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The Rubber Gallery

by K. Valery

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© Copyright 2004 - K. Valery - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFM/f+; latex; liquid; statue; display; object; cons; X

The life of an art student can be difficult. Anna came to Berlin from a remote part of Germany to study at the reputed academy of arts. She had exhausted her financial reserves and the cost of living in a city was much higher than she expected. Every Saturday she flicked through the small ads section of the papers in the hope of finding a job and thereby improving her financial situation. Mostly, these were very badly paid restaurant jobs, but now and then she would manage to find some more lucrative modelling work. Anna had a perfect figure; long legs, small waist, well-proportioned hips, firm round breasts, a slim neck and good facial bone structure. She liked putting herself on display and didn't mind posing naked, which was appreciated by photographers.

Finding nude models is never easy! This particular day she noticed an unusual advert: "Nude models needed for avant-garde Materials and Performance Art Exhibition, Potential for additional employment at other installations. Only those who possess a good figure and staying power need apply. Extraordinary remuneration". A telephone number was given. Anna's creative brain was immediately full of questions. What kind of performance could this be? Why do they need so many nude models? However, the job was art related and was sure to be better than working in a smoky discotheque. And besides, it promised good money. She reached for the telephone.

The "Galerie Noir" was situated in a quiet part of the town: not many people on the streets, lots of parking space. This in itself, she felt, was a bit suspect. The building was a rather grandiose period property. "Be punctual, competition is high as we've had a lot of applicants", the lady on the phone had said. The door stood open and, as there was no doorbell, Anna entered. After making her way down a long, brightly lit corridor, she eventually reached a black gloss-painted door. This door was also ajar and Anna tentatively entered, finding herself in a big, square hall, lit by a chandelier. There were already about a dozen girls there, sitting on the benches, which were placed alongside the walls. The high-ceiling room was filled with murmur. Anna sat down and, while she waited, another six girls arrived.

After about fifteen minutes one of the other three doors opened and a woman of about thirty years with an elegant short haircut emerged. She wore a tight waisted grey flannel suit and matching high-heels and had on a pair of delicate gold-plated glasses. She looks like a lecturer thought Anna. The murmur in the room immediately hushed. The lady closed the door and stood in front of it.

"Hello ladies, my name is Lydia von Hagen. I'm happy that so many of you have come and that, judging by my first impressions, you seem to be so suitable. We shall see if this is so shortly. First I'd like to tell you something about our project. Few of you will have heard of Pierre Cesar. He is a performance artist from Paris and comes highly recommended. His first creations were shown only to a very select group of art lovers and this will be his first big exhibition. Pierre's speciality is latex. This material has a special meaning for him. In his opinion its suppleness, its shine and other characteristics make it appear almost alive. After years of experimentation he has devised some unique techniques of application and usage with which he has achieved fascinating results. The central theme of his work is the beauty of the female body. Contrary to a conventional sculptor, he creates live sculptures, by pouring latex over the female model. We'll tell you more about it later. Now! Have any of you got a problem with showing yourself naked, or is anyone opposed to erotic art? If you have, then it would be best if you left now, we don't want to have to explain ourselves later. We shall engage those interested for one week, if we find you suitable. We expect full cooperation from you for which you will earn 1,000 Marks per day. Think about it and please tell me now if you are not interested!"

Nobody uttered a sound. The thought of earning 7000 Marks in a week made any other doubts about this job disappear. "Good! Regrettably though, I have to tell you that we only need twelve girls so I'm afraid we are forced to select. I will give each of you a number, which you will have to memorise. From now on you will be addressed only by this number. It will save us the inconvenience of having to remember your names, especially as three of you are called Sabine. You will be called for assessment in three groups." The lady passed around the room, giving each girl a slip of paper, after which she left. Anna looked at the paper in her hand, she had received the number eight. A little later the first group was called in, numbers 1 to 6.

Anna had to wait about half an hour for the turn of her group after when they were called through into a small room. Behind a long table stood a young woman in a maid's uniform. On the table were six small laundry baskets. "Please undress and put all your clothes into the basket with your number on. Yes please, completely nude! I will provide you with a pair of shoes. Now, what size do you wear?"... Each girl was given a pair of black vinyl court shoes with pencil thin 12 cm. heels.

"Phew! Are these high!" said Number six, "I'm not at all used to this."

"Then you had better get used to them quickly!", said the maid dryly, "otherwise you'll have no chance! Now then, each of you put on one of these chokers!" Each girl received a choker made of black vinyl with dainty silver clasps at the back and inset at the front with a chromium plated button from which hung a small disk bearing her number. "This way now!" ordered the maid.

One by one, the girls hobbled through another door into a huge office painted a brilliant white. Even the floor was covered in white tiles and shrill neon light illuminated even the most remote corner of the room. The two high windows, however, were covered with thick black velvet curtains and the only piece of furniture was a heavy, three-metre-long desk made of glossed black wood. Behind the desk sat the lady they had previously met, a forty year old man, greying slightly at the temples who was wearing a black polo neck, and another woman, in her mid-thirties, whose white overall gave her the appearance of a doctor.

"Everyone line up there in numerical order please!" Frau von Hagen ordered, indicating a red line marked with sticky tape that lay on the floor approximately three metres away from the table. "Number Six to the left, and so on, and please hurry up!" Anna observed the man whose dark eyes scanned over the naked bodies of the girls.

"I would like to give you some further information about our project now. Pierre is to make living sculptures from your bodies by pouring liquid latex over you. Don't be scared, this process is not dangerous or harmful to your health as has been confirmed by several tests that have been made. You will be given a full guarantee of that. You will then be exhibited in a gallery for a whole week in various positions, or as a part of an installation. Now I will have to acquaint you with some necessary and important procedures which might frighten you a little. But don't worry, everything happens under the strict supervision of Dr. Schraf here, who will take every care. At first we will have to remove all your body hair otherwise it would stick to the latex, which would hurt you when the layers are removed. However do not fear, your hair will grow again and, with the money that you receive, you will be able to afford a wig, won't you?!!".

The girls remained silent.

"Of course there is a problem with the natural body functions. The layer of latex must stay intact for the full duration of the exhibition. Repeating the process would be too expensive. We have thought of something which will help you to fulfil these functions without problem. Dr. Scharf will enlighten you further." 

Frau von Hagen stood very still for a moment as if waiting to see what effect her words had on the girls. The girls were a little confused trying to work out what she meant. . "Please understand that we are forced to speak to you in a very abrupt manner in order to save time and we expect you to follow our orders immediately. The whole thing must be well organised and precise. Doctor, please carry on."

The lady in the white coat stood up accompanied by a rustling sound. Anna recognised the sound made by her garb only too well, it was RUBBER! She had often come into contact with this bizarre material. The photographers she had modelled for all seemed to have a liking for it, and often she was made to wear this sweat inducing, figure hugging fabric. Dr. Scharf's whole outfit was obviously made of it, even her highly polished transparent stockings and gloves, and her white high heeled boots.

"O.K. girls, I will now inspect you. Firstly, I am interested in determining the firmness of your bodies, breasts and thighs. Please spread your legs slightly, pull your tummies in and thrust out your chests!"

She went from one to another and kneaded their bodies without any inhibition. Her rubberised fingers gripped the breasts and the thighs of the girls, and went on to inspect the crotch as well as the mouth. At the same time her continuous remarks were noted down by Frau von Hagen and the man in the dark suit. Anna felt as if she was at a cattle auction.

"Number Seven; firm thighs a touch too full, but the bum cheeks are nicely rounded. The waist is too full also, but that can be made smaller by tight lacing. Breasts full and firm. Good facial bone structure." And so it went on...until everybody was dealt with. " Now turn around and bend over!"

The girls followed the order but the Doctor was not satisfied. "Right over, I said! Bend your spines a little more, you lazy cows and stick your pretty bottoms out! I will have to inspect them more closely, but do not be alarmed it will soon be over." Anna felt the fingers of the Doctor between her thighs pushing into her orifices and to her mortification, felt herself becoming wet. This procedure turned her on, whether she liked it or not!

"Number Eight; anus very tight, in fact, I suspect virginal, but this should not be a problem. Vagina surprisingly moist. Are you sexually aroused, Number Eight?" Anna didn't know what to say and just blushed. These people were extremely rude! "I've asked you a question, so answer me, Number Eight! Why are you randy?".

" turns me on standing here nude in front of everybody..." , stuttered Anna quietly.

"Good. You don't have to be ashamed. This is quite healthy for a pretty young thing like yourself. And particularly for our purpose! Note down number Eight, Lydia!"

The examination didn't take long, and the girls were then allowed to put their clothes back on. When they were ready, Frau von Hagen called out the selected numbers and sent all the rest of the girls home. "Sign this contract and be here precisely at twelve o'clock tomorrow. You will then be depilated and prepared for the rubberising process."

Anna spent a very restless night. She couldn't get rid of the numerous imagined scenarios floating around her head. What would it be like standing in a gallery looking like a rubber sculpture, having the whole world stare at her? And what would it feel like on her skin?!!

She was tossing and turning, eventually coming to the realisation that the thought of the following day had made her wet again. This artist, this dark man with his inquisitive eyes would not be banished from her thoughts. He would turn them all into his creations. What a man! He plays with women like others play with clay. Could she ever get near to him? And then there was that cold woman Dr. Scharf, with her smooth cool rubber fingers probing into her most intimate parts. In her mind, Anna heard again the rustling sound that the rubber of the snow white Doctor's coat had made, and she could still smell that intense sweet aroma, a mixture of perfume, female body odour and rubber.

Precisely at twelve o'clock they were all assembled again, a dozen girls, all equally beautiful, whether blonde, redheaded or brunette. One could hardly tell them apart, thought Anna. At this point she didn't realise how right she would turn out to be. Frau von Hagen greeted the girls and directed them into various rooms, where they again had to undress and put on the chokers. They were then asked to sit on metal swivel chairs and were denuded of all body hair. Without argument their hair was cut off first with large scissors and then with shorter ones, and finally the remaining stubble was lathered and shaven. Soon their heads shone bald and white in the bright neon light. Following this depilation cream was applied to completely cover their bodies. In particular care was taken in the pubic region, on their shaven heads and their faces. This procedure then was to include their eyebrows and eyelashes. The cream which hardened fast was heated by a hair dryer and then pulled off with ease. Out they emerged, soft, completely hairless, skin pink and shiny.

"This cream is a new invention from America, and doesn't only remove hair thoroughly but also arrests any regrowth for several weeks. You look great!" Lydia von Hagen was looking at the dozen bald shiny headed girls with satisfaction. They really did look identical, thought Anna, and if they weren't wearing numbers, one could not tell them apart. In particular the absence of eyebrows and eyelashes gave the unmade faces a strangely expressionless, androgenous look. "Before we begin with the process you will be prepared for a little more by Dr. Scharf. Please take your places in the waiting room, you will be called later."

When Anna's turn came, she had to follow the Doctor into another room which was completely covered in white tiles. In the middle stood a gynaecological chair covered in black rubber surrounded by shiny chromium trolleys on which were laid various instruments.

"It's your turn, Number Eight! Firstly we'll fit you with a catheter with a connection for an external reservoir, as well as a colonic tube with balloon, and a hosepipe attachment. This will help to evacuate you when you are in your rubber encasement. You don't have to worry about anything, it won't hurt, it will only feel a little bit unusual..."

With these words she reached between Anna's thighs, her fast probing rubber fingers disinfecting and lubricating all her orifices. Then she inserted the long thin hose of the catheter. No sooner had Anna felt the short sharp pain than the tube was in.

"See, no problem! You're already leak proof! Incidentally, the catheter will be held in its place by the aid of a little inflatable balloon which is situated at the top of the hose inside your bladder. Can you feel it?" Dr. Scharf squeezed the small hand pump hanging between Anna's legs. She immediately felt a spreading pressure in her bladder. It felt just as though she had to pass water. 

Anna protested; "Is this necessary? I mean, it feels like a......" 

"Yes, of course, Number Eight, but that can't be avoided, you'll just have to deal with it. Next we will seal your vagina so that no latex can enter. Besides, this will also stop your secretions damaging the rubber, we've already seen how quickly you get wet, you randy thing!"

Anna couldn't see what Dr. Scharf was doing, but she felt, distinctly, a long soft object being inserted into her vagina. "This is an inflatable dildo, which I will now inflate to make a nice tight fit. And then we will seal everything with latex glue. There!" Anna felt a cold sticky substance being rubbed onto the outer lips of her vagina. Dr. Scharf smoothed it all out until there was nothing more to be seen except a smooth rubber skin. "The stuff binds with the skin so well that you are now absolutely sealed in. Fear not, we do have a solvent with which we can remove it! And now for your bottom..."

Again Anna felt something cold being inserted deep into her rectum. "This colon balloon will also have to be inflated so that you are leak proof and nothing is able to escape. This will also feel slightly uncomfortable, but one gets used to it after a while." Dr. Scharf spoke with an impartial tone as if she was giving a lecture to uninterested students. Anna shivered when she heard the hissing noise of the air pump. Soon the balloon in her colon began to inflate and the urge to go to the toilet became overpowering. Again the Doctor pressed on the pump in order to close off her back passage. She then proceeded to seal it off with the rubber glue. She held a mirror to Anna, who saw in amazement that her nether regions were now totally sealed in a smooth skin. Instead of her anus and vagina there were two circular skin coloured screw top made of rubber. The unpleasant pressure in her abdomen reminded her constantly of the presence of three inflated intruders made of rubber.

Dr. Schraf stuck imitation rubber nipples over Anna's own, saying "Monsieur Cesar wants to be sure that the nipples are always visible!".

The artificial nipples were oversized and reminded Anna of the tops from toothpaste tubes.

"And now, we'll do your pretty head , we don't want the liquid rubber to get in so we'll have to seal it off."

Soft earplugs were inserted into Anna's ears, her eyes were covered with see, through perspex ovals and into her nostrils small tubes were inserted. Her mouth was filled with a inflated gag and then everything was sealed with the latex glue as before. Anna couldn't open her mouth anymore , in fact she didn't seem to have one at all!. Her face looked totally smooth beneath her nose. As if reading her thoughts, Dr. Schraf placed something over her sealed mouth and pressed it briefly on. Again she held the mirror to Anna who looked into the rosy shining face of a mannequin with insect, like plastic eyes and a nose flattened slightly by the tubes. Underneath were a pair of full, sensuously pouting rubber lips!. Between these exaggerated lips was concealed another screw top. The Doctor's voice reached Anna's ears only faintly; "Finished. Now you are ready to be completely immersed in rubber, Number Eight!"

Each girl in turn was prepared in this way, which took the rest of the day. In the evening they were all gathered in a dining room and, around a long table, were given porridge, which they had to suck up through tubes which were attached for the purpose onto the screw tops in their mouths. The girls had never imagined the job would be like this, but it was too late to make any complaints, and impossible, in any case, to articulate them. She spent the night in a little bedroom with four rubber coated platform beds," So that you get used to the rubber!..." In no time all their hoses were all attached to the reservoirs hanging at the side of the beds. Going to the toilet was now superfluous.

The next day brought forth the event for which they had been engaged. In the morning a clamour emanating from the great hall was heard by the girls, though muffled by their ear plugs, indicated that many guests had arrived. Breakfast was administered in the fashion now familiar to the girls and around mid-day their attachments were removed and they were finally summoned.

As the girls were led in, Pierre Cesar was just finishing his opening address. The sound of approval spread through the crowd of around one hundred elegantly dressed art-lovers as the girls' smooth and gleaming bodies hobbled in, stilettos clattering over the stone floor. The harsh spotlight reflected against their bald heads and their Perspex eyes. With their huge firm nipples and their smooth sexless genitalia, the effect given was that of twelve identical plastic clones.

The performance started immediately. Cesar had engaged a whole team of assistants dressed in black, who knew exactly what they had to do. The girls were taken to designated spots, and there in front of the eyes of an amazed audience, were put through various procedures which all had a common result: the full rubberising of the girls' bodies from head to toe! At the entrance stood Number Thirteen on a slowly turning pedestal. Around her, like snakes, three hose pipes with egg-shaped nozzles danced, whilst liquid latex poured from them, covering her. After only a few minutes she was completely enveloped in a thick coating of wet rubber.

Immediately next to her was Number Three, who held in her hands a hula-hoop ring which surrounded a thin membrane of latex. Cesar instructed the girl to climb through the ring where the rubber membrane stretched to envelope her body and clung like a film without tearing. "This is a completely new solution which has a heightened surface tension! Under dry conditions the stuff is extremely strong and tear proof", explained the artist. In a very short time the girl was transformed into a black rubber statue and, as a final touch, Cesar added an orange-coloured ponytail.

Opposite stood Number Sixteen with her back to the wall, being shot at with liquid latex from a small cannon exuding. The guests also assisted in this. The splashing substance landed onto the breasts, thighs, and into the face of the motionless girl. Soon Number Sixteen also became a black rubber doll.

In the middle of the hall was a swimming pool over which was installed a rubber shower. Anna kneeling in it was already covered in thick black rubber milk up to her thighs, whilst the molasses like substance sprayed out of the shower head in thick droplets, and temporarily blinded her. She felt it spreading evenly over her skin and running down her body which soon disappeared under the deluge. After a few minutes she emerged from the pool and stood in the warm air of a dryer where she felt the rubber on her skin tightening. Her rubber skin became highly glossy and as tight as a balloon. "Ladies and Gentleman, the rubber doll Number Eight is ready!" Cesar led her proudly around the room, and the guests were allowed to touch her rubber skin with their curious hands.

One after another, all twelve girls had undergone their transformation by one of the four procedures. Now they were all black shiny statues. This concluded the first part of the performance. The girls were placed around the walls, on little pedestals while the guests enjoyed a small buffet and champagne. Anna heard a muffled conversation between two men directly in front of her. One held a small prospectus in his hand. "Listen to this, it sounds very interesting; R.A.B.O., Rent A Bondage Object! Rent a live rubber doll as a kinetic art object for your elegant office, as an erotic pastime for sophisticated bondage games, or simply as an exciting addition to your furniture! Our rubber dolls are extremely flexible, co-operative and easy to clean!" 

"Hey, I never knew Cesar's rubber dolls are for hire!"

Anna was astounded. Had she heard correctly? Before she had time to think, two assistants lifted her down from the pedestal, across the hall, and into a room. Lydia von Hagen appeared beside her. "Young girl listen to me! You have the chance to multiply your wages, yes, you will get 10,000 DM per day if you agree to be used for special purposes. You could be hired out to some very interested clients for a few days, nothing alarming, so don't worry! This is entirely up to you, otherwise you will stay here for the whole week as an exhibit."

Anna couldn't think clearly. Blind, dumb and almost deaf, totally encased in rubber, all sorts of pictures flashed through her mind including scenes from "Indecent Proposal". Why not?, she thought. Ten thousand a day was a considerable sum! All her financial problems would be over.... "Well? Are you interested? Nod your head if you are." Anna paused for a while... then nodded.


The room was quiet except for the soft whistle of the girls breathing through their tubes. In front of her, Anna saw a number of rubber cocoons suspended vertically stretched between the floor and the ceiling by thick rubber cords. They were waiting for the transport coming tomorrow. Hardly any had refused the lucrative offer, but none of them had an idea about what to expect. However they had a written contract, which stated that no harm would come to them and that at a given time they would be returned and freed. Seventy thousand marks for a week of discomfort was a hell of a lot of money....

Anna found herself on all fours glued to an upholstered rounded plinth. She had no idea as to what purpose she served, or who had hired her...was she a decorative item...or a piece of furniture....?

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