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Rubber Husband

by Latexx

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Felix went into his study and locked the door. It wasn’t really necessary, his wife was out of town, the front and back doors were locked and there was no-one else in the house. But it never hurt to be extra cautious. He stepped behind his desk and pushed a button hidden in one of the many book-shelves. A section swiveled open and revealed a passage-way with stairs descending below ground level. He entered, turned on the light, closed the bookshelf behind him and walked down the stairs.

Here was his private domain, known only to himself. He thought back to the time he met Connie, more than five years ago, as he slowly undressed. It was love at first sight and the more he got to know her, the more he felt out of control. She was a successful business woman who had taken over her father’s firm and kept on expanding it. He knew he should have told her about his fascination with rubber, but he never got around to it. She proposed and they got married barely three months after they had met.

He put on a tight rubbersuit, latex hood and gloves and then stood in front of the long racks of rubber garments, trying to decide what to wear next. No, she would never have understood it, it was better this way. In a way it had worked out perfectly, she had her business to run and he now had all the rubber he had ever dreamed of and plenty of time to enjoy it. He pulled out a second rubbersuit and a series of rubber overalls, dresses, raincoats and capes and started to dress in earnest.

They had discussed what he wanted to do. Continue writing, he had replied, and build us a house. Splendid, Connie had replied and then wanted to know what kind of a house he had in mind. Over the next few weeks Felix sketched plans and discussed them with Connie. Surprised by the unexpected expertise and originality her new husband showed, she went along and left Felix in charge, allocating more than enough money for the project.

Felix drew up two sets of plans. In one there was an additional large basement area, which was excavated, poured in concrete and then covered. For the framing he hired a different crew who was unaware of the extra space underground. Felix finished it himself, dividing it into a huge rubber wardrobe, a sizeable bathroom with an oversized bathtub, steam-room, pressure-room and shower, and a rubber bedroom with an easy-chair, TV and video equipment. From the generous building budget he had also managed to buy more than 100 rubber garments and a large collection of rubber videos.

Connie was delighted with the house, though she found little time to enjoy it. Most weeks she was out of town three or four days and when she was in the office she left early in the morning and was rarely home before 8 p.m. Which was alright with Felix. Whenever she was gone, he would descend into his private rubber area, dress up in layers of rubber and watch some videos. After a few hours he would usually get into a rubber bag and masturbate for long periods of time either on the rubber bed, in the hot bathtub, in the steam-room or in the pressure room; the latter was an enclosed, rubber-covered air-bed with an inflatable rubber bag above which encased his entire body.

Felix liked to be tied up in lots of rubber for long periods of time. He fantasized about being under the control of a rubber-clad woman who would decide when to release him. He couldn’t very well ask Connie to be this woman, so he devised the next best thing. In the pressure room he installed a timer which would keep him encased in rubber until it expired. For the rubber bedroom, the bathtub and the steam-room he had a lock-box and a number of small pad-locks. He would place the keys to the pad-locks in the box, set the timer and close the cover. He would then proceed to affix the padlocks to his rubber garments so that he could not get out of them until the lid of the lock-box sprung open. When Connie was out of town, he usually spent the night locked up in massive rubber. Once, when she was out of the country, he confined himself to his rubber cocoon for 48 hours and never felt the urge to escape.

Felix had a post-office box and his generous allowance enabled him to add to his rubber collection. After five years of marriage his wardrobe had grown to over 200 garments, consisting of rubbersuits, tights, briefs, bloomers, overalls, pajamas, skirts, dresses, aprons, raincoats, capes and bags. It didn't matter to him if the garments were male or female, as long as they were rubber. All of them were on neat rows of hangers in his large underground space; in addition, wall-shelves contained rubber boots, hoods, gasmasks, rubber gloves and gauntlets, handcuffs, belts, gags and blindfolds. Felix was a happy rubberist.

And just when he thought he had his life well under control, he became careless. Connie’s travel schedule had always been very predictable, so much so that he now often walked around the house encased in rubber. More and more he left the door to his study unlocked when he went down into the rubber basement.

And then it happened. One of Connie’s trips was canceled and she decided to spend some extra time with her husband. She came home, went to his study and found the secret door behind his desk open. She went down to the basement and found Felix in the rubber bedroom, padlocked inside a heavy rubber bag, masturbating. He was blindfolded and couldn’t see or hear her.

At first she was shocked, but then the business women in her took over. She inspected the hidden basement, the large collection of rubber garments and gadgets, the unusual bathroom, the steam-room and the pressure-cell. Then she quietly went back into the rubber bedroom. She recognized the lock-box for what it was; it had some three hours to go. She looked at the titles of the many videos and pulled out two. Then she went back up the hidden stairs.

In her bedroom she sat on the bed and viewed the disks, scanning over portions. Couples, clad in rubber, were having sex. Men and women were tied up in rubber. People of both sexes were raped in rubber. She didn’t like what she saw, but she forced herself to realize that this was what turned on her husband. She wondered for a while if she had caused this deviance by neglecting him. But she had studied enough psychology in college to know better. “I married a fetishist,” she said out loud. For a while she didn’t know what to do, but then she resolutely went back into the rubber basement. In the wardrobe she found some wide rubber belts. She stormed into the rubber bedroom and proceeded to strap them around her husband’s mummified body. Felix gasped and struggled, but he was trapped. Connie removed the gasmask, the blindfolds and the gag Felix was wearing and sat down in the rubber-covered easy-chair.

“Alright buster,” she said angrily, “let’s you and I have a long talk.” Felix sputtered, hemmed and hawed, but eventually he came clean. Yes, he was a rubber fetishist, and had been all his life. He was sorry about having deceived Connie, but there was nothing he could do about it. Never mind that, said Connie, what she wanted to know what turned him on. Over the course of the next two hours Felix poured out everything. How he liked the feel of rubber, the softness, the smoothness, the restriction, to be encased in it, to be tied up in it for long periods of time. He couldn’t explain it, just something that was deep inside him ever since he could remember.

“Why did you marry me then,” Connie asked.

“I thought having sex with you would make this feeling go way,” Felix answered meekly. “It didn’t. In fact when you were gone so often it came back stronger than ever.”

For several minutes there was silence. “Would it satisfy you if I tied you up in rubber?” Connie asked.

“That was my dream all along,” Felix answered.

“And I suppose you would want me to wear rubber like in your videos?” Connie asked.

“If you don’t like rubber, it wouldn’t be any good,” Felix said.

The lid of the lockbox sprung open. Connie removed the belts and helped Felix out of the rubber bag, unlocking the padlocks for him. “Go take a shower,” she told him, “and then come up to the kitchen”.

When, after half an hour, Felix showed up in the kitchen, Connie had prepared supper. They ate in silence until Connie suddenly asked, “Is sex better for you when you masturbate in rubber?”

Felix didn’t answer for a long time. Then he quietly said, “Yes. But it would be best if I could have sex with you in rubber.”

“Show me,” Connie said and grabbed Felix by the hand. She pulled him into his study and down to the rubber basement. Felix pulled out a rubber dress and a latex hood and put on a rubbersuit himself, complete with latex hood and gloves. He guided her to the rubber bedroom where he slowly, deliberately began to stroke her rubber-clad body. He mounted her unhurriedly and made her come, without coming himself. Then he grabbed a pair of rubber handcuffs and asked Connie to cuff his wrists behind his back. He lay on his back and told her that she could now do with him whatever she pleased. Connie lifted her rubber dress and sat on his erect penis. Five minutes later they both had an orgasm.

They showered together and went to bed. “You want me to tie you up in rubber tomorrow morning?” Connie asked.

“Yes,” answered Felix.

“And you want to stay tied up all day?”

“I do”.

The next morning Felix was already wearing a rubbersuit when Connie woke up. His penis and balls protruded through an opening in the suit, sheathed in bright red latex. He said he didn’t want any breakfast or drink anything, that he had given himself an enema and was now ready. Connie followed him down to the rubber basement, where Felix pulled on a pair of thick rubber bloomers and stuffed them with masses of thin rubber gloves. Then he stepped into a second, thick rubbersuit which had attached boots, gauntlets and mask. Connie zipped it up in the back all the way to the top of his head and affixed a small padlock.

“Take the key with you,” Felix said, “I am going to clean house today and make dinner. With the mass of rubber around my tool I won’t be able to masturbate. So when you come home I will be your eager rubber slave.”

Connie embraced her rubber-encased husband and kissed him through the thick mask. She still didn’t understand him, but she could tell that he was happy.

When she came home he was in the kitchen, preparing a meal. She embraced him from behind, squeezing the rubber stuffing between his legs. “I can only be touched by rubber-clad women,” he said, “go to the bedroom and dress for dinner.”

When she returned, she wore a rubbersuit which was too large for her and a pair of shoulder-length latex gloves. Connie pointed at the crotch-slit in the suit and said, “I suppose you have some plans for after dinner?”

“No, dear,” Felix answered, “you have some plans, I am merely your rubber slave.”

They ate hurriedly. As soon as they were done, Connie removed the padlock and took Felix down into the rubber basement. There she took off his heavy rubbersuit and the bloomers, spilling the cushion of rubber gloves onto the floor. She told him to lie on his back on the rubber bed and tied his hands to the posts with rubber straps. She sat on him and told him: “I want to come three times.”

Felix had been encased in rubber all day. He had been anticipating this moment for the last ten hours and he wasn’t sure he could last that long. He tried mightily but came shortly after Connie had her second orgasm.

They rested for a while and then Felix said, “I know how I can make you come as many times as you like. Let’s take a shower and then I will show you. We will need to buy some things, are you willing to spend some money?” Connie nodded.

Half an hour later they were sitting in Felix’s study looking at rubber catalogs. Connie was amazed at the variety of items available as she leafed through the catalogs. “There is more on the internet,” Felix added. “First the things that will drive you absolutely insane with desire.” He began to compile a list, showing his wife each item either in a catalog or on the screen of his computer: a dildo affixed to the mouth, a rubber hood with a dildo and a gag, a dildo gasmask, a studded dildo sheath and several rubber pants which would encase his private parts in rubber of various thicknesses. “The thicker the rubber, the longer it will take me to come,” he commented.

Next came rubbersuits for Connie. Felix took her measurements and then let her choose the colors. Some had attached hoods and gloves; all had crotch openings. “You’ll need some dresses,” Felix said.

“How much is all of this going to cost?” Connie asked. Felix named the total so far and said that there was quite a bit more to come. Connie looked at her husband and nodded. They chose ten dresses, all long, some heavily tiered. Then Felix added some shapely rubber boots.

“I would like to buy some bondage, things I was not able to wear by myself,” Felix said. He chose a rubber straight-jacket, a heavy rubbersuit without arms, an inflatable rubbersuit, three heavy rubber bondage bags and two suspension harnesses.

Connie went through the catalogs again and stopped at an illustration showing a man in a rubbersuit which encased his entire body, hands and head included. His penis and balls were rubbered also. She pointed at his private parts and asked, “Can you have that part in thick rubber?”

Felix read the text. “You can tell them how thick you want it.”

“Add four of these suits in different colors. Make two of them with a thick penis cover.” Felix hugged her and started to type in the orders.

“Do you really want to be tied up in rubber every day?’ Connie asked.

“Perhaps not every day,” Felix answered, “two or three times a week would be just about right. And sometimes at night, next to you in your bed.”

“What do you do when you are not tied up in rubber?”

“I write stories and correspond with people on the internet.”

“What kind of stories?”


“Do you have them in your computer?”

Felix nodded. “I would like to read them; can you send them to my computer?” Connie asked.

Felix selected the stories and sent them through their link, to the computer in Connie’s study. Then Connie wanted to see his correspondence on the internet. “Are they mostly men?” Connie asked.

“All of them,” Felix answered.

“Are any of them married? I mean are there any whose wives go along with wearing rubber?”

“You mean rubber couples? Sure there are, in fact there is one right here in town.” Felix showed her some of the correspondence.

“I would like to read those too.” Felix sent them over the link; he was happy that his wife took an interest in his passion.

Over the next few weeks they settled into a routine. In the morning, if Felix brought Connie breakfast wearing a rubbersuit, she knew that this was going to be a rubber day for him. She then went with him to the rubber basement and helped him dress. Sometimes he just worked at his computer, locked into two or three rubbersuits. On other days he laid out 20 or even 30 rubber garments and asked to be tied up in a rubber bag and put in either the bathtub, the steam room, the pressure room or onto the rubber bed, covered by a heavy, stuffed rubber comforter. Once or twice a week Felix wore one or two rubbersuits at night lay, laying on his back with his hands tied to his sides. Several times during the night Connie then “used” him or massaged his rubber-encased penis and made him come.

There was a marked change one day about three weeks after they had placed the rubber orders. Felix, who had been locked in three rubbersuits all day, excitedly showed her five rubber dildos. Connie selected a strap-on type and immediately put it on Felix’s mouth. She removed her clothes and made him kneel between her legs. She grabbed the back of Felix’s head and fucked herself with abandon until she had an incredible orgasm.

A day later the first of her own rubbersuits, rubber dresses and rubber boots arrived. She immediately took off her clothes and put on a bright-red rubbersuit and boots, and a red latex hood and shoulder-length latex gloves from Felix’s collection. Then she selected a tiered, transparent rubber dress and stepped into it. “Better put on some rubber yourself,” she said to Felix, “we are going to have some dinner now and then you are going to make me come at least five times.”

Immediately after dinner Connie pulled her husband into her bedroom. There she pulled a dildo hood over his head, put him on his back and sat on his penis. Less than three minutes later they both came for the first time. Connie turned him over, inserted the rubber dildo into her and began fucking herself with his rubbered head. After three orgasms she turned him over again and fucked him again.

Then his bondage item arrived. From then on it was not Felix who determined if it was going to be a rubber day, but Connie. Almost every day, before she left for work, she would take him down to the rubber basement and chose the outfit he was to wear all day. Quite often he was put into two or three rubber-suits and a heavy rubber raincoat. He could to the house-work and use the computer, but the heavy rubber gloves she always chose made the work difficult. Sometimes she chose a heavy rubber straightjacket instead of the coat, which meant he could only walk around, sit down or lay on the bed and was unable to masturbate. Then there was the rubber-suit without arms, almost always with a large number of thin rubber gloves stuffed around his penis, so that he had to masturbate for a long time before having an orgasm.

Once a week or so Felix found himself locked into a bondage bag with inside sleeves. His arms were held on his sides so that he was unable to masturbate. His head was covered by a dildo gasmask without eye-openings. Usually Connie put him down onto the rubber bed and covered him with the heavy, stuffed rubber comforter. In the evening she first got into a rubber outfit herself and then sat down in the rubber bedroom, watching one of Felix’s rubber video tapes. Felix could hear the action, but could not see. After a while she would remove the comforter, pull Felix off the bed and have him kneel in his rubber bag between her legs. As she continued watching, she clamped Felix’s head between her legs and commanded him to make her come. Only when after several orgasms did she move him back onto the bed, open the crotch zipper in the rubber bag and fuck him.

On some days he was tied to his computer chair, wearing a rubbersuit, a latex hood, long latex gloves and rubber boots. His wrists were manacled to the table with short chains, so he could use the computer but could not masturbate. As he worked on his rubber stories and corresponded with other rubber people, he got more and more turned on but he couldn’t reach down to relieve himself. When Connie came home she sat down next to him, opened his crotch zipper and slowly squeezed his penis and balls, while he had to show her what he wrote during the day.

Two or three times a week Felix now spent the entire night in rubber. He always had to wear rubber briefs with a thick, studded penis sheath, followed by a rubbersuit with attached gloves and hood. Over this came a second, heavy rubbersuit which had attached rubber boots, rubber gauntlets and a thick dildo hood with a gag inside and Connie carefully pulled his rubbered penis and balls through the narrow crotch openings. For several hours they then made love in the rubber bedroom while watching rubber videos. Because of the thickness of the sheath Felix could not have an orgasm.

Gradually Connie spent more and more time at home. She became obsessed with rubber and ordered more items almost every day. As the basement wardrobe began to fill up she had Felix put up racks and shelves upstairs in the spare rooms. As soon as she got home from work she changed into rubber garments. And her treatment of Felix became rougher. She now delighted in tying him up severely, rendering him completely immobile for long periods of time. She started squeezing his rubbered penis and balls until he was in pain. And each rubber session ended with him kneeling or laying between her legs, tied up in heavy rubber with a dildo strapped to his mouth, giving her one orgasm after another while he got none.

Then one day she came home and announced that she had sold the company. She would now devote her entire time to rubber, she said. Felix reluctantly played along but told her he didn't like the pain or the long periods without an orgasm. Connie ignored him.

One Friday evening, while Connie was dressing Felix in rubber, she announced that they were going to have visitors.

“Who?” Felix asked.

“A man you have been corresponding with on the internet. And his wife.”

“He is bringing his wife?”

“No she is bringing him,” Connie answered as she closed his second rubbersuit, pulled a pair of high rubber boots on him and then pulled his rubbered penis and balls through the crotch openings of the suits. “I have been corresponding with both of them.”

“You are going to have me meet them like this?” Felix asked.

Connie pulled out a heavy rubber trench coat. “You can wear this. For now.” When the coat was firmly belted she cuffed his hands behind his back with two rubber cuffs, held together by a foot-long rubber strap. “What’s happening?” Felix asked but, instead of answering Connie strapped a rubber dildo with a gag to his mouth and fastened is behind his head.

After Connie got dressed in a red rubbersuit, lace-up rubber boots, long latex gloves and a green rubber dress, they sat in the living room with the lights off, looking outside. Then a car turned into their driveway and into their garage. Connie got up, pushed a button to close the garage door and went to the garage. She came back with two people, both dressed in rubber. Both of their heads were encased in black latex masks. The woman wore a transparent latex dress over a rubbersuit.

“Felix, I want you to meet my friend Angela,” she said.

Angela said, "Nice meeting you, Felix. This is my husband Max."

Max was attired identically to Felix, with a thick, black rubber dildo protruding from his mouth and his hands cuffed behind his back. Connie stepped toward Max, opened the bottom two buttons of his raincoat and grabbed his rubbered penis.

"I have been looking forward to meeting you. I understand you like heavy bondage." Max nodded.

They went down to the rubber basement and Connie showed them the various rooms, all the while holding Max’s rubbered penis.

“You have and incredible wardrobe,” Angela said, “Much more than we have.”

"Do you mind if I try out a few things with your husband." Connie said to Angela.

"No," Angela answered, "I'm sure he wants you to."

"Go upstairs and do something with Felix," Connie said. "We will be a while."

They exchanged keys for the handcuffs and Angela and Felix went upstairs. She un-strapped Felix's dildo gag and unlocked his handcuffs. They sat down; Felix didn't quite know what to say.

"Look," Angela said after while, "this is awkward. Connie expects you to be my slave. That's what Max likes, I don't."

"We don't have do to it," Felix said. "As a matter of fact I have had enough of being a slave. Things have been getting out of hand here. Connie keeps me tied up almost all the time now."

"Max wants to be tied up all the time; he never gets enough."

"Well, then they are probably going to have a good time together."

Felix described to Angela what had been happening to him and Angela told him that Max now could only have an orgasm if tied up and tortured in rubber.

"Connie and I haven't had sex in month," Felix suddenly said.

Angela looked at him. "Max and I haven't had sex in years," she said quietly.

Felix grabbed her hand and they went upstairs to the bedroom together. Felix jumped on top of Angela and they fucked with abandon.

When Connie finally came upstairs from the basement she had Max in tow. His arms were in a single glove behind his back and he wore blindfolds. His balls were in a clamp and his penis was fully erect. "I want to keep him," Connie said.

Angela and Felix were sitting in the easy chairs and didn't say anything. Felix was wearing his dildo strap and handcuffs again to give the appearance they had been sitting there all the time.

"I want to keep Max," Connie repeated, "he is the perfect slave."

"What about your husband?" Angela asked.

"You can have him," Connie said.

There was silence for a while. Then Angela said, "We have been living off Max's salary. I wouldn't be able to pay the bills."

"I'll give Felix an allowance; whatever Max's salary was. Oh hell, double that."

Felix nodded to Angela un-strapped his dildo gag and un-cuffed him.

"Are you sure that's alright with you?" Angela asked him. "It would certainly be alright with me."

"I would be happy to move in with you," said Felix

As they were leaving Connie said to Felix, "If you are interested, I would like you to design an addition to the house."

"Sure," said Felix.

They took off their hoods in the car and kissed. "I am still a rubberist," said Felix.

"I know," nodded Angela.

"And I still want to be tied up in rubber sometimes,"

"As long as I get plenty of sex," answered Angela.

Eight months later the addition to Connie's house was finished. Felix had supervised the construction. There were two doors that connected to the existing building on the first and second level. After the workmen left, Felix opened up a third passage to the huge new basement himself. When he entered the old basement he found that Connie had three slaves now, all tied up severely in heavy rubber.



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