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Rubber Revenge

by Greyrose

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© Copyright 2002 - Greyrose - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; FM/f; latex; bond; machine; rubberdolls; kidnap; cons/nc; X

Something Special Boutique - Rubber Revenge

The door opened and a figure stood just outside. It turned and gestured to two more figures a short distance away.  They paused for a moment, then the first figure stamped its foot and pointed into the building. The two figures scuttled inside, shrinking as they passed the other.

The first figure followed the other two more leisurely, and closed the door behind it. "You two Ninny's!  I told you if you act like your doing something wrong, somebody's bound to come looking!"

"But Margo, we are doing something wrong!" One of the still crouching figures hissed back.  The other nodding her agreement in the darkness.

Margo planted her fists on her shapely hips and glared at her companions, "We are not!  I have the key to the door!  And anyway we're just borrowing some stuff so that I can teach that Bitch a lesson!"

The two figures begin to relax and look about them as they continue the discussion, "All right Margo, we've followed you this far so will you finally explain, where are we and what are we going to do to Becky?"

They had begun to slowly move across the room following the single beam of light that Margo's flashlight cast in front of them.  The two girls following closely upon the taller girl's heels.

"Crissy, I told you before that Becky needs to be taught a lesson.  I will not stand for her stealing MY boyfriend!" Margo huffed.

With a puzzled expression, the Crissy asked, "But Margo, didn't you break up with Mark a couple of weeks..." When with a squeal the third girl grabs at both Margo and Crissy, causing them both to jump.

"Over there!  There...  There's... people watching us!" She points to a corner over to one side.  In the dimness cast by the light splashing against the floor, they could see 3 figures standing deathly still.  Slowly Margo raised the beam of light till they could see the bizarre figures before them.

Each figure gleamed in the dim light, standing ram rod straight, totally immobile.  Thick, wide black rubber straps held each figure to a thick pole keeping each form totally immobile.  But the straps were dull and did not cause the gleams.  Each figure was covered in glossy latex.

The first one was a rubber nurse, dressed in a pale blue gown tightly stretched across her body, with a white apron as well as white gloves and stockings all following the skin tight nature of the dress.  Upon the figure's feet resided pale blue ankle boots with 6" heels.  Also white was the perky cap sitting atop the pale blue hood that covered the entire head of the nurse, with holes for the nose and lenses covering the eyes.  The second figure was dressed in much the same way as the first except that it was a latex maid, with a tightly stretched black uniform with white extras.  The third figure was the most bizarre of all, it was all in skin tight black latex with bright red gloves, boots and helmet.  The boots started with a pointed toe and a 9" heel, and ran all the way up the leg to the hip, each curve of the leg could be easily seen through the thick latex.  The gloves were without any fingers, just a blunted end covering the hands.  The hood presumably had some openings but they were covered by wide black latex bands buckled over the eyes and mouth.  From the nose ran 2 tubes, down and around to the back of the helmet.  Behind the figures were some packing box's with the logo 'Something Special Boutique' plainly displayed.

At first sight each girl stood frozen with the fear of discovery, but after a moment Margo let go an almost explosive sigh of relief.  This caused the other two to jump and turn to her.

"These are why we are here, my girls.  We're going to do something  special to that bitch Becky!" Margo purred.

"Margo what are you talking about?" Crissy whispered.  "Who are they and what are they doing there?"  Again the third girl nodded her support, unseen in the darkness.

"Crissy, Mandy I want you to see them up close," Margo says as she walks towards the latex bound trio.  As the other two tentatively follow they begin to understand that none of these figures are alive.

Margo stops between the latex maid and the bizarre figure on the end, turning she places a hand on each shoulder.  "These are both the reason we are here and why I have the key to this store.  These, my dears, are rubberoids, life sized dollys!  But as you can guess they are not any old toy for children, at least little ones." giggle "No these are the toys of adults wanting to play all kinds of kinky games.  And this is what we are going to do to Becky!"

Mandy says, "What, we are going to dress her up in kinky clothes?  What kind of revenge is that?"

"Right Margo, I don't understand what it is that you mean to do," adds Crissy.

Chuckling Margo strokes the red and black latex next to her, "If either of you looked closely enough you would notice that there are no ways to remove these garments from these rubberoids.  They are sealed into them with no way out!"

"You see the old biddy that runs this shop designed this weird machine to make latex clothing to order and form them around the bodies of these rubberoids.  That way any of her customers can have the play toy of their fantasies courtesy of special order.  My Daddy owns the company that helped build the machine for the old biddy, and they also help her maintain it.  So for emergencies they have a key and I was able to get the key from their files."

"What we are going to do is grab Becky and put her into a Latex Love Doll Suit of my own special design and take her to a Fraternity party that I know is happening tonight.  After they've had their way for a few days, then we can let her out.  And warn her if she ever comes near another boy on campus, she'll get the same thing only worse!"

Crissy and Mandy both start giggling along as they follow the devious plan of their leader.  Both look forward to treating the lovely and popular Becky so roughly.

Suddenly Crissy stops and asks, "Alright that sounds wonderful but how do we do all this without getting ourselves recognized?"

Margo stops stroking the erotic latex figures and turns smiling to her friends, "That is another reason why we are here! Now follow me."  With that she turns and walks into the next room, taking the light with her.

The curiosity of the two brought them along behind, and they saw this large machine with a conveyer leading into it.  To one side they could see a number of undressed rubberoids.  Margo made straight for what looked like the control panel of the machine.

"Alright Margo what now?" Crissy asked, watching with unease the machine lurking to one side.

Without lifting her head Margo replied, "Now the two of you strip and lay down on the conveyer."

Both Crissy and Mandy both yelp with surprise, and protest this decree of Margo's.

"Stop it both of you!" Margo silences them both.  "I first thought that we could use some of the regular stuff from the store but there were two reasons why that is a bad idea.  First they are from the accounted for stock and if anything happens to them they're disappearance would be noticed.  Secondly, and more importantly, I need a few trial runs to make sure that I can do exactly what I want to do to Becky."

"Any further arguments?" Margo asks, her gaze daring either of them to open their mouths.  Reluctantly the two girls slowly disrobe and lay down on the cold conveyer belt.  Several moments pass and finally Crissy raises her head to ask a question when Margo presses the final button making the belt move.

Just as a set of arms reaches down and pulls Crissy into the machine, she sees a figure on the stairs behind Margo.  Since no one has stepped forward to demand they explain themselves, she passes it off as another rubberoid.

There are several minutes of hissing and chshunking.  Despite Mandy's very obvious desire to be anywhere else her devotion/fear of Margo keeps her pinned to the conveyer belt waiting her turn.  Finally the belt moves forward and Mandy is grabbed by the machine.

Again there are several minutes of hissing and chshunking and then the machine grows quiet.  Margo begins to get worried about why her friends have not returned to where she waits, and starts looking very closely at the machine.  From her close study she notices that there is a chute leading into the outer room.

Returning to the other room Margo calls out to Crissy and Mandy, flashing her light over the room.  It is only after several passes that she realizes that where there were 3 figures earlier, there are now 5.

Rushing over to the corner she sees her two friends tightly banded to poles holding them in place.  She can now hear each of them 'mmphing' to her.  This was all the noise that they could make past the gags that Margo had included into their outfits.  The sounds were so soft that she had to be within a few feet to be able to hear them at all.

"Well here you two are!  Do you know how worried I was when you didn't tell me where you were?" Margo teased them.  "All right, I know I did not tell you about what I had chosen as your outfits for tonight, but I felt them appropriate.  Crissy I'm tired of your always questioning everything I propose we do, so I decided to take advantage of this opportunity.  Mandy, well you rarely question my choices, but since you are so quiet normally, I didn't think that you would really notice. Besides I needed to practice that option for when we do this to Becky."

Pausing to let the two bound girls grow tired of their grunting at her, Margo takes in their newly shaped forms.  Each girl was dressed totally in black latex.  A single piece cat suit from the built in boots with 6" heels, to the sealed over helmet with openings at the nose for breathing, and the mouth, with a built in gag strap.  The gag was one that was built into the suit but it could be unlocked, and left to dangle but could not be removed from the suit.  Over the eyes were lenses to prevent anyone from seeing what color they were.  Each and every bit of their outfits was black, even the locks on the gags and the straps holding the gags as well as other intruders lower down.

Two items changed their silhouettes that neither bound girl had been  told of.  The first was that Margo had added greatly to their bustlines.  Each was now a generous 'D' cup, the latex falsies standing firm and proud on their stringently presented chests.  This addition was made all the more startling by the built in corsets that reduced their waists by several inches.

As she stood there looking them over, making no move to free them, each girl began 'mmphing' again.  Margo had to admit that the two of them looked very erotic in their latex suits and straps.  Finally she shook her head and said, "All right I know you want free, so be quiet."  Each girl quieted and struggled to regain their breath.

"Oh and one or two more things, first off each of the 'intruders' that I've chosen for you are held in by locked straps.  And only if you keep me happy and don't do anything stupid will I 'remember' where the keys are!" Each girl began grunting wildly at her, struggling to free themselves of her imposed choices.

"Well if your going to be that way about it, I'm going to get dressed myself and then we'll be off.  Just you two wait, I'll be right back."

They grunted at her and once again struggled uselessly against their unyielding latex bonds.  "Oh don't worry I'll make sure that the automatic banding is disabled before I start my program."  And with that closed the door behind her.

Returning to the machines control panel, Margo takes her time modifying the design of what the other two are wearing.  She decides to by-pass the internal prods leaving the locked access straps in.  Of course she removes the gag, as someone needs to be able to give orders!  Another change is the height of the heels, 6" heels combined with her 5'9" height would make her stand out too much.  So she opts for more normal 3" heels.  Aside from these the only other adjustment she makes is to disable the auto-pack subroutine. This part she triple checks to make sure that she will not be bound to a post like the others were.

Finally satisfied she removes her clothes and sets the program for a 30 second delay.  After which she quickly lays down on the belt and waits for the machine to start.

Just as she is about to get up to check the controls, the belt jerks into motion, causing Margo to grab it.  She forces herself to let go of the belt just before the arms reach down and drag her inside.  At this point the system pauses for a moment, the control screen's list of selected options changing subtly.  After only a few seconds the process continues normally.

After a few minutes the machine quiets and a panel over near the chute leading to the other room opens.  Inside Margo's latex covered form is stretched along a wooden pole, unbound.  After a few moments she stand's up, though all her movements are very stiff from the thick and heavy latex bonded to her body.  Several minutes pass as the latex softens from her body heat and she gets used to moving in both her new latex skin and the towering 6" heels.

It was when she first began to move about that Margo realized that the prods that she had thought to have deleted from her selections had indeed been installed.  When she reached down to release the straps that kept them in place for the other two, she found nothing to open to remove the intruders.  Bothered by the unexpected intruders shifting within her, Margo is half way to the control panel before she realizes that the heels she is wearing are 6" high.  It is a very annoyed Margo that returns to the control panel. After careful examination she finds several annoying mistakes.  First that she had deleted the locking openable straps not the intruders.  The other being that the machine did not have an option for heels less than 6" high.  Finding herself undecided weather or not there was enough time to run herself through the machine a second time and remove the unwanted prods, the machine entered a cleaning/restock subroutine that would take over an hour to complete.

Margo cursed the machines designer and shrugging her shoulders, moved off to the other room to collect her co-conspirators.

Margo had not taken the time to look at herself in a mirror so she did not understand the vision that she presented to Crissy and Mandy.  What they saw was a towering figure of glossy black latex with dramatically large, firm breasts and a tiny waist approaching them.  They struggled in fear and whimpered into their gags.

Being focused on finding something to cut the latex straps that bound them to the pole, Margo was not paying attention to their reactions. It was only after she found some cutters and began to cut them free that she noticed their condition.

"Oh you Ninnies!  It's just me, Margo.  I'm getting you free so that we can go get Becky.  Now just shut up and let me work."

It was a shock hearing her voice coming from this exotic sexual creature, but they were both relieved to know it was her and that they would soon be freed.

Not being able to tell them apart, due to their identical costumes, Margo just picked one and released her first.  It happened to be Mandy that took the first steps of freedom and almost collapsed from the effort of moving in the heavy latex and towering heels.  Margo caught her and helped her move about.  When she was sure her friend could manage on her own, Margo turned to the remaining bound form.  Though Crissy was more athletic, she also needed help moving at first.

Watching the two of them moving about, Margo realized that she had done too good a job.  The unbroken smoothness of their latex skins combined with their now staggering curves, made for a sight that would stop traffic for miles.

"You two keep on getting comfortable moving around, we need a few more things."  With that comment, Margo left them and entered the front part of the store.

By the time that Crissy and Mandy were used to moving around in their new skins, they had found the probes getting interesting.  As they walked about, the latex skin pulled the rubber intruders this way and that, causing them very interesting sensations.

Before either one of them could be overcome with interest in these new feelings, Margo returned with an armful of black latex.  She handed each of them a latex trenchcoat saying, "I think that we need these to help make the image perfect."

As Margo, Crissy and Mandy, buttoned and belted their coats, they discovered new levels in restriction.  Each found the latex of the coats heavy and tight, giving them new feelings of ....  Something that each liked but would not yet admit to.

Leaving everything tightly secured, Margo gathered up her companions along with some remaining latex items and left to acquire Becky.

* * * * 

Upstairs eyes watched the car carrying the 3 vengeful girls drive away. Turning, Mrs. Cartright patted the new monitor in her office.  She had originally wanted one up here to work in quiet and to be able to see what the system was doing without the long walk.  Only its first day and it has been useful in ways that she had never thought of.

Sitting at her desk, she quickly checked a number and dialed the phone. "Hello Mr. Bond? How are you this evening? And how is your newest rubberoid doing?"

". . . ."

"That's wonderful to hear.  I know it is late and that you probably have plans, but I just came up with 3..  No 4 more rubberoids in the same series as your latest one.  Would you be interested in any of them?"

". . . ."

"Wonderful, could you come over now?  I know its an imposition, but I think that I will need your help with this batch."

". . . ."

"Splendid I'll see you then."

* * * * 

A car pulls into the alley behind the shop, stopping close to the door.  Three trenchcoated figures climb out, two going to the trunk, the other going to the door.  From the trunk is pulled a weakly struggling form, the door is held open as it is carried inside.

Once inside the door is relocked and the entire party heads for the  machine room.  There the lights are turned on by the tallest of the three women.  One of the carriers grunts at her.

"Oh Crissy, don't worry.  I noticed last time that there are no windows in this room.  Now put her down over there," Margo points at a spot near the conveyer belt.

Margo, Crissy, and Mandy stand looking down at their victim.  Becky has been bound with rubber straps, each tightly knotted, over what looks like a wet towel.  Other straps keep wads of rubber stuffed into her mouth and cover her eyes.  Feeling herself on a hard cold floor, Becky rolls onto her side and tries to curl up, sobbing from fear.

"That's right Bitch, cry!  You'll pay for stealing my boyfriend!" Margo growls.  Then she moves over to the control panel of the machine.

"Perfect it has finished its cleaning routine.  Remove the towel, but leave the straps on.  Hurry!  I want her on the belt NOW!" Margo commands.

It takes Crissy and Mandy a few minutes to get the towel free without letting Becky lose as well.  As they prepare her for the machine, Margo works on inputting her costume design for Becky.

"Tight and thick, yes...  make the corset tighter...  make this part red...  this one too....  change this...   put bumps and stuff on the inside of this...  and finally lots and lots of boning!  Once this is on her there's no way that she will be able to move any part of her body more than a few inches in any direction!"  Looking up from her work, "Do you two ninnies have her ready yet?!"

Margo sees that Becky is just now being placed on the belt, with a figure on either side holding her struggling form in place.  She notes that her 'slaves' have removed their coats, probably to handle Becky more easily.

"Good, now here we go!" Starting the program, Margo walks over in time to see the machine place Becky's form on a rubber sheet deep inside itself before the doors close.

As Margo follows Becky's progress through the machine, both the other latex clad women are busy with thoughts of their own.  Crissy watches Margo and the control panel, probably thinking of ways to get revenge on bossy Margo.  Mandy has taken a few steps back and is quietly but furiously working on an orgasm, rubbing her crotch and working her breasts as best she can. Finally the machine finishes and Margo can hear Becky's form being deposited with the other bound rubberoids.  Margo and Crissy quickly cross over into the next room, neither noticing that Mandy is not with them.

As they approach the newest rubberoid, Margo raises the beam of her flashlight to see her creation.  What they see is very much like one of those blow up latex love dolls advertised in the papers, but there are some amazing differences. First off instead of an imitation flesh tone skin, this one has glossy black latex over most of its body, its breasts, lips, pussy lips and the ring of its ass are all an intense red.  Also inside this gleaming latex skin is a living woman, the only part of her that shows she is not just a doll are her eyes.  Their frantic movement can be seen quite clearly.

Margo smiles and walks closer, "Let me see if my 'special enhancements' are properly installed."  Walking right up to Becky's helplessly bound form, Margo looks her victim straight in the eyes as she licks two of her fingers and slides them up between Becky's pussy lips.  With a soft groan from the bound rubberoid, her fingers slide in effortlessly.  As Margo's fingers rudely explore into her helplessness, Becky's eyes flair wide and beg her tormentor for mercy.

"Perfect!  Just the way that I wanted it to be." Margo chuckles. Crissy also comes forward and caresses Becky's helpless form.  As she squeezes and strokes the new rubberoids body, Crissy notices that the red latex over the breasts is very thin.  Feeling impish she reaches out and strokes Becky's nipples, and watches as they grow stiff from her touch.  Becky wails as Crissy cruelly pinches her sensitized flesh.

Margo picks up the cutter that she used to free Crissy and Mandy earlier, Crissy seeing this hummed a question.  "Oh don't worry my girl, I want to see if everything else came off as well.  She won't be able to get away, trust me."

The look Crissy gives Margo, shows how much she now regrets trusting the taller girl earlier.  But she stands back and watches what happens next. Becky sees the cutter and hopes that she will be freed of the awful pole that holds her so completely immobile.  Margo cuts the band that holds the rubberoids hands pined, and the arms immediately snap forward. Becky groans from the returning circulation and tries to flex her arms, but they refuse to move.

As Margo moves upward to release the strap on Becky's upper torso, the arms pop forward yet again.  Now the rubberoids arms look as if they are holding an imaginary lover, with one hand at about shoulder level the other at about the waist.  Becky once again tries to move her arms, and this time she is almost able to straighten them before they snap back into position.

Quickly Margo cuts the remaining straps and lays Becky's rubber entrapped body on the floor.  Crissy steps closer and gives an impressed "Hmm".  For Becky is now flat on her back with her arms still curved in front of her, her fingers fused into a smooth curve and held there with the same stay's that lock her arms into their position. Becky's legs are also laden with stays, they are spread wide and bent at the knee. This leaves the toes just touching the ground and gives total access to both of her lower openings.

Margo reaches down and rolls the rubberoid over so that she is now supported by her knees and her forearms.  This shoves her ass high in the air and makes it beckon for someone to come play.  Becky's efforts prove worthless, and she begins to understand exactly how trapped she now is.  She moans with despair.

Margo laughs at this, "Don't worry Becky...   or should I say Dolly? We'll take you to some boys that will know just what to do with you! Then we'll come back in the morning and see if they will let us have you back."  Turning away, "Come along slave, we have more to do."

Crissy glares at Margo's retreating back before following along, her rage impotent until she can get the drop on the bitchy Margo.

Once back in the other room, Margo strides to the control panel and starts to program the new outfit she has in mind for her 'Mistress' persona, the one that she will use to deliver the Becky rubberoid doll to the fraternity house.  It is only after she is almost finished with her adjustments that she notices Crissy watching her movements.  With a shiver, she understands what her rebellious companion has in mind for her.

"Oh no!  No Crissy, you will not get away with taking control away from me!  This is MY night and I'll have the last say."  With this she grabs Crissy, who struggles hard, but with her additional height and being able to breath more easily, Margo subdues her in no time. Thinking quickly, and grabbing a nearby harness, Margo is able to strap Crissy's hands behind her back.  Taking the larger double loop of the harness and putting it about Crissy's shoulders, Margo is able to pull her friend's hands high up her back.  Noting how the red rubber of the harness is set off by the black rubber that is acting as skin for Crissy now.

Dragging Crissy to her feet, Margo pulls her over to the post at the bottom of the stairs.  Hanging from there are several collars and leashes.  Margo chooses a red one with a 4" collar and forces it about Crissy's throat.  The height forcing her head to look upwards and keeping it from moving in any direction. Margo decides to deliver a few hard swats to the exposed bottom cheeks of her prisoner, before returning to complete the programming for her 'Mistress' attire.  In her excitement having forgotten about her other companion, Mandy.

Once back at the control panel, Margo rechecks her work so far.  The cat suit she is currently wearing will be replaced by a pair of crotch high boots (black), a pair of latex panties with studs (green to match her eyes), a bustier that left her midriff bare (also green), latex gloves that reach up to her shoulders (black), a tight hobble skirt (the trench coat had given her some interesting ideas)that zip's up the front (black), and a helmet that covers everything of her head except for her mouth and chin (green).

Before she places herself on the conveyer belt, Margo makes sure that the auto-pack function of the machine is once again turned off.  That confirmed she steps over to the belt and lays down.  Having only given the machine a 15 second delay it begins to move before she can become nervous. As happened last time she entered the machine, just after the doors close upon her, the programmed routine pauses.  This time instead of small changes, her 'Mistress' program is replaced by the latex love doll program used on Becky.  And then there is an additional pause as several of the options are modified.

At the bottom of the stairs, Crissy hears Margo start the program and struggles furiously to free herself.  But as she had discovered just moments before, the latex binding her is far stronger than she is. Panting heavily from her rage and her exertions, Crissy pauses to get her breath back.  This leaves her eyes loosely focused on the darkness at the top of the stairs.  Her eyes go wider than they have ever been before as she sees forms descending towards her.

* * * 

Margo squirms furiously as she impotently fights the heavy latex bands that hold her immovably to the pole.  On the floor beside her Becky's struggling has flipped her onto her side, from where she can see Margo completely.  Somehow knowing that her new companion in bondage is her enemy Margo, Becky begins to laugh.  In her struggles she has seen that she now possesses red breasts, and seeing the bound figure next to her she understood that her tormentor is now to share the same fate as her victim. Hearing the sharp report of high heels coming her way, Margo pauses to regain her breath.  Thinking that she knows who it is that approaches with the flashlight, she prepares herself to apologize and act contrite.  As yet she hasn't realized what she is wearing. The figure stops a few feet away, the beam of the light flashing first over the Becky rubberoid, then the Margo rubberoid.  Then the beam rises to illuminate the figure's face.

"Surprised?"  The face is a total stranger, a lovely older woman still in the prime of her beauty.  Raising her voice, "Mr. Bond, if you would be so kind?"

The lights of the room came on, causing the darkness adapted eyes of Margo and Becky to wince.  By the time they could see comfortably, the woman had been joined by an older man with two helpless captives in his wake.  She could tell which one was Crissy because she could still see the red harness and by the red collar and leash.  Crissy was now sporting a blindfold and a set of very short hobbles.  The other one could only be Mandy, at first it appeared that she no longer possessed arms.  It was only after she stumbled and flailed with her bound arms that Margo could see that they were welded into a single tube of rubber.  Mandy was also wearing a blindfold and short hobbles.

"My dear next time you decide to steal a key, use it the same day.  I have been almost living here waiting to see if anyone would use it," The woman told her.  Now she had a name, this was Mrs. Cartright the owner.

Margo groaned. "Yes, it was reported to me two days ago when I placed a work order for my machine.  Now young lady, what are we to do with you hooligans?  While you may not have broken in, you have entered without permission, stolen hundreds of pounds worth of rubber, placed undue wear and tear on my equipment, as well as causing me excessive worry."

As she speaks, Mrs. Cartright walks about each of the 4 girls, as if she were sizing them up.  "Now I believe that you owe me a great deal of money.  I do not choose to honor the credit of thieves, so I will only take cash.  I also know that you do not have the amount that I demand you pay, since I've already confiscated your clothing and purses."

"Hmmm, now what do you suppose that leaves?"  She glances from bound form to bound form.  The man is standing quietly to one side watching with great interest and amusement, as if he already knows the answer but is enjoying the journey to it.

With a smile the woman continues, "It leaves the four of you working it off!  As of this moment you are all stock in my store!"

This pronouncement triggers frantic struggling in each of the girls. Margo is totally helpless and her efforts yield the least.  Becky thrashes wildly and is able to roll back and forth, but the effort quickly exhausts her.  The struggles of Crissy and Mandy cause them to fall over, each though is caught and lowered to the floor safely.  From here each of them has their leash pulled back and run through a ring on their bound hands and tied off on the hobble chain.

The man turns to Mrs. Cartright, "I noticed that you made some changes in the second run of the love dolly.  Would you care to share what they were?"

"Certainly Mr. Bond, the girl here had some good ideas, but forgot to think about what to do if you choose to leave your dolly dressed this way for any length of time." As she says this the two step over to Margo, who fails to understand what they mean. As Mrs. Cartright's hands reach up, Margo's eyes follow her every move, causing her eyes to cross as Mrs. Cartright manipulates something in the bound girls mouth.  With a twist, the red tube that filled Margo's mouth is removed.

Suddenly realization hits, "GHOOOO!  OOOOOOOO!"  She now understands that she is now a latex love dolly, with all her openings propped open for anyone to use.

Quickly Mrs. Cartright shoves the tube back into Margo's mouth.  "Well that was unexpected.  But you noticed how easy it was to return it?"

"Yes indeed Mrs. Cartright, I would have thought it much harder judging by her reaction."

Chuckling Mrs. Cartright replies, "Yes that was rather intense.  But you see the secret is the rubber wedges installed between her teeth.  They serve as a two part safe guard.  One is to insure that there is no problem in returning the latex sleeve, the other one is to prevent her from doing any damage to anything that might be placed inside that sleeve.  Such as something you, my dear, might just have."

Both chuckled at her comment, then Mr. Bond offered Mrs. Cartright his arm and the two walk back towards her office, leaving the new rubberoids to themselves.

"Mrs. Cartright, I've got a wonderful idea.  I'm not sure that I can truly appreciate having all these rubberoids for myself.  What if we were to throw a party and raffle one of them as the door prize?  There might just happen to be a few buyers there to take the others off our hands, and mayhap a few opportunities for more rubberoids in this series as well."

"Why Mr. Bond, are you suggesting a partnership?" asks Mrs. Cartright.

"My dear lady, I do believe that I am."  And with this, they turn off the light and close the door


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