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Rubber Fairy Tale

by Darqside

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© Copyright 2007 - Darqside - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; curse; magic; encased; cons/nc; X

There is an old legend that spans the fabric of time itself, well not really that old actually, but it will be around for a long time at the very least.

Legend has it that there was once a young queen who ruled her people and her house with an Iron fist.  She was very strict with her Manservants and Maidservants.  She was a very selfish and indulgent woman by nature, and was very choosy about the men who courted her.  In fact, one might go so far as to say she had a sadistic side to her.

No one knows when it began exactly, but she began to develop a fetish.  It was not so much that she ran out of suitors that caused this, most certainly she was the most attractive woman in the land, undisputed.  It was however, the logic that she was indeed infatuated with her own body… such to the extent that most would consider her fetish “abnormal”.

It is difficult to describe the abnormality as one would not know it existed at first glance.  To begin she wore an extremely elegant sort of gown, the kind a bride would wear at weddings, long, elaborate, and with a train that nearly seemed to fill the entire household.  The abnormality began with the aspect that the gown itself, an elaborate crinoline hoopskirt formed the framework of it, but the skirt itself, amazingly was made out of seamless black latex.  To compliment this, of course she had black latex legging boots with large platform heels (also seamless).  The unique aspect of this dress was that none save the Tailor knew how she even managed to get into the dress, for even the boots were directly (and apparently seamlessly at that) attached to the dress itself underneath the skirt.  There was no back zipper to her dress, and the neck was sealed tightly.  For all appearances it looked to be a second skin to her.  And perhaps, by her nature, it suited her just fine.  It was indeed a mystery, and confounded many a suitor who would try to “undress” her.  For all intents and purposes, one could not guess where her dress ended and she began.

Yet she wore a cleaned and pressed version of it every day reveling in the notion that she confounded many a suitor.  She had no parents to speak of, so no one would tell her whether this was wise or not.

Then it was that one day an elderly gentleman arrived.  He was not dressed like most men who came to see her to make her their bride.  In fact it seemed much more that he was a vagabond and wanderer in appearance.  He wore a simple grey overcoat and white beard and a grey cap that obscured his eyes.  The most notable aspect of him was his noble beard which was long enough to touch his knees.

When he arrived, it astonished the young lady so, as it appeared as though he contrasted every aspect of her very way of life.  Shoddy clothes, shoddy appearance, to say nothing of the age in his appearance that made her step back in revulsion.

He merely asked in a small and quiet voice if she had ever found true love in her life, among all the suitors that had come to her, had she chosen a man to become her husband.

She scoffed at this and remarked that many a man had come to her seeking sexual copulation not love.  Nor did she even care for the concept of love.  To her love was just an excuse to have sex, and in men she had no interest.  She even went so far as to insult the elderly man for his query, stating he was foolish for coming and asking such things.

It was at that moment that thunder struck the skies and in a flash, the elderly man was revealed to be a mighty sorcerer.

“If thou lovest thy self and thy dress so much, so shalt thou be married forever to thine dress!  Thou shalt never leave this house again, and cursed shalt thou be!”

In a flash, a staff appeared in the sorcerer’s hand which he stuck the carpet floor of her household with.

At the point in which he tapped the carpet a spring of black latex sprung out like a fountain, which began to fill the entire household, as if the stuff were a liquid living thing.

The entirety of the floor was covered with the blackness of this, but the most amazing aspect of the curse happened to the queen herself.

Slowly but surely the black latex merged with the edges of her own dress, as if she were now attached to the very floor of the house.  The latex crept up into every orifice of her body, and she shrieked a loud shriek as the evil latex seemed to become one with her hair, her skin, her eyes, her lips, and even the inside of her mouth.

She had become a living doll of latex, and seeing herself in the mirror…she wept long and hard.  But no tears would come, for they were trapped behind seamless eyes.  She was not blind, for the latex was alive, and now one with her.

“Thine hair is black of latex, thine eyes and orifices are black of latex, and thou dost glimmer like a black shining star… but thou shalt never leave thine house.  This curse shalt thou have for eternity, save it be broken by a man’s true love in you which can only be expressed upon thy lips in a kiss.”

In a bolt of lightning, the sorcerer was gone…leaving the woman to grief.

The servants were indeed in a quandary.  Somehow she was as a pristine latex doll and standing on the floor was as walking on the very dress she wore.  There were many times they tried to shear the latex off of her, even by trying to cut her hair to expose it, but it always grew back instantly.

The servants even went so far as to chain her to a horse and try pulling her out the door… but with disastrous results, for she snapped back to the floor like a gigantic rubber band.  When she ascended the steps of her household, it was as if a ghost glided up and down them.  And when she slept, it was as though she had merged with the very bedding upon which she slept in.

It was indeed a strange thing to behold, for she no longer appeared to need sustenance, and nor did she ever appear to age as the years crept on.  Servants came and left, some even left horrified.  She had become an immortal latex doll.

Several hundred years had passed, and she still dwelled in the household occasionally hanging herself out the balcony window as a means of getting fresh air (her dress held her in place like some grotesque inverted bungee cord) and she would hang as a though she were a giant bat.  It was on one of these days that a man who fancied himself a black tuxedo arrived, carrying a bouquet of roses.

Somewhat alarmed and embarrassed, she inhumanly flipped and twisted herself so that she appeared to “somewhat” be standing on the ground outside her home.

“It is rumored that a young lady is cursed of shadows here in this house.  And that only love can break the curse.” He spoke nonchalantly, as though he were merely a spectator and not horrified by her suspended appearance.

“If you are here to inherit my house and fortune and become my husband, you are sadly mistaken, for this place is cursed, and I have no interest in untrustworthy men.”

“Hardly.” That man spoke as if he were contracting a business deal.  “I come to you because I wish to know of the woman who has not aged in over hundreds of years and yet looks as though she were a beautiful princess.  You may say it is a curse, but to many women it might be a blessing in disguise.”

“How can you say such things?” she enquired.

“We cannot talk outside in a place such as this; let us go inside to discuss things further.  To introduce myself, I am merely a traveling businessman of some of the more “unique” trends in society.”

Using a rope she had out at her side for such a purpose, she pulled herself, stretched dress and all, back through the window balcony whence she came, and let the man in herself personally.

The young man was indeed unique, for he sold exotic clothing to many people in society and had become very rich as a result.  His goal in fact was to make every woman in every household as beautiful as the next.

“I do not understand, why are you interested in me then?” the young woman was indeed very perplexed.

The man began by stating that the problem with maintaining a woman’s beauty is that it is nearly impossible to restrain their appearance from aging.  And since the young lady’s body was forever trapped in latex skin, it was forever pliable.  He wished to understand the nature of the curse and why it had befallen her.  And so she had told him the story.

His reaction to her tale was rather astonishing, in that he indeed wished to understand the magic at work behind the curse, as if he could do so, he might possibly have a new form of youth enhancement line for his customers.  She was of course a little befuddled at his questions as she herself could not answer them as she had no understanding of the workings of her curse.

The most annoying thing however was that she had no means to leave the house in which she dwelled.

The young man laughed almost proudly that in any curse there must be some form of loophole.  He confessed that he had become quite infatuated with her during the conversation, although he confessed; it was hardly love, as he was unwilling to commit.

Being as a desperate woman, as well as having been alone for hundreds of years, she felt need to be with someone… if not emotionally, then sexually.

It was that night in which she and he copulated.  And much to her surprise and perhaps even glee… there is more than one way to sexual arousal, even for one trapped in a latex dress.  It was a night neither of them would forget… including the servants who never forgot it either.

That night he confessed his sexual fascination with her, in that she had what no other woman had…protection.  It was a black latex shield which meant that no matter how great the experience, she always remained pure and that she always remained beautiful.  In a fit of passion, he kissed her on the lips…

However the curse did not come undone.  As he had stated before, his lust for her had nothing to do with love.  And strangely she laughed in glee, for she had become the dream of most men…a living condom. 

The night continued and they invented new ways of enjoying themselves…because of the nature of her rubber hair, he was able to pull it and twist it in strange new ways.  It was even discovered that her own body was rubber in nature…he even went so far as to breathe into her body and blow up her breasts like balloons, this for her was quite fun as long as she kept her mouth closed.  The plus to all of this was that she always reverted back to her beautiful shape.

And so it was that he slept on top of her that night (for she was indeed part of the bed!)  And she had never before experienced such delight or passion in her life…and that perhaps love was not needed for such things as she had thought.

The next morning she awoke and he had left.  However, he left a note, first saying that of course he wasn’t going to commit, but then stating that he had gone off in search of that sorcerer who had cast the curse upon her, to see if he could find this unique form of immortality.  He also stated that he had hired contractors to dig below the foundation of her house and free her from her domicile prison.

As it turned out, the dress itself was indeed long, vast and attached, to the very foundation stone of the house.  The contractors broke up the stone to a small pebble that is still attached to her as part of the curse…she went to a stone carver and made this into a necklace which she wears around her neck as she is now “free” of most of the curse.

As an act of rebellion, she burned down the house and left it.

No one knows what happened to her or the young man…however rumor has it that a famous “masked” model in Paris has been very successful in “seamless” clothing over the years.  Whether the man found that sorcerer and the spell that cursed her, is the stuff of legend.  None can say.

Needless to say they lived happily (but not in love) ever after.



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