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Rubber Heaven

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2001 - Marcus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F+/m; D/s; latex; catsuit; gasmask; collar; harness; nipple; bdsm; crop; public; dungeon; bond; susp; mast; climax; cons; X

The connection was immediate. I had been surfing the net for a Mistress for month and tonight was my lucky night! She had logged onto "the slave cage" at "" as Mistress L. (I had got to know her name was Linda as in Mistress Linda). We were perfectly matching each others age of 23 & chatted for about two weeks almost every evening, discussing our common interests: Total rubber enclosure and strict bondage, humiliation & torture just to name a few, before we decided that we should try a session at her place the following friday (this was Wednesday evening) & if things "clicked" I should stay for the whole weekend. The weekend never seemed to come and every hour felt like days.

Finally "the" day came. I hurried home after work nearly killing some people when I raced through the city in my car. I almost didn't have time to open my apartment door before I stepped inside. I picked up the usual pack of bills and a little black package and threw them on my kitchen table. I picked up the black package and opened it. Inside was a letter and numerous little opened padlocks. NO keys were visible. It was from Linda (She later told me that she had got my address from my ICQ account). It read:

Dear slave.

I have some directions for you that will make this evening more enjoyable for both of us. As I know your rubber and leather wardrobe I have made a list of what you will wear ON YOUR JOURNEY to me. To ensure that none of the garments are removed prior to your arrival here I have taken the liberty to enclose some padlocks which you will use to lock the garments & restraints on to your body. You will travel to my domain according to one of the travel plans also enclosed in this letter...

As I read on the letter continued to describe in detail what I was supposed to wear and which routes and means of transportation I was to use.

The letter ended:

Fulfil every detail of my request and you have a good chance of getting the privilege of being my rubber slave.

Awaiting you
Mistress L.

My hand was shaking with anticipation as I put the letter down and rushed for the shower. As I cleaned myself up I thought of her demands and had some concerns about not being able to use my own car as transportation now that I was supposed to come to her dressed in rubber! I was to either walk, take the subway or get a cab. Enclosed was a letter to give to the cabdriver if I chose that means of transport. I dared not to open it, afraid that she would find out (don't know how she would but I was not going to ruin that chance to become what I had longed for my entire life).

When I was finished with the cleaning up business, I got the letter and the padlocks from the table and went to my bedroom. I got out my Nike hockey bag with all of my rubber clothes & restraints and put it on my bed. I started to dress according to her demands.

First I took out a buttplug and a pair of nipple clamps. I lubricated the buttplug with KY-jelly and proceeded to push the intruder up my ass. This is a somewhat degrading yet wonderful feeling for me. My penis was starting to wake up as I felt the blood rushing downwards to the point of my manhood. Next came the nipple clamps. I opened them and carefully placed them on my now erect nipples. The pain was so good and I was really starting to get in the mood.

After this it was time for a thin black latex catsuit with a hole in front to pull the penis and balls through. I quickly worked the already powdered shiny material up my legs, body & arms, stopping for a few moments to get my now fully erect penis & balls through the hole. I used a leash fastened to the back zipper to get the zipper closed. The hugging feeling of the latex made me wanna jerk off right there and then, but I had visions of my Mistress to be & quickly returned to getting dressed.

Now it was time for the heavy duty stuff.

I pulled out another catsuit. This one made of thick black rubber. It has attached feet and gloves, a zipped cover penis shaft that covered my cock and balls in black rubber, then you can zip it closed to cover them up, and has a real tight fit. I started to work the legs and socks of the suit up my already latex encased legs. Although the suit, just as the other, was powdered in advance it was extremely hard to put this suit over the other. Heck its even REAL hard to put on when there is no suit under.

After what seemed like an eternity I had worked the suit up my body, inserting my penis into the shaft and pulled my arms & hands into the arms and gloves of the suit. Being as tight and thick as it is, it takes some effort just to move & bending over is a real struggle. But it feels GREAT. After closing the back zipper, making my nipples hurt even more due to the extra tightness and the buttplug travelling a few centimetres more up my ass, I was ready to explode into the shaft. Thinking of REALLY boring things like sports and politics the exploding need disappeared and I continued.

I put on my knee high black leather boots securing one of the three straps just under my knee with two of Mistress's padlocks. Those boots was not coming off unless she unlocked them. A pair of leather ankle cuffs came next over my boots and two more padlocks to ensure that they were not coming off.

Now it was time for my leather full body harness. This baby is a custom designed piece of art. It's in black (of course) leather consisting of numerous straps, o-rings (to hold the straps in place) and d-rings (for the everyday total bondage experience). It runs from just over my knees, up my body and my arms ending up in a thick posture collar. Wearing this always makes me feel that I belong to someone. I pulled as hard as I could on the straps making the harness fit real snug. The tighter the better I always say! Before closing the collar

I finished with the head. First a thick black rubber hood with openings for eyes, mouth and two tiny holes for my nostrils. It zips up in the back and then, using the d-rings attached on the sides, I used a piece of string to tighten it up. Now I opened the zipper on my rubber catsuit a little, then put the lower part of the hood in, enclosing my neck under it and the zipped the suit closed again.


Total rubber enclosure.

But I was not finished. I closed the collar, using it's two straps, securely around my neck. This makes moving my head almost impossible. Then two padlocks to secure it. Since the zipper to the garments (the two catsuits and the hood) now was locked under the collar there was no way that anything was coming off (unless cut of course). Just two more things and then I was off. A big red ballgag harness was next , locked in place, and then came the gasmask. An Israeli type gasmask with the original straps (not a hood), but customized with a tube running in front of the face and ending at the back of my head (in air) and an inflatable black rubber pouch hanging down in front (out air). Both the tube and the pouch has control valves for breath play. I fitted the straps tight securing the mask to my face. All done I went to the hall for a last check up it the mirror.

Looking back at me was a bizarre black rubber alien with numerous straps and clinking padlocks securing its fate. The only thing giving this figure away was the two eyes looking though the gasmask & the holes in the rubber hood. I went to the kitchen and picked up the letter, or rather the package, for the cabdriver after choosing this as my way of transport. Since my Mistress orders came in a similar package (bigger of course) I paid no further attention to this. My heart beat heavily & increased as I opened my door and stepped out in the staircase. I slammed my door shut. Damn, I forgot to take my keys. Shit, shit. There was no way of getting back in. Oh, what the hell, I'd get a locksmith after this weekend was over. Just hope Linda had some decent clothes for me to wear after this.

Now you may think that this is strange, me not being afraid of being detected in this outfit. Well exhibitionism is one of my other big loves in life but then again that had up to this point just included wearing a rubber T-shirt or an ordinary catsuit in public. Not nearly as extreme as this. But since there was no way back inside I just had to go with the original plan. As I started to go down the stairs I noticed just how strict my movements were and that I had started to sweat enormously making the latex of my inner catsuit glide gently over my body. This again made me aware of the nipple clamps that tugged on my now sore nipples. God those were going to hurt coming off.

About half way down the stairs I heard high heels clicking on the steps below me. Had it not been for the high heels I never would have heard, due to the hood. Oh no, not a neighbour, please not a neighbour! Just keep walking as if it rains, I thought to my self.

"Oh my god!!!" said a female voice.

Not being able to look down because of the posture collar I could not see who it was. I stopped, not being able to clearly navigate past the being in my way. This of course due to the collar!

"Is that You Mark?" she asked. "What the hell are you doing in that outfit?"

Shit! I recognized her voice. It was Anna. A real nice girl who lived on the floor under mine, directly under my apartment, she was two years younger than me. We had spent a lot of time in each others apartments but since she had a boyfriend we were strictly good friends. I had never told her about my fetishes, afraid that she would think I was a total weirdo spreading the word to her (and mine) not so understanding friends.

How did she recognize me?

Suddenly I felt a hand on my chest, I twitched as she felt my right nipple making the clamp move. I groaned in my gag.

"You are gagged right?" she said. "I did a essay on fetish and BDSM last year in school. Remember? Your party last year when my "dope for a head" boyfriend puked on your record player!"

Did I!!! The son of a bitch had the nerve to PUKE at my record player. It took at least two days to get it cleaned up.

"Anyway," she continued. " I had a raid in your bedroom and found your Nike bag of goodies that evening. If it hadn't been for my essay I would have thought that you were a real sicko!!!"

What! She had known about my fetish for almost a year and not told me.... man!

"That collar kinda makes moving your head hard doesn't it? Where are you going?"

A little surprised at her reaction and knowledge I tried to tell her but my words came out as muffled sounds.

"OK if I take this off?" she said and went behind my neck. "These are all looked in place, where are the keys?"

She got no response.

"Do You have them at your place?" I shook my head. She was silent for a while and then said.

"Your Mistress has them, right?" I nodded.

"And you're going to see her?" Another nod.

"Sweet! Stay right here, I'll be right back." she said and I could hear her rush up the stairs and into her flat. She came out a short second after and slammed her door shut!

"Since you are a slave with no Mistress right now I will be your escorting Mistress, understand.... slave!"

What!!!, no way sister. I started to walk down the stairs when I heard a click at the d-ring in front of the collar and then a tug on the leash she had fastened to make me stop.

"Who told You to move slave!" She said in a harsh voice. "Shit, this is more fun that I expected. I've been wanting to try this ever since I wrote the essay & I have found much info and pictures on the net. Now if I'm not mistaken, you have a pair of nipple clamps or such right here, so you will be punished for this!" she said as she pulled at the clamps through the suits.

I groaned out loud through the gag at the immense pain and decided to play it her way. Heck, two Mistresses on one evening, why was I complaining, plus that I had to admit I had have my eyes on her since we met the first time.

"Now where are we going?" she said.

I held out my hand in her direction presenting the package. She took it and I could hear her tear it open. Then there was a moment of silence. Apparently she read whatever note was inside.

"Do You know what this says?" she asked. I shook my head as best as I could.

"Good, since you are my rubber slave now, I can't have your arms flapping around like that." She then went behind me & took hold of my arms, locking my wrists together at two d-rings with a padlock that she must have found in the package. She then locked two more padlocks, one at my elbows and one between the two previous.This made me stand more erect than before pushing my chest out further thus making the pressure at my nipple clamps more intense. A long muffled grunt passed trough the gag.

"Does it hurt?" she said.

I nodded.

"Good!" was her answer. "Come on now, lets go slave."

She tugged at the leash making me follow her down the stairs and out into the street. There was a few people out & they all stared at us like crazy as Anna led me down the side walk, now and then whipping me at my nipples with a riding crop she had apparently got when she got the leash from her apartment.

She finally got a cab stopped and she opened the back door pushing me inside.

"Jesus, what the heck are you people?" the driver said.

"What do you mean!" said Anna."I'm just out walking my slave, do You mind?"

"Not at all...... not at all." the driver answered. "Where to?"

Anna told the driver the address we were going to and added,

"And there is no rush!"

As the ride started Anna moved closer to me and started to caress my rubber enclosed body. She slowly worked her way to the penis sheath and opened the zipper.

"Oh man! rubber all over." she said out loud. "Guess I should not be surprised should I."

She started playing with my cock bringing it to full erection. The driver was now more interested in us than in his driving and he suddenly broke silence (I had to try REALLY hard no to moan at Anna's fondling). "That's a nice boyfriend you got there."

"He's not my boyfriend, just my slave!" Anna responded.

"What's the deal with the mask and tube-things?"

"Oh You mean these." Anna said as she closed the valve at the rubber bladder at my chin. It immediately started to inflate only to hiss as it deflated when I inhaled.

"This is for controlled breathing." Anna said.

How could she know all this I thought. Anna continued. "If I close this thing here to he will have a hard time breathing." She closed the valve for the tube as well. It immediately started to get hard to breath & I was getting really exited. Anna started to caress my now stiff cock with one hand and tugging at my nipples with the other. I moaned heavily into the gag and closed my eyes. The sweet pain plus the fact that I could not breath was too much. My hole body tensed up as I came hard in the sheath and I screamed at the top of my lungs.

"Jesus all mighty!" the driver said & almost lost control of the cab.

I was panting heavily and my whole body spasmed at the lack of air. I could see Anna's cruel look before she decided to let some fresh air in. She was REALLY enjoying this. I took some really, really deep breaths. My nipples was now on fire and I groaned repeatedly to make her understand that they must come off.

"Take them off?" she said as if she was telepathic. "I don't think so my dear." She smacked both nipples with the crop. I groaned even more understanding that the clamps were on to stay. She did however close the zipper over my now limp and internally greasy penis sheath.

We finally arrived at the address and Anna paid the driver as she pushed me outside. I shivered as the now cold night air closed in on my hot and sweaty body. I looked around and saw that we were in the suburbs with houses and gardens. The house we stood in front of had a high wooden fence surrounding it, making it impossible for bypassers to peak at what was going on in the garden. If anything now was going on that is.

We started to walk down the grovel path that lead to the front door.

"Wait a minute." Anna said. "Doesn't Linda live around here?"

No, no, no. She knew Linda. This was not what I had in mind. Anna rang the door bell.

The door opened and there she was. Linda was dressed in a tight black rubber corset, black latex opera length gloves, black latex stockings being held up by the garters on her corset. On her feet she wore a pair of 5" knee length black patent boots. Her red shoulder length hair framed her wonderful face perfectly.

"So what do we have here?" Linda said. "Is that You Anna? I must say I'm a little surprised to see you here holding my slave in a leash."

"Yes I know!" Anna responded, "Isn't it funny. I met Mar... Eh... I mean your slave in the staircase just outside my apartment and You know I have always wanted to try this thing. So I took the chance and took him so to speak."

"Ok, Not what I had planned but since You have brought my slave all this way I can't deny you staying for the evening." Linda said.

"Great." Anna responded.

She gave the leash to Linda who tugged me inside and Anna followed. As Linda lead both of us in to the house she said. "Welcome to my domain slave and new fellow Mistress. Since my parents are away for the weekend; you, Anna, & I have this rubber slave all for ourselves the entire weekend."

I was getting exited again as blood started to fill my penis.

She continued. "Let's bring him down to the dungeon shall we."

She led us into the kitchen and through a door that led down to the basement. She had a dungeon in her parents house???

"My parents and I share the same interests so we decided to build this a couple of years ago."

It was a dream come true. At the bottom of the stairs was a large cellar that had been converted into a dungeon. There were no windows but there were a lot of lit candles at various places in the dungeon. I could see bondage tables, a cross, some bondage chairs, a standard size cage and a smaller one which you had to be on all fours to be in. Further along the walls were filled with whips, chains, paddles, retrains and all possible bondage and BDSM toys. To put simply I was in heaven!!!!

Linda led me to the a point not far from the end of the stairs & she told me to stay put. She collected some chains of various lengths & a spreader bar and returned to me. She lowered a hook from the ceiling using a winch at the wall and started to chain me up. First the spreader bar was locked in place at the anklecuffs. Next she took a chain which she connected between my wristcuffs and the ceiling hook. Another chain was locked at the top of my ballgag harness & she continued to lock chains at my body harness and hook until she was satisfied. The last chain went between the spreader bar and a ring in the floor just under where I stood. She caressed my rubberclad body without saying a word. I moaned at her divine touch.

She went to the winch and started to hoist me upwards. The way the chains were connected they made me fall into a forward position at an angle of about 10 degrees. As the short chain in the floor fully extended she stopped for a while. She checked that everything was as she wanted and then hoisted me up a little bit more. My body stretched at all joints and it felt wonderful. Just as I thought I would be ripped apart she stopped.

She disappeared out of sight just to reappear a few moments later with a chair and a riding crop. Linda spoke.

"As you did not finish your journey as you were supposed to I must punish you, understand?" I tried to nod.

"Good." she said. She started to whip me at my nipples. Harder and harder with every blow and I jerked more and more with every blow making the chains and padlocks play a lovely tune.

When I felt I could not take anymore and was staring to feel faint Anna who had been sitting in a throne watching the whole time in silence said. " Isn't it my turn now?"

"But of course my dear." Linda replied.

They switched places and the torment continued. I don't know for how long they went on, but after what felt like an eternity they finally stopped. Linda stood up in front of me & said. "We are going down town for a few hours to meet some friends but we will be back later. Don't go anyway." They both laughed as they went up stairs.

I was alone.

I don't know how long I had been asleep, when I was woken by a sharp pain at my nipples. I opened my eyes and saw a figure standing in front of me. When my eyes had adjusted to the light in the dungeon I was horrified. Before me was a lady in her mid forties with a close resemblance to Linda.

"Ah, you are awake... So you must be one of Linda's friends. I'm Linda's mother, pleased to meet you. I see she has found a toy to play with, good for her. You know she has not had a slave for ages and since me and my husband are also Doms we can't really play with each other now can we!"

She caressed my nipple clamps and I jerked at the pain and grunted.

"Come to think of it it was a long time since I had a slave to play with of my own so I think I will take this opportunity."

She positioned her fingers to open my nipple clamps.

" Now this will hurt as hell my dear." I screamed!!!



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