and she could feel the slippery dampness against her skin. Her air flow was cut off again. This brought on a powerfully erotic panic as she pulled and tugged at her chains. After an eternity that was only thirty seconds, her air pushed into her rubber-lined airway.

The shocks built again in intensity. The tingling of masochistic desire balanced with her arousal and need for release. She was so sexually frustrated. Her body was a nuclear reactor racing to a meltdown. She thrust and tried to push and draw the phallus inside her hot body, holding and squeezing it in anticipation and desire of a final release of the built up passion. Her body quivered. The cycle suddenly stopped. Panting frustration as she released a muted cry into her gag. How can this torture be right? How can I survive such torment? Questions were lost in the back of her mind as deep thoughts and desire filled her.

All this time Trustee sat watching. He had the console in front of him and watched in fascination as the bodily functions screens revealed the ebb and flow of her erotic and frustrating journey into a deep and dark abyss of sexual craving. His rock-hard tool was close to demanding attention. He knew he had to relieve his own frustrated desire and soon. He adjusted the dial of the console from orgasm frustration setting to orgasm release.

He walked over to stand in front of his victim. He released his sheathed cock and held it in his hand as he rubbed up against IP-352’s suspended body. He felt the thrusting tool inside her pulsing and pushing. He reveled in the glory of his rubberized cock stroking against her rubbery heaven.

IP-352 was in ecstasy/hell. Rubber suffocated her in its restrictive head-to-toe hug. She strained against her bondage. She sensed a presence against her body. She had no idea the trustee was masturbating against her. The evil suction once again pushed her tender breasts against those prickly needles and she WAS LOVING IT! Her ecstasy compounded to higher peaks of passionate desire. Her body demanded relief. Her body shrieked from every pore for total surrender. Her fear that the carnal lust building in her would again be frustrated rose to the front of her mind. She dreaded the expected cessation of the ravaging attack. PLEASE, DON”T STOP, she thought. It didn’t stop this time and he realization she was riding the fantasy to its ultimate and inevitable conclusion shock her body to the core. The reactor was in complete meltdown! Hot magma of desire welled out from her sensitive erogenous region to engulf her entire body in a racking orgasmic explosion. She went tense, each muscle pulling at her chains as the massive contraction of passion sucked her breath from her lungs and left her swooning in a frenzied lust.

Her entire body stood on the edge of a deep abyss. She looked into the depths and saw the dark swell of passion rising to meet her. She shuddered and then…OH, GAWD. OH, GAWD! OH MY GAWD!!

The shuddering explosion blasted from her inner sanctum. It flooded through every tingling square millimeter of her body. Her rapid panting as she sucked air into her oxygen-starved body filled the room. She sagged in her bonds and the heavy rubber seemed to close even tighter. She wanted to scream, “Let me out of here!” Her words translated into demanding grunts destined to go unfulfilled.

The minutes passed and slowly arousal stirred inside her body. The hot, pressing cocoon she was trapped within again became a vessel of lust. Her surrender was complete.

IP-352 did not know how long she remained suspended. After so many orgasmic episodes that her ravaged body barely responded with more than mild contractions, she was lowered to the floor and carried to a narrow bench covered in a thick rubberized mattress. There her body was sealed within a heavy rubber bondage sack and put into a sleep cycle.

Final Surrender to RTA

She also learned her feeding cycles, enema cycles, fluid replenishment cycles were administered at specific times of the day. They happened when in suspension. They also were given during her exercise time on either a stationary bicycle or a stair climber. Her exercise periods were one hour each day. Suspension lasted many hours a day. Sealed in the bondage sack often went ten or more hours a day and frequent orgasmic cycles always kept her occupied. By the end of three months, she would be quite well done – cooked through and through – completely amiable to rubber surrender and more.

The Rubber Tree Annex, LTD., the prime contractor for the IP program would have another heavy rubber slut slave for its operations.

Epilogue – Trustee Indiscretion

The trustee watched her in the bright light. The vision of rubber bondage perfection aroused him to a point he had to relieve himself. This was the first time he had actually watched an IP in suspension and exploding in carnal lust. He heard stories of how incredibly erotic watching an IP cum was but seeing it was so much more intense than he ever imagined. It was hopeless to deny the urge. Perhaps it was the way this one seemed to take to the process. Certainly her beauty which was even more perfect in rubber was a factor. No matter what he felt, he stepped to her suspended body and wanked off. He shot a quick load onto her rubberized lap before he could help it. The white cream slowly flowed to the creases of the suit and spread from the spot of his initial spurts. That did it! Actual ejaculation was forbidden while working on an IP.

Trustee closed himself up and grabbed towels to clean up the incriminating evidence.

“Freeze!” A loud voice that seemed to come from all around the room brought Trustee up with a start.

“You are to be confined in Isolation.”

A smile slowly came to his face. He realized he was going to be subjected to the same punishment as the IP he was just watching. The main difference being that male IP’s were locked in a Serious Kit “Milker” and vacuum suit. His most erotic dream was about to come true. He couldn’t wait.

“Confinement for a period of three months”

His smile faded, but not that much. That length of sentence meant her would be a rubber slave the rest of his life.

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