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Rubber Week

by BishopFan

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© Copyright 2010 - BishopFan - Used by permission

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"Thank you for coming this morning, Miss Montgomery," the man in the lab coat said. "This is Nurse Reineke, my assistant. She will be your constant companion over the next seven days."

"As you already know from your interview, our clinic is conducting a medical experiment on behalf of a European clothing manufacturer. To be more specific than I could be before, the purpose of the experiment is to allow us to develop safer latex clothing for the concerned fetishist. Because it will involve you wearing an internal body temperature monitor probe and some peculiar rubber clothing while occasionally restrained in simulated bondage, just to test the clothing under rigorous field conditions, we must avoid even the appearance of impropriety. We mustn't have anybody accuse us of paying you for sex," he chuckled. "Therefore, we must have you sign these releases before we can begin. Please sign there, there, there and there. Thank you."

"Now, in return for your participation in the experiment, we have prepared this cashier's check for $2,000.00 made out to you, to be held by the third party of your choice. If you will please address this stamped envelope with that party's name and address and enclose a note instructing him or her to hold the money for you and to pick you up here a week from today at Monday Noon, I will be glad to mail it for you."

"Do you understand that you will not be able to receive telephone calls at this number for the course of the week? Ah, you did not tell anybody you were coming here. That is good. Telephones can be very distracting."

"All set with the envelope? Good. I will go take care of this letter while you shower in that room over there. Be sure to wash your hair, and while you are in there you might wish to make use of the toilet. You may hang your street clothes in this locker. You will not need a padlock. This is a very private clinic."

"I'm back. All finished? Good. It is very important that you be very dry for the first stage of the experiment. Use extra towels if you need them, and use the hair dryer as long as you wish. Dust yourself with talcum powder when you are done. Don't be afraid to use all you want. We have plenty."

"That will do. Now Nurse Reineke must take your temperatures, both orally and rectally. This is very important, as the purpose of the experiment is to measure the effects of confinement in rubber on the body's temperature. Many people find it unpleasantly warm after strenuous activities, but we believe we have found a solution for that. We will show you the prototype suit later in the week, but for now we just need some baseline temperatures."

"Today you are just going to put on a normal rubber catsuit, without any coverings on the hands or feet or head. It is rather tight, but the talcum powder will help you to get into it. When you are in, Nurse Reineke and I will help you with the zipper up the back. Some people find the back zippers impossible to manipulate by themselves, but others find the smooth front it allows to be more attractive."

"Hold your breath while we zip it up. There. This zipper has three slides to it, so that the lower end may be opened through the crotch area without unzipping the suit itself. This will allow you to go to the toilet when you need to, and will allow us to insert the temperature monitors when and where needed. By moving the second and third slides together, we can create a 'portable hole' of sorts that does not compromise the integrity of the rubber encasement."

"Go ahead and walk around a bit while I prepare the temperature monitor. Wave your arms above your head to make sure the suit is comfortably in place. Is the bodice correctly sized? It isn't too tight, I hope. Yes, the molded breast cups are quite becoming, don't you think Nurse Reineke?"

"Now she must unzip the crotch of your suit to set the first temperature monitor in place. As you can see it is no larger than a normal rectal thermometer, and is made of soft plastic for comfort and safety sake. This small wire will lead to a recording device you will wear on a belt around your waist. It will record your body temperature at one-minute intervals. If you would be so kind as to bend over, we will lubricate it and begin."

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it? Now we can just sit and chat while we establish some new baseline temperatures. After the first hour, if you get too warm you may dial the thermostat down to whatever level of air conditioning you are comfortable with. After lunch, we will have you do some exercise on either the treadmill or the stationary bicycle to see how that affects you. After you have finished each exercise period, you may adjust the thermostat again to whatever you are comfortable with."

"I'm sorry if I did not mention to you before lunch that all of your meals for the next week were going to be liquid diet supplements. However, this is necessary, as towards the end of the week it may be difficult for you to expel solids. I assure you that the reason for this will not be harmful in any way, but it will just take too long to unhook you from the monitoring devices. You may have all of the water you desire, and, if you wish, one glass of wine with your evening meal."

"Excellent. That is the last of the treadmill runs. Your body temperature peaked as expected, but has remained within safe levels. You may remove your suit now, and shower before dinner. Nurse Reineke will help you with the zipper and the body temperature monitor. After dinner you will put on a new suit with attached hands and feet, and we will repeat the body temperature tests." 

"Do you like the retsina, Miss Montgomery, or may I call you Victoria? It is a private label from a small vineyard in Thessalonika. Yes, it makes my head swim too, and I have been drinking it for years. If you wish, you may take a short nap while Nurse Reineke gives you a massage. You will sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for more rubber."

"As you can see this suit covers everything but your head. Again it was a little tight putting on, but we find this design most efficient at allowing the body heat to radiate outward through the suit. The less air there is between you and the suit, the cooler you will be. After the first hour on the treadmill, you may again adjust the air conditioning as you desire."

"This probe is somewhat larger, but only because it contains a memory unit which will store the minute-by-minute temperature readings throughout the night. This will save you the bother of wearing the waist belt, and make it more comfortable for you to sleep. Why yes, of course you must wear the suit overnight. It is an important part of the experiment. Except for the occasional change of suits, you will be covered in rubber for the entire seven days of the test. Don't worry, you will easily get used to it."

"Excellent. The stationary bicycle test went exactly as expected, though I see you are quite warm. Do you need any more water? Don't worry, you will be allowed to pass water before being put to bed. We will even remove the probe for ten minutes to allow you to defecate. For now, just relax while your body temperature returns to normal."

"Very good. Now we will prepare you for sleep. Just as we needed to test your temperature before during strenuous activity, now we need to test it under conditions of near immobility, in order to get a crucial set of baseline readings. Please lay down near the middle of the cot. Don't worry, these padded cuffs will not harm the suit. If you will please extend your arms straight out to the sides of the bed, I will attach them to these straps. Now your ankles, please. Thank you. One final question, do you prefer to sleep with or without a light on? Fine. Pleasant dreams."

"Good morning. Did you sleep well? Good. We have quite a busy day before us. Let me remove the cuffs and unzip your suit for you, and remove the probe. I can download the information in it later. Go enjoy a nice hot shower, and after your breakfast Nurse Reineke will give you an invigorating high colonic."

"This suit is similar to the one you wore overnight, except that it has a full attached hood as well. Don't worry, there are holes in the hood for your eyes, your nostrils and your mouth. It will be warmer because you will not be able to radiate heat through your scalp anymore, but feel free to drink all of the water you desire. We also have fruit juices and sports drinks as you prefer."

"For today's exercises, we must fit you with some of the standard accessories that most fetishists like to wear. The first will be this corset, which is only three inches smaller than your current waistline. This will help to test the durability of the rubber. If you will hold it up beneath your breasts, I personally will lace it up in back."

"Now we have a pair of nice, shiny boots to match the corset. As this is merely an experiment, we will only use the ones with the four-inch heels today. There is no need to use the taller ones. If you will slip your right foot in there, Nurse Reineke will lace it up for you. Otherwise, you might find it difficult to bend over in the corset."

"Go ahead and practice walking around in them while I prepare your posture collar. Have you ever worn one of these before? Most women find them adorable, and I'm sure you will too. Now chin up while I find a comfortable setting for the hasp. The padlock will help to hold it in place, and keep it from getting any tighter. These wrist and ankle cuffs are made from matching leather, so you will certainly be as stylish as possible."

"Wonderful! Would you care to look at yourself in the mirror before we proceed? Quite fetching, I assure you! Now, if you will step up onto the treadmill, I will attach the cuffs to the handle grips to make sure you don't fall off in your lovely boots. What's that you say, you are getting warm already? Ach, I forgot the most important part of today's experiment! Nurse Reineke, please unzip the crotch of the suit for the prototype temperature probe. No, there is no need to unhook the cuffs from the handle grips; we can do the procedure here."

"This model is somewhat larger still, but only because it contains a small radio sending device that will transmit your body temperature directly to the room's thermostat. Based upon your temperature readings yesterday and the thermostat settings that you yourself chose in response to them, the device will automatically adjust the thermostat down or up to compensate for your current body temperature."

"Because of the size of the electronic equipment within the probe, there was no room for the four 'D' cells that must power it. We think we have found a most ingenious solution to this problem, and have stacked them end to end within this matching stainless steel probe that is connected to the temperature monitor probe by this three-inch wire. Due to the shortness of the wire, Nurse Reineke will have to insert them into you simultaneously. A little lubrication, oh all right a lot of lubrication, and in they go. Yes, they are quite heavy, but once she gets the suit zipped back down they cannot fall out. Now to turn on the treadmill. Don't worry, for the first hour I will keep it on slow. If you need water or juice, just ask for it."

"All rested? Good. It was like an icebox in here when we stopped for lunch, though now it seems to be warming up a bit. I guess we can take the probes out for a few minutes while you make your toilet. Can you manage that all right in the corset and collar, or do you need any help? Nurse Reineke has a prosthetic funnel you can use to keep the inside of the suit clean."

"This afternoon you will ride the stationary bicycle. As before, I will clip your wrist cuffs to the handle bars for safety. To accommodate your boots, I have replaced the standard pedals with these steel cups shaped to fit the heels. Once the heels are fitted into the cups, like so, these wing nuts will screw onto the threaded ends of the heels to hold them securely into the pedal cups. Therefore you can pedal as hard as you wish, without having to worry about your feet flying off of the pedals. As soon as you have completed 100 miles on the odometer, we will be finished with this portion of the test."

Out of sight behind Miss Montgomery, who was in no position to turn her head, "Doctor" Dumas motioned "Nurse" Reineke over to the padded massage table. Pointing towards an inflatable sleep sack, he spoke softly and said: "That will take her all afternoon. I am putting you to sleep now, Patricia, so that you will be able to take the first watch monitoring her breathing tonight. Starting after dinner she wears the mask full time. I will release you 15 minutes before she is finished. Now strip."

After zipping up the sleep sack to her shoulders, but before placing the built-in pump gag in her mouth and the hood over her head, he quietly asked her "Face up or face down?" "Face down," she said. He nodded, whispered the word "Sleep," and finished her encasement. 

Inflating her sleep sack to a fat little sausage, and giving her pump gag eight quick puffs, no more, no less, he picked her up and placed her face down on the massage table with her breathing tube and the tube of the pump gag hanging down into the hole for the massagee's face. After giving Miss Montgomery a reassuring pat on the shoulder, he settled into an overstuffed easy chair where he could view them both and picked up the latest spy novel. Occasionally he laughed at the campy bondage scenes depicted in it.

"Excellent, Victoria, and just in time for dinner. Let me unbolt your heels from the bicycle, and we will help you to the sofa. Here, drink this electrolyte fluid mix. It will help you with the perspiration loss. Now for a nice protein shake, and last but not least another glass of retsina."

"Naturally you are tired. You will sleep now, and wake up refreshed and eager to try our prototype latex suit. Just put your boots up on the sofa."

"I know you can't wait to try your new suit, but first we must remove this old one. Yes, the corset is almost loose now. Nurse Reineke will help you to finish undressing, and then we have a wonderful surprise for you, a nice soak in our hot tub. We will even join you! After that, she will give you another high colonic and another nice massage. Yes, she is an excellent masseuse. In fact, she has been on the massage table all afternoon! A quick shower, and then on to the dressing table!"

"This suit is triple layered, with a fine network of water tubes between the inner and middle layers. Cold water enters the suit on either side of your neck, and travels down across your torso and out through the arms and legs of the suit. We haven't quite figured out yet how to drain a five-fingered hand, and so you will notice that the prototype has only mittens in lieu of gloves. Don't worry, we will help you with the zippers."

"Before I flip the hood up over your head, let me explain how this mouthpiece works. Cool, fresh air will enter from the right air tube, and used air will exit through the left tube. Each tube has a check valve, to insure that the air flows only in the right direction."

"If you lift up this right lever with your tongue, you will receive a drink of plain water. If you lift up the left lever, you will receive a drink of the electrolyte fluid."

"Two little air sacks will inflate in your cheeks, to make sure that everything stays in place. As you will not be needing them for this part of the test, the eye holes and nostril holes have been eliminated."

"To save you the trouble of going to the bathroom, a catheter tube will be inserted into your bladder. You may feel something expand inside the bladder. Do not worry, this is just a small balloon at the end of the tube that keeps it from sliding out. It may give you the permanent feeling that you have to pass water, but don't worry, the water itself will go away as needed."

"The anal temperature probe will, of course, control the temperature of the cooling water. If it senses that your body is becoming too cold, it may stimulate the body to warm itself by causing the battery case to vibrate."

"Enjoy yourself. See you in five days!" he beamed, and closed up the hood.


For the next five days Miss Montgomery drifted through a rosy fog of euphoria, enhanced by the hypnotic drug laced within the retsina, and enforced by his command to her to "enjoy yourself!" That night, and every night for the rest of the week, she slept within an inflatable sleep sack that matched Nurse Reineke's, except of course for the pump gag which was not needed. Nurse Reineke returned to wearing her own 23-hours-a-day water-cooled catsuit, though in deference to her duties it did have eye and nostril holes, and the breather gag was removable with permission. It also had perfectly functional five-fingered gloves attached to the ends of the sleeves.

At night Nurse Reineke took her supervision duties quite seriously, often laying atop Miss Montgomery's inflated form, the better to monitor her breathing. Each day she spent a mandatory six-hour rest period squeezed into the inflatable sleep sack, unless her services were required elsewhere.

Wednesday Victoria spent floating atop the hot tub, the outer two layers of the suit inflated to their maximum capacity. Occasionally she tried to move her otherwise unrestrained arms and legs, though she couldn't quite remember why and could barely accomplish a faint quiver in any event.

On Thursday, her fore-and-aft probes were changed for new models with gravity-activated switches in either probe, and she was vacuum-sealed within a circular, heavy rubber bag attached to the top of a large, horizontal wheel. Once she was immobile within the flattened bag, the wheel was slowly raised to an upright position, and set in motion. Dimly aware of the change in attitude, she noticed that as she became upright the probe in her behind had begun to vibrate! Once the wheel had turned to the point that she was horizontal, however, the vibrations stopped. Then, as she began to turn head downwards, the probe in her vagina began its vibrations. Once her head was up again, the cycle repeated itself. The wheel continued its slow progression, at the rate of precisely one turn every 90 seconds, for 360 rotations.

On Friday she was booted again, this time with the six-inch heels, and stood over a dildo pole securely mounted in the floor. Because the dildo pole contained its own temperature monitor, as well as its own vibrator and the ability to turn itself on and off and move up and down a few centimeters based upon a random number generator, the dual probes were temporarily removed. To keep the rectum from closing up, an inflatable butt plug was inserted within her and pumped up to the maximum.

Once the dildo pole was lubricated, raised and locked into place, a large latex sleeve was placed over her head and pulled down to the level of the floor. The top of the sleeve was closed. Making sure that the air, fluid and catheter hoses ran safely out of the bottom of the sleeve without kinking, the doctor inflated the sleeve to its highest level, crushing Miss Montgomery's arms to her sides and her legs together against the dildo pole. Aware of her predicament, Miss Montgomery was initially afraid that she might fall sideways and hurt herself upon the pole. Within minutes, however, she realized that sideways motion was impossible within the sack, and that even if she tried to she could not fall. Soon she was once again adrift upon a sea of orgasms, and scarcely noticed when the nine hours ended.

Saturday found her once again in the vacuum bed atop the wheel, though this time with Nurse Reineke atop her! The two were glued together by the vacuum sack, and had they not both been wearing the same kind of breather gag they could have kissed for the entire nine hours.

Though Miss Montgomery probably never noticed, Nurse Reineke quickly figured out that her probes had been set in opposite alignment to Victoria's. Thus, when they were both upside down and Miss Montgomery was in the throes of her clockwork orgasm, she received nothing more than her normal daily anal stimulation. When she received her orgasm one hundred and eighty degrees later, Miss Montgomery merely panted into her breathing tubes. "That bastard!" she thought. "Why won't he let us come together???"

Sunday found Victoria back atop the stationary bicycle. Now, however, the usual seat had been removed, and in its place was a banana seat with a built-in dildo that rose and fell about five centimeters with the action of the pedals. The dildo was unique in that it released a soothing lubricant from its tip about every ten minutes, accompanied by a sudden quiver to its stroke. Fortunately for her the experiment was nearing its end, and the good Doctor never set the motor drive faster than the slowest setting.


Sunday evening found Nurse Reineke wrapped in a terrycloth bath robe, sipping coffee and brandy while she and the doctor watched Victoria twitching atop the massage table in her usual nighttime inflatable sleep sack. Nurse Reineke herself had spent most of the day within the rubber sleeve impaled upon the dildo pole, until she had been released about an hour earlier to assist in transferring Miss Montgomery to the sleep sack. This being Sunday, she had not been ordered to sleep during the day.

"Well, 'doctor,'" she said, "another slave ready to be shipped out. Mistress Undomiel should be pleased with this one. You told me that she likes redheads."

"Yes," he said, "the movers should be here in about an hour. I will attach her to the portable life support system, and Mistress can send it back along with the suit and the sleep sack. Then we can get everything ready for tomorrow's volunteer."

"This one is special, you know. One hundred slaves shipped out in 104 weeks, with just the four weeks off for holiday. I have not judged a single candidate wrong!"

"Well," she said, "with that hypnotic drug you should be able to condition anybody. I suspect that you could be done in just two or three days, but that you like to keep them here like the dirty old man you are. Of course, that gets me some extra play time with them, so I am not complaining."

Feeling bold, or perhaps it was the brandy, she then said: "Tell me, what made you decide to keep me, and to ship off my predecessor instead?"

"You had a natural love for the rubber. I could see that you were enjoying yourself even before the first dose of the potion. The post-hypnotic suggestions merely enhanced it. I decided that someone with your affinity for latex was a treasure to be cherished, and encouraged." As he talked, he took out Victoria's envelope, removed the cashier's check, and slowly tore the letter and the envelope to shreds.

"Thank you," she said. "I am honored. So I was the first volunteer that you kept, eh?"

After pausing for a few seconds, he looked her in the eye and quietly answered: "No."

--- the end? ---



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