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Rubber Retirement

by Latexx

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I had been with the same company in Cleveland for 37 years when they offered me early retirement.  I was only 56 years old, but I took it.  After all, being single and having led a simple life, I had saved up more than a million dollars. More importantly, I wanted to have more time for myself.  You see, I am a rubber fetishist.  While I was working, the only thing I lived for was the evening and weekends, when I could be in my house and don my rubber garments.  Over the years I had acquired more than 300 of them.

So, when retirement came, I enjoyed it.  I spent all day - and sometimes all night - dressed up in rubber.  If you think that’s weird, switch to a different channel.  For me, being dressed up in rubber is heaven. But the one thing that had always been lacking was a woman.  When I was in rubber I always fantasized about being the captive of a rubber mistress.  It had to be a women - entirely clad in rubber - who dominated me.  One who would mercilessly rape me or tie me up.  Even a women who simply liked being dressed in rubber and wanted to have sex with me would have been welcome.  But I never found one.

I then I saw the advertisement for a rubber party in Germany.  It said that all participants had to be clad in rubber head to toe, no other materials were allowed.  That was for me.

I arrived the day before and checked into a hotel within walking distance of the house where the rubber party was to take place.  The next morning I took a stroll to check out the place; there was a lot of activity, but no people in rubber yet. In the evening I got dressed for the occasion: a rubbersuit with a crotch zipper (in case I got lucky), long flesh-colored latex gloves, black rubberboots, a green latex jumpsuits and a rubber raincoat.  I put the room key and a black latex hood in the pockets of my raincoat, took the service stairs and started walking.  I had never worn rubber in the street, but I figured this was worth the chance.  As I approached the place I pulled the latex hood over my head.

There were about 150 people gathered, all properly clad in nothing but rubber.  I walked around, got a drink and made some small-talk.  Then, after about half an hour, a woman tapped on my shoulder.  “You are an American,” she said in a strong German accent.  She was tall, very shapely and wore a tight-fitting, bright-red rubbersuit.  Like all the other people, her head was covered with a latex hood, only this one had the appearance of a woman’s face and a wig was attached to it.  She stood in tight-fitting, high-heeled rubber boots and her arms were sheathed in long latex gloves.
“Yes, I’m American,” I replied.

“My name is Gertrude,” she said and I introduced myself.  “I would like you to meet my partner Brunhilde,” she continued and steered me over to a corner.  Brunhilde was a tall and powerfully built woman and wore a yellow latex pant-suit.  When she shook my hand her grip was so strong I spilled part of my drink.  Brunhilde also wore a latex hood which had the intricate details of a face and short, tousled hair.  It was only when the two of them talked that one noticed the faces were not their own.

They wanted to know all about me and I felt flattered.  Had I been into rubber long?  Yes, all my life.  Where did I live?  Cleveland.  Did I have lots of rubber?  You bet, 312 garments at the last count.  Did I have my own place?  I described my house to them.  How could I afford to buy a house and such a large collection of rubber garments?  I told them that not only did I own a house and the garments, but had managed to save up a tidy sum.  More than a million dollars in fact. Yes, I was a fool.  But put yourself in my shoes (or boots).  This was the first time in my life I had a conversation with anyone about my love for rubber.  And I was talking with two rubber-clad women who were interested in me.

“We have a place about an hour from here,” Brunhilde said, “we would like to show it to you.  If you have the time, why not spend a day or two with us?”

“That would be terrific,” I said, “I have all the time in the world.”

“Do you have a car?” Gertrude asked.

“No, I don’t.”

“Are you staying at a hotel?”

“Yes, I found one within walking distance.”

Gertrude whispered something in Brunhilde’s ear.  Brunhilde thought for a moment and then said, “Why don’t you check out of the hotel tonight and we’ll drive you to our place.  No need to spend money on a hotel room when we have plenty of room.”

During the conversation I had been getting an erection and by now it was so huge it showed despite the thick rubber overalls.  The two women nudged each other and Gertrude said, “Why don’t we get our coats and leave now.”

In the car Gertrude sat next to me in the rear, put her hand into the pocket of my raincoat and grabbed my erection.  “We’ll park in the back of the hotel.  After you get out of the car, take off your hood, go up to you room using the back stairs, take all your things and leave the key in the room.  Don’t check out, we’ll do that later by phone.”

I did as I had been told, I was glad I didn’t have to face the hotel clerk in my rubber gear.  I packed my two suitcases and went down the back-stairs without meeting anyone.  The trunk of the car was already open.  For reasons I still don’t understand I pulled my latex hood back over my head before I stowed the suitcases and slipped into the back seat.

“No problems?” Gertrude asked.

“No problems.”

“Good.  We’ll stop at a phone both now.  You call the hotel, tell them that you had an emergency and had to leave unexpectantly.”

The phone booth was on a dark street.  They both got out of the car and Gertrude squeezed into the booth with me, holding my erection again.  The clerk at the hotel made a remark that they would have to charge me for the night.  I said that was quite alright and would he please put it on the credit card. Back in the car Gertrude started to massage my penis in earnest, but as soon as I got close to an orgasm she stopped.  “It’s about an hour’s drive,” she explained, “and I don’t want you to come until we get there.”

Brunhilde, driving fast now, asked, “Is there anyone you should call?  I mean do you have any relatives or friends that need to know of your change of plans?”

“Not a sole, I am completely on my own.”

We arrived in a small town.  There were no street lights so it was difficult to tell where we were.  Brunhilde pulled into a garage but I did not see what kind of a building we were in.  “Leave you suitcases in the trunk for now, we’ll give you a tour first.”

We stepped into an elevator but went down, not up.  When the door opened I looked into a large dungeon.  There were dozens of strange contraptions and several prison cells; three of them were occupied by rubber-clad people.  Brunhilde unlocked two of them and a man and a woman stepped out.

“At the present time Gertrude and I have three rubber slaves,” she said.  “Johann here has been with us the longest, about ten years.”  Johann stepped forward and bowed.  He was in a heavy rubbersuit and over it he wore a thick rubber straight-jacket.  His feet were in hip-high rubber waders and his face was covered by a gas-mask.  “He is a sadomasochist, he likes to rape rubber-clad women but he also loves to be tied up in rubber and used by Gertrude and myself.”

“So would I,” I blurted out.

“We gathered that,” Brunhilde said and pulled forward one of the women. She was wearing a silver rubbersuit and her hands were tied behind her back.  Over her head she wore a thick rubber hood with a gag.  “This is Nora, she is a masochist, bisexual and a terrible nymphomaniac, aren’t you my dear?”  Brunhilde pushed her rubbered finger into the crotch opening of Nora’s rubbersuit and Nora started to moan immediately.  “She needs about 20 orgasms a day, Johann provides about half of them.”

Gertrude opened a zipper in Johann’s waders and out popped his rubbered penis.  Nora automatically spread her legs and bent down.  Brunhilde grabbed her head and pressed it into her own crotch.  Gertrude guided Johann’s penis into Nora and then moved behind me and put her hands into the pockets of my raincoat.  She gently massaged my bulge and whispered into my ear, “Just hold on a little longer, we have something special in mind for you.”  I was ready to explode.

After they both had come, Brunhilde went to unlock the third cell.  “Come over here,” she said to me, “I want you to meet Fran.”  Fran was tied up in a rubber bag on a bed, her head encased in a thick rubber hood with blindfolds and a gag.  “She is a true rubber fetishist and is happiest when she is tied up in 20 or 30 layers of rubber.”

“How long does she stay tied up?” I asked.

“Oh, about ten hours at a time, usually all night.  During the day she cleans the house and the rubber garments for us and cooks the meals.”

We walked to a another cell and Brunhilde opened the door.  “Have you ever experienced virtual reality?” she asked.  I shook my head, looking at the easy-chair in the middle of the cell and the rack of electronic equipment.  “Well now, it’s about time you did.  Take off your coat, jumpsuit and boots.” 

I started undressing, with Gertrude’s help.  The rubbersuit I was wearing had a molded attachment for the penis and balls, with the tip open but covered by a condom.  Gertrude looked at my huge erection.  “Well, this will do just fine.  Take off the condom and put this on instead.”  It was a thicker condom with a rubber tube attached to the tip.  While I was rolling it on she put a long, thin rubber tube into my mouth.  “Swallow,” she commanded.  At the same time Brunhilde opened the back-zipper of my rubbersuit, reached way down, inserted a plug into my anus and pushed its attached rubber tube where it came out of the rubbersuit next to my penis.  Then she zipped my suit back up.

Gertrude now left the cage and came back with a thick rubbersuit with attached rubberboots, rubber gauntlets and a large helmet.  I stepped into the legs and slid my arms into the sleeves while they pulled my rubbered penis and balls and the rubber tubes through a crotch opening.  Then they attached the tube I had swallowed to a plug inside the helmet and fit the helmet over my head.  I was now in complete darkness and rubber pressed against my entire head.  They sat me down in the chair and put straps around my boots and gauntlets.  For a long time nothing happened.  I could not hear or see anything.  I desperately wanted to have an orgasm but I couldn’t even do it myself.  Then suddenly an image appeared in front of my eyes and I could hear sound.  A woman, clad head-to-toe in rubber, was tied to a machine.  A mechanical dildo moved in an out of her vagina and she moaned, twisted and struggled in her bondage.  The image was three-dimensional and I felt as if I were sitting right in front of her.  As she had several loud orgasms in succession I desperately wanted to come myself.

For the next few hours I was transported to several other rooms, always filled with rubber-clad people fucking, sucking, massaging, squeezing, whipping, torturing, raping or masturbating.  My rubbersuit inflated itself periodically until my entire body was under tremendous pressure.  Several times I was given an enema; I could feel a liquid flowing through the stomach tube and I began to feel drugged.  I was close to losing my mind when suddenly I was looking down at myself.  My hands were resting on a small table which had been moved over the easy chair.  Brunhilde came into view; she was now wearing a thick black rubbersuit with a stern-looking mask.  She pulled up a chair and sat down.

“There has been a change in your plans, you are not going back to Cleveland.  We have decided that you will make an excellent rubberslave.  But first we need to clean up your affairs.  There is your house, which needs to be sold and your rubber garments which we want to have shipped over.  And then there is the money in your bank.  Frankly, we need it to support us.”

“Now, you can do this the easy way or the hard way.  If you cooperate I will give you an orgasm right now.  If you resist the stimulation will continue indefinitely.”

“Do it,” I screamed into the helmet. I saw Brunhilde push a button and I was transported into a rubber bordello.  My head was clamped between a rubber-clad woman’s legs and somebody massaged my penis.  I came within seconds.

Brunhilde appeared again, this time I was inches away from her rubbered face.  “Let’s get down to business,” she said, I have a lot of questions for you.  She wanted to know the address of my house, instructions how to get there, the layout of the house, where the rubber was located, if I had contact with any of the neighbors, if I had a burglar alarm, in which bank I kept my money, if I corresponded with anyone.  The questioning went on for several hours. When she was finally finished she said, “Alright, I will let you rest now while Gertrude and I prepare the forms for you to sign.”  The image in front of me went dark and I immediately fell asleep.  Hours later I either had a dream or I awoke, I was unable to tell.  I was in the dungeon and a rubber-clad woman sucked my penis.  I had a massive orgasm and then fell asleep again.

Then I awoke for real.  Both Brunhilde and Gertrude were in front of me.  “We have two documents to sign for you,” Brunhilde said.  The camera looked down on me and focused on the document, a power of attorney to sell the house.  I signed it as best I could with my hand in the heavy rubber gauntlets.  Then came a power of attorney to liquidate my bank accounts.  I signed it too. The image went blank again.  After a while I felt the straps being undone and hands lifting me out of the chair.  Someone took off my helmet and for a brief moment I could look around.  But then a different helmet went over my head; the stomach tube went through a gag, which was placed in my mouth and only my eyes were not covered by the rubber cushions inside the helmet.  Breathing tubes went into my nostrils and through the gag into my mouth. 

I was made to walk and then the image appeared again and I saw myself in a cell, supported by Johann and Nora, with Brunhilde and what I assumed to be Fran standing around a rubber-covered bed.  Brunhilde attached a device with wires around my private parts and then all four of them squeezed me into a rubber bag with more wires and rubber tubes and put me onto the bed.  My arms were in inside sleeves and I could not touch my penis.  The bag was strapped down and the rubber tubes and wires connected to outlets at the foot of the bed.

“OK,” Brunhilde said, “run the test program.”  Johann went out of sight and I could feel my rubbersuit and the devices around my cock and balls inflate.  Then various parts started to vibrate and move, as if a thousand tiny rubber-clad hands were massaging every part of my body.  My penis was moving in and out of a rubber vagina and within less than 30 seconds I had a shuttering orgasm.

The camera now focused on Brunhilde.  “Gertrude is on her way to Cleveland.  It is now Monday, 10 a.m.  We should hear from her tomorrow morning after she has gone to your house and inspected it.  She will then pack up all your rubber and have a shipping company pick it up.  Then she will contact a real estate agent to put the house on the market and go to your bank to have all of your money transferred.  This should take two days, so we expect her back Friday morning.  Until then you are going to remain tied up here.  But don’t worry, we will give you plenty of entertainment.”

I was looking down at myself, tied up in a rubber bag.  I could feel my rubbersuit, the contraption around my penis and balls and the inside of my helmet inflate and an enema start.  Then it felt like hundreds of rubber-clad hands were massing my entire body.  My penis was being alternately stroked and sucked.  It was a weird feeling, looking at myself from above.  I could see nothing happening but I felt like a dozen rubber-clad women were devouring me.  I had an incredible orgasm and seconds later everything went dark.

This pattern repeated itself over and over again.  I was kept in darkness without any sound or movement for perhaps an hour and I usually fell asleep.  Then a new image appeared, always different and increasingly erotic.  At first there were real people, then they were computer enhanced or perhaps entirely computer generated.  Women with very large breasts and tiny waists, often in bondage which would have been extremely painful for a real person.  And they wore tight-fitting and very shiny rubbersuits which had no openings and came in an enormous range of colors.  In each scene I was first the observer and then, after about 15 minutes, one or several women would turn toward me and either rape or suck me.  As soon as I had come, everything went dark again.

After about 20 such episodes the sound came on but no image.  I was hearing Gertrude call from Cleveland.  “Everything is going according to plan,” she said, “I am packing his rubber now and I have appointments with a real estate agent this afternoon and with the bank tomorrow morning.  I should be finished by tomorrow afternoon and I will catch a flight back on Thursday.  How is our new rubberslave doing?”

“He can’t talk right now,” Brunhilde answered, “but I think he is enjoying himself.”

After this I lost all sense of time.  I was awakened perhaps 50 times and each time the action became more erotic.  Several times the spectacle lasted much longer and, while I was watching the action, an incredibly sexy, rubber-clad woman massaged my penis and balls, but each time I was ready to come she stopped.  Only at the end did she finish the job.  I was hot and swimming in sweat, but I felt very comfortable.

Then, finally, I saw myself from above again.  Gertrude was in the cell.  She disconnected the various wires and rubber tubes and then removed my helmet and gag.  “Welcome back to the real world, rubberslave,” she said.  “I am going to let you out of the bag now and then you can take a bath.  Afterwards you can sleep, with me.”

I was dazed and weak.  She removed the rubber bag and the penis contraption, pulled my gag and the feeding tube out of my mouth and helped me walk to a bathroom.  “Take off your rubbersuits inside the bathtub and wash them and yourself thoroughly.  Take your time.  Then dry yourself and put on the rubber outfit that’s laid out for you.  My bedroom is through the second door.”

An hour later I felt refreshed and clean.  I dried myself and donned a latex hood, latex gloves and a rubbersuit with a crotch opening.  I rolled a condom over my again erect penis and went into her bedroom. She lay on the bed, wearing a rubbersuit identical in color to mine, her face and hands also covered in latex.  It occurred to me then that I had never seen her face, nor had she seen mine.  I lay on top of her and she inserted my penis into her.  She held my balls tightly in her rubber-clad hands and wouldn’t let go.  I tried to fuck her, but she tightened the grip so I couldn’t move up and down.  “I want to sleep now,” she said, “with your cock inside me.  Don’t move, just go to sleep.”

That was more than a year ago.  My rubber garments arrived and I was installed in my own room.  It is a small but comfortable place, with a soft rubber-covered bed and adjoining wardrobe and bathroom. Every morning after breakfast I submit to Brunhilde for several hours of bondage.  Usually Johann and Nora are present too, with all three of us tied up in different positions and always in heavy rubber.  She straps rubber dildos to our mouths and then, in half-hour intervals, selects one of us to kneel between her legs and bring her to an orgasm.

By mid-afternoon I am brought back to my room and almost always visited by either Nora, Fran or both.  Nora never gets tired of exploring different ways to have sex, while Fran never has sex but simply wants to be tied up by me in more and more rubber garments.  I always put her on my bed for an hour or two and, while she masturbates; I either lay next to her and hold her in my arms or have sex with Nora on the same bed.

After dinner I am the property of Gertrude, who has more power over me than even Brunhilde with her often extreme bondage.  Gertrude likes to play with me, bringing me close to an orgasm but never letting me come.  Then late at night she straps me into a rubber bag and puts me down on the bed.  Sometimes my arms are in inside sleeves and I can’t reach my penis, sometimes she allows me to masturbate all night long.  I never know which it is to be. But once or twice a week she pulls out the heavy rubbersuit with the vision helmet before she puts me into the rubber bag and I am treated to hours of incredible fantasies. I have never felt a desire to escape.  I couldn’t, anyway, I have no regular clothes and not a penny to my name.



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