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Rubber Submission

by Nightwish

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© Copyright 2004 - Nightwish - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; latex; bondage; cons; X

Rubber Submission by Nightwish
A man applys to an ad for a paid 'donation' and gets more than he bargained for.

I was reading a rubberist magazine when I first noticed the ad. It seemed a little unusual for an advert for sperm donors to appear in such a publication but, since other equally absurd ads can appear in sexually oriented magazines I thought little of it. What did catch my eye, however, was the fact that the donors were to be paid a fee, for each time that donated, if they were found acceptable. I went to the E-mail address listed in the ad and filled out the rather lengthly and odd  questionaire and simply let it slip my mind.

After about a month I recieved a reply in the mail stating where and when I was to show up for my appointment. I was fascinated. The day finally arrived and I went to the designated address. It didn't seem unappropriate that it was for eight o'clock in the evening, as many of the participants would probably be at work during the day, but the building was not at all what I expected. It was a two story ranch style home that could have not looked less like a medical building, except for a miniscule plaque next to the door. I ascended the steps and rang the bell. I was greeted by an older gentleman who asked my name. When he was satisfied that I was expected he pointed to the staircase and said I was to wait in the first office on the right. I proceeded to the second floor and opened the door to find a very traditional looking doctors office. Everything was in perfect order as I investigated the documents on the wall, and an unusual lot they were. Degrees in medicine, psychology, and exudent outstudies (whatever that was). The doctor certainly had been well educated. A few moments later she entered the room.

Her persona dominated the office immediately. She was very attractive and formal looking. Her hair was pulled back which gave her a severe contenance, and the dark rimmed glasses led one to believe she was indeed astute. She wore a white labcoat over a black turtleneck, and what looked like high black leather boots with a modest heel. She introduced herself as Dr. Louise Rankin and held out her hand. I took it hesitantly as she had on surgical gloves, and I knew the handshake would be an instant turn on for me. She explained a little of what her work was about but I seemed not to hear her until she told me to go behind the curtain and change, and then meet her across the hall.

As I heard her close the door I swore I heard a faint chuckle, but dismissed it. I took off all my clothes and was pleased to find that the gown was not one of the usual kind that gave you a draft in the back. It was odd, however, as it seemed to have snaps everywhere. At any rate I slipped it easily over my head and found it came to my knees. I stepped into the provided paper slippers and went across the hall. As I entered the next room, I again was taken back. This room was unusual too, although it was clinically white the lighting seemed subdued. There were various unrecognizable objects stored in a large glass case on one wall and a large mirror on two others. 

The doctor then came over and turned me around, removing a small portion of the back of my gown. (now I knew what the snaps were for) She attached electrodes for my heartrate and respiration. I thought it was a little unusual for these to be attached to my back but after all she was the doctor. In the center of
the room was a most strange examination chair. It looked more like something out of A sci-fi movie. It was heavily padded and allowed the occupant to sit almost upright with his legs slightly parted and raised. It was obvious that it was for me so I sat in it. I immediately noticed that it was covered in rubber! The doctor began talking but I was lost in my own thoughts until I realized she had tightened wrist restraints on me! They followed by ankle restraints and I began to get nervous as she explained that this was necessary due to the unorthodox methods she used in her work. She left the room and told me her assistants would be in shortly.

I had little time to concentrate on my fate before they entered. They were the most unusual of all. Two very tall women came into the room. They looked like nurses but on closer inspection their outfits were unbelieveable. They wore long red rubber gloves that covered their arms and red latex stockings with white high heels. Their uniforms seemed to be made of rubber too. I was about to ask a question when one of them produced a rubber ball gag and put it securely in my mouth fastening it tightly around my head. They stood on either side and undid the snaps on my gown to my waist, baring my chest. Their red hands began to slide up and down eroticlly stopping to play with my nipples. I immediately began to feel my erection rise. They undid more snaps until there was only a small section right over my crotch, as their rubber digits explored my legs and thighs. Finally they took away the last piece and let my rigid member loose. They seemed very pleased. They removed the section from behind me and I felt myself melt into the warm rubber backing. I noticed to that the monitor on my vitals had increased dramaticly. The pair stood at my feet and unzipped their uniforms to reveal only a red rubber waist cincher underneath.

The taller of the two began to touch the other one, gently stroking her breasts and kissing her neck. She let her hand travel down between her legs and gently parted her lips, toying with her clit. I didn't think I could get any harder but I seemed to while watching this display. The two looked at me with some concern. One went to a drawer and produced a small black ring. I hoped it was not what I thought it was but it was not to be the case. While one firmly held my engorged member upright the other slipped the ring to the base, virtually preventing me from orgasm. One began to gently stroke my penis while the other removed my gag and inserted her firm breast instead. I was delerious with pleasure. She got up on the chair and leaned her vagina into my face, pulling me towards her sex so that I could use my tongue. The second girl was busily assuring that I stayed as rigid as possible by exploring my body.

Finally, when the one girl seemed satisfied she dismounted the chair and both walked over to the glass case. Upon their return my gag was replaced. One held a pair of rubber clamps which (as I feared) she placed on my nipples. The other one had chosen a rubber cat o' ninetails whip that looked to be made of rubber. She began to strategicly hit me, not hard but with just enough force to make it uncomfortable. This continued for some time with one using the instrment while the other concentrated on soothing the previously affected area with her latex touch. My attention was so drawn that I had not noticed that the doctor had returned. She gained my attention only when she ordered them to stop, and remove the clamps. 

My eyes watered as the circulation returned, but I could see that the doctor had changed. Her hair was flowing free over her shoulders and her glasses were gone. She was wearing the same boots but they were now fully visible and came up to her thigh. She wore a supple leather bodice that covered her from the top of her neck to her crotch. She also wore long black leather opera gloves covered with her surgial latex ones. I realized she was wearing the same outfit all along but it had not been visible. She said something to the 'nurses' and they came and stood on each side of me and removed the cockring. It seemed impossible for me to contain myself any longer so I was ecstatic when they rested their hands on me once moore. One nestled my testicles and massaged them gently while the other deftly wrapped her latex fingers around my penis and began to stroke. Slowly at first and then harder and with determined rhythm. 

The doctor had been keeping an eye on my signs and knew exactly when to step in, putting a glass tube to the head of my organ just as I exploded in an incredible climax. They 'milked' me for several minutes until they felt that I was completely exhausted. After the nurses left with my 'sample' the doctor released my restraints. She said I was an excellent subject as I was led back to the office, and implied I might be asked to come back.

I was thrilled but I wasn't sure I was physically up to it. She came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my chest, letting them slowly glide down between my legs as she kissed my neck. I began to feel stirrings in my loins and she and I both knew I would return. 

As I dressed she commented that next time the 'treatment' would have to be a bit more intense to achieve the same reaction. I was about to ask her what she meant by that but she had gone, leaving a check for the amount promised in the ad. Leaving the house I hoped it would not be too long before I got another letter. I continue taking my vitamins in hope that I'll be 'up' to it.


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