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The Rubber Genie

by Latexx

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© Copyright 2007 - Latexx - Used by permission

Storycodes: M; genie; magic; M/f; F/m; latex; bond; bagged; cons; X

I was sitting in my recliner, with the back almost all the way down.  I had put on two rubber suits, a pair of soft rubber boots, a comfortable latex hood, a gasmask and two pairs of latex gloves.  My penis and balls were sheathed in rubber and protruding through the rubber suits.  I was totally relaxed and unintentionally fell asleep.

Suddenly a rubber-clad woman appeared before me.  Her lithe body was encased in a bright red rubber suit.  "Who are you" I asked.

"I am your rubber genie", she said in a soft voice.

"My what?"

"Your rubber genie.  You have been granted ten wishes.  Anything you want if it has to do with rubber."

I was probably dreaming.  I shook my head to wake up, but the woman was still there.

"Alright. Something I always wanted to know:  Show me the man who has the largest rubber collection in the world."

"Sure," she said, "that's easy.  Come with me."  She took my hand and we floated in a eerie glow and ended up standing in front of a large house.  She was still holding my hand and pulled me toward the door.  We walked through it without opening it.  "The street floor is quite ordinary, but the two upper stories are devoted to rubber."

We floated up the stairs.  There were five rooms.  In the first one a man, covered head to toe in rubber, was relaxing on a couch.  He didn't see us.

"This is Maximilian Smythe.  He has 1516 rubber garments as of today, but he gets about 10 more every week.  Let me show you."  We traveled through the other four rooms.  Rubber garments were hanging everywhere and the whole floor had a strong rubber smell.

Then we floated upstairs, to the third floor.  There were four more rooms with more rubber garments and a multitude of bondage items: bondage chairs and beds, poles, crosses, bags, inflatable suits etc.

"Who ties him up?," I asked.

"He has three women on call."


"No.  Whores.  They do it for money."

I went to the second floor again.  I didn't walk, I somehow just moved, with the genie right beside me.  I examined some of the rubber garments.
"You said ten wishes.  I would like to have as many rubber garments as he has.  In fact the same ones."

"O.K.," she said, "but that will take up a good portion of the space in your house."  When I just shrugged my shoulders, she lifted her hands.

"Wish number two."

We were back in my house.  There was rubber everywhere, on the floors, piled on top of furniture, in the hallways.  I picked up a magnificent red trench coat and put it on.  I felt powerfully aroused.

"I have to warn you of one condition:  I will only be with you as long as you don't have an orgasm," the genie said sternly.  "What is your third wish?"

"I want to see the woman who enjoys rubber the most."

Again she took me by the hand and we floated briefly, until we were in a large room.  A rubber-clad woman was reclining in an easy-chair, with man clamped between her legs.  The man was in a tight rubber bag and the woman whipped his behind, moaning loudly.  Two more rubber-clad men were in the room; one was wearing an inflated suit, the other was tied up on a bed.

"Are the men captives?" I asked.

"No, they come here voluntarily.  There are four more.  She uses two or three at a time."

The woman had a loud orgasm and then pushed her rubber slave away.

"Do they ever get to have an orgasm?"

"Four times a day.  She has about 50 of them."

Suddenly we were back in my house.  I was sitting in my recliner and a rubber-clad woman was between my legs, sucking my penis and massaging my balls.

"I didn't say I wanted this,"  I protested weakly.

"No, but you were thinking it," the genie smiled.

I was so aroused, I had an orgasm almost immediately.  With a flash both the genie and the woman disappeared.  But the rubber piles remained.



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