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Rubber and Metal

by M88

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Storycodes: M/f; kidnap; cuffs; gag; drug; captive; prepare; latex; gimpsuits; bond; chairtie; straps; hood; sendep; cond; hallucinate; stuck; nc; XX

One moment Samantha was just walking down the street on her way home. It was around 2am in Liverpool and she wanted to get home was quickly as possible. So she took a short cut through a very run down and boarded up housing estate. With her headphone blaring, she was in her own little world. She never saw the white van pull up behind. She never stood a chance as she was grabbed from behind and thrown into the back of the van. Within seconds she was gagged with duct tape and had her hands handcuffed behind her back. A chloroform soaked rag was pressed into her face. She was out cold in a heartbeat. The attack was so quick and professional no one saw or heard anything.

 It was amazing the man who took her was acting alone. He had been paid to kidnap the beautiful Samantha and with her now sound asleep in the back of the van he set off on his pre-planned route. He had been ordered to drive miles out the way in order to stop the van being easily followed. They would also be switching vans before going the rest of the way. He was being paid very well to kidnap this girl. He quickly left Liverpool and went into northern Wales and miles of empty roads.

No one had seen her be taken and by the time she was reported missing, they had swapped vans in Cardiff and had just gone through Bristol. The police had nothing to go on as the van reached its final location. Just outside the town of Swindon there was an abandon warehouse and a empty road. He had spent the last 24 hours driving her around. She had needed to be given more drugs to keep her under. He had also added more restraints to her legs and arms.

He had been told to leave her and the keys in the van, his own car had been placed in the location beforehand. He had a long history of crime and knew how everything worked in this situation. The money had been left in his car and the second he drove off it would complete the deal. He had no problems kidnapping a young woman for around 15k. He drove off and never had a second thought about the poor girl. After a couple of hours the person behind the kidnapping finally stood up. They had been hiding in the undergrowth in a full ghillie suit. They had been waiting to see if any police cars showed up.

They quickly got in the van and moved it to a nearby location. The van ended up at another factory on the same road as the drop off point. It was only about 200 metres away from were it had been parked. The factory had a gate through which the van passed through. A door had been left open in the wall of the factory and the van vanished. They parked the van and shut the gate and closed the door to the factory. Samantha was now isolated from everything. The factory was now in lockdown. The inside of the factory was completely empty, apart from one room hidden away in the very back. The design of the factory was that of a production area which covered most of the layout. As well as an office bit which was along the sides and towards the back. Just under the offices at the back was a test area. That was now where the van was parked. Another door shut this section off from the rest of the factory.

This is where Samantha was removed from the van and gotten ready. Her lone tormenter was able to do anything they want to her. She was so full of drugs it would be unthinkable for her to come round any time soon. The work continued on Samantha throughout the rest of the day and night as every part of her preparation become complete. She would look nothing like her past life.

Finally Samantha was ready, well she would no longer be called that name. She would now be called ‘Pig’ it perfectly underlined the type of person she was before the treatment. The room was made from glass and stainless steel. The walls had been covered in glass on all sides. The floor and ceiling were all made from stainless steel. In the centre of the large room was a stainless steel chair. The chair was made to fit Samantha and was bolted to the floor.

Samantha was now covered in two full latex gimp suits. The suits had an elasticised neck so no zips were needed. The suits had been designed for Samantha’s use only. So they were both extremely tight and had also been designed to fit perfectly in the chosen bondage position. Samantha had been placed in the bondage chair and heavily restrained. The latex flowed over her beautiful body like a second skin. The latex was smooth and shinny in bright orange. So the chair and gimp suits had been made from Samantha only.

And the restraints keeping her captive were no different. Made from clear plastic and built to hold everything thrown at them. The plastic straps ran all over her limbs and body. Keeping her completely bound and helpless. They had been designed to keep her locked in the chair for as long as it was needed. They fit tightly around her frame and give her almost no movement or wriggle move. But they did not cause her any pain or discomfort. For added bondage, her hands had been placed in large rubber mittens. They completely covered her hands in tight rubber which made her fingers useless.

The chair and bondage made her completely rigid and it did not stop at her body. Her head also needed some bondage to keep it still. She had been enclosed in a bright orange hood with holes for her mouth, nose and eyes. Under the hood, her ears had been plugged with rubber moulds. A heavy leather muzzle gag had been put over her face. The muzzle had a panel which covered her mouth and a huge red ball went inside her. The muzzle was very tight and padlocked on.

Over the top of the gag and latex hood was a horrible latex pig mask. The pig hood had been inflated to puff the latex out in every direction. The mask had eye holes so the victim could see everything. The pig mask was locked on with the help of a leather collar that clapped around her neck. The mask had every feature over exaggerated. From the bright pink latex with looked terrible against the orange prison suit colour of the rest of her outfit. To the huge snout and ears with covered the face. The pig mask was a degrading item and thanks to the glass walls she would be unable to look away.

Samantha would have to close her eyes in order not to see how she looked now. So what was the point of all this latex bondage and pig masks. Simple. The person who took her, wanted her to break in record time. And they had an idea of just how to do that. They would leave Samantha all alone in her bondage outfit. With no human contact and without anything other than herself to look at. For 3 whole days. In which she would not be given any food or water and what not be a able to move a muscle. Trapped in very tight sweaty latex for 72 horrible hours with any toilet waste staying within the water tight suits.

Samantha would only just bit be alive be the time the test was over. Her brain and body would have gone through extreme sensory deprivation and humiliation. The person holding her against her will had given her an IV drip and vitamins to help her last the 3 days. Her mind was going to snap be the end of it. In fact it may go before that. And if she was still in one piece, she would be fed and watered and put back in the room for a second go.

Samantha finally started to woke up with the endless drugs she had been given. Her body was itchy and sore as the feeling started to come back to her. Her vision was blurred and blocked around the sides. But all too soon it returned.

She was in a real panic as the fear of what was going on dawned on her. Sweat was pouring out her skin as she stared at the sickening latex pig mask. She tried screaming and shouting but nothing come out. She could see the restraints holding her to the metal chair. She tried breaking through them and slipping out of them. Both options did not work. She was trying to jump in her seat to get the chair to move and maybe give her a way out. She was shaking her head from side to side in order to get the disgusting pig mask off her face. But the inflated hood still perfectly still.

In fact everything keeping her in the chair was perfectly still and more then holding her. It was unbreakable. She was breathing hard as the nothingness of the room was playing tricks on her mind. She could swear an audio recording was playing. It was saying things like “you are a latex pig” “bondage playing”. She was hearing things right. The latex suits rubbing together and interacting with the plastic straps were the only sounds in the room. Her mind was racing about what was going to happen as the hours passed by. She thought she saw porn images and video on the walls. She was losing it.

The room was getting red hot and the air was sticky and heavy. The smell was at of latex and sweat as the sensory deprivation started to drill deeper into her soul. She was also adding to the humiliation as she pissed her latex suits for the first time and feeling was horrible. Warm liquid pressing against her ass and pussy and some of it was slowly running down the side of her legs. It was only stopped be a plastic strap.

A few hours later she pissed herself again and the wet patch between her legs doubled in size. Her body was getting pins and needles and her back and legs had become painful. Her mouth was drooling from the massive muzzle gag and was building inside the pig mask.

Sweat was dripping into the eye holes of the mask as the hours passed by. Adrenaline was still flowing through her veins as every second she caught something out the corner of her eyes. It was driving her mad as the panic and fear rolled over her like a wave. She just wanted to sleep and wake up the next day with everything back to how it was. But she was thinking about so much and had no idea what time of day it was.

She finally got off to sleep after 15 hours in the chair. Her dreams filled with bondage and sexually images and throughs. Would she make it to the end?


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