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Rubber Spelunker

by Latexx

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© Copyright 2007 - Latexx - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; latex; outdoors; bagged; cons; X

The rain started shortly after 8 p.m.  George turned on his computer and searched for the weather forecast. 

Two days of rain, it said.  Ideal.

He went to his rubber wardrobe and started dressing.  First a pair of latex briefs with a detailed attachment for the penis and balls and a thin, long rubber tube at the tip.  Next a thin rubber suit with an opening in the crotch.  He pulled the tube and his private parts through the opening.  Then he pulled a latex mask over his head; the mask had a soft gag, with a breathing tube through the center.

Next came a second rubber suit, much thicker than the first one and double-walled, with attached rubber boots and gauntlets.  The penis tube plugged into a receptacle in the right leg, which let to an outlet near the heel of its boot.  Then a second rubber hood, double-walled, with three short tubes sticking out: two went into his nostrils, the third one connected to the breathe-through tube of the gag.

Lastly George struggled into a pair of heavy black rubber overalls and a very heavy black rubber trench coat. 

Over his head went a motorcycle helmet and around his waist a wide rubber belt with a lock. Now he inflated both the second rubber hood and the second rubber suit.  The inflation valves had locks on them. George put the keys for the valves and the belt on the dresser and looked at himself in the mirror.  The second rubber hood filled the space between his head and the helmet so that he could no longer take off the helmet without the key.  He could move fairly well, but without keys he could not take off the coat or deflate the rubber suit underneath it.

He clipped two water-proof flashlights to his belt and put two items into the pockets of the rubber coat: a thin rubber tube that he could attach to the mouth tube to drink water and the keys to the shed and the motorcycle.

George went outside, locked the house and got on his motorcycle.  It was dark and raining hard, but he was warm and well-protected inside his rubber cocoon.  The streets were deserted, but the ride still took two hours.  He arrived at the piece of land he owned and parked the motorcycle in the shed and locked it.  A few yards away was the cave entrance.  It was well hidden underneath dense bushes.  He entered and turned on one of the flashlights.

Crawling down the narrow passageway for several minutes he found the tunnel.  It was already half flooded.  Wading through the water he came to the dip.  Now he had to dive into the water and swim.  The other end the dip opened into to the hall, a magnificent cavern the size of a two-story house.  He directed the flashlight around the cavern and found the rubber float he had made the year before, large inner-tubes glued and strapped together.  A heavy rubber bag was on the inside, with its bottom glued to the inner-tubes. 

Carefully he slipped into the bag, zipped it up and turned off the flashlight.  George was now in complete darkness, floating on the rising water, completely encased in nothing but rubber.

Now came the waiting.  If the weather forecast was correct, the water in the cave would raise about half-ways to the ceiling.  It would be impossible for him to leave through the dip, he would be trapped in here until the water receded.

He slowly masturbated through the many layers of rubber.  Then he fell asleep.

When George awoke he unzipped the rubber bag and fished out the flashlight, directing it upwards.  The water was half-ways to the top.  He got the rubber tube out of his pocket, attached it to the breathing tube and drank some water.  Then he put the tube and flashlight away, zipped up the bag and masturbated.  It was dead-quiet. 

After several hours and three orgasms he fell asleep again.

When he woke up for the second time he could almost touch the ceiling of the cave.  George had miscalculated the intensity of the rainstorm.  If it went on much longer he could easily drown.  So he lay back in his rubber cocoon and began to masturbate again.  What a way to die, he thought, happily encased in rubber. 

George had no idea what time it was or how long he had been in the cave.  He had several orgasms and after each time he turned on the flashlight and checked the ceiling.  The water level no longer changed.  Either the rain had stopped or he was in an air-bubble.  Then he fell asleep again.

When George woke up the third time the water had receded.  He waited for hours, masturbating almost nonstop now. 

Finally he felt the inner-tubes touch bottom.  He unzipped the bag, swam through the dip and crawled to the opening.  It was the middle of the day, the rain had stopped and the sun was very hot.  Sweating, he rode home and found he had been in the cave for 30 hours.  A new record.  George dropped onto the bed and masturbated one more time.




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