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The Rubberisation of ElectraWoman & DynaGirl

by Fringe

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© Copyright 2002 - Fringe - Used by permission

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She had been Queen of her world, and she ruled her kingdom with a jealousy and strict discipline born of her own desire. She had created and maintained her labyrinthine realm through the sheer force of her own will. It had been there -- in a subterranean world consisting of naught but latex and steel, and those who worshipped her -- that the Rubber Queen had ruled. Acres of underground dungeon sprawled beneath a countryside mansion, where one hundred rubber-clad subjects, walked rubber halls, slept in rubber beds, beneath rubber sheets, and willingly endured the rubber torments of their Latexed Empress.

Yes, Rubber Queen lived to keep her rubberized subjects in total submissive thrall, bestowing her punishments with clockwork regularity. And it had been a happy kingdom, doing no wrong, conducting no ill, each rubber subject, be they man or woman, there by their own choice, to bask in the aura of their appointed Rubber Monarch.

A happy kingdom it had been. Until that day...

Those self-proclaimed superheroines ElectraWoman & DynaGirl had arrived, sporting their own subservience to a seductive spandex fetish, and inflicted their own self-righteous morality upon the Rubber Queen's subjects. 

Electra Woman - that high-haired, holier-than-thou purveyor of morals - had called her kingdom a sick & twisted abomination. 

Dyna Girl had expressed utter revulsion at the merest hint of rubber gloves used for anything other than dishes, and had inflicted her subjects with a petulant, opinionated whine of 'Electra-Gross' and 'Electra-Yuck'. Both heroines had made no effort to hide their judgmental contempt for the chosen life-style of another. They had humbled the once-noble Rubber Queen, and then lorded over her subjects until the police arrived and carted all one hundred of her people into confinement - minus the sensual caress of their latex coverings.

Rubber Queen had been charged with public indecency and the corruption of public morals. She had done NOTHING, but the intrusive Electra Duo had descended and brought her orderly kingdom to an end. But her banishment was not to be as long as the ten-year sentence with which she had been inflicted - with the aid of the courtroom testimony of both heroines. Rubber Queen served one year only before an opportune chance to break free and return to her former splendor.

Some splendor, she mused bitterly. Here she was in hiding, lurking within a kingdom of some ten-odd, rubber-sealed rooms, and only one disciple - a teenaged blond who wasn't sure what she wanted out of life yet, but had accepted a new latex world and surrendering her identity to the new misnomer of Rubber Girl.

Rubber Girl was currently enjoying the torments of the Compression Tube, which was constricting her skin-tight rubber-attire by 20% or more. The girl would spend her night in sheer agony but it was not too great a price to pay for the privilege of worshipping her Queen. Rubber Queen was undecided as to whether her young sycophant would remain in 20% compression after removal from the tube. The girl would definitely survive but such latex compression could hamper her movement... and Rubber Queen would soon have need of a fully-functioning servant; perhaps Rubber Girl would learn the joys of inflicting latex-discipline herself, with what was about to come... 

Rubber Queen tapped off the last canister of her new specially-formulated, liquid latex. And what an array of exquisitely-concocted colors her latex dispenser had created. Joining her traditional black and silver-gray, Rubber Queen delighted in her new hues of Delectable Orange & Yummy Yellow well as Cherry Red & Cotton-Candy Pink. Electra-Colors, she giggled. And her newest hue - Flesh-Tone. And she couldn't wait to try out her new rubber-hair formula.

Everything was set here in her new rubber kingdom. All that was required now was for that conceited Electra-Duo to take the bait at the 'Fetish-Wear Warehouse' later this evening. At last, her revenge was about to arrive. Rubber Queen had only to go to the warehouse herself to prepare the last few surprises, and then her REVENGE would become reality. The ultimate humiliation...the absolute domination...the sheer torment..."The permanent total-bodied rubberization of ElectraWoman & DynaGirl!"

Rubber Queen let out a long, chilling laugh as she said goodbye to the screaming Rubber Girl, and headed out to fulfill her fiendish latexed destiny...

by Fringe

Chapter 1:

ElectraCar pulled to a stop outside the Fetish-Wear Warehouse, its sign caught in the light of the bright midnight moon. DynaGirl snorted her contempt for all fetishes and emphasized how her young body would never submit to anything so twisted as lingerie.

"Be on your guard, DynaGirl," cautioned the older heroine as she climbed from their armored vehicle, her extra-tight orange spandex capturing her breasts like sculpted gold in the moonlight, gleaming nipples full in the chill night air. Like a golden goddess, she often thought of her perfect breasts and exquisite-toned physique. 

"I'm Electra-ready for anything!" quipped the much younger DynaGirl, her cute pigtails bobbing, creating an uncomfortable contradiction of pre-pubescent attraction and newly-burgeoning womanhood.

The late-blooming DynaGirl had not even had breasts when she and the full-figured ElectraWoman had busted that creepy rubber kingdom over a year ago, but now her new nipples perked hard in anticipation of the action to come.

Sudden clouds passed over the moon as grim foreshadowing as the perfectly pubescent body of DynaGirl followed ElectraWoman's shapely figure into the darkness of the warehouse...

The interior of the warehouse appeared barren at first look. The large room was dimly lit by a single fluorescent lamp in the middle. Directly under the light were two large rectangular crates. As the Electra Duo's eyes became adjusted to the light they could make out the dim outlines of other large boxes and cylinders lining the walls. DynaGirl strained to read the label on the cylinder closest to her.

"Electra-Sticky, Perma-Bond Molecular Adhesive." I don't like the sound of that," exclaimed the teenage heroine. "And there must be tons of this stuff," she remarked as she looked up the cylinder which disappeared from view before the Electra-Teen could see the top.

"Just keep close, DynaGirl. I've got a bad feeling about this," replied ElectraWoman.

The two heroines slowly crept across the open space towards the center of the warehouse. As they approached the two crates they both noticed writing on the end of each one.

"What do they say?" DynaGirl asked as she squinted in the failing light.

"I'm not sure, I can't make it out either" ElectraWoman answered as she advanced on the containers.

DynaGirl remained in the shadows and watched her senior partner's back as she stealthily entered the sole halo of light above the upended crates. She watched ElectraWoman's orange-gloved hand stroke across one crate's label. ElectraWoman said nothing but DynaGirl could tell a chill had run up the older woman's spine. She realized then, looking at Lori standing next to the crates, that they were the perfect size to transport a human being. In fact, one crate stood about six inches smaller than the other.

Curiosity got the better of her, and DynaGirl followed into the pool of light. Printed on each crate, just below the words: 'Fragile - Handle with care' was the name 'ELECTRAWOMAN'. The smaller shipping crate read 'DYNAGIRL'.

The two women looked at each, and then, as one, they quickly opened the hinged lid of their respective crates. Inside each was a mannequin. The likenesses were only partially correct, but the hair of the twin sculptures was perfect, even down to DynaGirl's twin bobbing pigtails. Then the heroines noticed that each mannequin wore exceptionally tight re-creations of their own orange and red bodysuits. DynaGirl pulled her mannequined namesake from the crate with a quizzical look.

"Electra-weird," she exclaimed as she ran her hand over the hard-nippled breast of her double and realized the reflective quality of the bodysuit caught the light all wrong for spandex.

"These look Electra-strange, ElectraWoman," she almost whispered.

ElectraWoman was removing her own stiffened, blank-stared alter-ego, lifting it out of the crate, with a hand grasping the crotch, DynaGirl observed, and a bizarre quiver jiggled her shoulders.

"Strange is the word for it, DynaGirl," ElectraWoman agreed. "But did you notice the boots - we'd both find it quite difficult walking in 7-inch steel heels. And the gloves aren't gloves - they're mittens - Tight, finger-less mittens. It would be impossible to punch up any proper ElectraComp sequence wearing those. And the belts cinch far too tightly for either of our waists to sport comfortably."

"That's not what I was commenting on," added DynaGirl. "It's the fabric of the costumes... It's not spandex. It doesn't look right at all under the light."

ElectraWoman quickly held her shiny orange double directly under the dim light, scrutinizing the fabric with an expert's eye and a concerned demeanor.

DynaGirl watched her eyes darken and realized that ElectraWoman had come to the same conclusion that she had feared.

"It's Latex," uttered ElectraWoman coldly.

And then both heroines chimed in unison, "Rubber Queen!"

As if on a cue, a chill voice rang out through the cavernous warehouse, "Quite correct, Ladies."

Both heroines then heard clicking heels resound, echoing in the vast expanse. Suddenly a spotlight clicked on thirty feet from the Electra Duo revealing a tall cold woman sheathed head to toe in shiny black latex. Only her pale white face and a mantle of flaming red hair escaped the excruciating confines of her form-fitting attire, tight enough to leave no bodily geography to the imagination.

The woman lowered a small hand-held control unit obviously used to turn on the spotlight, and then spoke again as if to confirm the heroines' guess, "Rubber Queen."

"But - but you can't be," stuttered DynaGirl. "We sent you to prison!"

"What a dim little dolly you are, DynaGirl," smirked Rubber Queen coldly. "And so deserving of my... Special Treatment."

"She obviously escaped, DynaGirl, and CrimeScope had yet to be informed," ElectraWoman toned imperiously. 

So self-righteous in her arrogance, thought Rubber Queen. So pious with her chin held so high, shoulders firm, hands now majestically placed on hips. And DynaGirl was certainly no better. There she stood, a smarmy little tart trying to mimic her partner's stance like a parrot. And she now had her own set of tightly-pointed titties, so perky and simply screaming for Rubber Queen's attention.

"Well she should have stayed where she was and saved herself the trouble," quipped the Dyna-Brat. "We'll make sure she goes right back where she belongs - minus the creepo-suit. Isn't that right, Rubber Maid?"

The Latex Empress silently assessed the insult passed upon her Imperial stature and eyed the be-nippled young brat up for extra-special torment.

But ElectraWoman still had something more to say in her snooty condescending tone, "But before we take you in again... why don't you tell us what the rubber suits were for... You're own twisted fantasies perhaps?"

Rubber Queen stood her ground, revealing none of the seething fury bubbling beneath her latexed skin, "They were going to be for the two of you... until a much BETTER idea sprung to mind with the creation of Liquid Latex, have you heard of it? It's not here, I may add. No, that process will occur within my NEW Rubber Kingdom."

She seemed quite unconcerned with the Electra Duo's threats as she casually raised her control unit and glanced at the small screens, "No, the only items to survive on those mannequins are the very items you so succinctly pointed out for their discomfort, ElectraWoman - the boots, belts, and gloves."

The heroines noticed Rubber Queen was now quite enrapt by whatever her small device revealed to her.

"What's so interesting, Rubber Dope?" queried DynaGirl with a sneer.

Rubber Queen refused to take her eyes of the two small screens revealing extreme close-ups of ElectraWoman's and DynaGirl's breasts, small targeting squares forming and locking over the images of each heroine's chilled nipples.

"Why, I was just noticing how the night air makes your breasts into do I say it? Appropriate targets!"

Rubber Queen looked up with cold malevolence as she depressed the fire control on the unit.

To be continued???

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