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Rubber Widow

by Latexx

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© Copyright 2007 - Latexx - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m+; latex; bond; bagged; toys; cons; X

At first I couldn't quite believe my eyes.  The ad said "Widow looking for husband.  Must be devoted rubberist, close to 5'10" in height and 170lbs in weight".

I was puzzled by the specification of height and weight, but the "devoted rubberist" part intrigued me, so I called the number in the ad.  I reached an answering machine that told me to leave my number.

The next day I got a call from a woman who curtly said, "Meet me at Millar Park in an hour, south side and bring an umbrella".  It wasn't raining.

I was there in 50 minutes and sat on a bench, holding my umbrella.  I few minutes later a woman sat down next to me and said, "Tell me about your rubber life." 

I looked at her; she was reasonably attractive but a little older than me.  "You must be the Widow who placed the ad," I said. 

"Of course, I am," she retorted, "let's not waste time with small talk, tell me about you and rubber."

I told her that I had been into rubber as far back as I could remember, that I was single and enjoyed rubber just about every day after work.  She wanted to know how many rubber garments I had.  "About 50," I answered.

"Do you live alone?"

"Yes, I rent an apartment here in town."

"What do you do when you are in rubber?"

"I lounge around for a few hours, then I masturbate.  Sometimes I sleep in rubber for a while or take a bath in it."

She wanted to know where I lived and how old I was and then I asked her, "Can I ask you some questions about yourself?" 

"No," she answered, "I'll be in touch."  She stood up and walked away.

*     *     *

Two days later she called me in the evening and told me to get into a rubber suit if I was not already, with the penis and balls rubbered but exposed.  She would be there in 30 minutes.

I did as told and when she knocked on the door I opened it so nobody could see me from the hallway.  She walked in and said, "Show me your rubber garments."  I showed her the bedroom where I have a closet full of rubber.  She inspected the garments and then pushed me onto the bed.  She grabbed my rubbered penis with one hand and my balls with the other and started to massage them hard.  In less than a minute I had an orgasm.

"Now we find out how fast you recover," she said and pulled out a stop-watch.  She played gently with my private parts until I had an erection again.  Then she rubbed them violently until I came for a second time.  "46 minutes," she said, "not bad."

I was spent and wanted to take a shower.  "Not so fast," she said, "the test isn't over yet.  I want to see how good you are at bondage and masturbation."  She told me to get up and put on two of my rubber coats, a pair of rubber gloves, a heavy rubber hood with a gag and a gasmask.  Then she took a pair of handcuffs out of her pocket, pulled my hands through the pocket slits and cuffed them underneath the coats.  Next I had to wear my one and only rubber cape.  She pulled the hood of the cape over the gasmask and tied it.  I could no longer see when she made me step into my rubber bondage bag, put me on the bed and tightened several rubber straps around my body.

"Alright," she said, "start masturbating."  I masturbated furiously but it took me a long time to have an orgasm.  "One hour and 16 minutes," she commented.  "I'll leave the key for the handcuffs on the floor near the door; you are going to have to get out of this by yourself.  I'll be in touch."  I heard her leave.

It took me nearly two hours to roll off the bed, worm myself on the floor toward the door and find the key.  I managed to zip down the bag, grab the key, unlock the cuffs and untie the straps.

*     *     *

I didn't hear from her for two weeks and I was beginning to wonder if she really was a widow looking for a husband.  She had told me nothing of herself, I didn't have her phone number or address and I didn't even know her name.

Then she called me again.  The conversation was much friendlier this time and to my surprise she invited me to her house, to spend the night.  She gave me her address and asked me to be there the following evening at six.  After I hung up I realized I still didn't know her name.

I was there promptly at six and she opened the door wearing a bright red rubber dress.  She led me to a small bedroom; there was a pile of rubber garments on the bed.  "I want you to get dressed in this, see how well it fits," she said and left me alone.  I took off my clothes and put on a red pair of briefs with a molded penis and ball sheath, a black rubber suit with attached gloves and hood and a pair of rubber boots.  She came back and inspected me.  "They fit you, that's good," she said.  "I'll show you the house."

The street floor contained a living room, the kitchen, a dining room, a guest room, the garage and a work room and the master bedroom, which had two large walk-in closets, one of which was filled with her rubber garments. 

The upper story was all devoted to rubber:  Four bedrooms with rubber-covered beds and bathrooms and a huge rubber wardrobe.  My jaw dropped when I saw the enormous assortment of rubber items: suits, pants, coats, capes, skirts, dresses, negligees, briefs, aprons, pajamas, bags, boots, masks, helmets, gloves, gasmasks, handcuffs, single arm-binders, straps and harnesses.  "My husband was into rubber in a big way," she explained, "there are more than 1500 garments here.  That's why I would like to find a man who can wear them."

"What was he like?" I asked.

"He was a lovely man.  He inherited a lot of money, which left him free to pursue his devotion to rubber.  There was not a day when he didn't spend several hours tied up in rubber.  I was happy to do it for him.  It was the only way he could achieve sexual satisfaction.  I was married to him for 17 years, very happy years.  I learned to enjoy rubber almost as much as he did."

We walked down the stairs to the kitchen, where she had prepared a meal.  We ate in silence and then took the stairs to the basement, which turned out to be a large dungeon.  "At heart my husband was a masochist who got his greatest arousal from when I tortured him while he was tied up in rubber.  To my surprise I got a great deal of pleasure from that.  There is nothing now that turns me on more that seeing a helpless rubber-clad man squirm.  So, tonight I want to find out how much torture you can stand."

I didn't quite know what to say to this and there was no time to think.  She proceeded to put a heavy rubber bondage suit over the one I was wearing.  It was a tight fit and when she zipped it up in the back my movement were severely restricted.  She fished my penis and balls through a small opening in the suit and then tied me to a pole with my arms in the back.  The she pulled a rubber helmet with a gag and no eye openings over my head and inflated the gag until it filled my whole mouth.

I felt a clamp being attached to my penis and then my balls.  She tightened each until there was considerable pain.  I moaned into my gag.  After a while the pain subsided and when she started stroking the tip of my penis I was close to an orgasm.  She stopped and I stood there for a long time, unable to move a muscle.  Then suddenly she whipped the tip of my penis.  I screamed into the gag and had an incredible orgasm.

She removed the clamps but left me tied up for a long time.  I felt her hands on my penis several times, testing it.  Finally, when I had an erection again, she untied me, put me into a rubber bondage bag with my arms in inside sleeves and laid me down on a bench.  My helmet was removed and she pushed a gag into my mouth which had a rubber dildo on the outside.  I could see again and I noticed that she was now wearing a green rubber suit, mask and boots.  She pulled my penis and balls through an opening in the bag, sat down on my head, inserted the dildo into her and began to massage my exposed private parts.

She moved up and down on my head, deliberately cutting off my air for long periods of time.  I was getting close to an orgasm several times but whenever I was about to have one she stopped the massaging.  In the meantime she had an orgasm every few minutes.  This went on for well over an hour.  Finally she became exhausted and stopped.

I was desperate to have an orgasm, but she wasn't going to allow that..  She unstrapped the dildo, put a helmet over my head again and wheeled me over to a bed with a cart.  I was dumped onto the bed and a heavy stuffed rubber blanket was pulled over my body.  "I'm going to take a shower now and get some sleep.  See you in the morning," she said.

It must have been about midnight and she left me there until 7 a.m.  I slept on and off, but mostly I was hot and aroused.  Then she slipped into my bed, inserted my erect penis into her and fucked me.  Unfortunately I came almost immediately.

She untied me and told me where I could take a shower and get dressed.  We had a brief breakfast in the kitchen.  I asked her if I had passed the test and would see her again.  She shrugged her shoulders and said, "You have to understand there are other candidates.  I'll be in touch."

*     *     *

Again I didn't hear from her for two weeks and I was beginning to accept the possibility that she had chosen someone else.  The she called and invited me to spend the weekend.  "Be here at 7 p.m. Friday night," she said, "after dinner.  You'll be here until Sunday afternoon."

The procedure was the same as last time, but now she was wearing a black rubber suits which covered her entire body, including the head and very tall black rubber boots.  She pointed me to the dressing area and I dutifully put on the same briefs and rubber suits, followed by a heavy second rubber suit with attached boots and helmet.  There was a gag in the helmet that could be inflated.  I pulled my rubbered penis and balls through the small opening of the second suit and waited.

She came back, inspected me and inflated the gag.  The she led me down to the dungeon, put me into a tight rubber bondage bag with inside sleeves, pulled my private part through a crotch opening and winched me toward the ceiling.  It was then that I noticed there were three other men in rubber bags hanging next to me.

She disappeared and came back about 30 minutes later with another man, whom she proceeded to encase in a rubber bag and winch up.  All five of us were now hanging in a circle, with her standing in the center.  She went around fingering our exposed private parts one after another and then said: "The goal this weekend is for you to have as many orgasms as possible.  You will be constantly in rubber until Sunday afternoon."  The she went to the mummy on my right and rubbed his penis and balls hard until he had an orgasm.  After that she did the same to me and then continued on to the next one.  When all of us were spent, she left for a while and then came back and fingered the penises again.  When she found an erection she massaged the penis hard until she produced another orgasm.  This went on until about midnight.  I had come six times.

She then took us down one after another and removed the bags.  Each of us spent the night differently, but all completely encased in rubber.  She put me into a long rubber bag on a bed and then squeezed an inflated rubber doll into the bag so that the head of the doll was between my legs and my penis in her mouth.  After she zipped up the bag I could barely move; my hands were holding the back of the doll's head and there was just enough room to move the head a little up and down.  I masturbated this way all night but only managed to come four times.

Saturday morning took me by surprise.  She released me from the bag quite late, about 10 a.m. and took me to one of the upstairs bedrooms, told me to strip out of the rubber, take a shower, cool off for half an hour and then put on the suit she had laid out on the bed.  The suit was dark brown and covered the entire body, including feet, hands and head.  There was an attached molded sheets of thin latex which encased penis and balls.  The hood had a built-in gag and nose and eye holes.  It zipped up in the back and the zipper locked itself on top of my head.

I waited for another 15 minutes laying on the bed, when an intercom sounded and she said: "I'm ready for you in the master bedroom." 

I hurried down the stairs and entered her bedroom with a huge erection.  She was laying on the rubber-covered bed, wearing a silver rubber suit which covered her entire body, except for mouth, nose and eye openings and an enlarged rubber vagina.  She told me to spread some lubricant on my rubbered penis and then held out her arms.  I lay on top of her and inserted my penis into the rubber vagina.  "Take it slow and easy," she said, "I expect you to make me come several times."  She grabbed my rubbered balls and I her rubbered ass and started fucking her slowly.  I had a hard time holding back and after she had her first orgasm I stopped for a while and tried to think of something else.  I managed to make her come a second time before I had a screaming orgasm.

We lay in each other's arms for a few minutes.  Then she asked me to get up and put me into a second rubber suit and zipped it up in the back.  The suit had attached rubber boots and a heavy mask, but no arms.  My hands were inside, holding my penis.  She led me down to the dungeon where three of the men were standing around in identical suits.  She disappeared and a little while later I heard an intercom faintly saying: "I'm ready for you in the master bedroom."

The four of us stood there looking at each other.  Because of the gags we couldn't talk, in fact all we could do was masturbate.  The others started doing that, but I was still spent.  I lay down on a bed and fell asleep.

An hour later the fifth man joined us and then she came down the stairs, wearing a heavy black rubber coat over her suit and silver rubber boots and holding a whip in her hands.  She herded us into the sauna, locked the door and turned on the heat.  Then we saw her pull up a chair and watch us outside the glass door

As the heat rose the masturbation took on a frenzied pace.  Every few minutes one of us exploded.  When all five of  us were empty we sat on the bench or on the floor, sweating profusely and looking back at her, hoping we would be released.  She didn't move.

After about 20 minutes one started to masturbate again, then another.  My penis got hard again five minutes after that.  And then the first one had his second orgasm.

Now she got up, unlocked the door and pulled that one out.  She strapped a rubber dildo to his mouth, made him kneel between her legs and inserted the dildo into her underneath the rubber coat.  With one hand she whipped his behind hard and with the other she pressed the back of his rubbered head into her crotch.  We stood there masturbating and watched her have one orgasm after another.

Finally, after nearly two hours in the sauna, she let us out, unlocked our zippers, pulled them down and let us take showers.  When I came out of the shower I found a new rubber suit and a hood on the bed.  I took a few minutes to lay down and cool off, then I got dressed in rubber again.  There were no briefs; my private parts were exposed without any protection.

The intercom said, "All of you, come to the kitchen, we'll have some lunch."  She told us to sit around the table and served the meal.  We could talk now, but didn't quite know what to say.

Fortunately the meal was short; we mostly drank a lot of water.  She asked us to help with the dishes and gave each of us a rubber apron.  I for one was grateful to hide my exposed private parts.

We walked down to the dungeon in a group, where she proceeded to strap us into different contraption.  The first one was tied to a cross and an electrical gadget was attached to his penis and balls.  When he began to moan loudly she strapped a gag to his face and pumped it up hard.  The second one was put into a narrow cell which was lined with rubber.  After she closed the door and pressed a button the lining expanded to engulf his entire body; when the cell was fully inflated you could see only his nose through the window in the door.

The third man she strapped to an easy chair and then inserted his penis and balls into a device which had the shape of a head.  The man began to moan immediately.

She took me to a narrow bed with a large inflated rubber doll on it.  She pulled a tight latex mask over my head which had only two nose holes.   She then strapped me down with my penis inside the doll and my head between her huge breasts.  I began to fuck the doll; she felt soft and rubbery and I had an orgasm within a few minutes.  I relaxed and even fell asleep.  When I woke up I heard the moans of the other men and fucked the doll again.

I expected to be released, but she left me in this position all afternoon.  In the evening I heard the other men being removed in intervals of perhaps an hour.  Then there was silence;  I continued fucking the doll.

She came for me at 4 a.m., released the straps and pulled the hood off my head.  "I apologize," she said, "you seemed to be having such a good time I left you for last.  Then I fell asleep."  She brought me to the downstairs bedroom.  "Take a shower; I'll bring you something to eat."

I drank a lot of water in the shower and when I came out I found a tray with some sandwiches on the dresser.  I wolfed them down and then got dressed in a pair of latex pajamas she had left on the bed.  I wasn't sleepy, so I prowled around the house. The door to her bedroom was closed and I didn't dare knock.  Upstairs all of my colleagues were asleep in their bedrooms, two of them tied up in rubber bags.  I spent some time in the rubber wardrobe, feeling the many garments.  Then I went down to the basement and inspected the contraptions and cells I had not experienced before.  Finally I went to my bedroom, lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

She woke me at 10 a.m., carrying a load of rubber garments.  "Today is ladies' day," she said, "take off your pajamas."  When I stood naked before her she tied a long latex ribbon around my penis and balls so that they were being squeezed hard.  The she put several petticoats and a long dress on me, all made from thin latex.  Next came a thin hood and long latex gloves and finally a long, frilly apron.

I followed her to the kitchen, where breakfast was laid out.  The others were dressed in women's clothes too and we awkwardly said hello.  While we ate she said, "This morning you are going to clean the entire house and all the rubber garments that have been worn."

We did the dishes and then went to work.  I was assigned to rinse, dry and powder the rubber garments.  There was a special room upstairs where the garments could be washed and then hung up to dry in a sauna-like enclosure.  When one load was dry I powdered the garments and then hung them up in the wardrobe.  Every hour or so she would come by, lift my skirts and rub my penis and balls until I had an orgasm.

At 3 p.m. the house was clean and she called us to the kitchen. Over an elaborate meal she announced her decision.  "I have come to the conclusion that one man is not enough for me.  So I'm inviting you all to move in.  Those who decide to accept the offer will have to sell all you have, except a few of your regular clothes and your rubber garments and be at my door before the end of the month.  You'll get room and board and plenty of sex here, but no money.  You'll have to cut your ties to the outside world completely.  It's your decision."

She got up, we did the dishes and then went to our rooms to change into ordinary clothes.  We left in intervals of 15 minutes.

*     *     *

I had three weeks to make a decision. At first I hesitated to give up my job and sell all my possessions.  But then I started to miss the incredible orgasms and the arousals from being helplessly tied up in rubber.  Ten days before the deadline I quit my job, gave notice to the landlord and had a garage sale.  I showed up at her door the day before the deadline with four suitcases containing nothing but my rubber garments.  Two other men showed up too.

That was four years ago and I have no regrets.  And I still don't know her name.



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