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Rubber Internet Fantasy

by Shinyhood

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© Copyright 2006 - Shinyhood - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/m; latex; bond; susp; sleepsack; cons/nc; X

'Are these your favourite websites' the pop-up questioned?

Rick stared at his computer screen, slightly stunned. How, what, who?

He read on, and sure enough there they were, all his favourite rubber, bondage sites, along with featured sites, where to buy rubber gear and various other contacts.

'Press here if you wish to continue' flashed onto the screen.......

Rick hastily clicked onto the X icon to close down the screen and the visions shrivelled away. 

Somewhat shaken Rick logged off.

18.17pm: Friday night, single, bored rather pissed off with life, the pub beckoned, it gave him some comfort to his rather painfully dull existence.

00.07am: Many pints, a few chasers and now half a tumbler glass full of brandy later, Rick logged on again, selecting eBay and typing in rubber fetish, he waited for the familiar masks, hoods, and occasional gas masks when.... bing!.... up popped the question again.

'Are these your favourite websites'?

This time probably because of the effects of the drinks, and feeling a little light headed, Rick pressed the continue icon. The screen flashed and went totally black.

"Oh S**t" he exclaimed...."what the....!"

From the very centre of the screen a tiny dot got slowly larger and larger. Transfixed, he was looking at an image of a slim figure hanging by the wrists in chains, dress from head to toe in a one piece shiny black rubber suit. As the picture slowly expanded Rick could see the  pump dangling from the inflatable gag, obviously inflated. There were nostril tubes but no eye holes. He couldn't take his eyes away from the vision in front of him, slowly getting larger and larger.

Another figure appeared into the vision wrapped almost entirely in a huge shiny black hooded cape. It dropped a large black bundle onto the floor, and slowly started to pull it up and around the suspended rubberised victim.

Rick wondered where these images were coming from, who was sending them, but his mind was a little blurred, he was completely mesmerised by the ever swelling picture.

The sleepsack was now up to the victims waist, one arm at a time was released and lowered into the internal sleeves, slowly the sack was pulled up over the victims head, the breathing tubes and gag inflator were pulled through the sack hood and the rear zip was then pulled up and locked onto the ring at the top of the head.

A thick wide collar was then fitted around the neck, a padlock clicked, also locking it on. The chains hanging down from the collar were now attached to where the wrist chains hung.

The picture had now fully filled the screen.

'Like what you see?' the pop up read, 'press the continue icon if you do'

Wow..... what can I lose, its only a computer image' Rick thought, and hit the icon.

Another bright flash then darkness.

This time there was no slowly growing image, just the taste of rubber, a large inflatable gag filled his mouth, his arms were chained high above his head, his body caressed in tight rubber, the scream into the gag came out as a gurgle, he could feel his feet being lifted into the sack, it moved up his body, his arms were released and secured into the internal sleeves, the hood, the zip, the click of the lock, the collar, he tried to scream again, a soft female voice spoke very gently.

"You'll never be bored again. Rubber, pvc, bondage suits, gags, this is now your new internet life, enjoy. Only another 20 years to go until this chip releases you........................."



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