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Rubber Surprise

by Anon

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© Copyright 2002 - Anon - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M/ff; latex; catsuit; maid; hotel; discovery; tease; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Robert was feeling fed up. He's already had three days of driving around trying to drum up business, With consequently two nights in mediocre hotels, and the only consolation there had been was that he was able to spend both nights totally clothed in his beloved rubber. Even when he had the anxious moment when the chambermaid, the usual elderly female, had brought morning tea which he had not ordered, and he hardly had the time to remove his latex hood before she was shuffling into the room. Now, expecting to return home, he had followed the boss's standing instructions to telephone back to the office first, only to be told that he must make one further visit, entailing another night's stay in the unfamiliar town. His map book showed only two hotels here. The receptionist at the first hotel shook her head.

"Sorry, absolutely filled up. You can try The George, but I expect it will be the same there."

Even more disconsolate at the thought of trailing around trying to find a bed-and-breakfast address, Robert set off for The George. It did not look very impressive as he approached the desk with misgivings. The only person in sight was an oriental woman in her late 20's, who appeared to be the manageress, speaking on the phone. She finished the call and turned to him. Robert could now how young and attractive she was, though she did seem quite flustered. Probably just learning the trade, Robert asked her if she had any rooms vacant. In answer to his query, she stated that they had no single rooms vacant, but that phone call had been from a honeymoon couple who had booked a double room long ago but had to change their plans because of family illness. Of course, it would cost more that a single room, but it was the only one to be had.

Robert did not hesitate his employer was paying the bills and he needed the room. He assured her that he did not require a porter, as he had only the one bag. he followed her through several corridors, she was explaining that the room was somewhat isolated from the other guest rooms, and that was why the honeymooners had chosen it. She still looked a bit flushed, he thought she was very attractive, He could not quite place the perfume she used there was something very familiar about it. She unlocked a door at the end of the passage, ushered him in, then left. The room looked clean, anyway. He dropped his bag and headed to the restroom.

He came back into the room and stood astonished. Was he dreaming? This was the time of day when chambermaids turned down beds, but as he well knew, chambermaids were always elderly women who wore overalls. But here was a young oriental woman who looked to be in her late teens to early 20's, her jet black hair falling over her bare shoulders, black rubber tights and, a gleaming skimpy black rubber dress with a little white apron. She was discomforted by his return, apologized, blushed and stammered that she had understood he and his wife were arriving later in the evening.

By the time he had explained about the honeymooners, her hands had ceased their nervous fluttering and her full breasts were not rising and falling so quickly beneath that lovely dress, but she was obviously ready to rush away. He tried to soothe her by complementing her on her uniform, but this only started her blushing again, saying, "It isn't... I mean... They don't... I'm only temporary... my sister... I hope she doesn't get into trouble too...." Her voice trailed off and Robert could not remember a woman who looked so beautiful yet upset all the same time.

"Sit on the bed and tell me all about it", He commanded, reinforcing his request with gentle pressure on her soft, tan shoulders.  He hoped she would not cry, so he tried to divert her mind by asking how long she had been here and who was the sister she had mention. It transpired that she had settled only that week and it was her sister who managed the hotel. Despite strict orders that she must not allow guest to see her rubber dress, she liked it so much that she had removed her overalls just for a moment, thinking no one would discover her in this remote room.

"I must go now", she said. He comforted her, "I can prove to you that I'm not likely to give you away to your sister".

She looked with wide eyes. "How?". she asked.

For an answer he unzipped his bag and exhibited a piece of the black latex catsuit he wore in bed. Her eyes opened wider still.

"Can I see it?", she asked.

He pulled the whole catsuit out and the hood and gloves fell out, too.

"What a lovely suit", she said. "Ruby would adore that".

He was puzzled to know who Irene was. "Oh, My sister", she explained, "If you saw her when you arrived, you would have seen her in her jumper and slacks that she wears to hide her rubber catsuit". 

Robert now realized why the older girl's perfume had seemed familiar and wondered how he could have failed to identify the rubber aroma. The girl suddenly jumped up and said that she must get on with her work, Promising to return later when she had finished. Robert unpacked the rest of his meagre belongings, then sat on the chair by the wash-basin, shaking talcum powder on the inside of his latex catsuit. He was thinking of going to the dining room for the evening meal when he heard footsteps along the corridor, followed by a knock at his door. Expecting Josaphine, he called out for her to come in, but it was Ruby.

"My sister, told me that she had an interesting talk with you", she began, "I left her looking after reception, so that I might check up on her story. We understand that there are many men who like rubber, but we just didn't know how to identify one unless he was wearing it when he arrived".

"So what did you aim to do when you found such a man?", he wanted to know.

"We hadn't really thought as far ahead as that", she admitted, "We just wanted to see what type he was".

He told her that he thought that there was no particular type, just individuals, and asked if he might see her catsuit that she was wearing. Quickly she divested herself of her jumper and slacks and revealed her trim figure beautifully filling the black latex. The suit had once been shiny, but long wear beneath other clothes had removed most of the gloss. Nevertheless, The delightful femininity of her and the odor of warm rubber made him catch his breath. A couple of steps and he clasped the soft rubber covered body in his arms. She was willing, but at that moment she remembered Josaphine, She quickly dressed again and was way before his disappointment could register. 

He decided it really was time he had dinner, but before he could rise there came another tap at the door. At his response Josaphine walked in, carrying her overalls and wiggling her hips in the short rubber dress. She saw that he had thrown his latex suit on the bed and bent to examine it. As she did so he could not fail to see the rubber dress ride higher and that the rubber tights were separated at the crotch. In a few seconds he had unzipped his pants and stood behind her to sample what lies between those wonderful thighs. She was enthusiastic, pressing herself back on him, He was cupping her ample breasts with their soft rubber covering in his hands and was pinching her nipples lightly till they were big and hard, he likes the way hard nipples look under rubber. 

By now she was very excited, breathing quickly and uttering little gasps of delight. She put her hands behind her seemingly trying to clasps him trying to get him to go deeper into her. Suddenly she launches herself forward so that the pair of them fall on the bed still linked, with her face nuzzle in the rubber catsuit. She nuzzled it happily and began to lick and suck it, which made her more and more aroused, her gasps began taking on a deeper note as she felt his movements becoming more powerful and urgent she then started to climax, but he could no longer hold on he started to cum, he came harder then he could remember in a long time, they both lay there for a while recovering the breath.

He told her how wonderful she was and kissed her on her rubber cover breast and nested his face against her breasts thinking how wonderful such a woman was to be with who knows the erotic sensation of rubber, of how it excites the skin to such a peak of ecstasy. She then told him that she only come to tell him that he must hurry if he wished to have dinner, they both laugh. She then left for the dining room as she busied herself with some other duties.

After dinner he strolled around town for a while but found little of interest to him, he then decided to return to the hotel and put on his soft rubber catsuit. The suit slipped on easily and soon was warmed by his body heat. He put the hood readily beside him since the small holes for the eyes did not permit him to read properly. He was rather tired and may have dozed off for a few moments. At any rate he was aware of a key turning in the lock and Ruby tiptoed into the room still wearing the rubber catsuit she had shown him earlier but with the addition of elbow length rubber gloves.

She carried a hood similar to his, she then smiled as she slipped it over her head and asked him to zip it up. She fitted his hood on him, and the couple looked at there reflections in the mirror. Two anonymous figures completely covered in black rubber. She led him over to the bed where they lay, with the rubber surfaces squeaking occasionally with their writhing movements as they caressed each other, she slid herself down the front of him and began to lick and suck his cock thru the rubber and slowly massage him with until he came, then she massaged his cum around to make it nice and slippery. 

He relaxed enjoying the sensation for a few moments then licked his way down to her rubber covered pussy which was already nice and slippery under the tight rubber, it wasn't very hard to find her clitoris under the rubber as it was standing out proudly. He began to suck it thru the rubber and with his thumb he began it push it into her cunt which pulled the rubber tighter against her already excited clitoris, she began to moan and squirm under the workings of his mouth and thumb.

By this time there was plenty of her juices so that he could move the rubber around her pussy with ease, slowly he made little circles around her clitoris while every once in a while sucking very hard on her clit until she was gasping in air very hardily, he liked the way her breasts especially her hard nipples rising and falling faster and faster, she then threw back her head and came screaming. 

After they caught their breath she pulled herself on top of him and started to rub her crotch back and forth with the slipperiness of the rubber they came once more very quickly, she then rolled off him and they kissed and held each other, occasionally stroking and caressing each other. He grinned to himself under his rubber hood thinking his boss will find that he will have to return to this town for more business quite often in the near future.


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