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Rubber Mummy

by rbbrnsteelslave

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© Copyright 2007 - rbbrnsteelslave - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; latex; bond; slave; mum; encased; cons/nc; XX

Slave 343 started out as purely being a rubber slave to the hottest Rubber Master around. When slave 343 became His slave, it was a wonderful thing. Training proceeded quickly and slave 343 quickly adapted to the required duties and responsibilities. It has spent what seemed a lifetime sealed in a special rubber suit that never came off. The suit was a special design. It went from head to toe with a special butt plug that allowed for removal for fucking but when installed it had a hole for cleaning out. Also the cock and balls were tightly encased in rubber in one position with the balls forced down and the cock straight out from the body, so that even the ridges on the cock were noticeable at times yet no matter how horny the slave got, orgasms were very difficult to achieve. It allowed for the body to be cleaned via attached hoses without it coming out of the suit.

One hose attached at the top of the head and showered water down through the suit washing away all the dead skin and sweat and another tube on each foot emptied out the suit. The suit was designed so that once it was zipped up, the zipper broke off and was sealed with liquid latex and a flap over the zipper was glued shut. The only things that really looked human were the eyes and mouth as you could see the skin. Once in the suit, slave 343 realized that to get out of it was impossible due to the unique way the suit was built. It was made from heavy rubber and when polished up, really highlighted slave 343's muscular body.

One day while slave 343 was online doing various tasks for its Master, it began talking with another Master online and ended up doing a cyber sex chat with the online Master. This was strictly forbidden. Slave 343 tried to cover up its tracks but the computer automatically logged all chats to a special file that slave 343 wasn’t aware of that went to its Master. When its Master got home, he was livid when he checked the computer.

Master ordered slave 343 into the dungeon and to wait for him there. As slave 343 knelt in the dungeon wondering what was going to happen to it, it heard its Master on the phone explaining out what had happened to someone. Soon its Master came down to the dungeon.

“Because you have expressly broken one of my rules, you will be punished in a way that you will never be able to fuck up again!” Master stated.

He pulled out a rubber sleep sack and ordered slave 343 into the sack. As slave 343 got into the sack, it begged Master to forgive it.

“Too late” roared Master, “its fate is all ready sealed as it had expressly disobeyed me. It knew that I don’t put up with any breaking of the rules and now it is going to suffer the consequences!”

As slave 343 was sealed up into the rubber sleep sack, lots of restraints were wrapped around it so that it couldn’t move a muscle. A thick rubber hood was put over the head so that it couldn’t see anything.

Movement began and slave 343 was put into the van and was driven for what seemed like hours. Eventually it was unloaded and placed upon a gurney and wheeled into someplace.

The sack was removed as well as the hood. As the slave was removed, the arms were chained down to a table as well as the legs to the point that slave 343 couldn’t move. As its eyesight returned, slave 343 could see several people in rubber and a huge vat that had a scent of liquid rubber coming from it. There in the center of the room was a huge plastic chamber that looked like a human but had no one in it.

As someone moved in closer, slave 343 heard some movement behind it. Hands grasped his head as a huge gag was forced into its mouth with a long tube that went partly down the throat just past the gag reflex and extended out by a foot from the gag. The straps to the gag were quickly pulled together and glued shut. A grinning face looked at slave 343 and began to speak.

“Since it fucked up, it will be turned into a living mummy that won’t be able to move at all. A tube in the mouth for breathing and nourishment as well as a tube in the ass and cock will allow for removal of wastes. It won’t be able to see hear or do anything but be the perfect slave mummy for its Master now!”

Its head was turned to one side and slave 343 felt a rubber plug pushed into its ear and then liquid rubber poured over it. The rubber dried and the other side was done. A blindfold was positioned over the eyes and glued onto the rubber suit. The fingers were brushed with something and pushed together to form one pure hand. As slave 343 wiggled the fingers, it realized that the suit fingers had been glued together and it could only fold the hand as one unit. The same was done to the other hand. The arms were then glued to the side of the suit so that arm movement wasn’t possible. The legs were also glue together. A tube was attached to the cock. The plug was removed and a huge plug was forced into slave 343’s ass that forced a scream from its mouth. A long tube also protruded from the plug.

All of a sudden, slave 343 felt it being lifted and stood up. Then it felt something warm being poured over it.

As the rubber figures watched, they saw the slave slowly covered in thick liquid rubber. The chamber was designed to create a general human form but with no facial features. As the chamber filled up, more and more of the slave features disappeared. Eventually the chamber was completely full. Now it was a simple matter of waiting for the rubber to cure.

As slave 343 felt the rubber hardening, it realized how it had fucked up. This was permanent. It would be a statue in its Master’s home for the rest of its life. Never to see his face, feel his cock etc. It would be pure art, never to feel human touch. It felt itself being lifted up and moved. Then the movement stopped. It couldn’t tell if it was being touched or not.


As slave 343 Master took his new rubber mummy home, he decided to put it in the alcove in the front hallway. The alcove was all ready set up with connections for waste removal and attaching slave 343 to it would be easy. As he looked over the new mummy in his home, he motioned for slave 344 to come over.

“See this slave 344 this was slave 343. It fucked up by breaking only one rule. If you fuck up, you will suffer the same fate!”

As slave 344 looked at slave 343, it realized that Master was serious and nothing was beyond his capability.



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