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Rubber Slave

by tied_inhogtie_inlatex

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© Copyright 2003 - tied_inhogtie_inlatex - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; kidnap; slave; nc; X

Rubber Slave by tied_inhogtie_inlatex INVISIBLE RUBBER A story from Kinky magazine #9    (1976)
It all started one day when my wife and me decided to call it quits and a month had passed now. My wife and I use to play heavy latex and bondage games and was missing the fact that I had no one to share my latex bondage fantasies with. Well one day I was about to walk into one of the local bars, when I noticed a jaguar go past the bar and park up the street. I stopped at the door and watched as the car parked about a block away from the bar, so I stepped away from the door and watched the car. To my amazement this beautiful woman stepped out of the car, she was about 5 ft 8in and she was wearing a tight spaghetti string top that had a v between her breasts. In addition, she had on tight leather pants. 

The breasts were about the size of a d cup, she had long blonde hair, and she looked like she was 18 from the looks of it. Now I am standing by the door smoking my cigarette when I see her cross the street, not taking my eye off her and she started to walk towards the bar. When she got close, she saw me looking and smiled and I smiled back, then I told her that she had a very nice jag. She stopped and said, “Thank you. I just got my drivers license last week and my father bought me that car.” I said, “Well you are very fortunate to have such a giving father.” 

Now I had some money myself but nothing really major to brag about, I had saved my money for years and bought myself a hummer. Now when I am talking to her, I am picturing her in some severely tight latex and bound immobile to do as I wish with her. Now I figured she must have liked me, cause she was talking with me and I got the sense that she was kind of flitting with her body. I told her that her car was very nice and then I pointed over to my hummer and said, “But I still would not trade my hummer truck for anything, not even for a jag.” 
She said, “Awwwww I love hummers, my dad had one but sold it. I loved when we use to go 4 wheeling.”
So I said, “Well I’m not going to bite, would you like to go 4 wheeling, I know the best place to go.”
She gave me a big smile and said, “Yeah why not, I’ve not had any fun like that in along time.”
She told me that she wanted to take her car home though. She said, “Follow me and I will drop my car off and then go with you.”
I said OK. She got in her car and I hopped in the hummer and followed her to her parent’s house so she could drop the car off. I parked the truck behind the bushes so if her parents looked out they would not see my truck. She ran down the driveway and got into my truck.
I said, “Ya ready to hit the trails?”
She said, “Lets go rip some mud!” And I took off heading for the trails. 

While on the way I asked her name, she told me it was Alicia I said beautiful name. Now while I was on my way to her house I was thinking of ways to kidnap her and have her as my personal latex sex toy. I had rope in the back of the truck, some rags and a can of either. I could use that to put her out and then tie her and take her to my house so I can prepare her before she wakes up. So I decided to hit the trails near my house so I would not have far to go. We hit the trails for about an hour and a half and I stopped in a secluded area and told her that I had to take a leak. She said OK. So she got out of the truck as well and was looking into the woods, she yelled over to me and told me that she was going to do the same, that gave me the chance to get the either ready to get her to my house.

Now I am in the back of my truck, got the rag OK now I got the either and I drenched the rag with the either and waited for her to return. She then came out of the woods and came to the back of the truck and gave me a big smile and said she was having a blast. And I was thinking to myself that oh you’re going to have a lot of fun in about an hour and a half! Then she turned away from me, that's when I jumped up and wrapped my arm around her. I shoved the rag into her face, she tried to scream but the rag covered her mouth and after she breathed back in she got the full force of the either and she went limp in my arms. I held the rag there for about 15 seconds more to make sure she was not faking. I pulled the rag away from her mouth and slowly set her on the ground she had a very beautiful body and I knew that my latex would fit nicely on her. Since my ex wife had the same build but a little smaller then her. 

Next thing I did was grab the rope from the truck. I had about 6 separate lengths of 15 ft of rope each, so first thing I did was tie her elbows tightly so they were touching. I was amazed in how flexible she was, after cinching off the elbows I tied the wrists together, next came above and below the knees, then the ankles and then next I picked her up and set her in the back of the hummer. I grabbed her legs and tied the last piece of rope to her ankle rope and then to her elbow rope putting her into a tight hog-tie. She was still out cold and I was very excited that I have an attractive girl to train as my personal slave. I grabbed a roll of electric tape out of the glove of the truck, grabbed her hands and taped her hands in tight fists so her hands were useless, then I wrapped the remainder of the tape around her eyes so she had no sight. Now I was ready to leave for the house. I picked everything up and closed the back door to the hummer, got in and started to head for the house. Going back out the trail another 4x4 passed me and I was thinking to myself that was a close one, so I quickly hurried back to the house and pulled into the garage and closed the door. Whew, I am in the clear. OK lets get this sweet thing into my house and get her ready, bringing my either and rag in as well,

I gave her one more dose of either to make sure that she was still out cold. Then I headed down to the fully equipped dungeon (the basement) and grabbed a chastity belt with 2 large vibrating plugs, then I grabbed the latex corset, a full latex catsuit with hands and feet and hood with no eyelet's or mouth hole, just 2 hoses for the nostrils. I also grabbed a heavy leather head harness; an inflatable gag with a blindfold installed on it, 8 leather belts and a full sized latex arm binder. Then I started to venture into the living room, she looked so good tied the way I had her, but she was going to look much better when I was done getting her attire on. I grabbed a pair of scissors and started to cut off her clothes, she won’t be needing these anymore. Then to my amazement, I found she had a pair of latex panties on. I giggled to myself and said hmmmm I know how to pick them. Well anyway, I went and I cut them off her as well. 

I got up and went into the bathroom to get the talcum powder, now here she is laying there on her stomach, tied in a tight hog-tie. I go and untie the rope to her feet and the elbows and lower her legs down. Then I untie the ankles, then the knees. I roll her over on her back and start to rub her legs not a hair in sight on her legs or on her tight looking snatch. Now I grab the chastity belt and fasten the belt around her waist leaving the crotch piece to fasten. Next, I get the butt plug on the chastity belt, I get some spit on my finger and lubricate her tight bum hole, I do the same to the butt plug and start to guide it in. It was tough at first but shortly after it went right in. Then I grab the other plug and slide it deep into her awaiting pussy. I grab the strap and pull tightly making sure that there is no slack left in the leather belt and I lock it in place. Next, I grab the latex catsuit and put it next to her, I get the talcum powder and start to apply it to her extremely soft skin. Making sure I use plenty and enjoying the soft touch of her skin. Next, I grab the feet and carefully start to apply the feet on making sure there are no wrinkles in the latex what so ever; the latex fits so nice and tight on her feet. Doing the same, I start to pull the catsuit up and get it above her knees, having some trouble due to how tight it was on her skin. I pick her up and hold her up pulling the catsuit up to her waist. Then I set her back down and apply 4 belts to her ankles, above and below her knees, then at her thighs making sure they are as tight as I can get them. 

Now it is time to untie her arms, but first I give her a 3rd shot of either to make sure she does not awake on me. Now I start to untie her arms. Once untied I start to apply the powder to her upper body and breasts, then I realize I forgot to get the leather breast cincher from the collection. I run downstairs and grab it from the supplies and then am back up to where she lies on the floor. I grab the cincher and start to apply it to her breasts, placing the leather around her breasts making sure it is tight and making her breasts stand up. I roll her on her front and attach the leather belts to her back side pulling them tight and locking them with the small padlocks, then I roll her back on her back, making sure the center belt is pulled tight and locked. Her breasts are now locked and jutting out, they looked so good and I caress them making her nipples hard. Her breasts are turning a slight shade of red but nothing severe. Next, I grab her arms and put them out to her sides, pulling the catsuit up, I realize I have to un-tape her hands. So, after her hands are untapped, I grab the powder and coat her arms with it, then her breasts. I pull the catsuit up and I grab her left arm and start to put her arm in, rolling the sleeve up and putting her hand in the gloved hands. 

Once done, I do the same with the right arm, now her arms are covered in tight latex. I can’t even pinch any latex on her it is so tight. I roll her on her front side and start to zip the suit up, now all wrinkles are pulled out, her front and the d cups on the catsuit pull tight around her breast. Now her upper body is encased in tight latex. Now for the gag, I grab the gag from the floor. First I install the rubber bladder into her mouth and fastening the belt to the back side of her head, followed by the chin strap making sure it is pulled tight. Next, I grab the built in blindfold, cover her beautiful green eyes, attach the belt, and lock it into place. I grab the forehead leather strap and pull it tight and lock it into place. I grab the other and bring it down the back of her head, pull it through the head strap and fasten it to her gag strap. Now she is fully gagged.

I grasp the bladder pump and start to inflate the bladder watching as her cheeks start to bulge and the gag straps start to tighten on her face, when complete I close the valve at her mouth and pull the pump away. Next, comes the built in mask, I pull it over her head making sure the nose holes are in place, I grab the zipper from the top of the mask and pull it tight locking it to the back zipper of the catsuit. I make sure the metal ring to the head harness is through the hole in the mask for later use. Now it is time for the corset. I pick up the corset, place it next to her flat on the floor and then roll her over onto the corset, then pulling it the rest of the way so she is centered in the middle. I start to run the heave nylon string thru the eyelet's once done with profession, I pull the corset making her waist 3 inches smaller than what is was. Next came taping her hands back into fists. 

Once done, I grab the arm binder and start to apply it to her arms. I got the belts attached to her shoulder and around the bottom of her neck. I zipped the arm binder up tight. It had 4 built in straps at the top of her arms, at the elbows, then at the forearms and then the wrists. I start at the top of the arms, pulling the strap to guitar string tightness, then following with the others, afterwards locking them into place. Next came the 2 belts wrapping them around her arms and her body pulling her arms tight to her body and locking them as well. I have 2 more belts left, realizing I did not grab enough belts to finish my bondage on her, so first I use the other 2 belts. I grab the first belt and attach it to the belt in front of her that's holding her arms, turn it so it is flat and guide it through her crotch bringing it up through and under her arm binder and back up to the top of the arm binder. I attach it to the buckle pulling it tight pushing the plugs deeper inside of her, and forcing her arms down tight. Next I grab the last belt and attach it to her ankles, bringing it up to the arm binder again and fasting it to another buckle in the middle of the arm binder 
pulling it tight forcing her legs up and almost touching her arms, then locking both belts off. 

Now she looks so nice there latex head to toe, tied severely tight in an almost finished hog-tie. I get up, go down to the basement, and grab a remote control and 2 more belts to finish off the position. Before going to her, I go to the bathroom and grab some smelling salts so when I am finished I can awaken her. Now I come out of the bathroom and set the 2 belts next to her. I grab the next belt and decided to open the back side of her mask and attach the belt to the back side of the head harness gag, then reclosing the mask and locking it into place. Next I grab the belt and bring it through a d ring on her arm binder and attaching her head to the arm binder, I pull back to where her head is pulled back quite far, then fastening the belt. Then with the last belt I loop it off on her d ring atop her head feed it through and then grab the buckle and pull it tight making her head face even farther up and retighten the lower head belt as well as the crotch belt. 

I sit back and enjoy my work looking at this now latexed slave of mine, forever to be my latex bondage queen. I sit down in front of her and break open the smelling salt and letting it quickly pass by the nose holes of the mask, her head twitches and she is now awake and confused and unable to move all but her toes. I hear her make small and quiet mews through her gag, wondering where she is and how she got to where she is unable to see and move, bound tightly as she is in tight latex. Then I grab the remote and turn it on high, I watch her beautiful body twitch and try and squirm, her head moves from side to side as both plugs vibrate deep inside her. Then I say her name loudly, “Alicia.” She tries to move her head in my direction but it’s bound tightly. I tell her, “I hope you had fun 4 wheeling, cause that is the last time that you will ever have freedom! You are my personal latex bondage slave, you will be tied, and in latex for the rest of the time you are with me until I decide to auction you off or not. But that will be many years down the road. I am happy to see that I have a latex bondage toy again but this time a permanent one.”

She is breathing extremely heavy through the hoses. I tell her “you have to trust me,” then I grab the nose hoses, she is fighting for air and trying to squirm, “it is all about trust and that you will learn to have in me.” She is fighting so hard to get air again, I watch her buckle and struggle against her bondage and I can imagine her eyes are rolling to the back of her head. I let go of the hoses and air rushes in and she breathes greedily to get her air back. I roll her on her side and feel her crotch as the annoying but satisfying plugs buzz away inside her. I start to play with her jutting breasts, she moans, struggles, and whimpering like a lost puppy dog.
“Money is not a matter to you any more, bondage is your currency and I shall pay you in severe instalments!” 
So, I stand up, grab the belt to her head, pick her up, and listen to her try to scream. I take her into the bedroom with me and tell her that I am going to go to bed and you are going to be at my bedside bound the way you are until I awaken and figure out what I am going to do with you.
“Good night Alicia and enjoy your immobility well see you same spot on the floor in the morning.”
(To be continued)


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