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The Rubber Sorority

by No One

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© Copyright 2001 - No One - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/m; latex; bond; fem; nc; X

The Rubber Sorority by No One 2001

Part 1: The Delivery

Ted was running deliveries for Hot Pizza Pie on Halloween. He couldn't believe his dumb luck being scheduled to work on one of the biggest party nights of the year. He lived in a big college town and he attended some classes at the University. Ted was what you might call a working class student. He worked a ton of little jobs to put himself through college. All his efforts, however, had yielded few results. He didn't have much of a social life, his grades stunk and he was always broke. To add insult to injury he was just dumped by his girlfriend. He fumed over his situation as he waited for the next order to be prepared.

"Hey, looks like your lucky night!" exclaimed Buddy, Ted's co-worker.

"How's that?" Ted replied.

"You get to take this order over to the Delta house!" Buddy said, handing Ted the order ticket. Ted couldn't believe his ears. The sorority sisters of the Delta house were the hottest women on campus. Just one look at them was enough to make you want to blow a load in your pants and this being Halloween meant that they'd be parading around in a bunch of slutty outfits getting ready to party. Ted smiled.

"I'm already there!" Ted said hurriedly, grabbing the pizzas and heading out the door.

Ted raced in his little car to the Delta house. He kept thinking of Carol, a girl that he had in one of his classes. She was a Delta sister and she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She always got the attention of the room when she walked in, always wearing sexy outfits and having an air about her that told the world she was in charge. Oh, to only get to touch her would make Ted the happiest man alive.

He pulled up to the house. Many of the windows were lit up with Halloween decorations and lights. There was a pseudo creepy feel to the place. It was an ancient house and on a night like tonight it really looked spooky. But Ted knew what was inside, a treasure worth a thousand horrors. Ted, with pizzas in tow, rang the doorbell. There was a ruckus behind the door. He heard girls laughing and carrying on, music played loudly. The door flung open and Ted almost dropped the pizzas. Standing at the door was a tall girl, wrapped in a black rubber body suit. Her brown hair was teased out and wild looking. She was made up heavily and looked like a vampire. Her green eyes flashed and she smiled.

"Ah, the meal is here!" she said. She stood there for a moment and looked at the boxes. Ted snapped out of his daze and realized that he needed to give her the pizzas. He handed them over. She opened the box.

"That'll be...." Ted began to say. She cut him off.

"No charge!" she yelled. "There's anchovies on this pizza! WE DIDN'T ORDER ANCHOVIES!!!!!!" She threw the box down and glared at Ted. Other girls, each dressed in provocative costumes came to the door to see what the commotion was all about.

"What's wrong?" asked a blonde girl who was dressed like an S&M version of Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ.

"This asshole brought us the wrong pizzas!!" the Vamp said loudly. "We are starving and need to eat before tonight’s fun. Now we have to wait to get what we wanted. WE CAN'T WAIT!!!"

"I'm sorry," Ted said meekly. The Vamp grabbed him by the arm and dragged him into the house. She pushed him into the hallway and pointed at the phone.

"You call your boss and get this fixed NOW!" Vamp screamed. The girls had fallen silent at this. Ted picked up the phone and dialled. He felt terrible and very embarrassed. Screwing up like this in front of all of these hot women made him ashamed. The phone rang and rang. No answer. Finally the line picked up. It was the answering machine! The lines were busy and he couldn't get through. He gulped. How was he going to explain this?

He turned to the Vamp who was watching him closely. He tried to give her a weak smile. "Line's busy! I'll have to go back to the shop and get the pizzas I guess!"

The Vamp grabbed Ted by the collar. "No way, asshole. You aren't getting off that easy. We're going to have to have our Administrator decide what to do." She shoved him further down the hall. Now the girls began talking excitedly. Ted didn't know who this Administrator was, but it didn't sound good.

The Vamp and Ted came to a large wooden door. She knocked and there was a muffled response. The Vamp opened the door and shoved Ted in. Ted was stunned at the sight he saw: there was the woman of his dreams, Carol. She was towering standing in front of a man who was in a vacuum bed. The black latex of the bed cocooned the man in and revealed every inch of him. Carol was wearing a tight pink knee length rubber skirt and a tight rubber crop top. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She recognized Ted immediately. "You're the perv from my history class, the one that is always staring at me!"

"And now he's the fucker that messed up our dinner plans!" the Vamp exclaimed. Carol turned to her victim in the vacuum bed. She stroked the man's cock and smiled. The man moaned, but the sound was muffled. He was gagged. Carol turned to the Vamp and Ted. She gave Ted a cold stare and a smile. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her body. She strutted over to them.

"Eyes up here," Carol snapped, grabbing Ted's chin and raising it sharply, "or down there." She forced his face down to the ground. He shook. This was not going as well as he hoped. Carol's tone was stern and icy. She smiled at his timid reaction.

"So what do we do with him?" the Vamp asked. Carol looked over her shoulder at the man in the vacuum bed.

"Well, we already have one asshole paying for a transgression, so we'll have to come up with something else for this one," Carol sighed. Ted looked at the man in the bed and gulped. They were going to do something like that to him? He jumped for the door, but the Vamp stopped him dead in his tracks.

"Oh, that's just going to make things worse," Carol said. In a lightning quick move Ted found himself with both hands handcuffed behind his back. The Vamp chuckled at his predicament.

"Where should we take him?" the Vamp asked Carol.

"Take him to the Attic," Carol commanded. "Since this is the time for dress up, I think our pizza boy should get to join in on the fun."

The door to the room opened and a couple more sorority girls entered. One was dressed up like Catwoman, the other was dressed up like Batgirl. Both wore rubber costumes. They grabbed Ted's legs and hoisted him up. The Vamp grabbed his arms and they carried him out of the room.

"I'll be right up as soon as I'm done here. Make the necessary preparations," Carol ordered. The three sisters took a struggling and helpless Ted up stairs. They passed a number of sisters getting dressed up. Not too surprising by now, all of their costumes were made of rubber, latex or PVC. They all called and whistled at him. He couldn't believe this was happening. He felt so humiliated and ashamed and it turned him on. He was hard as a rock and shivering.

The trio arrived with Ted at the Attic.

Part 2: The Attic

Catwoman, Batgirl and the Vamp took Ted into the Attic. He looked around at the vast space and was shocked. Instead of the usual musty old attic that you see in movies, this Attic was a space aged wonder. The walls were a luminescent red, the floor was tiled red as well. Along the walls were dressers and racks. One the racks hung sorority paddles. Instead of being lacquered wood, the were coated in rubber with the letters of the sorority emblazoned in metal on them. In the middle of the room there was what looked like an exercise chair and a rubber cross. The girls took Ted over to the cross and un handcuffed him. Before he could make a break for it, the girls cuffed him to the cross. Despite his arousal, Ted protested.

"Please, let me go," he begged. The Vamp slapped him across the face.

"Shut up, slave," she hissed. She retrieved a pair of scissors from one of the racks and began to cut his clothes off. Ted made a whining noise about this. The Vamp motioned to Batgirl. "Get a gag."

Batgirl returned with a ball gag and popped it into Ted's mouth. She buckled it around his head tightly. It hurt his jaw it was so tight. Soon the Vamp had cut away all of his clothing. She stepped back and admired her handiwork.

"Wow, all of that pizza delivery really put a set of muscles on you," she commented. Ted struggled at the bonds, but to no avail. "I'm gonna mark those muscles up real good." Ted watched the Vamp go over to one of the racks and select a whip. Catwoman was stroking Batgirl the whole time. They were turned on by this. The Vamp turned to the pair.

"Blindfold him," she said to Catwoman. Catwoman got a rubber blindfold and wrapped it around Ted's eyes. The last thing that he saw was the Vamp uncoiling a nasty looking whip. Ted moaned as his world went dark.

The whip snapped through the air. Ted's skin lit up in fire at the kiss of the whip. He yelped into the gag. The blows were slow at first, but then the intensity picked up. Blow after blow fell, each one harder than the first. Ted's world became one of pain and pleasure. He danced against his bonds. His cock throbbed, ready to burst. A lash hit near his package and he came. He yelled into the gag, cuming furiously. The whipping stopped. He collapsed against the cross. Never had he experienced such pleasure.

"That was quite a show," he heard Carol say. He snapped to attention, startled that she had entered the room without him knowing. 

"You made quite the mess," she breathed into his ear." 

Ted groaned, knowing he was in more trouble. He felt the gag being removed. He worked his mouth to relieve the soreness. His bonds were opened and a collar was snapped around his neck. There was a lead attached to it. A sharp tug on the lead made him kneel. "Now clean up your mess," Carol barked, tugging on the leash. Ted crawled forward until she stopped him. She forced his head onto the tiled floor. He could smell his cum. "Now get to it!!!"

Ted snaked his tongue out and began to lap up his own cum. The taste was awful, but he obediently licked it up. He heard applause all around him when he finished. "Okay sisters. let's make Ted one of us!" Carol said loudly. The leash was pulled up sharply.

Hands grabbed Ted and he was hauled up. He couldn't tell how many women there were in the room, but it sounded like a lot. He felt a cool lather being put all over his body. Razors began to remove his hair at a break neck speed. He didn't have hardly anytime to react to them removing all of his body hair. A jet of water rinsed him off and soon he was totally, except for eyebrows and eyelashes, hairless. The naked sensation ran over him like electricity.

Before he could totally savour the new sensation, he was doused in a cloud of talcum powder. He was covered in the fine powder an he wasn't sure why. Soon a tight rubber garment was pulled up his legs. It was a pair of rubber leggings. The material crushed his body, forcing it into a new shape. A slimy cold butt plug was jammed into his ass, making Ted cry out. This was met with a rubber hand across the face. They took his erect cock and stuffed it into a rubber sheath. The sheath was attached to his stomach.

Next a rubber corset was slapped around his chest. The girls took their time in lacing it up, thankfully. His torso began to take and hourglass shape, his waits being cut down half a dozen inches. Ted could breath, but only barely. The sisters put fake tits into the front of the corset. They eventually finished with the corset.

A rubber mistress’s dress was pulled over his head. The dress was ankle length and was very constrictive. They got it over his body and arms with some tugging and effort, but at last the dress was on. It's tightness restricted his cock against his chest even further and shoved the butt plug up his ass even more. Ted was lost in this new world. The blindfold was removed. He tried to open his eyes, but a tight rubber hood with a gag was forced over his head. It had lenses on it and nose holes, but that was it.

"Let's have our new 'sister' see herself," Carol said sexily. Ted was pushed around, unable to move on his own to face a full-length mirror. Although the lenses restricted his vision, he could still see the reflection quite well. There he....she? was, a curvy babe in tight black rubber. Ted came again at the sight and then almost fainted. Carol stroked his contained package. "Oh, 'she' likes it!" Carol cooed. Ted was in heaven.

Carol fastened a posture collar around his neck. She hooked a leash onto the collar and led him over to the chair. He was able to make only small steps. One of the sisters hit a button on the chair and it straightened out into a bed like configuration. Carol pushed him into the chair and strapped him down. She crawled on top of the prone Ted and began to grind on his trapped cock. Ted sprang to life, totally aroused by the tight rubber, the bondage and the vision of the hottest girl in school, Carol, bring herself to pleasure on this bound form, while her sisters cheered her on. She soon orgasmed and got off of Ted.

"Now, we have a party to attend. You enjoy your time alone, okay?" Carol huskily whispered to Ted. She reached under his ass and pushed something. The butt plug sprang to life. It was a vibrator. Ted was hard again as the plug buzzed inside him. Carol Wrapped a blindfold over his eyes, and laughed. Soon the room was empty and the only sound was of the vibrator and Ted moaning in ecstasy....

To be continued soon.


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