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Rubber Bound for Fun

by Lastdirewolf

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© Copyright 2011 - Lastdirewolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; M/f+; latex; costumes; machine; encase; packaged; bond; straps; hoods; gags; toys; insert; chast; rubberdolls; enslave; cons/nc; X

All characters listed do not exist, and do not represent anything to anyone, outside of these words, and this story. They do not belong to anyone. This story is purely fiction, and should not be taken as fact, and should probably not be fapped to more than twice a day, if at all. If you are not at least 18, then you should not read this, and I will not be held accountable for whatever issues you have with this story. This story is intended, and written for adults, and delves deeply into sexual fetishes that are not appropriate for anyone under 18. You've been warned. If you are not an adult, then do not read this. If you do not enjoy latex, rubber, or heavy-fetish stories, do not read this.

"Come on Megan, we've been waiting for weeks to see you in your costume, and the party is in just a few hours!"

A gentle thump could be heard, slightly to the right of the top of the stairs, and then a door opening.

"Don't get your panties in a bunch... I'm almost done Sara!" A soft growl came, and a third girl shouted at the two of them, "I'm trying to watch TV, so both of you shut up!"

They were all finishing getting ready for a Halloween party they've been invited to, except Sara.

"Oh shut up Katie, you don't even have your costume on yet!" shouted Sara, only to the uncaring Katie, who simply rolled her eyes, and just turned up the TV louder. Finally, Megan made her way to the top of the staircase, and Sara rushed up to help, which seemed appropriate, because of what the woman wore.

Megan was dressed head-to-toe in shiny, black latex; her hair pulled back into a ponytail, and her face perfectly fit in the hood, the actual face area of the hood was clear plastic, with eye, nose, and mouth holes. She had a fairly big collar, but it allowed plenty of head movement, and hid the zippers well. All the way down past her accentuated bust was a corset; tied a bit tight to accent her features, but not enough to crush her innards. The corset was half-cup, so it did indeed lift her latex-clad chest up, but didn't cover it, the catsuit handled that.

Megan also had a loose-hanging latex belt, with a whip all curled up and a small flogger hanging from the belt too on little accessory loops. The suit was a perfect fit, cinched up tightly between the legs, and gave off the look, as if she had to melt into those leggings. Her feet were covered in knee-length four inch heels. All black, all matching, and it all looked totally flush with itself, the zippers hidden by various pieces to give an inescapable look. Sara had convinced Megan into this suit, hoping it would help embolden her, though it did take most of October to convince her.

"Ohh Megan! You look amazing! Scary, but amazing!" Sara gestured to the whip and flogger. They made their way down the stairs, Sara taking the time to feel up Megan in the outfit. She secretly had a thing for latex, but never really looked into it, until this month.

"I know Sara, but it's soooo tight! I don't know if I can make it like this the whole evening!"

Sara adjusted a few things, perfecting every little nuance, and finally finishing helping Megan down the stairs, and leading her over to Katie. Sara herself had not dressed yet, she simply couldn't decide on what to be, but had much better plans on what to wear, and where to get it. Katie smirked at the both of them, "You look fantastic Megan, I still can't believe you let Sara convince you into that outfit!"

Megan couldn't believe it either, but it took nearly an hour to get into the outfit already - Her blushing barely showed through the clear-plastic face of the hood. "Thanks guys...Let's get going before this corset kills me!"

Sara led Megan over to the door, Katie shut off the TV, locked the back door, and made sure the house was locked up tight. Halloween night was great for breaking and entering. Katie was a sexy red devil; red leather pants, with a skimpy red halter top, and three-inch red heels to match. A cute little red devil tail hangs from the back of the belt holding up the tight pants. She knew she was smokin' hot, and this outfit will only further assure the rest of the world knew that too. Sara had an SUV, the only vehicle capable of carrying them all with a stiff Megan who could barely bend her legs - She'd have to lay down on the bench seat in the back to ride along. Sara took off after all the doors were shut, "I just gotta make one stop before we get to the party."

Katie scoffed, "You were the one who was rushing us, now we gotta stop somewhere?"

Megan remained quiet in the back seat, this was fairly typical once those two went at it - She was the quiet, reserved type, that didn't like to get in fights, and was usually agreeable, even if it meant she was gleaming in a black latex catsuit.

"I knew I had to make this stop, that's why I was rushing!" Sara revved it, and blazed down the road towards the unknown destination.

Soon though, Megan and Katie realized they were in a more foresty area, and Katie spoke up again, "Really? We've gone the exact opposite direction we need to go! This better be fast Sara!"

Sara Snapped back, "Well your bitching isn't getting us there faster! Make yourself useful and grab the flashlights from the box in the back."

Katie threw up her arms, and huffed, so Megan decided to go ahead and do it, since Katie didn't seem about to. She brought all three large flashlights up and tested them, "They work Sara." Murmured Megan from the back.

"Thanks Megan, we'll need'em for a bit, the place isn't too well lit at night." Sara called back, finally arriving in a moonlit parking lot - Not an artificial light to be seen. It seemed like a park area, but no benches, fire pits, or barbeques around to speak of - Nor any other cars. The lot was paved at least. Sara grabbed two flashlights from Megan, and gave the second to Katie.

"Come on now, lets get to it." Called out Sara. They all emptied out of the car, and got behind Sara, being she was the only one with a clue as to what they were doing. Flashlights on, and flipping around variously as they all gathered a sense of where they were - Trees, ground, and emptiness.

"Won't you at least tell us what we're doing?" Asked Katie.

Sara shook her head, "It's a surprise!"

Megan perked up a bit, "What kind of surprise?"

Sara chuckled, "One we'll all surely enjoy."

Katie huffed, but Megan seemed excited, even if it meant more time in the constricting catsuit. Sara lead the way down a large, unlit path, the flashlights were coming in handy for sure. "Mmh... well... okay a little hint." Sara couldn't help herself. "You see, my boyfriends dad made a machine for this shop out here - It's pretty cool, if what I hear is true, and I got the dads' spare key!"

This didn't seem to bother Megan, but Katie spoke up, "You're kidding, right? We come alllll this way, in the middle of the night, to check out some damn factory?"

Sara laughed a bit, "If you want to leave, that's fine. Have fun finding your way out, alone."

Sara and Megan kept walking, and after a few steps, reality sunk into Katie, and she ran up with the rest of them, "Fine! But this better be good!"

Megan smiled, "I can't wait!"

Soon enough, they could see the building, and a few basic lights on; nothing significantly, and it was very apparent that the place was closed for the night. There was a sign that had a ground-based small spotlight on it, but before it, blocking the lettering, were a trio of silhouettes. The small spotlight casing heavy shadow upon them, keeping them completely dark, even in the moon light. Megan hummed with anxiety, and Katie whispered with a tremor in her voice, "Who the hell are those people?"

Sara shook her head, and threw her flashlight upon the unmoving figures, the rest of them followed and all flashlights laid on the three figures. "I don't know! The place should be empty by now!" Sara whispered back with urgency in her voice. The two girls clung to Sara as she began approaching, the three figures seemed to gleam back brightly, which was odd. "Could it be?" Sara asked out loud. All the girls' jaws dropped as they realized what they were looking at, reaching upon talking distance. Sara laughed a bit, "Aha! Haha! These are just mannequins! Dolls!"

A harmony of relieved sighs arose from the three live girls, but Katie suddenly spoke up, "What are they wearing?"

It was an honest question, but Sara just beamed. They moved forward completely, approaching the decked out figures - All three were coated in form-fitting, seamless latex, which reflected the light quite well - Except for dull, wide, and tight bands that were wrapped around the upper arms, lower arms, upper thighs, and ankles.

"What the hell place is this Sara?" asked Katie with some urgency in her voice.

"Where Megan's' outfit was made, I had it shipped out a week ago to me." Sara chuckled, the fear they once had was simply laughable to them now.

Megan perked up, queen of the unasked questions, "But why are they bound?"

Sara looked over each one before responding, the first was in a classic nurse uniform, colours and all. From the head, all the way down to the ridiculous bright-red, knee-high 6-inch-heels, was white latex. The clean white hood only had two nose holes, and a large red cross across the face, with the horizontal lines across where the eyes would be. The hood blended seamlessly into the rest of the outfit, which was mostly white, except for a large matching red cross, where it was centered between the oversized falsies breasts - The horizontal lines crossing around the nipple area. There was also a blended-in white rubber corset, it was tied tight, and was half-cup, so to push the breasts just that much further up. The waist line being surprisingly thin, thanks to a well-ribbed corset. Hanging from the hips was a white-with-red-border apron that hung down to the knees, and also had a medium size red cross there too. The gloves, from about the wrist to the tip of the fingers, faded from white into bright red, and her arms were wrapped around the backside of the post it was bound upon.

The second one, equally bound up as the first, with tight black bands, was in a classic black-and-white horizontally striped body suit. The suit was simple, the hood started the stripes, and only had nose-holes as well, the entire head, hair and all, hidden in the guise of latex. On top though, stood a firm little vertically-striped hat that would match the rest. From the shoulders-down were much more modest sized breasts, obviously not enhanced or false in any way, and the continual stripes wrapping all the way around the body, but the nipples were clearly visible through the suit. The hands however, or lack there of, were bound tightly into a dull, finger-less glove. Which essentially looked like a balled up fist at the end of the glove, and because of the tightness, it was obvious this suit would require at least another person to remove - Though no zippers or seams seemed to be visible. White, knee-length, six-inch-heels stood out from the outfit. Looking equally as painfully tall as the Nurse, but the body seemed more natural overall, without a corset or inflated breasts.

The last was alien-like, not quite scary, but the body was significantly taller than the rest. The hood was more of a helmet-gasmask-type, horns that were flush with the mask, stuck diagonally out back and curved up, then down towards the ground, they were striped black and lime green; the whole mask was more narrow like a gas-mask. The goggles were completely opaque, lime green, and down the barrel of the gas-mask, was a single filter to breathe through. Besides the intricacy of the large gas-mask, was a slick, black catsuit that also bore a built-in corset - It created a great hour-glass figure, though did look painful for as tall as the figure was, and it increased the bust-size, but only to a moderate D-cup.

Wrapped down around the crotch was an obvious strap-on, with a big, thick lime-green dong hanging straight out with a slight upwards curve. Below that, were an odd type of heels - Really, they were more along the lines of hooves. They did not have a heel though, but were wrapped all the way up to the thighs, and mimicked a digit-grade-horse hoof of some kind - They were shaped like horse hooves as well, very unique, and very painful looking.

"I'm really not sure, I guess it's an easy way to hold them on display?" Sara finally answered, really not knowing though there were several other poles of equal size poking out of the ground, as if waiting for the next doll to be set up. They finally finished gawking over the three unique, and bright figures, testing the strength of the binds, and feeling up the unforgiving material, before they read the sign. 'Bound For Fun' in bold letters, and under that, 'Custom, realistic, high quality dolls, latex, and fetish wear.' in smaller print.

They all shook their head in curiosity, "Such a weird way to display your products, but I guess it works?" Katie spoke up, Megan nodded, and Sara was busy whipping out the key and approaching the regular looking door. She'd twist it open, and push through, the rest would rip their eyes away, and follow Sara. There was a platform that went straight forward, but had a high fence that would lead to the right, to the corner of the room, and parallel the wall all the way down to what looked like a series of small offices.

The majority of the building was dedicated to a complex machine in the center, it was impossible to follow where it lead to, or it's entire purpose, but the beginning was very obvious. There was a large touch screen there, an ominous opening as well, with a human-sized conveyer belt, and a set of safety flaps that blocked the view that lead into the machine. Sara flipped the lights on, and lead the way around the machine, a small set of steps would allow them down to the ground floor, and straight over to opening - The rest of the machine was blocked off, mostly for safety purposes, but the sheer size made them notice that safety was a major concern here - Being the dolls that were made here, were in fact, human size.

"Well I think this is what I've been looking for, this is what makes the outfits, I guess." Sara touched the screen, it flickered to life and gave her instructions for the first step, with a 'next' button highlighted. "Hey Katie, you're going first, since you want to leave so badly." she waved Katie in, "It says to lay the doll down on the machine, and then it'll let me choose what options there are."

Katie shook her head as she approached, "Oh hell no! I like my costume, this is YOUR costume, YOU go!" she grunted.

Sara rolled her eyes again, "Katie, I need to see how well it looks - Do you see any mirrors in here? Just get on! I'm not going to add anything, I -just- need to see the options, and the screen won't let me move to the options menu."

Katie growled, but finally agreed, Megan was still at the foot of the stairs. Katie laid down on the conveyer belt and stared upwards, and Sara pushed the 'next' button. Immediately, the belt kicked in and pulled Katie out of sight, into the belly of the beast. Megan hummed with worry like before, and Sara went for several minutes, scrolling through multiple options of various additions and subtractions. Finally, she hit the 'finish' button. It was that simple. All the options were selected, with a life-like picture displayed on an avatar to the left of the options, and the machine thrummed to life. It was fairly loud, but no screaming!

Sara turned to Megan and gave her a thumbs up, "Katie is going to be in for a BIG surprise!" after about ten minutes, the machine powered down, and they could hear a gentle thump down another set of stairs that went underground, with the sound of latex creaking to moderate thrashing movements. Sara urged Megan to get onto the belt now, not wanting to ruin the surprise quite yet, and not wanting to give Megan a chance to run away if she saw what happened.

Megan obliged with only a bit of encouragement, and Sara patted her head. "There's a good girl, you'll get to see Katie's surprise, while enjoying your own! So hold on tight!" she chuckled, nowhere to grab, and the machine chugged back to life after Sara hit 'next', and it conveyered Megan inside.

Sara now began another moment of scrolling through all the options, removing this, adding that, and when all was done, she spun the avatar around to double check her work, then clicked 'finish'. Yet again, fairly loud, but they were far enough away that nobody could hear it, plus it was inside a well-built building. This outfit seemed to take a moment longer, and the machine finally powered down after nearly twenty minutes. Sara heard the second thump, and more latex creaking with struggling movements, so she wandered down the stair-case quickly, to find her prizes!

The two looked like floor models now, but were still 'wrapped' against a sturdy looking pole. Strong latex bands held the two to each pole, just like the ones outside. Around the upper arms, around the ankles, and thighs, all clutching the girls tightly to the poles - Barely allowing movement.

Katie had been plopped down, onto a pole next to the three mannequins that were all dressed up, and was now matching them! She bore red latex, a moderate tone that wasn't candy apple, but not quite maroon either, from head to toe, of course. She sported a black mono-glove, like an arm-binder, but with a pouch at the bottom for the hands to be comfortably trapped in, while the arms are strapped down to the point that elbows were touching. A thick, tall collar rest tightly around the neck, and kept the girl facing the pole - Not like she could see anyways, there were no eye-holes.

Katie would also be suckling on a full-length, cock gag, about six-inches in length, and black - With the straps that held it in, one side could be unbuckled, but the entire gag could not be removed from the outfit, only removed from the wearers mouth to hang by a small chain. The kicker to the gag though, was the red-lips tattooed where Katie's' lips would be. Of course, with the rest of the body being sucked into skin-tight latex, it would only do justice to have a chastity belt. The belt was black steel, already locked, and hidden beneath the tortuous metal panels, were two invaders - One modest-sized butt plug, and one powerful little vibrator, the rear plug had a pump coming out, and clipped onto the back side of the belt, so anyone could easily inflate the back-door invader at any time, or... deflate. Katie was also wearing a pair of four-inch heels - Sara was being forgiving, because of how painful the arm bindings would be, and how off-balance it may cause her.

Megan had been completely revamped from her previous latex outfit, still in black, but much more raunchy. Megan had been turned into a slutty love doll. Aside from her body being completely encased in form-fitting black latex, her mouth, vagina, and anus had been 'hollowed' out by pink inserts built into the latex suit, so they were flush with the suit, and wouldn't move around uncomfortably, but also gave each hole a bright pink ring. Think of cone-shaped didoes that had giant holes drilled through them, leaving only a ring around the edge half-an-inch thick. The head was covered in a face-fitting plastic helmet. It would keep the head still, because of a built-in posture collar, and without nose-holes, would only allow the girl to breathe through the mouth hole.

The helmet also was insulated, able to block out all senses, except for taste, and across the 'face' area, S L U T was written in large letters. The nipples were also a bright pink, to match the rest of the highlights. While the arms were not bound together, or at all, instead of having regular gloves, there were big rubber balls. They'd allow the hands free movement inside, but because of the shape, they were utterly useless for anything - These were built into the suit as well, so they were permanent. The final touch, seven-inch heels that were actually removable, straps and all, but it's not as if Megan could do this. Megan wasn't physically bound, so she'd have her balanced and endurance challenged, to keep the resistance down.

Sara approached silently, Megan wouldn't be able to hear very well, and both were too busy struggling like mad to hear Sara. She looked them over, the widest grin they'd never get to see, and she was near the point of laughing maniacally at her own genius. The two had no idea where they are, and could not see, so Sara decided it would be okay for them to wander around a bit - The heels alone would make them think twice about climbing the staircase anyways. Sara dug into her purse, and pulled out a very sharp set of small craft scissors, handy, and tiny! She'd begin at the ankles of Katie, snipping quickly up the bands one at a time, until the entire latex-clad body was released. Sara repeated this step for Megan as well, who still had to heat up the latex more for movement. They'd curse, and grumble, scream, and try their best at discovering their new, permanent outfits - It took all of Sara's fortitude to not make a noise, and plenty of skill to not trip up either of the 'dolls'. Once set free, Sara headed back upstairs, and put the scissors away, pulling out her cell phone.

"Hey guy! Yeah, I'm just putting the final touches on now. We'll be there in an hour, don't start anything without us!" she chuckled a bit, the person on the other line laughed along with, and hung up. Sara made her way back to the console, "And now, it's time for the Piece de resistance! I'm going to knock his socks off."

This was Sara's plan all along, the party was real, but simply used as a guise to distract the girls from any mischief. She began to dial in the settings, but was much more reserved, even humming while she worked. "Six inch... four... no, three. I still have to walk." Sara confirmed to herself, "Belt, unlocked, removable... no plugs..." she murmured, "No hood... small kitty collar... baby girl pink... corset..." she kept herself from saying these out-loud before, to avoid interference from either of the girls, but now, it only made her more horny. "He's always wanted to fuck those two bimbos-" Sara stated as she hit 'automatic' and switched off the pole-packaging routine, which was vital to delivering the goods. Moving next to the belt, "-And now he gets all three of us, for his birthday. He'll be sucking up to me for years!" she guffawed, and laid on the belt, it beeped, booped, and made some funny noises - Sara forgot to check the avatar, but it was too late now. The belt kicked up and pulled the unsuspecting soul inside.

Miles away, Sara's boyfriend Chris sat at his fathers' laptop. He'd learned his fathers' password long ago, and used it to log into the controls system of the latex-doll machine the trio of girls were 'enjoying'. He'd do this often; first, to double-check the password, and to also to see what outfits were made, and how they'd look on Sara. His father had created an in-depth, and highly detailed avatar system, capable of making avatars for dolls, shaped like women, of almost any size. On top of that, put hundreds of different toys, outfits, and accessories on them - detailing thousands upon thousands of different, customizable looks for whatever the consumer desired. If you could find it in a sex shop, this factory can put it on, put it in, strap it up, or make it permanent. This, of course, was a niche market, and because of the immensely high quality, factored in with rarity of customization, they lived on easy street.

This all wound-down to the moment at hand, Chris had stopped the machine, which would worry Sara, but she couldn't stop it now, the factory was locked in. Chris began playing with the options, having quite an idea in mind of what his perfect 'doll' would be. Chris's father was busy giving out candy, no interruptions. Within five minutes, enough to send Sara into panic mode, he'd finished the options, and hit 'send'. Chris couldn't imagine how difficult this would've been without the high-tech laptop, especially the programming. Within seconds, the factory kicked up again, and began to work on Sara. Chris shut down access to the factory, logged off, and made it look like nothing happened.

He headed downstairs, and waved to his dad, "Hey, I'm off to the party, see ya!"

His dad responded with, "Come back before three, and try not to make too much noise!"

Chris nodded, hopped in his truck, and headed off - Needless to say, it took him a good amount of time to get there, but he showed up ten minutes after Sara should've been done. The two girls before were now, not only trying to figure out what was what, and who was what, but also trying to figure out who was the third one was; none of them could speak, none of them could see, and only two out of the three could hear.

Chris walked through the door, unlocked, and headed right around the room, and then downstairs into the 'model' room. He stopped at the foot of the stairs, and saw two of them wandering about. Chris gave a soft laugh, it had a growl mixed in, and gave off that 'jackpot' sort of feeling. He stepped behind Sara, as to not let the other two become aware of him, and he just looked her over. Sara was held tightly to the pole, by the same latex bands that had once held the others, but her outfit looked the most constricting of all. From tippy top, to outrageous heels, latex. Coated so well, so tight, in that rubbery material - Chris chose a very soft pink. Easy on the eyes, and with Sara's body, quite sexy to say the least.

Sara's arms were missing, or rather, displaced around her body. She was in an 'armless' or 'internal' straitjacket, not only that, but it looked as if all the air had been sucked out too, leaving her breasts, and arms well-defined through the extra-thick latex. Her arms couldn't move an inch, as if the suit was a size too small, and her neck was bound in a very high collar. Sara's head was coated in a sleek, eyeless hood with a re-breather bag strapped and styled similar to the cock-gag. Where it could be pulled off, but not removed from the suit entirely. There were no nose holes, and not even hair sticking out, it was totally shaved off. Obviously, having no plans of letting her ever see, or speak again.

The legs weren't separated either, she had a Capri-length hobble skirt that clutched the two pink sticks together. It had a zipper down the side for removal. The tricky part, was what hid beneath the tight skirt - A belt similar to Katie's - It was very flexible, and smooth leather, so to hold flush against the skin, and not stick out through the hobble skirt. The internal toys of the belt were larger too, and the butt plug, as well as having an easy-access pump, had more tubes running out of it, which were for enemas. The main hand pump did stick out above the waist of the hobble skirt, for punishment purposes. Down past the trembling, rubber-clad leggings, were built in heels; six inches, and steep, almost requiring the the foot to be at a ninety-degree angle with the floor. There were no straps, and no way of releasing these either, it would help keep her from even trying to get anywhere. A subtle, but useful add-on, were extra thickness, and padding in the knees, elbows, and the entirety of her butt-cheeks - This would keep her as comfortable as can be, for her long stay.

Once Chris double-checked all the correct settings, and pumped up the backdoor invader a few times, he grabbed the first girl he could, Katie. She squirmed, and thrashed, but his strong arms would easily lift and lead her to his truck. Chris's truck had a shell on the bed, so he'd have to open the window, and lower the tailgate first - Then lift and push Katie into the back, laying down. He'd close it up again, and go back for Megan, repeating the same steps to get her in - Dodging several nasty kicks from extremely high heels as well.

Chris had shut the gate and window for the last time, and would finally go back to get his girl, Sara was still squirming and panting helplessly - The re-breather bag inflated wide, and deflated flat with each deep breathe. "Now for you, slave." he'd whisper to her, using his multi-tool's knife to cut off the straps, and lift her up too. He'd carry her to his truck, and dropped her in the passenger seat, slamming the door shut on her. Once he settled himself in, he drove back home - It was a fun, long drive home. Chris had pulled the application off his fathers' cell phone, and copied it onto his, allowing control of the vibrators in any of the dolls that had them within twenty five feet. Not only that, but he could play with Sara's buttplug pump too, inflating it until she screamed, and then deflating it just a little, just to watch her squirm.

Soon enough, Chris deflated the toy, and shut off the dildoes, backing his truck right up to the sliding garage door. Hitting the 'open' button, the garage door slide open, and he'd begin to systematically empty all three girls into their new home. Chris then shut the garage door, and take Sara up into his room through the kitchen-connected-garage door. He'd simply lay her on his bed for now, and went to wake up his father. "Hey dad-" it was One-Am at this point, "-Wake up." to which was given, "I told you...not to wake me up..."

Chris would shake his dad, and whisper more down to him, "You -really- have to see this, three girls broke into your factory, and I caught them." that got him up. Chris lead his father down into the garage, and showed him the two, struggling, and squirming for their lives.

"Well fuck! They didn't pay for that! Nobody ordered this!" he nearly shouted, "And where's the third?"

Chris responded, "The third one, is Sara. I'll pay all expenses involving her, but the other two..."

The dad spoke up, "Your girlfriend? How did she pull that off? You better not have let her in, because this is all very expensive!"

Chris shook his head, "It wasn't me, I swear, I think it was Sara... But think about it dad, your line of work... You could sell those two for a huge profit!"

Chris had planned this on the road trip there, and the road trip back. Exactly how to say it, when to say it, and how to gauge the reaction. His father went quiet, contemplating the bonuses, and consequences. "You will... Never speak of this to anyone, and... you will pay double for the materials used on your girlfriend... The other two, leave those to me."

Chris stuck his hand out, "Deal." it worked well in his favour, even if he had to pay a lot for his girlfriend, it was worth it to him. His father smirked, and shook the offered hand. Chris and his father left the garage, and shut the lights off - Not like the two new-found slaves could see the light anyways.

"In the morning, I'll deal with it." stated Chris's father, and they both went their own way.

The father, went to his bedroom with a new-found smugness, and Chris went upstairs to be with his new doll. Sara had remained on the bed, mostly because she was completely lost as to where she was, and petrified about what was going to happen to her, but Chris did little once he got to her. He pulled down the blankets, stripped down, and covered them both up, snuggling up to his new love doll.

"Shhh...We'll have plenty of fun tomorrow, but for now, we sleep."

He took the time to stretch her backdoor open wide again, just a few teasing pumps, and then released all the air pressure. She squealed, cried, and made plenty of noise, but it was terribly quiet, because of the thickness, and tightness of the hood. He stroked her head, and squeezed her close to his body, resting them both... for now. "It'll be anal first, if you don't go to sleep." he growled into her ear - Which shut her right up, except for the crying. "That's better; good night, my sweet, new slut-doll." It would take hours before either of them fell asleep... 



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