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The Rubber Harem

by Latexx

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Storycodes: MFFF/f+; kidnap; latex; bond; bodymod; slaves; nc; X

John Rutex was restless. He always became restless when business slowed down. "Rutex and Associates, Investigations" it said in the San Francisco phone directory, but there were no associates and few investigations. Two years ago he had been lucky, cracking a big fraud case which made him wealthy; but since then there had been only four small jobs.

In his present mood he did not realize how much he had enjoyed the free time, for John Rutex was a rubber fetishist. With the windfall he had bought himself a large house and had added significantly to his collection of rubber garments. Now he had the time to lounge around in rubber, watch his rubber videotapes, organize his albums of thousands of photographs of women in rubber and correspond with dozens of rubber devotees around the world. But he was nevertheless restless; he needed some work. Little did he know that he was about to get involved in the biggest and most interesting case of his career, and that his fetish and profession would merge.

Just as he was about to turn on the answering machine and spend the rest of the day in rubber, the phone rang. "Rutex and Associates," John answered.

"Mr. Rutex?" the voice of a man asked.


"I believe I need your help."

"That's what I'm here for."

"Could we meet?" the man asked.

"Can you give me a hint what this is all about?" Rutex asked.

"I would rather not over the phone," the man replied. Rutex named a restaurant and the man agreed to meet there in an hour.

Rutex waited inside the entrance. Several people came in without addressing him. "Mr. Rutex," a voice behind him suddenly called out. Rutex turned around.

"In person," he said, "Mr. . . . ?"

"Let's sit down first," the man said. They sat down in the far corner and the waiter took their order. "We have been corresponding. You know me as Bert Smith." Rutex recalled his exchange with Smith. Initially he had asked for the names of rubber garment suppliers, followed by several letters in which they exchanged their experiences and thoughts on being a rubber fetishist. His letters came from Boston, clear across the continent.

"Not your real name, I take it," Rutex replied.

"No," Smith said quietly.

"And I assume you want to keep it that way?" Rutex asked.

"Please," Smith said.

"How can I help you, Mr. Smith?" Rutex asked.

"Six months ago my wife disappeared," Smith began. "The police gave up the search after two months, so I hired a private detective in Boston. He found out that she had been forcefully abducted from our house."

"How did he come to that conclusion?" Rutex asked.

Smith continued methodically. "A neighbor had seen a van parked in the back of our house, the police knew that. She didn't write down the number plate, but she noticed an unusual and broken antenna. The investigator had been involved in another kidnapping case where the same van had been seen. That case was never solved, but it had been determined that the van had been driven to a small airport outside Boston. So my investigator canvassed all private airports in the Boston area and hit pay dirt. On the day of the kidnapping this van had been at one of the airports, a person was unloaded on a stretcher and carried into a Learjet."

"Did you get an identification of the plane?" Rutex asked.

"Yes," Smith replied, "and its destination. The plane belongs to a leasing company and it was flown to Los Angeles International Airport."

Rutex wrinkled his forehead. "Any leads from there?"

Smith shifted in his seat. "Some. The investigator spent a month in Los Angeles. The leasing company did not cooperate. We could only find out that the Learjet that day had been rented by a subsidiary of a large conglomerate, no pilot name, no other information. He camped out at Los Angeles Airport. He called me a few times and told me he suspected he was being followed. After four weeks the same plane came in and a person was unloaded into a van on a stretcher. The investigator followed the van and called me after the van had reached its destination. It was a warehouse in Glendale." Smith had stopped.

"Go on," Rutex said.

"That was the last communication I had from the investigator," Smith said almost inaudibly. "Two days later he was found dead in Mexico."

"Any idea who owns the warehouse?" Rutex asked.

"A corporation. I did some checking of my own after this and found this corporation is owned by Charles Merrill, the same man who is head of the conglomerate."

Rutex whistled, he had heard of Merrill. Smith held up his hand and said: "There is more. I met Merrill once, at a rubber meeting in New York. He used a different name then but, since I have seen his photographs now, I know it was he. He accosted my wife at that meeting and told her how seductive she looked in rubber."

Smith looked at me pleadingly. "Mr. Rutex, I want you to find out if my wife is being held in that warehouse. I am prepared to pay you one thousand dollars a day."

Rutex thought for a long time. "This guy Merrill has a really bad reputation, I am not surprised that your investigator got killed. There may be a way to reduce the risk, but it's costly."

"How?" Smith asked.

"High technology," Rutex replied, "surveillance equipment, video cameras, bugs. But it might cost you as much a fifty thousand dollars."

"I am prepared to spend that kind of money," Smith said.

"Alright," Rutex said, "write down the address of the warehouse now. I will need a recent photograph of your wife and any information you have on Merrill. I want you to set up a fax machine on a separate line so I can get in touch with you. Don't call me. If you need to get in touch with me send me a fax, it's much harder to tap than a phone call." Rutex handed Smith his card and added: "Concerning the payment, I will need fifty thousand dollars in cash for the equipment immediately, the rest you can pay after the job is finished. Send it with the photograph and the information on Merrill by express mail to this address as soon as you get back." Rutex wrote down an untraceable P.O. Box number and gave the paper to Smith.

The two men talked a while longer. Smith left first. Rutex paid the bill and followed half an hour later.

The following day John Rutex flew to Los Angeles and rented a car at the airport, using a phony driver's license. On the way to Glendale he put on a moustache and wig. He first surveyed the warehouse from the car. There was no sign of activity, but he noticed a new cooler for a large air‑conditioning system on the roof. The adjoining building had a badly discolored "For Rent" sign nailed to it. Rutex figured that it had been empty for several years. Rutex found a motel and went back after dark. He parked the car in the parking lot of a run‑down restaurant several blocks away, put on a pair of latex gloves, took his tool bag and proceeded to the warehouse on foot. Picking the lock, he entered the adjoining building and found his way to the attic with the help of a narrow‑beam flashlight. He examined the wall under the roof and found that it consisted of wooden boards. Without much effort he was able to cut through three of the boards and remove them. He could now see into the attic of the warehouse.

As he had suspected, there were large, recently installed air‑ducts. Several of the larger ducts had small access door. He carefully climbed into the attic space, opened one of the access doors and inserted a microphone, pushing it several feet into the duct. Then he went back to the adjoining building, plugged the microphone cord into a tape recorder and listened with the earphones.

He could hear voices, several of them, all female. The sound was too muffled to understand. He heard the crack of a whip and muted screams. Somewhere there was water running. Then he heard on woman shouting: "Bend over, rubberslave."

Rutex had heard enough. He climbed back into the warehouse attic, removed the microphone and closed the access door. Then he made a careful drawing of the duct system. Back in the neighboring building he replaced the boards, holding them in place with screws. He rubbed some dirt over he screws, packed up his tools and went back to the motel.

Early the next morning he canvassed the neighborhood of the warehouse again and found a small building with a "for rent" sign about 500 yards away. He called the agent from a pay phone and was able to inspect the building an hour later. It had two offices, a bathroom and a large garage. Rutex rented it for two months. Then he drove to the airport and flew home.

Smith's express package had arrived by the time he got back. Rutex sent a fax to Smith, telling him what he had found. Then he made a list of the equipment he needed, called in the order under a phony name and asked that it be ready the following morning on will call, cash payment. He decided that he had done a good two days work and that he was entitled to relax for the rest of the day. Rutex was happy; he was working again. He dressed in a rubbersuit and put on a pair of rubberboots, two pairs of latex gloves, a latex hood, three pairs of rubber overalls, a gasmask and four rubber raincoats. Then he sat in his easy chair and watched some of his rubber videotapes. Late in the evening he added four rubber capes, took a heavy rubber bag and stepped into the bathtub. He struggled into the bag inside the tub and zipped it up. Reaching through a slit in the rubber bag, he turned on the hot water and the steam, lay down in the tub and relaxed. He wondered what he would find in the warehouse. After two hours he stripped out of the rubber, took a shower and hung the rubber garments up to dry. Then he went to bed, falling asleep almost immediately.

The next morning Rutex put on the moustache and the wig again, took Smith's cash and went to the distributor of the electronic equipment. He used his second car, a nondescript old Chevrolet. A block from the distributor he removed the number plate. After picking up the equipment and paying for it, he drove to a nearby restaurant. While eating breakfast he made sure he had not been followed. He replaced the number plate and went back to his house. There he checked the equipment and loaded it into his third vehicle, a van with the sides painted "Acme Exterminators." He packed some clothes, most of his own equipment and tools and everything he needed for a prolonged stay. Then he sent a fax to Smith, turned on his answering machine and left.

Rutex stayed in a motel on the way and arrived in Glendale mid‑morning, wearing his moustache and wig disguise. First he drove to a furniture place and bought a desk, a bed, a table, some lamps and two chairs. He gave them the address and asked for a delivery that afternoon. At the rented building he parked the van in the garage, called the phone company for two phone lines to be connected and replaced the locks with high‑security ones. The delivery truck came and Rutex arranged the sparse furniture, making one room his office, the other his bedroom. He covered the three windows with black sheets. Then he unloaded the van and went out to dinner.

At 10 p.m. he checked that the street was empty and walked to the building adjoining the warehouse, quickly gaining entrance. In the attic he removed the three boards, climbed into the attic of the warehouse, opened the access door to the air duct and inserted the "walker." This was a small, remotely controlled robot, which could move along the air duct. It carried a tiny television camera and dragged a fiber‑optics cable behind it.

Rutex watched the picture on a small monitor as he controlled the walker. After about five minutes the walker came to opening. Rutex maneuvered the walker so that the camera could look through the slats. What he saw on the screen was a large room, in which nine rubber‑clad women were tied up in various positions. A tenth woman, also wearing rubber, appeared to be in charge, securing straps and chains. "Bingo," Rutex whispered.
He operated the walker so that it set the miniature camera down in the best position. Then he programmed it so that it would walk back the same way. After five minutes it appeared in the access opening.

During the next five hours Rutex found 21 more duct openings and he inserted nine more cameras. Then he connected their fiber‑optics cables to a scrambled ten‑channel transmitter and set up an antenna. He climbed out of the attic, replaced the three boards, packed up his tools and left the adjoining building. At his temporary office Rutex now set up an antenna, a receiver, and a professional‑quality video recorder. With fascination he began to watch what was going on inside the warehouse, switching among the ten channels and recording most of it.

For the next two weeks Rutex spent most of his time monitoring the TV transmission and recording some 200 hours of it. He took intermittent naps and went out occasionally to get some food and more videotapes. In the two weeks he pieced together the setup.

Charles Merrill appeared every third day or so, staying for a few hours, sometimes for a whole night. There were 17 female rubberslaves and 3 female supervisors. Inside the facility, the slaves, supervisors and Merrill were always clad in nothing but rubber.

An hour before Merrill arrived an alarm went off. This triggered frantic activity. Ten of the rubberslaves were tied to whipping horses in one of the larger rooms, with their arms tied behind their backs. The three supervisors then went to the entrance room, greeted Merrill and helped him dress in rubber. It was here that Rutex got a clear picture of Merrill’s face. After this everyone wore latex hoods.

Merrill then went into the large room with the three supervisors and inspected the tied‑up rubberslaves. A supervisor put a rubber bag over the face of the first one and pulled it tight, cutting of her air. Merrill then raped her and the bag was not removed until she had come. Then he started on the second one. He usually got to number five or six before he had an orgasm himself. He whipped the rest, with one supervisor operating a vibrator and a second one putting a bag over the poor rubberslave's head.

The next event prepared for Merrill was mud‑wrestling. This took place in a different, large room, which had a sizeable mud pit in the center. All 17 rubberslaves were in the mud, wearing rubbersuits, latex hoods, latex gloves and rubberboots. A rubber dildo was strapped into them, with a knob protruding through the rubbersuit. They had to make each other come, by grabbing the dildo‑knob either with the hands or the mouth. The one who came last was the winner. Merrill watched the contest from a comfortable chair.

As the losers came out of the pit, covered in mud, they had to kneel between Merrill’s legs and suck his penis while he whipped their behinds. The winner had the dildo removed and was ceremoniously fucked by Merrill. Rutex noticed that there was specialization among the rubberslaves. Three of them had all their teeth removed and were used by Merrill as "suckers." One of the three was almost always kneeling between his knees and sucking his penis, wearing either a hood with a mouth opening or one with rubber lips. Sometimes these three rubberslaves wore just rubbersuits, with rubberboots and latex gloves, and their hands were cuffed in the back. More often, though, they were dressed in massive rubber, with their arms either in a rubber straight‑jacket or in a heavy rubber binder behind their backs.

Five of the rubberslaves had extremely small waists and huge breasts. 24 hours a day they had to wear very tight rubber corsets and rubberboots with extremely tall heels. They were Merrill’s prime targets for fondling. If Merrill spent the night in the warehouse, which happened both weeks on Wednesday, he retired to his own bedroom with twelve rubberslaves. The bedroom had a very large, rubber‑covered bed, mirrors on all the walls and the ceiling and a large‑screen TV. He lay down in the center of the bed, with his head on a large, inflated rubber pillow. One of the suckers was put between his legs, tied up in a rubber bag. The supervisors then placed a rubberslave in a rubber bag on his left side and another rubberslave on his right. The latter one was always dressed in several soft rubber dresses and massaged his balls. A fourth rubberslave was placed across his chest so he could fondle her rubber‑clad breasts. The remaining eight rubberslaves were tied up on poles around the bed and all twelve rubberslaves had pneumatic dildos strapped into them. Without getting up, Merrill could operate a central control for the pneumatic dildos, as well as select one of several video tape players.

For an hour or so before falling asleep, Merrill played a videotape, always depicting female rubberslaves being tortured and raped. Three or four times he turned on the pneumatic dildos until all twelve rubberslaves came. After he had come himself he fell asleep. In the middle of the night, whenever he woke up, he turned on the TV, watched some more rubber movies and turned on the dildos again until he had another orgasm.

In the morning Merrill took a shower with three of the rubberslaves. Two of them soaped him and slowly peeled of his rubbersuit, while the third one sucked his cock. Then Merrill went to the entrance room, dressed and left.

While Merrill was away the treatment of the rubberslaves turned from bad to worse. For hours at a time they were chained to the wall, clad in heavy rubbersuits, or tied up in heavy rubber bags and put into the sauna. Once a day each rubberslave was severely whipped. The supervisors took turns: one whipped a rubberslave, while the other two watched and relaxed in easy chairs, with two tied‑up rubberslaves licking their cunts. None of the rubberslaves ever screamed or even whimpered while being whipped.

The rubberslaves had to take turns cleaning the entire place. For this they were forced into heavy rubbersuits and had to wear heavy rubber gauntlets, a heavy rubber hood and tall, heavy rubberboots, all over their "normal" rubber attire. Whenever the rubberslaves where on their own, tied up or cleaning, they always had a vibrating dildo strapped into them. They moaned almost constantly and came frequently.

During the two weeks Rutex was watching and taping the goings on inside the warehouse, he was often tempted to break in and stop the torturing. But he knew that he would risk both his own life and those of the rubberslaves. And, as he slowly pieced together the setup and recorded it for possible use against Merrill, he developed a plan.

He sent a fax to Smith, giving him a summary of what he had found. He told Smith that, because the rubberslaves were wearing latex hoods all the time, he had not been able to establish the identity of his wife. He asked Smith to meet him at the same restaurant in two days and bring plenty of his wife's clothing and buy some wigs.

The following day Rutex packed up his personal gear, locked the doors of his temporary office and drove the van back to San Francisco. There he rented two large, enclosed trucks with no markings, using his phony driver's license. He drove them separately to a parking lot near the restaurant and then went to the supply store to pick up some additional equipment, including ten air mattresses. At his house Rutex removed all phones except the one in his study, which he locked in his desk. Next he lowered and locked the outside security blinds. Then he prepared the bedrooms, inflating the ten air mattresses for additional sleeping space.

The next morning Rutex met Smith at the restaurant and the two of them drove the trucks to Glendale, arriving just before nightfall. Rutex explained the equipment to Smith and then walked over to the building adjoining the warehouse. He attached a small gas bomb to the walker and inserted it into the air duct. Then he guided it to the outlet above the entrance room and left it there. Leaving the garage door of the adjoining building unlocked, he went back to his temporary office.

Both Rutex and Smith now watched the TV screen intently. At 9 p.m. the alarm went off. The rubberslaves were prepared and the three supervisors took up their positions in the entrance room. At precisely 10 p.m. the door opened and Merrill walked in. While the three supervisors helped Merrill dress in rubber, Rutex sent a signal to the walker and the gas bomb dropped to the floor. Within seconds all four people lay on the floor, unconscious. Rutex now had one hour to get into the warehouse. He and Smith quickly loaded the electronic equipment into one of the trucks and locked up the temporary office. Then they drove the two trucks to the adjoining building, opened the garage door and parked them inside. After closing the garage door they put on latex gloves, set up a light and started to cut through the wall. After 10 minutes they had produced an opening large enough for two people to walk through. Rutex went straight for the entrance room and tied up Merrill and the three supervisors, putting tight latex hoods with only nose openings over their heads. Then he helped Smith untie the startled rubberslaves. One of the small‑waisted rubberslaves ran toward Smith after she was untied and embraced him; it was his wife.

Rutex explained to them the situation and that he wanted to remove as much of the rubber garments and equipment for evidence as they could fit into the trucks. Smith took charge and the rubberslaves started carrying rubber garments to the trucks. Rutex climbed into the attic and removed the walker and the cameras. He closed the access door and carefully glued the three boards back into place. The trucks were beginning to fill up. Rutex inspected each room of the warehouse. When he came to the entrance hall, he found rubber bags over the heads of Merrill and two of the supervisors; they were dead. One or several of the rubberslaves had taken revenge. He went to get Smith and discussed the situation with him. "There is nothing we can do now," Smith said, "let's take the one who is alive and get out of here." Rutex agreed.

One truck was now loaded to the top with rubber garments and equipment, the second had just enough room for the surviving supervisor and the 17 rubberslaves to sit or lay on top of the huge pile of rubber. Rutex and Smith closed the trucks, drove them out of the garage, locked the garage door and took off their latex gloves. It was 2 a.m.. They would be in San Francisco by mid‑morning. When they arrived at his house, Rutex asked Smith to park two blocks away. He backed his truck into the driveway, which led to a large garage door in the back of the house. He opened the garage door and the back doors of the truck and moved the vehicle so that there was no visible gap. Then he went in through the house and helped the still rubber‑clad women climb off the mountain of rubber garments into the garage. Together they carried the tied‑up supervisor to one of the six bedrooms.

Rutex explained to the women that they needed to unload the trucks quickly and that they would stay here temporarily, until transportation to their homes could be arranged. In less than an hour both trucks were empty and rubber garments were in large piles throughout the house. Smith took the trucks to a parking lot a few blocks away. Rutex would return them after a few days so that the rental did not exactly coincide with the removal of the rubberslaves and garments. Smith had brought eight sets of clothing and wigs. Rutex went out to get some food while the women showered. When he came back he was surprised to find that only six of them had changed into regular clothes. Eleven were again dressed in nothing but rubber and the former supervisor was tied up in a rubber bag,

They all sat around the large dining room table and ate. Smith suggested that he and his wife leave the next day for Boston and that they could take a few of the women to the airport. The six who were dressed in regular clothes readily agreed, but Rutex cautioned Smith to pay cash for the tickets and offered to drive them to the airport in the van. Smith made reservations over the phone, using false names and then excused himself and his wife. Then Smith offered Rutex $ 100,000 as his fee. Rutex said that this was far more than he had expected. "It looks to me like you will have a lot of mouths to feed," Smith winked.

Before retiring to their bedroom Smith and his wife selected an arm full of rubber garments. The six women who were scheduled to leave the next morning went to bed next, three to a bedroom. The women who were still clad in rubber remained in the dining room. Rutex sat down with them and asked what their plans were.

There was silence for a while until one of them spoke up. "I have no place to go," she said, "I have been a rubberslave for five years, that's all I know now." A second one said: "I like rubber, I want to stay in it." Several of them nodded in agreement.

"Isn't there anyone waiting for you?" Rutex asked. Five of them were not sure; they would have to find out. Nobody asked what the former supervisor wanted.

Two of the women got up, saying that Rutex had earned a reward. They came back with some rubber clothes, stripped Rutex and began dressing him in rubber. Then all ten of them carried Rutex to his bedroom. They put him down in the center of the bed, with his head on a large, inflated rubber pillow. Two of the rubber‑clad women brought in a large TV monitor and VCR they had taken out of the warehouse, while two others distributed pneumatic dildos. They all inserted their dildos and connected them to the pump, placing the controls for the VCR and pump within reach of Rutex.

One of the suckers was now tied up in a rubber bag and placed between his legs. The former supervisor was put into a rubber bag on his left side and one woman, wearing several soft rubber dresses, lay down on his right and began to massage his balls. A fourth one was placed across his chest so he could fondle her large rubber‑clad breasts. The remaining eight positioned themselves around the bed; some were tied up in massive rubber, others sat in chairs or lay on the floor. Rutex noted that it was the way Merrill had slept with his rubberslaves. He pressed the button for the VCR. The screen showed a scene where a man tortured and raped three female rubberslaves. The women became excited. After a while he activated the pump and, within a few minutes, they all had loud orgasms.

In the morning Rutex loaded Smith, his wife and the six women into the back of the van, which was parked in the garage. So far none of the women had seen where they were and he wanted to keep it that way. He drove them to the airport, taking the long way. As he came back, entering the house through the garage, all ten women were assembled in the living room, with the former supervisor strapped over a whipping horse. Rutex changed into a rubber outfit and sat down with them. They needed to talk, he said.

"Anytime one of you wants to leave," Rutex said, "she is free to go. But, while you are here, you are not to go outside; the doors are going to be locked at all times and I am the only one who has the keys. The security blinds are going to stay down, so that none of you is accidentally seen through a window; also it is better if you don't know where you are so that this location is safe should one of you be recaptured."

They all agreed. "Now, what are we going to do with the supervisor?" Rutex asked.

"Keep her as our rubberslave," they said.

Rutex answered sternly. "I don't want to keep anybody here against her will."

He untied the supervisor and took her second latex hood and gag off.

"Here is what I suggest," he said to her, "we'll keep you here for two months. During that time you are going to be a rubberslave and, whoever stays here can do to you what you did to them. After that time you can decide if you want to stay or leave." The woman nodded.

Over the next two days Rutex arranged phone calls for five of the women through an accommodation number in New York. After this, all five of them decided they wanted to go home. Rutex went out to buy clothes and wigs. One of the five was a sucker and Rutex had to bring her to a dentist to get a set of teeth.

Rutex was now left with five rubberslaves and the former supervisor. They wanted to be called rubberslaves, they told Rutex and they wanted the same treatment they had received from Merrill. "Including the torture?" Rutex asked.

"It wasn't really torture," they replied.

"What do you call a whipping?"

"Shear pleasure," one of them said.

Two of them were suckers and neither of them asked for false teeth. The other three were from the group, which had been trained for small waists; they continued wearing their wasp rubber corsets. None of the five asked to have street clothes. The former supervisor first resisted being a rubberslave, but gradually she changed her mind and participated more and more in the rubber games. After two months she decided to stay. So Rutex now lives happily with his six rubber‑clad women.

He no longer accepts any cases.



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