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Rubbergirl & the Balloons

by Cadillac Man

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© Copyright 2006 - Cadillac Man - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; enclosure; bagged; cons; X

Rubbergirl & the Balloons by Cadillac Man M/f; latex; enclosure; bagged; cons; X


As the scene begins Rubbergirl is sealed between two sheets of heavy clear vinyl which have been glued or sewn together to create a large, clear, fairly airtight bag resistant to stretching. The bag, when flat, is about ten feet long by four feet wide. She is dressed in her trademark suit and inflatable hood, with inflatable mittens over her fisted hands. A hose stretches out from the hood through a port in the bag to facilitate breathing. When Rubbergirl is hooded Vidking brings out the other ingredients for the scene: numerous large, clear, uninflated balloons (like the 36" ones available from Qualatex), and a few pounds of dry ice in a cooler. 

The dry ice is ground into a powder using a cheap coffee grinder. A measured amount is then put into each of the balloons, and the balloons are placed into the cooler containing the dry ice. Rubbergirl is placed in the bag through a pair of zippers, which are closed behind her. The bag is then inflated to capacity using a canister type vacuum cleaner. The bag rapidly fills and the walls become firm from the air pressure, creating a self-standing vinyl cylinder with spherical ends. RubberGirl discovers that she is free to move about inside the turgid enclosure. At this point VidKing and a few observers quickly grab balloons out of the cooler and add a few ounces of hot water to each. Once the water is added, the balloon is tied shut. The balloon is then tossed into Rubbergirl's enclosure. In a matter of a few minutes around two dozen of the devious devices are added to her environment.

As soon as the water and dry ice meet the powdered C02 begins to suck the heat from the warm liquid. The powder sublimates directly to gas, and the balloons begin to swell. As the balloons grow larger and become more transparent the observers can see the bubbles erupting from each small puddle of water surrounding the ice. Inside the bag Rubbergirl knows only that she has been hit a number of times by small hard balls, apparently being thrown at her. 

"How terribly unerotic," she thinks. "I've been wrapped up, taped down, sucked in, and shown out, but never pelted." 

Inside the bubble Rubbergirl waits. The last balloon bounces gently off her backside. Given no alternative, she waits some more. The inflatable hood prevents her from seeing the growth of her cohabitants. The damping effect of the two pressurised latex membranes surrounding her head prevents her from hearing the bubbles at work. The longer she waits unmolested the more apprehensive she becomes. What was Vidking planning? Why was he not binding her further or caressing her body? She never had to wait this long in the vac-bed before the air was sucked out and she was immobilised. 

Outside the enclosure Vidking and his friends relax in surrounding chairs and wait. They watch intently as Rubbergirl crawls to and fro inside her bondage bubble. Those not directly involved in the bondage of the exhibited captive enjoy vodka martinis provided by their gracious host. Slowly but surely the potentially huge clear latex spheres grow larger, asserting their presence inside the plastic womb. The blind and deaf Rubbergirl cannot detect the subtle growth of the balloons.

As the minutes pass the maiden assumes that her tight suit, hood and mittens may be the extent of her restraint. For lack of other diversion, the tightly garbed woman crawls about the ever-shrinking free space of her confinement. It is during this activity that Rubbergirl notices the balloons. Her large round mittens bump against the rubber spheres. The balloons squeak and squelch out from under her shins as she crawls. As she continues to move about the tube she realises that the small, supple orbs which a few minutes ago had yielded to her as she crawled about the transparent apparatus are now large enough to inconvenience her movements slightly. 

As she moves around the tube she becomes aware that her motions are being increasingly impeded by the balloons. Rubbergirl begins to panic and tries to escape. She crawls and stumbles through the tube as fast as she can manage, always dragging her air hose behind her. She thinks back in her mind to the muffled zipping sound behind her that barely penetrated the damping effect of the hood surrounding her head. Her many blind trips wading back and forth through the balloons have disoriented her beyond remembering the direction of the sound.

Perhaps on another day our shapely plaything would have had the luck to find the zippers. One could imagine that she would have even been able to manipulate them. However, the two soft clicks of the tiny padlocks were most likely inaudible inside the hood. It is left to the reader to decide if she heard them and if she knew the futility of her attempt before she began her search. 

She runs her over-pumped mittens around the edge of her confining bubble searching for the opening through which she entered. However, the total lack of tactile sense prevents her from finding it. Throughout Rubbergirl's expedition the balloons remained focused on their task. The entire floor of the enclosure had long since been covered, and has reached a solid depth of at least two feet in most areas. 

Although she was not sure, she also thought she felt balloons sticking to her body. This puzzled her, and a dusty thought of an experiment from her freshman college physics class floated into her head. It seemed that if you rubbed a balloon on your sweater, it would stick to other objects due to static electricity. Like most students in her class she had dreaded lab, although she felt a vague warmness when she remembered rubbing the balloon back and forth across her breasts and torso. Few of the rubber doll's following thoughts were to be as coherent as her brief physics review. 

The treacherous bubbles filling the now claustrophobic enclosure have become sufficiently large that there is no position the fetish model can assume such to prevent the massaging of erogenous zones by the insistent touch of the elastic globes. Over the past few minutes as balloons grew so too did Rubbergirl's libido. She unconsciously begins to gyrate her latex-encased body, pressing her most private parts against the soft rubber balls surrounding her. 

Occasionally the latex of her suit makes good contact with the surface of one of the balloons, pushing the rubber warts in the privates of her suit this way and that. Largely, however, the balloons prove frustrating, seeming to be sufficiently firm to restrict her movement, but not nearly firm enough to provide much gratifying pressure in any of the right places. Rubbergirl continues her attempts at self-gratification. She sways her body this way and that, brushing her nipples across the smooth, supple surfaces that present themselves to her. Her attempts distract her sufficiently that she does not notice that the last of the free air in the transparent sack has been pushed out. About thirty seconds later she notices that the pressure exerted on her breasts and torso becoming stronger. The observers outside the flexible tank look on with amusement.

The predicament inside the tube gives the appearance of a latex mannequin suspended in soap bubbles. The latex balls press firmly against each other and the outer tube, creating flat surfaces inside the prison. The common surface of any two balloons is nearly totally transparent; the light passing through only is only slightly diffused. In many places the balloons are pressed into areas much different from their normal spherical shape. 

Inside the tube Rubbergirl's attempts to move have been fruitless. She is permanently trapped on her hands and knees. She can move her body in any direction for as far as she can manage to compress the nearest balloon. She presses her hips to the right and holds them until here muscles give against the unyielding pressure of her captors. The rubber on rubber friction of her suit and the balloons prevents any slipping or sliding from occurring. Attempting movement of her hands is especially difficult, as any motion would require forcing her enlarged, mittened hands through the balloons. 

The men and women outside watch Rubbergirl struggle for a few minutes. Then Vidking walks over to the tube and turns it 180 degrees. Inside the tube the immobile, compressed female feels a sudden disorientation. It takes her only a second to realise that her prison is being spun. She twists and struggles against the clear, resilient bondage bubbles. The only motion she is afforded is a slight straightening of her legs and arms as the internal pressures change from her shifting weight. 

From the outside it appears as if she is lying on her back on a mattress of giant bubbles, and resting her legs on an ottoman of bubbles. 

Rubbergirl spends the next few minutes lying on her back, supported from head to rear by the latex spheres. They conform around her, compressing every part of her body. Her breasts, supported by the balloons while she was on her knees, are now being pressed flat by the inflatables. It is difficult to tell, but Rubbergirl seems to sense the pressure continuing to increase. 

The balloons long ago swelled to entirely fill the enclosure. With nowhere to go, the carbon dioxide still being produced by the dry ice drives the pressure against the rubber maiden ever upward. She feels the pressure in the hood around her head. If it were inflated outside the chamber to its current pressure it would surely burst. But with the other latex capsules around it giving its skin support, its pressure rises ever skyward. The near total lack of movement has begun to cause slight cramping in the muscles of the rubber princess. The pressure against her chest and breasts makes her breathing very laboured.

RubberGirl continues to squirm in an attempt to gain freedom, or at least change positions and relax her body. The very sweat that is soaking her skin inside the suit could lubricate her body and the balloons if it could leak out. In her frenzied, constrained state Rubbergirl does not see the irony. 

A few more minutes pass, and the pressure against the damsel grows still greater. At this point she must concentrate to pull each breath through the hose and into her lungs. The process is exhausting. She can sense the tension present in the air pockets around her. The physics behind the bondage bubbles is unrelenting. 

Just as Rubbergirl feels that she can withstand no more one balloon near her left foot makes contact with a tooth on the zipper and explodes with a bang. With a chorus of squeaks the taut and overfilled balloons around it rush to fill the void. The gas in one of the expanding balloons pushes the latex beyond its limits. The balloon explodes, slapping the calf of the immobilised woman. The tight rubber suit serves to transmit the energy from the ruptured balloon to Rubbergirls skin. 

The loud bang and painful but quickly dulling sting snap her mind from its bound, daydreaming state. As before, the remaining balloons expand in unnatural directions to fill the free space. In a rapid chain reaction the balloons break and move fluidly about Rubbergirl. Stinging slaps strike her all over her supple body. In less than thirty seconds it is all over. Rubbergirl is laying on the bottom of the now deflating container, recovering from the shocking end to a tranquil and numbing bondage experience. A few large balloons remain in the chamber with her, but cannot hinder her movement without their team-mates. 

Again, she hears the faint sound of a zipper moving. She crawls out of the nearly flat tube to relax and enjoy the rest of the party.



If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!

If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!
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