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Rubber Handyman

by Latexx

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© Copyright 2007 - Latexx - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/mf; bond; latex; vac; susp; bagged; cons/nc; XX

By training I am contractor.  I renovate people's houses.  When this episode of my life began I had a small business of my own, albeit not a very successful one.  I am quite good at my job but, you see, I have this problem: I am a rubber fetishist.  I love to be dressed in rubber, even tied up in it.  I have had this feeling ever since I can remember.  The only way I can enjoy sex is being dressed head to toe in rubber.  I always wanted to get married, but the woman of my dreams would have to love rubber too.  I never found that woman.

When I was dressed in rubber I liked to watch rubber movies.  For years I had been collecting them and had recorded them onto several large hard-drives, so that I could watch any movie in any sequence without getting up. Because of my preoccupation with rubber, my business suffered.  Some days I simply preferred to stay at home, put on several layers of rubber and dream of being with a rubber woman while I masturbated all day.  Not good for business. So, when I saw this advertisement in a rubber magazine I was intrigued.  "Handyman wanted," it said.  "Must be able to restore and customize large house for a group of rubber enthusiasts."

I called the number given and made an appointment for the next day.  My heart was beating fast as I rang the doorbell.  It was an old house, far out in the country, quite dilapidated. A woman, dressed in a long, tiered rubber dress opened the door.  "You must be George," she said and shook my hand.  Her hands were encased in shoulder-length latex gloves.  "Come on in.  I'm Maxine."

I walked into the foyer and she guided me to a large sitting room.  All the chairs and sofas were covered in rubber.  "Sit down and I'll ring the others," she said.  She pressed a button on the wall and seconds later a door opened and in walked three people, two women and a man; all dressed in nothing but rubber.  She introduced them as Fran, Anne and Carl.  They sat opposite me.  While Fran and Anne were wearing extremely sexy rubber dresses, Carl was in a heavy rubber suit; his head was encased in latex mask, covered by a gasmask and his wrists were bound by rubber straps.

"First, let's establish your credentials," Maxine said.  "Did you bring any photographs of your work?"  I pulled out my portfolio and they looked through it.

"This is quite impressive," Maxine said.  "What we have in mind is to remodel this entire house.  Modern bathrooms, a new roof, new windows, rubber wardrobes and a lot of special rooms for the enjoyment of rubber.  Can you handle that?"

"I think so," I answered.

"Well, here is the deal: we would want you to give up your business, sell your house and move in with us.  None of us get paid anything, we are sort of a commune.  We buy whatever we need out of a common fund.  All of us are willing to help."

"Could I see the place?" I asked.

"Certainly," Maxine said and we all got up and followed her.  We started at the top, the attic.  An ancient elevator brought us there.  I wondered why the elevator would go all the way up to the attic, which was mostly empty.  But then I realized that it was full height and clearly was intended to have rooms at one time.  "I think this is the ideal place for a few bondage cells," Maxine said.  I nodded, wondering just what she had in mind.

On the third and second floors there were four bedrooms each, inefficiently arranged.  I suggested that they could be grouped so that each bedroom could have its own bathroom and a walk-in closet.  They agreed enthusiastically. The first floor contained the foyer, the sitting room, a kitchen and the dining room.  I told them that little improvement was needed here, except a modernization of the kitchen appliances and a good paint job.  They again agreed. The basement had the biggest potential, it was mostly empty.  In fact there were two basements.  From the large regular basement, which underlay the entire house, a steel door led to a lower and smaller one. "This would be ideal for a dungeon," Maxine suggested and they all nodded.
We went back to the foyer.  "Well, what do you think?" Maxine asked.

"Even if I work for free," I said, "the supplies will cost a lot of money."

"I think we can afford it.  I recently sold my business and Carl inherited a lot of money from his parents."

They all looked at me expectantly.  My thinking was somewhat overwhelmed at the moment and, when I hesitated, Anne got up, kneeled in front of me, opened the zipper of my trousers, took out my penis and massaged it with her rubber-clad hands.  "It would be nice to have you here," she said, "and we would be very grateful."  Seconds later I had an enormous orgasm.

Needless to say, I agreed.  I finished the pending jobs, sold my house and showed up three weeks later.  It was Anne who opened the door, dressed in a red rubbersuit, gloves, boots and latex mask.  "Let me show you to your room," she said, "we'll get your things later."  She took me by the hand and we went up to the third floor.  After she opened the door of my assigned room she stripped me of my clothes and pushed me backwards onto the rubber-covered bed.  She lay next to me, pulled a condom over my tool and massaged my penis and balls.  I lay on top of her and fucked her hard.  We came together.  Spent, we lay there for a half an hour, when Maxine came into the room.

"I see Anne received you in her own fashion.  Me, I like my men properly dressed in rubber, and preferably tied up.  Why don't you put on a rubber outfit and we'll have dinner."

I got my bags out of he truck and dressed in a black rubber suit, with Anne's help.  She also helped me into black rubber boots, elbow-length latex gloves and a tight-fitting black latex hood.  She herself wore a yellow rubbersuit, high-heeled rubber boots, long red latex gloves and a transparent latex hood.  I thought she looked smashing. We went down to the dining room.  The others were already sitting around a large, ancient oak dining table.  Maxine wore a nothing but a black rubbersuit, which covered her entire body, feet, hands and head included.  Fran was in a demure green maid's uniform and Carl was tied to his chair in a black rubber bondage bag.  Maxine fed him his food.

I gave an envelope to Maxine.  In it was a cashier's check for the amount of money I got from the sale of  the house and from closing my accounts.  Maxine was speechless and showed the check to Ann, Fran and Carl.  "I am joining the commune," I said.  "I have nothing of my own now except my tools and my rubber garments.  I am doing this so I will never be tempted to go back."  All three women hugged and kissed me.

After dinner Anne and Maxine moved Carl upstairs to his bedroom and stayed there.  I helped Fran with the dishes.  She didn't talk, just said "thank you" when we were finished.  Anne appeared after a while and asked her if she was ready.  Fran nodded.

"Why don't you come with us and help me put Fran to bed" Anne said to me.  We went upstairs to Fran's bedroom and Anne helped her dress in a rubber suits and several latex night-gowns.  Her head was covered with a black latex hood with no eye openings and her rubber-gloved hands were cuffed.  Then Anne moved her onto the bed and into a thick rubber bondage bag, which was locked.

"She sleeps like that every night," Anne said and turned off the light.  In the hallway she opened my crotch zipper and took out my penis and balls.  "Now its your turn," she said and pulled me by my penis into her room.  On her bed was a rubber bag and she helped me get into it.  My private parts were pulled through a narrow opening and into my mouth went a rubber gag, from which protruded a dildo.  She sat on my head, inserting the dildo into her and massaging my penis and balls with her rubber gloved hands.  After she had an orgasm she lay next to me and continued massaging me.  Then we fell asleep.

The next morning I went to work.  First came the windows.  They needed replacing and I made them all of milk-glass so that no-one could look in from the outside.  The ultimate privacy. I remodeled all eight bedrooms on the second and third floors so that each would have a large bed and a comfortable recliner, a sizeable rubber-wardrobe and a bathroom with a large bathtub with steam. In each bedroom there was a large TV screen on the wall with a remote control which worked from anywhere in the room, even under a heavy rubber comforter.  All TV screens were connected to a receiver in the attic and several large disk-drives, capable of storing several hundred movies. Six different programs could be watched at any given time.  I also bought a high-quality video camera so that we could make movies of ourselves and add to them to the hard-disks.

Each day we would start at 8 a.m. after breakfast, dressed in regular clothes except Carl, who insisted on being dressed in a heavy rubber suit.  We did all of the work ourselves except the roof; it was the only job that could be done without entering the house. I restored the ancient elevator and then concentrated on the attic.  I divided it into several cells, all designed to house one or two persons for long periods of time.  Three of the cells were single rubber bedrooms, with just enough room for a rubber-covered bed.  They could be heated, with the temperature set from the outside.  They were completely sound-proof and the door could not be opened from the inside.  The fourth cell was larger and had a double-bed.  All four bedrooms had a TV screen but no remote control.  The TV program was selected from the outside. For each of the beds Fran made a heavy rubber comforter, stuffed with left-over small rubber pieces, and a large inflated rubber pillow.

Next came the kitchen on the ground floor.  I got all new appliances, cabinets and counter-tops and we painted all the rooms. Then I turned my attention to the basements.  I first installed drain and water pipes, dividing walls and new electrical wiring.  A third of the large front basement was taken up by a workshop, outfitted with several large tables to make rubber garments.  The remaining area consisted of a common area, surrounded by several cells: two pressure cells, one horizontal, one vertical, a pit filled with half-inflated balloons and a bedroom with steam and hot drizzle.  The common area contained two medical examination and three bondage chairs, a large four-poster bed, two rubber hammocks, two hung-up inflatable rubber bags, two electrical stimulation chairs, two bondage poles and one bondage cross and lots of bondage rings on the walls and the ceiling.
The lower basement was turned into a severe dungeon: a stretch rack, a whipping horse, two prison cells, a bondage wheel, a vacuum bed, a steam room and assorted bondage contraptions.

We worked every day from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.  The evenings always varied; sometimes we just lounged around in rubber before going to bed.  At other times Carl, Fran and I were tied up by both Maxine and Anne, or by Maxine alone, with Anne also being a victim.  At least once a week I spent the entire night in rubber.

After seven months of hard work the remodeling was finished.  We were now in rubber all day and sometimes all night and started using the basement, the dungeon and the attic. Carl was always in heavy bondage and I was astonished how much punishment he was willing to take.  Maxine was his undisputed mistress, but Anne took over when Maxine turned her attention to Fran or me. Both Fran and Anne now made rubber garments a few hours every day and our collection grew steadily by two or three garments a day.  I was in heaven, I had all day and all night to enjoy rubber, every day.  The variations were endless.  I was Maxine's slave for a few hours almost every day, tied up in heavy rubber.  For most of these sessions my private parts were sheathed in rubber but exposed.  She would bring me close to an orgasm but then stop.  Other times she let me masturbate but did not release me until I had come several times.  At least once a week I spent all night in an attic cell, masturbating in massive rubber. Maxine also frequently put Anne and myself in a locked double rubber bag.  She would strap us tightly so that we couldn't move.  Once an hour she would loosen the straps for a few minutes so that we could fuck.

We started having an increasing number of visitors.  Some were couples who came to participate in bondage games.  Some were men who simply wanted to be tied up in rubber.  We had two guest bedrooms and both were now always occupied on weekends.  Sometimes we had so many guests that single men (and occasionally women) had to sleep in one of the attic rubber cells.  They didn't seem to mind. It was an idyllic existence.  We got along well together and enjoyed sharing our house with friends.  I had sex whenever I wanted to, especially with Anne.  She was insatiable and could have as many as 20 orgasms in short succession.  She often pulled me into her bedroom in the middle of the day and literally begged to be fucked.  I usually didn't last longer than her third orgasm, after which she pulled a hood with a dildo over my head, inserted it into her and gently rubbed my penis while she had more orgasms.  I almost always had a second one and hour later.

I developed a special fondness for Fran.  She was very shy and rarely talked.  With time she began to ask me if I would put her to bed, which I was very happy to do.  About a month later Anne took me aside and said, "I think Fran is in love with you.  She asked me to ask you if you would sleep with her." I was surprised, but then Anne added, "Don't get your hopes up, buddy.  What she means is, would you sleep on the same bed with her; she will still be in her rubber bag."

I hugged Anne.  "You are a great girl," I said, "there is no jealousy in you, is there."

"I figure I get you during the day," she answered.  "And I'm not a girl, I'm a woman, or haven't you noticed?"

So I slept with Fran, hugging her in her rubber bag.  She masturbated constantly and had a number of orgasms during the night.

And then Rubella appeared on the scene and disaster struck.  She came to visit on a Tuesday, with another woman, Misty in tow.  Both were tall and athletic. We showed them to their bedrooms and, after they were dressed in rubber, gave them the tour of the house.  Rubella said she wanted a bondage contest.

"A bondage contest?" Maxine asked, "what do you mean?"

"Let's find out who is best at tying up other people in rubber,"  Rubella explained.

Fran and I didn't like the idea, but Maxine wanted to be polite to our guests and agreed.

"Maxine, you go first.  We'll all be your victims."

So we all went to the basement and Maxine tied up Carl, Misty, Me, Anne, Fran and then Rubella.

"What do I do now," Maxine asked.

"You untie us, of course," Rubella replied, "and then it's my turn."

I couldn't quite see the point of the game and Fran was clearly getting frightened, but both of us continued to play along. Rubella also started with Carl.  She put him into a second rubber suit and pulled a heavy rubber hood over his head that had only nose openings.  She hog-tied him severely and winched him up. Maxine came next.  She was put into a rubber bondage bag, her straps were pulled tight, a blindfold rubber hood was pulled over her head and she was hung up on the wall. Anne they put into a rubber straightjacket, tied her feet together and then laced her into a rubber hammock.  Once she was immobile they put a gag into her mouth, pumped it up and blindfolded her.

Then they turned their attention to me.  I was put into a heavy second rubbersuit, which had attached boots, gauntlets and hood.  The hood had a gag, which was inflated.  Short chains were attached to my ankles and wrists.  Then they just left me sitting on a nearby bed. When they grabbed Fran, she screamed and struggled, but they soon had her inside a rubber bag, gagged and blindfolded.  She too was hung up on the wall.

"Listen up, you losers," Rubella shouted, "you are now our prisoners.  We are taking over this establishment.  Misty you watch the prisoners." She took off her hood and went to put on a cloth raincoat.  "George, you are coming with me," she commanded. I hobbled behind her, outside to her van.  She put me in the back and locked the doors. The ride took about half an hour and when she opened the doors we were inside a garage.  She told me to get out of the van and follow her.  There were piles of rubber garments in several rooms, which she told me to put into the van.  She removed my chains but supervised me closely, carrying a whip.  When the van was full she put the chains back on and hung me up on a post.  Then she drove off.
Misty came back with the van two hours later, let me down and removed the chains.  She too carried a whip and I had to carry the rest of the garments into the van.  Then she appeared with a very skinny, rubber-clad women.  She put her into the back of the van on top of the rubber pile, put my chains back on and told me to climb into the van too.

When we arrived at our house Misty parked the van in the garage and closed the door.  Rubella was standing next to the van when the doors opened, again carrying the whip.  She removed my chains and told me to carry the rubber to her bedroom.  Misty disappeared with the skinny woman. When all the rubber garments were moved, Rubella took me to my room and tied me into a heavy rubber bag.  Then all was quiet.

In the morning Misty released me from the bag.  She was now wearing a black rubber suit, black boot, black gloves and a black hood and carried a black baseball bat.  "You can take off the rubber and take a shower," she said, "you got 15 minutes.  Leave the door open"  I hurried to the bathroom, stripped off the rubber garments, went to the toilet, took a brief shower and dried myself. She had laid out two green rubber suits and I put them on.  She cuffed my hands behind my back, pulled my penis and balls through the crotch openings, put a heavy and very tight rubber hood on my head and gagged me.  Then she took me downstairs, to the basement.

Everybody was already there.  Carl was strapped into a bondage chair; his balls were in a vicious clamp and he was writhing and moaning in agony.  Maxine was tied up in a medical examination chair. Rubella sat between her legs with an electrical machine.  Every few seconds Maxine jerked and screamed into her gag. Anne was immobilized in the second examination chair and looked in horror at Maxine.  Fran was hung up by her wrists and was trembling.  The skinny woman was standing around with her hands cuffed behind her back. I was taken to the second basement and tied over the whipping horse.  Misty then got the skinny women and had her kneel between my legs.  "Suck him, slave, but don't let him come," she commanded her.  The Slave took my penis into her mouth and began sucking.  Then Misty started whipping me hard.  I screamed into my gag and, after about 100 strokes, passed out.

When I regained consciousness I was blind-folded, hung up in a bag.  I heard moaning all around me.  An electrical gadget had been affixed to my penis and balls and every few seconds I felt a shock. We were kept in the two basements all day, getting food and water and a bathroom break only once.  At night I was tied up in a rubber bag in one of the attic cells. Thursday brought more of the same.  I wore a rubber straightjacket the entire day.  While my balls were painfully clamped Misty raped me, but didn't allow me to have an orgasm.  I spent considerable time in the heat room, a rubber hammock and the pressure cell which the electrical machine was strapped to my private parts.  I was blindfolded all the time, so I didn't see what was happening to the others; I could only hear their agony.  At night I was simply left hung up in a rubber bag.

We were saved by the visitors, who appeared Friday afternoon.  At first a couple rang the bell and were told by Rubella that the house was closed indefinitely.  The were stunned and immediately suspected that something was wrong.  The went back to their car an waited.  The two single men showed up at the same time and were turned away too.  The couple got out of their car and discussed the situation with the two men.  They decided to come back armed and investigate.

An hour later they met in the back of the house, the three men carrying handguns.  They broke in, went to the basement using the emergency stairs and quietly observed what was happing.  Then they overwhelmed Rubella and Misty, tied them up and released us. We all took showers and gulped down some food and water.  Later we sat in the living room, with Rubella and Misty hog-tied on the floor.  The skinny woman was standing around awkwardly. "What is your name?" I asked her. She pointed at her mouth and shook her head.

"Is she gagged?" one of the visitors asked.

"No," I said, "she can't talk."

I gave her a pad and a pen and we slowly got her story.  Her name was Elsa and she had been Rubella's captive and slave for more than ten years.  She was bi-sexual and had slowly become addicted to rubber, but she hated pain.  She asked if she could stay with us.  We told her that she could stay as long as she wanted.

"What are we going to do with those two?" Anne asked, pointing at the two tied-up women.

"They should be punished," Fran said quietly.  Carl, Anne and I agreed.

"We can't keep them here," Maxine interjected, "they are too dangerous."

We discussed this for a few minutes.  Then one of the visitors said, "I know a man who will take one of them.  He runs a rubber boot-camp and can handle even a strong woman.  I am sure he would be delighted to have a female rubber slave."

We spent an intense weekend with our guests, taking turns subjecting the two captives to severe bondage.  Then days later we put Rubella in a crate and I drove her in her van to the rubber boot camp.  As far as I know she is still there. Misty we kept for three months and then found a place for her with a group of rubber dominatrixes.  She now tortures men and women who want to be tortured.

Now things are back to normal.  Elsa turned out to be a delightful creature and between her and Anne I get all the sex I can handle.  I spend two nights a week hugging Fran in her rubber bag and I get tied up regularly by Maxine. We have even more visitors now, despite the fact that each new visitor is carefully checked out.  The bedrooms and attic rooms are filled to capacity almost every day and the house is filled with moaning.



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