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Rubber in Waiting

by Lucifer in Latex

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© Copyright 2006 - Lucifer in Latex - Used by permission

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My First Experimental Expeditions into Rubber.(1999)
This is a true story that happened to me when I was a Student in shared accommodation. One of the other members in my shared house had decided to join the University canoe club, all the kit was provided, splash decks, wet suits, dry tops, dry suits. To me at that time a budding but poor rubberist, this looked like an excellent opportunity to try the rubber life style for free. Now, this guy was a "Jack the Lad" and so was never around most nights. So I had ample opportunities to sneak in to his room and borrow his gear.

Now I am not what you could call slightly built, I played rugby as Prop forward when asked by the Uni's teams when they were short, "Jack the lad" on the other hand was a bit of a stick figure so getting into his gear was going to be a challenge. I waited for him and the rest of the house to go out for the weekend; I snuck into his room and pinched his kit bag. Back in my room I strip naked and powder myself down as I read about in a magazine I had stashed away.

Firstly I tried his splash deck, was a bit like wearing a corset, compressed my midriff nicely, this started to get me horny.

OK I thought this stuff is great, now what to try next.

The dry top, this is basically the top half of dry suit, nice stretchy silicone rubber seals at the neck, wrist and waist. Slid it over my head, the smell of the rubber seals was intoxicating, the way the neck seal yielded to my head and then caressed my face and neck as they passed through the seal felt exquisite. I then seated the wrist and waist seals, a thought then struck me would it hold air like a blow up torso suit. I hunted around for a bike pump, stuck the nozzle under the waist seal and began to pump. It started to expand but wouldn't hold pressure. The rest of the top must have been a waterproof but breathable material. Damn blow up fantasy ends. The seals are really tight and my hands start to feel cold, the blood flow was being affected, so I take the top off.

This felt as good as putting it on! Back to being naked again, what should I try next, the wetsuit or dry-suit? Feeling cocky I opt for wetsuit, now "Jack the lad" had told me the dry-suit was too big for him and wetsuit fitted him like a glove. I dry myself off and powder up again. The wetsuit must have been about 5mm thick neoprene, it seem to stretch OK at first as I slid my legs in. I carried on pulling it up my body, crotch and lower chest, now for the arms. The stretch seemed to have disappeared at his point as both hands reached then end of the sleeves, I straighten out by body and wetsuit rose up my back and seated itself nicely across my shoulders. The suit was now tightly encasing my body in the thick neoprene rubber. I struggle to pull the zipper up the front. I finally get it to the top and it feels great. I lie down on my bed and fantasise over the pictures in the mag. OH my god the my senses are now at fever pitch and then I cum, boy do I ever cum, it felt like hours.

Coming to I hear a noise, bugger someone has come back early. I hoped it wasn't "Jack" as if he went in his room he see the kit bag missing and start looking for it. It's one of the others, I could tell by the voice. I slide off my bed trying not to make a noise as I cross my room to bolt my door and turn out the light before he notices it's on. Wait a minute there's another voice, it's a girl! Now the walls in this house are paper thin, the two of them retire to his room and proceed to horizontal jog for an hour, I lay back on my bed and pleasure myself to their moans and groans. They finish off; tidy up a bit and both leave.

 Phew, got away with it without discovery. I am a bit of sticky messed now sealed in this wetsuit and decide enough is enough for the night. I've had this wetsuit on now for about two hours and proceed to undo the zip. Bugger! Its stuck the tension on the zip has jammed it at about mid chest, I pull it up again and try again after breathing in and out heavily a few times to hopefully stretch the thing a bit to relieve the tension. The second attempt at undoing the zip succeeds. I'm free I think, I then try to pull one of my arms out of the sleeves, nothing happens I'm held tight. I can't get a good grip on the rubber to break the grip it has on my skin.

I start to panic; I don't want to be caught like this! What can I do? I spend about an hour pulling and tugging at the sleeves but nothing happens. I'm absolutely exhausted now, really hot and bothered. Do I wait for someone to come home and then hope they don't die laughing? It could be another 12 hours before anyone else would show up; I was going to cook in this thing by then.

A shower that will cool me off, I run to the bathroom and shut and bolt the door behind me. I turn the shower on and step in, the water cools me down. I start to calm down. What if I turn the shower to hot? Perhaps that will allow the rubber to stretch more! The warm water feels great; I clean up the sticky mess down below. It feels so good; I add another for good measure! I'm warm and relaxed now, I try remove the suit again. There's more play this time, it begins to release its grip. Now I have neat trick with my shoulder I got from rugby, if I'm relaxed and concentrate I can semi-dislocate my one shoulder. I try this out; at last I have gained enough give across the shoulders of suit to extract the good arm. I quickly shed the suit and kick it into the corner of the bathroom. I pop the shoulder back and towel off. I dry the suit off and go back to my room with it to pack everything away in the kit bag.

I returned the bag to "Jack's" room and retire to mine to sleep off my exertions. Eventually the lads come back and ask me about my weekend. I just say 'It was really quiet, didn't do anything exciting." If only they knew!! The following weekend they all disappeared again, did try the stuff again. Of course I did, but not the wetsuit this time. I spent nearly all that weekend in the dry-suit, this one was a snug fit but, I made sure I could get out of it first before enjoying it! It would even hold air pressure to some extent so I blew it, that was cool.

I hope you enjoyed my adventure; the majority of it is true. Artistic license kept to a minimum.

Cheers, Lucifer in Latex, now a fully fledged rubberist.



If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!

If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!
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