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Rubber Dolls Inc.

by Archangel

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© Copyright 2003 - Archangel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; latex; bond; transform; rubberdoll; cons/reluct; X

"Wanted- Female models (Must be at least 18) for aspiring new fetish publication/photography studio. Applicants must possess a good figure and not be opposed to modelling and being photographed in clothing of an unusual nature. Only those with good staying power need apply as this is to be a potentially long-term project. No experience necessary. Extraordinary pay. Apply at: Rubber Dolls Inc."

Jen read aloud, intrigued by this particular advertisement. It had been a few weeks since her last photo shoot and seeing as how her bills for the month were now coming in, the words "Extraordinary pay" called to her like a giant beacon. She wasn't all that concerned about the strange nature of this modelling job, after all, she was reasonably open-minded about things of this nature and she always had wanted to do something a little more risque than the normal shoots she landed. She circled the address and phone number without delay, assuming by the name of the business that the clothing of an unusual nature mentioned in the ad must be rubber. For some reason the prospect of wearing tight rubber clothing sent a shiver of excitement down her spine and struck her as extremely erotic. Jen had never modelled anything like rubber fetish gear before but had heard some of her girlfriends talk about how lucrative an industry it was and so she decided she would definitely do it

"Rubber Dolls Inc., Lisa speaking, How may I help you?" asked a pleasant female voice.

"Ummmm... My name is Jennifer Smith. I am calling in regards to the help wanted ad in todays newspaper." Jen stated.

"Great! Believe it or not Jennifer, you are the first to reply to our ad! Have you ever modelled rubber clothing before?" Lisa asked.

"I'm sorry, I am afraid I haven't...." Jen replied, worried her chances might very well be evaporating.

"Have no fear, Jennifer. As stated in the ad, experience isn't necessary. I only ask to gauge your familiarity with our line of work. I have only one more question: Are you allergic to latex ?" asked the receptionist.

"No, I don't believe so. I always wear rubber gloves to wash my dishes and they have never given me problems before..." Jen replied.

"That's all we need to know! Are you free this afternoon? Could you drop by the studio at 2:00 this afternoon?"

"That sounds fine to me!" responded Jen happily, optimistic that she could very well get this job. She laughed happily and rushed to the shower, anxious to get ready.


Jennifer pulled her long brown hair back in a ponytail and began to expertly apply her makeup, knowing just how to best showcase her beautiful features. Satisfied, she gave her reflection her most dazzling smile and quickly selected her outfit for the interview: A tight black tank top and red plaid mini-skirt, completing the ensemble with her black patent knee-high boots. Once she was certain that she looked as close to perfection as possible, she quickly grabbed her purse and portfolio and departed for her interview.


Her destination appeared to be a rather nondescript looking office building on the edge of the downtown business district. Seeing the title: Rubber Dolls, Inc. in small, flowing red script, Jennifer tentatively opened the door and involuntarily shivered from a sudden rush of very cool air flowing from the interior of the building. Quickly composing herself she walked through the doorway into a small brightly lit reception area.

"Wow." Jennifer said, suddenly stupefied by the sight before her. It wasn't the decor of the receptionists area that shocked her. Rather, the receptionist behind the plain black laquered desk was the focus of Jennifer's stunned gaze. Meeting the stare of the surprised young model with a dazzling smile the bizzare receptionist rose to greet Jennifer, giving her an even better look at the attractive rubberized young woman's attire. 

It appeared to Jennifer that not even a single inch of the receptionist's body wasn't engulfed in tight, glossy rubber!

She wore what appeared to be a seamless all encompassing black rubber catsuit with what Jen could only assume was an attached mask, though to Jen it seemed more like the attractive young woman's face and moreover, all of her skin appeared to be fashioned of glossy rubber! Over this base layer of encapsulation she wore a tight fitting white rubber top, a knee-length black hobble skirt and around her neck was a simple choker fashined of bright red latex. On her feet appeared to be some off-shoot of the type of footwear a ballerina would wear that seemed to be padlocked around her slender ankles. Jennifer absorbed the sight of this strangely clad receptionist as quickly as she could and mirroring the action of the rubber covered woman now standing opposite her, she extended her hand and made eye contact, preparing to stammer out an apology.

As she grasped the slim rubber covered hand offered her Jennifer felt both hot and cold as she felt the warm supple latex gently gripping her hand and pumping it. With her nostrils assailed with the new and not unwelcome scent of warm rubber Jennifer finally remembered her voice. "Err.....I'm really sorry to stare like that. It's just that I haven't ever seen anyone dressed so.....exotically before." She said with an embarassed grin.

She once again was taken aback by the gravity of the level of detail of the woman's mask. Jennifer couldn't see a seam anywhere and there also didn't appear to be a zipper either. What intrigued her most of all was the fact that there was not even a centimeter of exposed flesh anywhere of the pretty young woman's bald rubberized head. Her eyelids, ears, nostrils... aside from her glossy red lips there wasn't even the slightest flaw in the shimmering ebony skin. Before she completely forgot herself she added, "By the way, I am Jennifer Smith. I believe we spoke on the phone?"

"Hello Jennifer, we indeed did speak briefly and just in case you forgot, I am Lisa. It's a pleasure to meet you!" Lisa said, still wearing her pleasant smile. 

"I will send you back to see Mr. Phillips in a few moments but first, if you wouldn't mind, please take a seat and let me ask a few questions and then in turn, you may ask any questions you may have." She said, a slight grin playing across her lips at the latter part of her statement.

"First off Jennifer-" She began.

"Please, call me Jen." interrupted Jennifer.

"Alright Jen, You stated on the phone that you have never done any sort of fetish modelling before, correct?" Lisa asked.

"Yes, that's correct." Jen replied.

"Well Jen, I can tell you right now that you definitely have the looks and figure that Mr. Phillips is looking for. I can also tell you that wearing rubber is an experience unlike any other and if you think you wouldn't mind wearing it I am reasonably certain that the modelling position will be yours."

"Also, I can tell you from experience that although at first it felt very strange to wear, I soon learned to enjoy it and now I am just even more a rubber fetishist than those we cater to!" Lisa stated happily. "Now then, are you even remotely familiar with the rubber fetish industry?" Lisa asked.

"To be honest, what little I have heard is second hand knowledge from some of my model friends. What was explained to me was that there are people who enjoy dressing in rubber clothing and engaging in sex......" Jen trailed off, having nothing further to add.

Lisa nodded and added, "That is true. However, as you may have guessed by my the extremity of my "costume", for lack of a better word, here at Rubber Dolls Inc. we cater to what many consider the more extreme end or the rubberist demographic, though we do cater to the entire spectrum." 

"Lisa, I can't help but notice how amazingly detailed your costume is! Would I be expected to wear similar things?" Jen asked, her mind whirling at the thought of being tightly encased in this shiny, aromatic, exotic material from head to toe.

"That all depends on the project, I suppose. Mr. Phillips will have to fill you in on that part. I can almost guarantee however that the answer will be yes." She said. "If that is the case would you be willing to wear the more extreme rubber gear?" Queried Lisa.

Knowing that her answer could very well make or break her chance of getting this job she quickly replied, "Of course! To be honest, since getting off of the phone and now that I have seen first hand what I may very well wear. I am more than a little curious about what it feels like to wear rubber."

As soon as Jen said the word "rubber" she felt a tingle up her spine and realized that she would never look at or say that word quite the same way ever again.

At that time the intercom buzzed and a masculine voice said, "Lisa, Is the applicant here yet?"

"Yes Sir, Mr. Phillips. Shall I send her in?" Asked Lisa.

"Yes, that would be great. Send her in now." stated Phillips.

Accompanied by the noise of rustling, creaking rubber, Lisa led Jen through a doorway and down a short hallway, finally stopping at an open door. Motioning for Jen to enter, Lisa turned and squeakingly made her way back to her desk. Jennifer entered a medium-sized office and was greeted by a tall, handsome man who appeared to be in his early thirties. "Hello Miss Smith. My name is Howard Phillips, Editor/Publisher/Photographer Extrodinaire." He stated with a broad smile.

Jen smiled shook his hand saying, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Phillips."

"Please, Jennifer, call me Howard. May I call you Jennifer?" He asked.

"Jen, Jennifer. Whatever you prefer." She responded, instantly liking him.

Beckoning for her to have a seat, He himself sat down opposite her and promptly got down to business. "May I see your portfolio, Jennifer?" He inquired. Jennifer handed him her portfolio and resume and watched intently as he quickly scanned over both. After a few moments he looked up at her and said, " Jennifer, both your resume and portfolio look fantastic and I believe you would be perfect for the job."

Jennifer couldn't contain her grin at his proclamation. 

"If you are interested, I have two projects about to begin that you would be perfect for. " He then handed her a folder which held several photographs of beautiful women wearing various articles of rubber clothing: Dresses, Bathing Suits, Gloves, Boots, etc.

"The first project would involve you modelling clothing such as this. The standard rate of pay is one thousand dollars per session. An average session lasting between six and nine hours."

At the mention of one thousand dollars per session Jennifer's heart skipped a beat. One thousand dollars! Never had she been paid that much for a job!

Mr. Phillips then cleared his throat and continued, "The second project is a video. The pay for that would a guaranteed forty-thousand dollars, with the option for further compensation. The project would require you to fly to England where the video is scheduled to be filmed and the estimated time from start to finish could be as little as six weeks and as many as six months. Do you wish to know more about the video?" Phillips asked.

Jen nodded her head yes, eyes a-gleam. "I must inform you that this video is going to involve extreme rubber fetishism. It is entitled: Rubber Doll Transformation and will revolve around the main female character, which you would be playing, being completely transformed from a normal, casually dressed young woman into a totally rubberized fetish doll. Following that would be various scenarios: your character assisting in turning other women into similarly rubberized playthings, bondage, domination.... things of that nature."

"Now I realize that you are a model and are most likely not interested in porno. Jennifer, with your gorgeous face and body you are better than what I had hoped for when I envisioned who would star in this video. I'll tell you what, If you decide to do this video I will raise your compensation to sixty-thousand. The only stipulation being that you will sign a contract for this and perhaps other videos and photo shoots." He said matter-of-factly. "So, are you interested in either of these projects?" 

After considering her answer for about half a second, Jen smiled and said, "Mr. Phillips, You just found yourself an actress!"

"Great! Let's get the contracts out of the way and then we will further discuss the film."

Jen glossed over the contract without paying even the sllightest bit of attention, her thoughts focused on how she was about to solve her financial problems for the forseeable future as well as launch what could be a lucrative, though bizarre, career.

Once the signing was complete Mr. Phillips buzzed in Lisa. "There remains one final task Jennifer. Lisa is going to bring in a syringe filled with a liquid which I assure you is quite harmless, which she will inject you with to test to say if you have even the slightest allergy to latex." He explained.

"You aren't afraid of needles, are you?" He asked.

Still focusing on her extremely good fortune she replied, "Mr. Phillips, for sixty grand you can stab me with as many needles as you want!"

Mr. Phillips smiled at her but otherwise remained silent. A moment later Lisa entered with a syringe which was filled with a clear fluid. Swabbing Jennifer's arm with an alcohol swab, Lisa then expertly injected the fluid into Jennifers arm, Jennifer wincing only slightly. After that was completed Mr. Phillips laid out the plans for Jen's departure in two weeks hence, giving her ample time to put her affairs in order as well as giving her an advance on her salary to pay up her rent, etc.


The next two weeks went by in a blur for Jennifer, every spare moment found her obsessively thinking about what it would be like and how it would feel to be turned into an anonymous rubber object, subject to the whims of a director and on display for all to see. The only conclusion Jen seemed to be able to draw was that the idea was becoming increasingly arousing to her. Minutes, turned into hours, which likewise turned into days and finally the day for her to leave had come. After another meeting with Mr. Phillips Jen received her travel information and shortly thereafter was en route to England.

As soon as she got off the plane Jennifer was greeted by Mr. Phillips' associates and was promptly escorted to the site of the filming: A large mansion seemingly in the middle of nowhere. After the exhausting three hour drive, Jennifer fell asleep in her room shortly after unpacking. The next day at around noon Jen was aroused from her slumber by a knock at her door. A voice shouted through the door, "Miss Smith, we are ready to begin filming within the hour. Whenever you are ready please come to the foyer. You needn't dress, just wear the bathrobe hanging in the bathroom." Jennifer groaned and rolled out of bed mumbling out her acknowledgement of the summons before using the bathroom and then taking a long, hot shower. 

Forty minutes later Jennifer was led to the set which was located in the basement. Jennifer's pulse raced as she looked the room over. Every surface: walls, ceiling, floors, everything was covered in thick black rubber sheeting. The only prop in the room seemed to be what resembled a dentist's chair likewise covered in thick black rubber complete with restraints. Next to the chair was a chrome trolley upon which was located a pair of electric clippers, a few disposable razors, a can of shaving cream and some other items as well.

Jennifer turned around to ask a question of the man who had escorted her to this place and was surprised to find that he was gone. She now appeared to be the only one in the room. Just then a door opened on the far side of the room and a rather nondescript man entered, followed by a voluptuous woman dressed from head to toe in the same amazing fashion as Lisa had been, carrying a video camera and tripod, which she promptly set up.

The man approached Jennifer and said, "Hello, I am the director. Call me Tom. This opening scene will be extremely simple for you. All you have to do is sit in that chair with the restraints on and simply react to what happens. In the future I will give you more in-depth direction, but for the effect I am going for here I believe it will be best to keep you in the dark. Oh, the one thing I will explain is that in this scene you will be shaved completely bald, as well as having all of your body hair removed." He stated.

Jen's mouth dropped open and she was about to protest when he raised his hand and cut her off. "Before you say anything, Keep in mind that you will have full access to a wide range of wigs and that it is actually necessary that you be divested of all hair for proper fitting of the rubber costumes you will be wearing. Aside from these things, you did agree to this in your contract. Now, what were you going to say?" He asked with a smirk.

Jen just nodded her assent.

Jen walked over to the chair and took off her robe and with the help of the director, was securely strapped to the chair. Tom then walked off camera and yelled, "Action!"

With that Jennifer watched as an utterly rubber figure approached her. The figure was obviously female but aside from that Jen couldn't discern much else. Seamlessly coated in what appeared to be extra thick black latex. The woman's head was devoid of ears and nose and had only a small hole for a mouth. On her forehead was a raised number 1 in thick red rubber. Black lenses covered the woman's eyes and the effect given was that of a rubber mannequin or robot. In contrast to her sparsely featured head, her body was one that would give any man an instant hard on. Huge rubber tits with oversized red nipples adorned her chest, giving way to a waspish waist and full hips which tapered down to extremely long, shapely legs. Her pussy appeared to be extremely engorged and somewhat oversized, her inner lips glistening the same glossy red as her nipples. Jennifer marveled at the construction of this costume as the figure walked ever closer on ballet-booted feet.

As soon as the woman reached her she began caressing Jennifer, who surprised herself by moaning involuntarily in pleasure at the rubber woman's caresses. Without wasting any time, the rubber doll turned on the clippers and began the task of shearing off Jen's long brown hair. In moments it was all gone and the doll then lathered up Jen's scalp and shaved it completely bald. Next the doll shaved off Jennifer's eyebrows, eliciting gasps and sighs from her. Not stopping there, the rubber doll proceeded to first clipper, then lather and shave Jen's nether region until she was as hairless as a newborn.

As this was occuring, Jen began to feel increasingly anxious, as though something were about to happen. She moaned again as the rubber doll began gently caressing and probing her ever moistening vagina. After a few moments of this the doll turned back to the trolley and picked up what appeared to be black lenses, such as those you would expect to see in swim goggles. Placing one in each slender hand she then placed them over Jennifer's blue eyes and to her amazement, they just seemed to stick there even though she hadn't felt any sort of adhesive.

Jen looked up into the strangely inhuman face of the rubber woman and moaned with renewed vigor as the doll lovingly caressed and kneaded Jen's breasts, garnering far more pleasure than any of her lovers ever had given her. Abruptly the doll stopped and picked up two objects that appeared to be small strange looking silver guns. Before Jen could react the rubber woman, with one of the strange devices in each hand, pressed them to Jen's nipples and pulled the triggers, bringing a short cry of pain from Jennifer. Suddenly Jennifer's body went rigid and she felt really strange and horny!

"Oh god!" she cried in ecstacy, writhing in her bonds as her desire reached levels she had never dreamed possible. "Mmmmmmmmmm!" she murmured blissfully. With a sudden surprised squeak! Jen felt something happening to her skin. As if waiting for this que, the rubber woman picked up one final item from the trolley and held it aloft for Jennifer to see: a thick glossy red rubber number 2. Jen's eyes widened in surprise underneath their lenses as she felt her skin growing tight and she looked down and gasped in shock as she saw that her skin looked shiny and artificial... almost like rubber!

Even as this knowledge slammed into Jennifer's mind the rubber doll swiftly and expertly pressed the rubber number against Jen's forehead and she shuddered under the most intense orgasm of her life as the rubber number seemingly melded to her flesh, sinking down and permanently bonding itself to her.

Things proceeded quickly after that. Her orgasm quickly ebbed away and Jennifer quickly discovered that she could no longer move or speak! She felt something changing between her legs and she felt as her pussy began to swell and become as exaggerated and engorged as that of the rubber doll above her. She next felt her breasts inflate and nipples inflated as well, becoming very tumid. Then she felt something happening simultaneously to her hands and feet and could only lay there numb with shock as her finger and toe nails simply ceased to exist. Jennifer then silently gasped as the air rushed out of her as her skin became even more tight and hearkening to the sound of squeaking, straining rubber. Jennifer convulsed as her skin ever so slowly turned glossly black and was transformed into rubber!

After her skin's completion she felt control return to her limbs and as she shuddered in another intense orgasm she stuttered out what would be her last words, "I'm.... turn......turning.....into....a.......rubber......doll!"

As if to punctuate that statement Jen's lips deflated liked balloons until only a small oval of a mouth remained, now devoid of tongue and teeth. In fact, Jennifer's vocal chords had simply ceased to exist as well. As if sensing that it's occupant's transformation was almost complete the restraints holding Jen down released their hold on her.

Instantly Jen raised her black rubber hands in front of her changing face, transfixed as her slender fingers melded together, leaving only her thumb as a separate digit. Next, creaking with every movement, Jennifer looked down as her feet were squeakingly transformed into ballet-boot type appendages. Jen's paddle hands then quickly covered her ears as she felt them being reabsorbed into her rubber head, leaving no evidence she had ever possessed them. She arched her back in pure bliss as she both heard and felt her anus squeakingly transform into a supple rubber twin of her dripping pussy.

Two things then happened simultaneously: her navel pushed itself out and all blemishes, fingerprints, etc. were erased. and Jennifer's elegant cheekbones shifted until they were identical to that of the rubber doll responsible for her changes and her pert nose squeakingly melted away into her bizarre face.

With a third and final orgasm, her changes finalized and the woman named Jennifer now thought of herself as Rubber Doll No. 2.

After her convulsions finally ceased the director signalled to stop filming and inspected the newest acquisition. Motioning to his assistant he said, "Bring Tasha next."

The assistant nodded affirmative and left to get the next "actress"

The End


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