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The Rubber Dream

by LatexBondageBoy

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© Copyright 2006 - LatexBondageBoy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; drugged; captive; bond; latex; enslave; shave; D/s; mc; vacbed; hood; oral; climax; reluct/cons; X

I have been an avid rubber fan for 5 yrs now. I like rubber and bondage. Two things go together like peanut butter and jelly. I fell asleep after a hard day’s work. I started to dream about my fetishes together.

I was in this dark basement. It ensembles like a dungeon. I woke up from my stupor. I found myself strapped to a chair. A dark figure walks in. The figure was 6’4 about 200 lbs, all muscles, covered head to toe in black rubber. The only things I could see were his blue eyes and lips. He walked over to me and looked at me. This mysterious rubber figure started to cut my clothes off me, forcing my body to be totally naked.

"Where am I? Who are you? What the hell do you think you are doing?", I asked.

The dark figure slaps me and told me, "Shut up before I break your jaw. It is none of your business what I am doing."

He proceeded to get a pair of electric shavers. He turns the clippers on and started to shave my legs first. He moved up to my crouch and shaves my balls and cock bald. He shaved my chest and arms, which had little hair to begin with, completely off. The Dark Master of Rubber tilted the chair down to toward the sink. He slowly started to shave my left side of my head. The brown locks started to fall off my head. Then this dark figure proceeded to shave my right side of my head, leaving only a strip down the middle of my head. 

The Rubber Master then straddles me and the chair, forcing his cock in my mouth. I started suck on his rubber cock as he started to shave to the strip off my head. All this action makes my cock very aroused and hard. He took the shaver and proceeds to shave my eyebrows complete off, forcing me to be a hairless slave for his pleasure. This Master of Rubber took a hot black towel and covered my head and face for 5 minutes. While I had on the towel, he flicks my cock and watched as my hard-on bounced forward and backward.

The Dark Figure said, "It seems someone is very horny from all this. The best is yet to cum."

He took the hot towel off my head. He looked the pink head and face. He grabbed some shaving crème and covered my whole face and head in shaving crème. The smell and covering of shaving cream made me wanted it more. I was horny as hell and need some released. The rubber figure proceeds to shave the top of my head one way and then the other way, leaving nothing but a completely bald head. He shaved my face completely one way and then the other way, making there was no stubble on my face or eyebrows. He smiles through his hood and said "Excellent, You are ready for phrase two."

The rubber mysterious man releases my straps for the chair and took me to the shower area. I noticed there was two shower heads. He put me in the middle of the room and pulls down some chains and wrapped the metal chains around my wrists. He pushes a button, forcing the chain to put me on my tiptoes.

I felt like I was being stretched. He turns on one shower head and lathers me from my neck to my feet with some strange cream. The cream started to burn my skin. I tried to move but couldn’t move. He turns the setting of the shower head to water and started to rinse me down. I saw my skin become smooth under the cream being rinsed off my body. I looked in the mirror in front of me and saw nothing but a naked and no hair figure. I didn’t recognize myself at all. The Master left the room while I was looking at myself.

The Master came back and put a pair of latex socks over my feet. He went over the next showerhead and turns it on. I saw something black coming out. He started to spray me down from my neck to the socks. I felt the black liquid bonding to my skin. He sprays around the top of the socks so no one could tell where the socks started. I look in the mirror and saw myself covered a black body. He told me," Welcome to you new skin. Your new skin is made out of rubber. It will make you also obey me."

I felt in a trance after he said that. He rubbed my rubber cock. "You will not get hard unless I said so." I felt him playing with my cock more and more, but my cock would not get hard. He unhooked the chains from my wrists. He picks me and took me into another piece of the basement. He lays me on a rubber bed. He straps my ankles and wrists to the bed, forcing me in a spread eagle position. He pulls a black sheet over my new body and up to my neck. 

My new Master turns on the suction and forcing the sheet tight around my body. Then he grabbed the hood that was hanging from the ceiling, slowly forcing over my bald head. The hood was black and had a view master over the eyes and had a gas mask for the nose and mouth. I felt the hood tight over my head and saw nothing but darkness. All of the sudden, I saw image of rubber slaves in bondage and serving Masters. 

While all of this is going on, I heard orders being embedded into my brain. The orders were telling me how to obey and put me in the frame of mind of a rubber slave. After 48 hours, the images and sound stopped. I felt the hood taken off my head and the straps being released. I felt myself picked off the table and forced to my knees. I slowly open my eyes due to heavy lighting of the room. I saw my Master’s dark rubber cock and took it in my mouth. I sucked on it till he shot the cum down my throat. I never had anything so satisfying in my stomach.

He grabbed a black latex hood and slowly pulls it over my head. It only had eyes and nose holes. It also had a rubber gag for my mouth. The gag was filling my mouth. The Master grabs a chastity belt and slowly pulled over my rubber legs. He lubricated the butt plug and slowly penetrated my ass with it. I felt the plug filling my ass and the belt pulled up to my waist. My cock was pulled out through the hole and was strapped to the belt forcing my hard cock to point up. He put a lock on the belt to make sure I could not take it off.

He pulled a mirror in front of me. I saw nothing but a rubber slave in me. My Master took a silver metal collar and put around my neck. He said, "No longer are you Mike, now you will be know as rubber slave."

He proceeds to take me to my new room. He put me on my new rubber bed. The sheet was pulled over my body and forming a tight seal around my body. He covered my eyes with a rubber blindfold and connects a tube to my gag. He turns on the valve, releasing some nutrients for my body. After two minutes, my stomach was full. He left the tube in my gag for my breathing. He covered my head with a sheet, forming a tight seal around my head. I couldn’t move. He kissed me good night and told me pleasant dreams, left me in my rubber nirvana.



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